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The Rampant Thoughts In My Head !!
Why is it after 5 yrs you would even attempt to see something you ran away from before she was even born ? I just cant fathom the thoughts the made this man come to this conclusion that he should reappear from his friendly neighborhood gutter and try popping back in to my life or hers. What thought would make someone think its ok to run away for well over 6 yrs and come back like nothing is wrong?? Want to see her vist her or get custody. Seriously outta ya mind is what id tell you cause its never gonna happen. Ruining my life is one thing but shes innocent id rather see your dead lifeless body in a gutter then anywhere near my child. My child not yours i gave birth to her and have raised her for almost 6 yrs without your broke ass helping me out once. GAH why turn our world upside down all of a sudden ?? it just doesnt make sense to me at all. .......... ok so that all there
Ct Wedding!
My Misfit
To my wonderfully sweet Shaun... Custom Comments and More @ † Dark Angel Designz † Custom Comments and More @ † Dark Angel Designz † Custom Comments and More @ † Dark Angel Designz † Custom Comments and More @ † Dark Angel Designz † Now everyone go show my man some fubar love for his special weekend! Chop, chop!! Misfit73@ fubar Doooooo it now! Lots of love, Sin ..even while he is away, no other man will ever have this dark heart. It is forever Shaun's. I have begun to open my eyes to a world that I shut out for so long. Feelings that I've never experienced before seep from my soul and long for only his caress. Until he returns, my heart will be yearning for the only thing that makes it whole. I love you Shaun. XOXOXOX Simone
Calissta's Cauldron
Sicilian Streghe & Strega For those of you who wish to learn about La Vecchia Religione (The Old Religion), you are in the right place. Strega literally means witch in Italian, and is the practice of pagan rituals such as the occult and Wicca, better known as witchcraft. Strega is a female witch, Stregone is a male witch, collectively, they would be referred to as Streghe or Stregheria. The are not to be mistaken with the cult such as satanism or anything remotely related. It does however, have the belief of ancient gods and goddesses. Long before Christianity was made legal and dominated all of Italy and the world, Pre-Etruscan Italians had mysterious and magic practices and teachings which were further developed and refined by the Etruscans around 1000BC. The rise of the Roman Empire as well as other factors began to influence Italian religion. While all pagan religions were soon stomped out by the rise of Christianity, one of the most common remnants of this s
Wtf Kinda Song Is This Lmfao
It would seem that work needs me to travel once more so off to the US I am to travel. Was in Atlanta last time but this time it would seem they want me on the West Coast. So south of LA to Orange County. Not sure when yet but I think this will be more of a set of photo opportunities Here I am again, this time on the West Coast. Am here in LA until August and working away. Was taken to my first baseball game tonight and saw the Dodgers beat the Braves. Kind of ironic seeing as the two places I have been to most in the US has been LA and Atlanta. As many of you may have seen, my online presence is becoming limited these days. Rest assured I have not forgotten Fubar but am just very busy and travelling. I will be back again soon Storm
Help Them Level Up
Summer Weather
I'm Not Sure
In brockton mass the other day their was a gang shoot out. 2 children died a 6 year old girl and a 10 year old boy i believe, my friend carl is putting together a peace rally to be part of the solution. If anyone in the area wants togo pleace comment me back. I'm not really sure what to say here??? What can I say I'm new to this hole thing. I hope everyone understands that blogging and talking to new people online is hard, not really uncompftorable (I can't spell) but I like to talk to people. I never just go up to new people and talk in real life and to me the internet isn't that much different for me. I was thinking, since I love bad jokes so much. I want Everyone to read this to leave their best worst joke. It can be from 'wow is that a joke?' to 'oh my god that is vile' kind of joke. Since I'm starting this I'm just gonna drop anouther version of the aristocrats
Miscarriage Of Justice
Do you remember February 1993 when a young boy of 3 was taken from a Liverpool shopping centre by two 10-year-old boys? Jamie Bulger walked away from his mo ther for only a second, Jon Venables took his hand and led him out of the mall with his friend Rob ert Thompson. They took Jamie on a walk for over 2 and a half miles, along the way stopping every now and again to torture the poor little boy who was crying constantly for his mummy. Finally they stopped at a railway track where they brutally kicked him, threw stones at him, rubbed paint in his eyes, pushed batteries up his anus and cut his fingers off with scissors. Other mutilations were inflicted but not reported in the press. What these two boys did was so horrendous that Jamie 's mo ther was forbidden to identify his body. They then left his beaten small body on railway tracks so a train could run him over to hide the mess they had created. These two boys, even being boys, understood what they did was w
My "short List"
But now are no longer, due to recent events, I went a lil crazy and took a few people off my family list. The people I had on my family list were people who were able to see my nsfw pix. They are no longer up. And for that reason I took the ones on my short list that I had met here on CT off. The people that remain are people I know in person or have talked to for years. I think I will re-add a few others on there, perhaps we will see.
i have a wouderful family my two kids are the best they are just the greatest thing n my life and then my husband he is awsome the love of my life he is a great friend and lover and a awsome daddy we have been together for many years together we grew up together and then married when we got older and i think we have loved eachother since we were young we have a great family life and nothin or no one will ever break our change of love
Summermoon226's Blog
My XanGo Story: Well my XanGo story started in June of 2006. My daughter came toMichigan from her home in Ohio. It was my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better gift, then to see my daughter on my birthday. To my surprise as we sat at the kitchen table, she said to me. "Mom let me show you what I have been up to." She pulled out a brochure and some other pages of information about Mangosteen. As she handed me the brochure she asked if I have ever heard of the mangosteen fruit. I said mango what? She said a fruit called mangosteen. She proceeded to tell me where the fruit comes from and how long it takes for the fruit to ripen. I opened the brochure and saw anti-aging. Humm I thought .. I don't know not one person who is a baby boomer who hasn't wanted to stop that clock from ticking. I continued to read more. Hypertension – helps to lower blood pressure. I thought wow I could use that. Ever since I had my surgery my blood pressure has been fluctuating between 140/80 to
I Met An Angle
Bluerose is and touch from God Hey all you C T Cherries ,Stop by and rate fan and add Bluerose she is gif from God.
I Need...
Quiet Desperation
For Those Not Coming Home
LOST Sometimes I cannot help but to remember what I ‘ve lost. There is no music playing as I examine the cost. So many things await me. Sins I will one day answer for. My soul is mostly black & yet I sold it like a whore. I did not do it because I was in a dire need. I walk my own path . In the End it’s me who will bleed. I have so many choices; Y et my hands seem bound. Somewhere on this road I’ve become lost. I need to be found. My choices seem reckless. Bordering [to you ] almost insane. I died a long time ago, darlin’ . You see the shell that remains. Like a lost treasure I am hard to find…So true. I walk through Hell in my travels. All ask is……Will you? Listen Can You Hear The Angels Laugh? For as long as I can remember; we've played our little game. I'd struggle for happiness and He'd take it away. I could be bitter as I pick myself up after each fall. Yet He does it to make the angels laugh. He's God after all. No matter how low I fall or down I may
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in the body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
My Tarot Card
You are The Wheel of Fortune Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
If I Dont Know You...
Making Love
My New Site....
Britney Aka Casada Mmm
To All My Friends
hey everyone! i know, i know....haven't been on in a long ass time! but computer crashed and it took awhile to get a new one. alot has happened. I'm a grandma two times over now! i adore my lil men! grant and his wife have 2 sons, shawn and alex. shawn is 16 mo. and alex is 4 days old! Shareena graduated high school, and is getting ready to go to college. dahlia made the cheerleading squad for her 8th grade year. they are keeping me busy as hell! hope to hear from you all soon. much love and bright blessings
i made a mistake earlier today when i gave a rating to someone, i simply hit the wrong button and gave a 1 instead of a 10, i understand his emotions, i,ve lost 2 sons 1 very recently, still i harbor no ill feelings towards this man, other than he,s no smart enough to make any descions exept for retarded ones.
The Kitten Of Krush Radio
Tomorrow's they day!! Going to Miami so I'll see you honeys when I get back!! While I'm gone, go and rate Sue's profile!!! Tonight's the NIGHT on Krush Radio! The show by request...Songs To Strip By! Check it out if you want to...You know you do...Say you do;). The Girly Show from 7:00-9:00 p.m. CST. Live requests will be taken on YIM: thegirlydj So check it... Today, a bee stung me on the face...the cheek to be exact and I promptly reached up and swatted it's little ass. It landed on the ground and then I stepped on it and was stung again!! Damn, can't a bitch just be left alone on her front porch??????
You scored as WereWolf, WereWolf: Craving rare Meat, feeling caged, aggitated by being around people. Unable to control one's anger or temper. The person will give off symptoms of the shift. They will seem more hostile, blood thirsty, aggitated. They may even growl, bare their teeth or other animal like tendencies. In rare cases, some will physically change. Facial hair will grow thicker or darker, nails will become longer, canine's will seem longer. Embrace your wild side, for you are The Misunderstood WereWolf.WereWolf100% Demon92% Faerie75% Angel75% Mermaid50% Dragon25% What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
Im Doing Great
What Happened To The Simple Things?
My Love ( Written By A Long Time Ago)
When Life Gets Tough.....
When life gets tough, and it feels rough, days slowly pass, and your heart feels vast, broken and battered, wondering if you even mattered, wondering what next, and knowing your heart was shattered. they say time will tell, but its actually a living hell, trying to stay afloat, wishing she would come, and be your life boat, you slowly start to sink, you truely start to think, was life worth it, even a little bit, then you see a light, so heavenly bright, now you feel the emotion of delight, never to feel a touch, never to feel loved, only to find, you left all your loved ones behind. to worry and cry, as they say their last good bye.............
My Camera Phone Pics
Best Smart Ass Answers For 2006
SMART ASS ANSWER #6 It was mealtime during a flight on Hooters Airline. "Would you like dinner?" the flight attendant asked John, seated in front. "What are my choices?" John asked. "Yes or no," she replied. SMART ASS ANSWER #5 A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat, she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub." SMART ASS ANSWER #4 A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" The stock boy replied, "No ma'am, they're dead." SMART ASS ANSWER #3 The cop got out of his car and the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. "I've been waiting for you all day," the cop said. The kid replied, "Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could." When t
Cherry Love
Hope y'all have great weekends. XOXOXO
Godsmack !
No Linit Lounge
WHATS UP PPL COME THREW THE NO LIMIT LOUNGE ... and chill for a while the music is hot DJ's are spinning good music aswell ask them to spin my song called " LOVE ME NOW" bye mysterious aight hope to see you there soon
Who Is A Cry Baby Me Or Him??
Quickshot: and baby girl please stop fighting his battles for him, I NO HE IS A PUSSY AND YOU NEED TO DEFFFEND HIM BUT LET HIM SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE TO GET BEAT THE FUCK UP OK ->Quickshot: U NEED LEAVE HIM FUCK ALONE! U STILL START IT ON HIM IT EUFF IT Quickshot: look this is a done deal now I ask him to leave me the fuck alone or man up and settle this like men but no so now it is on that simple ok ->Quickshot: HEY THIS IS HIS GF.. PLS STOP BOTH OF U AND HIM PLS! Quickshot: ok i just got off the phone with one of my commanders inArlington Heights Army Heliport, Arlington Heights, IL, USA base and he is going to follow up on you so keep an eye out for a humvee to ram ur ass motherfucker Quickshot: u want to bet on that? ->Quickshot: YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME LOL Quickshot: yeah your cards, I have your pic, I no u r in shy town and u r not hard to find ok ->Quickshot: AND WHO TALKING 1 ST THAT IS YOU NOT ME ->Quickshot: THE CARD ?? Quickshot: look hommie u arestarting t
Happy Birthday Dad would have been 84 today ....I wish you were still here with us , we still miss you every single day and after 4 yrs , its supposed to get easier ( so i am told ) not true ...seems to get harder ...Just want to say Happy 84th Birthday to The Best Man and Father I have ever known ...or ever will be ...Thank you I feel lucky to have had you as a father , cause now I know what a REAL MAN is ...and you were by far the best I will ever know ... Wish you were here to wish this to you...miss you everyday ....R.I.P. W.H.Morrell....5-1-24--1-23-04...The best Dad ever...and yes the " Bar-B-Q King"... Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Happy ( would have been ) 63 yr anniversary mom and dad...
~the Krazy Poet~
How Sweet
6 signs you're falling 4 someone: 1 - as soon as you get online-who's name do you look at first 2 - when you hear your phone ringing-who do u hope is calling 3 - when a love song comes on the radio-whos face comes to your mind 4 - whos name makes your heart skip a beat every time u hear it 5 - who is it that you always find yourself thinking about-wondering if they're thinking about you 6 - the whole time you were reading this bulletin, there was only one person on your mind.....
Def Leppard
I believe, that theres something deep inside That shouldnt be from time to time. I sure found out, for love was such a crime. The more you care, the more you fall. No need to worry, no need to turn away cause it dont matter, anyway, baby Oooh, I miss you in a heartbeat. Oooh, I miss you right away. Oooh, I miss you in a heartbeat. It aint love, if it dont feel that way. Oh, no. When we touch, I just lose my self control, A sad sensation I cant hide. To love is easy, it aint easy to walk away. I keep the faith and theres a reason why. Yeah. Now, I aint big on promises, Ill be true to you. Ill do bout anything, yeah, For some one like, baby for you. (oooh) I miss you in a heartbeat. (oooh) Yeah, Id miss you right away. (oooh) Oh, miss you in a heartbeat. (I miss you in a heartbeat.) cause it aint love if it dont feel that way. Here I am, Im in the wrong bed again Its a game I just cant win There you are breathin soft on my skin, yeah Still you won
I am so happy!!! I was able to atlk to two of the greastest friends ever. I have not seen one of them in years and we found each other on line. I never expected to talk to her again. I love how things just happen. WE have been freinds since we were 6. Life just put time and distance between us all. No matter how much time we still have that connection of forever and trust.
Movin Again Lol
well to everyone as everyone who read my blog i was movin to harlan ky ,well i moved alright and it wasnt what i thougt it was gonna be i didnt like being away from my daughter tiffany so im movin back to yeah i kno i should have just stayed put.hell my x muxst be stalkin me or sumthin cauise i wouldnt tell him where i was movin nor what house and he knows where my place is in harlan and the color of my house and all.damn i wish he would leave me lone.he has my phone # die to talkin to his kids and thats all he needs to kno !!! wonder how long it be before he find my new place back in tn?well any way i hope to be back on my own pc soon so i dont haft to use a freinds pc to check my messages.miss ya all
Poetry By Wildman
With the problems that the world has now, with presidents who disavow any knowledge of the things they have done, please tell me why they even run for offices they can't even hold. For few are smart, and none are bold. Perhaps we should regain a king, or better yet a queen, in England they don't complain. Admidst the fog an all her rein, she sits there in diaphmorous clothes,calmly sniffing a bloody rose. While the world below her screams an shrieks, while sneaking for to take a look at riches that were once theirs, but now belong to her, our queen. I am sore afraid the time shall pass when all the fortunes we amass will meekly begiven unto her, the veritable end of the American Dream... Smoke filters through the tree tops, drifting slowly westward, toward an east bound train. Going no where, filled by those who know not where they are going, nor do they care. For life is meaningless, merely a prelude to death, a shame, a nightmare, that they can't wake from, but when we do w
Mandy And I
You know you're from the Okanagan if.... You can point to at least two ski resorts, even if you can't see through the cloud cover. You notice “the mountain's are out” when it's a nice day and you can see them. You don't put on your shorts until the temperature is a minimum of 25 degrees. You don't think its truly hot until its in the 40's. You think a nice summer day is between 30 and 35 degrees. You can't survive a summer without air conditioning and automated underground sprinklers. You don't consider fruit fresh unless you picked it 10 minutes ago. You have been to hundreds of wine tasting events. You have at least 2 fruit trees in your back yard. The population of your town triples in the summer. You know that Canada does in fact have a true desert. California reminds you of home. You know those big crazy beach parties you see on tv do exist. Wakefest anyone? You recognize the background shots in your favourite movies & TV shows. You ca
Baby Kaleb
EVERYONE IS ASKING HOW TO HELP SO HERES SOME INFO.. NO I AM NOT RELATED TO THIS POOR BABY BUT HE HAS TOUCHED MY HEART AS HE HAS TOUCHED MILLIONS. KEEP THE PRAYERS STRONG I WILL POST UPDATES AS I GET THEM FROM HIS MOM. U CAN ADD HER MYSPACE, BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT SHE HAS OVER 3000 PAGES OF PEOPLE TO ADD.. This is a real life tragedy about a family whose baby, at only 5 months old, was shaken and is in the hospital fighting for his life. Kaleb, the only son of Kristy and Josh has been in the ICU since May 9th. Please view the following link that questions the legitimacy of stories circulating on the internet. Kaleb experienced Shaken Baby Syndrome by the hand of a babysitter. (For a more detailed version of their story, please read "Kristy's Story" in the blog section.) For updates on Kaleb click here to subscribe to Kristys blog. This page is set up to help Kaleb and his family. Kristy and Josh spend mostly all of their
New Pics
hey everyone i have new pictures come check them out
Inside My Twisted Mind.
Ya Ok...
Ok well i haven't done a blog on here... and well i don't know why... or why not... so here are a few thoughts from my unique mind... Why do they only call it PB&J's??? I mean you can put other things besides JELLY on a peanut butter sandwhich! Like strawberry jam, butter, oh hell JUST PEANUT BUTTER!!! Ok that is a thought i would jus share with everyone lmao Don't ask me why... or nething like that.. it's jus a thought!
What I Want Added Daily
: I wanna wake up in the arms of someone who belives in a love that never ends that is cerished everyday w walks under neath the stars who strives not only for them to get better but me as well someone who pushes me to my all who takes the time to text and say the miss me I wanna fall into a marketing job and work behind the scenes be able to take a road trip in the middle of the nite where the time of the day is not a essence or even a concern I wanna be married and have a walk to remeber type love I wanna feel a person's heart beat and listen to it... I long for the type of love that is true to everything that is me and not some sugar coat relationship.. I wanna be greeted when I walk into a club and be that person that people wanna be
Teh Bloggs
My Life Sucks
I have really fucked things up between a great person and myself. I really want to say i am very sorry. I hope someday this guy can forgive me.
Is Justice Being Done?
At a wild New Year's Eve over two years ago Genarlow Wilson and a group of friends had the kind of bash no parent would want their teenager to attend. Crime scene investigators combing the Days Inn room in the small town of Douglasville, Ga., found evidence of drinking, as well as condoms and wrappers littered all over. Plus, there was a video camera. Genarlow Wilson a Georgia teen academic and athletic star had participated in sex acts that lead to a prison sentence of 10 years on charges of child molestation, in a case that had state legislators reworking the strict law that put him behind bars. Genarlow Wilson and his friends checked into the Days Inn right off Interstate 20. At some point in the night, according to court documents and evidence presented at trial, some girls came over to party with them. Bourbon and marijuana were consumed. One of the young men turned on a video camera. Other portions of the tape show a second girl, who was 15 and later said she did not drink th
Brenda's Thoughts
Is anyone else having trouble with their shoutbox? My neighbor has 3 small children and a new baby. At christmas I got them a video and popcorn, the children were so happy they just hugged me. A few days later they brought me a thank you picture and cookies. Just a few minutes ago hear a knock at the door and the 2 older children were at my door. They said their mom went outside and didn't come back so I went to look and she wasn't out there. I came back up and went into there apartment the mom and sister had been out on the deck and the kids didn't know. What makes me feel good is that those kids trusted me enough to come to me for help. My mother passed away Friday night. She went peacefully and is no longer suffering. Thanks to all that have been very supportive through this time.
I have found the greatest man in the world well besides my dad.......... i couldn't ask for nothing else aslong as i got terry Courtesy of
For My Friends
This week has been a crazy week here for us. Just wanted to keep my friends in the loop who actually read my bulletins. Monday we went to USC for lil man's root canal. Yea it sucked, it was a LONG day. The proceedure isn't like a normal one since his tooth is so new. They weren't able to finish it in the 2 1/2 hours they worked so we have to go back in july to finish. Tuesday was his talent show and he played his baratone. He did really well and made us all proud. The teacher in charge of it was even saying how hard he had worked and how well he did. Wed was more of an on the go day!!! we had to go shopping and get ready for the next day since the next day was.......... Thursday was GRADUATION!!! He promoted out of grammer school!!! I'm soooooo happy to finally get him out of there. After that we went to lunch and then to disneyland for the day and nite. WOW were we beat!!! Friday we are going to go to the movies this afternoon..... Pretty much on the go all week and
So Sorry Loves!
...who is trying to shout at me today...but my shout box wasn't showing me a damn thing. I can hear the alert noise going off over and over, but no shouts are showing up. Very frustrating when you can't reply to someone. I'm not ignoring whoever it is! Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am so sorry I haven't been online much! I have been so busy on my end and just haven't been able to catch much internet time. I love all of my fiends and I do hope none of you give up one me! I promise I'll be back full force soon! *hugs* Hello all! I'm so sorry I haven't been on in a while! This season has just been beyond hectic. Ack! I spent the last couple of weeks working on an art piece for a surprise Christmas gift for my hubby. I had to work on the when he wasn't around, so I used my normal online time. Well worth it as he loved it! Go me! Then was also trying to get the shopping done and attending various family holiday get togethers tha
Hello, Let Me Introduce Myself
Heres the lyrics to Billie Myers song Kiss The Rain. Hello Can you hear me? Am I gettin' through to you? Hello Is it late there? There's a laughter on the line Are you sure you're there alone? Cause I'm Tryin' to explain Somethin's wrong Ya just don't sound the same Why don't you Why don't you Go outside Go outside Kiss the rain Whenever you need me Kiss the rain Whenever I'm gone, too long. If your lips Feel lonely and thirsty Kiss the rain And wait for the dawn. Keep in mind We're under the same sky And the nights As empty for me, as for you If ya feel You can't wait till morinin' Kiss the rain Kiss the rain Kiss the rain Hello Do you miss me? I hear you say you do But not the way I'm missin' you What's new? How's the weather? Is it stormy where you are? Cause you sound so close but it feels like you're so far Oh would it mean anything If you knew What I'm left imagining In my mind In my mind
Naughty One
He was not your average man, a CEO of a fortune 500 company by the age of thirty. This job was not fed to him by a silver spoon either, and he had to claw his way of from the ground floor. Most of his days were spent in stock meetings, enduring the ass kissing rat race, and the never ending babble of the “YES” men and women. People always wanted to be near him, talking to him, getting approval. They might as well get on their knees and lick the soles of his shoes they groveled so much. When he entered a room, a hush was all that was heard, no one dare spoke unless spoken too. His wrath was swift with the ones who dared to disobey him. He loved his job, was married to it in a sense, but he needed something more. While sitting at his desk one day, in his huge corner office, he noticed a card neatly tucked amongst the paperwork. Strange, he did not put this there and no one was ever in his office, not even his secretary. No name or number just an address, a place very far removed from
Banned Is A Loser
Come On You Know You Want To
Rip Nana Marcik 6/13/07
GOOD-BYE Nana By: Jenifer Good-bye nana I know I might not see you again I know you are going to a better place Wish you wouldn't go so soon But God will take you when he wants to I don't want you to go But I know your time is soon to come Wish it wasn't so soon But the time has come Don't want to say good-bye But I know I need to I want to say it But I can't get up the heart to say it I don't want you to leave me behind But I know you have to I want to go with you But I know I can't When my time comes I know you will be waiting for me So I must say Good-bye my sweet nana I will miss you
Of course I work 3rd shift(10pm-6am)!! Anyway, my night sucked last night in a major way! I don't understand why people who should know better have to give you an attitude and yell at you like you were the one doing wrong. I certainly don't take attitude and yelling from my teenage kids, so why would I take it from a co-worker under me. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I would be the supervisor of the 3rd shift, so this sort of makes me like management! I ended up sending the immature twit home and then felt like I had done something wrong all night, but thank God for other friends! This one guy tried in a major way to help me get the work done that i needed to get done and he tried his darnest to get me to laugh and smile! well, it worked- he had me laughing and smiling in a matter of minutes just from a few things he said if you get my drift and it even continued with a few text messages after I got home and thanked him for helping me out! This is my first blog here and I don't wa
Dads Death
Today my mom contacted me to tell me that not only had my dad (her ex husband) had died AND been buried. My aunt didn't even have the decency to tell me or my brother that my dad died until after the funeral. I'm not close to my dad. I haven't spoken to him in years out of my own personal choice for whats best for me. But to with hold that information from me is just beyond wrong. They didn't even spell my name right in the obituary AND they left out my dad's other daughter Bella. "Michael F. Purcell III HAMILTON - Michael F. (Mike) Purcell III, 48, passed away peacefully June 6 at St. Francis Medical Center, Trenton, surrounded by his loving family. Born in Philadelphia, PA, Mike was a Hamilton area resident for about 15 years. He loved fishing. Mike was son of the late Michael F. Purcell Jr. and Charlotte (June) Haigh Purcell. He is survived by one son, Michael F. Purcell IV and one daughter, Candice Marie Purcell both of Philadelphia, PA; one caring sister and brother-in-law, Cha
why does a woman say things they dont mean like ill call ya when im free when they and you know they arent gonna be free and when they say yea we can go out then something all of a sudden comes up...why why why
Nicest Smile Contest
The Three Little Pigs - Italian Style Once upon a time there were three little pigs. The straw pig, the stick pig and the brick pig. One day this nasty old wolf came up to the straw pig's house and said, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." And he did !!! So the straw pig went running over to the stick pig's house and said, "Please let me in, the wolf just blew down my house." So the stick Pig let the straw pig in. Just then the wolf showed up and said, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." And he did !!! So the straw pig and the stick pig went running over to the brick pig's house and said, "Let us in, let us in, the big bad wolf just blew our houses down!" So the brick pig let them in just as the wolf showed up The wolf said, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." The straw pig and the stick pig were so scared! But the brick pig picked up the phone and made a call. A few minutes passed and a big, black
Amber Nicole Sutton and Delta Dian Symmons Mother Lisa Current mood: cheerful Category: Friends Dear Amber Nicole Sutton and Delta Dian Simmons/Symmons. I am looking for Amber Nicole Sutton and Delta Dian Simmons/Symmons ?. Amber lives somewhere in Oklahoma according to family! Their mother was Lisa Legg (Maden Name-Unkle is Mike Legg) . Both are over 18 years old. I am Hulbe! I was told you are trying to contact me thru family but did not leave phone number! 479-637-4081 ask for Frank A. Hulbert Jr. There are 3 I was in ARMY, Fort Bliss, Tx, Air Defense, Love HULBE 479-637-4081 call in the morning! Frank A. Hulbert Jr P.O. Box 65 Parks, Arkansas 72950
Cherry Friends
Hello to all my fellow Cherry Tappers. I would like to make my first blog on here a big thank you to all my friends on here. I have met some really cool people on here.I hope to meet a lot more..So if your already a friend of mine thanks..And if your not well come by and say hi.Im always looking to make new friends.I will not deny anyone who asks...Pease, Love and Viva la Cherry Tap..Doc
To the man I love I wanna tell you this My love for you will stay true For as long as I live The stars can stop shining The sky can fall down The world can stop spinning But my love will still go ‘round Unless the devil comes to stop us Our love will always stay true Unless some evil force takes us apart I’m gonna keep on loving you I never asked for love so soon But then you came my way It didn’t matter how much I tried to deny it My love grew stronger every day As young as I may be You were there to catch my fall It's amazing how you’re always there for me Only you can understand it all I don’t care who’s against us This is just between you and me I don’t care who disapproves People should just let us be How could I live without you? How would I make it through? I think it’d be impossible How can I imagine a world without you? You can't help who you love You’re just not supposed to Although I didn’t think it’d
Hey everybody!!!! I'm so sorry that i haven't been on in a LONG LONG time!!!I really don't want to explain everything...lets just say that i had a really rough patch in my life.
Words Of A Night Angel...
so soft, so warm we snuggle while you hold me tight the beat of my heart, the warmth of my presence gives you peace through the night i am your comfort, i am your guardian i am the angel watching over you i am you big loveable teddybear that you always cling on to through the night times when you're all alone when there is no one around when your rainy days make you lonely when a bad day makes you frown hold me tight, hold me close and let me warm your heart tell me we'll be together tell me we'll never part i can be your lover, i can be your friend honest and loyal is all i am through tell me your feelings, or what's on your mind or show me what pleases you i'll do that and more without hesitation i'll satisfy your every needs for i am your teddybear and for you i aim to please so when you're alone or feeling down nowhhere to go or nothing to do in your room, and on your bed i'll be waiting for you Inside or out Tell me what you see Do you see
I Need A Blast
Stupid People
I am really sick of having to defend myself to women hating men on here .....if you are gonna give me attitude don't waste my time because i will tell you off!!!!
I Need Points
Miss Gail
Gail -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
I made my very 1st cheese cake...and its EDIBLE... YAY!!!! Trying to help my score, please rate, fan etc... ok .. so as of last night.. I am an ordained ULC minister.. the reason i did it i can perform weddings, commitment cerimonies... love confermations, etc etc...
Bubblez Place Is Poppin'
Well, yeah! I'm new at this Social thinger. So it's going to take some time for me to get use to it. This is a lot different than MySpace I'll tell ya. Bubbz
Wylie E. Coyote
I have heard countless coyotes howling in the distance, have seen them silhouetted against a moonlit sky and seen their tracks nearby in the morning. I have never had one raid my campsite. Until this past weekend. First, the setting. Padre Island National Seashore is 60 miles of protected beach area south of Corpus Christi. This isn't the South Padre you might know about. This is mile after mile of unimproved (no buildings, no shops, no cabins or homes, no roads ...) four-wheel drive only beach. You aren't even allowed to enter unless you have four wheel drive but that alone isn't always enough. Just ask a certain couple of good 'ol boys and their women-folk about how I happened upon them and rescued them in my wittle bitty Jeep. Anyway, this beach is for hardcore anglers, surfers and people like me. It is difficult to find places like this anymore. A place where you can literally disappear. Miles and miles without another human being in sight except whomever is in your party. No ce
Nicest Smile Contest
Fire My Words Get your own glitter and more at Get your own glitter and more at
Just Me
Men are only good for one thing and well if they are not good at it then they are good for nothing... There is not one thing that a man can give me that I can't give myself, well excluding a kid. Rodeo Sex is when you mount a girl from behind nice and slow, Then pull her hair and whisper "your friend was better!" and then try to hold on for 8 seconds. I thought about this for a long time, I don't really care if I am called a wife again or if I am called a college graduate. I have the most important title that I will ever be called MOM. Of all the things I have done wrong in my life, this is the one thing that I have done right. He is the first person I see in the morning and the last person I see before I go to bed. He is my life.
Some Cool Links For Ropework
I was looking through some stuff for a friend and I figured maybe some others needed these links as well. I wish I had these tutorials many years ago hehe This site is back up and is great for you couples to learn, lots of advice on d&S or S&M or just plain ropework stuff as well. The main site shibai stuff: and here is another useful site I left out this stuff here are some good books and this one too
Topsy Turvy
trust is very important to me. i trust everyone until they give me a reason not to. then those whom i do trust gain even more when they prove themselves worthy. and for the most part i give it out really easily. i am an easy person to get along with, unless you piss me off. so far here on ct that has yet to happen. there are at least 5 ppl on here i trust implicitly. i would do anything for these people. they are my friends and they have got to be the best people i know. they are really fun to talk to and really great friends. they let me vent and they dont judge me, at least to my face. but out of the blue i start to have feelings for a certain person. i dont know how to handle it. i know that it is a problem for me because i really enjoy talking to her. i dont want anything to get in the way of our friendship and i really admire her because she is a very strong person. anyways i hope that my friends are there for me like i would be there for them. i love you guys. we
I Am A Cherry Yay
Hey ppl im back from being not quite dead Im full time college now *sigh* been sick for 4 weeks straight. -_- Haveta leave my apartment in about 10 minutes or so, catching a bus @ round 7:10am so I can get to my college prep class/thing by 9am, yay 2 hours on busses and waiting at terminals......... on a lighter note, some dumbass parents are going to sue their daughters school cos she didn't make it onto the cheerleading squad........ and what I thought was the BEST THING EVER, was a mom and her little kid got kicked off of a plane cos the kid would not shut up YOU GO MS. FLIGHT ATTENDANT. Ok lets see How "cherry" am I *and in how many ways* 24yo *will be 25yo on July 27th* Still a virgin Never been kissed Never had a girlfriend Never been on a date Never seen a woman naked in person I guess that makes me.. 100% Cherrygin? or Viry Cherry? ROFL
A Look Into My Mind
All Alone in my Bed I admit I'm a shallow human-being I only answered your call, to see how far it could go every night I put on a smile, I changed inside yet, you knew me through all the plastic you knew I was afraid, of falling for you you knew I put on this show, to hide from anything true I pretend, and pretend I am someone else through all the fake smiles, and friends that have come and gone you stayed for awhile but not for long you showed me love, then you just left I was a feather in the breeze, caught in a whirlwind now I'm lost in my head lost in my dreams sitting in my room, writing my feelings I can't explain them, they just come I can't define in any world what you have done you look at me sometimes we both know the love we once shared is too much to ignore I have my friends, I have enough but all I really need is your sweet love I can't eat, I can
Instant Messenger
to all those on my friends list that want to add me to their yahoo. here is my address...red_dragon_of_dreams. if you do add me please leave a message in the friends request as to who you are. thank you.
Erotic Fantasy (nsfw)
He motioned her to give into the other woman now laying beside her. She put her hands on the woman's shoulder's and slowly ran them up her neck and rested them on her cheeks. She kissed her gently, sharing and tasting each other's tounges. As they caressed each other, he slowly crawled in between them, breaking apart their bond. Both women began caressing him as he leaned back in an euphoric state. She guided the woman to sit on him and move slowly up towards his face. He grabbed the woman's hips and guided her where he could taste her sweet juices. He kissed each lip and slowing slide his tounge in between them, spreading them apart. As he enjoyed his new woman, she straddled him slowly letting his hard cock enter her. She gently slide up and down enjoying each long stroke of him. She took hold of the woman's shoulder's and togther they rode in sync, moans of pleasure filling the room. She sifted through her large brown bag struggling to find the keys. Finally they appeared. She unloc
Workin My Mofo !
What It Is, Muthafuckas!
Damn, I really haven't been on CherryTAP for a while, so I guess I need to bring those that actually give a shit up to speed. First, Evelbound is currently on indefinite hold, as I am short on funds and need to get RMXP before I can do anything meaningful with it. Second, I am going absolutely fucking nuts because I'm so busy with so many things that I can't play Achaea anymore. AAAAAAAARGH! TEH WITDRAWL!!!!! Last, but definitely not least, my stress is being alleviated by being in the first meaningful relationship I have had in years. Sorry to you ladies who have a greaseball-burger fetish, but I'm spoken for, and loving every second of it. ;) And that wraps up my first CherryTAP blog post. Until next time, don't masturbate with a cheese grater, because you don't know where the cheese grater's been!
Help Me Out
REAL FRIEND TEST ! This is GOOD..I expect it back too! I especially like the last Sentence!!!!!! A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens Your Refrigerator and helps himself (and doesn't feel even the least bit Weird Shutting your 'beer/Pepsi drawer' with her foot!) A simple friend has never seen you cry A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A
Your Next Breath Could Be Your Last :(
it always hurts to lose a loved one so please do me a huge favor and tell the ones you love that you love them each and every chance you get! this song goes out to my uncle Bob (Boyd) of whom passed away on May 31st this year :( i already miss him soooooooooo much. life won't be the same w/o him!
Don't Rush Ur Days Away
WOW! So many of us rush our days away with out even realising where rushing our lives away. How many times have u said I can't wait till Friday/ the weekend or any other day. Remember when ur rushing 2 get 2 another day, then ur rushing away the days of ur LIFE. So keep n mind that each day of ur LIFE is so very special and should b cherished. So hold on TIGHT 2 each day of ur LIFE with a smile and thank the loving man above (GOD) that ur here another day and take a very deep breath, slow down, relax and just SMILE because the day ur rushing 2, will come no matter what. Remember ur here 2day, but whose 2 say u will b tomorrow. Take care and many heart warming smiles. To all my friends, fans and Fam. I hope each of u have a very nice and safe 4th of July.
man, i feel really stupid and most say that i would so, help me out if anyone can please. no this isn't begging but, i don't know what else to do ....... anyone
Father's Day Tribute - Lol
Save The Airlines
HOW TO SAVE THE AIRLINES Dump the male flight attendants. No one wanted them in the first place. Replace all the female flight attendants with good-looking strippers! What the hell -- They don't even serve food anymore, so what's the loss? The strippers would at least triple the alcohol sales and get a "party atmosphere" going in the cabin. And, of course, every businessman in this country would start flying again, hoping to see naked women. Because of the tips, female flight attendants wouldn't need a salary, thus saving even more money. I suspect tips would be so good that we could charge the women for working the plane and have them kick back 20% of the tips, including lap dances and "special services." Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing naked women. Hijackings would come to a screeching halt, and the airline industry would see record revenues. This is definitely a win-win situation if we handle it right -- a gold
Man Laws!!
SO true and hold 100% fact for any REAL man!! 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is ok for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: a. When a heroic dog dies to save its master. b. The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. c. After wrecking your boss' car. d. One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying Game". e. When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birthda
Dear Wife/husband
To My Dear Wife, You will surely understand that I have certain needs that you, being 54 years old, can no longer satisfy. I am very happy with you and I value you as a good wife. Therefore, after reading this letter, I hope that you will not wrongly interpret the fact that I will be spending the evening with my 18 year old secretary at the Comfort Inn Hotel. Please don't be upset. I shall be home before midnight." When the man came home late that night, he found the following letter on the dining room table: "My Dear Husband, I received your letter and thank you for your honesty about my being 54 years old. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you are also 54 years old. As you know, I am a math teacher at our local college. I would like to inform you that while you read this, I will be at the Hotel Fiesta with Michael, one of my students, who is also the assistant tennis coach. He is young, virile, and like your secretary, is 18 years old. As a succe
My Family
He Left...
Stacia's Blog
xXx A - Z of a perfect partner ! xXx (A)ccepts you as you are (B)elieves in "you" (C)alls you just to say "HI" (D)oesn't give up on you (E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts) (F)orgives your mistakes (G)ives unconditionally (H)elps you (I)nvites you over (J)ust likes to "be" with you (K)eeps you close at heart (L)oves you for who you are (M)akes a difference in your life (N)ever Judges (O)ffers support (P)icks you up (Q)uiets your fears (R)aises your spirits (S)ays nice things about you (T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it (U)nderstands you (V)alues you (W)alks beside you (X)-plains things you don't understand (Y)ells when you won't listen and (Z)aps you back to reality
Dear Alcohol
Dear Alcohol, First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays, hidden inside chocolates, as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests atheart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1. Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2 a.m. 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest that I eat a taco with fire sauce, along with a big Italian meatball and some stale bbq chips (washed down with WINE & topped off with a Kit Kat after a few cheese curls & chili cheese fries)? I'm an eclectic eater, but I think you went t
My Personal Jorunal
Very special man or woman All I need you to do is care for me Love is one special thing Every one needs in their life Now or never is here The key to my heart Is the one who loves and cares for me Neighbors, friends, and loved ones are true Everyday I hear you Say to me you love and care for me Days have come and gone and now it is time Anyway here is what I say Yesterday is gone and today is here Happy Valentines Day Jessica Lynn Cooper
I cried so hard the night you had to go. you told me that you had to go, and i cried. I cried because you hurt me so much. I told you that mommy needed you and you said that you could not stay. I wanted you to stay to see me grow to become a college graduate, to get married in my hometown You told me that you wanted to stay. As you walked out the door, I cried;Daddy don't go. The day we met I looked at you and knew that you were the one for me. I looked at you and you looked at me and both of us knew that we would be together forever. You smiled at me and introduced yourself and alls I could do was think about how lucky I am to have met you. I knew that you were thinking the same as I was. We stuck together that first day and every day since. I am so glad I met you Jessica Cooper I still remember the day you left. I was sitting by the christmas tree when I heard shouting. Mommy was crying and you were yelling. You came down the steps and said to me. Baby i h
My Dad And Me
It has been 14 years that my Dad has been gone...He died September 16,1993 and As I look back upon My life I come to realize that my DAD was the one who influenced me the most in my life... He is the one that said LOOK OUT AND SUPPORT ALL THAT YOU BELIEVE IN WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND DO NOT EVER LET ANYONE STOP YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!!! Well come this DAD'S Day I am missing him greatly and Pray he is watching all that I do and all the causes I believe in....I MISS AND LOVE YOU DAD.... May I hope you are proud!!!! Happy Dad's Day Debbie
Me On The Net
OK, I thought I'd blog a list of all my profile sites. Partly in case you want to find me anywhere else, mostly because I'm having trouble keeping up. Hard work being Nikki's cyberstalker.Netlog (formerly facebox)MySpaceLive SpacesCherryTapBeBoHi5WAYNSure I've missed some, will add then if I remember them :)
(-Please do not think I am submissive because if you think I am you are utterly wrong.....thank you-) WARNING if you do not like force then this may be a little sensitive to your viewing pleasure Submission dance. lithe form beneath the lightest of robes make her way through the city's darkened streets...veil covering quivering lush lips...the feeling of being followed haunting her tainted heart... troubled soul leading the way...head bowed as she tries to avoid contact with the few that fill the streets...her preoccupied mind not paying attention she bumps into Him.... jaded pools look up quickly...making way passed Him she knows in her mind that she will not escape this Warrior....His maniacal laughter haunting her every step... her futile attempts at escape from Him leads her a last attempt to escape the Warrior, she feels His power reach out to her ....removing by force her robes...the heavy white veil falling as it is stripped...desperate pl
The Rogue's~kingdom Of Wolves
Ok everyone things have been crazy lately and since they are starting to come back together we are going to try this the right way. Here is the list of people who need bombed now; meaning that they are not the only ones but these should be bombed first. Cherokee Princess has been in a contest for a little while now and needs our help she is barely ahead so lets pick her up. Boogies Momma was nominated for a contest that she didn't know about so she needs our help. There have been a few things come to attention to look out for. Please keep them in mind. 1. Enemies will nominate you for contests when they know we are slammed to make us look bad. 2. Down raters or One raters need to be linked in a blog or stash. This way the whole pack can block them. 3. Don't let outsiders put down your pack for any reason. If we don't stand beside one another who will?! 4. Lastly, If anything happens and you don't know what to do..Please! Ask someone! Don't be shy or nervous about it
People watch out for these two (2) names Anthony1 and Bigguy59.Two different names but same person he is a scam he will try to set you up to leave and when on eve of leaving will drop you.This blog is posted especially for women.Please beware of these 2 names. Calling all ct friends the contest posted by Thomas is on.Please help me win. Thank you,love you all I'm seriously thinking about deleting some of my so called FRIENDS.I have many but when I log on they are there but don't give answer back when I say hello.I'm trying very hard not to take this seriously but when push comes to shove that's when I take out the garbage.I don't want my true friends to be offended and they know who they are,so if you aren't deleted it's because you are my true friend.
Real Friends~this Is For You! Love You~kisses~
My Fantasy...
Here's one of my many fantasy: It's been a long day at work and I long to return home to my most wonderful girlfriend. I finally get home and open the door to hear noises coming from our bedroom. I move closer to the bedroom door to hear the commotion. I hear my girlfriend moaning and voices of other men. I open the door and see her, legs wrapped around a man I don't know, grinding her hips upward on his cock. While she is doing this, she is deep throating another man. I cough and she quickly looks up at me with a grin. She says hello and tells me to take off my clothes and have a seat close to the bed. I do as she says and I ask if I can join in. She shakes her head and tells me, after they finish. She sticks his cock back in her mouth and thrusts her hips in rhythm to her other lover's pounding. All I can do is look on this sight with an extreme hard on. She glances at me and sees how hard I have gotten. She stops what she's doing for a few so she can tease me. She brings her
Hello Everyone
if someone send you a message either text or email or letter and at the bottom they put a big x or 2xs or 3xs which is best to get 1x or more and what do they mean to you (keep it clean please but if it has to be rude private message me ) WELL SINCE I JOINED THIS PLACE HAS BEEN CALLED BY 2 DIFFERENT NAMES AND I HAVE BEEN INTOUCH WITH WHAT SEEMS LIKE REALLY NICE PEOPLE BUT NOW I HAVE DECIDED TO TRY AND MOVE MY LIFE IN A DIFFERENT WAY AND IT WILL START WITH ME TRYING TWO THINGS THE FIRST BEING 1.IF YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND THEN ADD ME, I DONT MIND. 2.I WANT TO PUT OUT THE BIGGEST REQUEST FOR A SPERM DONOR IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ON THIS PRIVATE MESSAGE ME
Does it always have to be boaring moving back to a hometown >.< I WANNA PARTY!
Growing up, I have always been the sort of 'Tom-Boy' type of girl.. I liked sports, fishing, hiking, cars, boy clothes.. I liked hanging with the guys.. I used to play Pogs, and video games, and used to run around in a sports bra and basketteball shorts, No one seemed to have a problem with it. Through the years I went back and forth through "phases" of which way to dress-like a girl, or like a boy. In the 7th grade I dressed like a dude, and got shit for it for the longest time, what it's not okay for a girl to be comfortable in guys clothes or what? So, I changed back into being a girly girl- That went on until about my Junior year in High School. I started dating girls seriously again, and wanted to be comfortable with myself- and in guys clothes I was comfortable with myself. I never really got as much attention dressing like a guy than as dressing like a girl, but I was comfortable so I didn't care. Now recently, my girlfriend left me- and she wanted me as a dude.. and I figured f
My Husband
morgoff@ CherryTAP His pic is in my photos under my main squeeze
My Lil Island, Kwajalein
In Memory of Father Leonard Hacker Father Hacker dedicated 50 years of his life as a Jesuit priest. Hacker 89, died May 31, 2003, while living at Jesuit nursing home at Fordham University, NY. He was a builder, an educator, a translator... and a musician," said Father William Sullivan, S.J. A memorial service is tentatively set at Ebeye's Queen of Peace church, June 30. In 1952 propeller planes brought Hacker to Majuro and cargo boats arriving no sooner than every six months was the rule. Hacker's connection with the Pacific started 11 years before he landed on Majuro when, as a young seminarian, he was assigned to the Philippines. Conditions in the Manila turned ugly when Hacker, along with other Americans, was imprisoned by the Japanese when the U.S. entered World War II. From 1952 to 1978 Father Hacker built schools, church, rectory and convent and the same institutions on Ebeye from 1978 to 1992. Father Hacker idea of keeping the kids off the street was to simply teach t
New Folder On My Profile
Yes Ladys my Folder called ME NSFW is open now for my friends dont look if you dont like NSFW Pics ;-) Hello to all my friends!!! The new Folder called Me NSFW is open for my friends too feel free to comment ;-) Hello Friends and Family!! There is a new Folder on my Profile called Me NSFW right now its open for Family Members only but when you are interrested i will open for friends of course ;-)
I am finally happy I have had a crush on this woman since February 2006 and we have come together and she has made me so happy. I have to be honest that I think I could fall in love with this woman, is this to good to be true?
If you are my fan and I have not fanned you back please let me know, because my number do not add up. I want to return the favor to everyone. Thanks and Goodnight
New Naughty Pics???
Do you want your own naughty photo suggestions to come to is your chance to show some real cherry love and get it back!!!!! As some of you are aware, my personal naughty pics album was removed from the site a while back. I know some of you were very upset and I would like to post another with even more new photos. I have a photographer ready to do what ever pics I need done for the new album. I am also running for Miss Bounce for July and voting ends real soon on June 27th. I know there are alot of you that would love to see even more of me, based on the requests, so I have decided that the new album will be made and posted based on your response and requests. Here is how this is going to work. You join the yahoo group for CLUBBOUNCE, go to "polls", then click the title for "Miss Bounce voting" and up will pop a list of names and mine is the first it and then click "vote". Once you and anybody else you can get to vote, votes for me, send me a
~finally Gettin To Meet Mylil' Lei Sis~
~this is mylil' kaleiatia sis during her visit with U/us first time, i got a little bit pic taking happy she and Master B/both tell me, but i did such for T/them B/both as i felt was only right for memory's sake as i would have liked having done for my first visit with/to O/our Master so long ago. Taking pics is my way of commiting stuff to memory and comforting myself when i am forced to be parted from myMaster, though i admit that i dont think when He has me moved in with Him that i will stop this addicting habit of mineyou!!! more later when i can focus my thoughts once again on what this visit meant to me and how i feel~ tallyssinae[R] Named on June 2nd, 2007 :: kaleiatia[R] another step to joining U/us here in our Master's House and arms forever the way it's supposed to be. She fits with U/us B/both so well it's like she has been waiting for our Master to find her all this time. She is a part of U/us as she was before W/we even met her, this first visit, in real life. myli
Spit Or Swallow?
A woman who ripped off her ex-boyfriend's testicle with her bare hands has been sent to prison. Amanda Monti, 24, flew into a rage when Geoffrey Jones, 37, rejected her advances at the end of a house party, Liverpool Crown Court heard. She pulled off his left testicle and tried to swallow it, before spitting it out. A friend handed it back to Mr Jones saying: "That's yours." Monti admitted wounding and was jailed for two-and-a-half years. 'Pulled hard' Sentencing Monti, Judge Charles James said it was "a very serious injury" and that Monti was not acting in self defence. The court heard that Mr Jones had ended his long-term but "open relationship" with Monti towards the end of May last year. The pair remained on good terms and on 30 May she picked him up from a party in Crosby and went back for drinks with friends at Mr Jones's house. An argument ensued and Mr Jones said there was a struggle between them. In his statement, Mr Jones said she grabbed his genita
Ouch! Painful!
Just a warning! I decided that I wanted to wax my bikini area. Of course I have to do it myself because I don't want someone else causing my the pain! Damn remind me not to do that ever again. It hurt so pain. I am bleeding in some areas! Only about half of it is done so I look like a half bald chewbaka! Don't ever try this at home! (Not laughing!)
Why Couples Dont Have Sex... Funny Shit
Dear Wife, During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be sleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your father would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not satisfactory because: 6 times you just laid there 8 times you reminded me there's a crack in the ceiling 4 times you told me to hurry up and
Dantes Inferno
My Own Music On Myspace chek it out itz reggaeton
My Stuff
Look at my "Rides" photo album and tell me what you would choose as a hotrod. Keep in mind that I have an 07 Silverado Classic with the 310 hp, Alum block 5.3L.... so there is a lightning killer there if I put a blower on it and buy my wife a new 2.5 Jetta or a Avenger R/T. After making a sales person grab the "oh Shit" handle 6 times in a 4 minute test drive....... I'm leaning to the Trailblazer SS.... and the wife will keep what was my Silverado Classic LT,,,, she feels safe in it Hey y'all, what is more important: following the career that you feel you have a blood connection to or following the career that the most important person in you life wants you to follow? Both will take me to Iraq, Iran, NK.... one (the airborne, the one that I have a family connection to) might take me to Afghanistan( for a second time) as well. What is more important: Family legacy and a unit that I fell more confident going to war with or going to a post/unit that I feel I might die every day in co
My Birthday
Is it possible to have a crush on a younger man? Yes, I think it is. And you know who you are........LOL MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS. I HATE TO THINK I'M A YEAR OLDER BUT WHAT THE HELL! CAN'T STOP FATHER TIME! STOP BY AND WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. GOTTA GO..........
What I'd Like To Do To You...
I would start of by gently undoing your shirt while kissing your kneck, moving down along your chest as each button pops undone. Once all buttons are undone, I'll run my hand up of your sexy body, softly sucking on your nipples at the same time. Then, moving my lips back down kissing the curves of your body, I will start to undo your pants, but not yet slidding them off. Moving my lips down to your hip and along the line of your pants, flicking my tongue under the material occasionally. My hand will then slide under your pants, and stroke very softly along your throbbing cock, then take you balls into my hand and gentle squeeze. Removing my hand, I will then slide you pants off, kissing along your inner thigh as I go, starting along the line of your underware. Once your pants are safely on the floor, I move up your whole body again, kissing, licking and stroking every inch of bare flesh as I go. Noticing your shirt is still, but barely on, I will sit you up, removing the offendi
My Poetry
Why must you reenter my life? Is it just to toy with my emotions? Make me yearn for what we once had? You wreak havoc on my heart How easily you penetrate the wall surrounding me Emotions erupt whenever you're near You bring to the surface my past regrets Of letting you go, of walking away Are you seeking revenge? Make me wish for what might have been? While you remain distant and aloof Just when I think I'm over you You remind me of the love we shared You instigate the possibility of reuniting Only to vanish into the ether Perhaps by questioning your motives I can somehow resist your pull Your control over my heart astounds me No one else has reached so deep You seduce me with your charm Your whispers promise heaven Yet your actions reveal the lies What I've always felt for you, It hasn't stopped or faded with time What must I do to keep you by my side? I take chances with you I'd take with no other I leave myself vulnerable to hurt But stopping the inevitab
To Think Or Not To Think?
I cant believe how petty people can be.. Seems to me there happens to be more drama here than on myspace which is sad cus this is really cool.. I was actually wonderin how many other people out there think the same thing. I wonder...... However stupid a person is they continue to fight on the internet heads up people fighting on the internet is like the special olympics you might win but you're still retarded..(means YOU'RE STILL A LOSER!!!!!)It's amazing how small ones IQ can get once they log on to a site such as this or myspace. Blows me away.. Anyhow thats my rant I think I'm done.... Another year almost gone. We have reached a new all time high in how bad our economy is getting. And we reached something I never thought I would ever see in my 27years of my youth that I would live to see a black president. A woman maybe but never thought a black man would actually stand a chance. Don't get me wrong we are all equal. BUT people of america do not think so sometimes. Perhaps its the s
Hey guys my work is sponsoring a race in Ona,WV and Dale Jr and some of his buddys will be there. I want to know if anyone would like some pics of him if i can get it. Let me know!
Love Sucks
April Fools???
As you well know from previous blogs my father passed away April 11,2006 and my mother passed April 23,2007. Now if I were a superstisous person I would be on edge every April. Because not just the last 2 years April has been a bad month for but a few before were too. April 15th we think of tax time but I don't. April 15, 1972 rings a real bell in my head. I lost my best idol you might say. He had survived his time in Viet Nam during the 1960's. He was out and got married and had a baby girl too. He was 10 years older than me and I really think I was the little brother her never had. I looked up to him as the big brother I never had. He was also a friend of my father too. He would be 60 this September if he were living but at the age of 24 he died in a auto accident. Sure was a sad time for me and for the people who loved him. Hi memory will live on with me..all the way to my grave. 19 years later another thing happen to me. It was something I thought would never happen
The Senses Series
She looked both ways before she went across the busy street, skipping along as she ran to the other end of the sidewalk. He quickly followed her from the other side of the street. He didn’t know who she was, nor did he ever get the chance to ask her. But she intrigued him so much that for the past couple of days, he had been following her from the coffee shop that she seemed to pass by every day when he went to get his coffee. He didn’t know what or why he had to continue looking at her, it was just the site of her being there before him and the world that enticed him to follow her every day like he did. He didn’t want to consider himself as a stalker or anything, but it was just something that he couldn’t stop doing day after day. But today it was going to be way different, he was going to get up close enough to actually see her. She walked into a store and this was going to be his chance as he walked across the street and slowly into the store. It was a store that sold candles a
The One Ring Rules Them All
Dragons were once thought of as mystical creatures until scientist uncovered the remains of one. Should we believe in the fire breathing creature who once let wizards ride on their wings?
My Blog
A seven-year old boy was at the center of a Orleans Parish courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to
When one is surrounded by love, the feeling of excitement fades away, and one tends to ignore the true love that lies in between the peace and dullness. Love shows up in all forms, even very small and cheeky forms, it has never been a model, it could be the most dull and boring, and romantic moments are only used and appear on the surface of the relationship. Under all this, the pillar of true love stands......and that's our life. Love, not words win arguments... Sometimes we expect far too much of the people around us, and because no one can ever live up to those expectations, we are almost always disappointed. Wouldn't it be better if we just let go, and let people be who they are? Then we'd be able to see them as they are -- with all their beauty and goodness in which we take joy, and with all their faults which we can also see in ourselves. When we have put someone up on a pedestal, sculpturing them to fit our needs and desires by smoothing out the rough
"why Older Chicks Rule"
This was originally an Andy Rooney piece. I have modified parts of it many times. Let me know if I should add something. I want to hear from you. A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night to ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it's usually something more interesting. A woman over 40 knows herself well enough to be assured in who she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of 40 give a hoot what you might think about her or what she's doing. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you, if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to b
Mistress in the Dark I can't make out the details of her face, when she leaves she won't leave a trace. Her visits are becoming rarer and fewer, I'd give anything to see her. She walks in without a sound, everything she does is unbound. I can't remember the last time she came, things can't just stay the same. I look into the night for her gentle figure, hoping this time she'll pull the trigger. I love the mistress of the dark, just as natural as the sky loves the skylark. She has my heart and soul, when will she show? I guess its time for me to leave, only my love have i reaved. I flew into a tree as she dropped him off. I had been watching them since they left the movie theater. She gave him a kiss on lips as she left him at his door. I didn’t listen to their conversation because I really didn’t care. The only thing I cared about was the girl leaving that doorstep. She was a redhead which always sparked my curiosity. When I am out to feed, my favorite is a natural re
The Sweet Spot
Does your potential partner have to be perfect? What is it that attracts you most? Do you pass by someone who's right for you who may not have all the physical qualities you crave for someone who just looks good standing by your side? Do you choose someone based on what others may think or do you keep it real with yourself and choose someone because they make YOU happy? I can't lie...looks do mean something. Some people only see what's on the inside...but I tell ya, it's all about the packaging with most. I don't want to be with someone I have to close my eyes to talk to face to face. He doesn't have to be perfect...but he does have to be tolerable. If his teeth are jacked up, I'll never make him smile (on purpose). So I know I won't make him happy. Why waste eachother's time? On the other hand, if he's fine and acts like an ass, that's a turn-off. I'd have to tune him out and only think about how great we're going to look when we're having sex. Ha. It's hard to find the total
My Son Vance Jr Slide Shows
My Son Joshua Slide Shows
For When I'm Bored
Get To Know Me...
1. What is the best way to get over someone? Old Spanish saying, "Get rid of the old nail by driving in a new one." I don't necessarily agree with it but hey, who am I. 2. Are you wearing any make-up right now? No 3. Is your instant messenger on right now? No 4. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Baked Turkey with cranberries 5. What curse word do you use the most? Damn 6. Do you own an ipod? No 7. Is your partner's choice of underwear important to you? Somewhat. Most men are sexiest in cotton boxers. 8. What time is your alarm clock set for? Don't set one. 9. Have you ever bid for something on ebay? No 10. Do you wear flip-flops even when it's cold outside? Often. But usually just indoors or to run to the mailbox or get the paper or something. 11. Are you a happy person? Most of the time. 12. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture? Take it 13. What was the last movie you
When no one is really there When I feel I've lost everything I remember that you truely care And realize that I have something When my life doesn't seem to matter You tell me you love me My tears seem to fade And I wish for better things to be Thank you for caring You seem to be the only one Thank you for sharing You make things better when my life comes undone! Written October 17, 2007 Deticated to Thomas I never said I was perfect It just goes to show I mess up every day This you should know I never ment to hurt you I never thought it would happen Every things all messed up And my heart it is snappen I can't make you stay Nor do I want to If you are unhappy There is nothing I could do Forgiveness is all I ask Though I'll probably never get All the things I want to do Won't make thins right and make you upset. I love you even now Even though you are gone I'll love you forever No matter what goes wrong. By Dori 9/25/2007 Name: Age:
Nba Champs 6/14/2007
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How The Internet Got Started
> Thought you would like this :o)> > In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader by the name of> > Abraham Com, did take unto himself a young wife by the name of Dot. And> Dot Com was a comely woman, broad of shoulder and long of leg. Indeed,> she had been called  Amazon Dot Com.> > She said unto Abraham, her husband, "Why doth thou travel far from town> to town with thy goods when thou can trade without ever leaving thy> tent?"  And Abraham did look at her as though she were several saddle> bags short of a camel load, but simply said, "How, Dear?"> > And Dot replied, "I will place drums in all the towns and drums in> between to send messages saying what you have for sale and they will> reply telling you which hath the best price. And the sale can be made on> the drums and delivery made by Uriah's Pony Stable (UPS)."> > > Abraham thought long and decided he would let Dot have her way with the> drums. The drums rang out and were an immediate success. Abraham sold all> the goods he
I'm Different...
I know that after reading my first blog, some of you may judge me and criticize me for my lifestyle choice, but I'm a normal guy when you boil right down to it. So before you leave me any cruel messages, ask yourself: Are you really, honestly, better than me or anyone else? If you say yes to that then you should leave this page right now and I hope that the people you come in contact with can stand you... I'm not saying this to be spiteful, it just saddens me that people can be so cruel to each other without any consideration of one another, and they can do it at the drop of a hat. So, I spoke my peace about this. From now on, I will be writing my blogs the way I want to and not apologize to anyone for being who I am. Tomorrow, I'll be making a short erotic story and will make it rateable. I look forward to seeing what some of you more open minded people have to say about it =o) So this is an intro to who I am. The pics that you see in my NSFW album are part of the things I want
Tried Of People The Play Games
some people like to play game's and game's hurt a lot off people not just the one playing the game.
Ladies...things You Won't Learn About Men From Reading Cosmo!
Ladies what you should really know about men that you won't read in Cosmo Where to start? How about the toilet freakin hard is it to put down yourself? A man was nice enough to invent the toilet so you didn't have to squat over a hole in the ground and your going to bitch about the damn seat? There are two kinds of pink We is the middle of the my steak and the not our shirt. When it comes to video games...We'll let you choose...either let us blow something up that doesn't hurt anyone on the screen or blow something up in the backyard. Going out with our buddies...Listen, these few friends We go out with are like my brothers without blood...sure We might get drunk and act stupid but that's how we show we love one another. Sports...We watch because we aren't good enough to play and make 10 million a year. Toys...What can we say we'll never outgrow being 9 years old and our imaginations...ever wonder what we were like then, I bet you
come on people i need some gifts come on everybody i need som fans.
im having a contest for the most comments on a picture of your choice. it will run for 5 days as of the 16th to 21st of june. just send me the link to the picture you want to enter and ill rip it. the person with the most amount of comments will win a either a rolex watch or the ring and earrings from the gift shop. click here if you wish to enter and leave details please, AUSSIE GUY TEAM LEADER OF A.O.M BOMBER #1@ CherryTAP 1st with 160 comments 2nd with 45 comments 3rd with 8 comments hurry there is still time to enter! thanks richard im having a contest for the most comments on a picture of your choice. it will run for 5 days as of the 16th to 21st of june. i need
Mumm Points
Lose Weight - Have Sex
Lose Weight - Have Sex Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard ........................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor............
What's Your Color?
1st Blog
What in the hell do you do when the one you really want to be with doesnt want to be with you, or does but ignores that factor cause they think it will make them happier, Where does the emotion go, an what happens to the one that is siting there waiting for that opportunity but never takes it again, an if they do they prepare themselves for dissapointment, they prepare for the inevitable failure that is life or relationship, but then what is a relationship, is it just two people being together an saying they love each other, then the question is posed, what is love what is it suppose to me an represent, an why does it matter in a relationship, all these questions get posed all at one time but people never see them till they least expect it, a relationship is being with someone you truly think you can be with, and love is just a word untill it is spoken in most cases, when used at the right time then it becomes a feeling of pure emotion an caring for another being, it is when u open up
Writings Of My Warped Mind
You make me so angry most days I Can't stand you more in every way My blood boils at the sight of you I clutch my Fists and count to 2 Just want to beat you till you cant bleed no more You broke my heart and walked out the door But Payback will be sweet for me For you will regret the hurt you did to me.
If only.... I regret all the time that I blew up for not getting leave to go for my grandmother's funeral. Now I sit back and read poems and stories of soldiers who give their lives to protect our freedoms. Now I'm plagued by unanswered questions. Do I attempt to rejoin the service with my mother in the condition she is? Do I attempt to leave her and go back to basic to attempt to accomplish a lifelong dream? Would they give me leave if she were to pass like my grandmother did? Would I not stop when I jumped the next guy for getting in my face when I got the news? What kind of life do I lead with all these unanswered questions of a lifelong dream to become a UNITED STATES MARINE!? Do I attempt to reconsile myself by finding a civilian job where I am working with the marines? All that brought me was agony knowing that my brothers, fellow marines, were dying while I was safe back on the homefront putting roofs on commercial buildings. Life has very little meaning to me now. To know that
Im New
hello to everyone im new here so yall gotta help me out please. a lil about me im a mother of 4 kids who live with me. im an single easy going person. if you want to know more just ask i dont bite not hard any ways
I've slept so much recently that I shouldn't have to for at least a few weeks. Yet, I'm constantly tired. I'm not sure if it's tired more than just sheer boredom and or the constant feeling of being down. Sometimes the feeling of being down turns into anger, but it usually ends back where it started. I don't know what's wrong with me honestly. I think I should go and see a doctor about it, but I'm kind of scared to go. Some of you may know that I was in counseling here at the college for a while. They said that I had mild depression that seemed to drop down into the more deep areas of depression at times. All in all, I guess it just sums up to the fact that I'm an unhappy person. The fact that I've been in this fucking room for so long that it makes me sick. I don't want to go home since the last time I went I had a fight with my mom. She ended up treating me like shit in front of a friend. She later apologized for it, then the next day when talking to my grandmother on the ph
Just wantd to let my family and friends know that i wont be online until sometime Sunday. Im flying to florida on Friday morning just to get away for a mini vacation. Ya all have a great weekend. Be Safe Hugs Debbie To all my Family and Friends. Im going to Florida from July 4th through the 7th. I wish you all a happy and Safe 4th of July I will be back online Sunday. Take Care. Hugs to All
What's Up With My Vanishing Act?!?!
I've been busy lately. Working everyday, watching my niece, taking care of my Grandparents, doing chores. . . I work just about every day and when I go in later in the daytime, I spend my mornings watching my niece. Then I had Sunday off so Satuday night, I spent at my Grandparents. My Papa has Thyroid cancer which spread into his lungs and he had surgery on the sixth to remove four masses from his neck. They could only remove one. . .removing the rest would mean losing his voice. We want his last months to be enjoyable. Well he has staples in his neck so he couldn't help my Grandma up to go to the bathroom and stuff so I stayed there and helped. I've also been doing chores around the house because my sister and her family came in from out of town today for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Then there's also a birthday party for my nephews on Sunday. So yeah, I've been busy so thats why I haven't gotten back to anyone and I'm really sorry. Whenever I can
Sex Tips
If you take care of mama she will take care of you big daddy..." My editor asked me, "Why do we like 69 with girls"? I knew the answer was much bigger than an orgasm. Personally I have never experienced climaxed from 69 but would not trade the 69 experiences for all the 70's in the world. There are many 69 positions as well that are exciting and anyone with an oral fetish knows it is insatiable - the giving and receiving a 69 offers. If you don't really know what a sixty-nine (69) is then I will explain that first. A 69 is when two people are servicing each other at the same time. He is performing cunnilingus and she is performing fellatio. She is sucking his pole and he is licking the "pearl zone". Eating at the Y, schlobenzeenobin, muff diving, polish the knob, PERFORMING ORAL! Do Sex Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Sex Unto You Why we enjoy this double digit sexual position is a combination of an insatiable double threat, giving and receiving. Two things can
My Butterfly Affect
So Yeah Me..
Since I have been asked bout my title I shall explain it :) PDC *AKA* puppy dog club - (according to my friends..) a group of males who feed the monster that is my bad attitude by telling me how pretty I am. (according to me ) a group of my male friends who love me cuz I am just that great :P hrmm ok maybe my friends are right LOL anyways, making a PDC member folder .. if ya wanna be in the folder... let me know ill travel your pics & rip my fav! *mwah!* After 10 years Im sad to say I think it's time to move on. Most anyone who reads this knows a little about my situation. For those who jsut happen to be curious & clicked on this blog I will give you a short over view. I have been with my husband for 10 years. We did not get together in the best of circumstances reguardless I love this man to pieces. However he is so emotionally & affectionately closed off I cannot relate to him anymore. A big part of this is from past experiences & being afraid to be vulnerable whic
Dave's Rant's
THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WHEN KISS CANT EVEN GET IN. REM? COME ON WHAT IS THE PROBBLEM HERE? KISS IS THE #1 BAND IN THE WORLD AND I WOULD ARGUE THAT WITH ANYONE. NO OTHER BAND CAN COME CLOSE.THERE ARE A LOT OF GREAT BANDS OUT THERE BUT I THINK THIS IS WAY OVER DUE. JUST LIKE THE GRAMMYS GIVING JETHROL TULL A HEAVY METAL AWARD IS NUTS. WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND. I FOR ONE WILL PROTEST.I HOPE THE MILLIONS OF KISS FANS OUT THERE CAN UNITE FOR THIS AND PROTEST EVERY YEAR IF THATS WHAT IT TAKES. KISS frontman Paul Stanley has lashed out at people who download music illegally. Herald Sun By Cameron Adams "Downloading is one of the tragedies of the 21st century," Stanley said yesterday. "Under the guise of technology and fancy jargon, people have legalised stealing. "When you say you're sharing files . . . you can't share what you don't own. "I can't share your car. Sharing something with one person is one thing, sharing with tens of thousands of people is a crime. It's r
If You Are On My List!
I am in New York now. Things are just going so damn slow. Like my heart just has this huge hole in it. I did get to meet up with some friends and that was good. My dad is not doing well so that will be the next trip home I bet. Anyway, I do have some new pics that i will post soon. Am ok to chat just don't be an ass. I might still be sensitive. xo I got some for trade let me know! Who wants a happy hour? Wanna buy me one? lol Why not?
Show Me The Love!
hey everyone im in a picture contest...i need everyone to comment as much as you can and have your friends/fans/family help too!! thanks so is below. Show me the love cherry tap has to offer!!!
Spiritual Thoughts And Ramblings
I do have tendency to confuse a lot of people when I mention just how old I am. If you count my age in the same manner as you would my ancestors, then I am 322 years old. In my bloodline, there are two direct lines to the clan of the wolf in two different tribes. Strangely enough, the story about the clans orgin is the same. You see it happened long ago.... Back when man and animal lived in peace, and the people were in harmony with creation, the great wolf, the first of his kind was hunting near a village. He saw a very beautiful young woman there, and feel instantly in love. He went to the creator. "Make me human, for I love a woman of the people." "I cannot, for you are the father to all the wolf people." "I beg you creator, if you do not, I shall die." The creator granted the wolf's wish, but only for one year. The manwolf went into the camp and quickly won the young woman's heart. And, when it was time for him to return to his own people, she gav
Sex Stories
She walked into his apartment knowing what she wanted to do. She wanted him…Badly. She could almost imagine the feel of his mouth on her neck. Exquisite. They walked to the living room, and sat down on the couch. Alexis reached for the remote, turning it onto the music stations. “Is Alternative good?” She asked Eben. “It’s great,” he replied." I’m…I’m really glad that you came over here, Eben. You’re my best friend…You know that?” “Yes…And you’re mine,” Eben said, wrapping a trunk-like, protective arm around her slender frame. She melted into his arms, enjoying the close embrace. She felt her face flush with color and warmth. But, would he take the hint? His hand slipped up and down her back. He gently caressed her shoulders, running his fingertips down to the small of her back, trailing little circles on the soft skin beneath her shirt. She could feel her heart beat sharply in her chest, and she dug her fingers into his shirt as she pressed against him tightly. Sh
Why I Wouldnt Want To Be A Penis
5 reasons not to be a penis... 1. You're bald your whole life. 2. You have a hole in your head. 3. Your neighbors are nuts. 4. The guy behind you is an ass hole and... 5. Every time you get excited, you throw up and then faint.
All Carrie Little Friends Can Grow Up Oh No Ones Boo-oh Live In The Real World And Butt Out !
i am very outgoing.i love to be a single mom of two girls.and i live at home and keep care of my mom.and the 90% tomboy.i do my hair and makeup everyday but thats about as close to a girl think i will do.if u want to know more about me just not
Count Down
check out my two new pics your gonna be amazed tell you what if yall can get me to the next level before sunday i wont never leave and i am one that does not like to make a promise i dont believe in them you can ask my friend becka she will tell ya yall got all weekend to try good luck i dont think it will happen but good luck just a few more days till i delete my account on here dont forget to get my yahoo name if you still want to chat enjoyed everyone bunchs thamx
Oh What A Month
Hi there, I do regret that I have been remiss in my correspondence on this site. I started with such good intentions, but found life getting in the way. Things are now slowing down so I should have time to be more attentive my my messages. I will once again reply in a timely manner. This poem by Dan Brown pretty much sums up the essence of my past month. For some reason my creative juices were just not flowing. Bad Day I’m having a bad day already, and I’ve only just rolled out of bed. It’s far too late, the room’s a state, and my hair looks a rabbit shot dead. Much worse than this, though, in fact, ten times as bad. I’ve lost my shirt, my backside hurts, and I don’t know the name of this lad! Order should restore, though, when I get back home and write. Obviously not, I’ve got writer’s block, and I can only think of last night! This really, really upsets me, for my poetry is my castle. The words won’t come, I’m such a bum,
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A Great Man
we lost a great man today my grand-father passed away we found out a few days ago he was sick for a long time he just did not say anything.he will be missed but at least he is reunited with my grand-mother now may they both rest in peace.
Can U See
A guy is near the end of his senior year in high school. Unfortunately, he still has to share a room with his younger brother who is only 9 years old. One night, he decides to bring his girlfriend home for a little fun. They have bunk beds and the guy notices that his little brother is already asleep on the lower bunk, so he and his girlfriend climb up to the top bunk. As you might expect things start to heat up. The guy remembers that his little brother is sleeping below so he tells his girlfriend to whisper "lettuce" if she wants it harder and "tomato" if she wants a new position. Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! She screams. Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! Whoa!!!
Recent Back Injury Update
I Love My Lil Man!!
ok guys things are going great. I find out august 14th what i am having. we are hoping for a boy. we are going to name him Jacob Aaron Hicks jr. and if it is a girl we are going to name her Hailey Isabell Hicks. we will be happy with either one. My good friend sarah is going to have her baby this weekend they are having another boy she is so excited. well so am I. ok guys love you all MUAH HUGGS ok last night was my 6yr olds first soccer game and her fateher was late going to the game. he then tryed to hide in the back of the park so no one could see him. but if tyou ask him he is the best father in the world. What the fuck is that all about. He tells my husband jake tha he is a loser and a bad fother because he doe not get to see his kid, well first of all what business is it of my ex's in the first place right. he then showes up for the last 5-10 minutes of his girls first game but makes sure he ist at the whole game if his sone was playing. i feel really bad for the fathe
Last Beautiful Girl..
"Won't be the first..heart that you break, won't be the last, beautiful girl...the one that you wrecked, won't take you back..if you were the last, beautiful girl in the world..."---Now, why the hell is this song all of a sudden stuck in my head???
Juju Cherry
So I recieved a position that takes me around the US.  This means I might end up in a town near you....  So Friends   BEWARE.  lmao.     If I've heard it once I've heard it again, and again and again. I'm tired of stupid people. people that can't drive. people that can't respect other people. people that lie. people that cheat. people that play games. people that don't bother to move when they know they're standing in the way. people that look at you and think you give a flying f#$K who they are. people who say they care and don't. people who change from a good person to a bad one. people who don't care to learn something new. people who assume. people who think they know better than everyone else. people who can't smile at you when you pass by and smile at them. people who can't figure out a stop sign. sore, your damn right, I'm having a problem with people. people who are racist, people who are sexist. people who make a bad impression on other
My Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Recent Cherry Blast
I had a Cherry blast running the past few days and it has been hard to keep up with all the incoming response to it. If I have not returned the favor then please send me a message and i will return the favor. I am sorry that it got so backed up I am on a MAC and not a windows pc and CT runs funny on it. THanks and have a great weekend.
i am writting this blog in a very depressed andgry state of mind.any one that can talk to me or help me to understand is greatly appreciated.. ok,i have been the type of person to always believe in love and want love in my life.i have always wanted to have a family and get married.thank the good god above all my wishes and prayers came true.i met the most wondrful woman in the world and my life was great.just when i thought it could not get any better she had my only child a beautiful little girl named jasmine.for 2 more years my life was great and my heart was full of happiness.on march 27,2006 my beautifull wife died in wal-mart from a heart attact at the age of 24.from that point until now my life has been shit,the only light that comforts my heart is my little girl.that is love and made from love.. i hate being single and i hate the dating hear a woman say they want a good man really pisses me hear people that are not happy in there relationship pisses me off.peo
Comoputer Problems
Hey all well I wont be on much for awhile i am having internet problems. but please all if you can hit me up and help me get some of the 238000 points gone. thanks jim and sarah Hey all we are back on in full effect. The only deference know is we are back in our home town of copenhagen NY baby upstate NY. so hit us up and lets have a ball. and to all you out there that tag my photos NSFW that werent go screw your self. to everyone else lets party and get drunk.
A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Nissan 350Z convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he floored it to 80 mph, Enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left. "Amazing," he thought as he flew down I-75, pushing the pedal even more. Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a state trooper behind him, Blue lights flashing and siren blaring. He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120. Suddenly he thought, "What am I doing? I'm too old for this," and pulled over to await the trooper's arrival. Pulling in behind him, the trooper walked up to the roadster, looked at His watch and said, "Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a reason for speeding that I've never heard before, I'll let you go." The old gentleman paused. Then said, "Years ago, my wife ran off with a Florida State Trooper. I thought you were bringing her back." "Have a good day, sir," replied the trooper You Know Your From Florida
To All Military Haters
I really hate it when I was walking around in my Marine uniform (I'm currently out) and ppl give me evil glares or even walk up to me and ask me on why I didn't die while I was deployed my 3 times in Iraq. Just to all of you that can't appritiate the courage it takes to go into a recruiting station, VOLUNTARY, and enlist in one of the great armed forces of this country. Also remember, the rights and freedoms that we take for granted every day, these men and women are dying to give these rights to us. So, I am begging anyone that doesn't think much of the military, just think what it would be like if another country ruled us. Where, if you have children, they couldn't play in the streets without worring about some foreign military member killing them. Just think about this....and get behind our troops.
Betraying Your Own Blood
Do you feel this pain? Eating me away This pain… Breaking me apart This pain… Making me crawl This pain… Making me still Do you feel this pain? All the pain The pain in my life you can't see it but i can Its horrible and discusing I wish the pain wasn't in my life But it is and its killing me The pain is causing me to lose my friends, family and people who i care about The pain is always there, in the car and at school and at home pain follows me everywere I can also see if another persons in pain or upset Pain is everywere in this world its even following you and me right now But the best thing to do is fight the pain I am and its helping a little bit It will either end you up dead or in the hospital Pain is everywere pain surrounds you day to day nothing helps it go away pain in muscles pain in joints pain so bad in trigger points. pain that comes and pain that goes pain that keeps you on your toes. pain that people think is in your head.
hello ever one in ct how are you doing im good. just to let people know about me im a 34 yr old divorce. on hear looking to make some new friends and to see whats goig on out there. any way im 34 will be 35 soon and cant wate to meet all the cool people out there. if you are reading this arnt a buddy send me a fried request ever one is wellcome.
About Me
My Boy!!
Can't Blame White People by Bill Cosby Bill & Camille Cosby They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English. I can't even talk the way these people talk: Why you ain't, Where you is, What he drive, Where he stay, Where he work, Who you be... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk Everybody knows it's important to speak English... except these knuckleheads. Mushmouth is what they speak!? You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living. People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we've got these knuckleheads throwing that all away.? The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids. $500 sneakers for what? And they won't spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics. I am talking about thes
YOURS- Make choices that sustain your life, rather than engage you in that old 'two steps forward, three steps back' dance. Spur-of-the-moment indulgences leave a sour taste in your mouth -- and an emptiness in your wallet. ^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v MINE- The simplest solutions are usually the most obvious. So you've been avoiding the answer because there's no way it can be that easy. But what if it is? The stars say to accept this gift with open arms.
A View From The Top
Fantasy vs. Reality Daily, I encounter what I consider to be misconceptions about what Domination/submission (D/s) is and what dominants and submissives are. I see it in literature and the media, online and in real-life acquaintances. For most, I suppose, Bondage/discipline Domination/submission Sadism/Masochism (BDSM) is something which is fairly confined to the bedroom. For them, it is about sex. A way to spice up otherwise dull relationships. I often hear references to "playing" and "players." They are convenient terms used to describe activities and others in the Scene, but, to me, these words are telling. In my life, D/s isn't a game at which I play. It is something I am. My dominant nature pervades every aspect of my life and it exists within me every moment of every day. It's intensity may wax and wane with my and my partner's mood and needs, but it is always there. I am what some refer to as a "natural dominant." I've always felt most comfortable in control, both in everyda
The Countdown
4 Days and counting till my birthday…woohoo….lets all celebrate me turning 31 shall we? Note the sarcasm dripping from my tongue like so much drool. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that turning another year older means another year that I’ve managed to survive on this earth is not lost on me. Last year I was sad about saying goodbye to my 20’s…this year…I don’t know , I’m just kind of blah about the whole thing. I know Jimmy and the boys will make a big deal out of it, with cards, and gifts and a pretty store bought, extra fattening, sugar injected cake.*cringes* I don’t want my birthday to made into a big deal. Its not that big a deal, not to me anyways. Just another day, you know? If anything, I would love to just go to Shooters for a while, play some pool and have a few beers. Maybe a quick trip to Taco Bell. Ah now that would be nice. So, did you do the math on the whole 7 days thing? Yep, that’s right , my birthday is on Fathers day this year. So Jimmy and I both get the whole
My Birthday Soon
Well its my birthday on 27 th of june an my party starts on that day and ends on 1 st july im gonna party big time only 29 this time so gotta live as much before i get to my dirty 30's hehe lol anywho hope to hear some b/day wishes an lots o pressies of my family an get lots of drinks bought for me an well not do any stupid stuff {i am male} lol an then meet a lass that can finaly handle me ? think i will never find that lol soo bye for now
hey girls if u like to chat sometimes and u have cam add me
Wack Job Of The Week

Novice Dominant Advice
There are as many ways to do D/S as there are people, so you really need to know what your partner wants, doesn't want, is comfortable with, is afraid of, and so forth. A lot of submissives will have great trouble telling you what they want. For some of them, this is because they don't really KNOW what they want. Or, perhaps, they know how they want to feel, but they aren't sure what it is that will make them feel that way. Other submissives do have at least some idea of what they want, but they're too embarrassed to be able to tell you directly. And some submissives know what they want but feel as if it spoils things if they have to ask for it -- they want the impetus for the scene to come from you, and if they ask for something, then it's as if _they're_ controlling the scene, when what they want is for _you_ to control it. And of course, more than one of these can occur at once. A person can know only what it is she wants to feel AND be too embarrassed to talk about it AND feel as i
Turning 21.
So My 21st birthday is July 5th and of course I will be on duty. Soooooo this means I will turn 21 while I am at duty ::Crys:: BUT!!! The party is the 7th. I have noooo earthy clue what I am doing. I am not aloud to know. I am just giving my husband names and numbers and getting in the car lol. Soooo tradition in my family is 21 shots ::Raises brow:: I drank a lot in high school but haven't really touched it much since then so I am worried. The alcohol I could pound down in high school could have killed Colin Farrell but going from that to none to that I am worried lol. On the good side I will have a few EMTs and Medics at the party with me so I should be good lol.
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Responsibilities of a DOM It is the responsibility of a Dominant to insure an unowned submissive is guided to a Dominant that is suited to the submissive's wants, needs and desires. It is the responsibility of a Dominant to insure the submissive knows what being abusive is. To insure this is to insure the submissive knows when to call it quits. It is the responsibility of a Dominant to ensure the submissive knows what the submissive's rights are. It is the responsibility of a Dominant to teach the submissive information about the Lifestyle. The best method is to teach the submissive how to acquire this information and where he/she can get it. An ignorant submissive can be an embarrassment to a Dominant. It is the responsibility of a Dominant to insure the submissive grows and develops under the Dominant's ownership, in both the lifestyle and the public life (i.e., job and family). Being submissive only means being a "doormat" when the submissive has made it clear that is w
Duties Of A Dominant
Duties of a DOM It is the duty of a Dominant to control his/her emotions. To punish a submissive in anger or to lash out to anyone is abusive. It is the duty of a Dominant to remember that submission is a gift. To misuse this gift is abusive. When the submissive is not free to take back the gift it is no longer a gift. It is the duty of a Dominant to watch over and protect all submissives. This does not mean to protect them from finding some other Dominant and to keep them for oneself. It is the duty of a Dominant to take only a submissive that will match him/her. A submissive that is not into whips should not belong to a Dominant that loves to whip submissives. It is the Duty of a Dominant to take only the amount of submissives the DOM can properly handle, control, love, comfort and care for. Do not keep a submissive hanging, giving false hopes. Free and release the submissive so the submissive can get along with finding the right Dominant. It is the duty of a Dominan
The Unsimple Life
Why does everyone say the best things in life are the hardest go get? If we are all working to death to get them how are we suppose to enjoy it? I am tired of having to work towards the easy things in life. How come ungreatful people always have everything and most appreciative people have nothing? Well thats whats on my mind.
Baby Boy
I just wanted to let the whole cherry tap world I met the most wonderful guy on this earth! He is awesome! I can't wait to see what happens between us! I wonder how long it will take. hehe
New 2 Ct
new 2 ct here is 2 get you started upload photos rate fan people there is lots 2 do on here for help click on the word help fater you click it it will open and there says the ct bible or you can ask the bouncers 2 see the bouncers scrool down till you see them then click on anyone and ask them. hope this help for any new ct member anything else jut ask.
As most of you know I work as an Administrator for an online game called Generia. Well, on June 17th the game will be celebrating it's 2nd year online. Last year we had a big in game event and I'm working on another one for this year. So if you haven't signed up now is the time to do so, or if you already are a member it might be a good time to beef up your character to get more out of the event. Either way it should be a good time for everyone that likes RPG's. Thanks orgret
Hate Being Single
Being single sucks!!! I am a single mom,but I hate not getting out with people my own age.where have all the good guys gone?
I'm In A Vic Giveaway!
Surgery Again....
Monday I went to my Dr. appointment for my open wound and it was infected. They admitted me back into the hospital and I had surgery Tuesday to have a wound vac inserted. I am in pain! I will have this vac approx. 3-4 weeks. I will be logged in but in the bed, so I am not ignoring u. Hugs and Peace xoxo
I Love You
I Love You I love you. From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. Now that I have you, all I want to do is be with you all the time. Walking hand in hand, together, we enjoy each other’s company. And we fight the ones who get in our way. How I’ve longed for you all my life. You mean the world to me. I love you. From the moment we part in the late hours of the afternoon, until the next time I see you, all I think is you. You are constantly on my mind... the fun memories we had, the unpleasant memories we had, they keep coming back to me when we're apart. So powerful, so fierce, everyone moves back to give you space. And yet, holding you gently and not squeezing you tight, yes, that’s how you like to be held. I hold you the way I would hold a tiny sparrow and I will never let go of you. It feels so nice when I put my hands around you. Gentle strokes, I try to feel you intensely. I have so much passion for you. I close my eyes and try to
My Friends Music
Just Some Thoughts
Ya know life is strange... We don't always end up where we seen ourselves 15 years ago... I am happy with my life don't get me wrong... But I still tend to think about what might have been..
6 signs you're falling 4 someone: 1 - as soon as you get online-who's name do you look at first 2 - when you hear your phone ringing-who do u hope is calling 3 - when a love song comes on the radio-whos face comes to your mind 4 - whos name makes your heart skip a beat every time u hear it 5 - who is it that you always find yourself thinking about-wondering if they're thinking about you 6 - the whole time you were reading this bulletin, there was only one person on your mind.....
Have you ever just felt so damn blue? Just after all the rush and chaos of life slows to a halt and you are left standing there wondering what just happened, and it hits you that you missed something. Makes me blue, makes me wonder if anyone knows me. Leaves you wondering if the life you lead is the right way. So many telling you that your life is the bomb, but yet where are they when you need them? Or is it me not letting them in? And why not? You ever wish to let someone in to the point that you are thinking about it all the time? I hate when i start worrying what someone will think of me. Standing up for who you are takes guts, believing in yourself takes guts too. Sometimes though, your 'guts' get torn right out. I know though, that all you can do is be yourself, others will come and go, some will stay. I hope the ones i wish to know all about stay forever. Feelings are not born from photographs They are born with time Do not mislead yourself into believing you can fall for a
The Butcher, St. John
so like yesterday i was at the mall and this fkn stupid pregnant bitch came over and punched me in the face! D:
Sex Facts
Everyday, 200 million couples around the world have sex, which is about over 2000 couples at any given moment. Women are most likely to want to have sex when they are ovulating. The Egyptian 'Ankh' is actually a symbol representing the male and female sex organs. Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world 30% of women over the age of 80 still have sexual intercourse either with their spouse or boyfriends. Mosquitoes, which mate in the air perform a sex act that lasts only 2 seconds. Women with a Ph.D. are twice as likely to be interested in a one-night stand than those with only a Bachelor's degree. Fellatio ranks as the number one sexual act desired by heterosexual men. Australian women have sex on the first date more than women the same age in the USA and Canada. It’s illegal to have sex without a condom in Nevada. (More on Sex Laws later). Today, Japan leads the world in condom use. Like cosmetics, they're sold door to door, by women. More Americans lose their
Monkey & Lizard
A monkey is sitting in a tree smoking a joint when a lizard walks past and looks up and says to the monkey "Hey! What are you doing?" The monkey says "Smoking a joint, come up and have some. So the lizard climbs up and sits next to the monkey and they have a few puffs. After a while the lizard says his mouth is dry and is going to get a drink from the river. The lizard is so stoned that he leans too far over and falls into the river. A Crocodile sees this and swims over to the lizard and helps him to shore, then asks the lizard, "What's the matter with you?" The lizard explains to the crocodile that he was sitting smoking a joint with the monkey in the tree got too stoned and then fell into the river while trying to get a drink. The crocodile says he has to check this out and walks into the jungle, finds the tree were the monkey is sitting, finishing a joint, and he looks up and says "Hey you!" The monkey looks down and says---- "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! Duuuude!.........How much water d
Just in case you misplaced this recipe last year, here it is again > > Christmas Cookie Recipe > > 1 cup of water > 1 tsp baking soda > 1 cup of sugar > 1 tsp salt > 1 cup of brown sugar > lemon juice > 4 large eggs > 1 cup nuts > 2 cups of dried fruit > 1 bottle Crown Royal > > Sample the Crown Royal to check quality. > Take a large bowl, check the Crown Royal again, to be > sure it is > of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink. > Turn on the electric mixer...Beat one cup of butter in > a large fluffy bowl. > > Add one teaspoon of sugar...Beat again. > At this point it's best to make sure the Crown Royal > is still OK, > try another cup.. just in case. > Turn off the mixer thingy. > Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup > of > dried fruit. > Pick the frigging fruit off floor... > Mix on the turner. > If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers just > pry it loose > with a dewscriver. > Sample the Crown Royal to c
What Do You Do?
Important Recall Notice
Recall Notice: The Maker of all human beings is recalling all units manufactured, regardless of make or year, due to a serious defect in the primary and central component of the heart. This is due to a malfunction in the original prototype units code named Adam and Eve, resulting in the reproduction of the same defect in all subsequent units. This defect has been technically termed 'Subsequential Internal Non-Morality,' or more commonly known as S.I.N, as it is primarily expressed. Some other symptoms include: 1. Loss of direction 2. Foul vocal emissions 3. Amnesia of origin 4. Lack of peace and joy 5. Selfish or violent behavior 6. Depression or confusion in the mental component 7. Fearfulness 8. Idolatry 9. Rebellion The Manufacturer, who is neither liable nor at fault for this defect, is providing factory-authorized repair and service free of charge to correct this SIN defect. The Repair Technician, Jesus, has most generously offered to bear t
12 Steps Of Graphaholics Anonymous
The Twelve Steps of Graphaholics Anonymous 1. We admit we are powerless over the need to create graphics And that our life revolves around "making one more graphic before I_________________." (insert one: "go to bed, feed the cat, cook supper, go to work...") 2. We believe that a power greater than ourselves exists, And it's name is PaintShop Pro. 3. We have made the decision to turn our lives and what skill we have over to the care of Graphics utilities, that they may help us create that which we cannot do on our own. 4. We have made, and continue to make, a searching and fearless inventory of the web To find copyright free graphics, and also of our computers, that we May delete old graphics to make room for new ones. 5. We admit that we cannot make good, modem friendly, Graphics without the help of Gifwizard and L-view Pro. 6. We are entirely ready to let any graphics utilities we can find Remove all defects from our graph
Fred and Mary get married but can't afford a honeymoon, so they go back to Mom and Dads for the night. In the morning, little Johnny gets up and has his breakfast. As he is going out of the door to go to school, he asks his mom if Fred and Mary are up yet. She replies, "No". Johnny asks, "Do you know what I think?" His mom replies," Never mind what you think! Just go to school." Johnny comes home for lunch and asks his mom, "Is Fred and Mary up yet?" She replies, "No." Johnny says, "Do you know what I think?" His mom replies," Never mind what you think! Eat your lunch and go back to school." After school, he comes home and asks, "Is Fred and Mary up yet?" His mom says, "No." Johnny asks, "Do you know what I think?" His mom replies, "OK! What do you think?" He says, "Well, last night Fred came in for the Vaseline and I think I gave him my airplane glue." ****************************
Two Wolves
One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a Battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, Greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false Pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, Kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."
The Heart
The Heart "Tomorrow morning," the surgeon began, "I'll open up your heart..." "You'll find Jesus there," the boy interrupted. the surgeon looked up, annoyed "I'll cut your heart open," he continued, to see how much damage has been done..." "but when you open up my heart, you'll find Jesus in there," said the boy. The surgeon looked to the parents, who Sat quietly. "When I see how much damage has been done, I'll sew your heart and chest back up, and I'll plan what to do next." "But you'll find Jesus in my heart. The Bible says He lives there. The hymns all say He lives there. You'll find Him in my heart." The surgeon had had enough. "I'll tell you what I'll find in your heart. I'll find damaged muscle, low blood supply, and weakened vessels. And I'll find out if I can make you well." "You'll find Jesus there too. He lives there." The surgeon left. The surgeon sat in his office, recording his notes from the surgery, "...dam
For Stephanie... The Woman I Love!!!
How I want to say so much But words cannot express The deep passionate love I have for you Your love outweighs my stress. The many nights I dreamnt about you The many days I wonder The many hours I prayed to God That our love will never wander. The precious days we spend together The love we have is real I don't want to be with anyone else This is how I truly feel. Baby you make me very happy Being with you are the happiest days of my life But the happiest day of all Is when I make you my sweet wife. So be my life, be my soul Be my heart with extra beats Thank you for being my special love I finally feel complete When you said, "I love you," I went over the moon. My heart sang its glory, The stars sang in tune. As when with a word God brought forth light, So with these words You ended my night. So with these words You made something new: A bond of devotion Between me and you. How powerful words To shape who we are! We ponder in silence; O
As we fumble thru the journey of this existence we call life we are always on the search for love, laughter, happiness, companionship to complete and fill the tiny holes that lie within our souls. Not knowing that in pursing these things that should make us happy will in fact be the things that begins our lifelong road to pain and torment when the reality sets in. Our hearts break, our disappointments become real, friendships wither, laughter fades and we start to realize that happiness might just be unattainable. We then begin to become these creatures full of emotions that take over and run our thoughts, behaviors, personalities, and even dreams and in the midst of it our perception and ideologies of happiness becomes construed and altered. We first go thru denial, then we become hurt, then we get angry, and then we will in a desperate effort to fill the empty voids we compromise. Our thoughts of happiness become shallow, meaningless and sometimes even unmoral. We begin to tell ou
Random Things In My Life
My happy lil semi-perffect world is crashing down around me.For the past almost 4 months things have been goin real well for me and my Lo...Then all the sudden His son died yesterday.Everything is like a bad dream that i just can't seem to wake up from.I want my life back to normal,and Devlin to still be alive.I hate the fact that there is nothing I can do,other than sit here and be here for when my Lo needs me. I haven't seen my Lo sense yesterday morning at 10 til 9.He has been at his parents with his oldest son Mikey.I haven't been able to talk to him either.It just makes it worse that I can't even give my man a hug and tell him we will get thru this. I love my man to death and the boys,and i would do anything for my man and Mikey.I would do anything to bring Devlin back and take his place. Sometimes life is not fare.I seariously really wish I could just wake up from this horrible dream. There has been a tradgic death in my family today. My man's youngest son Devlin past away tod
Club Far
club far member sign here new 2 ct here is 2 get you started upload photos rate fan people there is lots 2 do on here for help click on the word help fater you click it it will open and there says the ct bible or you can ask the bouncers 2 see the bouncers scrool down till you see them then click on anyone and ask them. hope this help for any new ct member anything else jut ask attention all club far member just wanna say thanks for all the welcome and fans with out your support this club would never be as it was now love ya all keep this club rocking and i will help spread the world around

Nose Piercing
All About ♣©ң®ĭζζ¥♣ Survey
ALL ABOUT ♣©ң®ĭζζ¥♣ SURVEY Body: TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: marcus Birthday: august 18 1980 Birthplace: fresno ca Current Location: nm Eye Color: BROWN Hair Color: BLACK Height: tall but not short Right Handed or Left Handed: both Your Heritage: my familys The Shoes You Wore Today: mine Your Weakness: love Your Fears: i hate clowns Your Perfect Pizza: kind u eat Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: killing off man kind Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: LOL Thoughts First Waking Up: sleep more Your Best Physical Feature: my hair Your Bedtime: what is bed time Your Most Missed Memory: dont remeber Pepsi or Coke: COKE MacDonalds or Burger King: they both suck Single or Group Dates: SINGLE Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: yuck Chocolate or Vanilla: mixed Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee Do

Why do I give a damn what you have to say or what you think or the lie's you have told? When you open your heart to a friend and they shove it back in your face for there own gain. You trust someone and there doing everything they can do to hurt you. What did I do so bad in life that you think you have to shit on family? Is your life just so sad that you have to make fun of and be mean to other people. Even one's who have stood up for you and loved you? All I can say is Karma is a bitch and if you stay on the same path you well end up all alone. And you have to ask your this the way you would want your child(en) to grow up and to act. To be cruel and unkind to people just for the hell of it? At some point we all have to grow up. And your words and acts hurt. Not only the people you are trying to hurt but they hurt you as well. So it's up to you..are you going to grow up are you going to keep going though life hurting people? EXAMPLE CONTRACT FOR COHABITATION Ar
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Headed to rock out with Godsmack tonight in Fort Wayne.

Random Babble
1. What is your best friend's Dad's name? my dad has no friends he has no time work work 2. What body part do you hate the most? umm am i getting rid of something 3. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had? mr.nociar wow hottie no shirt abbs droool!! 4. Have you ever made out in a basement? why yes i have i own a house with a basement lol 5. What body part do you wash first in the shower? boobies 6. Do you have any piercings? ears only sorry to disapoint 7. Do you have any tattoos nope i know how can that be metal girl no tattoo's 8. Is your driveway steep? nope rocky 9. What's your favorite flavored Pringles? yuk 10. Have you ever been tied up? hmmmmmm yup 11. What was the worst thing you ever got grounded for? slayer concert lol i snuck i never got caught 12. Have you ever had two dates in one night? nope 13. How many times have you been cursed at? lol ??? 14. Which shoe do you put on first? the one with the kitten sleep
Can anyone help me? I need to know how I edit a skin. I need one for my new lounge. Any help or advice would be great! Thanks Everyone!! May you walk in love, light, and happiness, Star :) Okay.. I know we have all seen people who set there status to "don't bug me" "leave me alone" "Fuck Off" or some other way of tell people to bug off. But I'm sorry this DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay if you really wanted to be left alone I got the answer to your problem. LOG OFF DUMBY! Ta da no one can bug you then... I don't mean to offend any one just it drives me nuts... Thank you for reading my little rant. :) Have a nice day. May you walk in love, light, and happiness, Star My Hubby and I never had a real wedding. We were married when I was 9 months pregnant in my moms living room. We have always kinda chatted about renewing our vows. Now we have finnally set a date Oct.31, 2012. I know it's a long time form now but we need to save money. I can't wait! I'm so excited! But I'm gla
Excuse Me
I'm old fashioned I guess. I prefer a comfortable couch to an angled piece of plastic with a flat screen attached to it. I like music with an old-timey feel like "In the Mood," or anything by Rush. I also like when people say, "excuse me" and mean it. I'm no linguistic scholar, nor do I profess ultimate knowledge of social etiquette. I am fairly confident though, that the use of the above-mentioned phrase was designed to offer some sort of apology for an inadvertent act that caused some amount of discomfort, embarrassment, disgust or inconvenience to the aggrieved party. It seems logical that in antiquity someone spilled a glass of wine on someone else's sandal at a dinner party and felt the need to express some sort of regret. Perhaps someone accidentally sheared his neighbor's sheep and needed a way to convey remorse. The phrase is literally asking to be excused for whatever transgression was committed. When did it become a license to engage in patently offensive beh
Lookin 4 A Ct Wife
lookin 4 a cool women to help me i need a very happy going ct wife send pics and describe your self

Special Song
I had a sour apple blowpop in my hand So weak and tired i could barely stand From being up all night, prayin' she'd say yes So with a hopeful heart i handed it to her With a tear in her eye she looked at me It was the moment of truth, i was scared to death My life hung on what that tear meant Then she smiled at me And I lost it No one can make me cry Make me laugh Make me smile Or drive me mad like she does It's like a curse that is the cure Better or worse, one thing's for sure It's real love and I don't know what I'd do If I lost it Well the honeymoon ended and life began Jobs and bills, losing touch with friends And that apartment got smaller every day Then one night the walls finally closed in I came home late, she said where've ya been You used to call and tell me you're on your way She said if this is how it's gonna be, then I quit She walked out the door I lost it No one can make me cry Make me laugh Make me smile Or
My Fav. Quote
SO everyone thinks hippies do drugs. well not all of then do. thats just a sterotype. i hate it becasue some of us true hippies get called drug heads or stoners... well im not! then they say im not a hippie because i dont do drugs well they can kiss my ass!! “Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening out circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” ~Albert Einstein~
At Peace In My Heart
(high again but that's just a bonus) So in the last 24 hours i have made some amazing life altering decisions. I don't know were the answers came from but everything just clicked. and it's like this amazing curtain has been pulled back and i can finally see more than a month into my future. Even when i thought that my life was so good and i was happy i didn't see this clearly. I have made two desicions. the first being that I am not going to have children. Now to you parents... i respect everything you do. I'm not having kids purely because I really don't want the hastle of dealing with someone up my ass all the time. I'm an independant woman. I wanna be able to come and go as i please. i dont even want a dog. i dont want to be tied down to anything or anyone. so i'm being purely selfish. lol. so that's that. and the second.. well those of you who know me in person this will come as a shock. I am joing the military. laugh. I'll let you. But I went to the recruiter today. and he's

this is a good day for me. all my kids greeted me this morning with breakfest in bed. gotta love them. they try hard I cant wait ,,,,ozzfest here we come!!! this is going to be a blast.
Dads & Step Dads
10.) Well, how about that! I'm lost. Looks like we'll have to stop and ask for directions. 9.) You know, pumpkin. Now that you're thirteen, you'll be ready for unchaperoned car dates. Won't that be fun? 8.) I noticed that all your friends have a certain negative attitude. I like that! 7.) Here's a credit card and the keys to my new car. Go crazy! 6.) What do you mean you want to play football? Figure skating not good enough for you, son? 5.) Your Mother and I are going away for the weekend. You might want to consider throwing a party. 4.) Well, I don't know what's wrong with your car. Probably one of those doo-hickey thingies. You know, that makes it run or something. Just have it towed to a mechanic and pay whatever he asks. 3.) No son of mine is going to live under this roof without an earring. Now, quit your belly aching and let's go to the mall. 2.) What do you want to go and get a job for? I make plenty of money for you to spend. 1.) Father's Da
♥rip ♥
Another baby taken too soon, with God now, R.I.P baby Elliot, you're loved and missed.
How I Feel Right Now
You think with age people tend to grow up and tell each other things that need to be said it sucks because some cant and I make a point to say how I feel does hurt though people cant do the same by coming to you first what can I say the world sucks And fake people do suck so for the real 1's left out their love ya and hope you dont turn your back on me I had to deal with it enough in the last month already Well as I sit here at 8: 31 pm heart hurting, lonely dont feel like I do enough for camden even though in every sense I do. Lonely in my litte world only thing that helps right now is the smile on my sons face which in due reality wont be much longer cause a number of factors which one of them is my own happiness is probley the number 1 reason for it all sad it took me 6 years to relize someone who I thought was close to ended up being a thorn. So my situation with it as it is for my son and tearing at me daily, good for him bad for my heart. On another note being alone is so much h
My Pictures This Asshole: Achilles@ CherryTAP Made a bulletin about me this morning with my link on it saying "this girl downrated 25 pics of mine "1". Ok not only does that sound like some pretty pathetic crying shit to me but I hear that he is the king of the downraters so thats the pot calling the kettle black. This is what happened: I went to his site and yes I looked at his pics. I didnt feel they deserved 10s so I didnt rate them at all. He is all boo-hoo that I didnt rate him at all so he makes up this lie that I rated them all "1". I was told about this bulletin by a friend and I quickly locked all my pictures. Sure enough, here comes his fan train giving my page "1"s (like thats gonna do anything anyhow) but a few who saw his bulletin gave me 10s too hahah. Personally I dont believe anything I read that accuses a person of doing something, I prefer to see screenshots. At the time he was crying about his BS downrating that he claims I did, I was helping my Step
Honorable Society Of Wolves
This Blog will be continually updated as members are confirming that they are staying with our family. Please check often and make sure you are there.. If you're name is not listed above your link, and you'd like it listed, please let me know what it is :). If you are not on the list, please submit a comment after you have placed Honorable Society of Wolves at the end of your name so that we might know your intentions are true. Theresa - Honorable Alpha Female BGD's Yummy~Alpha Female ~ Honorable Society of Wolves~Joker's Mistress :)~L.U.V. Club Mem~@ CherryTAP Wolferz - Elder Druid Wolf, An Honorable Wolf Wolferz ~Elder Druid Wolf --- Acting C.E.O. --- L.R.L. -- Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Dana - darkangel696930@ CherryTAP Ang – ~*ANG*~ ~Honorable Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Teresa – drusdragon ~.L.R.L.~Society of Wolves@ CherryTAP Raven - Raven Lonewolf~CT Fiancee of Juggalette4Life~Honorable Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Ron
Ass Of The Day Award
My NSFW pics are now closed for good. It appears someone I trusted to be on my family list has a need to stir up drama. I had 2 pics in a NSFW folder accessible only to family and someone decided to flag one of the pics. Kind of stupid of them since they already were labeled as such..Since one idiot has to screw things up, no one will see the pics. They were not even nude pics as those of you who have seen them know. So to the person who did it, and we both know who u are, thanks for nothing and congratulations on receiving the dumb ass of the day award, Hugs, Laurie aka Private Nurse keybender: i need a hot nurse,,cure my limp dick syndrone!!hehe ->keybender: Do you not read profiles dickhead???? I do not appreciate been approached that run along, have a nice day but do it on someone else's damn page...cause you are not getting your rocks off here.... keybender: naw,just saw pretty face,,sorry ->keybender: that was just rude and disr
My Thoughts
I am so tired of people pretending to be a friend on here just to get points. honistly if thats all ya want say so, ill help ya out. just be honist. please i know that this is preety much a fun and games type of site but come on. i was thinking one day about how time seems to fly by and how short life really is. and how when we get cought up in our own stuff we miss the important things. I just found out a good friend of mine ended his life in feb this year and my heart brakes. I have learned that people come into our lives for a special reason and saome only for small amounts of time, but those of us who have been beaten, batered, cheated on, and used put up a wall and push people out of our lifes, and thats when we loose those that are real , that a true friends because were to focused on the whats if and the past we don't see whats in frount of us tell its too late. I am trying to live each day as if it were my lAST, tell those dear to me how much i care just in case im not h
I Have A Question...
So....I've noticed at least once a day I get a group of chicks at a time checking me out. They always rate only 1 picture and typically it's my profile picture. Now, this is what i'm thinking. Are they checking out my page for ME (because ironically they never send ME a friend request)...or are they scoping my guys? I'd almost bet a million dollars it's the latter. I mean, give me some credit....I ain't dumb!!! LMAO! Seriously, I know CT is about friends and that's fine...befriend whoever and as many friends as you want...but don't use me to get your guys!!! Geeze chickadees, get your own!!! LMAO...and that's all I have to say about that. *giggles* Whew!!!....damn that felt good! And yes, I am a little territorial.....roflmao.
Read Me
To every girl who is scared to put her HEART out there again, because she has been HURT too many times or so BADLY. To every girl that has been CHEATED on, because she's NOT a SLUT who gives it up to any guy. To every girl that dresses CUTE not SKANKY. To every girl who wants to be called BEAUTIFUL ...not HOT To every girl that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect present for YOU. To every girl who gets her heart BROKEN, because he chose that stupid BITCH instead. To every girl that would DIE to have a DECENT boyfriend. To every girl who would JUST ONCE like to be treated like a PRINCESS!! To every girl that cries at night because of another HEARTBREAK To every girl that won't get down on her knees && open her mouth just to get a BOYFRIEND To every girl that just wants to HOLD HANDS To every girl that kisses hi
Go ahead and talk, say all the things that you feel the need to say. Look at my photographs and make jokes thinking that on some level it will ruin my day. Pick my life apart piece by piece, find flaws where you may. Remember though that in the end it is you that will pay. See jealousy is the utmost form of praise, compliment me all you like. I take your words with grains of salt, they mean nothing coming form a nasty dyke. The names that you'd love to have are mine as is the voice on the other end of the mic. So continue please make me that much more important than I am with each strike. DO your words harm me..why no, in fact I find them quite amusing. Does the anger and bitterness scold me..well no it's only words that your abusing. I know that your life must be strange and so confusing. I am the one gaining strength the power you thought you held, your slowly losing.
Blowing A Kisses To
Another Poem For My Love
♥You are my inspiration having you in my life revived my sleeping devotion You are indeed a special someone Loving you gives me hope to free this misery that I coped in those times I gave up You came and I stood up Never will I forget how you always cheer me up every time I’m sad and for that I’m glad Whenever I’m lonely You were there for me keeping my heart alive with your every smile I dedicate this poem to you to show how much you meant to me I love you My special someone♥
A Lil About Me
Another day of fighting, sometimes I think it would be a lil less painfull if he would up and hit me, cause man does his words pack a punch. No matter what I do I never seem to make him happy.I have put 8 yrs of my life into a relationship that was pretty much doomned from the first words *I-DO* , So many people including my parents warned me to think twice before jumping into a relationship with him. Now I regret never ever listning to my friends and my family. Now 3 kids later I am worse now then I ever was, I am stubborn and a tad bit hard headed and I dont feel that I have to give up MY home just because he wont leave. Alot of people ask me *Why do you stay*, it's simple it's my home too I may not work a full time job and get a pay check BUT I DO work, I take care the bills, the cleaning, the cooking , and raising my kids and putting up with a jerk of a husband that puts me down in a drop of a hat. And that my friend IS a full time job! Hey I have had some people want to know a lit
New Pics Of Kids And Others
What Serial Killer Are You
Serial Killer Quiz Congratulations, if you were a serial killer you would be... Ted Bundy In the early to mid 1970s Ted Bundy would murder over 30 young women. Most were attacked while walking in parks, found later to have been raped and strangled to death, but sometimes Bundy would go as far as breaking into their houses as they slept and beating them to death with a crow bar.After being caught and convicted of the murders, Bundy accepted prison, acquired a new name and started his killing spree all over again. Soon after, Bundy was caught, but not before taking the lives of 3 more women.Almost all of Bundy's victims were young white girls with long dark hair parted down the middle, all were raped, beaten and sodomized. kill count: 30 Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Wolf Family
This Blog will be continually updated as members are confirming that they are staying with our family. Please check often and make sure you are there.. If you are not, submit a comment after you have placed Honorable Society of Wolves at the end of your name so that we might know your intentions are true. Wolferz Wolferz ~Elder Druid Wolf -- An Honorable Wolf - Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Theresa BGD's Yummy~Alpha Female ~ Honorable Society of Wolves~Joker's Mistress :)~L.U.V. Club Co Fd TAKEN@ CherryTAP Ang ~*ANG*~ ~Honorable Society of Wolves~ @ CherryTAP Kim MysteryofDragons ~LRL~Society of Wolves@ CherryTAP Teresa drusdragon ~.L.R.L.~Society of Wolves@ CherryTAP Dana darkangel696930@ CherryTAP Raven CT Fiancee of Juggalette4Life~ 'Ðîñ]¬[ Raven Lonewolf~Ka-tet of Forty and Five~Honorable Society of Wolves' Owner of the Magic and the Dark Tower Lounge@ CherryTAP Pete Pokerpete13~OFFICIAL L.U.V CLUB FOUNDER~@ CherryTAP Dawn
Random Thoughts
Current mood: calm I on one occasion did a blog regarding competing (look it up), in it I spook about it being tough to say goodbye to someone that you know that was unhealthy for you. Some might know what was going on at that time, some might not, but for those who don't know, it wasn't pleasant. I always wanted to know why some fight to stay unhappy together with that someone, when being happy alone is best and safer for some for various reasons???(feel free to answer this). Sometimes in life things might seem to go right one min and so terribly wrong the next (that goes for relationships too) . It is excellent having friends that are actually there for you in your darkest hours. To try to either help you, in any way that can or keep you mind off of doing something you might regret at a later time. I once had someone that tried to open my eyes to what they thought was or should be important to me but I'm not sure if it is, after the fact that we wasn't good together. In the
Lingerie Angels
Hi ladies! I own the site, Lingerie Angels. I am thinking of starting a section on the site where any lady can be a guest model of a new free section. You can send in a gallery, a mixture of sample photos, whatever you would like and as often as you would like. For those of you who have your own website you would have a link and/or banner to your site in your gallery as well as on a special links page to help bring in more visitors for you. If you don't have a site you can post your email or have a guestbook for visitors to be able to show you some love. I'm always looking for new ways to help out all the ladies to have fun and have websites or promote the ones they already have. I'd appreciate a link back to our site, but its not mandatory. Let me know what you ladies think and if any of you would be interested. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at Thanks for your time! *hugs* Jen
Loa For A Fucking While Leave Love
Love..... Ouch!
So it's the most scariest thing n the world. it involves 2 things that r just 2 scarred 2 even recognize..... my heart and my trust both as fragile and delicate as the wings of a butterfly. i am in love or at least believe i am.... i keep fighting myself.... my mind is telling me "it's all a joke and none of it was real" on the other hand my heart is telling me "u know better and u could see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch, and hear it in his heart" but i was selfish back then.... oh lets not forget immature and ignorant. i can stand and breathe on my own. he wouldn't have 2 do it 4 me. i do need him 2 save me from my loneliness though.... it's a challenge, believe me. but i'm thankful that he knows how i feel about him. i did at least put fear aside on that one. but if he gave me one more last chance.... i'd show him a world he's only dreamed about and would do everything my heart and soul could not 2 hurt him n*e more than he already has been hurt.
heres the link to my auction This Bulletin brought to you by me Founder of The Order Of The Dragon Leveling Crew@ fubar Family, Friends, Fans, Bombers, I would like to ask for some help a member of my family has joined a contest and we are asking for everyones help. Christina~Irishtoads Princess~Protected by Castle Secrets~Order of the Dragons~@ fubar This is the link to her picture OCTOBER 17th @ 7:00pm Central (8-EST) ENDING: NOVEMBER 1 @ 7:00pm Central (8-EST) 1ST PLACE: 3 MONTH VIP OR 30 DAY BLAST 2ND PLACE: 7 DAY BLAST And BIG PIMP GIFT 3RD PLACE: 1 DAY BLAST And BIG PIMP GIFT RULES: · You must actively bomb yourself and have your friends back you-First place must reach 35,000 comments, second place must reach at least 25,000 comments. · No NSFW pics allowed. · Must play well with others. This means NO downrating. · Comment Bombing is a must. · No Scripts of any kind to
New To Cherry Tap
I'm not sure what I'm doing here yet, It will take me a little time to figure out how this site works and what I'm suppposed to be doing...LOL!! I hope everyone that is my fan or friend will bear with me until I get the hang of this site. So far I am having fun, and will have a better profile for everyone to view. Thanks to all the people who are helping me out, and for all the new comments. This is really a cool site, too bad I hadn't heard of it sooner. Starting next week I maybe offline for a couple of weeks. I'm going on a much needed vacation. Once I get back I will be online and having fun with everyone. Again Thank you to all the wonderful people and new friends. TTYL, Take Care & Smile :) ScorpioBabe ~aka~ Louann S. I can't share this in my Stash....So I thought I would post a few Jokes here .... ROFLMFAO!! Voodoo Dick There was a businessman who was getting ready to go on a long business trip. He knew his wife was a flirtatious sort, so he thought he'd tr

Looking For A Few Good Friends
sorry to all of those i haven't been in touch with in a while i am away at school and work type stuff and don't ever have much time to be on here and i have to find a proxy that i could be on here with but i'll be home soon so once again sorry
SCHOOL ANSWERING MACHINE >> >> (This is hilarious - no wonder some people were offended!) but I think it >> should be on all Schools' recorders !!! >> >> This is the message that the Pacific Palisades High School ( California ) >> staff voted unanimously to record on their school telephone answering >> machine. This is the actual answering machine message for the school. >> This came about because they implemented a policy >> requiring students and parents be responsible for their children's >> absences and missing homework. The school and teachers are being sued by >> parents who want their children's failing grades changed to passing >> grades - even though those children were absent 15-30 times during the >> semester and did not complete enough schoolwork to pass their classes. >> >> The outgoing message: >> >> "Hello! You have reached the automated answering service of your school. >> In order to assist you in connecting to the right stafff member, please >> li
Random Thoughts On Life
Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog… and while many of you could care less, the time has come once again to set my thoughts down in a blog. Wrestling is going well. I’m still working regularly for WVPW. The SWF is starting to run shows again after a long hiatus… and I’m glad to be working for them again. I will be working for NWA – All Star in the coming months in Virginia, so things are looking up in that regard. I may not be the hardest working ref in WV anymore, but I’m definitely keeping my hand in. Besides, at 45 years of age, I can’t do as much as I could five years ago…. And man, I hated to admit that. I’m staying active in my church, which has proven to be a real blessing to me. I do what I can to help out our pastor, and trust me… he keeps me busy. But that’s OK. I have no problem with that. There have been many rewards that have come about from my service, one of which occurred last month. I had the honor and the privilege of helping my pasto
Uni Dentified Male
at 7:40am there was an unidentifided male was found in an alleyway near jacksonville beach on monday june 11,2007.He was found face down and his hands were tied behind his back.this unidentified man was my step father.I am asking anyone who might know anything to please help in finding and prosicuting his killer.Because of some careless asshole me and my mother have to explain to my 7 year old brother why his daddy won't be here on fathers day.To make matters worse when my brother came home from school today he showed me and my mom the card and keychain he made for his daddy. a present he will never I am asking for help from ppl i don't know and ones i do please help us find his killer. rest in peace Scott Eugene Hofmann
I Must Be Crazzzy
I started a new job this last week. I work for a convience store. I had never done this kind of work before and I am not to sure how I like it yet. I am going to give it some time. I guess I have to now because I got a ticket on the way home from work. I have been living with my daughter since my husband died. It was going ok for a while. I never realized how selfish she can be. It is always my my my. I am so ready to have my own house. I have never lived alone and am ready for it. Well have to go more later
Just Cause I Thought It Was Funny...
1) Cover your stump before you hump 2) Before you attack her, wrap your whacker 3) Don't be silly, protect your Willie 4) When in doubt shroud you spout 5) Don't be a loner, cover your boner 6) You can't go wrong, if you shield your dong 7) If your not going to sack it, go home and whack it 8) If you think she's spunky, cover your monkey 9) It will be sweeter if you wrap your peter 10) If you slip between her thighs, condomize 11) She won't get sick if you wrap your dick 12) If you go into heat, package your meat 13) While your undressing Venus, dress up your penis 14) When you take off her pants and blouse, suit up your mouse 15) Especially in December, gift wrap your member 16) Never ever deck her, with an unwrapped pecker 17) Don't be a fool, vulcanize your tool 18) The right selection, is to protect your erection 19) Wrap it in foil, before you check her oil 20) A crank with armor, will never harm her 21) If you really love her, wear a cover 22) Don't make a mi
Did You Know ?
Oldest Story In The Book
Girl and Guy start talking to each other, but girl has boyfriend. Then the after talking yo guy he decides to leaves him for sure. But during this time they just talk. Things happen and the girl leaves her b/f and the girl and guy are closer. The only thing that is stopping them is the girls fears... What should she do? I am sitting here thinking about things that have been on my mind recently. I have had ample time to think on certain people and things. I realize that love is not always true and meaningful. I have lost hope in and for it. But I am sick of people ordering me around and treating me like shit. I will not tolerate it. I have made mistakes. But everyone does and nobody is perfect. Accept it and love me for who I am not for something else. I am sitting here thinking about things that have been on my mind recently. I have had ample time to think on certain people and things. I realize that love is not always true and meaningful. I have lost hope in and for it. But I am sick
Deeva's Blog
I'm really bored today - I guess I should pick up around here - but I'm having too much fun online, lol.
Just A Few Thought On People In General!
so today i talk to a person i have known for many many years and she has choosen someone she has known for less time over me. to her everything i do is immature even though she did the same shit before she was stupid and got herself stuck with a kid wen she is only 21 and has no job. fuck that. i dont want to be judged by someone who doesnt really know me. not many people know t he real me bc i know that they would never understand and i dont wanna take the chance of getting hurt by the people who pretend they care and then backstab you and make you look like you are the wrong one. i been through this way to many times to give a shit any more. i have a group of friends know more like a family that i know i can count on so to everyone else fuck off bc i really dont need you any more. you arent worth my time or waste of breathe. karma is a bitch just remember that! one day you will see you fucked up and wen u need me i wont be there bc i have my own life to live now. even though you thin

solid black; background: white;" width="450">johnny's sexual nickname: "Jack-in-the-Box" Take this quiz at
Wisconsinisms-just Trying Help Break The Language Barrier Between The North And The South!!
Wisconsinisms-just Trying Help Break The Language Barrier Between The North And The South!!
Since moving to the DEEP SOUTH, often I am given a hard time about the way I talk, I guess those of us who have been lucky enough to be born and raised Way up in Wisconsin have a completely different language So for all my Southerneze Speaking friends, here is a little Translation Dictionary should you be around me as those famous Wisconsin Adult Beverages start to flow and you can not understand what I am saying... "Wisconsinisms." Ain-a-hey: placed at the end of a profound statement; as in "isn't It?" Bart: a Green Bay institution who doesn't need a last name; (see "Vince"). Believe-you-me: attached to the beginning or end a statement make it more credible; as in, "really!" Blaze orange: what deer hunters and cold-weather Packer fans wear at Lambeau. Born in a barn?: a sarcastic question which usually means you left the door open. Borrow: used in place of "lend," as in, "could youse borrow me a couple two-tree bucks?" Brat: a sausage; a Wis
Rock N Roll
To The L.r.l Family
Wow. Been a rough week for the family huh? Ive been sitting here watching and listening and checking the family out. And I have come to the conclusion that this isnt the family for me. Im sorry guys and gals. To much drama. This is not a family at all. This is high school bs to me. Out in the wild with a real wolf family you do get LOYALTY, RESPECT and LOVE from the pack. Im not feeling it here at all. With that said no hard feeling to any of you. I hope we can all stay friends about this, if not your lose and you can block me.
Wordz Of Wisdom
Things NOT to Say to a Naked Man... That's it? Wow - look at all the hair on your back! Maybe you should start going to the gym more. That was fine, dear...pass me my vibrator? Thats a shame, maybe we should grab a video instead? Wake me when it's over, ok? I think the condom's too big. Zzzzzz.... You want me to what?!? Well, that explains the padded pants. Did you take out the garbage yet? My husband's in the Marines. He's due home any day now. Is that a toupee? So THAT'S what your ex warned me about! No. Surgery might be able to help. Not until you've showered. That must be my mother on the phone. Your brother's bigger. Your best friend's better. Are you done yet? Wow! Look at the size of gut! Size doesn't REALLY matter, dear. You might want to see a doctor about that. Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Things NOT to say to a naked woman... Cool, I've never been t
From Sheri
The key to your success at ANYTHING lies in the choices you make. You dont have to buy from anyone, work at a particular job, participate in any given relationship or activity. YOU CAN CHOOSE!!!!!!! You can DECIDE at any time to alter the course of your life. No one can take that away from you.. YOU CAN CHOOSE!!!!!!! Make the right choices.. Your life is now........ Love Livin' It Sherilynn Williams
Very Nice
Songs I Wrote
Your a ho Your a trick Your a filthy hoodrat bitch Gave me time Let me shine Left me sittin in a ditch Took some time, to rewind No more standing by my side Gettin cold Gettin black Angers showin thats a fact Here it comes There it goes Makin entry to the show Loved me once Never twice As determined by the dice Aftermath Starts a clash What should now be done Took that trip Gave my shot Never truely earned my spot Thinkin hard What to do Never know what I should do End ya life with a knife Thats a pussy thing to do Stoppin life with them drugs Is for them pussy thugs Take my chance on a spree Because mass murder makes me happy! Stick my fingers in ya eyes Diggin deep inside For my candy surprise And I Displace ya knees from ya thys Dismantel ya brain And sever ya spine We tried ya way That's why were tryin mine My ways a little messier Might get the best of ya Heavens descended now Only i'm stoppin ya And I Open the pits of hell And yo
How To Bank Pts During Happy Hour!
***Taken from a friends Bulletin!*** Rating stashes during Happy Hour is one of the fastest ways to gain points! Each Thumbs Up equals 2 points for you and 2 points for the owner of the stash! Below is a list of my friends with large stashes. Check out your own friends too! It's interesting to see what you do or do not have in common with your friends! Be sure and hit the small ones too! They rate out quickly and you can move on to another one! ~~MY HALO IS SLIPPING~~RATE/FAN/ADD~~ QUICK POINTS DOUBLE DURING HAPPY HOUR 4000 ITEMS IN MY STASH@ CherryTAP 4070+ Thedarkone@ CherryTAP 2730+ Lotta Metal videos in there :-) AUSSIE ASSASSIN@ CherryTAP 2600+ ¸¸.·*´¯`~Mystikal~´¯`*·.¸¸Mistress of Beggars and Lepers of Lestats Dark Covenant Family@ CherryTAP 2320+ ~Neptunes Human~@ CherryTAP 1700 in stash - 2400 pix ~Tima~I.B.I.C.~DarkMoonFamily~@ CherryTAP 2130+ Pamela, Check out the LEGO stadium in Pamela's stash! 2090+ ~~Oklahoma Cherok
For You, My Vlad!
NOT SURE IF ANYONE WILL READ THIS TILL THE END BUT I LOVE IT! IS ABOUT MEDIEVAL KNIGHTS!:) Medieval Society Those Who Fight The bellatores were the knights of the Middle Ages. Most people have an image of knights that comes from the very end of the Middle Ages: the knight in shining armor (that is, in plate mail), who fights bravely for his lady fair, who is chivalrous and courteous and noble. That is a stereotype, of course, useful mainly to Hollywood producers and the writers of romance novels. The reality was more complex and not nearly as attractive. Our English word "knight" comes from the German knecht, which means man (as in: he's one of my men) or servant. The German word for knight is Ritter, which means "rider" or "horseman". The French word, chevalier has the same meaning, as does caballero in Spanish. Knighthood is a somewhat slippery concept, and one that developed over the centuries. A knight was first and foremost a mounted warrior—that was his origin and
What Is A Dream?
When I love, I love with all my soul it consumes as if flames engulf my very being. When I hurt, I'm shattered into a thousand peices and trying to put them back together again is like trying to put a puzzle together where some of the peices are missing, I will never be whole. I've loved, I've lost been broken into a thousand peices and everytime I put myself together again there's a hole because they're peices that are lost forever. I feel as if I don't belong anywhere or with anyone. You can look into my eyes and see all the pain that is there, it's obvious and there is no use trying to hide it or trying to pretend. I'm tired I wish this all would end, I'm tired of fighting a battle that I will never win. I'm tired of feeling alone even though there are people around me I don't think they understand. I am almost to the point of numb, but I don't want to be numb I want to feel I'm grasping at the last few strings of humanity that I have, but to feel what I feel is almost too much to e
NUMBER ONE IS WRITTEN FOR ALL MY MILITARY FAMILY THIS ONES FOR YOU ALL..... American Soldier They ask him why he's leaving, why he's shipping off to fight. They fail to see what's on the line, all their freedoms, all their rights. Comprehension is beyond their grasps that someone's got to go. And while every breath may be his last no fear, no doubt will he ever show. Because he knows that if he dies in some far off foreign land, that his valiant efforts may save the lives of his countrymen, family, and friends. And that girl's picture in his pocket, though how he longs to hold her will forever be carried in the heart of this true American Soldier. HERE ARE SOME RANDOM POEMS THAT I HAVE WRITEEN OVER THE YRS “Yes!” My joy is overflowing, you got down on your knee and have professed forever your special love for me. There was no hesitation, the moment I said “yes,” and gave life to the feelings I’m longing to express. I give
My Website's Newest Gallery
My newest gallery titled "School Girl-Part 1" was recently added to my site. It is all about balloon fun in my new school girl outfit. Someone had requested that one of us post a gallery of pics where we are blowing up, playing with and popping ballons. It was definately a good idea and fun to do too. The first part of this gallery contains 71 pictures. My next gallery will be part two of the "School Girl" gallery. It will contain approximately 40 pictures. I will continue off where part 1 left off. I will continue to play with the balloons at first topless. Then, I start to get hot so I need to take the skirt off. Wonder what is underneath, do you? (You will have to wait to find out) Then, it continues with some more playful balloon fun where I try popping them with my heels (They were being naughty). That was fun and alittle bit tricky too! And then stay tuned for the final part....part 3. Cum and check it out! Hope you like it, Gina Marie
My Rants And Stuff
Baby Kaleb
Pray for baby Kaleb.Add to My Profile | More Videos
All Men Should Now
The Ultimate SEX Survey by game_gurl69Do you like it rough or sensual?: bothDo you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: oppositeHow often do you like to have sex?: every dayIs sex a top priority for you?: sometimesDo you have sex face to face with your partner?: yes and noHow often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: i dontHow do you feel about one night stands?: i did itHow many one night stands have you had?: someWhat's your favorite position?: seting in there lapWhere's your favorite place to have sex?: in bedDo you prefer to make love or f*uck?: make loveHave you ever watched porn while having sex?: yesHow long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: 1 hrDo you get off first or do they?: meDo you like kissing during sex?: yesDo you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: quiteDo you prefer your partner to be loud or quite?: up to themDoes size matter (for girlz-- dicks/for guyz-- boobs)?: noHow old were
My Ramblings And Rants And How I Get Through This Thing Called Life
Yesterday about 500 new grey hairs popped into my head. Jessica was traveling and had some difficulties. It was all I could do to hold it together when she called me to tell me her car had broken down. Naturally, I put fuel in mine and went to go rescue her. I prayed the whole way for God to keep her safe. It's hard to drive 80 plus and hold a cell phone. giggles! I had to know she was ok until I could get to her. I talked with my sister yesterday and yet again she made one comment that just hit my brain. Sometimes in this life, I catch myself praying for something then later on simply forgetting about it before it comes to pass. It's like I give up on the verge of a breakthrough. This time I'm taking a different approach. I have prayed long hours, days, long nights, and months for certain things. I have stood still and stood my ground when God led me to do so. I've sat back and watched His hand move. That which I have prayed for will come to pass. I believe it just as much as I
Useful Tips And Links
Usefull cherrytap tips!! this blog will be updated regularly and feel free to leave a comment with anything i might need to add. your imput is greatly appreciated. Usefull cherrytap tips!! 1. You can upload pics from your mobile phone at 2. Try to always delete messages you’ve read. 3. If you are uploading NSFW content, mark it right away 4. Make sure your salutes are clear, have your user name, number, and on them before submitting 5. If you see a photo that is nsfw, click the report photo link below the picture. Help keep cherrytap clean! 6. Welcome new users to CherryTap. 7. Read the bible 8. Any user with an ORANGE name can help ya out with a question. They are bouncers and can be found by looking for help 9. The support lounge is a great place to ask questions and find answers to glitches and bugs going around Cherrytap. 10. Send referrals to friends quickly and easily by using your invite link at the top
HE CHOSE ME! the love of my life chose me to be his wife! my love life is so confusing right now, i am dating someone who just told me last night that he is dating someone on the side and i am not mad just confused because i want him to love just me, and he says he doesn't know where things will go between the two of them.
My Myspace Page If you have a myspace page, be my freind there too!
Ladies, some of us guys just don’t get it. We don’t get what you mean when you say “cheat”. See, to most men, if we didn’t sleep with someone, then “no harm, no foul”. But, in today’s complicated love space, it’s hard to know what cheating is. So, what do you have to do to get it across to us? It’s probably as easy as the “Golden Rule” which is “do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.” What this means is that you should treat other people like you want to be treated. So that takes us back to cheating. You and your man have been seeing each other for about a year. He is about to go to a close friend’s bachelor party. Can he get a lap dance? Most guys would think that this is harmless fun. But, a woman just needs to ask the guy to behave as he would want her to behave. If he doesn’t mind some dirt ball exotic dancer rubbing his genitals all over your leg, then he won’t have any problem getting a similar dance from a woman. However, the thought of another man rubbing a
No Words
He sees her walk in. Notices her right away. Not tall, long curly dark hair. Big dark eyes. Thick lips colored a deep red. Wearing a pair of tight jeans that hugged her big round luscious bottom which caused a stirring in his jeans. Black top short leather black jacket. When she walked by him her perfume intoxicated more then the alcohol he was drinking. She sat at the end of the bar and ordered some kind of green drink in a martini glass. He called the bartender over and told him the next drink for the lady at the end of the bar is from him. The bartender walked over to her and gave her the message. she downed her drink and wrote him a note and sent it back to the bartender. the note was asking him to come over and join her. He smiled tucked the note in his pocket. Downed the rest of his drink and went over to her. She smiled what an wicked smile he thought. which he loved. He sat next to her ordered a drink and they started talking. Drinks were flowing. The
Today Was Ok
my ex had her baby i dont know if it is mine or someone else's ...shoot me now
2 Be Or Not 2 Be
looking for my friends to sign my guess book..i am truly learning how to be a cherry tapper lol just wanted to thank every one who has sent me messages and rated my pics..just looking to make some wonderful friendships
Eric Blogs
I'm Lonely
How can i feel lonely when i'm surrounded by familar faces that make me lucky i have friends like them....but even though i act cheerful i don't let anyone see my loneliness inside. At night i dream of love so why can't i find love in real dreams are the olny thing that keep me from feeling too lonely. I want to feel a guys arms wrapped around me so that i know i'm safe and nothing bad will happen but if something does he'll stand by me.....i want a guys lips to be my haven.....i want to be held when i cry.....i want to laugh, i mean truly laugh with the guy i care for I don't want to be lonely
So Here We Go
OK You wanted a public apology? Here it is. Jeff, I realize that I may have been a little rough on you with my resignation. For that, I apologize. I understand that you have an infieriority complex. For that, I apologize. I see now that you have no life. For that, I apologize. I didn't buckle at your every wish. For that, I apologize. I opened the eyes of many others you tried to rule over. For that, I apologize. I have never, nor will ever, been subserviant to another man. For that, I apologize. I took someone from you that you NEVER had. For that, I apologize. I exposed you for the manipulative bastard that you are. For that, I apologize. I resigned from a family that includes many very real, very caring people. For that, I apologize. I tried to remove myself from all this drama. For that, I apologize. I am a ruthless SON OF A BITCH. For that, I apologize. I agreed to accept a position in your cabinet. For that, I apologize. I do not take y
It has been awhile since I actually wrote a poem but I am starting again The Darkness As the darkness enfolds my soul, I wait for my next prey. I read their thoughts and feel their heartbeats as they pass by, but still I wait. I turn cold, but still wait, waiting in shadows for the one whose life will bring me pleasure. As I take them in my arms their life blood sustains me, keeps me warm as I mingle with them in the darkness. Mingle till daylight takes me back home.
This Is How I Want My Pussy Licked
95% of females can't cum from sex UNLESS we're on top...and we're on top why? Duh so we can stimulate our doin' our lil "snake charm" grindin' grabbin onto the males pelvic bones...which we all know does nothing for the the point is...EAT OUR PUSSY FIRST...make us cum a few times...numb us up then hammer away or soft and slow with alot of vaginal teasing with your magic stick to build it all up in the end however you like. Now once you're in between our legs...don't just fuckin' dive in there like a bum at a Thanksgiving charity dinner...take your fuckin time. We all know pussy is nearly irresistable...but don't act like that way. Lick our inner thighs, kiss them...kiss around our pussy lips...kiss the lips etc. finally once you've got your tongue on our clit...this is what to do...(you can use your hands to spread our lips apart if you's all about preference...but for future info it's easier to make us cum w/our lips spread. So you have easier acces
Poem For My Dark Mistresses
For My Sisters: Look into the Blackness of your Soul That allows you to still Shake your hips and Smack your lips After surviving the Whips, Ships and the Slave pits. And Dance out all The Bessings and The Testings of this life.
Haven't done THIS in a long long time! Mom is out of hospital & in a skilled nursing facility for the time being.....let's see.....she had pneumonia, shingles & an infection in her blood.  So....if I don't get to my daily rates, it's probably because I'm either at the nursing home, working or helping my daughter move, as she & her hubby split up!  Alot going on in our lives right now but still thankful for life!  Hugs & love to all! Doing this seems to help a bit with the craziness! Was @ work this morning & my daughter had to call in to's sooo frustrating trying to get a phone call where I work! The call finally got thru to me and was told Mom needs a blood transfusion! I know Mom's 84 and has lived a long, full life and the Alzheimer's, or I should say the effects of it, drive me out of my mind @ times! But I love Mom and I've been a basketcase today over all this! I haven't done THIS in a long long time!  Soooo....been taking care of Mom for 5 years now & just found a person
Whats Up
Just wanted to say hey whats up to anyone that might look at this. Rate my pics and send me a message and if u wanna get to know me then add me or whatever.
How Do You Tell Someone How You Feel About Them?
How do you tell someone you love them, when you are unsure of what their feelings are towards you? This is the first time I have ever had strong feelings about a guy. I never knew what it was like and I am not sure if I should tell him how I feel. I mean, not just am I setting myself up for humiliation if he doesn't return my feelings, but I am opening a piece of my soul to him. Being hurt is the last thing I need at this point and I would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks
So Much For Friendship
Which Sealab 2021 character are you? You are Sparks. You care about Sealab only because it's full of fools to take advantage of.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code I went out on sunday night with the guys. because i haven't in a long time,it was great got drunk the usual. A few people cam eback to my house to sober up .....I had no idea that my best friends wive was pissed. so pissed that he isn't allowed to talk rto me any more because he was at my house sobering up with the other i dont want to prove to her that nothing happened....I shouldn't have to. It just blows my mind that i was written off so easily. i guess thats just how it goes. I supose i should stop being friends with guys...but i have known him since i first moved to ve...before they even got married or started dating...he was there when i got married, and aroudn when zoe was born......i am going to miss my best friend. o-well, so much for frie
Just A Few Jokes 4 Ya!
A guy is sitting in a bar with his friends bitching about going home to his wife. His friends ask him why he doesn't want to go home to such a fine looking woman and he replies... "Well, the problem is that she has Gonnorrhea" So what say the friends, flip her over. "Well, she also has diarrhoea" the guy says. "Yuck, but what about her mouth." The friends chime in. "Halitosis" the man says. "Damn, Why would you stay with her?" The friends say. "Well," the guy replies "She also has worms, and you guys know how I like to fish." *********************************************************************************** One afternoon a little girl excitedly approached her mother, and announced that she had learned where babies come from at school that day. Amused, her mother replied, "Really, sweetie? Why don't you tell me all about it?" The little girl explained, "Well... OK... the mommy and daddy take off all of their clothes, and the daddy's thing sort
Responce From Cherrytap Shop
please block the offensive users. please see our tos. Member Disputes. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members., Inc. reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members. On 6/12/2007, wrote: >To Remove all my Blogs by 7 am cst.or else.An Alo my Friends Blogs as well.This Jerk another.Here is an incert of our conversations,Now he says I need to Delete all my Blogs by 7am cst.All L.R.L. are >Required to Remove me this White Wolf Running from their Friends Family >list an Block his Ass. ASAP.Direct OrderThe Piss Ant Insulted me by calling me a Weasel.It is not over until I see all blogs gone 7 am CST is your deadline.On 6/12/2007, wrote:>Not >a Spade I have been a Great Awesome Person all my Life Very Kind.I do >not take Kindly to Insults this Situation is Over.Finished so go away.>>On 6/12
Guest Book
Khaos Faerie's Blog
I thought a day off meant that you werent supposed to have anything much to do. I have so far went grocery shopping, went to the library to pick up some books on A+ certification. I finally found a good one. I have also went running. Bad idea especially in this heat. Its supposedly almost 100 degrees outside and my brainy idea was to go out and exercise by running for about an hour. Real smart aint I? lol Other than that I'm studying for the A+ certification test for work and school. At least I'll only have to take it once. Other than that things are starting to slowly calm down. Khaos Faerie PS Damn I'll be glad when Mitch gets off work. I am getting married on Thursday. Sorry to all of those people that were interested in dating me but I'm in love with the guy I am going to marry. I usually dont talk about my relationship with him because he's not on here yet :( He's hardly ever online and where he works blocks places like fubar, like so many companies tend to do. Though be a
I Didn't Know This!! Lmao
You scored as Sex God, You are a master at sex. You make your partner weak in the knees, and you know it. You've had the practice, and you've read the books, but don't get too cocky (pun intended) or you'll get put into place.Sex God83% A Romantic65% A Slave To BDSM55% Virgin28% How are you in bedcreated with
My Day Off
I have been in a strange mood for the past few days. I am not 100% sure why to be honest, but just feeling generally low. I started this month quite up beat, but that seems to have lulled right now. Everything just seems so depressing. I find that I am wanting to spend more time alone, and am talking to myself (if one person says it's the firs sign of madness!....grrr) I am feeling the need to hide myself away, so for those of you that are bothered, I wont be on for a few days. I just need to get my head together. I have never been one for opening up on here, and am normally quite a private person, but for some reason I had the urge to blog. Feeling a bit useless right now. The past few weeks I have been feeling more and more anxious. I am having trouble sleeping in the night, and during the day I feel so tired it is hard to move. It's driving me mental! I have been having quite a bit of time off in the past year as I have had constant nausea and vomitting, and my employer is mo
Trying To Help A Friend
I know this guy. He's a really good friend of mine. In fact we use to date. We parted on good terms because of the distance. But anyway...I wrote a mumm about this same subject. He's dating this woman. He told me that they argue almost all the time. When it's good it's good...but when it's's terrible. One day they were arguing about something. She just stepped up to him and punched him in the face...When he saw that his nose was bleeding he said he went crazy and started attacking her. She called the police and he was arrested. Now he's out of jail, but now there's a case pending. They're still living together. He thinks she was wrong and he wasn't. "CRAZY SHIT" But there's more. He walks in on her messagig men on "where they met" She claims that it's just for fun. But he doesn't like it. They argue about it, but in the end..he's like a little love sick pupy who gives in. Recently he told me that all of a sudden she was habing money in her pocket, a new ban
Reply To Smitten
IF U HAD ME AL0NE... L0CKED UP IN Y0UR R00M F0R TWENTY-F0UR H0URS & WE COULD DO WHATEVER YOU WANTED WHAT W0ULD Y0U D0 WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET... THEN REPOST THIS IN YOUR BULLETIN... YOU MIGHT BE SUPRISED WITH THE RESPONSES YOU GET. THEY COULD MAKE YOU LAUGH OR EVEN SMILE You're Kind of Stupid You got 7/10 questions right! There's some things most people know... except for you. Are You Stupid? The rules are that you post this and wait for someone to send you a message telling you what they would do with you. All you have to do is repost this with the subject "SPIN THE B0TTLE" 1.i Would Feel your booty 2.i Would kiss you on the cheek 3.i Would kiss you on forehead 4.i would just give you a hug. 5.i would give you a kiss on the lips 6.i would french kiss you 7.i would make out with you 8.i would FUCK YOU!!! If you do not repost this you will have bad relationships for the rest of your life!!! SPIN THE BOTTLE
Sexy Art
I'm Sorry.
Hi there. this is for a friend or 2 that I had upset because of my last blog about people being on Cherry to much and trying to find some 1 to be with on here . I never meant to hurt or upset none of my friends even them couple that I have had every sence I got on this site here and yes of course at times I have found my self flirting with a few on here but any more I dont have a lot of time to be on here because of work and bmx of course getting ready for a big race over in Orlando Florida with Disney . I do hope this has cleared things up alil more. take care all..
Just Delicious
Too long has it been Since humanity lost its color Screaming violet A shattered soul cries out Shattered souls cry out Shattered souls, lost souls Mindless youths, shadowed by guilt Tragic losses, a shattered soul cries out No one listens The truth is blaring in their ears Mindlessness, shadows beyond our eyes A shattered soul cries out Listen to the night talk A shattered soul begins to mend A heart begins to heal A shattered youth, only looking Searching...for her soul. Running away from the world A world full of hatred and pain People around me dying Shadows falling everywhere. People running from problems Screaming in my ears No light in the darkness Running, always running. Running, running from screams Screams so lound they kill Blood is everywhere, on everything Children lost, runaways keep running Total chaos everywhere No one's trying to help No one can see whats going on Everyone's dead now. I am made of moonlight Immortal and brig
Lesbian Kissing Music Video
I was walking around in a store. I saw a cashier hand this little boy his money back saying "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll." Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. "It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for this Christmas. She was so sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her." I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus will bring it to her after all, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly
hello girl how are you
Autism Diagnosis Checklist Signs of Autism There are two major diagnostic classification systems in current use, the International Classification of Diseases, version 10 (ICD-10) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th edition (DSM-IV ). They have similar symptom criteria for diagnosis based on three general impairments, with the following behaviours, which are out of line with their mental age: 1. Social Delayed or abnormal social development. 2. Language and communication Delayed or abnormal language and communication both verbal and non-verbal. 3. Thought and behavior Rigidity of thought and behavior and lack of imagination. Displays ritualistic behavior, reliance on routines, impairment of imaginative play. DSM-IV is diagnostic criteria used in the United States and many other parts of the world. ICD-10 is the most commonly used ASD classification system in the UK and Europe, although many research studies also use DSM-IV or other
My Ricochet
I have been requested to post this particular blog... I wrote this quite a while ago for someone very special to me. I hope they don't mind seeing it You look so beautiful, lying there half covered; your chest rising and falling with each breath. Lying there unaware your slumber is being observed. I sit at the edge of the bed, my fingers trace the side of your face. You didn't shave before going to bed again... I've always loved that. The image of your bronzed body silhouetted against the ivory sheets stirs something inside me. As I lay my hand on your shoulder, I pull gently... turning you onto your back. My fingertips now tracing the length of your body from your neck to your navel and back again. I stand up and go to the foot of the bed, undressing as quietly as possible. Gently placing my knee between your legs, I begin to crawl up to you, uncovering you as I go. Leaning forward I start kissing your inner thighs, feeling your body reacting to my touch even thoug
And So It Goes...
so i have a guest book now on my page..if anyone loves me..they will def. go and hook that up:) WILL! why r u ignoring me? Alright kids, What's cracking? Why is it that guys can't show their emotions like women? they might appear less masculine..but's so confusing when a guy is all like "i'm trying not to thing about our break up" but with a giant smile on their face? Does that make sense? DOES IT?! He's like george bush smiling about major world problems and crying about losing his damn golf game. *Sigh* and so the story's just a rant..nothing really more then that. _kiM_
And So It Begins....
I wanted to role-play with her. I wanted to try so many different things with her and explore our minds and our bodies together. I felt so comfortable with her; I had no fears of that exploration. Just as much as I enjoyed making sweet slow love where she begged me for more, part of me craved role playing with the woman I loved, dominating her and controlling her sexually. We must have both wanted it that day. She came to me, dressed in a way she knew would be pleasing to my eyes. Her beautiful body wrapped in lingerie, her feet in heels for bed and an anklet around her ankle to signal to me her complete submission and willingness to explore. Our lips met and our tongues danced as our desire connected. I could almost taste the passion on her lips. Her beautiful blue eyes were full of a wicked combination of love, lust and desire. She grabbed my hand and led me back into the room and maneuvered me in front of her favorite couch. Pulling her into my arms again, I could feel her h
Cancer Poem
This is a poem written by a teenager with cancer. She wants to see how many people get her poem. It is quite the poem. This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a New York Hospital. It! was sent by a medical doctor - SLOW DANCE Have you ever watched kids On a merry-go-round? Or listened to the rain Slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Do you run through each day On the fly? When you ask How are you? Do you hear the reply? When the day is done Do you lie in your bed With the next hundred chores Running through your head? You'd better slow down Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Ever told your child, We'll do it tomorrow? And in your haste, Not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die
A Bad Day
Vivamus mea Lesbia, atque amemus, rumoresque senum severiorum omnes unius aestimemus assis! soles occidere et redire possunt: nobis cum semel occidit brevis lux, nox est perpetua una dormienda. da mi basia mille, deinde centum, dein mille altera, dein secunda centum, deinde usque altera mille, deinde centum. dein, cum milia multa fecerimus, conturbabimus illa, ne sciamus, aut ne quis malus inuidere possit, cum tantum sciat esse basiorum. Catullus emotions are useless..they only serve to annihilate the person feeling them...either now or later, it doesn't matter. they destroy you from the inside...laying waste to what could have been good, leaving behind something dead and unwanted. SDD sucks There is no escape...just a hope for in and day out...constant long will it last...i never can tell...only one way to describe own private hell. written by: me
So, it transpires that the good folks here at the place where I work out are on the warpath about folks being on teh internets when they should be working... so looks like kins might have to go into hiding or lose his job, if it ain't too late already. Now how do you like them apples? I love that movie. I just wanted to share that with you. ...I don't think I could ever be with someone who didn't like the movie 'Empire Records'
Our New Pony
We bought a pony he is only 3 feet tall. So cute and small.
Shout Out To The Ladies
A POEM ABOUT OUR GIRLFRIENDS Someone will always be prettier. Some will always be smarter. Some of their houses will be bigger. Some will drive a better car. Their children will do better in school. And their husband will fix more things around the house. So let it go, and love you and your circumstances. Think about it! The prettiest woman in the world can have hell in her heart. And the most highly favored woman on your job may be unable to have children. And the richest woman you know, she's got the car, the house, the clothes~~~~ might be lonely. And the word says, "If I have not Love, I am nothing." So, again, love you. Love who you are. Look in the mirror in the morning and smile and say, "I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed, to be disappointed!" "Winners make things happen~~ Losers let things happen." Be "blessed" ladies~~~~~
My Poetry
I know you are up with the angles But it still doesn’t help I miss you so much it hurts You were the only great grand father I had You didn’t care that I was hyper Found way to were me out When I think of you I cant help but cry I know I wont see you again Won’t ever get a hug from you Un till the day I die It hurt so bad now that you are gone My memories will be all that I have I know you are home In a better place But it still don’t help the pain I feel go away I know one day I will see you again But still know all of this doesn’t help The pain go away or the tears stop falling I loved you so much it hurts Hurts to know I wont ever be able to hug you again You were my granddad and you will always be in my heart by jna why do you hurt me so much only you can do it so well after all those nights i cry i still trust you still go to you when i am sad but i still cant figure out why im not good enough for you we are sisters yet some times i dont
Fucking Cool.
I'm so in love with Chris. I can't believe I have found someone like him. I fall in love with him more and more with every breath I take. He is my skinny pale freak. And I will never stop loveing him. :-) We might be haveing a baby and we both hope we are. Friday is when I find out for sure, it seems so far away from now. I'm so scared what they might say. I have never loved someone the way I love him, he is someone I can see getting old with and having a family with. I can't wait. :-) I Love you Christopher! Okay I am done sounding all iky with the mushy shit. lol. Well bye bye
New Club Opening
Darkness Within
I feel it. The familiar yearn My brain begins to burn My Guts begin to churn. The hunger... I feel that old fear My other half. My Dark Mistress drawing near Not now, not tonight. The Hunger Grows... I Feel the change. I feel the urge. The power and the rage. The need. The Change... Unbridiled power and rage. The hunt is on. The need to feed. The need to kill. I Hunt... Concrete Jungle Stretches before me. Scents, Sights, Hunger! I hear it, I smell it. Prey Stalking... On the trail. I see his face. I Hear his heart race. He knows I'm here. The Fear... Prey chokes back a scream. Prey runs, thinks its a dream My darkness smiles, fangs gleam. We Give Chase, Mistress and I Chase... Fear gives prey flight. He's fast, but we're faster The jump is quick. We hit the ground hard. Feed... Fangs pierce the fragile flesh. Blood sprays, delectable and fresh. With glee we feed. My Dark Mistress and I Hunger... His heart
Exactlly 100 Years Ago The Year 1907
This will boggle your mind, I know it did mine! The year is 1907. One hundred years ago. What a difference a century makes! Here are some statistics for the Year 1907 : ************************************ The average life expectancy was 47 years. Only 14 percent of the homes had a bathtub. Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone. There were only 8,000 cars and only 144 miles Of paved roads. The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph. The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower! The average wage in 1907 was 22 cents per hour. The average worker made between $200 and $400 per year . A competent accountant could expect to earn $2000 per year, A dentist $2,500 per year, a veterinarian between $1,500 and $4,000 per year, and a mechanical engineer about $5,000 per year. More than 95 percent of all births took place at HOME . Ninety percent of all doctors had NO COLLEGE EDUCATION! Instead, they attende
Flag Day
Today is June 14, which is flag day in the U.S It will fly proudly outside my teepee. How about yours? I posted this in a Mumm, come on over and put your vote in. ( link to the mumm in on my webpage on the top rightside)
Getting Married!
Here he is! Yes he too has a Cherry Tap Profile! The Lon Man ~Master of Sunshine@ CherryTAP Show him some luv too! Well we were going to get hitched this summer, but we've decided to put it off till May 16th, 2008. Hopefully our finances will turn for the better and we will be able to keep this date! I'm looking at invitations now! We just have to make a decision! My fiance and I met in a bar. LOL He was suppose to be a one night stand...but that never happened. I kept watching this hot guy walk around the bar. He was doing laps! It was funny. It happened to be Karaoke night and he was doing his song and my friends decided to leave. So, I gave my number to his friend to give to him. Before I could even get away from the bar, he was there. We started talking and before I knew just turned 21 ass said "I fear no alcohol!" Ha ha! Oh yes I do!!!! I did about 10 different shots that night. I kept giving Lon (that's his name)a hard time. I would tell him "y
Do You Even Care At All?
She over dosed last night and only two people gave a damn..That's right just two people have tole her they are glad that she lived. Plwease stop the damn hate and her pain!
The Insperation

The Wussification Of Western Towns By Bob Boze Bell Editor Of True West Magazine
Western Towns Fight Wussification* Long may these towns sustain. Our Current Western Dilemma: More and more people are moving to authentic Western towns, and in the process, transforming more and more Western towns into cheap versions of the anonymous suburbs they fled from in the first place. I just got back from Old Tucson (long-time classic Western movie town) where we taped a new batch of True West Moments for the Westerns Channel. As I cruised along I-10 through the Gila River Reservation, Casa Grande, Eloy, Picacho Peak and Marana, one impression kept recurring: "When did that go up?" To say that we're in the middle of a building boom in Arizona is a gross understatement. Where once pristine desert stretched for miles, there are now subdivisions and businesses popping up everywhere, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. And most of the new "build-out" is pre-fab, taco-modern, franchise-ridden crap. You can see the same exact architectural landscape in Southern Ca
Join Me
I so lucky to have the friens i have. Some come and go but those how are true friends always stay with you no matter what. And will do anything humanly possible to help you or make ya feel better when your down. I just t hank god for the friends i have and consider myself very lucky to have apart of my life. LIFE SURE HAS ITS UPS AND ITS DOWNS. JUAT WHEN YA THINK YOU GOT A HOLD OF THINGS AND GET COMFORTABLE YOU GET THROWN A CURVEBALL. MAKES YA FEEL LIKE YOUR ON A NVER ENDING ROLLER COASTER RIDE. bUT LIKE ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS SAID TO ME. ITS NOT HOW MANY TIMES LIFE KICKS YOU DOWN OR LAUGHS AT YOU. ITS HOW MANY TIMES YOU GET BACK UP OR LAUGH EVEN HARDER AND SAY BRING IT ON!!!!!
Of My Crazy Dancing Cousin Aka "action" With His Friends The New York City Breakers He’s In The Video The Short One Lol
New York City Breakers - Graffiti Rock (1983)
What We Can Learn From Nature
All around us are signs of love and yet in our busy lives we over look those things that are right in front us.
What do you see when you look at me? Do you see the kindness that radiates within my soul? Or do you only see that I look only wrinkled and old? Do you see the fact that I care about all of my friends? Or do you only see that is sometimes hard for me to just bend? Do you see the inner strength that helps me get through rough times? Or do you only notice the etching of all of my lines? Do you see the laughter and joy that I like to share? Or do you only see that I am ready for the rocking chair? Do you see the compassion that I have for those who are in pain? Or do you simply see the weight that I know I have gained? Do you see the passion and fire that exuberates within me? Or do you only see the faded beauty that I used to be? What do you see when you look at me? Do you see the person that I will never again be? Love me for who I am now, not for who I used to be--for God made me who I am now, your friend for eternity! Love to you always! Linda I have
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