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Interesting. Some One Please Fill It Out
fill this out and send it as a private message . 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Are you a virgin? 5. How tall are ya ? 6. Do you like to dance ?? HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talk junk about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)[no sex]? 16.Would you let anything happen in that bed? 17.Do you think I'm handsome ? 18. If you could change anything about me -would you? 19.Would you die for me? 20.Would you come over for no reas
I Need Points Yall
My Life
All American Twins
Twins r hot You have Allison and Katie from Charlotte, NC. You have Maria and Stephanie from Miami, FL You have Ashley and Amber from Dallas, TX Shawna & Jennifer Twins on Twins
Proper Way To Measure A Big Cock
Boogie Nights (1997) Jack Horner: We're about to make film history, right here on videotape. I got a feeling that behind those jeans is something wonderful just waiting to get out. Dirk Diggler: [Rollergirl] Aren't you gonna take your skates off? Rollergirl: I never take my skates off. Colonel James: So, Jack tells me you've got a great big cock. Amber Waves: Let me just check on something. [Takes off Dirk's pants.] That is a giant cock. ======================================== Do you have a big cock? Four Steps for Proper Big Cock Measurement 1. Get a flexible tape measure; 2. Make sure you are fully erect, take an extra Viagra if necessary (every centimeter counts as these measurements can have a severe impact on many areas of your life!!!!!); 3. Brush way any pubes; 4. Take a proper measurement : * Place measuring device at the point where your big cock meets your pelvic area (below the belly button); * Stretch measuring device to the
The Darkness
Most people seem to fear the darkness, That the biggest bad things live in it. But what people don't realize is the big bad, Lives everywhere not just in the dark. Death comes for everyone no matter what time. Fear not what you can't see or stop, But embrace it and welcome it, For without it the world would be hell on earth. Take your darker side and celebrate, Love your darkerside don't be ashamed of it. I know I'm proud of my darker side of life.
Home Sweet Home
I just got home from the hospital and I am very weak but still kickin lol I did find out that I have Seizures but still no diagnosis on my legs they took 20 vials of blood out of me and sent them all over the world to different specialists to see if they can tell us anything... I had a spinal tap which hurt like hell and I couldn't move for 2 hours after that... They took and used a tip of a safety pin and ran it from the tips of my toes all the way up to my thighs and I mean they dug in and I could not feel it... So what ever the hell is going on with my legs is slowly progressing up my legs and if they don't figure this out soon I will either loose my legs or be paralized.... They had physical therapy working with me to trying to strengthen my legs haha they laughed... Everytime they tried hard stuff with me they brought on a seizure so they had to quit... I can walk but only short distances and only with the aid of a cain, walker or wheelchair, or if I am pushing say a shopping ca
In my first cherry contest with a cute picture - so come help pop this cherry for me? Well I've been in Cherry tap now for about 3 weeks. I've entered a contest, made a bunch of fans, friends and few family members. Enjoying it every time I log in and play around for a while. To all my cherry tap ladies thanks for the privilege of viewing your photos on all parts of your web pages. The main thing about me is this, yeah I can play the game of rate,fan 10 as it goes in here. But you might notice one little difference I just don't go rate the first picture I see, thats too easy and too simple. Anyone can do that. So here in a nutshell is what I'm like on cherry tap. I may look at you page and not rate just for the sake of popping by as your advertisement or something caught my eye. Rate profile 10 , add as fan then go to your default photos. This where I sometimes will take the first picture rate 10 just out of courtesy of viewing mine as well. As a fan, I may even rate a few o
Bealzes Historical Entries - June 2006
(Originally Posted on July 3, 2006)Last night, my wife and I got to talking about the removal of our curses and what would have to preceed them.My wife is big into public humiliation.  Her main choice of an act of contrition is for the cursed to (a) be naked, (b) be on their knees, (c) be in the middle of a busy public street, and (d) sing the Kitty Cat song from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (although I do believe it was actually sung when the show was Grim & Evil).In case you're wondering, the song goes:Look at me, I am a kitty cat.I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat.If I eat them all, then I'll get fat.La-la-la-la I am a kitty cat.I, on the other hand, just require a simple question to be answered.  The question is, "Why should I remove the curse?"  I mean, I must have had what I considered a damn good reason for doing it in the first place.  Why should I have to undo my hard work?Without a suitably good answer, I will not remove the curse.  Simple enough, huh?  tag: curse,
Music By Danish Group Gasolin
IN THE WINGS She was standing in the wings that night I saw her weeping before the lights Blinded my eyes Yes, blinded my eyes I saw her taking of a wedding band And whisper to the stage door man But I was high Yes, I was too high High on the sound As the crowd called out my name I though that I could take it I paid my dues to make it To me it was a foolish game But without you, girl (without you, girl) Nothing is the same (ooh-ooh-ooh) The song I write is pity The song I sing are empty I need you by my side again I need a friend Damn the critics and the Rolling Stone Promotion men and agency gnomes My mind is blown I'm so alone Wind me up and I can dance and sing Like a puppet on a string I play my guitar They say I'm a star Who am I fooling What does it all mean The audience is screaming Celebrities I'm meeting The money and the limousines 'Cause without you, girl (without you, girl) Nothing is the same (ooh-ooh-ooh) The song I write
Life Is Great
Louisiana is better than California. :) at least to me anyways. Thats just not my kinda place. But I made it back here to the swamps, happy as can be. Loki and I got the baby on the way, our own place, and waiting for the next litter of white german shepard puppies with my name on the largest male in the bunch. hehe I can say I'm happy being settled down, even being a regular suzie F'N homemaker and waiting hand and foot on my man. We got a few good friends here..fuk the rest of em... much less drama and BS when people dont know where u is great! :)
Lookin For Friends
hello all, just tryin to do all i can to level up,I've posted as many pics as cherry will allow me too,and i say hi and post comments to as many cherries as i can.I rate my friends pics as they come out,and I try an figure out how to post stashes the best i can.but I'm still a level 4 so if you think you can help me rank up faster then please resond to this blog with your ideas and or send me comments and rate my pics and such,all your help would be much apreciated. musiclover27
Freakz Poems
Im There When Your Asleep, There When You Wake. Haunting All Your Dreams, Making All Your Fears Come True, And You Thought I Would Of Never Found You. Hearing Your Screams Puts A Smile On My Face, Seeing Your Muffled Cries Makes Me Laugh. As I The Beautiful Nightmare Wonders Silently In Your World, Burying You Into Mine. Making You See, Hear, Feel Things You Thought Never Existed, But In My World Its Mixing Your Worst Nightmares With Reality. I'll Make Sure I Will Be The Death Of You... Dreams Disapearing, Nightmares Pushing In, Thoughts Burying In My Heart, Making My Heart Slowly Fade Away. Every Tear That Falls, Cracks An Inch Into My Heart, Pretty Soon It Will Shatter Into Small Pieces. Each Piece Was From Every Tear I Ever Cried. As It Starts To Rain From The Sky, Just Like The Tears That Fall From My Eyes. Every Smile Turns Into A Frown, Always Happens When I Get Pushed Down. Every Laugh Turns Into Cries, Always Happend When Someone Dies. Finally My He
The Hump Day Jumpoff In Nyc
this is whats up , good food,great drinks,great music,open vodka bar from 10 to 11 pm , Id is a must , its going down hit me up come check out the dude.
LOST IN THE DARK LOOKING FOR LIGHT LOOKING FOR HOPE LOOKING FOR STREANTH TO MAKE IT THRUE THE NIGHT BUT WATE THANK I SEE LIGHT IT IS HUR STANDING THER WIHT ARM OPEN SHE IS MY LIGHT HUR SMILE MKE ME FELL SAFE TILL MORING AND THEN I WAKE UP AND IT WAS OMLY A DREAM DONT WALK BEFOR ME I MAY NOT FOLLOW dont walk behind me i may not lead JUST WALK BESIDE ME AND BE MY FRIEND im just siting out side looking at the stars in the sky and talking to man in moon tonight...trying to make sence of why thang happon like thay do why must u hurt some one to fell better..why must u talk behind some ones back... why do people treat u bad becouse of the way u look.... god mad us all and he did not make a mastake... he knew what he was doing this world would be a boring place if we all looked the same way yes im a big mad and proud of it... yes it makes it hard to find a girlfriend... but if u look on the out side u are missing the real person... please take the time to look inside u might be surprised
Murderer Of Love's Poems
you broke my heart..... drink up my tears Love, such a terrible word, hate, a reasonable. Dusk shades the world from innocents of life. Why, such a question that no one, anyone, can answer. Forgive, too extreme that we can not concept. Tears, we regret. Clenching anger, we accept. Patients is so awkward, needing you, unpredictable. We walk through twilight towards the ocean rolling over our bare feet, cool sand imprinting images of two. Thrusting moonlight crawls over jagged rocks searching for the evil, seagulls wipe the skies, sweeping the stars. As the sun scratches the horizon the dark waters turn holy, blessing the innocent, cursing the rest of us. Whispering winds play behind our tattooed ears as we race to the end of the pier, hardly breathing the mist rises, kissing our lips.
Whomever said im accident prone was ever so right. The last 4 days have been nothing but shit, n all leading to me spending 4 hours in the ER yesterday. what a load of fun that was. What happened u may ask....???? Im gonna tell ya if ud just wait a a min lol... I was working and carrying something heavy n just wasnt payin attention, go figure, when i walked into a set of shelves so hard that i ended up with 2 stress fractures in my arm, & and awesome bruise from my elbow all the way down to the middle of my arm. My mom would be soo proud of me lol. Only good thing bout it is that now i get to slack at work for awhile. WOOHOO!!! lol. too bad i didnt get the good drugs for the pain, oh well. So thats the latest drama from me.... ~Jen~
Custom Powder Coating In Okc..
My Thoughts
this is a poem i wrote along time ago tell me what u think i know we've both been wrong and i know we've both been true i can see the lust in your eyes and i pray u see it to i carry your love around with me the whole day through i love to feel your arms around me each and every day they make me feel warm they make me feel safe and i pray i never have to wake without a smile upon my face
Bad Day 4.4.07
Just Felt Like Posting
THE UNSEEN In this life the right thing to do is too often the hardest taking right actions for the right reasons is the real test To face the onslaught and deal with the challenge at hand takes more courage than one can bring up on demand Reliance upon a far greater strength than our will to trust in the unseen is a far greater faith to fulfill To let the great spirit carry the day forward allowing life to unfold it's own way a reward To just accept that this is our role to play not tempting fate and forcing our own way Some things are easier to say than to do Trust in the unseen to carry us through By R. Thomas Dinsmore TIME Time is passing on this journey far too slow for resolution time is moving for the out come is an unseen restitution Time is now to enjoy the present things there are to do time is lost when we fail to live each day anew Time to live and time to laugh and enjoy the beauty in the day time to grieve and time to cry for
Kimy.... This is for you... I want everyone to know how proud I am of what you are doing with your life. For those of you who dont know her.. Her name is Kim... she is my baby sister... not by dna but by all the ways that matter....and many of you may think .. how stupid.. but i dont... we have known each other for 2 yrs.... she has become a very important part of my life... i wouldnt know what to do with out her.... well the reason i am proud of her is because she applied to a special program and got in... and if you know her you know what that is... she makes me proud of her in so many ways... i have seen her grow not only as my sister and friend.... but as a mom and a daughter and a student and ... well i am hoping as a ... well im not sure what to call that.. but as a girlfriend... her love life has not always been the best and the easiest to deal with ... but .. i have seen that part of her grow too... she has matured so much that well again im proud of her.... anyway.. this
Hump Day Is Here
My Life On Ct
need all the comment bombs and ratings i can get.... loves COME one and all.... I am in the Ct Queen/king contest.. I need yalls love love and comment bombs...... here is the link when the contest opens at 8 pm est lov you cherries kisses and huggles
This Stuff Is Bananas!
I feel your breath on my neck as I lean back in my chair wishing for the world you were right next to me. That I could be in your arms. I look over and you sit there never looking at me. Never touching me. Never telling me how much you need me. Is it as painful for you as it is me. Do you feel our love being torn apart by your silence. If I close my eyes I can feel the blood running down my arms. Wondering if it would get your attention. My heart filled with hope you would hold me then. My body trembles with the memory of that feeling. My heart stops as I see the reason for your silence The red marks on your chest and the aftermath on my torso. I wanted you to say something...anything. You didn't even scream...just looked at me. The pain of your silence will haunt my heart forever my love. I have a Bleach background on my computer and I would like to share with my friends where I get it from. check it out. They have almost everythi
Blump·kin Main Entry: blump·kin Pronunciation: 'b&m(p)-k;a;n, ÷'p&[ng]-k&n Function: adverb 1 To receive fellatio whist defecating. Highly acclaimed for involving two of the most peasurable bodily release events simultaneously, but very difficult to accomplish. Also called a blumpy. 2 The process by which a man evacuates his excrement dropping a deuce while simultaneously receiving oral stimulation from another person. This manuver can be performed by a woman or man, but in the case of the latter, it is known as the brother blumpkin. 3 When a man receives fellatio while at the same time taking a massive dump. Known to increase pleasure of each seperate activity exponentially. [Source: Urban Dictionary] 1. Reverse Blumkin 17 up, 7 down When a guy is eating out a chick while she is taking a massive shit. "That was the best reverse blumkin ever son!" 2. Reverse Blumkin When a girl is taking a dump and giving a guy a blow
So, this would be my first blog. And probably the only one. I just joined CherryTAP the other day, pretty much yesterday actually. I guess it\'s cool? Haha. I\'m usually a myspace addict. Unfortunately though, most the people who talk to me on here aren\'t even close my age. = Oh well. :) If you stop by my page, rate me, fan me add me and I\'ll do the same. :P
Bugg Eyed Gurls
You bitches look so stupid You know what im fucking sick and tired of? Those stupid Jessica Simpson Crack Whore sunglasses the chicks are wearing now a days. You know the ones im talking about like they look like the goggles you would wear if you were going down a hill while skiing at the olympics. Allirght allready I get it your original and different. But I got news for you stupid bitches, you look like Johny Depp when he was Willy Wonka. No one thinks they look cute or attractive. And the next time I see one of you with them on I am going to walk up behind you and set your hair on fire with my lighter. How ya dem apples you bug eyed looking cunts?
can anbody help me
Boo Hoo
The Detroit Pistons Next Game Friday, Apr. 13, 7:00pm at Raptors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make a difference in East China in 2007! Find the perfect local volunteer opportunity Category and/or Group (Arts and Entertainment, System) February 16th, 2007 You want to give back, but with so many good causes out there, where to start? There are plenty of great volunteer organizations right here in the East China area and around the State of Michigan. Check out our new Volunteer Resources Guide and learn what they do, where and when they’re meeting next and how to get involved with them. It’s never been easier to find the perfect group or activity that suits your passion. We’ve done the hard work so you can focus on doing the good work. To suggest a resource for volunteer opportunities in the local area, please email us at Our Body: The Universe Within Date 1/13/2007 -5/2

Kiss has gone through many changes over the years and my personal opinion is they have lost the spark they used to have when they first started. Gene's main concern then pleasing the fans and giving them what they want, now it is MONEY...MONEY...MONEY. The last show of theirs I went to Paul being very tacky, during the show kept saying, our cd is available at Walmart; wow EXTREMELY TACKY!!! With Tommy Thayer there now(WHO IS A VERY BORING PERFORMER) it is not the same.They used to be the best but not now. They are not the hottest band in the world anymore sorry to say.
My Close Friends!
From the heart, I LOVE! We have all been beat down here in some way our another! To stand up and be ourselves is all that matters! Im sad because I cant be with her when she is sad! Im sad because I cant be with her when shes mad! Im sad because I cant be with her when shes happy! Im sad because I love her and I wonder why all the time! She is so special! CT Loves, 'two'
Results Of Personality Test...interesting Read!
The Giver As an ENFJ, you're primary mode of living is focused externally, where you deal with things according to how you feel about them, or how they fit into your personal value system. Your secondary mode is internal, where you take things in primarily via your intuition. ENFJs are people-focused individuals. They live in the world of people possibilities. More so than any other type, they have excellent people skills. They understand and care about people, and have a special talent for bringing out the best in others. ENFJ's main interest in life is giving love, support, and a good time to other people. They are focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. They make things happen for people, and get their best personal satisfaction from this. Because ENFJ's people skills are so extraordinary, they have the ability to make people do exactly what they want them to do. They get under people's skins and get the reactions that they are seeking. ENFJ's motive
You Cant Seee Meee!
3 anything we do they can do better 2 we get in the dog house way 2 many times and the top reason is....... because they can you cant see me four who i am ...sorry if i am not james bond or brad pitt nor the worlds strongest man these are my confessions man i am thrown and i dont know what to do but thats ok cause two the left to the left irreplaceable i got this ice box were my heart used too be
1. Who is the next person you'll hold hands with...will it mean anything? jay i hope & yeah 2. Do you sleep with the TV on? Not usually 3. Have you ever drank alcohol straight from the bottle? yes 4. Do you think you're old? nope :) 19 isnt old :) 5. Are you afraid of the dark? nope 6. Do you like your life right now? yes only one thing would make it better I7. When's the last time you chose a bath over a shower? couple nights ago in a hotel 8. Do you knock on wood? Sometimes :} 9. Do you have good vision? nope! 10. Can you hula hoop? NO 11. Could you ever forgive a cheater? Once maybe 12. Do you have a job? yes 13. Are you friends with your ex? some of them 14. What are you wearing? just a tshirt 15. Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school? No 16. Have you ever crawled through a window? Yep 17. *Censor* I dont get it? 18. Can you handle the truth? mostly 19. What was the most recent thing you bought
This is not a reflection thing yet lol. I just love this song(on my play list if you care to listen) and figured since I got the lyrics I would waste my time and type them. Of course it sounds better when listening to it than reading it. The Quiet Place Song, click play to play Spinning further, deeper | I know you're out to try me | I'm not in this to be a slave | Push the dirt | Make me feel | locate what swallows life | Night bird {you) Build my world Chorus... and then I close my eyes Judge me now | Used to be afraid to let it show | Bow down | I'm in a much better place now | Everythings in place | No much brighter from today | A king in my own mind Drown The monster | Make all bad dreams go away | Whatever it takes to keep your hands free | Open Scars | The quiet place All the bridges fall to the ground | And you say you sacrificed The Music: Reflection: Well the whole Hybride Theory cd has a thing w/ me. But song makes me feel many emotions from back
Check out some of the vids in my cherry stash! they are awsome!!!
Business Opportunities, Models Wanted In Tampa Bay
Ladies, Do you consider yourself both independant and adventurous? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to star in your very own adult website? Would you like to make an assload of money working only a couple hours a week? Well, the Shady Bastards want you! We a currently looking for fresh faces to introduce into the adult industry. We only have a few guidelines. You must: -be at least 18 years of age -have two valid forms of I.D. -have a few hours free each week for photo and video shoots -a sexy assortment of clothing -live in the Tampa Bay area (some acceptions can be made) Shady Productions have been creating adult websites for over 8 years, and have developed several extensive affiliate programs. Through our pre-existing affiliates, your website will be immediately marketed through multiple outlets. Keep in mind we are looking for models for adult websites, so there will be nudity involved. Anything and everything beyond nudity is completely
It's Over
On the rails Hearing the train barreling down Closing my eyes Only hearing the sound Memories flashing before me Then the fatal sound Life keeps pushing me to the floor All the mistakes i've made Making me hate myself even more This is it Close my eyes one last time It's all over,i made it worse It's all over from here now The things i've done breaking me It's all over for me now The pressure on my chest pushes harder No second chances ths time around It's all over and i did it this time This feeling is killing me I stood tall for so long Fought so hard to hold on But in the end i wasn't that strong I slipped and let it all go It's all over And this time it's my fault It's all over,i made it worse It's all over from here now The things i've done breaking me It's all over for me now The sound barreling down I open my eyes Lights blinding me so I close them again And lean back letting go It's all over,i made it worse It's all over from he
Just added a voice message thingy, leave me a message will Thanks
Karma - the ideal that what you do will come back to you. Whether you feel it will happen thrice fold, or ten fold, it's all the same. Opinions?
Friends That Lie
Soft kisses and running noses. Sweet promises that only candy can help you pass off of those poisonêd lips. Do you even know if the one who helps powdered your craving is a friend or foe? I guess it doesn't matter, just continue doing that dance that is all but to warming for your hollow soul. I am now observeing a fiercely cruel game of friend interventions of the heart. A terriable threesome of back stabbing and lies of twisted self gain is in play at the moment among them.. I am awaiting my part as I speak ( if you will).. Not invited by 2 but by the other one.., one who knows I could set off the balance of faith and trust of the other two.. I do hold a few secrets of one friend in question , mainly about the second face he wears behind the others back.. With no doubt in my mind one would be crushed as well as feeling betray if she knew the horriable things he claimed to be true about her, while to her face would dismiss the unholy gossip.. Doing such a thing wou
New And Tired
hey.. I don't know much about this website, but so far it seems like fun... is this like another myspace? lol anyways, i use to live in indiana, but i know longer have a family so i am living with my boyfriend Mike and his family in a whole different state... I am now in IL and I love it... anyways, I don't really know what to put up here, if anyone ever wants to talk... feel free take care Stephanie
Cigarettes And Razor Blades
Is it wrong to like pain? I have always kind of liked it. Not pain like when I found out my wife was married to another man or when I cut half of my foot off with a lawnmower. I am talking about the stinging pain that one experiences when they have a superficial injury. The pain on the skin, not deep within. I have always been into piercings, but now I have ventured into the mystical realm of tattoos. I know what you are thinking, how many does he have. Well I only have one. It is awesome though. It is a bear's head and paw tearing through the left side of my chest. I don't know if I will ever get another one, but it is real possibility. It felt like he (Dan-O at West Coast Tattoo) alternated between burning me with a cigarette and cutting me with a razor blade, and oddly enough I enjoyed the experience. I have always been a blood donor and the last few times I donated platelets. It is a lot like giving blood, except they hook you up to a machine that takes your blood ou
This Is Definately Nsfw
Q. Why do men become smarter during sex? A. Because they are plugged into a genius Q. Why don't women blink during sex? A. They don't have enough time Q. Why does it take 1 Million sperm to fertilize one egg? A. Because they don't ask for directions Q. Why do men snore when they lie on their backs? A. Because their balls fall over their butts and they vapor lock. (You're laughing, aren't you!?!) Q. Why were men given larger brains than dogs? A. So they won't hump women's legs at parties Q. Why did God make man before woman? A. You need a rough draft before the final copy Q. How many men does it take to put a toilet seat down? A. Don't's never happened (come on we laugh at your blonde jokes) Q. Why did God put men on earth? A. Because a vibrator can't mow the lawn or fix the car A father and his son go into the grocery store and come upon the comdom aisle. The son asks his father why there are so many different boxes of condoms. The fa
I just copied and pasted this from my other blog... here is a link to the story As most you you have probably heard the events that happened over the night where my husband works has left us all saddened. At 9:30 last night Deputy Tony Diaz ( my husbands beat partner) responded to a DUI call. after a short chase the call ultimately ended with the suspect shooting Deputy Diaz in the shoulder. Deputy Diaz Died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. If your thinking HOW could he have died from a shot to the shoulder. It severed his artery. Coroner said he wouldnt have made no matter what. he bled out. My husband spent his night on post in the pariemeter of the incident. We just found out this afternoon. My husband stood ALL night just 15 feet from where this POS person was hiding. Right now John is doing alot of what ifs. feeling like its his fault for not going to dunnigan with Diaz and choosing to go to knights Landing ins
It Sickens Him
I thought I'd just gotten off of that time of the month, so I went to my man's to get it on. Well, he is really good with his hands so he's sitting there finger fucking me good and hard. I feel as if I'm about to orgasm and cum all over his hand, when he looks down and sees blood on his fingers as he's doing this. Apparently, he didn't cut his fingernails short enough and scraped me open...Well, needless to say, he stops and looks at his fingers. He nearly pukes on my because of the sight and smell of blood...I don't blame him, but to not want to do me when I'm on that time is silly...He says he wants his red wings, and in a way, I think he got them!
I just joined the army national guard. I am excited and yet slightly scared. I dont know why this is... maybe cause i think it will challenge my mind and body past the point that i dont want to go. I do think that it will make me into a better person, more responsible. I think thats what im scared of too... having a responsibility. im not used to it and its something very new. I'm confused and I don't know why! I've never been like this, without a purpose. I guess there is a hidden purpose that I just can't see. Oh well... I don't know what to think so I'm going to just go with the flow.
My Sex Iq
According to this reading, you are 66% sexually hot! 'How sexually hot are you?' at You have a sexual IQ of 134 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Taken!!!! I'm taken by a very sweet guy named jimmy squires who loves me and whats to take care of me and is there for me to talk to me to comfort when im sad or sick to hold me to love me 4ever we stick together no matter what we are there 4 each other we share the good times and the bad times we promise to love each other 4ever and be together 4ever we are so in love our love is endless it has no end i can't wait tell we get married and have a wonderful family together:) he means everything to me i love him with all my heart and soul THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE LOOKS LIKE US TOGETHER 4EVER our love keeps growing and growing every day never stops for anything at all this is what real true love looks like not fake love but real ever lasting love peace out u all god Bless
The Random Ass Shit In My Head
Sold my Coffin case for 100 bucks today, bought it a few years ago for 90. Pretty happy about that :) maybe I should get a snake on my other arm to go with my spider on my left.. hm the burgers were a success even tho we met with some misfortune when I fucked up the beans after I had already started cookin the other shit to go in the beans.. but on the other hand, the burgers were damn good on their own, without bacon cause I forgot that too (I really don't cook much) but yeah, that was prolly the best damn burger I've ever had.. and definately the best I've ever cooked. if anyone wants the recipe lemme know
Quiz About Me
(¯`._.•°¤*THE BASIC¤×´¤··]·._.´¯)WAT IS YO NAME??Shannon WAT IS YO NICKNAME??ShannrieHOW OLD R U??35WHEN IS YO B-DAY??3 - 17WAT IS YO SIGN??Picies HOW TALL R U??5' 10''RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED??Right WHERE IS U FROM??Galveston WHERE DO U STAY NOW??At home WATS YO RACE??White FAV ANIMAL??I don't have a favorite FAV THING 2 DO??Don't have just 1 FAV NUMBER??88FAV FOOD??CHOCOLATEFAV COLOR??Blue (¯`._.•°¤*LOVE¤×´¤··]·._.´¯)DO U HAVE AN BF??Not at the moment , but workin at it DO U LUV HIM??No but I like him alot WHERE DID YALL MEET??Don't remember it's been a whileWHERE IS HE FROM?? Here WAT IS HIS FAV COLOR??Not sure yet but I'll ask now WAT IS YALL FAV SONG??Don't have one yet WAT KIND OF CAR DO HE DRIVE??Not sure HOW DID YALL KNO YALL WAZ MEANT 4 EACH OTHA??I don't know if we are IS HE IN SCHOOL??NoHOW OLD IS HE??30's WAT IS THE SWEETEST THANG HE DONE??Listen to me DO YALL HAVE NICKNAMES FOR EACH OTHA??Not that I recall IF SO WAT DO U CALL HIM??By his name WAT DO HE CALL U??
Welfare Check - Here Is An Idea
Like a lot of folks in this country, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as they see fit. In order to get that paycheck, I, like most other employees, am required to pass a random urine test, which I have no problem with. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check...because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sit on their ass. Could you imagine how much money the government would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? Pass this on if you agree.
Goodbye My hair blows in the wind as I stand on this ledge. Looking at what is below me. Ready to be my death. Knowing all I need to do is take a step to plummet to my death. My eyes fall upon the sun set in the distance. It will be my last view at those wonderful colors. The pinks playing with the purple and red. Red reminding me at what is at hand. Reminding me that my last breath will be whispering your name. Forgive me for what I have done wrong. I never wanted it to end. But I had to, I love you Goodbye My Body My body twinges in pain. Another day of abuse. More hits and bruises to cover. But in the end you always apologize. I forgive and let myself go to you. A week later my mind races I see you coming at me with a knife. I know better then to run You’ll only hurt me more I stay still as you cut my clothes off I know what lies ahead. Take Me I lay naked in front of you, shivering and crying. My heart racing not knowing what is next. You
Bad American
Most of us are so...... Afraid of loosing, that we never take any chances. Afraid of failing, that we don't try. Afraid of loosing the one we love, we forget to love them. Afraid of the pain, we don't enjoy life, love, & all the wonderful things life brings. We all get so caught up with our own insecurities that we forget that the "little things" DO matter!!!! I know I have forgotten to live my life. I was even letting others' control my life. I am starting to see just how blind I am. How afraid & lost I am. I don't like it. I don't like who I have become. I am a good person with a good heart, with compassion for anyone who needs my help. So why is it so difficult to find someone to be there for me? Could it be that I was so affraid of hurting, that I didn't let anyone in. Even when I think I have let someone in, I keep them at arms reach. How do we truly know how? How to let someone in? How to, Honestly, TRUELY let ourselves love someone??????? Here is a Quote
Chosen Paths There’s a road that winds around mountains not seen by all Embankments to where you could and many did fall Misunderstood by the town folk for being quiet and withdrawn Guard dogs and spiked iron fences surround your lawn They see a glimpse of you on occasion behind the weeping willow No one knows why you sleep on a tear soaked pillow You would have died, set yourself free but a survivor lived inside So many paths filled with dry creeks and thorny vines so you hide You find some peace at night when shadows become your friend poetry and song you keep in your soul accepting it's not the end You find beauty in isolated wonders and deserted places Never having to share the pain that’s worn by many faces By Sheila
Having Fun!!!!
I enjoy having a few beers at the campsite. fishing,cooking,playing crds and being around lots or friends.
Onree One!
Lookin for alittle afternoon delight? Oral relaxation, that's what I'm talkin about.
hey all what's goin on? i'm new to CT if you hadn't noticed if u give me a 10 to get me started i'll so give u a 10 after i can rate u thx bye!, Jake
Same S@i* Diffrent Day
I sit around bored out of my mind but thats nothing new. I guess I should be used to it by now but im not.SO HELP ME OUT PPL KEEP IT LIVE IN HERE FOR ME!!
Now,I'm a passionate lover That like passionate sex Butt-naked in the classroom On the teacher's school desk Triple X rated Call me Slick-Em hound I get that body wet And then I lick 'em down I'm on pointed And best believe I aint no teaser I wanna get deep and a little bit of deep and a little bit a deeper Sweeping you off your feet Like a rake Talking 'bout Slick-Em wait Naw I aint stopping Till I feel the blackboard break
Happy Easter...
2007-04-14 11:56:06 Beauty is a thing Seldom seen No one see's it because no one looks Or at least not in the Right place Beauty is held my all Within the soul it Lies Waiting to come out to the Surface Only it cant Beauty is suppressed by the Evils of this World Only love can bring Beauty out Once Seen Beauty never hides again Not even hatred can deny Beauty Of its True Design Beauty although possessed by all Will only ever be Truly seen by few And Fewer Yet will ever See One of the Most Beautiful Sights The Beauty Held By You !!! " I APOLOGIZE TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS FOR THE DELAY IN RATING YOUR STASHES AND PHOTOS. DUE TO THE GREAT RESPONSE I HAVE GOTTEN FROM THE BLASTS THAT OKIE GIRL AND HAPPY IN LIFE HAVE GIVEN ME, I AM VERY BACKED UP RT NOW AND AT LIMIT TOO. SO I WANTED TO TAKE THIS TIME TO TELL YOU "I WON.T FORGET YOU AND THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE WITH ME ON THIS. YOU ALL KNOW THAT I AM FAITHFUL TO RATE,BUT I DO HAVE A BAD CASE OF CRS SO
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I have made this tag to maybe bring some LOVE back to CherryTap... With all the down rates and drama going on lets all just spread some love to all our friends... I know all the junk will still go on, But maybe just for one moment it can come to a stop and we can all "SHOW SOME LOVE" You may rip it here if you like Thank you Fireman 7
Desconcertante es no saber lo que a tu lado me esperará mañana, si seguiré siendo de tu corazón la preferida, si tal vez no soy la que buscabas. Si no he sido la mujer que lleno tus ansias locas solo dimelo no te calles por no herir mis sentimientos, prefiero la verdad a vivir una mentira. Por ti hoy yo siento es algo que no esperaba pero en el corazón no se manda y el mio por ti va suspirando, si tu no sientes igual yo lo entendere al fín y al cabo no había compromiso. Prefiero el amor que me halla yo ganado, no uno por pena, forsado y mucho menos regalado. Quiero amor sincero uno que del corazón halla brotado. Si asi no es el tuyo dejalo callado, guardado que como se curan con el tiempo las heridas sanará también mi corazón por tu no haberlo amado. Irma Iris Eres el lucero que ilumina mis noches, como dulce nota alivias mi sufrir, nuevo canto que alegra mi vivir, a ti completa me entrego sin quejas ni reproches. Tus ojos ne
Gone For Awhile
Sorry To Inform You All But I Wont Be Online For Awhile :( I Got Shut Off TOday For Bullshit Reasons We Wont Talk About And I Jus Dont Have No Other Way To Get Back On Right Now So Until I Can Get Back On Ill Be Thinking Of Ya's n Missing Ya's Do The Same Please Cuz Im Gonna Be Really Upset For Awhile Not Being Able To Get Online. Take Care Love Yas ~Stacy~
Are You A Lesbian?
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi You Are Totally a Lesbian Someone would have to be blind and deaf to miss out on the fact that you are a lesbian. You've been checking out women for so long that you've gotten it down to a science. You love tits and legs and smarts. You enjoy sex with ladies, from kissing to banging to eating them out. You hope to settle down with a woman and make a vow with her for life. You are most worked up about the lack of a legitimate gay marriage. Since men are not your thing, legal marriage is a difficult opinion. You long to live in a lesbian utopia! Are *You* a Lesbian? More Great Quizzes from The Quiz Goddess
I Hate Guy
Tiffany's Writings
A mother's love was taken from me, Because of that I don't know who to be. Scared and alone and afraid to live, I don't know how to, her, forgive. She sucked the life right out of me, She trapped my soul; I'll never be free. I'm trapped in this cage looking out, How do I know what life's about? My wings are clipped; I cannot fly, Because of the pain I want to die. One full year has passed us by, Yet you still have to look me in the eye. See me for me, the way I truely am, See me doing the best I can. You see me as a worthless pest, Never trying to do my best. "You're little slacker" as you've always said, Seeing you is what I've learned to dread. You're not around, you never were, You were in the kitchen cooking me up a cure. Turn me into the perfect daughter, try as you might, With these wings I'll never take flight. Make me pretty, make me perfect, mold me as you wish, My life with you was never bliss. You took away the most important part of me, Now, I know,
This is my first blog here at Cherrytap. It'll be brief. I just joined. I'm a meat Popsicle, don't worry, I just need to get on at home and upload a pic or 10. Don't worry, I'm no bot. Anyway- drop me a line. I'm bored.
No Toilet Paper
Two women friends had gone for a girl's night out. Both were very faithful and loving wives. However, they had gotten over-enthusiastic on the Bacardi Breezers. Incredibly drunk, and walking home, they needed to pee, so they stopped in the cemetery. One of them had nothing to wipe with, so she thought she would take off her panties and use them. Her friend, however was wearing a rather expensive pair of panties and did not want to ruin them. She was lucky enough to squat down next to a grave that had a wreath with a ribbon on it, so she proceeded to wipe with that. After the girls did their business, they proceeded to go home. The next day one of the women's husbands was concerned that his normally sweet and innocent wife was still in bed -- hung over, so he phoned the other husband and said, "These girl nights have got to stop! I'm starting to suspect the worst. My wife came home with no panties!!" "That's nothing" said the other husband, "Mine came back with a card
A Bikers' Creed - If I Missed Anything, Let Me Know. It Will Be Added If Appropriate.
Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle. Life may begin at 30, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 60 mph! You start the game of life with a full pot o' luck and an empty pot of experience.. . The object is to fill the pot of experience before You empty the pot of luck. If you wait, all that happens is that you get older. Midnight bugs taste just as bad as Noon time bugs. Saddlebags can never hold everything you want, but they CAN hold everything you need. It takes more love to share the saddle than it does to share the bed. The only good view of a thunderstorm is in your rearview mirror. Never be afraid to slow down. Don't ride so late into the night that you sleep through the sunrise. Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight. Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you'll ride alone. Never h
Truly Amazing !!!
This song is amazing to me so many memories I would truly recommend watching this video!! the lyrics are incredible and the ending is perfect....but sadly it reminds me of my ex....but like i said the ending is perfect for us, with the birds symbolizing our memories Artist - Secondhand Serenade Title - Vulnerable PLEASE WATCH!!!!!
My X G/f Band They Rock, Check Em Out!!!
Heres her link on myspace..along with ther dates,songs and bio of all the band members:) Hope ya like em:)
Breast Cancer Awareness!!
Favor to ask, it only takes a minute.... > > Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast > Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their > site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a > day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to > their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in > the middle). > > This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate > sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammograms > in exchange for advertising. > > Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. > > > /> > > > AGAIN, PLEASE TELL 10 FRIENDS TO TELL 10 TODAY >>
Olivia's Blogs
Two Truths & a Lie? Ok Guy's and Gal's don't be shy nor bashfull..once ur on this page you have to ask the 3 questions... Here's the deal: I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Really. I'll answer anything. I may opt to e-mail answers to particularly sensitive questions, however. Then I want you to go to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything. Here's the twist: Of the three questions you ask, I will answer two of them absolutely truthfully. As for the other question -- I'll lie like a goat. (Well, not a truthful goat, obviously. The untrustworthy type of goat.) I will not reveal which two answers are truthful and which one is the lie.
I Thought I Was Done With Highschool
ok, man period time again. lately i have noticed that random people have been rating my page. which has been cool, i like some unexpected exposer, lol. but now an then ill get a 9, or 6, or a 1. hell, i bet some of those fuckers would rate a zero if they could. it seems im not the only one getting down rated here. however, my argument remains the same. why do we have them if we arnt supposed to use them? it all boils down to this, i dont give a shit. i remember in high school, getting called stupid. was i stupid? no. did being called stupid make me stupid? no. so, why do people here make a big deal about it. it seams like all the petitions going around to put a stop to it, only feed it. go about your daily lives like nothing happens, soon they will get bored and find some other way to make their tiny penis hard again. im not a 10 anyway. ok, man period over. toodles.
Pimp List 4 April 2007
Weird Stuff
This was apparently in the Washington Post, the title of the article was "Best Come Back Line Ever." In summary, the police arrested Patrick Lawrence, 22 year old white male resident of Dacula, GA, in a pumpkin patch 11:38 p.m. on Friday. Lawrence will be charged with lewd and lascivious behaviour, public indecency, and public intoxication at the Gwinnett County courthouse on Monday. The suspect explained that as he was passing a pumpkin patch he decided to stop. "You know, a pumpkin is soft and squishy inside, and there was no one around for miles. At least I thought there wasn't," he stated in a phone interview. Lawrence went on to say that he pulled over to the side of the road, picked out a pumpkin that he felt was appropriate to his purpose, cut a hole in it, and proceeded to satisfy his alleged "need." "Guess I was really into it, you know?" he commented with evident embarrassment. In the process, Lawrence apparently failed to notice a Gwinnett County police car ap
For Laughs
The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, "Well, I'm off now; The man should be here soon." Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. Good morning, Ma'am", he said, "I've come to...'' Oh, no need to explain," Mrs. Smith cut in, embarrassed, "I've been expecting you." "Have you really?" said the photographer. "Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my specialty?" "Well that's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat" After a moment she asked, blushing, "Well, where do we start?" "Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch, and perhaps a couple on the bed. And sometimes the living room floor is fun. You can really spread out there." "Bathtub, living room
After The Move
It's Only Rock & Roll
Hi all you cherries out there. Just wanted to wish y'all a happy Easter! I'm working on my first Solo CD after 15 (!) years and it's much fun but my first love is my little Rock & Roll Band called WE R COMIN'! Recently we've released our new album "HOME MADE SPECIAL". It's more like a journey through the last 40 years of Rock than a typical Rock & Roll Record. If you like you may listen to it at also I'd appreciate if you visit our Blog at Have a Rockin' & Rollin' good time and don't forget to smile! Phil P.S. If you like, meet me on my myspace site ( too !
i fear democracy is dead:( long live the oil baron's! fucker's! how many more innocent live's will be lost for the sake of cheap oil!
okay... this is me officially "MENTIONING YOU" in one of my blogs Jake. I LOVE YOU! OK?! *to be honest I kinda thought you woulda read between the lines of my last post, you know- me bein' happy even though everythin' is goin to shit. You tool.* so yes just to clarify... ~I LOVE JAKE aka KID KRONIK~ ~Kitty~ *runs away in embarrassment* HAPPY?! ok i have seriously no idea wat day it is... i know its 420, but i duno wat day it is! wat the fuck.. i got a 'happy thursday' tag in my comments, but i honestly thought it was tuesday, but the smoking ban comes in on the 30th and thats a monday, so it cant be thursday! IM SO CONFUUUSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEDDDDDD!!! *mental note - stop staying up until 5am with no caffiene!* ~Kronik Kitten~ Okay, so I got fired like a month ago. I should have signed on to the dole (Jobseekers' Benefits) a looooong time ago, and I should DEFINETELY have a new job by now. I just haven't been assed really. This is the stupidest thing I've ever
well im bored someone talk to me rate me add me fan me just do somethiong to me lol im in need for something lol its freezing outside and this sucks major ass it was 74 yesterday and now its 31 today wtf i hate ohio!!!!!!!!!
Size Does Not Matter...its How Well You Work It
ok girls lets get serious... women always talking about wanting a guy that is hung....define hung...cause average is 7... and most girls are only 4 inches to 6 inches for those girls that say they want a 12 inch penis...get real...that shit just gonna wreck your insides...make you crampy....i want to enjoy sex dont know about you... so hear is a question for the laides and be honest... what size is inches....???
For My Brother
CHANCES WE TAKE, CHOICES WE MAKE LEADING US ON A JOURNEY THE DESTINATION UNKNOWN. PEOPLE WE MEET, FRIENDS WE MAKE, LOYALTIES WE TAKE ALONG SIDE OUR FOOTSTEPS, REALIZING WE ARE NEVER ALONE. COMMITMENT UNDYING, LOVE UNDERLYING, FORGING A BOND PLANTED BY GOD'S GUIDING HAND. DESTINY'S NOW COMBINED, LIVES ENTERTWINED FOR A PURPOSE BEYOND ALL COMPREHENTION AS ONLY A MORTAL MAN. JLG Are we victims of a struggle, far beyond our strength, A product of our own environment so they say. Are we settling for their definition of who we are now and will become? Only a perminent statistic at the end of the day. Are these the choices we have mindlessly made under society's spell Our knowledge now forming of our true self, with the strength to clearly vanquish our way. Are we now capable of believing we can change the perception stereotypically put upon our birth, In triumph to achieve, rising beyond today.
I Love This Verse!
Wake me up inside Wake me up inside Call my my name and save me from the dark Bid my blood to runbefore i come undone save me from the nothing i've become...
Sex Iq
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at How Romantic Are You?You are midway between being a romantic and a realist. You can mellow and provide enough romantic sparks when needed. You know where to draw the line between sentiment and good judgment and have probably never been seriously lovesick. Your head may be in the clouds, but your feet are on the ground.Take more free personality quizzes Cancer You are shy and mysterious. Hotties are always trying to unlock your secrets, and figure out what makes you so cool. You have to have trust in your partner, so you’re not really into randomly hooking up. You really like the intimacy that comes with sex and you won’t take no for an answer when it comes to after sex cuddling. Sex matches: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces T
Hey Everyone I was just letting you know that im moving into my own apartment and im totally excited! So I wont be on the computer as much tell I get my own computer! Anyways I might shut this account done! And If I do im on so you could add me there because im keeping that account know matter what! Its Talk to you all later! xoxo
Sexy Milfs
I just wanted to say if you haven't already then you need to check this sexy mommy out.Kiwistarr!! She is an amazing woman and she took almost all the pics on this site but one i think. She is to die for. Show her some love!
My Words
imposible is nothing ..............
3 Questions
i used to think i was all alone in this world never thought there was other people out there like me. i have had some pretty shitty things happen to me in life that a shrink says caused all this depression on me. when i was just 8 i was molested for three yrs by someone i looked up to i had to live in the same house with her and try to keep my mouth sealed shut never letting anyone know after all it was my burden to carry right? im 30 yrs old now and i still cant stand to be in the same room with her i have tried forgiving her and i know now that she was/is sick and could not help it. a part of me forgives but i will never forget. when i was 14 i met my soul mate. he raped me on oct 11 1991 and i conceived larissa out of this again i hated him but i loved him. i forgave him and let him back into our lives i thought he changed and when i had my son (not by him) he called him daddy. i then got pregnant with lacey (yes his) he stayed around for 5 more yrs and left saying he needed a
Someone Torched Our House
someone lit our house on fire on sat. I know this is a long shot but if anyone out there knows who did this please PLEASE let me know or contact the police department at 814-781-1315
Angie`s Gifts & More
15% off all orders of $25.00 or more!! Shop today and save!! We have stuff for the men out there also! Check it out, just click the icon below! Hello! We speacialize in Unique Gifts & Home Decor Products at Angie`s Gifts & More. We carry a variety of products below retail cost! We have stuff for your garden, livingroom,den,bathroom,kitchen,bedroom and more! We also carry items such as tools, toys,dolls,games,dvd`s,sports collectibles,jewelry,photo frames,bath & body products and even Health & Beauty Products! Visit to view all our products. We ship to the United States only. All products are insured and included in the shipping and handling charges!! s&h : B`ham & surrounding areas cost is $5.00. Everyone else is $8.00 and your item will be shipped to the street address you give. (Special shipping prices for APO addresses and such..see site for details) I also do Catalog & Fundraiser Parties for the B`ham & surrounding areas only. Contac
Bealzes Historical Entries - May 2006
(Originally Posted on June 1, 2006)Well, Blue Security (as you know) has bitten the dust.  People are trying to come up with a new service called Black Frog, which will use a distributed network as opposed to a single set of servers.Until then, though, I am using KnujOn, found here.  They say they have already shut down some spam sites.  I figure I can try it for now.tag:  internet,  blue frog,  blue security,  spam,  tools,  email,  distributed computing (Originally Posted on May 1, 2006)I am having trouble emotionally accepting what logically I can accept about the existence of the xtian version of Satan and the like. However, at the website of the First Church of Satan, I found this page.In it, a Satanic person was talking to a person who wanted to be a Satanist but was having trouble emotionally coping with the decision. So the Satanist (John Allee (aka Lord Egan)) wrote out a "I sell my soul for X" letter, which he had the other person sign. This helped signal the subconscious
Need Points......
My Life
I have been very busy since the last time I wrote here...haven't online much either...I went to school and got my driving those big trucks...working for a company out of Illinois called Star Transport...nice peterbilts..soon as I can I will post new pics with my truck in my album..see you all on the flip flop i luv outdoors, cuddling, romance, music, traveling - mainly road trips, am affectionate, honest, trusting, loving. Part native and love living life to the fullest...luv all animals but prefer cats of all kinds. Have many interests and activities. Hello, many things have changed in my life over the past few weeks.. I have become re-acquainted with a friend. Will be learning several ceremonies this summer. Am presently working on re-building myspace can find more about me there.
The Ultimite Roller Coaster
Drunkin billiards is a art. It is the ability to see straight lines even if your not able to walk in one. It is the ability to decipher wich one of the three cue balls is the real one. It is the ability to focus on the game and not every piece of ass that walks by as you take your shot. Its the ability to have fun at something even when your losing. Playing Drunkin Billiards is truly the yoga of the alcoholic Day in day out, Work today work tomarrow. I don't know why, It bothers me so. What I need no one wants to give. When I think it only brings sorrow. So I dwell in the halls of lone. When I'm not working, Im in a constant point of contention. The superfilious amout of time on hand, to grunt a grone. There has to be someone out there, to give me their time and speculation. If my life keep going how it has, I will be regressed, into a dossile drown. I have nothing to strive for except the constant compitishion. There is no exeptions for c
Random Poetry Of Mine
I can never find the words to say How I feel about you each day you're my reason for living, whenever I am blue Without you I wouldn't know what to do You're the sun in my sunshine The light of my life You're the reason I'm living, The reason I dream The reason you see in my eyes such a gleam Whever you touch me, Whenever you're near You help me see everything perfectly clear When your away, I miss you so much and long for the time when I feel your touch I see your sweet face every day and night To me your kiss is as sweet as honey It means more to me than a world full of money Seems like I've looked for a million years For someone like you to dry my tears Darling, oh Darling what would I do If something bad should happen to you and now that I'm yours alone I want you to know You are the light of my life You are my sun in the morning my moon at night You lift me up and together we take flight You show me the rainbows when all I see is rain You make me smile
Guess our national leaders didn't expect this, hmm? On Thursday, Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton , Colorado , was invited to address the House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee. What he said to our national leaders during this special session of Congress was painfully truthful. They were not prepared for what he was to say, nor was it received well. It needs to be heard by every parent, every teacher, every politician, every sociologist, every psychologist, and every so-called expert! These courageous words spoken by Darrell Scott are powerful, penetrating, and deeply personal. There is no doubt that God sent this man as a voice crying in the wilderness. The following is a portion of the transcript: "Since the dawn of creation there has been both good & evil in the hearts of men and women. We all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds of violence. The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy Scott, a
Why We Ride
There is cold, and there is cold on a motorcycle. Cold on a motorcycle is like being beaten with cold hammers while being kicked with cold boots, a bone bruising cold. The wind's big hands squeeze the heat out of my body and whisk it away; caught in a cold October rain, the drops don't even feel like water. They feel like shards of bone fallen from the skies of Hell to pock my face. I expect to arrive with my cheeks and forehead streaked with blood, but that's just an illusion, just the misery of nerves not designed for highway speeds. Despite this, it's hard to give up my motorcycle in the fall and I rush to get it on the road again in the spring; lapses of sanity like this are common among motorcyclists. When you let a motorcycle into your life you're changed forever. The letters "MC" are stamped on your driver's license right next to your sex and height as if "motorcycle" was just another of your physical characteristics, or maybe a mental condition. But when warm we
Grandma's Boyfriend
A 5-year-old boy went to visit his grandmother one day. Playing with his toys in her bedroom while grandma was dusting, He looked up and said,"Grandma, how come you don't have a Boyfriend now that Grandpa went to heaven?" Grandma replied,"Honey, my TV is my boyfriend. I can sit in my bedroom and watch it all day long. The religious programs make me feel good and the comedies make me laugh. I'm happy with my TV as my boyfriend." Grandma turned on the TV, and the reception was terrible. She started adjusting the knobs, trying to get the picture in focus. Frustrated, she started hitting the backside of the TV hoping to fix the problem. The little boy heard the doorbell ring, so he hurried to open the door. There stood Grandma's minister. The minister said, "Hello, son, is your Grandma home?" The little boy replied, "Yep , she's in the bedroom bangin' her boyfriend." The minister fainted.
Need Someone
A farmer had some puppies he needed to sell. He painted a sign advertising the 4 pups and set about nailing it to a post on the edge of his yard. As he was driving the last nail into the post, he felt a tug on his overalls. He looked down into the eyes of a little boy. "Mister," he said, "I want to buy 'one of your puppies." "Well," said the farmer, as he rubbed the sweat off the back of his neck, "These puppies come from fine parents and cost a good deal of money." The boy dropped his head for a moment. Then reaching deep into his pocket, he pulled out a handful of change and held it up to the farmer. "I've got thirty-nine cents. Is that enough to take a look! ?" "Sure," said the farmer. And with that he let out a whistle. "Here, Dolly!" he called. Out from the doghouse and down the ramp ran Dolly followed by four little balls of fur. The little boy pressed his face against the chain link fence. His eyes danced with delight. As the dogs made their way to the fence
Other's Shared Poetry That I Like
Up to a point, a man’s life is shaped by environment, heredity, and movements and changes in the world about him; then, there comes a time when it lies within his grasp to shape the clay of his life into the sort of thing he wishes to be. Only the weak blame parents, their race, their times, lack of good fortune, or the quirks of fate. Everyone has it within his power to say: This I am today. That I shall be tomorrow. The wish, however, must be implemented by deeds. Louis L’Amour Sleep well, Weep well, Go to the deep well As often as possible. Bring back the water, Jostling and gleaming. God did not plan on consciousness Developing so Well. Well, Tell Him our Pail is full And He can Go to Hell. Stan Rice 24 June ‘93 I loved you—and my love, I think, was stronger Than to be to be quite extinct within me yet; But let it not distress you any longer; I would not have you feel the least regret. I loved you bare of hope and of expression,
You're An Extreme Redneck When.....
1. You let your 14-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids. 2. The Blue Book value of your truck goes up and down depending on how much gas is in it. 3. You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws. 4. You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on a different night. 5. You wonder how service stations keep their rest-rooms so clean. 6. Someone in your family died right after saying, "Hey, guys, watch this." 7. You think Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader. 8. Your wife's hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan. 9. Your junior prom offered day care. 10. You think the last words of the "Star-spangled Banner" are "Gentlemen, start your engines." 11. You lit a match in the bathroom and your house exploded right off its wheels. 12. The Halloween pumpkin on your porch has more teeth than your spouse. 13. Yo
Icon Make Blazing Icons
Baptized By Fire....with Funny Money!!!!
About Me
hey whats up everyone ive been workin on my stash puttin some comedy and music videos in there if you have a min and want to check them out and rate them ill return the favor
Thank You
Did Anyone Ever Tell You, Just How Special You Are The Light that You Emit Might even Light a Star Did Anyone Ever Tell You How Important You Make Others Feel Somebody out here is Smiling About Love that is so Real Did Anyone Ever Tell You Many Times, When They were Sad Your E-mail made Them Smile a bit In Fact It made Them Glad For the Time You Spend Sending Things And Sharing whatever You Find There are No Words to Thank You But Somebody, Thinks You're Fine Did Anyone Ever Tell You Just How Much They Like You Well, My Dearest "Online " Friend Today I am Telling You I HOPE I GET THIS BACK I believe that without a friend you are missing out on a lot!!! Don't be confused by friends and acquaintances, there is a difference! Because I care about you, It's national care week .. . . and you get to send messages to all your friends telling them that you care about them and make them feel good about themselves and if they write back . (just on
In The News
Visit cB_sTuD's website Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai called on Monday on South African President Thabo Mbeki to move rapidly to defuse the escalating political crisis across his northern border. “It is critical that President Mbeki act quickly and decisively to halt the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans,” Tsvangirai told journalists. “There is no time to waste,” Tsvangirai added during a visit to Johannesburg, South Africa, for medical treatment. The Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) decision to appoint President Thabo Mbeki as mediator in Zimbabwe was both lauded and ridiculed on Friday. “The Inkatha Freedom Party welcomes SADC’s decision to call on President Thabo Mbeki to lead efforts to promote discussions between rival political parties in Zimbabwe,” IFP spokesperson Ben Skosana said in a statement.The party had recently called for an honest broker, such as Mbeki, to organise all relevant factions in Zimbabwe to start negotiating.
Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
This is really an awesome sight to watch if you've never had the chance. Very fascinating. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: 1. How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why? 21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary. 2. How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin his return walk and why? 21 seconds for the same reason as answer number 1. 3. Why are his gloves wet? His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle. 4. Does he carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time and if not, why not? He carries the rifle on the shoulder away from the tomb. After his march across the path, he executes an about face and moves the rifle to the outside shoulder. 5. How often are the guards changed? Guards are changed every thirty minutes, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. 6. What are the physical t
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Surveys And Other Random Crap! Lol!
A blonde calls her boyfriend and says, "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get it started." Her boyfriend asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished?" The blonde says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a tiger." Her boyfriend decides to go over and help with the puzzle. She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table. He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box, then turns to her and says, "First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a tiger." He takes her hand and says, "Second, I want you to relax. Let's have a nice cup of tea, and then .." He sighed......... ..... "Let's put all the Frosted Flakes back in the box......." Should Children Witness Childbirth? This is one of the funniest I've ever read! Due to a power outage, only one p
Something Strange
WARNING!!! The following words, in the order they are set may cause you think in a way you have never done before which, in turn, may lead your brain to start leaking out of your ears. Do not read this if you are easily confused. Before the beginning. Before (Not the beginning) Before the beginning was nothing and inside this lack of anything was nothing where didn’t dwell the less than slight nothing. During this lack of time nothing never came forward and couldn’t say anything to nothing. This translated into English would be, “I’m bored.” Nothing didn’t reply, “So am I, let’s do something” Ironically meaning just that. This was the non-happening-pre-beginning before the beginning began and thus the universe happened, or more aptly, began to happen and then carried on for some time. “What just happened?” Didn’t say nothing. “I don’t know, something I think.” Didn’t reply nothing. “Do we belong here?” Nothing would have asked had nothing been able. “We never were.” Did
Gothic Angals Information
Hello everyone! This is my first blog and since I have been away from CherryTAP for a little while and here shortly I will be gone again for a couple more weeks, I just wanted to inform everyone that is on my friends list and fan list that if I have not rated or commented on your profile or photos to please send me a message so that I can do that before I disappear again. And also to let everyone know that I have added a guestbook to my profile, please stop in and sign it, if you have a guestbook let me know and I will drop in and leave some love for you. Have a pleasent time everyone. There will be more blogs to fallow within the next couple of days. THIS IS SOMETHING I WROTE TO THE SOLDIERS THAT ARE OVER IN IRAQ... WHICH INCLUDES MY HUSBAND... LEAVE ME A COMMENT TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT... Have you ever walked by a flag, and watched it blow in the breeze? Have you ever watched a soldier stand and salute it, then stand at ease? They look so proud but yet so young,
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I A,m Wasted. Sat Near Nicole Richie
So I just got in from a fantastic dinner with Brittany and friends at Mr Chow's in Beverly Hills. I drank so much and ate very little. I wanna chat but as usual nobody is on CT. The Paparrazzi were all over outside. Got to sit near Nicole Richie. Going back tomorrow and we have the rock star table this time. :) will bring my camera
Ohgr (of Skinny Puppy Fame) Majik
Happy Hunp Day
I so cannot stand people who start shit to cause drama and be center of attention. All I have to say to you people who live off drama..... grow the hell up and get a life already!!!!! PS.... LEAVE YOUR BULLSHIT AT THE DOOR! KARAM......WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!
Copied From My Myspace
Well, it's been a while. I truly didn't intend on taking a month (or more) off writing, but I've been busy with lots of school work. And then, when I have felt like writing a blog, I've literally sat down a dozen times to write... but nothing ever seems to form. In fact, I feel that way now, but I'm forcing myself to write, so I appologize ahead of time for the lack of quality in this blog. So where should I begin? (The beginning silly) "Fuck you" (Yes, I talk to myself, fuck off) Welp, things are goin well in the homefront. Cryssi is doing well. She wanted to get her hair cut, so about a week and a half ago, she talked me into it, and Donnie cut her hair. It falls to her shoulder; Very cute. She's growing up SO quickly. She turns FREAKING 9 YEARS OLD Tuesday!!!!!! In fact, today (well yesterday, now) marked the 1-month before my own "Year of Life". One month left to stare down the barrel of 30 years old. *sigh* What am I gonna do? Know what I'd like to do? Yeah, only someone ex
Fuck You Tom...
Ou man.. I haven't posted a fking blog in months, or whatever, it hangs on me for 1/2 hour and nothing, aa.. I post a bulletin and because maybe, because... I'm cussing out Myspace and bagging on them and mentioning another site in my bulleting of CherryTap.Com for the more mature audience and that it took me 3 days to figure how to browse the freaking site.. (thanks Jill for the invite) what do I get.. MySpace send me a message that my account is 'Phised" yea my ass and forces me to change password, no longer post blog, bulleting whatever! Fuck you Tom.. and by the way.. I just took your MOM off my TOP 8.. so there.. and deleted your ass.. Your grandma can make her cross out of my skis...
My 1st Poem
I am a man that has always been called a loser, I am a man that has always been judged more than once, I am a man that doesn't care, I am a man that lets people think what they want to, I am a man that has never known what it's like to be in love, I am a man that cares about you, I am your best friend, I am the man who will do anything in his power to help you, I am the man that will protect you from harm, I am the man who cares about you, I am the man the man who will listen to what you have to say, I am the man who will be there for you, I am a man who people say is no man at all, I am the man sitting next to you,
My Tickle Test Results
The Destiny you match most closely is Advisor At your core, you're meant to be an Advisor. You are 83% in line with the Advisor role. This indicates that you are a quiet and reserved person who loves to help others achieve their potential through interpersonal connections. Others value you for your wisdom, integrity, and sound advice, as well as your genuine concern for people's welfare. You are a thoughtful person, trust your gut feeling about things, and have extremely acute intuition. You are somewhat of a poet in your way of thinking, finding beauty and meaning in simple things. Because of your sensitivity and soft-spoken ways, you may experience mood swings and the inability to get out of bad situations from time to time. Just be aware of that and you will get stuck in fewer unsatisfying ruts. As an Advisor, you are in good company with Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah Winfrey, and Mother Theresa. Just as their destinies have a deep effect on their life paths, your destiny
What The Hell?
My Fav Song Lyrics Ever
Another of my favorite songs ever: When The Crowds Are Gone- Savatage I don't know where the years have gone Memories can only last so long Like faded photographs, forgotten songs And the things I never knew When the skin is thin, the heart shows through Please believe me what I tell you is true Where's the lights, turn 'em on again One more night to believe and then Another note for my requiem A memory to carry on The story's over when the crowds have gone All my friends have been crucified Made life a long suicide true Guess we never figured out the rules But I'm still alive, my fingers feel Gonna play on till the final reel's through And read the credits from a different view Where's the lights, turn 'em on again One more night to believe and then Another note for my requiem A memory to carry on The story's over when the crowds have gone When the crowds are gone When the crowds are gone And I'm all alone Playing the saddest song Now that the
Wow I Got My Cherry Back:)
well well cherry for visiting me i have met some cool ass peeps and also some real assholes but i guess i can come in here every now and then and change my blog....anyways thanx for the new cherry i needed who wants to pop it:-O........Kat:-P wow i nnever thought i would get this close to getting back my cherry......anywayz i am new here so ya'll be
More Graphics
First graphic made since i made those other ones in my other blog... expect more :)
Chicken Shit
So, I come on here and I see something funny in "My Alerts" it says "someone rated your photo a '8'" not a problem, because I really don't care. I have enough people telling me it's a decent enough picture to keep up. The funny part to me is... Why cover who you are? Whats the point? Is that how it works on here? If you send someone a 10, then you are proud of it, but if you choose to rate someone below a 10, then you can't show who you are? What if I had wanted to send you some luv? I turn the other cheek pretty well. You never know. lol. I feel bad for those forementioned who feel the need to stay anonymous in order to rate people with low numbers. People, please! Rate me as you wish, but as I said before; show who you are if you are so brave. Come on. a 3 and a 5. not too bad I suppose. but my FRIENDS don't think so. Maybe YOU are the UGLY one? Maybe you think of yourself in the way you rate? I feel bad for you. Really. Good day.
Good Bye...
Rude People
will be back on as soon as i can ok is still without my pc and im usin my sisters as often as i can so ill be around and i really do miss bein here alot. My thoughts are if you go in and look at pics and then rate them a 1 at least have balls enuff to admitt you done it instead of hiding from it..Thats The Chicken Shit Way Out..not to mention the one whi rated my photo a 1 "you probably arent no damn better". Its a beautiful day out hope everyone is out having fun in the sun. Or not,,which ever it may be have a good one...Have a double shot of Crown Royal it does a body good.
Demons In The Night
once again here i sit in the shadows of an empty world only having been teased with the thought of love my body writhing in agony from the pain as blood is shed each time i caugh here i sit in the shadows of my own death all i can see about me is emptyness hallow promises of love offered only for the price of flesh Once again I sit on the edge of the abyss dancingfeeling each drop of dew softly caress my skin as a lost lovesmelling the sickening sweetness of the wild honeysuckle as it fills the night airthe soft breeze gently blowing through my long hair as i gently move through the darkat the edge i hear the voice of my heart's desire pulling me with the darkest of desiresever so gently coaxing me more and more over the edge of the abyssfeeling the breath of my love softly warming my heart as words are spoken of soft but painful embrace
Just a sitting here chatting in my shout box as i can't sleep ... So seeing i couldn' decided to just diddle daddle in here but my comp doesn't seeem to want to cooperate it lagging and stopping me maybe its trying to tell me to go to bed lol oh well, so I guess maybe i best go lol gotta reboot now anyway cause of update lol
Dreamless Nights
It Was She A great wind rushed past me, chilling me to the bone. I look around to see, I find that I am all alone. I travel for some time hoping to find a warm soul as if it were a crime my patients pays a toll! I turn the corner to find aid looking to find anyone within miles as I look hope begins to fade But then I see the smile of smiles! Her face glowed with compassion here smile shined like the sun I bowed in a statly fasion for her beauty had me done! She and I lost touch we did not speak for a time though I though of her smile much it was she who found me & inspired this ryme!!! First Glimpse of Heaven I stare entranced by a mistic light encircling an Angel. Her voice warms me like the southern mid-summers noontime sunshine. When I stare into her eyes I am drawn into a different place; a different existence! All fears, all pain forgotten. In fear that this dream will end, I do not talk or move! She smiles, h
Ok, guess it's my turn to bitch brace yaself! If you stop by my page un-invited and decide to rate some of my pics, if you dont like em then get the hell away from here. I never freakin invited you nor did I ask you to rate em. You got some nerve to downrate my pic when you look like the south end of a north bound dog and the size of a damn barn! Maybe before you rate me you should try walking past a mirror with your eyes open for once, I promise it'll be a damn good wake up call for ya. I see lots of homely peeps on here but I'm not the kind who will stop by just to downrate someone. I also dont sit here and try to be some hot, sexy irrisistable babe grow up and if you dont like somethin on my page then get the fuck off! Happy St Patty's Day! Enjoy and be safe!!!! THE fubar RULES ONE If you're ugly, stop acting like you don't know it. The captions under you picture that says "top model pose" "sexy bitch" "arnt i hot" doesn't convince anyone.
"After The Love Has Gone" Earth Wind n Fire Lyrics Here we are, we're perfect strangers After all this time there's no more you and I But don't look for blame We've come so far to different places And now try to live a lie would be a crime It's better this way And we may not have tomorrow But there's always yesterday After the love has gone Only fools carry on We've been hurting for so long And we both know that it's wrong After the love has gone Then we just don't belong We both know that it's wrong After the love has gone It's clear this far, nothing to say now We sang alone and tried so hard to play the game It all ends the same Just words no more to fill these spaces When love is gone it's only wrong to try again I know it's a shame That we may not have tomorrow But there's always yesterday After the love has gone Only fools carry on We've been hurting for so long And we both know that it's wrong After the love has gone Then we just don't
Sexy Bitch
The Apple's Thought -tsu
First day on cherry. It's been an interesting day. With interesting conversations that has sparked old ideas. hehe.
My Friend Needs Ur Love
Her profile name is Mary17 i need to get her link ,,,give me a few ,,i'll get for ya's Here is her link, im tryin to figure a faster way to do this but if you can help me out,,u know i return the favors a href="" target=_blank>mary17@ CherryTAP
You're Not Who You Think You Are.
A little known fun-fact about me is that I am one of six straight males in the Midwest who have impeccable, if not exquisite, taste in women's shoes. Today, an Italian professor put some science behind my near fetish. So a big thank you Dr. Curruto and to the world's best, not the finest, news source for providing some science behind my lust and for publicizing that science. I’m headed home, my last stop is 27F. 27A & 27B two teenage brothers, 27C aisle, 27D open (score!), 27E late 40’s mother, 27F stolen by 27D, a father in his late 40’s. Now seat stealing isn’t a major offense in my world. It’s two and a half hours of my life, so window, aisle, I can deal either way. But you probably shouldn’t steal my seat, splitting up your family, then proceed to talk to and pass shit over me across the aisle to your family. My petty, passive-aggressive streak kicks in. 27F refuses to open the win
Be Careful What You Ask For
> Would you ____ me ? > > > 2.fuck, > 3.kiss, > 4.lick, > friends, > 6.hate, >, > 8.crush on, > 9.stare at, > 10.marry, > 11.please, > 12.tease, > 13.go out with, > 14.make out > 15.suck > 16.fight, >, > 18.hug, >, > 20.hurt, > 21.all of the above, > > Repost this in 2 mins. and see how many people message u back saying one or more of these topics !!!!!!!!!!!!! repost this saying would u ____________ me > > Send me a message with your answers and then re-post for me to answer ect. A guy goes to see his Doctor, because he's been a little too, well endowed, shall we say. In fact. It's 25 inches long. Can't get any woman to have sex with him. No men either, one would think. Anyway, the Doctor says there is nothing that he can do medically, but sends him to see a witch that he thinks may be able to help. Witch takes a look at the problem (YIKES!) and tells him to go to a particular pond, deep in the forest, and talk
Sexual Offenders
Ok,here i go again speaking my mind very frankly..Well,As much as I am fighting these online predators.I have a very good point to bring up as it has just been brought to my attentiuon in a very,very harsh real way. These sexual offenders are not only on our streets,but they sometimes live right in our own damn houses.They prey on those weak to them.Ones who respect them as adults when if they only knew that in reality they are no more then just a damn coward in disguise as a man.I wish that for once these men would pick on a woman,not just any woman but a woman who isnt afraid to say no.And one who isnt afraid to beat thier asses.but no,they pick on innocent lil children who deserve a happy life.These children also should be able to depend on thier moms for help,but some have to deal with moms who cant help them because they are only worried about themselves.I will promise all,i will definitely get even with this one particular man .He messed with the wrong girl this time.And he will
A Couple Poems I Wrote..
My Heart.... My heart, Is slowly breaking. Peice by peice, I'm falling apart. The pain, Of not being able to see or talk to, The one I love, Is getting worse, With each passing day. It hurts, So much. I need him, Right now. My heart, Is slowly breaking. Rylee M I wish... I wish, He was here to hold me. I wish, He was here to love me. I wish.... He was here to tell me, "Everything's going to be ok... I love you." Rylee M The one I found (the other point of view from my friend DC's poem "Poems from a white prision") I saw him, In the white room. Looking so small, In the hospital bed, Eyes closed. I went to him, Put my hand on his chest, It was bearly moving. I traced his lips with my fingers, So soft, Like rose petals, Yet a little cold. I can hear his thoughts, He thinks I'm trying to seduce him. Even in his state, He's aware of all around him. I leaned down, I kissed his lips softly. I began to
Whitneys Freaky Things
Poem "goodbye"
Just how I feel tonight... The most difficult thing to say is goodbye You try to go on but all you do is remember and cry You will not forget the good times we had Miss me you will and make you sad I am sorry to be blunt and point out this But even now you crave for my touch and a kiss You think how cruel this word can be But it did allow you to fall in love with me I hate to dwell on the things of the past An impression I made on you that I know will last Throughout the rest of your life My words cut you like a knife One day take a moment and think of me The poet, the lover, the man I used to be
Im New
So im new on this page and i hope i get to meet lots of friends. Im usually on my 360 page but i will give this page some time.
Bushes To Paraguay
10 18 2006 We Hate To Bring Up the Nazis, But They Fled To South America, Too 'Don't you know the boys from Brazil are little Hitlers? I saw it in a movie ... whose name I can't rememberOur paranoid friends over at Bring It On have put together a story that hasn’t exactly made Washington Whispers. It’s real short and real simple: * The Cuban news service reports that George W. Bush has purchased 98,840 acres in Paraguay, near the Bolivian/Brazilian border. * Jenna Bush paid a secret diplomatic visit to Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte and U.S. Ambassador James Cason. There were no press conferences, no public sightings and no official confirmation of her 10-day trip which apparently ended this week. * The Paraguayan Senate voted last summer to “grant U.S. troops immunity from national and International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction.” * Immediately afterwards, 500 heavily armed U.S. troops arrived with various planes, choppers and land vehicles a
Whats Your Letter
According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? Repost this with the letter of your first name. -A- You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested inaction. You mean business. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is trying to be coy, cute, demure,and subtly enticing. You are an up front person. When it comes to sex, its action that counts not obscure hints.Your mate's physical attractiveness is important to you. You find the chase and challenge of the "hunt" invigorating. You are passionate and sexual as well as being much more adventurous than you appear; however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. Your physical needs are your primary concern. -B- You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wined, and dined. You are very ha ppy to receive gifts as an ___expression of the affection of your lo
Another Joke
A blonde calls her friend up and says "Hey my neighbor has a penis like a peanut" the friend says "you mean it's small?" blonde says "No, it's salty"
I Think Your The Father Of One Of My Kids
I THINK YOU'RE THE FATHER OF ONE OF MY KIDS... > > A guy goes to the supermarket and notices an > attractive woman waving at him. She says hello. > > He's rather taken aback because he can't place where > he knows her from. So he says, > > "Do you know me?" To which she replies, > > "I think you're the father of one of my kids." > > Now his mind travels back to the only time he has > ever > been unfaithful to his wife and says, > > "My God, are you the stripper from my bachelor party > that I made love to > on the pool table with all my buddies watching while > your partner whipped > my butt with wet celery?" > > She looks into his eyes and says calmly, > > "No, I'm your son's teacher." MyHotComments brand new store has just opened in New York City that sells Husbands. When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions at the entrance:- "You may visit this store ONLY ONCE!" There are 6 floors and the value of the products increase as you
~*~ I Can See Your Pain ~*~
I still see your face in my dreams It hurts and it doesn't help at all I still want you in my life as crazy as that seems I want you to catch me when I fall I still remember the first time we met There was something so different about you Your friendship was something I wanted to get That smile when you said hi to me was so new Out of no where you called me on the phone I wanted to sit there and talk to you forever You were so new, so crazy and unknown I just knew that our friendship would never sever Two years and we are barely holding it together What happened to the way this all used to be I never wanted you out of my like ever I sat there for a long time pretending not to see We decided to go out and make it all all right It didn't work out of course we knew it couldn't We couldn't even really stand each others sight It shouldn't end this way but it did and I shouldn't I miss you and everything you were to me Ten years from now we will look back on it
Wildin Out Radio!
Hey one and all if you want to talk lets talk looking to meet new people any time
Sweet Pictures
Shit do any of you ever sleep on here LMSLAO like I have any room to talk here... Strips down to my thong and jumps in between the satin sheets here... Sweet dreams everyone... .¸¸. ºÖº.¸¸. ºÔº ºÖº.¸¸.Sweet Package.¸¸. ºÔº ºÖº.¸¸. ºÖº.¸¸. By now most of you on my friends and family lists have figured out that I have "NSFW" pictures posted... You will find them in my Sweet Pictures Album and you can rate them if you wish or just look... Yes they are my pictures and if you have any requests on a certain picture / pose let me know here... Nothing says you have to look or rate them as I'm just letting you know ahead of time here "wink"... .¸¸. ºÖº.¸¸. ºÔº ºÖº.¸¸.Sweet Package.¸¸. ºÔº ºÖº.¸¸. ºÖº.¸¸. As of 8:30 p.m. Friday evening I will be cross checking my " Fan Lists " here as it seems a whole bunch of people have NOT returned " Fans " sent. So when you go to your Fan List and find out that you have lost a fan and the points that go along with it you will have to f
Please Vote For My Puppy
I just want everyone to know, that I thank all of you that helped me out and who helped my grow in Cherry Tap! Make your Comments HEARD using My guest book is posted up on my page and still no one has signed it! I really want to know who visits my page and a little bit more about people on here! It only takes a sec to sign it. Leave a comment too or become a friend if you want! Please help me gain more points and levels!
I Wished
I wished one day for all to come to an end and for me to be happy and when things started to look as id never see the happyness i was looking for.... I gave up and when i stoped looking the happyness found me and when it found me he has hasnt let me go, he has kept a tight hold on to our love with ever drop of tears on of us sheds. But no matter what we still stand strong and make it through it all ....Some people dont understand how we can stand so strong for one another but its not hard as long as u truely love someone with all ur heart mind body and soul then nothing can break ur bond. The stars are my eyes the moon is my light with both of them of them, they guide me through the night The clouds are my eyes and the sun is my light with them they guide me through the day... My mind is a filled with nothing more then joy and happyness because you have placed me on cloud nine with a ped stool of love and you keep there each day and prove to me that u are sweeter to me than no o
Great Day
well today was an ok day until 3pm when i got hit by an off duty cop now i hurt so bad just thought i would let all know ok i am kinda creeped out today. had a great day at school, first day back yeah me... came home went shopping, and found lots of stuff for my neice for school. Then i get home and find that someone from my past that wants nothing to do with me checks me out and says nothing to me i me come on if you are going to check me out and i know you personally at least say hello or some stuff lol. well all as we know today was not a great day cuz of the weather but besides that it was wonderful. my neice is doing so much better since she moved in here. school is going great just board when we have nothing to do at all. days like this no one gets there hair done so i was board got a manicure today getting a pedicure tomorrow hopefully. well if you read this go get your hair done at toledo acadmey of beauty culture we do great jobs. later all
Ratings Punks
ever since i realized that it is impolite to rate other than a 10 i have wanted to make level 10 so i could create polls if i wish and then make it to a 1 rating. yes this is really what i want so if you actually like my shit rate me a 1 to be honest with you i really do not care what i am rated. but if you want to insult me then please do not be a punk and leave me a comment instead of hiding like some little bitch. notice i said bitch and not biotch or whatever is hip these days. i will not argue your opinion and in fact would rather be a real 5 than a bullshit 11. but please stand up for yourself and your opinion and not hide like some little molester in the bushes
I was just given a cute little green tree frog. He is just so cute. I have been surching the web to learn about him. I don't have a name for him yet, but I just got him today. He is my favorite color with a brown/ black strip across his eyes (thats how we know that he is a boy). I am just so happy :D I just got a letter in the mail from the cout house. I am finally divoriced from an abusive asshole. Sorry about my spelling :) No more contact with him!!!! Yay!!!!! Please help I need 21,493 points to level up. If you can help me please do. Thanks, Holly
#1 Hot Mommas
Aaron's Buttery Cashew Brittle From the kitchen of Denise Smith 2 sticks salted butter (no substitutions) 1 cup sugar 1 Tablespoon light corn syrup 1 1/2 cup cashews (whole, halves or pieces - salted or unsalted) Line a baking sheet with a lightly buttered piece of waxed paper, set aside. In a heavy medium sized saucepan, heat the butter, sugar and corn syrup on medium low heat. Stir occasionally and heat until temperature reaches 290 degrees on a candy thermometer (about 30 minutes). Take pan off heat and stir in cashews. Pour mixture out onto the waxed paper lined pan, and spread the candy out across the pan. Let it cool in the pan for 10 minutes, then in the fridge for 5 more minutes before peeling off the waxed paper. Break into bite sized pieces and store in an airtight container. Aaron's Buttery Cashew Brittle From the kitchen of Denise Smith 2 sticks salted butter (no substitutions) 1 cup sugar 1 Tablespoon light corn syru
A guy goes to see his Doctor, because he's been a little too, well endowed, shall we say. In fact. It's 25 inches long. Can't get any woman to have sex with him. No men either, one would think. Anyway, the Doctor says there is nothing that he can do medically, but sends him to see a witch that he thinks may be able to help. Witch takes a look at the problem (YIKES!) and tells him to go to a particular pond, deep in the forest, and talk to a frog that lives there. "Ask the frog to marry you and each time the frog says no, you'll be 5 inches shorter." Worth a try he thinks, and off he dashes into the forest, as anyone in this sort of joke would. Finds the pond and sees the frog on the other side, sitting on a log. "Will you marry me?" he calls to the frog. Frog looks at him, disinterested at best, and calls back, "No." Guy looks down, and sure enough, he's 5 inches shorter. Hey, this is great, he thinks-- let's try this again. "Will you marry me?" he asked the
does any one have yahoo or msn messanger i want to talk and i dont care what is about my yahoo and msn account are below. msn yahoo somebody i want to see the private pics on your pages it but it wont let me please let me and i will leave cooments for you
Guest Book
I would love it if all that visited my page would sign add a pic and a short message to my guest book. I would like all my friends on this. It also shows up at other places on my computer like myspace and yahoo360. Plus its my screen saver. For now I want everyone to know Im showing them alot of love...
If We Had Sex....GAME. don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out).don't be shy now!!!! AND YOU CANT PUT I DONT KNOW U NEED TO PUT AN ANSWER 1. Would you let me be in control? 2. Would you pull MY hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10: 16. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you mind if i li
Lies Of A Virgin
Hey everyone! My friend Dan from Kansas City just joined. Show him what fun fu can be: This site is SO addictive!!!! My goal is to hit level 5 in less than 24 hours. You wanna help? I'm gonna head home in a bit and start loading pics and hit all you behotches up with comments and ratings. Love ya!! The new black and white photography is from a few hours spent on Jackson square in the French Quarter. Tell me what you think.
I close my eyes... Grasping... My pillow tiiiiiiiiiight... Tonite... Dreaming of you... Aching to be... Warm and fuzzy... Once agaaaaiiiin... Our time apart... Only plucks on the... Heart strings... Toooniiiiiiiiite... It's playing... Ohhhhh.... Sooo... Slow... Staring at your pic... Dreaming... Of you in... Pink.....or.... Whiiiiiiighte... Dancing... Ohhh... sooo... Sloooooow... Faces... Melting into the... Crowd... Time standing still... Two hearts... Beaing as... One... Staring into your eyes... As I try to... Kiss your lips... It all fades away... As the sun rises... On... Another daayyyy... Every second of every minute... Of every hour... To the start of this day... I'll be thinkin... Of you... Kissess... For ever... loving you... My wife to B...BBE... So I sit back... And close my eyes... Thinkin of you... For ever loving... You... I smile... Kisssssssessssssssss... (c)BBE...Ehhh 2006 All rights reserved A fiction
My Soul
Your love was pain, so tell me, what did I gain? the pain and misery of cheating on me never goes away but a constant reminder to me that what once could have been could now never be, and that kills me inside because you said you'd love me and never part yet you acted like a tart and broke my heart All those words you said to me.. you love me, for eternity and blah blah blah your a damn disgrace girl you need a punch in the face, using and abusing words like that, like they were nothing, water from a tap, fuck you, you wind me up, you piece of crap, Don't get me wrong, I cared for you more than you'll know I told you everything and let my feelings show but I had no choice as to let you go even though I did love you more than I thought was true, you played me, so FUCK YOU. I just wanted you to know that I hate you with a passion, you fucked with my head...hey guess what, I'm not dead It'll take more than you to get to me I'm actually happy it feels like I'm
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sexy@ CherryTAP
American Idol Tonight
For the most part the performances were good tonight. There were a few rough ones. I am still in ah that Sanjaya is still on the show. I can only hope that my fellow Idolaholics can out votes the idiots tonight that keep voting for him. You have to be tone-deaf not to hear that he sux. Once again my opinion. But anyway I just had to express my opinion and voice my frustration. Now it is off to watch House and then The Shield.
Five for Fighting song, "World", For Autism speaks! I've just been alerted that Autism Speaks, the Ad Council's sponsoring organization for the Autism Awareness campaign created a music video of the Five for Fighting song, "World", which features images of autistic children and their families. The band is generously donating $0.49 to Autism Speaks for each time the video is viewed and the winning charity will receive a special prize (there are several others on the site). When you have a moment, please visit the link below to watch the video and pass it along to your friends and family. They are aiming for 10,000 hits, but hopefully we can help them to surpass this goal. Please click this link and watch the video to help raise the funds for Autism. Some of you may know that my 5 year old son is Autistic. I also have a 7 year old daughter. On any given day my daughter will torture my son just for fun.....and I sus
Why There Is Only Room For One Bitch In My Life...
Someone once referred to me as catty. I don't feel I must explain why I'm not, but I'm gonna' tell you why anyway. I'm not catty, but I am bitchy and there is, oh yes there is a big damn difference. Catty females like drama. I HATE, despise, and loathe drama. Catty individuals love other catty females, because they like to sit on their asses, view their own boring existence and gossip about those they envy on the sly. Bitches, we make the world go 'round. I don't have time for he/she said. I look in the mirror at least 10 times a day reminding myself just how fabulous (sp?) I am! Other bitches I respect, but I must admit, there is only room for one bitch in my life. MOI! Catty females like to present their problems to the world. They expect others to fix them, or butt in and be their saviour. Hello! If I wasn't so petite, I'd be a fucking Amazon, and I'd eat a man for lunch if he tried to be my knight in shining armour. It's one thing to do it because you adore me. I still d
Biker Creed
The Ten Commandments of Harley Davidson 1. The one true American-made motorcycle is the Harley-Davidson, and thou shalt put no other motorcycles before it. 2. Thou shalt not bow down and worship nor serve the god of chrome; for, lo, he is a false god and will not get thy butt home. 3. Honor thy authorized dealer and thy hog chapter officers, that thy days may be long and fruitful in the land of Harley. 4. Remember the weekend, and keep it open. for it is written, five days shalt thou labor, and for two days shalt thou ride thy Harley, drink beer, and f**k off. 5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Harley, nor her manservant, nor her maidservant, nor her ox, nor her cute little ass. 6. From the throne of thine Harley, thou shalt not stoop to wave at sinners who ride jap-crap, for jap-crap is known to be the handiwork of the devil. 7. Thou shalt not pass by nor turn away from thy brother Harley rider who is in mechanical distress. (Remember this & live by it!! Rhond
Check This Out!!
COMMENT THIS PIC THANKS JUST TO GET 1900 OR 2400 VOTES Find more videos like this on Blackspace Spank the MonkeyPowered by: MySpace Games
I've got MSN and yahoo. if you want them then just ask.
Sex Quiz
You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
DEBRA ANN BASTON ST. ALBANS - Debra Ann Baston, 42, died Friday, March 23, 2007, at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vt. She was born Dec. 27, 1964, in Claremont, N.H., the daughter of Edwin and Eleanor (Bressette) Baston. She attended school in South Royalton, Vt. and graduated from the Randolph Area Vocational Center in Randolph, Vt. in 1983. Following graduation she lived a short time in South Royalton and a few years in Underhill, Vt. before moving to St. Albans. Debra had participated in the Vermont Winter Special Olympics as a skier. She loved playing bingo, and her many cats. She enjoyed doing family genealogy and listening to country music. She is survived by three brothers: Donald Donoghue of South Royalton, William Clay of Plymouth, N.H. and Jason Johnson of Lebanon, N.H.; three sisters: Jolene Coolidge of Rutland, Vt., Carol Emerson of Bradford, Vt. and Lois Potwin-Thomas of Manchester, N.H.; and several aunts, uncles, nieces and nephe
From My Head To Your Eyes
Since 2002, 53 Canadian soldiers and one diplomat have been killed in Afghanistan. Here is a list of the deaths: 2002 April 17 — Sgt. Marc Leger, Cpl. Ainsworth Dyer, Pte. Richard Green and Pte. Nathan Smith, killed when U.S. F-16 fighter mistakenly bombed Canadians. 2003 Oct. 2 — Sgt. Robert Short and Cpl. Robbie Beerenfenger, killed in roadside bombing. 2004 Jan. 27 — Cpl. Jamie Murphy, killed in suicide bombing while on patrol. 2005 Nov. 24 — Pte. Braun Woodfield, killed when his armoured vehicle rolled over. 2006 Jan. 15 — Glyn Berry, British-born Canadian diplomat, killed in suicide bombing. March 2 — Cpl. Paul Davis and Master Cpl. Timothy Wilson, killed when their armoured vehicle ran off road. March 29 — Pte. Robert Costall, killed in firefight with Taliban. April 22 — Cpl. Matthew Dinning, Bombardier Myles Mansell, Lt. William Turner and Cpl. Randy Payne, killed when their G-Wagon destroyed by roadside bomb. May 17 — Capt. Nichola Goddard, an ar
Me + Bordom =
When im bored and porn just doesnt work, I end up making pics like this. please rate and comment my pic.
The blackest of hearts torn riped never to be fix never to be whole then one peice fit then anouther and anouther. Along comes the flow of live back in to the deadness the loveless ness. only to be torn riped and abused . used and discarded. thrown out left to waste and then torn , riped and never able to be repaired She comes out the door every thing is different completely changed nothing the every thing that could of been fixed is fixed. she comes down the sidewalk my heart jumps flutters. It is like nothing has changed she is there radiant beautiful she looks in to my eyes smiles we chit chat. it is not the same. The ice needs to be broken but how, What to say that will not bring up the past. The conversation changes she starts talking about the kids I tell her about my son and what i have been up to in one brief moment. every thing is the same she is the radiant women from the but, more polished more refined a women acting her age. what now more talk lots of talking joyous talk
Curiosity Killed The ....
Do hot girls ever really go for the geek? Seriously, the hotties here on CT usually have pictures of guys with muscled muscles and lots of other babes trying to get thier attention. It seems to me that a real beauty would want to find a guy who is more than a walking testicle. Hormones are nice, but they dont pay the bills, they dont come home at night, and they dont keep it in their pants when the other hotties are around. So do hot chicks really ever go for the nice guy? Cmon, I want testimony form you hot chicks (you know who you are). I want to hear from the guys/geeks who landed the hottie, and how you did it. I want to know why, so I can hang myself from it later...
Well here is my first blog. A short and sweet one at that! It is so funny how people on Pal put forth effort to be concerned on your wearabouts! When in turn, laughing under thier breath, stab you in the back! To anyone who claims to be concerned and copy and pastes whispers are assholes and a waste of my time! Claiming that nothing is going on with someone that you are talking about is bullshit! Just realize that you are the next victim! Being told who you can talk to or be associated with! Talk to them on the phone and see that they are not who they say they are. Being told that you should be ashamed with yourself when you have no idea what that means. Making you feel bad for something that really has no meaning is a power trip! This person has a power trip that makes one feel they have to say sorry to them for thier cowardness of blowing you off!! This person has done this to many on pal and just moves down the line. Gets what they want and makes you feel ashamed for what
Answers To Questions We May Have Asked...
Whats your sex style? Erotic Sex StyleKissing, touching...pulling hair...handcuffs...whatever goes in your bedroom or backyard...truck...neighbors bedroom even! Its lights, camera ...ACTION BABY! Take this test
My First Blog
[URL=''][IMG]'.'[/IMG][/URL] Layout Graphics Comment Image Source Cute Images Hot New Graphics Codes [URL=''][IMG]'.'[/IMG][/URL]
The Dante's Inferno Test Has Banished You To The Seventh Level Of Hell!here Is How You Matched Up Against All The Levels:levelscorepurgatory (repe
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
If I Could Go Back
I love my son to the fullest and i would never trade him for the world,but i just wish it wasnt with the crazy woman the i made the mistake of gettin with.Whenever she hears ive moved on with my life which has been oh about 7 years now she starts trippin!!I dont believe in ever puttin my hands on a woman but if i ever did she would get the VIP pass.She cant hurt me any other way and i refuse to argue in front of jaylan,so i just ignore it and bounce out.Ok now that ive had my Dr PHIL time im all to the good.
Wanna Remix?
I have SO much more respect for her now. This shit is great! Let's try this again....
Ahhh... Family
It has come to my attention that I am being called a "hacker". Well, whoop-di-do! I have no time to deal with your immaturity. Block me I don't care! I didn't get on this site for you nor will I let you dictate what I do on this site. So far everyone that I have met on here seems really cool. I thought you were moving to TN.? Do whatever you want with your poor pathetic life and don't worry about mine!
How Can You Forget An Angel?
Most of you on here do not know me, nor will you ever really get to know me. Most of you will not even read this, you will just click on the link, rate it to get your stupid points, and go back to what you were doing. That's ok tho, this is not for you, it is for me. For those of you that read on, this is a little slice of my fucked up life. Today was one of the worst days I have ever had, and it makes me very sad. Today I realized... was actually reminded... that for the last 6 days, I have been so selfish, that I forgot my Angel. A couple of months ago, I made one of, if not the biggest mistakes of my life, by not telling a good friend how I truly felt about her. I feel that I let her down, and she ended up getting hurt very badly by another guy. She has told me many times that I am not to blame for her getting hurt, but I just don't see it that way. I am slowly pulling myself out of the fog of guilt that I feel for letting her get hurt, but for the last month or so, I have
Things That Hurt Me :(
I have a pair of geese that live in the retention pond right behind my patio door. has been raining really hard here today with bad thunderstorms. She layed her eggs on the edge of the bank about 2 feet back. The pond flooded and took her eggs with it. She and Daddy are out there looking around for their babies that are long gone. :( Working so damn late and not seeing my kids. All I do is work work work to pay someone else. It gets irritating, but I try not to think about it much. Need to be occupied at all times or I start to think and get pissed at it all.
Book 16 Conan Doyle The Lost World
Chapter VI: I was the Flail of the Lord Lord John Roxton and I turned down Vigo Street together and through the dingy portals of the famous aristocratic rookery. At the end of a long drab passage my new acquaintance pushed open a door and turned on an electric switch. A number of lamps shining through tinted shades bathed the whole great room before us in a ruddy radiance. Standing in the doorway and glancing round me, I had a general impression of extraordinary comfort and elegance combined with an atmosphere of masculine virility. Everywhere there were mingled the luxury of the wealthy man of taste and the careless untidiness of the bachelor. Rich furs and strange iridescent mats from some Oriental bazaar were scattered upon the floor. Pictures and prints which even my unpractised eyes could recognize as being of great price and rarity hung thick upon the walls. Sketches of boxers, of ballet-girls, and of racehorses alternated with a sensuous Fragonard, a martial Girardet, and a d
Funny Stuff
First Blog
Taurus You are very stubborn, and your withdrawn nature makes you irresistible to hotties. You like sex to be romantic and passionate, and you know just how to make it that way. Your partners cannot resist your spontaneous and gentle nature. Sex matches: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn Take this quiz at sign You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
I Had To Dedicate A Lil' Something To My New Found Obsession......
"The Kill" What if I wanted to break Laugh it all off in your face What would you do? (Oh, oh) What if I fell to the floor Couldn't take all this anymore What would you do, do, do? Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you What if I wanted to fight Beg for the rest of my life What would you do? You say you wanted more What are you waiting for? I'm not running from you (from you) Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you Look in my eyes You're killing me, killing me All I wanted was you I tried to be someone else But nothing seemed to change I know now, this is who I really am inside. Finally found myself Fighting for a chance. I know now, this is who I really am. Ah, ah Oh, oh Ah, ah Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you, you, you. Look in my eyes You're killing me, killing me All I wanted was you Come break me down (bury me, bury me) Break me down (bury me, bury me) Break me d
Some Things Are Worse Than Being Alone
Beloved Deceitful wretch The deceitful wretch telling me lies Thinking them to be a comforting disguise Counting upon my gullibility Believing that through them I can not see Telling me lies of love and our content Acting as if it was heaven sent To be there always by my side Yet in the shadows the wretch does hide Pretending that I don’t know what is real Acting as though it cares how I feel Yet doing to me all that is wrong Tears fall with the words of the sad song Knowing that I know deep in my heart Soon we must split forever apart Turmoil in the eye of a storm made of lies To let it pretend longer is most unwise For a foundation so weak can never stand All passing away like the shifting sand Leaving nothing worth even bringing to mind It is the way of bad things left behind Better to clear the way for love so real One who will not deceive and cares how I feel One who does not hide in the shadows of lies One who shares their heart without need to di
Cherry Blast
So life has been really crazy here lately. Well, more like the last year or so. Last year I left the man that I had been with for the better part of two years. Honestly it was the best thing for me. Because if I hadn't I would either be dead, still out there twacked off my ass, or in trouble with the law. Yeah I matured a lot while in that relationship, but by the time I got out of it, I was nothing. (I mean that litterally) He had beat me, talked to me like I was the lowest piece of shit in the world. But today, with the help of a few select people that helpped me up, I am not that person anymore. I am no longer one who sits back and lets someone treat them like shit, and walk all over them...No I have the courage, and everything else to stand up for myself once more. The one person that has helped me the most is now the love of my life. I will go back to that later... You see when I left the asshole I wasn't really looking for a relationship. I hung out with a friend of mine, after i
Passion Parties
If you would like to attend or host a girls only passion party contact me!!!! check out my website
Hot Or Cool
My result for Are You Hot or Cool? (For Girls) is You are HOTYou are simmering, pal! People can feel your sultriness even after you have left the scene. Being hot includes being a crowd-puller, and you have loads of charisma to do that. You are surely popular because you are HOT! Keep it that way, friend.Are You Hot or Cool? (For Girls) created by QuizCat.Com - Quizzes, Surveys, Tests, Trivias
Spring Is In The Air
Just around the corner is a time of flowers blooming, kids mucking in the mud, and a dreaded 4 letter word called..L.O.V.E. (ughhhh!!!)....I for one am happy because, I am so fucking tired of the snow and cold weather.....One of the bright moments for some people during this time of year means a time for LOVE........Is it in the air? Will it happen this time around? No one knows for sure...we all hope for it...I know I certainly do....but at the rate I'm going, it's not looking that good......Spring is also a time for change for myself, time to become more active, and get my ass off this chair every night.....So am I happy that Spring is comming?....sure I am..maybe just not for the same reasons as every one else...regardless it's a time for new beginnings. With the upcoming weekend, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Easter. Take care YourSweetCanuck....aka Fred
Things I Hate
I am having some issues trying to upload pics to my photo albums from websites. Anyone able to help me? Any and all help is appreciated!
Cool Things To Know
Ok Let me see if I can word this in a way for everyone to understand... I LOVE new friends...When I request to be someones friend; I rate, I fan, etc.... I notice that certain people on CT request to be added and then NOTHING! No hello's, no rate's, no nothing..... They just keep it movin'; It makes me CRAZY!!!! So here's the deal... I will always accept a persons request to be "friends". However, if I don't hear from you; be it a shout, a profile comment, a photo comment, a stash comment or a rate. I will delete you! I'm sorry but I'm not into having a million "friends" that show NO LOVE. I'm not trying to be mean at all.... Just want to "KEEP IT REAL" Back in the day we didn't get along that well, For a while we didn't speak. Disagreements are a part of life, People are not perfect.. But we always found our way back to each other. Stubborn as the two of us are, Both of us having our share of pain, No matter what, the Love was Always there. I know you never me
Isn't It Funny...
Our Kiss
only with you Sensual sweet bliss, soft and divine Dance of the tongues, yours and mine Fevered with passion unlocked by our touch Addiction to the feeling I need so much Drawing you in and holding you there Our kiss makes me feel like I float on air The world melts away just you and I Passions waves crash as we together fly Above the world and beyond anything we knew I long for the next kisses sweetness only with you By R. Thomas Dinsmore Day dreaming of something I really need !! SIGH !!!
The New Season Of The Shield!!
As I said in my profile I am an American Idolaholic... What I failed to mention is my addiction to the drama series The Shield. I have watched the commercials and read the reviews and wow I am siked for another season. It is a great cop drama. It shows the corrupt side of it. I really do recommend this show to anyone and everyone. But if people dont like the show it is cool just please dont get on here and talk negative to me cause I wont stand for it I fight back.
Daring Deeva's Delights
Fem, Amputees And Shemale
Birgit 28 f interesteto talk with female, withamputees, wheelchairladys and shemale. These are my turn ons
Punky, Funky, Spunky, Chunky... You Get The Picture.
I had a dream. I kicked ass. In my blue and black checkered Vans. And my Batman shoelaces. I want some. Help me fulfill my destiny. I will be... a professional crime fighter. Unless I come across fellow tokers. Y'all are cool. "It's easy to start judging yourself by the world's standards, but it's ultimately unsatisfying -- like eating a whole bunch of cookies and then wondering why your body feels so lousy. Set your own rules and play by them." "Heh." Shall no longer be an expression I will use. It's vague and meaningless. As for setting my own standards... I am quite skilled in this arena. But then again, I make the rules. So I sure as shit better be. Practice. Makes perfect. "Squint your eyes and look closer. I'm not between you and your ambitions. I am a poster girl with no poster. I am 32 flavors and then some. I'm beyond your peripheral vision, so you might want to turn your head. 'Cuz someday you're gonna get hungry- and eat all the words you just sa
The Week From Hell
The Week From Hell
Boring Day!!! its like sunday...and it feels like a damn monday. I sat at home the whole time till up till about 6 pm and went over to a friends house to kill my night. Hope tomorrow turns out ok...i got to go take a typin test for the hospital in missouri to see if i can't get on there. SOOOOO PRAYYYYYYY FOR ME!!!!!!!!! Wow, today has been a dreary boring day!! its starting to get cold again here...its snowing but thank god its not sticking "YET".  Well, been a long time since ive bee on usually hanging out on my myspace page or facebook or tagged account.  Ummm whats new with me??? Im in my 1st year of school for Business Administration, come this june ill be at NEO for a year.  ummmm, my son will be turning 4yrs old here come march im gearing up for that one..."AND WE ARE FINALLY POTTY TRAINED"my oldest is hateing school of course..she hates her math class.  She is a cheerleader. Umm not sure what else to update on...   Ill write more later maybe! Well, today for s
My Published Poems......
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Some Guys On Ct!!
Hello Ladies! I've been on here for almost 6 months now and on Myspace for over 2 1/2 yrs. Between the two, I have about 400+ friends. I keep in pretty close contact with everyone on my list and only add those that do have some type of interest in being a friend of mine. I have a ton of bands on there, whom I may have dealt with, in my television days. I am very picky about who I add nowadays... In speaking with some of you beautiful ladies, I keep hearing a re-occuring theme. And that is that most of the guys on here are pigs and treat some of you disrespectfully...I find that very hard to swallow. I guess my mom raised me right. Being a gentlemen makes it hard for me to treat anyone like that. Its just human nature for me. I hear some of these guys stalk you and bug the crap out of you till you decide to either block or report them. I wish I could tell you why guys act like this. Its black hole mystery to me too. I cant believe how impatient some of these dickheads are. If the
Trying To Find Decent Friends To Hang Out With And Who Dosesn't Judge People Of Any Thing .
My Birthday!!!
Hey all my 20th Birthday is coming up on Saturday. I'm not too excited but a little. Also my 2nd Wedding Anniversary is coming up on the 10th of April...Yay!
plz help me in contest i would like to win this contest plz with all ur help there r others in this contest who r very childish and say my tat is lame so to prove to the imature people that a contest is for fun just enjoy it and dont be jealous plz come help me rate thanks click the pic
I'm Sorry....
i'm sorry that i wasted all those years of your time I'm sorry that I've hurt most everyone that i hold dear. Im sorry that people have ended up hating me. I thought i was alienated before i called everyone cunts but i guess i wasnt. i was just hurt cause so much has changed. Every single one of my friends that ive known for like forever ive grown apart from. i barely speak at all anymore. most of the time i lounge around in bed till its time to fall asleep? do i need to say im sorry, do i need to beg for forgiveness? well probably not i dont really deserve the forgiveness. with the easter holiday coming up it makes me think what could have been and wonder what if i chose the other path? would i still have friends that didnt mind saying a word or two instead of having no friends just ex-friends lashing out at me for stuff ive said over the last few months. sure i said some cruel things but im only human, it just seemed pretty damn funny to me that after i got back from my trip to meet
Hellyeah Info
By Andrew Depedro Having listened to this CD on almost a daily basis over the past couple of weeks I decided to ask myself this question for no other real reason than to come up with at least something remotely introspective as an intro to this review: What did Pantera, Nothingface and Mudvayne mean to me? Well, for starters, Pantera, to me, were clearly the better band of the three and were undoubtedly one of the most important heavy metal bands to emerge in the last 20 years or so, having weathered as many musical fads as they had thrown at them before internal strife and Dimebag’s still-incomprehensible murder effectively ended them as a solid touring and recording band. Nothingface were one of the few bands in the early stages of the nu-metal genre with some potential in the form of some of their songs like “Bleeder” and “Here Come The Butchers” and I used to confuse their guitarist with KNAC.COM DJ Spyder back in the day (I think it was the cowboy hats that did it; then
Sometimes life ends quickly Sometimes trajic and grim All life ends with death I know for I am him
Sisters and brothers Grow up to be fathers and mothers. No more fighting But forever writing. Can they make amends And become friends? When one dies The rest look to the skies. They are still living But can they be forgiving? We all need a reality dose And become close. For we never know When its our time to go. Now we must pray try to have a nice day. We must give up our attitude and have some gratitude. Published 1996. Written by me after my sister passed from cancer. Please ask before copying. Thanks Brew Now I believe I don't want to leave He's slowly getting to my heart so why should I part? We'll still be friends I'll just make amends. She only wants him To hang on by a limb. She doesn't want his heart So why can't they part? Remember, they did have a kid. For whom his love is strong Why did it go wrong? I do have feelings My mind is reeling. We must show affection because nobody has perfection. Our affection will stop while we are at
Reapers Keep
love that sweet cherry-tap ooooo yeah i like the friends i've meet sofar and this is a great place to hang and all the cherry tap staff work hard at keeping it running!!!so don't be shy give me some of that cherry pie loving Don't Close Your Blinds The other day, my nine-year-old son wanted to know why we were at war in Iraq . My husband looked at our son and then looked at me. My husband and I were in the Army during the Gulf War and we would be honored to serve and defend our Country again today. I knew that my husband would give him a good explanation. My husband thought for a few minutes and then told my son to go stand in our front living room window. He said "Son, stand there and tell me what you see?" "I see trees and cars and our neighbor's houses." he replied. "OK, now I want you to pretend that our house and our yard is the United States of America and you are President Bush." Our son giggled and said "OK." "Now son, I want you to look out the win
I am very new to cherry tap and can't quite get the hang of will take me awhile to orient myself to this layout...have been a myspace brat for a long time and just got talked into cherry please be patient and kind and if I don't respond its not because I don't want to, I just haven't figured it out yet...lmao....Anyway I'll tell you something about myself....I am a female who plays a five string bass in a band named duba. You can learn more about us by going to I love to play and enjoy going to open jams and enjoy singing. It was only natural for me to pick up a bass and be able to sing and play at the same time....I'm not fancy but I can cut some bass rifs every now and then. I'm told that I'm a natural vocalist and have perfect pitch on every note I sing. I'm not musically trained, just picked up and started one day. I am married to the lead guitarist in the band and although enjoy compliments and such, please remember I am married and I do take
Updates On What I Am Up To Lol
On Monday 4th of June ill be off to Alabama for 10days so you all have to bear with me in replying once again lol. Sorry everyone but this trip is a definate must. I just hope and pray it goes well which right now i think it will. Will explain more another day. Hugs to you all Tigsy Hi Everyone, Just wanted to stop by and say hi to you all. I am sorry I am still not on here much but I hope you all understand. I know some of you know what is going on and some do not...I just need some time to sort some things out..I will stop by as often as i can and will try to reply to you all....just might take a little time. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful July 4th. As some of you already know I no longer live in Wisconsin. I now live in Mobile, Alabama so I am looking forward to seeing how the South celebrate the 4th. You all take care and stay safe feel free to email me at Hugs Tigsy
The Kajiras Cage

The Secret behind the number 11 Pretty Chilling - read to the bottom. Try it out. If you are a sceptical person - still read on as it's actually very interesting!! This is actually really freaky!! (Mainly the end part, but read it all first) 1) New York City has 11 letters 2) Afghanistan has 11 letters. 3) Ramsin Yuseb has 11 letters. (The terrorist who threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993) 4) George W Bush has 11 letters. This could be a mere coincidence, but this gets interesting: 1) New York is the 11th state. 2) The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11. 3) Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11 4) Flight 77 which also hit Twin Towers, was carrying 65 passengers. 6 + 5 = 11 5) The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is now known. 9 + 1+ 1 =11 6) The date is equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911. Sheer coincidence..? Rea
Tra La La
Why did this happen? No its beyond my control What did i do wrong? But it wasnt my fault I tried to warn you Did you miss the signs You cant blame me I told you to stay away Why didnt you listen? Dammit why do i care This is your mess You did this Your the one that got too involved I told you to stop Just BACK THE FUCK OFF! Did i not sound serious enough Could i have been anymore explainatory with the situation Listen to my words Thats what i kept saying You blocked out my voice Now look your heart is paying for it Dont change the subject I wont even hear it How could you put me through this pain? All you had to do is GO AWAY! But you wouldnt Now look what happened I told you to FUCKIN LISTEN! Suffer by yourself I dont care anymore.... GOODBYE comes easily I guess you shouldve been LISTENING!!!! its no good its a disease theres no cure just blank instinct you cant love its an incapability you cant feel your too strong you cant break your invisible y
Boobie Thoughts
Hiya Everyone! Okay, ladies, please help me to understand why a 5'4" woman wants a cock 8" or more? Does she realize that less than 1% of the male population has a cock 8" or more? The largest cock group worldwide hovers around a third of all men around the 6" cock size. So, I don't get it, I'm 6.5", 4.5", 1.75", .5", and .25". That would seem a perfect fit for the 5'4" woman or shorter. A woman's G-spot is about 2 inches along the top side of her vaginal wall. Between the clit and the G-spot, what's the need for an 8" cock when a well-guided 6-inch finger or cock will do? Why are women with the Big Dick Syndrome so willing to share that 8" or more cock with hundreds of women, instead of just being satisfied with a 6" to 7" cock that they could have for themselves? It just baffles my mind that so many women line up for the big dick, and ignore the average to above average men who understand that their mind is the biggest sexual organ they have. Maybe I need to mov
Lyrical Life...
Counting The Days - Goldfinger So here i go and there you went...again Just another stupid thing that i done wrong. Locked up in my head, knocked down, beaten, left for dead With all those brilliant things i should have said. I gotta get away, and find something to do 'Cause everything i hear, everything i see, reminds me of you. Still counting the days i've been without you 1, 2, 3, 4... Still counting the days that you've been gone. Day one, was no fun. Day two, i hated you. By day three i wish you'd come right back to me. Day four, five and six, well i guess you just don't give a shit. Day seven, this is hell. this is hell. I gotta get away, and find something to do. But everything i hear, everything i see, reminds me of you. Still counting the days i've been without you 1, 2, 3, 4... Still counting the days that you've been gone. Still counting the days since you left me. 1, 2, 3 ,4... Still counting the days since you've been gone. A thousand things i
Life And What It Can Bring And How To Deal With It
Little Johnny
Subject: Little Johnnie Little Johnnie's neighbour had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby was born without ears. When mother and new baby came home from the hospital, Johnnie's family wasinvited over to see the baby. Before they left their house, Little Johnnie's dad had atalk with him and explained that the baby had no ears. His dad also told him that if he so much as mentioned anything about the baby's missing ears or even said the word ears, he would get the smacking of his life when they came back home. Little Johnnie told his dad he understood completely. When Johnnie looked in the crib he said, "What a beautiful baby." The mother said, "Why, thank you, Little Johnnie." Johnnie said, "He has beautiful little feet and beautiful little hands, a cute little nose and really beautiful eyes. Can he see?" "Yes", the mother replied, "we are so thankful; the Doctor said he will have 20/20 vision." "That's great", said Little Johnnie, "coz he'd be fucked if he ne
Shit happens when you sail naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Graphics And Morph Pics
i see a lot of really good graphic pics and moph pics on here and would love for anyone that would be willing to make me some to do so :-) Muahhh much love hoovergirl
Book 15 Conan Doyle { The Return Of Sherlock Holmes
Holmes had been seated for some hours in silence with his long, thin back curved over a chemical vessel in which he was brewing a particularly malodorous product. His head was sunk upon his breast, and he looked from my point of view like a strange, lank bird, with dull gray plumage and a black top-knot. "So, Watson," said he, suddenly, "you do not propose to invest in South African securities?" I gave a start of astonishment. Accustomed as I was to Holmes's curious faculties, this sudden intrusion into my most intimate thoughts was utterly inexplicable. "How on earth do you know that?" I asked. He wheeled round upon his stool, with a steaming test-tube in his hand, and a gleam of amusement in his deep-set eyes. "Now, Watson, confess yourself utterly taken aback," said he. "I am." "I ought to make you sign a paper to that effect." "Why?" "Because in five minutes you will say that it is all so absurdly simple." "I am sure that I shall say nothing o
The Power Of Music
if you're a fan of the show or the movie, come take a peek and join. :) if you've never seen it - i'm sorry for you. i've had a helluva a day. almost walked out of my job. almost screamed at my boss (not in that order). and as i finally am able to rest my bones, i put this song on... uberdruck - .... D... and i'm better. thank you techno music. for once again saving my life.
Digital Blonde
on a boardwalk close by, there was a beautiful blonde woman cogitating about her ideal man. She was reviewing the digital pics she had taken along the beach with her arms propped up against the wooden railing on the fishing side of the boardwalk. A tall, unassuming sort of man was jogging out towards the fishing side of the boardwalk, admiring the beauty of the sunny day, the gulls flying about, the scent of fish bait and captured fish as the fishing poles standing in formation waited for more. The American flag on his T-shirt broadcast his love for America. An unexpected seagull swooped out of nowhere and harrassed the blonde woman's golden locks, and without thinking the woman swatted at the mean gull. Her digital camera launched itself from her grip and was headed for a tumble on the unforgiving pier. The patriotic jogger was always keenly aware of his surroundings when jogging. Every little bird that was in flight, or person milling about was recorded in his mind's eye. Ju
Need Some Help Please!!!
Massage Oils check it out
This Is So True!
WORRY Is there a magic cutoff period when offspring become accountable for their own actions? Is there a wonderful moment when parents can become detached spectators in the lives of their children and shrug, "It's their life," and feel nothing? When I was in my twenties, I stood in a hospital corridor waiting for doctors to put a few stitches in my son's head. I asked, "When do you stop worrying?" The nurse said, "When they get out of the accident stage." My mother just smiled faintly and said nothing. When I was in my thirties, I sat on a little chair in a classroom and heard how one of my children talked incessantly, disrupted the class, and was headed for a career making license plates. As if to read my mind , a teacher said, "Don't worry, they all go through this stage and then you can sit back, relax and enjoy them." My mother just smiled faintly and said nothing. When I was in my forties, I spent a lifetime waiting for the p
Rubia In A Give Away
Jaz 3 Words
Some of the most significant messages people deliver to one another Often come in just three words. When spoken or conveyed, those Statements have the power to forge new friendships, deepen old ones And restore relationships that have cooled. The following three word phrases can enrich every relationship: I'LL BE THERE - Being there for another person is the greatest gift We can give. When we are truly present for other people, important Things happen to them and to us. We are renewed in love and Friendship. We are restored emotionally and spiritually. 'Being There is at the very, very core of civility. I MISS YOU - Perhaps more marriages could be salvaged and Strengthened if couples simply and sincerely said to each other, "I Miss you." This powerful affirmation tells partners they are wanted, Needed, desired and loved. I RESPECT YOU - Respect is another way of showing love. Respect Conveys the feeling that another person is a true equal. It is a Powerful way to af
new pics
I consider myself very lucky to have such a wonderful family. To me, family is one of the most precious things anyone can have. When things are rough and I need a shoulder to cry on, all I have to do is pick up the phone. My family is so close. There was once a time in my life that I felt completely alone. After a while, my family began to grow. Today, I am very proud of the family I have. Several sisters, nieces, nephews, etc..... The list goes on and on. It's people like these that make me happy to be alive. My children are my blessings. I wish everyone on earth could have a family like mine. To all the families out there that are like mine, absolutely wonderful in every way, you are all making someone's life a little better, someone's day a little sweeter and someone's future a little brighter. Stop and think about your family..tell them how great they are, and how lucky you are to have them. Someday, you might not get the chance to say everything you want to. So, pick up a phone or
Poems Of Mine !!
every day she is on my mind . yet she is still without me, and worrys . my thoughts and dreams are with her always. i pray for her everyday. she knows i love her, but there is always something between us. her voice calms my nerves and her eyes melt my heart. tears come to my eyes and a smile comes to my face, when she is on my mind! YET! SHE STILL HAS DOUBTS ! why? SHE IS MY EVERYTHING! you are my calm in the storm I call life. you are my reason for carrying on my silly way. you are why I awake everyday and face the day. you are the piece that makes my life whole. you are what my dreams are made of. you are the light in all my darkness. you are my sunshine when my day goes gray. you are all my hopes and dreams. you are the one that loves me most. MOST of all YOU ARE you and that why I love you! When life creeps up on me and I feel in need, all I have to do is think about you. I need you just as much as you need me, your the one that shines through.
Seeing Is Beleiving
Seeing it all is so very true things that come and things that go. I have a strong mind nad a stond faith that no matter what happens all good things come to those who wait ....I know ill will get mine and i have faith that i will have my rights and my mind spoken freely and for all to see that im one female not to be messed with when it comes to my family and loved ones I want to thank My boyfriend, Chrissy, Misty, Zakk, my cousin chrissy, my mom and the rest famly that stands behind me with everything that is going on The stars are my eyes and the love is the moon that circles our love...With thought and care all comes to faith that two people loveing each other through the thick and the thin and upholding everyone and everything that come in our path. We fight back with all we have we make it shown that we dont give a dammm with love and a bond like no other we know that we love each other.... Thank u Hun for being there for me through out the yrs and beyond i love u more ea
I'm trying ou this CherryTap thing for the amounts of email invites I've been given by so many friends. So here's my profile. Love it or Hate it. Im a 25 yr old college grad who stays home with her 3 beautiful babies. I have a boyfriend that has been there for me through thick and thin and I wouldn't trade him or the world!
A Slave For Her Lover
A Slave for Her Lover ( part 1) Current mood: In Love A Slave for Her Lover Part one He walked into her life unexpectantly and stole her heart . She hadn't been looking for a man but here he was all dressed up and hitting on her . She told herself that she would not fall for him but what the hell a few nights of using him for sex wouldn't hurt . As the night went on they danced and he kept buying her drinks and she was feeling very tipsey . He made the suggestion that they go back to his place and continue the party there . They left and since she was in no condition to drive they decided that she would ride with him and come back tomorrow to get her car . He pulled into his driveway about 30 minutes later and pulled her close to him and kissed her . The kiss turned very passionate fast, with light biting of her lips and neck . He opens his glove box and extracts a blindfold and places it over her eyes and she gasps in surprise . He gets out of the car and goes arou
Chinese Dragons Some individuals suffer from the misconception that the Chinese Dragon is a symbol of evil. This erroneous belief stems from the mythology of the western world where the dragon was thought to abduct maidens, wreak havoc on the populace, steal gold and destroy villages. In the mediaeval context the Western dragon was often the symbol of Satan incarnate. This is not so in the dragons of the orient. In fact it is just the opposite. The dragons of China and Japan are almost exclusively benevolent mythological creatures. In fact they are so different in nature from Western Dragons that it may be more reasonable to consider them as dissimilar creatures, rather than as the same creature interpreted differently. The Chinese call the dragon 'lung' (long) because it is deaf. It is the largest of scaly animals, and it has the following nine characteristics. Its head is like a camels, its horns like a deer's, its eyes like a hare's, its ears like a bull's, its neck like an i
Look At Mera's Pics!
Mera is undoubtedly the most gorgeous girl you're going to find on here! Check out her pictures and leave her sweet compliments because she deserves it! She's shipping out for Navy bootcamp soon!
I wanted to show all you lovely people that are my friend out there some LUV. My cpu is in the shop and havent been on lately but some of you have been kind enough to send me comments and messages despite the fact I havent been able to send any back. Since my time is limited i hope all of you get a chance to read this becous i cant send out inSexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Luv.comdevigal comments yet THANKS Here are a few things I found to help you think the next time your bored and want to send a FRIEND something plz feel free to copy and save to your folder. I was inspired by on of our family members I hope she knows how she is (she sent me a few gifts along with a note). any how I got to thinking so Its obvisly hard for people to search out a good comment of friendship so here are some make some one smile send one out. So what do you do GRAB a beer korny huh l
Yet again im doing a blog on life. It doesnt happen often but when I do there is usually a reason for it. Now here lately my g/f and I have been having a hard time with it seems like everything. We cant hold a convo for very long at all...we havent even had sex in a while. I dont know whats going on btw she and I but I have tried to talk to her about it and she just says that everything is fine. It's really making me wonder what the hell is going on with her,ya know? Now I know at times im not the best gurl to be around..I have work 40 hours a week and that puts a lot on me...I have family that I deal with every day that just make me want to choke them..ect ect ect. I just dont know what to do anymore. I really dont. Im just sick of the mind games..I have been with her for a year now..and its seeming like it was all a waste for some reason. *shrugs* I dont know anymore...I just dont. Alright..First one for this cherrytap thing. So yeah, the constant fighting the constant hit
Just Curious
Recently I have two photos ripped without permission. Appearantely Cherrytap does not want you know who did it. Atleast it is not being displayed on my profile. How many others think photos should not be able to be ripped without your permission and authorization. I also think if you go to someone's profile to rate them below a 10 your ID should also be displayed that way you can no longer hide your identity and the fact you are a mean person. I personally do not feel i derserve a 10 everyone stops by and neither does anyone else but we do because we are nice!!!!!! Chris
Bealzes Work Blog
The SysAdmin (the guy who works on the hardware, making sure our sites stay up) here has been trying for months to get Idiot Boss to hire an Assistant SysAdmin.Idiot Boss decided that was an expense he didn't want.Yesterday, the SysAdmin got another job and will be leaving here.Idiot Boss was worried because the SysAdmin is the only person here who knows how to do the hardware stuff.So, here's what's going to happen:1)  The SysAdmin has a friend looking for a SysAdmin job.  He will be hired here, but the SysAdmin will still leave.2)  The SysAdmin will be put on salary here and work from home (or wherever he's at) when the new Assistant SysAdmin can't figure something out.  He also gets to keep the laptop he got from here.3)  The new Assistant SysAdmin has the same name as the Crazy Guy who left here a while back, but is not the same person, much to my relief.So we'll see how that goes...tag: idiot boss, careers, business-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!Join me at I hav
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i need 12000 comments to win a week blast who can help me? here is the link..
Burning of Greenwood, Oklahoma - The Black Wall Street by Samuel Black After the civil war many African-Americans settled in Oklahoma because of employment opportunities from the oil fields. Around 1908 the community of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma was established. The Daily Tulsa Star was an African-American owned newspaper. Businesses owned by African-Americans flourished. Their communities were the best. Their schools were excellent. Greenwood was coined the Black Wall Street. However, because of jealousy, deceit, and discrimination, Greenwood was burned to the ground by white racists on June 1,1921. Based on the growth of African-Americans in Greenwood, Jim Crow laws legalizing segregation were passed in 1908. However, following World War I, the United States Supreme Court declared the Jim Crow segregation laws unconstitutional in 1915. African-Americans progressed thereafter without restriction. Growth ensued. Consequently, the African-American community became subjected to
What Pms Really Stands For
What is it with people giving me a low rating? Don't rate me if its not a 10. I don't go to others' pages and do that.
Yeah,I'm a stripper.I get paid to shake my ass and get drunk and I'm damn good to.I support my family do this.So,anyone that has a problem with this GET OVER IT!!If you had the money you would pay me to shake my ass for you too> LATER
Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past ~ stop planning the future ~ stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel ~ stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel ~Sometimes we just have to go with…… “Whatever happens – happens”
Biker's Alphabet
I came home from work one bright, sunny day, And looked out the window, saw the rugrats at play. I glanced at the table, upon which a book, Lay open. I grabbed it and gave it a look. The bright colored pictures, my son had, you could tell, Looked at it, and wondered, in his way, what the hell, Are all these strange symbols and letters about? This is not like the magazines my old man leaves out. I looked at it closely and it went down the list. "A is for apples", the other letters like this. I started to thinking about the best chuckle yet. It's time to write down The Biker's Alphabet. A is for Assholes, you dodge on the street. B is for Bitches, they're looking so sweet. C is for Chrome, the Biker's sunshine of life. D is for Dancers, your M/C bro's wife. E is for Evo, the new special breed. F is for Fatboy, built low for great speed. G is for Glide, Wide, Electra and Dyna. H is for Harley, that hot steel vagina. I is for Iso, the pegs for your scoot. J is fo
Goody's Blog's...
An attorney arrived home late, after a very tough day trying to get a stay of execution for a client who was due to be hanged for murder at midnight. His last minute plea for clemency to the governor had failed and he was feeling worn out and depressed. As soon as he walked through the door at home, his wife started on him about, 'What time of night to be getting home is this? Where have you been?' 'Dinner is cold and I'm not reheating it'. And on and on and on. Too shattered to play his usual role in this familiar ritual, he went and poured himself a shot of whiskey and headed off for a long hot soak in the bathtub, pursued by the predictable sarcastic remarks as he drug himself up the stairs. While he was in the bath, the phone rang. The wife answered and was told that her husband's client , James Wright, had been granted a stay of execution after all. Wright would not be hanged tonight. Finally realizing what a terrible day he must have had, she decided
Bealzes Historical Entries - April 06
That was all from April of last year. Sure is a lot, huh? :-) (Originally Posted on April 26, 2006)Like I have said before, I am looking for a new job.  If the contents of this blog got out to recruiters, HR personnel, and the like, it probably wouldn't be a good thing.In addition, Alabama has a law where the employee can quit anytime they want and the employer can fire anytime they want, both with no reason given.Also, our children were removed from our house by the state for stupid mistakes my wife and I made.  If the guardians found out about this blog, we wouldn't be able to visit them anymore.  (The guardians (who are all relatives) are xtian church-goers.)Therefore, I feel I have to keep my decision to study Satanism on the down low.Does anybody else feel that they have to keep the fact they are in a non-xtian religion secret?  And do you have a cutesy name attached to it (like a hidden witch would be said to be "in the broom closet?"Just curious. (Originally posted Friday, Ap
Having A Great Time Thnks Ripped
I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD WEEKEND ITS 7 7 07 GREAT HUH? I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY MAKE THE BEST OUT OF WHAT YOU HAVE. figured i'd better pu something in here i am on this because i haven't got a life. but its so fun on here.what would we do without cherry tap guys. just on here trying to fit in all the fun you guys are having it sure is great

Its been a 1 1/2 years since my mom died infront of me.  I am still not over her death. today when i was in walmart I had to go to the bathroom and when i was washing my hands I swear i saw her behind me in the mirror.  If it was her why didnt she stay there when I turned around. All I want is to be able to tell her that I love her one more time and to get a hug from her. I dont think it is much to ask for but i know it will never happen. I do feel her presents with me alot. I think she is very happy for me in finding my husband since she passed on. I wish she would have meet him. Her ashes sit on my entertainment center and her baby pics are all over my living room. Yet i cant put pics of her as i remember her yet. my mom kept our family together and since she has passed I dont talk to anyone on my moms side of the family. i know some of them blame me for her death. It doesnt bother me most of the time beacuse of all the drama. but to think my grandma has only called me twice since my
Easter Stories
THIS IS WORTH EVERY MINUTE IT TAKES TO READ IT. TRUST ME!! Happy Easter! Edith Burns was a wonderful Christian who lived in San Antonio, Texas She was the patient of a doctor by the name of Will Phillips. Dr. Phillips was a gentle doctor who saw patients as people. His favorite patient was Edith Burns One morning he went to his office with a heavy heart and it was because of Edith Burns When he walked into that waiting room, there sat Edith with her big black Bible in her lap earnestly talking to a young mother sitting beside her. Edith Burns had a habit of introducing herself in this way: "Hello, my name is Edith Burns. Do you believe in Easter?" Then she would explain the meaning of Easter, and many times people would be saved. Dr. Phillips walked into that office and there he saw the head nurse, Beverly. Beverly had first met Edith when she was taking her blood pressure. Edith began by saying,"My name is Edith Burns. Do you believe in Easter?"
Lingere Contest
So Long England
Well for many of my friends on here you know that I currently live in England. But in 3 months time I will pack up my house and will be leaving the UK forever. We are States bound. We have lived in England for 4 years. I have had tons of fun and made many great lasting friendships but I am so ready to get back to the States. In the 4 years that I have been here I haven't been home once and so I'm a little homesick. I know some of you who are friends of mine may have wondered why I haven't been on here in so long...alot of it has to do with trying to get organized before the big move. Sorry if I have neglected anyone. I hope that all is well with everyone. Well I need to close this I have more sorting to do. Take care.
A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and rest awhile. He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital – the clanking of the oxygen tank, the laughter of the night
I'm Sorry if I'm not skinny enough for you to see my ribs. I'm sorry.. if I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl". I'm sorry.. if I'm not tan enough for you. I'm sorry.. if I'm not a playboy model so I don't act like a porn star for you. I'm sorry.. If i don't have a dream body that turns you on. I'm sorry.. if I'm too tall or too short for you. I'm sorry.. if i won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me. I'm sorry.. if my hair isn't just the way you like it. I'm sorry.. if I'm not the "hottest" girl you have ever seen. But most of all... I'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are. If you're a girl and you agree with this letter, repost as "I'm sorry." If you're one of the few GUYS with enough balls to repost and you would never make your girl feel this way, repost as "I love you just the way you are... ~MIKA~ HARLEY DAVISON DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN AN
In 1980 (the year you were born) Jimmy Carter is president of the US President Carter announces punitive measures and embargos against the USSR in retaliation for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Mount St. Helens in Washington state erupts in a violent blast estimated to be 500 times as powerful as the Hiroshima atomic bomb Ronald Reagan is elected the 40th US president in a sweeping victory US Representative Michael O. Myers is expelled from the House for his role in the Abscam scandal Hewlett-Packard announces release of its first personal computer Microsoft announces their version of UNIX, Xenix Christina Ricci, Chelsea Clinton, Venus Williams, Jessica Simpson, Macaulay Culkin, and Jake Gyllenhaal are born Philadelphia Phllies win the World Series Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XIV New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup The Empire Strikes Back is the top grossing film "Lady" by Kenny Rogers spends the most time at the top of the US c
Tattoo Contest
Check Out My Page Nd Add Me Please
Rainy Day
Hello everyone thank you for making me feel welcome here especially my sis guilty and Goof in Texas. This place ROCKS MY SOCKS:)
Santini Featured In Crave Mag!
Santini is featured in the April edition of CRAVE magazine (The magazine of extreme culture). Here is the link to the article/interview
Why Women Are Crabby We started to "bud" in our blouses at 9 or 10 years old only to find that anything that came in contact with those tender, blooming buds hurt so bad it brought us to tears. So came the ridiculously uncomfortable training bra contraption that the boys in school would snap until we had calluses on our backs. Next, we get our periods in our early to mid-teens (or sooner). Along with those budding boobs, we bloated, we cramped, we got the hormone crankies, had to wear little mattresses between our legs or insert tubular, packed cotton rods in places we didn't even know we had. Our next little rite of passage (premarital or not) was having sex for the first time which was about as much fun as having a ramrod push your uterus through your nostrils (IF he did it right and didn't end up with his little cart before his horse), leaving us to wonder what all the fuss was about. Then it was off to Motherhood where we learned to live on dry crackers and wate
i'm standing before a precipice, staring into Infinity. Looking down, i can see the vegetation growing on the cliff. my toes hanging over the edge. My only contact with her is My hand on Her shoulder. With that hand, I push you forward. But not further then you can take before you fall. This is Trust. your heart is beating a thousand times. The taste of adrenaline on your tongue. Thoughts flying through Your mind. And I know. You Trust Me, to take you to the edge, but never beyond what you can take. To never let you fall, and to pull you back when you need. I Trusts you, to let me take you to that edge, to put you faith in me. And to ask for more. Alot of people look at me strange when I say Im married and Im Bisexual. They thing there is something wrong with me cause I want a girlfriend as well as my husband. People have told me that maybe I married the wrong man if he cant satify me enough I want a woman too. No thats not it at all thank you. I like
Sexual Iq....
Funny But An Odd Joke
Little Johnny comes home one day and says, "Mom! Little Mark next door has a penis like a peanut!" "What do you mean, Johnny? Is it shaped like a peanut?" "No," says Johnny. "It's salty."
A Poem I Wrote
I have drugs down my throat, and cuts on my wrists, The is so dark, in the corner I sit. All my friends are gone, as I cry a black tear, I soon start to wonder, why I am here. Is it for the torture? or all the pain? I can't find the answer, to keep my sane. I'm lost forever, in my scary life, It can't get any worse, since I play my life like 2 dice. I walk into my kitchen, I see the silver knife, The shiny blade stabs through me, And it ends my life.
Random Acts Of Blogness
I should really take the time to customize my profile, fill in all the blanks, and make it all pretty and stuff... But then there's the whole ADD thing working against me for the moment. I'll get around to doing all the cool, fun, profile stuff on a day when there's nothing going on in my world. For now I'll try to throw a few random facts, about ME into this so that I'm not leaving folks totally in the dark! I'm a third generation Irish American, living on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia. With the exception of two years spent in Arlington, Texas, Georgia has been home for about twenty years. Before that I lived in Fremont, California (Oh the fun and bad, bad things I managed to get into there...), Perrine, Florida, Nashua, New Hampshire, Nashville, Tennessee, and my birthplace, Springfield, Mass. Let's just say I have an interesting accent. LOL Pigeonholing other aspects of "me"... Well that's not so easy. I don't really fit into any one tribe very well. I can spend
Why Men Cheat Posted by David Zinczenko on Thu, Nov 30, 2006, 10:34 am Of course, we all know that while men and women are both capable of cheating, it's often the guys who have the biggest problem keeping their belts firmly buckled. And we all know that no matter who it's with, why it's done, or where the after-hours canoodling takes place, cheating is-most of the time-the ultimate relationship death sentence. But instead of dwelling on what happens after the cheating takes place, one of the ways to perhaps prevent infidelity is by knowing a little bit about why men stray. I'm not offering them as excuses, merely explanations as to what happens in that brain (and other body parts) of his-in hopes that you might be able to prevent it. Here, the top reasons why men cheat: To Fulfill His Biology: You know the old anthropological tale. A man's main job, besides killing the saber-tooth, is to spread his seed in order to ensure the survival of his genetic legacy. It's a man's biolo
Just Stuffs...
My Gay Fairy Name is Fondling Fawn. How Gay.What's Yours? If Brunette Bitch were a drink they would be: 3 parts attractiveness2 parts candor3 parts affectionate Get Your RECIPE Here! Knee BenderPeople Iced:Twenty FiveCar Bombs Planted:SevenFavorite WeaponSwitch-BladeArms Broken:Thirty FourEyes Gouged:Eight
According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? Repost this with the letter of your first name. -A- You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested inaction. You mean business. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is trying to be coy, cute, demure,and subtly enticing. You are an up front person. When it comes to sex, its action that counts not obscure hints.Your mate's physical attractiveness is important to you. You find the chase and challenge of the "hunt" invigorating. You are passionate and sexual as well as being much more adventurous than you appear; however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. Your physical needs are your primary concern. -B- You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wined, and dined. You are very ha ppy to receive gifts as an ___expression of the affection of your lo
Oh ! How My Heart Cries
You were a beautiful girl, you had the world going for you, you were smart, sweet, innocent, and you knew how to carry yourself. Hell, you even gave me advise a time or two. You have had your bad days, and you have had your good days. And through it all I have loved you and never stopped loving you. I have been there for you and still am here for you. There's day's I sit and wonder where you are and how oh how I wish I knew where you were. I got a letter the other day and it tore my heart to pieces. You just became a mom, you had a job and you were going to school and you had been clean for so long I was proud of you. And you came a really long way. Then You made a shockinly unexpected turn and lost everything. I know you loved her, I know you cared for her and you still do I know Because a mother's love is an everlasting love. We can't help but wonder how our children are doing and where there at. Oh, how I wish I knew where you were at. You let the drug dieseas come back in
Little Tiny Key
People are too fake on here and in general!! They only want pic comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually repost this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Repost this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "fake friends." pssst.. I dont care if I loose "people" off my list over this, I think it's 100% true... MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts
What It Do
Why is this site addicting? I havent fucked with myspace in 2 weeks now! Hahaha. The peeps on here are chill as can be. And those fuckin cherrypoints- you can never have enough. Hit me up fuckers. I'm around in the early AM-send me a shout
She Was Only 5
She was only five This is what happened When she was alive... Her dad was a drunk Her mom was an addict Her parents kept her Locked in an attic Her only friend was a little toy bear It was old and worn out And had patches of hair She always talked to it When no one's around She lays there and hugs it Not a peep of sound Until her parents unlock the door Some more and more pain She'll have to endure A bruise on her leg A scar on her face Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear And softly cries She loves her parents But they want her to die She sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is My life always sinking? " Such a bad life For a sad little kid She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did Then one night Her mom came home high And the poor child was beaten As hours went by Then her mom suddenly Grabbed for a blade It was sharp and pointy One that she made She thrusted the blade Right in her chest, "You deserve to die You worthless pest!" T
D.j Dragonblaze
D.j Dragonblaze
Friday March 23rd - 5PM DOORS" target="_blank">Q's Grill & Sports Bar 111 South Center Street Thomaston, GA 30286 (706) 647-2736 AGES 18+ [$12 ADV | $15 DOS | + $3 UNDER 21]" target="_blank"> _________________________ Saturday, March 24th - 10PM DOORS" target="_blank">SoHo Bar & Grill 5751 Milgen Rd Columbus, GA 31907 (706) 568-3316 21+ $20 at the Door _________________________ Thursday, March 29th - 8PM DOORS" target="_blank">Malone's 315 West River St. Savannah, GA 31401 (912) 238-8813 21+ $12 ADV | $15 DOS Tickets at Malone's _________________________ Apr 19 2007 - Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC Apr 20 2007 - Front Street Music Hall - Wilmington, NC Apr 25 2007 - Headliners - Columbia, SC Apr 26 2007 - Handlebar - Greenville, SC Apr 27 2007 - Whiskey - River Macon, GA Apr 28 2007 - Amos So
Have You Ever Just Sat And Thought.....
Have you ever just sat and thought about the people you hate? Sometimes the people that we hate are the people we end up getting close to. Sometimes they can be our best friend Sometimes we don't see eye to eye But who does We are all special in our own unique way But sometimes if we look at the people we hate or dislike We just might find out that there not that different at all Sometimes the people that we hate or dislike turn out to be just like us and when we look at them we see the things that we have to change about us and sometimes we see things in them that we have already change Sometimes there may be nothing there at all But I am sure if we took the time to sit and look and think about it We would find something. I have become friends with some of the people I have hated or disliked and in some ways they have helped me grow and in others ways I have helped them grow But either way it boils do
Poems I Wrote
in my reality you will see darkness and pain beyond all belief step into my world its fun in here dont mind the cuts they help with the pain words are not enough to make you understand ill have to show you just take my hand ill lead you below deep into my cave dont be scared ill be your slave only for tonight til the moon sets with light tomorrow i will hate you like i hate me i have a real problem with people people who think they are better then me to each his own i do agree im evil because im not like you aways a reason to blame me i did nothing to you i hurt you in no way you like to say that you hate me because i dont see things your way different beliefs you hold against me not trying to understand you dont care to comprehend the day will soon come we will all be the same judgement for you judgement for me who will be held the highest at fault those who hated and
Well Well, it has been a few days since I lost wrote I understand, but to be quite honest there is not much to explain. The past week has actually been pretty quiet and uneventful, although I say this in each of my chapters. I have been watching several movies lately, I guess that I just get tired of being on computers 18-20 hours a day, but I suppose it is not as bad as when I am working. When I was working for TWC/RR (Time Warner Cable, RoadRunner), I worked anywhere from 8-14 hours, than came home only to be performing more work on the computer, get just an hour or so sleep and then go back for another 8-14 hour shift. YUCK! I messed up my DragonFable Mage a few days back. I went to train her 3 new stat points, my screen flickered and suddenly I had 33 stat points. I am not quite sure what happened but the computer untrained all of my stats and I had to delete my charactor. She was at level 12, and was carrying several unique items I CANNOT get back. However, I started a ne
Know It Was Meant To Be
She cries but no one hears here. She cries but no one sees the tears. She has many secrets that only she knows about. She may have some she don't know about yet. She screams and no one hears here. She is nice to all that deserve it. She takes revenge on those that don't. She lives in a peaceful world during the day. But as night falls she remembers just how dark her world is. She never likes to stay in one place to long. She is always on the prowl. She is always looking and lurking. She always holds here enemies closer than here friends. She wonders if friends are really real. She often wonders what family is for. So it seems they only want one thing when they come around. Many people don't understand her, for the simple fact they don't take the time to get to know her. She walks on the outside looking in. Wondering or not if she wants to join in. She holds her dreams close to her heart. She is of
Its Hard Being..........
I love being gay. I do, really do. Ignorance is easier just don’t listen. Don’t listen to the names. I love being gay. Who else has a rainbow flag? My friend loves me more, for being gay. My mum loves me, if I were or not. I love being gay. I found who I am, and ask me if I would change. I won’t, because I am who I am, and you who you are. I love being gay. The word means happy, so why are we glum? I tell you ignorance is the key. It’ll set you free. Oh I can’t forget to say… I love being gay. somtomes i wish i could close my eyes and dream, but dreaming always gets in the way of reality, its hard beg me, but only me eyes can see my only dream is to be happy.... tears run down like waterfalls because guy treat me like shit, but hey i dream i cry, but where does that get me i have a heart of gold would u see it no, cause why cause u look at me as being gay but i don't care im me and i won't change me for nothing, late at night i dream but i wish
Today's Cherry Spotlight Bidding & Happy Hour
When I first joined a few months ago the Today's Cherry Spotlight bid was being won for 400,000 Cherry bucks and sometimes up to 500,000. It has gotten to be such a bidding war now that it has been over a million Cherry bucks, which makes it so far out of reach for most others on here. I have an idea that will bring it back down and make it more available for others. DO NOT bid over 300,000 bucks for it. If everyone that is going to bid on it does that for a few days, a few weeks, then it will bring it back down to where other people may get a chance to bid on it. Also if we were to BULLETIN and BLOG and petition for the happy hour to be lowered to 25 or 30 dollars, alot more people could afford to do it and alot more people would do it and CT would make more money from the increased sponsors. Please repost it for me, this bulletin, if you don't mind.
New York Here I Come!!!
Hey there ppl well just wanted to come by here and blog a who ever comes by here and reads this just want to say hello and thanks for stopn by....well im leaving to new york a few hours and i have yet started to pack...i don't know what to i think im going to end up takin hope everyone has a great week...and i'll see you back on lostcherry when i get back....till then have a blessed week....
She Sits And Thinks
She Sits at the computer thinking about how life use to be so simple and the fights use to be rare and over stupid little things. She sits and thinks about how she use to watch the sun set at night. She sits and thinks about how she use to sit and watch the sun rise in the morning. She sits and thinks about how life was so enjoyable and how life use to be so grand. She sits and thinks about how life use to be so simple and have a lot less worries. She sits and thinks about why she is thinking about all these things. While she is Thinkings about all the Beautiful scenery that she use to enjoy she wonders how did life get so complicated? She sits and thinks about all the People that have come in and out of her life and wonders what each one's purpose was in her life. She sits and thinks about all that she's gone through and how far she has come. All the while wondering where she is going, and where will she end up. Is it possible for her
I Am A Christan
GOD WANTED ME TO TELL YOU Everything that is going wrong in your life today shall be well with you this year. No matter how much your enemies try this year, "they will not" succeed. You have been destined to make it and you shall surely achieve all your goals this year For the remaining months of this year (2007), all your agonies will be diverted and victory and prosperity will be incoming in abundance. Today God has confirmed the end of your sufferings sorrows and pains because HE that sits on the throne has remembered you. He has taken away the hardships and given you JOY. He will never let you down. I knocked at heaven's door this morning, God asked me... My child! What can I do for you? And I said, "Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message"... God smiled and answered... Request granted. If you believe this message, send it to seven persons and the one who sent it to you. By doing this you have succeeded in praying for eight people today.
What Is Deal With People?
Ok people, here's somethng that is not uncommon in relationships but what happens at the end is pretty messed up to me, I don't know about all of you though. Anyawys, yesterday I get told by a female friend of mine on here that her husband had hit her child across the face because she got into some paint and when I got told this, I was pretty pissed off because how can any man hit a 10 yr old child in the face and then she tells me that she caught him on top of her and had to pull him off of her daughter and then I found out also that she was beaten up by her husband and hit by him and grabbed her around the neck three times, so I tried to encourage her to turn him in, supposedly they were getting a divorce but after tonight, I was pissed off enough to chew her husband's ass out for doing what he did and he's been known to drink heavily and smoke weed and get high off of that plus this guy has cheated on her with a woman who I was trying to get with in Indiana where all these peop
They Say Wrestling's Fake
CLAWSON -- The Oakland County Medical Examiner has ruled the death of a man that resulted from an amateur wrestling match accidental. Clawson police received the results from the medical examiner late Thursday. An autopsy was performed on the man several weeks ago. There will be no charges filed, Detective Jim Kant said. "I spoke with the medical examiner, and the death was ruled an accidental death," he said. "As far as police action, the case is closed." David Barres, 25, was participating in an amateur wrestling match on the evening of Sept. 8 when he attempted to pick up another man, his 20-year-old roommate, lift him over his head and fall backwards with him. Instead, Barres lost his footing and fell forward with the roommate. He fell on the man and struck his head on the mat, according to reports. Police were dispatched to the 900 block of East 14 Mile Road and found Barres face down and conscious in the backyard wrestling ring, which had neither ropes nor padding.
Me And My Finace
Hey all you girls out there who thinks my man is sexy I just wanted to let you know he is my fiance and I am so happy so back off he is mine

This is my favorite girl julie... add her and leave her love all over
For A Friend...
I have a friend that seems to loss thier way alot. This person is very close to me and I wish I could help them find thier way in life, but it seems I fall short and I know that they need to find the way on thier own to begin with. I talk to them often and tonight...he has slid way backwards and it lost in the thoughts of his own mind. I hope that he finds his way back, for he is a great person but tends to try to hard to figure everything out. I often am tempted to walk away because he hurts and with that it hurts me. Tonight he added drinking to this pain and I hurt for him so badly. I keep telling him to stop thinking about what might have been or he will keep thinking that because life will pass him by and he will always be thinking what might have been. I love my friend alot and I care...but to watch him destroy himself, it kills me and he is so lost. I am not talking about the drinking part but the fact that he will not let himself feel anything at all for those aro
My Song For No One
The Blue Personality- To Love & Be Loved “Of all the people in the world, Blues are the most loving, nurturing, and supportive. They do not have to work at it; it is simply their amazing nature- who they are. Everyone has gifts and talents, and Blues possess extraordinary people skills.” “Many people understandably are attracted to Blues, because they sense that Blues are interested in them. Although Blues represent only ten percent of the total population, they exert a tremendous influence on the minds and hearts of other people.” “One of their greatest gifts is the phenomenal ability to love another person unconditionally- as much as humanly possible. Many say that Blues are the least judgmental of all; people feel accepted by them and thrive in their presence. Blues focus on what’s special about others, they are verbally affirming, and everyone is good until proven otherwise.” “When Blues speak, they often communicate from their hearts rather than their heads. In other words,
The Lost Heart
screaming loudly as her clothes are cut away,,she feel a set of hands on both her thighs as she struggles against the chains, feeling the chain bite into her ankles looking rapidly around the table, she can only watch as all the men decend on the table,,suddenly her breasts are being groped and squeezed hard bringing tears to her eyes, her nipples being tweaked and pinched, rough hands squeezing her thighs as they move all over her legs,,suddenly she screams louder then before as she is roughly penetrated by several fingers and forcefully finger fucked. thrashing about as she is violated, turning her head to the side she looks over and sees Mr Kramer, her gaze captivated as her body is being raped. Mr Kramer slowly walks over to the table , running his hand along jaclyns cheek for a moment, making a motion with his hand, all the men stop and step back away from the table, Mr Kramer reaches over and unchains her arms and legs, leaveing the chain lease hanging from her neck.
Love Sucks
looking into the eyes of love he is gone from home doing what he chose to do my soldier, my protector, my i see the happiness i have longed for but i reach for it, something pulls it from me lost again in a maze of a broken heart i wander aimlessly, alone and scared looking for the man who takes my breath away I open my heart U enter tenderly Yet u tear it apert U say U love me U make me cry I should have let u be Deep is my love for u I don't think u know my feelings are true Tears fall from my eyes with every thought of you It broke my heart broke When we said our goodbyes wanting, needing the touch of his muscular hands to embrace her wanting. needing his tender lips touch her wanting, needing the length of his body on hers wanting,needing to hear the words i love you whispered in her ear wanting, needing his reassurance that he will always be there wanting,needing his friendship for eternity wanting,needin
Thanx 2 All
So Many People Showed Me Love And Wished Me A Happy B Day That I Cant Keep Up With All Of U And I Dont Wanna Leave Anyones Name Off So Im Makin This Blog To Say Thanx 2 Everyone For The Comments And Gifts.
Sumthing Other Than Coherent
Ok, I'm new here and this is pretty different from what I'm used to. If you send me something and I don't get with you right away please don't get pissed. I'll get at everyone once I've figured this shit out.
For A Moment
Lost, Drifting and Sick with Love Somewhere I forgot you, Somehow I lost the good. Sometimes I lack the knowledge, So many blessings misunderstood. Somewhere I shall find you, Somehow I’ll rise from hell. Sometimes I will surprise you, And all shall be well. Somewhere be love and hope, Somehow I’ll take you there. Sometimes you’ll need to hold me, And rid you of despair. Somewhere I’ll be what you wanted, Somehow I start anew. Sometimes I’ll seem too different, The old love lost from view. Here and now, I seek your love, I want you and claim you as my own. Every moment, I breathe your essences. My spirit soars to worlds unknown. I have hurt you, yet you linger, Stand beside me in the fire. So lucky, no, so blessed am I, You are my true desire. Let me hold and caress you, You are my lover and my best friend. I love you. I’ve always loved you, Our love’s journey has no end. Duane Ellis Copyright © 2007 My own, my love It is odd how I've changed.
Playa Hater... No More!!!
Well wouldn't ya know I was talking to someone that was treating me right and was there for me always... then along came this new person and I decided to let the good guy go... what a fuck up I made... seems that I was being played but ya know what? Ya gotta live, learn, love and laugh... just my thoughts!!! muah... to all my real TRUE friends I LOVE YOU!!! Jennifer
Ct Help
I'm currently hosting my second contest and the most common question I seem to get is how do I link a photo. So I decided to create a little tutorial on how to do it. First off select the photo you want to link to, you can get to it by clicking on the "MY" link at the top of any Cherrytap page. Then Click on "Photos". This will bring up your photos. Now find the photo you want to send a link of to the person holding the contest(or just someone you want to show a particular picture to) Click on it and it will bring up a page that your photo. This page will look something like this Now you want to click on the "LINK Photo" link and it will bring up something that looks like this: Please note: The link photo box will be above your picture and will not load a new page. Now you want to select and copy the text, from whichever box your choose, the box on the left will put a small picture(called a thumbnail) in the message. the box on the right will just crea
Well I Am Here Now What
Whats your sex style?Erotic Sex StyleKissing, touching...pulling hair...handcuffs...whatever goes in your bedroom or backyard...truck...neighbors bedroom even! Its lights, camera ...ACTION BABY!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic table border='0' cellpadding='5' cellspacing='0' width='600'> You scored as Wiccan. Wiccans are very nice people,You love to help people and use everything and anything natural around you to heal people and animals.Wiccan80%Witch60%Vampyric55%Dark50%Satanic20%How Dark Are You (pictures included)created with OK EVERYONE I AM NEW HERE SO YEAH I AM UNDER CONSTRUCTION HERE GIVE ME A WEEK AND I SHOULD HAVE IT GOING JUST BEAR WITH ME I WILL HAVE IT UP AND RUNNING AND PLEASE EVERYONE CALL ME STAR
If I
If I If I didn't live tomorrow would u care. If you cared would I have known you cared? Or did you not care enough to let me know you cared. So I died alone when I shouldn't have. If I called you did you ever call me? Did you try to stay in touch? How busy is too busy. If you knew how I felt would you change? But it doesn't matter how I feel when you're what matters. You said it was all in my head. You said I disappeared. You said I exaggerated. But all you did was not believe. Did you try to make a difference? Should I have smoked and had a cell phone for you to care.

- 1 - Love to chat and get to know new people and keep in touch with those that seem to be the type of people I enjoy being around. - 2 - I love men and of course their bodies... but not up for a fling, teasing... well hey its healthy. - 3 - I do not put up with BS, Drama or the point freaks that want nothing but "Cherry Points", so dont bother adding or comment etc. - 4 - I am a laid back person, enjoy a good time and sarcastic as hell. If i offend you, get over it! - 5 - I have done and seen many things, so I doubt your can surprise me, but feel free to try. - 6 - I am alittle rough around the edges, but I am a likable person. - 7 - I use both MSN and Yahoo, ask me for the info, and i will be happy to give it to you, if I like you - 8 - Lastly, If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask. A beautiful smile for all to see a perfect mask, a perfect me through all this my spirit died I stand so tall yet weep inside Drowning in sorrow fear and
Men Or Mice?
You know I dont pretend to understand men, even though most of my friends are guys. But as friends their easy to figure out as lovers.. that's a hole nother story, How is it that guys shows more interest in you when you show no interest in them? But once your single and interest, they act like you dont exist. OR when you are together and your mean and bitchy they seem to love ya but when you sweet and nice, their looking for a peice of ass else where. What the HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Peoples
Hey Peoples
my love for you i fall deeper in love with you each and every day my love for you is so strong it will never go away my love is unconditional my heart bleeds for you i cant wait till the day i proclaim my love too you that day is today and i want you to know i care i will always think of you even when your not there i love you more than life its self you are my heart and soul being with you forever is my lifes main goal i want to grow old with you i want you to be my wife i want to have kids with you because you are my life i would give the world too you i just wish i could but i will treat you like a princess just because i should you are like an angel sent from up above and i am your soulmate we were ment to be in love now the time has come theres one thing left to say lisa will you marry me forever and always this is the poem i wrote befor destroyed it is the poem i read to her the night we got engaged but now she left me
Can Anyone Help Me? ;)
Thanks For Helping Me With My Folder :)
I know alot of you had some very sweet thing to say to me, but I'm off to bed, got an early wake about 4 1/2 hours... So again, thank you for everything and for everyone being so sweet to me.... Lots of luv and hugs, Nellie :)
Military Related
Pimp My Tank! Here’s one to read over a morning cup of Joe… When you absolutely, positively must crash that party you weren’t invited to, here’s your ride. It’s sophisticated, yet rugged. The white color scheme and United Nations logo stenciled on the side says “I’m willing to be reasonable about this. Someone must have forgotten to put me on the guest list.” But the smooth-bore 120 jutting from the turret says: “Though, if you’re not going to let me in, we’re gonna have a problem.” Comfortable Corinthian leather bench seats that can accommodate all your scantily-clad groupies - and thick glass portals to keep the paparazzi at bay. Oh, and did we forget the beverage cooler and milspec champagne bottle rack? So when the pansies in Hollywood try to block your entrance to their post-production party in the Hills with their girlie-man Prius hybrids, just put this chick magnet in gear and drive right the hell over them. Shima', I am well. Hope you
lately1. Are you sarcastic: yes2. Is there anything you can't wait for this summer: no3. Socks and sandals: socks4. Who was the last person to go to the movies with: brian5. What one thing you really hope to do this spring: fix our camero6. Do you like to go Mini-Golfing: yes7. Are you moving this spring: no8. Are you going to be starting a job this spring: no9. Have you ever slapped someone: yes10. Did you get poison ivy: no11. Do you plan on going camping next summer: yes12. Favorite pizza toppng: pepperoni13. Pants or shorts: pants14. Do you use Chapsticks: yes15. Are you currently fighting with anyone: no MySpace Quizzes from Get this and more quizzes at!!
I stand at the end of the bar, in a deep gaze of the wall. Drifting away not sure when i might fall. Just hoping to hold something, hoping for the one. and then you slide into my arms. You stand under me till I come too. As I look down at, your just staring at me. For how long? I will never know. But i don't care cause your there. Your arms wraped around me tight. I can't stop staring into your gorgeous eyes. You smile only hoping to bring one to me. I still can't stop thinking though. Your gorgeous eyes. Your rightous smile. Your gentle touch. I think im going to melt.If only you knew what stired in my head. Its more then just any of that. Its your laugh. Your smile. The way you treat me. All you do is just stare at me.As you gaze at me I can't help it. I want it. No i need it now. So i have to take the chance. In my mind no ones around. The room is empty, the whole fucking town. But everyones watching. Everyones staring. Cause they know whats coming. Yet are you oblivious. A man can
Gerald Levert - One Million Times
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Do You Remember When?
DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN...? All the girls had ugly gym uniforms? It took five minutes for the TV warm up? Nearly everyone's Mom was at home when the kids got home from school? Nobody owned a purebred dog? When a quarter was a decent allowance? You'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny? Your Mom wore nylons that came in two pieces? All your male teachers wore neckties and female teachers had their hair done every day and wore high heels? You got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, and gas pumped, without asking, all for free, every time? And you didn't pay for air? And, you got trading stamps to boot? Laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden inside the box? It was considered a great privilege to be taken out to dinner at a real restaurant with your parents? They threatened to keep kids back a grade if they failed. . ...and they did? When a 55 Chevy was everyone's dream cruise, peel out, lay rubbe
Don't you think it's only fair to get points when you vote even if its nsfw stuff you're still voting YES SHE IS BRANDED BUT NOT BY ME SO IM GOING TO PIMP HER OUT THIS IS WHERE TO GO AND COMMENT ON HER CHERRIES SEE IF THEY'RE BITTER OR SWEET LOL
The sadness takes me. I wear this smile like a mask. The emptiness behind it A blackness without end I am nothing
My Poetry, Please Do Not Copy And Use Without Permission!
This is for you Mom . . . I love you. To hear your voice To see your smile Thats all I truly want in life. To hear you say I love you To feel your warm embrace after a rough day Thats all I truly need. To feel your hand on my back when I'm sick To know your presence is there when I'm feeling alone Thats all I ever needed. But now you're gone And I'm all alone I don't want to grow up with out you. To know my kid won't know one of their grandmothers To know that I won't ever feel complete again To feel the pain in my heart from losing my best friend. I guess all I wanted was to have one more hug One more kiss One more song to dance to. . . One more "I love you" This is something I rarely do To admit i was wrong But what I am about to say is true I am still in love And the object is your face I just wish i could fix it Go back to that place Where we were together We were free We were the perfect couple There ever would be But I know it
The Blogs Of A Fallen Angel
Well this wednesday will mark the one year anniversary of my dear Pop Pop's passing. Seems like it's been longer. I'm actually nervous about his service. It will be the first time I've actually sang in front of a crowd, since his passing. Guess when he died he took the song in my heart. My pop pop was the reason I started singing in the first place, besides my uncle who has very successful band in Germany. Every single time I would walk thru the front door he would break into a chorus of "Just Call Me Angel". (Cause of him nick naming me Angel, well Engel to be exact.) I could have the worst day going and as soon as I would see him with his smile from ear to ear and hear that song, I couldn't help but have a better day. Seems like I haven't had to many since his passing where I've smiled. Everything just falls a part. Loved ones leave and family falls a part. It's true that once the people that hold the families together pass everything turns for the worst. However, I
Spring Has Sprung
Otsegolation - Static-xif we gain by severancewe gain most of allannihilate your kindnesstwisting those involvedscenes of revolutionscenes of your destructionwe are desolationwe are isolationfeel it coming againfeel don't care at allfeel it coming againfeelisolation Yes, Spring has Sprung ~ rounded off last weekend by grilin' n chillin' on the patio drinking beer adjacent to McCumber Swamp. What a lovely evening it was. For those of you who are not familiar with McCumber Swamp here is a brief history:McCumber Swamp has been evolving since 1997; diligently created and maintained by the ever annoying Lawnmowerman who is obsessed with looking into my patio doors. Notice the large dirt ditch he has worn by his repeated passes on the riding mower.The lovely part of spring is the appearance of wildlife as the weather breaks, which we enjoyed immensely last Sunday evening while sucking down large amounts of alcohol on my patio.Of course, this not being their natural habitat, these swamp crea
What It Do
what up. first time up on here so i just wanted to say a few things. im bekah 26 single mom of 2. i love to have fun and kickit wit sum cool ass ppl. i cant stand when ppl are fake as hell and make shit up just to have sumthin to say. if u cant find anyting to talk bout. shut ur fuckin mouth and listen. im very outspoken and i cuss like no other but thats just me. im lookin for sum down ass ppl who can always keep shit real no matter what, who like to party but also knows how to serious at times. i dont fuck wit immature ppl cuz i aint got the fuckin time deal wit drama or bullshit. so anyways there a whole lot more to me but u just have to hit me up and halla at me if u wanna know. peace out
I'm Thinking About Getting Off Cherrytap
I have decided that I will stay but I won't be on for a bit around the 26th of this month because that's when we are making the big move to Florida. I will be on here on and off until then. anyway take care everyone and have a great weekend. :D I have decided to stay on tap which is now fubar. I'm not going to be on much though because me and my baby are going through some rough times. Hopefully soon we will have it all took care of though. Love ya all. Hugs Trista The reason for my question is because I have not once rated anyone under a 10 and I have gave all my friends' stashes a thumbs up. I'm getting agravated and I can't help that because I am human. Any way from now on only people that I'm sure didn't give me anything but a 10 will get it in return.
How To Convert Blood
A simple method of converting blood from one group to another could spell the end of life-threatening shortages in hospitals. The discovery means muchneeded supplies of the O-negative blood type, which can be accepted by everyone, could be increased. Blood shortages, which can lead to longer hospital waiting times and even death, could be prevented by creating stockpiles of this type of blood. The breakthrough by an international team was unveiled by Prof Henrik Clausen, of Copenhagen university in Denmark. The team managed to remove the sugar molecules which attach themselves to red blood cells and make each group different from the others. Blood types A and B have different sugar molecules attached to them, which causes a reaction to the molecules they do not have, making A allergic to B and vice versa. Also, some blood has a protein which makes it rhesus positive. But all groups can receive blood from type O-negative, meaning it can be used if hospitals do not
Gnome Racism
An Aberdeen man who painted a gnome black and left it in the garden of a friend who has an African girlfriend has been fined. Alexander Smith, 37, left the ornament outside the home of Arthur Chalmers and his girlfriend, Foncha Ngwinjong, who is from Cameroon. He claimed he had done it as a joke, but it backfired when the couple took offence and called the police. Smith admitted acting in a racially aggravated manner. He was fined £200. Smith, of Aberdeen's Byron Crescent, appeared at the city's sheriff court, where he admitted behaviour which caused, or was intended to cause, Mr Chalmers and Ms Ngwinjong alarm and distress. An Aberdeen man who painted a gnome black and left it in the garden of a friend who has an African girlfriend has been fined. Alexander Smith, 37, left the ornament outside the home of Arthur Chalmers and his girlfriend, Foncha Ngwinjong, who is from Cameroon. He claimed he had done it as a joke, but it backfired when the couple took offence a
You are a vampire! You are suave and seductive. Eternal life is yours and you never tire of coming up with crazy ways of amusing yourself and others. Sometimes, however, your taste for blood comes in the way of friendships as you are constantly turning your friends into vampires. Take this quiz at Go to my profile down to the map and add your self... I really want everyone on there. Show the love and I'll return it. Much Luv Me I JOINED MY FIRST CONTEST AND NEED MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO CLICK THE LINK AND COMMENT IT MANY TIMES AND RATE IT... I WILL RETURN ALL LOVE SHOWN.. THANKS YOUR SEXYKAT.... COPY AND PASTE IT.
New Contest
Support a Combat Vetaran and vote for me in this contest! I will return the favor in any way possible thanks
My M3ss3d Up Lif3 Karma?
yet again what a wonderful day to wake up too .. today ruined again yih sittin here colorizing pictures cuz why i'm bored i'm feelin a bit blue today .. meh .. i kno stupid holiday shit ahh well ima head back to bed.. for a bit . since i have to swing myself around for nights on monday later all
This blog is exactly what it says Disney Wishes! Last September I applied to the Walt Disney College Intern Program, and up until now hadn't heard a word, acctually I had forgotten I even applied, but Friday I recieved a call from the program recruiting office stating that I had been selected to participate and that my entrance interview would be 4/3/07 at 9:30 a.m. ... This is such a foot in the door for me, not only will I be working at the greatest place in the world while I'm attending the internship program, but I will also be attending leadership, career growth, management, and personal growth classes with my professors being only the best, it will also give me the opportunity to network with the leaders of a fortune 500 company!!! Never in my life did I ever think I would have this kind of expierence open to me!!! I am soooooooo excited but terrified at the same time, so Im asking all of you all of my friends to do whatever you feel most comfortable doing, say a prayer, or find
Little Known Facts1. What inspires you: My family2. What is your middle name: Diane3. Favorite ice cream: Chocolate4. What do you hate about some people: When they lie or stab you in the back5. What is your favorite season: Summer6. Do you sing in the shower: sometimes7. What do you do when your bored: get on the internet8. Do you have any tatoos: one...heart with wings for my g-pa (RIP)9. How about piercings: ears10. Morning person or night life: Night life11. Shoe size: 7 1/212. What color is your bathroom: plywood...lol13. Favorite sandwich: idk14. Favorite thing to wear: anything cute15. Plain, salted, or buttered popcorn: salted and butteredMySpace Quizzes from Get this and more quizzes at!! Your Famous Movie Kiss is from The Princess Bride "This is true love - you think this happens every day?"
i'm sorry to all of those who will miss me if i go away.... i'm sorry to all of those who will never no me with out the pain...... i'm sorry to you julie for i have failed you as a man.... for all i've done..... i'm sorry.....
I Loved You Enough
I exist now dreaming in reality, shades of deep reds and grays, Evolving at the speed of light. As my eyes see all, I bring my fingers to my lips and time stops. I taste you. I ponder you and wallow in the memory of your scent and way. How you called me baby. The way you made me laugh. The way you touched my heart and made me believe. Unable to stop, it seems too wonderful, but in the end there is not much but pain. I allow this for some time, then I awake and know that I am alive and the possibilities are endless. Wanting you to taste my soul and undeniably know that I am the one and we are one to conquer happiness together, unimaginably, the way you knew that we could and will if you say one word, Yes! Your fear. Your ego. Your pride. They protect and also hurt you, keeping you from what is rightfully yours. Love. If I had your heart again? Oh, the way I would touch it, nurture it and protect it My most sacred gift God wants what I want, He
New Week
Can I have some more? I work in a restaurant, in case you didn't read earlier. I am a generally happy person, and get along with almost everyone, I have done jobs like this for 24 years and love it. I have been at this place for almost 4 years and make fat money and have a good time. Well anyway today, I was told by a friend that questions were being asked discretely about my behavior. Seems that since I have been seen singing and dancin, while I'm at work then I'm on drugs. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Part of my bad day last Friday came from talking to my manager. Some of her comments didn't make sence to me. Now they do. I have always been a positive person, but knew I lost it for awhile. Kinda funny(sad)to have believed you were happy that when you finally come up, you're just where you started from. Here's to high on life!!
lyrics - Rascal Flatts Lyrics
Life Happened
Love and life and things no matter what it brings it takes no time at all sometimes to make up these little rhymes Things I'd like to do and things I intend to things I'll one day get around to do and things I'll one day actually do Dreams I have of a better day of things to do and things to say but life gets in the way and life happened and maybe now I never will get to do the things I planned to do will I?
Cup Of Joe Contest
I am starting a "Adopt a Soldier, Sailor or Marine" Fan club. Military and those that want to Adopt send me a message and I will (RIP) your photos to my gallery. Adopt and rate as many as you can. "Support the Troops" This is a Military Fan Club!!!!!! Hey there, To all my friends... I am in my First contest and could use your help.. Please Comment Bomb the link below.. Every little help you can give is Greatly Appreciated. Thanks for being a true friend, Robert
My Family - Past & Present
Lets see, where do I begin?! Through Mike (MJBlette - see previous blog), I met his best friend Deb a.k.a. D.A.M.. As I went to Mike's page daily, I started reading the comments that Deb left on his page and on his pics and just knew she was someone I wanted to say hi to but waited until she was in a contest. Mike asked for my support in helping her in the contest (I think it was a Hot Mom but could have been Hot Bod contest...hehe) and I gladly went over and helped. As Mike & her were comment bombing back and forth, I got in on the conversation. Deb wasn't sure I knew how to take her & Mike's comments since some of them were really raunchy. lol But her personality is a lot like mine and we both have a great sense of humor so I knew they didn't mean anything bad by their comments. Needless to say, in a short period of time, Debbie & I started talking with one another and became friends. Then a few months ago, Mike decided to have a 3 way call so that Debbie & I could talk on the p
Kids Stories
You gotta love kid's stories. A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. "Human beings are the only animals that stutter", she says. A little girl raises her hand. "I had a kitty-cat who stuttered", she volunteered. The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked the girl to describe the incident. "Well", she began, "I was in the back yard with my kitty and the rottweiler who lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard!." "That must've been scary", said the teacher. "It sure was", said the little girl. "My kitty went 'Fffff, Fffff, Fffff'... And before he could say "FUCK!" the rottweiler ate him!" . Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they aren't looking. 2. Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals. 3. Put a bra and tampons in a guys shopping cart. Put a pair of tiny thongs in a big woman's bug
One For The Guys!
1. Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2. It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse.> (c) After wrecking your boss's car. (d) When she is using her teeth. 3. Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4. Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5. If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6. Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7. No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birthday is strictly optional. At that point, you must celebrate at a strip bar of the birthday boy's choi
Death's Masquerade.
in death's masquerade. lord death he knows no pain. a bloody obsession. with a love he'll never gain. death dreams. his oblivion in sleep. death wakes. this loveless soul he keeps. he watches over mortal souls. he envies their love and hurt. for all eternity he will be... just a lonely spirit. he watches a mortal. with beautiful perception. and in a fortnight. gained a malaised affliction. apathetic death was now overun. by a feeling he was never to feel. death was created for balance. never to be real. and death wept. for the pain was unbound. for they could never be. in sorrow death drowned.
2007-04-10 13:11:39 Send this to all ur sexii friends. Including person who sent it to u ....?SeXy?..?SeXy? ...?SeXy?...?SeXy? .?SeXy?.......?SeXy? ...?SeXy.?.....?SeXy? ......?SeXy? ...........?SeXy? ?SeXy?......?SeXy? .?SeXy?.......?SeXy? ...?SeXy?...?SeXy? .........?SeXy? ?SeXy??SeXy??SeXy? ?SeXy??SeXy??SeXy? ?SeXy? ?SeXy? ?SeXy??SeXy? ?SeXy??SeXy? ?SeXy? ?SeXy? ?SeXy??SeXy??SeXy? ?SeXy??SeXy??SeXy? ?SeXy?.......?SeXy? .?SeXy?.....?SeXy? ..?SeXy?...?SeXy? ...?SeXy?.?SeXy? ....?SeXy??SeXy? ....?SeXy??SeXy? ...?SeXy?.?SeXy? ..?SeXy?...?SeXy? .?SeXy?.....?SeXy? ?SeXy?.......?SeXy? ?SeXy?......?SeXy? ?SeXy?......?SeXy? ?SeXy?.....?SeXy? .?SeXy?...?SeXy? ..S?eXy?.?SeXy? ...?SeXy?SeXy?? .......?SeXy? ......?SeXy? ......?SeXy? IF YOU GET THIS BACK: 1 UR NOT THAT SEXY 2-3 UR SO SEXY 4-6 OMG TOTAL SEXY BABE 7-10 UR SO SEXY ITS UNBELIEVEABLE I just want to send a thank you to all my new friends at Cherry Tap. There is so many in su
My Friend Ia Having A Blast Contest
SEXYEST TAT OR PIERCING CONTEST Pic must be SFW but does not have to show your face if not possible. This contest is based on comments only. Comment bombing is allowed and you can bomb your own pic. Contest will start as soon as she gets enough ppl to enter 1st Place- 1 Week Blast 2nd Place- 3 Day Blast 3rd Place- 1 Day Blast Everyone who wants to enter please PM me the pic you would like to use and I will rip it. Sorry I cannot pick it for you. Please spread the word, would like to get lots of entries! Good Luck to all! she will let everyone know 24 hours in advance before contest starts here is the link to here sight you dont half to be in here friends list to jion the contest Rita Brat Portuguese Princess, Read My Blog About My All Blast Giveaway, Enter My Contest Now!@ CherryTAP
Poetic Ramblings
You truly are an incredible gift to me. Sent exactly when I needed you, filling a void like no one else in the world could fill. You brought back a certain joy to my life that I really had let slip by the wayside. You dried up tears even when you couldn't reach out and wipe them away, and you turned frowns back into smiles without even having to touch my lips. You touched me before you met me, before you really knew me. That touch burns an eternal flame of friendship and love, a shared affection and compassion. If the unthinkable were to happen and your beautiful light was gone from this world, I could go on knowing that what we share is real and that everything you have given me will last. I will never doubt you, my dear friend, and I will never leave you to walk the roads alone. Reach out your hand and you will find me there, our souls together on that dusty road. Kristen Anderson 6/18/2007 Masterpiece (January 2001) If while I sleep you could see My thoughts tucked away nice
Pool Party
A rich man is throwing a party and invites everyone out by the pool. He announces, "I have a challenge, The first person to make it across this pool will have access to everything i own for 2 years. Everyone rushes toward the pool when the man yells out,"Wait! Be warned that this pool has been filled with piranha, alligators and other dangerous animals. As everyone starts backing away from the pool the man asks "any takers?". Suddenly there's a yell and a splash and everyone turns toward the brotha racing across the pool. As he climbs up the other side the rich man grabs him yelling "oh my god you did it!!!! Everything i have is yours. My house, my money, My cars.!" The brotha, Panting heavily says, " Man I don't want any off that shit!!! I want the motherfucker that pushed me in that pool!!!! A rich man is throwing a party and invites everyone out by the pool. He announces, "I have a challenge, The first person to make it across this pool will have access to everything i own for 2 yea
Do What You Can! Please
In fitful amnestic slumber consciousness infiltrates. Halogen beams pierce new vision hearkened into the world. Icy cold grips causing howls of resentment. Anguish of peace lost never to be gained. Shunned from acceptance, apathy clenches the soul. To be forgotten by time with crimson ichor, streaming from azure orbs. Never submitting to conformity of mass, walking the brambled path never to be wanted. Mocking laughter peals through the acrid and stunted mindscape. Flashes of fury split the sky, with a torrent of loss pouring from the war torn horizon. Salvation at the end of leather, cowardice trickles down the spine, the love that was never missing warming the night. Drifting in the sea of bones mulling towards the end. Soul of the heart sundered by the superficial trappings of the damned. Again alone, angst and depression huddling together seeking death that will not come. Doomed to be forever alone? Time stands still.
Watch Your
In a brief conversation, a man asked a woman he was pursuing the question "What kind of man are you looking for?" She sat quietly for a moment before looking him in the eye and asking, "Do you really want to know?" Reluctantly, he said, "Yes." She began to expound... "As a woman in this day and age, I am in a position to ask a man what he can do for me that I can't do for myself. I pay my own bills. I take care of my household without the help of any man...or woman for that matter. I am in the position to ask, "What can you bring to the table?" The man looked at her. Clearly he thought that she was referring to money. She quickly corrected his thought and stated, "I am not referring to money, I need something more. I need a man who is striving for perfection in every aspect of life. "He sat back in his chair, folded his arms, and asked her to explain. She said, "I am looking for someone who is striving for perfection mentally because I need conversation and mental s
alrighty guys, feelin a lil friend is going through some tough times and her mom is a heavy drinker, to the point where she needs counseling, and detox and all that other stuff...but scares me and makes me sad...just thought i woudl share seeming as i dont have anyone to talk to right now...cya later...
The old saying goes "It's better to have loved and lost...than never to have loved at all," but I can't help but wonder if this is the right philosophy to live by. When you allow someone into your heart, you're trusting them with something so fragile. I don't think there are too many other feelings that can compare to that of a broken heart. The moment you give someone that "key" you become vulnerable, and you run the risk of having your heart shattered. Is it really worth it?? Building a wall around your heart can protect you from emotional hurt, but on the other hand I guess it can be harmful to close that door. Completely shutting oneself off from strong emotional connections may end up hurting more in the long run. I wish I had the answers when it comes to affairs of the heart, but I find myself feeling constantly conflicted about what to do. There's a part of me that has been hurt so many times...I am scared to let it happen again. How many tears do I have to shed before I
Don't Read If You Expect Something Deep.
Don't Read If You Expect Something Deep.
Two Truths And One Lie...
if you want to be added to my family then contact me and let me know why you think i should add you to my family list... Two Truths & a Lie? Ok Guy's and Gal's don't be shy nor bashfull..once ur on this page you have to ask the 3 questions... Here's the deal: I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Really. I'll answer anything. I may opt to e-mail answers to particularly sensitive questions, however. Then I want you to go to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything. Here's the twist: Of the three questions you ask, I will answer two of them absolutely truthfully. As for the other question -- I'll lie like a goat. (Well, not a truthful goat, obviously. The untrustworthy type of goat.) I will not reveal which two answers are truthful and which one is the lie lets say (theoretically) your dating someone, and you think that they are slowly falling out of
Riding Slut
Handsome and strong Safe and warm Loved and needed Handsome to make me want Handsome to make me need Handsome to make me drool Handsome to make me a fool Strong arms to hold out the rain Strong hands to ease my pain Strong heart to love me when I'm bad Strong mind to keep me from being sad Safe in his world Safe in his love Safe in his family Safe is what he makes me feel Warm in his embrace Warm in his love Warm in his eyes Warm in his laugh Loved by his words Loved by his actions Loved by him Loved because of him Needed in every touch Needed in every kiss Needed in every day Needed by me I miss you today You haunted my dreams again I cant find my way home Why wont you save me show me the light keep me safe and warm Have you ever had someone special in your life who you cared so deeply for yet couldnt have them,be it they had someone else or where so far away. That someone who is always a friend...endlessly..always there for you..
New To This Site..but Luv It
remember what it was like to be new and start to know people!!! thats where im to get to know you drop me a line or two thanks
A Happy Place
you must answer all these questions and send them back to me and please dont not hold back be complety honest... Y= Yes, N = No, M= Maybe. Fill this in for me and/or repost for others to answer for you. Would/will you? [_] come to my house to do nothing at all but chill? [_] fight me? [_] fuck me? [_] kiss me? [_] let me kiss you? [_] watch a movie with me? [_] let me take you to dinner? [_] let me drive you somewhere? [_] take a shower with me? [_] drink with me? [_] take me home for the night? [_] let me sleep in your bed? [_] Sing car karaoke w/ me? [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [_] hold my hand? [_] let me make you breakfast? [_] help me with homework? [_] tickle me? [_] let me tickle you? [_] instant message me? [_] greet me in public? [_] hang out with me? [_] bring me around your friends? [_] be down with me no matter what? [_] go to prom with me?
Diet & Exersize & Measurements Log
Urges and Cravings was the Topic Weigh in 260 SW 266.6 for a Loss of 6.6 in 5 weeks (with an initial gain of 4.4 so really a total loss of 11) WOOOOHOOOOO Got my 5lbs star lastnight Make Your Own Glitter Graphics well I went to My first weightwatchers meeting. My weigh in was 266.8 lbs Initial goal is 10% thats a 27 lbs loss to reach 240 lbs Once I reach this goal I will get a reward of a keychain for every 5 lbs lost you get a star or reward sticker to mark off your progress. Next Monday at 6pm is my next meeting i need to take with me :::::::: Notebook and pen $12 for meeting fee $25 for starter kit $30 for water cup, snacks or shakes or one of each total $ to take 70ish i am also starting that monday going to start a walking goal up my steps by 100 steps/day WELL there ya have it
6 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do!
Read More About: Cell Phones (827) Six Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do Here are useful tips and tricks that you can teach even an old cell phone to do. Cyrus Farivar, PC World Monday, February 05, 2007 01:00 AM PST Right before your eyes, your cell phone has morphed into a portable computer. Whether you're searching Google via text messages, using Short Message Service (SMS) to make international calls, or e-mailing a voice message, these tips will help jump-start your cell phone's inner PC--and make your life easier to boot. Text Your Google Search For the price of sending a text message, you can unleash the power of Google without having to open a Web browser. Just text GOOGL (46645) to get access to much of the search giant's most useful information, including addresses and phone numbers, word definitions, numeric and other conversions, weather, and even sports scores. For example, if you want to look up the phone number of a pizza joint to place a
Dr Phil
OMG You go Dr Phil I love this man hes one of the greatest men alive *mauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* he tell these fuck heads whats really up and I love him for it hes greattttttttttttttt
A Lunatic's Ramblings
So after a little over a week, that emotion of bitterness finally set in and I really don't like it. Hopefully this will be a short lived phase. I know I have to go through these things and that I have to face these feelings, but I really wish I could just be numb. I long for numbness! I got to talking with a co-worker today about holidays and I nearly broke down in tears. Thankfully, I waited until I was in my car on my way home. I've gotten really good at the art of criving *driving+crying*. You know, in the past 6 years, I've spent maybe 2 holidays with my own family. Every other holiday I was either working, or I made it a point to be with my significant other's family. I was committed for life, so it was an okay sacrifice I thought. I realized today how much it really hurts to know that I made that sacrifice and it wasn't even acknowledged as such and that maybe I made it for nothing. Nothing? Really? I hurt my family and distanced myself from my neices and nephews because I wa
1. PICK OUT A SCAR YOU HAVE, AND EXPLAIN HOW YOU GOT IT. I have a half moon looking scar on my right elbow from being thrown into a pool & holding on to the guy...I should've just let go. It would've hurt less! 2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? Paint & a calander...I would love to put up some pictures though. 3. WHAT DOES YOUR MOBILE PHONE LOOK LIKE? dark grey, with a picture of my son on the front screen. 4. WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? Rock, 80's, metal, punk, ska, country, blues, r&b, & whatever else I feel like listening to. 5. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT DESKTOP PICTURE? The ocean with a bunch of seals laying on the rocks. 6. WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW? to be happy 8. WHAT TIME WERE YOU BORN? 1:15am 10. WHAT ENDED YOUR LAST RELATIONSHIP? my ex, he wasn't ready to settle down & raise our son. 11. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK? after watching horror films, yes, I'm a 12. THE LAST PERSON TO MAKE YOU CRY? my h
Hotel Room Part 1 And 2
I received an e-mail from you, it read a key will be waiting for you at the front desk. Be there promptly at 4pm. Do not respond to this note! Remember 3 things. do as you are told. your code words. and that you are mine reading those last words.. made me wet... I deleted the note grabbed my overnight bag.. and left. the road through Knoxville, Chattanooga... and finally to Atlanta.. was all a blur... i remember stopping for gas...but my mind was on the night ahead not the road..or... traffic. 3:50pm I found the hotel... there is a parking place right in front, a tighter fit than i would normally take, but,. maybe its an omen... this is fortunate, because i have to pee in the worst way. i grabbed my bag and headed for the reception desk. the man at the desk asks me my name. i give both yours and mine. he winks as he handed me an envelope. room 452 just a key and room number... i half expected a note... shrugging it off.. and suddenly re
Cell Phone Cherrytap!
I used to have a Motorola Razor that couldn't even begin to Open up Myspace or Cherrytap from the web browser. Now, I have a Samsung sgh-a707. It's web browser could start to open both sites but could not finish opening them, instead saying the pages were too big. And logging into one of my accounts, wasn't going to happen!After doing some research, i came accross another browser that I could download, the Opera Mini Browser. If you open up your phone and select go to URL type in and you can download the browser for free! Unlike the traditional browser, this one resizes everything on a local server before it is ever sent to your phone. Thus, the pages are smaller and more manageable for your cell phones. Granted Cherrytap is a flash heavy website, that aspect of it does not work on your cell, but you can read messages, post comments, view comments, read alerts, and to a limited degree rate photos.If you find yourself like me and often in a work environment t
Umm.....a Poem By Me-sad, But It Is
as the sun shines upon your face i feel my heart begin to race you touch my skin, tears start to flow i know deep inside you are destined to go i rage to the heavens 'why offer this gift? if only to snatch it away oh so swift?' my heart lies in pieces my soul burning low, my sunshine has faded, my moon lost it's glow a heart cannot fly if it's wings have been broken this heart, it will die from words left unspoken i hide from the light the shadows i'll claim until a new love comes to call my hearts name to mend this torn soul it will only take time until i can find the love that is mine that day will come the shadows all flee when the soul of a new love will call out to me i will wait for that day and trust it will be my heart will be whole again happy and free....
Pantheon I
PANTHEON I`s second album, "The Wanderer an His Shadow", out now through Candlelight Records!
Rubias In Sexxii Ct
to all my ppl on ct with much love MyHotComments I'm in the Sexiest Lady Of Cherrytap Ccontest Winner Will Be By Rates and Comments. Show your love and help me out. (repost of original by 'Her Papi RH (rate, fan, then add me)' on '2007-04-02 16:39:12' click here thank you all i will return the favor hey all my sexxii ppl , well im in a give away,can you come a help me out this would be my first blast its for 3 day wowohoo plz click here thank you love rubia

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