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Shoppers Webmart
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I am Male Dom looking for submissive women who are new at this and would like to be trained or who just want to have some fun. If you would like to be Dommed by a Male and/or experience a Female, leave a message.
Pimpin' And Whorin'
If it wasn't for Mel's point-whorin' teachings, I wouldn't be where I am today. *giggles* Thank you guys so much! Mel Per Sherry Tamz Bounty ADS MooMoo IB GG Kit TK Ms. Heather Allah ...and those that I forgot, cuz I haz self-diagnosed ADHD :P ♥
Not Fake
Well I just wanna say I am not here to pick up on people, someone invited me. You will not see me show my ass and tits to try to make myself feel better about a good damn pic, and to impress guys or gals. I do not have to impress others to feel good about myself. However, helping others makes me feel really good about myself. So either you like me or not, it makes no difference to me.
Tattoo Kit/slimming Products
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I'm tired of being unemployed I'm tired of not having a car I'm tired of living with my mother in law I'm tired of people giving Obama hell because of his color/religion I'm tired of the hypocrites on this website I'm tired of sob stories at Christmas time I'm tired of the highly overused terms "haters", "Baby Daddy/Baby Mama" and "BBW" I'm tired of Auto 11's I'm tired of fake hot chicks getting VIPs, blasts, and Happy Hours I'm tired of "Got yahoo?" or "Whatcha wearin?" as openers in shoutbox pimpin I'm tired of manly looking lesbians taking all the hot bisexual chicks I'm tired of people thinking plastic surgery will fix an ugly attitude I'm tired of the voices in my head I'm tired of pretending I'm okay I'm tired =[
Seasons Greeting For The Troops
XEROX IS DOING SOMETHING COOL If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them. This takes just 10 seconds and it's a wonderful way to say thank you. Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to do. We can never say enough thank you's. Thanks for taking to time to support our military! I did this and i urge all of you to do the same if only takes like 10 seconds of your time. And just picture the look on the troops faces when they open these cards. And get
New Year, New Beginning
So you've clicked with someone on line. You've chatted, you've exchanged photos. You're reasonably satisfied that they are what they say they are 'cos you've seen them on cam or they have proven themselves. You've flirted, you've exchanged stories, maybe even a few fantasies, hmmmm even perhaps indulged in a little cyber sex or dirty talk You've talked on the phone, heard each other's voices. You're ready to take the next step ..... MEETING!!! So - would you meet for sex on a first "date" or would it purely be an opportunity to get to know each other better, to make sure that online chemistry you share translates to real life?? Would you part with a kiss or perhaps a little taste of what's to come?? If and when you decide to get it on .... who does the organizing?? If a hotel room is necessary .. who pays?? Would you have drinks or dinner first or would it be straight down to the sex?? Would you try to make it a special experience or just concentrate on getting your rocks
Mother charged with feeding child feces 09:59 PM CDT on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 Associated Press AUSTIN, Texas -- An Austin woman has been accused of repeatedly feeding her 3-year-old daughter human waste, potentially causing life-threatening infections. Video Slideshows Blogs Emily Beth McDonald, 23, was charged with felony injury to a child. According to an arrest affidavit, a surveillance video at Dell Children’s Medical Center captured McDonald on Sunday placing feces in her daughter’s feeding tube. McDonald was released on a $100,000 personal bond Wednesday. The Austin American-Statesman reported she must wear an electronic monitoring device and comply with a police protective order that prevents her from seeing her three children. She faces up to life in prison if convicted. It was not immediately clear if McDonald had an attorney. The child had been hospitalized to be treated for “serious infections” caused by organisms consistent with those fo
Fu Wedding
Help Me Pretty Pretty Please :)
No, this is not about anyone. I just couldn't sleep and it came to me. Under my skin your vile memory pumping through my veins taste lingering, scorching, tainting my lips Baby, there is no antidote for unrequited love sultry fingers ghostly, tracing enticing, intoxicated by your vampiric-like essence I need an antidote for unrequited love Juliet's dagger penetrating lacerating rupturing my soul star-crossed antidotes- misplaced in time I hate, no matter how far away you go. No matter how hard you try to mask things. Old feelings and thoughts creep out of the darkness and suffocate you. The worst part is when people start trying to blame themselves for how you feel or act like you don't appreciate them trying to cheer you up. Its not even like that! When I get like this I just want to crawl into a dark hole and stay there. Sometimes I feel like such a complicated person. People don't seem to understand why I do and say the things I do. Especially wh
Life And Love
Angels Poems
Every time a bell rang out, group of angels ceom along, with every ring anothe rone appeared... a thousand angels walked another through those pearly gates.. but mostly he would say daddy do you know, the truth of love is when he sent his angels to come along again to walk through those gates from heavens tall steps one by one but then he began to sing the song , seventy thousand angels had come along, by his side, and down the moutain side, they fly above all far and wide, to carrie of far n wide those lost souls and also those soliders of long last wars. to see the hands of seventy thousand angels takes another angel home Life takes time to show us all how to turn our selfs around, and show us that the better path is best to take then the wrong path and wrong choices, like love and trusting completely the person we are to the person we all beome, some times life can change so drematically it changes for the best like mine did meeting my husband falling in love w
Join Us At Club United..
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas
Hump Day
Deep Dug The Hump Smash Hard The Hump Pound The Meat Of The Hump Forcefully Smacc That Hump Grab Both Cheekz Of That Hump Caress All Of That Hump Dicc Tap That Hump Eyeball That Hump Speak About That Hump Make Her Feel Good About Her Hump Watch How She Jinglez Her Hump Nice How She Shakin Her Hump Love Her Turn Around,Surprise Hump Love How She Spreadz Her Hump She Even Said She Likez MY Hump Apple Bottom Hump Onion Booty Hump Pear Drop Booty Hump So Appreciate That Hump Feel On Sum Hump Make It Hump But Remember Thiz Hump My Seedz I Would Dump All Over Your Hump

Blog 1
This is an article written by Charlie Reese, a former columnist for the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper. Very interesting perspective on the state of our Nation! 545 PEOPLE By Charlie Reese Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them. Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, we have deficits? Have you ever wondered why, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, we have inflation and high taxes? You and I don't propose a federal budget. The president does. You and I don't have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does. You and I don't write the tax code, Congress does. You and I don't set fiscal policy, Congress does. You and I don't control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does. One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one pre sident, and nine Supreme Court justices 545 human beings
The Demented Dolls
Welcome girls to the DoLLs Contract - If you're looking to be a DoLL please read this contract - agree to this contract - sign this contract - and follow it wherever you go. To be a DoLL you must do a few things for me 1st. Its not much, I know how much of a pain it can be already to r/f/a all the members, that alone shows me enough. 1. Rate, Fan, Add all of the Demented DoLLs - you can find them under my family on the homepage and message me when your done - No SB!. 2. You must have a verified salute! I only want REAL people! I will make an exception if you arent capable at the time you want to join - but you will have a deadline 3. You must make a salute for the DementeD DoLLs- It can be anywhere in your photo - Im not picky.. 3. When I have crowned you a DoLL - Put the name "Official DementeD DoLL" in your name. THATS IT! Please no drama, THIS IS NOT SOMETHING WE ARE LOOKING FOR...if you have problems with someone else..thats a different story, if they downrate
Bare With Me
Im NEW here and i have no clue how to work my way around this website!! So far everyone seems very nice! Sorry for those who are trying to contact me and i dont say hi back. I do know how to add u as a friend so just friend request me and when i figure this things out i can start playin around on this site some more. Thanks mike for recommending the site :) I also have my Y! on here its jadeharleyxoxo c u around!! *sugarkiss*
The Goddess Effect
ok so I am the blogger of the group. I am hoping to get my sisters on here to open up their own blog and keep people posted. We are spread out everywhere so it should be interesting to hear from is all. Alittle about me. I am a Married mother of 3. Hubby and I have the best realationship and yes I am the spoiled one of the group. I am Bi and very open minded. I am not the typical female. I usually can hang better than most guys. My favorit word in the whole wide world is UNIQUE even though I have problems spelling is most of the time. I am about to start school for Animation in Jan so watch out going to be doing alot of cool stuff I hope and posting it. I am pretty much an open book nothing is taboo for me. I dont offend easy at all so dont be shy. I am a huge flirt and it gets me in trouble ALOT. Best I can describe I am Unique in more ways than one. Hit me up :) gA
Black Heart Rant
Well hello hello. Just thought I would add something in here for starters. I am goddessAthena slave in the house of The Black Heart Society. I will mostly be the one on this account mixing it up with you all. I am a social butterfly as they say. I love meeting and chating with all kinds of new people young and old. Please be respectful of the fact I have a MASTER and QUEEN. Hits us up we all love to chat just shoot us an email or look us up at Thanx gA
Watch Who's On
funny had this feeling he looked like i'd seen him around some of u females may know who i mean co2rescue has a wife of 20+ yrs 2 kids 1 on the way..and a girlfriend he now lives with who he's ben with for at least 8+yrs so ladys watch who u talk 2 find out about them first..... u know when someone looks familiar well co2rescue aka john-john has a wife of 20+yrs with 2 kids an 1 on the way...also he has a girlfriend he is now living with who he's been with for 8+yrs so if he wants to talk its only to add u to his list of women.... u know when someone looks familiar well co2rescue aka john-john has a wife of 20+yrs with 2 kids an 1 on the way...also he has a girlfriend he is now living with who he's been with for 8+yrs so if he wants to talk its only to add u to his list of women....
Santa's Little Helper Auction Bully(lucretia's Creation)
That's right,you have the opportunity to be this fu's First Owner. VolareDave is up for grabs in Your Ultimate Desire's "Santa's Little Helper" Auction. It's real easy to get there,just click a pic to go to the auction page. Be sure to R/F/A the Hostess. Happy Holiday's and Thank You! (repost of original by '★♎★Lucretia★♎★ Proudly FuOwned by SixtyNineMunch' on '2008-12-15 22:39:19')
Whats The Deal?
Thanks To My Friends
Hunny Pots
98% of drivers say "OH SHIT" when they hit the ditch. The other 2% are from North Dakota, and they say "Hold my beer and watch this shit" Sex is like math u add the bed subtract the clothes divide the legs and pray like hell u dont multiply = sex is awesome Never make a man a priority when he only makes you an option.
the silence is a frieght train a loud bell that cannot be shut off The silence is a thunderstorm, pouring down on top of my head The silence is the loudest part of the night the Silence my true hearts delight The Silence is a youthful peer upsetting a growth period that never seems to subside. The silence is the only thing keeping my eye lids open The silence is the only thing that keeps me from breathin, The silence is worse than that of arsenic, it poisons more slowly that any poison The silence is something I try to break the silence is something I try to face The Silence is something I cannot Face The silence is something ive tried beating in race but never succeeds to myself disgrace so here I sit again the Silence drowning me carrrying me under like a victim to the sea. A time when the tears flow faster than the tap a moment when the clarity of my emotions spill over the brim of a glass.. like the elixir I am pouring into it. Sometimes I make excuses
Deployments Suck
Well so far, I have finished week one of my husband being gone and I hate it. I miss him so much, he is part of my every thought and dream. I can't even go to sleep and be peaceful. He calls me and everyday he sounds worse and worse and that scares me. I just want him to be happy and focused on what he is doing. He can call every other day, but its only for 10 mins at a time. I always feel frustrated because I didn't get to tell him everything I wanted to tell him. If the conversation doesn't go well, I then feel in agony until the next conversation which then again leaves me feeling frustrated. I can't win, Im stuck between agony, anger and frustration. This does not make for a healthy emotional stew. The other problem is that before we got married and for the three months after we got married, before he left, I was a housewife. I would do my daily business and clean the house and look forward to him coming home. I now have nothing to look forward to. For such a long time he was
Christmas Growing Up..
Growing up my family was very unorthodox. Christmas time was always full of beer can Christmas trees, drunkin caroling, cheap non-useful cat pissed stained presents and brandy cleverly disguised as eggnog. We did however have a family tradition. Every year this message graced our answering machine: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Not a creature was stirring, so drunk was the mouse. The clothing was strung 'cross the floor and lamp shadies With a sock in the fish bowl? My head felt like hades The phone it dared ring and was kicked off the shelf. My sposce (friend) said to get it, I said, "GET IT YOURSELF!" It ring, rang and rung and echoed through my head I stumbled toward the phone, my limbs felt like lead. The machine picked it up as I tripped over a beer Merry Christmas everyone, leave your message right here. Written by: Mom I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!
Rate Fan Add
=== '~Devious~Bada Bing's Hot Hostess~Fu-Owned By Sam' wrote the following at '2008-12-15 21:46:55'.. > > > > > > > This is my dear friend Rhino! > > > > *** Lil Rhino***@ fubar > > > Please go Fan, Add, and Rate him! > > > > He is a wonderful friend who deserves lots of love~n~stuff!! > > > > > > This bulletin was updated by ~Devious~ > > > > >
What Kind Of Reindeer I Am. :)
You Are Dasher You're an independent minded reindeer who never plays by the rules. Why You're Naughty: That little coup you tried to stage against Santa last year Why You're Nice: You secretly give naughty children presents. Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?
Well Then........
hmmmm.....lets see i met a dude 5yrs became really great friends with him even fell in love but some crap happened and we both went our ways while he was out of my life this other dude came along kind of cool guy to joke around with and talk to whatever ya know anywho he developed feelings and fell in love thats what he says and hes wanting me to feel the same way and i honestly cant do that i have even explained to him and a few of my friends why i CAN NOT ALLOW myself to develop feelings for someone or even fall for someone and they completely understand i can not help how someone feels about me but damn it i sure wish ppl would stop trying to force me to do something that i dont want to do and i seriously wish some would just keep their effin mouths shut when they clearly dont know an effin thing that is going on or being said and no i am not happy right now havent been happy for awhile but i REALLY WISH SOME PPL WOULD STOP
My Kind Of Christmas Tree
You Should Have a Pink Christmas Tree For you, the holidays represent a time of friendship and sharing. You're happy as long as you're spending time with the people you care about. You are passionate about the holidays, and that start of the holiday season makes you very excited. You sometimes go a bit overboard in your celebrations. You just can't help it! Passionate, easily excited, sweet, giving, love, friendship, sensitive, caring Your pink tree would look great with: More pink! You should spend Christmas Eve watching: The Muppet Christmas Carol What you should bake for Santa: Rice krispie treats with red and green food coloring What Color Christmas Tree Should You Have? You Are Milk Your holiday personality is innocent. The holidays make you feel like a kid all over again. You love every part of the holidays, and you anticipate Christmas morning. You enjoy getting presents as much as you did when you were young! What Holiday Drink
Social Network Or Miniature Capatilist Click
Since my arrival everyone has seemed to be overtly friendly and helpful...when i 1st signed up I thought hey a bar scene type of to a degree this is just It also seems to be alot more self serving/promoting and alot less networking. I am semi new and am enjoying the chance to relive some early teen flashbacks...and that can't be a bad thing..can it?
Would You
THE POOPIE LIST Bathroom Humor at its finest: Ghost Poopie The kind where you feel the poopie come out, but there is no poopie in the toilet. Clean Poopie The kind where you poopie it out, see it in the toilet, but there is nothing on the toilet paper. Wet Poopie The kind where you wipe your butt 50 times and it still feels unwiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and underwear so you won't ruin them with a stain. Second Wave Poopie This happens when you're done Poopie-ing and you've pulled up your pants to your knees, and you realize that you have to Poopie some more. Pop-A-Vein-In-Your-Forehead-Poopie The kind where you strain so much to get it out, you practically have a stroke. Gassy Poopie It's so noisy, everyone within earshot is laughing. Drinker Poopie The kind of Poopie you have the morning after a long night of drinking. Its most noticeable trait is the skid marks on the bottom of the toilet. Lincoln Log Poopie The kind
Best of Marijuana Marijuana Stands as a junction of drugs that affect anxiety and are hallucinogenic o Anxiolytic and hallucinogenic, but for the most part Anxiolytic, hallucinogenic in higher doses Showed up in the west in the 19th century prominent among artsy types Marijuana Consumption Most people consume the weakest variety, the dried leaves and flowing top Bong A mixture of dried leaves and resin Hashish Marijuana Methods of action Mood enhancement Word play Incoherent thinking Keen acute thinking Synesthesia Distortion of the perception of time Enhancement of sensory perception Synesthesia Cross talk between sensory systems Gives insight on the nature of consciousness Synesthetics: People who dont have to take any drugs to experience the phenomena of Synesthesia Color Organs: Instruments that when played the music is accompanied w/ colors Sensory Enhancement Many hallucinogens have an overlay of the col
Im Married And Happy
let me start by saying im a happily married man and i started this page for friends only..i am not on here for any type of relationships..just friendships someone to talk to and past time by as friends thats wife also has a page here its something that we do 2 gether...all i ask is respect me and my wife when i say that all i am looking for is friends and if u cant accept this then there is no need to send friend requests..i got everything i need at home but it is nice to have friends to chat with every now and then..i aint trying to b an ass just being honest with everyone one here..i dont have time for any i said all i am looking 4 is friends.....
Im Married
Im Married
i am now happily married and i am only on here for and my husband have a great relationship and there is no one or nothing that can tear our marriage if u cant accept the fact that im now a married woman i guess there is no reason to send a friend i said im only on here for friendships and to meet people that i can talk too...cuz i have a man at home that i sleep beside of every not trying to be an ass im just trying to set the record straigt for those who might have any sneaky ideas up there sleeves..and the same goes for my husbands page hes only on here for friends and someone to talk not being an ass its just i am a blunt person and i say whats on my mind..TO ALL SINGLE WOMEN LEAVE MY HUSBAND ALONE...we r just trying to make friends and pass time by to have some one to talk 2 as FRIENDS...
I Did It!
Even though it only should have taken less than 4 years, if you were going full time; after 6 LONG years I FINALLY graduated from college with my Associates Degree in Human Services! Now I just have to wait until the fall of next year to start working on my Bachelors Degree. After that comes the Masters degree. If I am feeling exceptionally smart and still have the mental capacity left in my brain, I just MIGHT go for my PhD.
Send Free Cards To Soldiers
Hello, just thought I would drop a friendly post to medic88 for inviting me to join, thanks again, see ya soon, Later chevypj Happy new year, looking for a gr88 yr, love nascar I guess you know that with a pic of dale sr, on my voice comment, I can't wait junior , lol have a gr88 yr everyone. check ya Later, chevy Lets go racing boys, I'm looking for a very exciting race this weekend alot of crazy driving, enjoy from nascar buddy chevypj
Spiralling Around The Bowl
We have been hearing a lot of economic news recently. And hearing nothing about other news. Is our media selecting what outrages we here about and which news to sweep under the rug? Question: With the Financial and Bank collapse into it's 6 month; The FDIC presently insured up to $100K, why do we NOT hear anything about how much depositor money has been 'lost' and the people that lost their deposits? Inquirying minds....
Forbidden Fruit
Everyone has a tree of forbidden fruit, you may not notice it at first, but its there, calling your name , until one day you turn to look at it, hanging there looking soooo ripe and beautiful. You walk over to it, wanting to taste it, but you know it not right. So you walk away making it through another day. Only to awaken with it calling once again. So you walk over and touch it, then taste it only with your tongue, mmmm so sweet, so you bite it and as the juices flow down your throat, you close your eyes enjoying the pleasure of its taste and feel until its walk away and all the while need and wanting more. Trying to get through the nights, but its in your system so deep it consumes you. Having you in the middle of the night needing the next taste, and with every bite stealing your soul, your mind until it controls your every move, want every waking moment until you can no longer think for yourself. Losing more and more of you, what is the name of this forbidden fruit, I sp
Friend Requests
So I am sitting here trying to decide if I should wake up my poor sleeping British man or Stop tormenting him by not letting him get a full nights sleep (he ASKS me to wake him up usually...but I still feel guilty) and I am looking through all my friend requests...I don't get as many as I used to - I actually just don't normally delete them or go through them often... I realize I have a weird set of criteria for accepting friends - 1) you MUST have a salute - unless I know you from the mumms (cause my ex used to have people stalk me here 2) I really don't pay much attention to blank salutes (unless I know you from the mumms :P) 3) if you have a kid in the picture...forget it 4) if you are overly creepy ... forget it. 5) if your MESSAGE is overly creepy..forget it 6) If it appears that you have made zero effort to read my profile (ie blatently hitting on me) chance 7) forget any of the red names that I know don't give a ___ if I accept or not 8) forget fanyon

Parnets Need To Read

weres my birthday drink lol MySpace Alcohol Comments
Christmas Cards!
Lips(yes There)
Today I was informed that I have a small cunt. I'm not talking about just a tight cunt hole. I'm talking about the lips. I was asked if I've gotten plastic surgery to make my cunt lips small. The answer: no, I have not. I asked 2 friends this evening. Both have seen their share of cunts. They confirmed the fact that I have small lips. I began to think about it. Have I gone through life with a freakish cunt? Do I have the cunt lips of a midget? How have I got this far in life and not known that I have odd pussy lips? So, after the beginnings of developing my cunt complex, I realized it was all bullshit. I mean, come on. Cunt lips come in all shapes and sizes. Some women have big lips, some have small lips. Some have saggy lips, some have short lips. Mine apparently is tight with small lips. After my friend asked me about the plastic surgery, he pointed out that my lips part to show my clit. Isn't that the point? My cunt has a natural 'arrow' to were it counts. No one should be
My Shit...
So i dont really know what to say right now. I'm a smart ass, loves to joke around, ppl dont really know how to take me. so if they dont like me then they'll get over it. :-)- Why is it when i think i'm over you, You have to call, and try to get some. Why is it when i finally decide this time its IT NO MORE you confuse the hell out of me? Why is it that you still have such a strong hold on my heart? Why cant you just leave me alone... I'm NOT comeing back to you again! Why cant you just understand that i've had enough of your shit? Why cant you Go away, find someone else to tourture? Why dont you just Go away from me all together... Is that too much to ask for??
Happily Married
I'm sorry to in form all of you but I am a Happily Married man And if you are only sending me invites to try and get with me give it up. I am here to meet new friends not new ff's. but if you just want a friend let me know.
to my love i love you with all my heart and soul i love hearing from you i hope to spend time with you soon i am growingmy hair long like i have in those old pictures those old ones is when i was so much more beautiful than i am right now my emotions are out of wack right now when i got your message tonight i started cring cause i miss you so much and its so wonderful hearing from you i have a crush on you D
"stand By Me"
Peace n love
Carl Peterson Resigns
Naughty App
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm sexy? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Copy and paste this into your blog to see what your friends answers will be.
Je suis un navire vide, casse, et perdu. Avec un coeur qui pas et ne permettra pas l`amour dedans ou dehors. Vide, fonce, et froid est tout ce qui est la. (dont ask)
My Girlfriend Application
BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who are three of your favorite bands/artists? 3. Do you drink/smoke?? 4. Do you like the beach? 5. If so...would you go with me late at night? 6. Do you like movies? 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. If you were to take me out to a movie would we watch the movie? 9. If not what would we be doing? 10. Do you play an instrument? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw each other to make sure I made it home alright? 13. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on a gurl/guy? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, player, slut)? 17. Would you give me kisses just because? What Would You do if... I cried: I said I like
Sack Lunch ** Must Read** Thank You Mr. Paul!
MЯ♣PΔŁ@ fubar A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Paul for the original posting of this! The Sack Lunches I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps I will get a short nap,' I thought. Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation. 'Where are you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to me. ' Chicago - to Great Lakes Base. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Iraq ' After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hours before we reached Chicago, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time. As I reached for my wallet, I overheard soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. 'No,
So I finished Plyometrics. I made it all the way to the end instead of almost gagging.... So to people who don't understand this will sound really strange...buuuut..... Plyometrics wore me out. My legs feel like noodles and I can hardly walk normally. It's great, and I can't wait until tomorrow. This is the kind of hurt I was looking for. It's great, and I am ready for tomorrow. I completed the exercise routine all they way through by pacing myself, and I burn. It's fantastic. I hope to get into shape in time for Pankration. There's a competition coming soon and I'm too soft and pliable for the team. Now for those of you who do work out...I have that workman high...boy I missed it. Don't miss the sweat in the eyes, but the good hurt is sorely missed. No pun intended. So I'm off to go hang out with the ex.... Yeah I know, but it was a mutual and friendly break up. I want to shove my foot up her new boyfriend's ass...but you don't always get what you want. Twili
Just Read It
P { MARGIN: 0px } UL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } OL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } the breakup well things have not been going well for a little while now.. I went to talk to him and it was a big fight I felt things did not add up, and went to call him out on it, we both got angry and I said fuck it bring me my key.. He was mad and said fine that's what you want and hung up on me.. I should have worded my words so different, but these feelings have been building up inside me.. All I did was make him mad and push him away to the point of no return.. I still have my doubt, now even more so, if he really cared and if there really is no one else, he would have talked to me about it and I don't think he would have been so mad in doing so. He feels like I am acting like his ex nagging and saying he is doing something he is not.. I did not mean to come across like that, all I really wanted is him to make me feel like what I am feeling is not what
Chellbaby's Blog

How Come Females Wont Be My Friend?
Why does it seem that not too many females want to be my friend??? You may be honest and say what you think is the reason.
Toxic Wolves
Now hiring for the following postions To apply leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can DJ's: Stream live on Soul Snatcher Radio and entertain the pack with rock and metal Promoter: help the lounge grow help drag new people in to become members. make new friends and make fubucks. Greeters: greet the new people that come in the lounge and make them feel welcome and try to get the to join the pack Lounge Clowns: entertain new people and the current members and make sure that there time in the lounge is a fun one Lounge perves perve our members profiles and make lots of points, fubucks, and friends **** All staff and DJs will have a schedule to keep things orginised and to make sure that everyone dose there job **** apply by leaving a comment to this blog
She Showed Up Yo!
so yeah it happend Even though people said all through our relationship that she wouldn't visit, she would care about me, and we wouldn't last. I even had someone tell me that she would never show up cuz she said that she would visit several times. Anyways... SO Jessa showed up Thursday. I think at first it was a little wow and woah at first for both of us. It took only about an hour and a half to truelly show that it was ok and we where comfortable around each other (incase you where wondering she kissed me lol). We did something that is new for me, we connected emotionally and whole heartedly. To say the least about the first day it was pretty awesome. Friday I actually cooked for her and it didn't kill her. Yeah I know right impressive right. Well we spent alot of the day talking and just getting to know a little more about each other. We also watched a movie and went to the stupid army xmas party (for like 45 mins but hey we went). Saturday she left but she had to
I Need Some Friends
You Could Be Mine
You could be mine, The taste of your skin rolling Gliding over my senses. Erotic fantasies flashing over In my mind, to let me know how Much they don't compare to you. I can almost feel the soft press of Your body, warm, firm, molding with Mine to form a perfect being. Nimble fingers and hands working Their spell over my desires. We could be one, you know that, We could become trapped in our Fancies staying tied down in our Own little play world held back by A thirst that can't be quenched. I could be yours, wrapped in clear Blanket on display for your amusement To show everyone the catch you've made The servant you're found, the lover you choose. We could be ours.
At Home Pc Crashed
Holding You
I see myself holding you close to me, Squeezing your body tight. But for all I see as I daydream- I know I'll get tenfold tonight. Running my palms across your breast, As you tremble and bite your lip. Feeling your hands upon my chest, The softness of each fingertip. Tasting your neck so sweet, so soft, And slowly lowering my kiss. Over pert nipples, across your navel, And finally into pure bliss. Looking upon your face from below- As you tilt back your head. Feeling your fountains begin to flow- As you ease back on the bed. Your "innocent little devil" look- Crying insatiably with the sensation. Lip to lip lapping up every drip- From the well of your creation. The way you pull me up by the hair- To the heat of your mouth, on fire. No other thoughts, no other cares, Just the quenching of mad desire. Riding the tide of passion, Pushing my love into you. On the waves of your emotion- In slow motion, so sweet and true. Pulse pounding in resounding
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Wishes For Christmas
If I leave a sexy comment on someone's page that doesn't mean I'm chasing after them. There is no reason for you to come to my page to check me out unless you want to be friends too. Makes you look like a stalker if you are following around to see who people are that is leaving comments to someone who is in your top family list or your top friends list. If you have a thing for that person maybe you should tell them and not stalk me. I'm not on Fubar looking for anyone, I'm on here for friends only and to pass free time. Have a great day.
Myshel's New Addition....
place your bets and take your guess on which day the new bundle of joy will bless our beautiful Shel..
Bullies And Stuff
TONIGHT ONLY IN FUBAR'S HOTTEST LOUNGES FORBIDDEN INC AND EXOTIC DREAMS YOU HAVE TO BE HERE TO SEE OUR HEAD PLAYMATE TIED UP GET HER FIRST TATTOO LIVE ON CAM AROUND 10 PM EST IN FORBIDDEN'S OWN EXOTIC DREAMS!! CLICK ON THE PICS BELOW Well We All Have Heard About, Now Its Your Chance To Come See Them In Action On Cam!!! > If You Click The Picture Above, It Will Take You Directly To The Playmates Profile, All Of Them Will Rock Your Socks Off! And I Can Guarantee That
The Bible
3 We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.4 And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.5 And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love. 1 JOHN 3:18 18 Dear children, let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.19 Our actions will show that we belong to the truth, so we will be confident when we stand before God.20 Even if we feel guilty, God is greater than our feelings, and he knows everything. The Time of the End--DANIEL 121"At that time Michael, the archangel* who stands guard over your nation, will arise. Then there will be a time of anguish greater than any since nations first came into existence. But at that time every one of your people whose name is written in the book will be rescued.2Many of those
Trapped Emotions
December 15, 2008 at 1:30am I'm sitting here and my mind is a stir, it won't shut down. I just lost my mother and now the family is falling apart. That wasn't that big a shocker. I remember telling mom that she was the only person keeping this family together, once she was gone. I was right. I'm at peace with mom passing, matter of fact I didn't shed a tear at the funeral. Yes I cried at her home when she passed. I had to go outside and I remember leaning on Roses shoulder and it was a very wet and stormy night. Thank God for Rose and her being there, I really needed her. I do love my wife and my kids but some how I've managed to be a poor husband and an even worse father. Anger and rage seems to feel my heart and it has so for some time at the world and even at times with God himself. I've gotten over being angry with him concerning my health. Being born with a bad heart but through his wisdom he has given me many opportunities to bounce back through guided hands of skilled surgeons.
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You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bed 2. Your significant other? invisible 3. Your hair? straight 4. Your mother? loving 5. Your father? hunter 6. Your favorite thing? harleys 7. Your dream last night? weird 8. Your favorite drink? dietcoke 9. Your dream/goal? love 10. The room you're in? bed 11. Music? coumrty 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? love 14. Where were you last night? louisiana 15. What you're not? sane 16. Muffins? BLUEBERRY 17. One of your wish list items? love 18. Where you grew up? Mississippi 19. The last thing you did? facebook 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? hd 22. Your pets? cats 23. Your computer? laptop 24. Your life? alright 25. Your mo
My Family
Wwe Armageddon 2008 :d
this is 3 parts so here is 3 links..... Part 1:;12664911;/fileinfo.html Part 2:;12665271;/fileinfo.html Part 3:;12665588;/fileinfo.html
Video Salute To Me :p
Thanks Sultry... Love it :P [Upload your own video][Upload your own video]
Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that have not wit enough to be honest... Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld This surface good-nature which captivates a new acquaintance and is no bar to treachery, which knows no scruple and is never at fault for an excuse, which makes an outcry at the wound which it condones, is one of the most distinctive features of the journalist. This camaraderie (the word is a stroke of genius) corrodes the noblest minds; it eats into their pride like rust, kills the germ of great deeds, and lends a sanction to moral cowardice...Balzac, Honor De Deceit wears a veil of exotic translucence Woven with infinite care And the silken-smooth threads spun from lies Deceit is the game of petty spirits, and that is by nature a womans quality...Pierre Corneille Deception (also called beguilement or subterfuge) is the act of convincing another to believe information that is not true, or not the whole truth as in certain types of half-truths.
On My Mind
A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He She asked him if he would want to be with her forever...and he said no. She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a no. She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said... You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't WANT to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away...I'd die...
Merry Christmas Train
I'm Here
I fell asleep last night and woke up with two more feet of snow then the night before and it is still snowing! WOW! this is hard stuff to walk in when all you have are $200's worth of sk8 shoes and no boots! its is really wet. I forgot since I spent the last two entire snow seasons in jail! so I am going to go get my winter gear! I am stuck on trying to find a job and the main reason I want one is to obtain the money I need to go down to Covington, GA to meet a very beautiful lady. who i've fallen head over heals for! it is very frustrating! but oh well i got to live with it. I have made $100 dollars I need that 3 times over though if i am to go down there.
Come Help Me
Words Of Wisdom
Some people are alive simply because it's illegal to kill them.
Lost and joe are no more....he decided last night that i wasnt good enough for him...oh well, there will be someone else to catch me (if i want him to) that doesnt think that, in my eyes he isnt good enough for me, especially since he cant get it up for a pretty girl like so i am going back to north carolina...and while i will miss being in texas, i will be surrounded by friends and fam...and that is what i need right now cassie well, yesterday was a really bad day for me i lost someone that i cared for alot. and it hurt me pretty badly. so i cried, something that i never do. it shocked the ppl that i live with. they have never seen me cry before and now they treat me as if i am going to break like a piece of glass. but what really hurts me is that my boyfriend isnt being here for me, i dont have a shoulder to cry on so i can just get it all out...he didnt even care when i talked to him about this...he just told me to get over it that everybody dies....i am soo
Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, and forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance; take it. If it changes your life; let it. Nobody said that it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. Everyone is looking for something and those that have what they're looking for, usually don't even realize it!
lov'd thee from the earliest dawn, When first I saw thy beauty's ray, And will, until life's eve comes on, And beauty's blossom fades away; And when all things go well with thee, With smiles and tears remember me. I'll love thee when thy morn is past, And wheedling gallantry is o'er, When youth is lost in ages blast, And beauty can ascend no more, And when life's journey ends with thee, O, then look back and think of me. I'll love thee with a smile or frown, 'Mid sorrow's gloom or pleasure's light, And when the chain of life runs down, Pursue thy last eternal flight, When thou hast spread thy wing to flee, Still, still, a moment wait for me. I'll love thee for those sparkling eyes, To which my fondness was betray'd, Bearing the tincture of the skies, To glow when other beauties fade, And when they sink too low to see, Reflect an azure beam on me.
to the stalked you are a o my computer crashed no need to swear at me FUCK YOU TOO asshole
K guys I am still quite a ways from leveling but I would really apriciate any help I get!! I will return the love!! I really want to level... I'm wanting to get up to godmother soooo PLEASE PLEASE help me get up there a cpl levels :) HUGS N KISSES!!!! Ok everyone my VIP expires tonight and I am 72K from leveling!!!!! Please help me level tonight!!!!! I would like a VIP but I will settle for rates, comments, gifts and blings!!!! I just WANT TO GET LEVELED!!! I have rated my max for the day so I will return ALL rates tomorrow!!!!!! Please and Thanks in advance for any help leveling!!!!!!! Hugs n kisses to all!! I was lucky enough to get a V.I.P for a month and I have 7 days left b4 it expires. It would be a fantastic Christmas gift if someone would buy it for another month.... (hint hint). I have enjoyed it and have tried to hit as many of my friends with 11's that I could. I want to get leveled but still 300K away so if you guys could help out it would be great!! I will return ALL rates
Ratin Game 12/15/08
~Rain's Rating Game~ So u want a chance to win one of the great prizes? Here is what you do : Below is links to Myself,Babyboy,and PIA .For every 100 pic rates I will put your name in a drawing for a chance to win a prize (1 entry per 100 rates).There are several prizes that can be won.You may rate any or all of our pics to give you more chances at winning.Please fumail RAIN (NOT SB) fumail ONLY Letting me know how many pics you rated altogether. WE have auto 11's activated ..So you will benefit just from rating! ~~Prizes~~ THERE WILL ONLY BE 3 WINNERS THIS TIME!!! 1st Place - Auto 11 Bling 2nd Place - 1 Ticker 3rd Place - 1 Tag ~~~~~HAPPY RATING~~~~~ ~~~GET STARTED~~~ Я ~W $j ߺ$~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar $j ߺ$H Я{.$.}@ fubar ~*~PIA~*~co-owner @WYKD ~*~@ fubar ~~ List of Entries Listed In Rains Blog ~~ WYKD Radio
I have a simple question.. is there anyone out there that can show me how to do bullys with the nice backgrounds plzzz... I would really appreciate.. DJ Chocolate Bunny
god sometimes i hate xmas its so highly rated nemore it used to be about family and now its all about others wanting to know what you got them!!!
A Little More About Me
Andrew -- [adjective]:100% kinky 'How will you be defined in the Sexual Dictionary?' at
A Little About Me
Your Ideal Sex Position is...Cowgirl Fun. Wild. And deep.Saddle up and ride him all night long.Only for those who feel they're strong! 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at
A Little About Me
Your Sex Sign is... You may have had a late start to sex, but that doesn't mean you do it like a newbie. You seem outwardly conservative to some, but you are incredible in bed! You don't sleep around. Or kiss and tell. Capricorn, you seem cool, collected, and complex - but underneath it all you are a sizzling sexpot. You are a complete challenge for anyone. Your aloofness is a dare, and your stunning good looks are a powerful attractor. You consider power to be a total turn on. You are attracted to powerful people and the things they give you. No short-term love affairs for you. You like security, and you don't consider yourself cheap. Capricorns are usually late sexual bloomers. They are positively stunning when they hit their late twenties. It's difficult to know just how old you are. Everyone tries to guess - and everyone gets it wrong. Though your attitudes toward sex are outwardly conservative, you are the most satisfying sex partner anyone's e
Club United
NEW CLUB UNITED TAKING MEMBERSHIPS!!! Tis the Season to be Jolly. What a better place to be than with Club United. We have open Membership right now. We have alot of new faces and Staff. Stop by the Homepage and Join us! Club United ! See Blog To Join!!!@ fubar Or make it your New Years Resolution to make yourself happy with a great Family of Fubarians. We are not a Bombing Crew, we just have fun and party we always have something going on!! Contests, Members of the Week etc.. We do level our own within Guidelines. No Drama will be tolerated! When you do stop by read the homepage and if see what you like message any Staff Member and they will put you thru the Process. One of our Owners is recruting her name is: IslandGirl most everyone knows that name. =] Her link is ISLИDGIЯL☠ nIpEr's Fu-Wifey ☠Owner Club United☠Zodiak Bombers@ fubar To All that read this May you have a Joyous Holiday Season! From al
I Need Family And Friends
i just alot of ppl to be friends and family , i love to see the nude pics of the girls on here so add me to ur family and friends list
Purple Dog Tag Project
This is my first post..its gonna be a shade random. I came across the Purple Dog Tag on a friends page. Its for a charity that donates to wounded soldiers coming home from combat in the middle east. I clicked it and thought..THAT's Cool. I ordered a bunch and intend to give them out for christmas presents. They give 90% to the charity which is an organization that is running pretty close to STRICTLY bare bones costs and donating the rest to the charity. This is one of my greatest concerns...they are doing a good job..soo....they have my support. I will Put this in more posts later better fleshed out..this is to catch up with the blast I posted. An Idea occurred to me and I decided to run a contest. I will create a file for Purple Dog Tag Salutes. Exact details will be in a later post..but will require a purple dog tag displayed prominently worn around your neck and a special salute(details forthcoming). Not everybody has even the 10 bucks required to
The Rumor
i have a sprint rumor and i used to love it cause of the keyboard. at the time i didnt know there was any problems with it. i had it since august and it worked fine up til november. now i have had it exchanged three times in less than two weeks and they wont even exchange it now cause they couldnt recreate the problem. as soon as i left sprint yesterday it started going to the black screen when i scrolled down my contact list, its really difficult to read my text messages, and it shuts off randomly. so now i have to wait til my hubby calls sprint and talks to them to get me a new phone cause every phone they give me gets worse and worse. there was three people at sprint alone with the same problems as me but yet they tell me that they can only keep exchanging it for the rumor. well that is not going to happen. everything i read online says everyone is having the same issues as me and that LG doesnt see this as a problem. damn sprint
From The Inside...bits Of Me
The Right Stone Oh for all the treasures found I searched for a precious stone Not rare diamonds often sought Or fanciful gems well known With unkept hair and dirty nails And filth upon each knee I crawled the earth to find the rock A mission laid out for me in-printed in hand, after many a day There rested the wrongful find Mis shapened piece held in hope When I had become blind I took the stone I found so dear And walk up to the bank Cast it swiftly upon the lake And watched it as it sank The glassy water eerily still never a ripple was cast As the stone found a place In the bottomless depths at last Never a whistling sound did it make While traveling through the air Never the sparkling dance I'd hoped When it hit the waters there Oh mistakened, saddened me I'd chosen a wrongful keep There was no joy to be found In the game this stone did reap With disappointment my head dropped Hands fell to my side Silence
I am a huge fan of the band Dope and Here is another song that I believe is fitting of me. If you know me, do you agree/disagree? If you don't know me Or if you do, isn't this a cool/good/great song? Sometimes you don't understand Sometimes I am what I am Sometimes I just can't be Everything you hoped I'd be And sometimes I wish that you could see I'm not like you I'm not like them I won't pretend Cause I am what I am Sometimes I wish that we Could agree to disagree Sometimes I wish that you could see what I see This is who I am I've always been And I don't think you'll ever understand Fuck you I am what I am You don't understand I am what I am And I don't think you'll ever understand Fuck you I am what I am Enclosed are the video and lyrics to the song "Imperium" by the band Machine Head. The more I hear this song the more I love it and the more the lyrics seem fitting of me. If you know me, do you agree/disagree? If you don't know me Or
Animals In Need
I have 24 hours to find someone to foster/adopt a Rottie that is in a kill shelter. He is 4-5 years old. damn it all to hell and back. Stop Breed Specific Legislation Dear SPCA Tampa Bay Supporter: A Representativeof Broward County has pushed through the Senate a bill that could release the ban against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). On Thursday, March 4th, at 1:00pm, Senate Bill 1276 is on the agenda to repeal the ban against Dangerous Dogs: Breed Specific Legislation. Unfortunately, if the Senate overturns this law, then the Dangerous Dog Legislation will allow local governments to pass breed specific laws. This means that dogs like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Doberman Pinchers could become banned in our Tampa Bay counties or state. We need tostop this bill from passing! To support the SPCA Tampa Bay, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and many other local area rescue organizations that give a second chance to bully breeds, plea
Weeweechu To Cute!
'When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love.' Rebecca- age 8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.' Billy - age 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.' Karl - age 5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs.' Chrissy - age 6 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Come Visit Us At The Chill Lounge
starting today till a couple days after new years eve the staff at chill lounge wants to buy u drinks so stop on by and if u like the lounge feel free to jion our goal is to get every one that stops by shit faced its a new cool looking lounge stop by and let us know what u think of it
Happy Birthday Celticrose!!
All together now ............. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Linda! ... happy birthday to you!! ...... Have a wonderful day!! Please stop by her page and shower her with birthday love, she does so much for other people .... !! Heres her profile link :-) Celticrose ~ The Pegasus Project ~ I have Godmothered!No blank friend request accepted@ fubar This blog/ bully was brought to you by ~*MȆL *~[Real Life]partner of ~*KŋЮέ_p*~ Member of Rating Revolution@ fubar
Without You
The sun cannot rise without your smile I await in darkness to fell the sun on me once again The coldness grows deeper without your love its deadly fingers scratching at my soul The lonely rains of sorrow fall without your trust flooding my world with fear The roar of the malicious can only be silenced by your voice as i do deafly mad waiting to hear an angel's song without you my world is dark and Grey with a deadly sorrow only your love can change ................................................. this poem is for someone very dear and special to me
Hearts Of Love
Christmas Carol Train
Welcome Aboard the Christmas Carol Train Deck the hall with boughs of holly Fa la la la la la la la la Tis the season to be jolly Fa la la la la la la la la Don we now our gay apparel Fa la la la la la la la la Troll the ancient Yuletide carol Fa la la la la la la la la ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You know what to do: 1~Rate all the pictures in my Christmas Carol Album--please comment on the last one 2~Rate/Fan/Add or Comment each of the riders below including the Engineer 3~Message the Engineer to be added and receive your tag 4~Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Engineer MscFrk Riders ~Mz Attitude~ uʍop ǝpsdn sǝʇq puɐ xl~RR Member~ ONE&ONLY SYCHO~!~ FUBARS RESIDENT PATIENT~!~Rating Revolution~!~/CLUB FAR/SLAVE TO DEVILISH DESIRE ~*~Desperatly Seeking Sanity~*~ B1tch ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club Happily Taken R/L GF to Im4u2Inslave, Proud Military Supporter*~H
The Sex God Of Germany
well, we have been together some time and all I would ever hear was about how Craven (aka is the sex god of germany. when we had finally gotten together I was a bit leary about the sex, i mean come one a mere commoner like myself and the sex god. I didnt think i would be able to compare. then the other night we went out to a clib and had a few jack & cokes not enough to be drunk but tipsy. upon coming home we had a small snack then was off to bed. In which I instigated an intimate intrigue well he was all up for it ( if ya know what i mean) then it got a bit hot and heavy, i wont get into details, but to get straight to the point, he was trembling upon the finale and his legs were hurting. in the back of my mind i was all like YES! he had told me he had never had sex like that before and i was all patting myself on the back while having my smoke. needless to say. He is a sex god and amazing in bed. but to to us commoners, sex gods can be conquered and then we are up there
Just One Rate !!
will u pls take a min out of ur time to rate this for a friend of mine ... :D (((thank you)))
Come Join The Fun
come join the fun at CW's on south street in akron....beatiful dancers to fill your every desire...I work tues through saturday 2pm - 6pm let's have fun
My Christmas Tree. Santa Leave Me Lots Of Presents!!!!
Leave christmas gifts
Mean Moms
This was sent to me via email this morning... wow no wonder my kids think I am so mean at times... Someday when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a parent, I will tell them, as my Mean Mom told me: I loved you enough . . to ask where you were going, with whom, and what time you would be home. I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover that your new best friend was a creep. I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours while you cleaned your room, a job that should have taken 15 minutes. I loved you enough to let you see anger, disappointment, and tears in my eyes. Children must learn that their parents aren't perfect. I loved you enough to let you assume the responsibility for your actions even when the penalties were so harsh they almost broke my heart. But most of all, I loved you enough . .. . to say NO when I knew you would hate me for it. Those were the most difficult battles of all. I'm glad I won them, b
Mysteries Of Yourself
In the last few months I have had the sensation of floating. It is hard to tell whether this is because I am not facing any maxi or mini crisis at present. There are definitely times when I am content to sit and wait to see what turns up. I am no longer striving so hard. The spirit of inquiry perches on one of my branches, its head cocked on one side, alert and waiting. The other image that comes to mind is of the sea and its tides. The waves beat upon the shore and, day after day, odd fragments are cast up on the beach, each with its own history. Hardly anything arrives whole, and it is often a mystery as to what the original creatures and objects were and how they functioned. Yet the time they have spent in the ocean and the drubbing they have endured has stripped them of all that was superfluous, and often just the skeletons or shells remain. When our gaze falls on such artifacts from our lives, vague memories stir within us, and if we are patient, the significance of each one ma
Bdsm Funnies
Just Goofin Around
my favorite geek fixed my computer all new again & I'm too tired to play on it! We'll see tommorrow just how speedy old girl is now :) I get the message "rating too fast" like constantly! can I help it if my comp is tha bomb and I have pro dsl speed? lol We were hanging up the christmas lights and a HUGE wreath outside. My boi, John decided to climb onto the roof using a TREE...brilliant! Wish I had had my camera! He almost fell off the roof and was laying there hang over the side of the roof head first until Lance rescued him. LMAO
! ! !selling Juggalo Goodies! ! !
Check out my juggalo stash Im selling on ebay! Im selling hats, jerseys, shirts, hoodies, juggalette goodies, car decals n more! If you have any questions about any of the items lemme know! MCL!
Good Bye
Looking For Bbw/ssbbw 4 Modeling And Videos
1. 800,000 fu-bucks 2. all pic rates n stash rates 3. daily comments 4.daily VIP gifts
Songs And Free Styles Mc Creepshow
It was the typical San Deigo bar but to the locals it was quite obvious the people occuping the pool tables tonight were not typical at all. Each of them stood out from the rest of humanity somehow...they seemed more distant, more aware of what was going on. One of the strangers was leaning back against a wall his white messy hair dangling in front of his face in an almost gothic styled curl. He was wearing a large dirty brown duster a black t-shirt with the words fuck you on it and a pair of blue jeans. Nothing really stood out him persay just looked like another street freak during the month of October. This man was named Alex Margery and he is a monster hunter. Another of the strangers in the room looked like what one might picture of the typical retired cop. Over weight by at least sixty pounds but oddly in shape. He dressed in a very simple button down and a pair of slacks. He had a large tactical belt wrapped around his waste which had obviously seen it's time of wear and tear.
Dont Worry Little One
Grr Men And Communication
Well here is my story my life. I was a wild teenager unlike most. I ran away did drugs partied and never got caught, until one time. Well I guess it was worth it but I did stuff way to young. That was all before I was 17. When I was about 18 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. The father was my high school sweet heart and we were together for a few years. We got married and then just a little over a year we were divorced. He sis stuff that wasn't rite. Then I eventually met a man who I thought was great, a God even . He treated my son like crap and me too after we were married for 5 years I found out he was cheating on me and that ended that. I learned to settle down a lot and now I live in Ohio and love it. I am with a guy who I have known for years as a friend we have a son and he is now 8 months old. There have been a lot of hard ships. My son was born 3 months premature and has a lung disease from being on a ventilator so long about 2 weeks. He was premat
My Writings
so much pain she has from her past, so much pain that will probably last, so many things from her life that precluded the man im trying to be. so much damage there is to repair but its just not up to me. so in my blindness i was a reminder of how she use to live when the only thing i had was good intent to give. i hurt her and scared her and she pulled away because my desire to help with the best of intent was to much like a place she didnt want to stay. i am me and could never be him but good intent is no substitution for a pain that wont subside. so as i sit here in more pain than she knows, her past might very well kill me but my love for her still grows and grows. and I am More Sorry for hurting her, than she could ever hope to know. I Love You Baby Boo. I hope you can forgive me. if i was smart id just start off rambling because nothing i say seams to do you justice. I Love you ....doesnt fully encompass even half of what i feel, I Want You doesnt come clo
My Poems
You say were just friends, You say that you care, But how do I know this, if you wont take the dare. You know our love could be strong and fulfilling. So take this chance, just once and give me such a image trance.I will only then promise you what you need, and with this I know of you indeed. So come to me, and let me show you the way. So come to me, and I will shelter you in this web of love if I may. So then come to me, so then we can become two as one, like we were flying above , like the wings of the white dove. So you say, what you want. So you say, what you feel. So you say, what you see. For I will always know how you truly feel and see or what you really want. Because of this love of yours. I will feel such a taunting joy, when your lips say I LOVE YOU !!!! So You Say By Kris Mauch In the depths of your eyes, they show of a weekness, as the blind one's love reveals. How b
I Dunno
i dunno what the fuck a blog is but i felt like saying that fubar and the dogghouse is the shit and i dunno wat i would do without it I just wanna say that frogbrat, babylove, luckydogg, oscar, and of course myself are the best group on fubar come check us out in the $$DOGGHOUSE$$ If you have not been to our lounge recently, you're missing out!AND TUESDAY NIGHT AT 9PM EST TIME WE R HAVEING A CANDYCANE SUCKING CONTEST DONT MISS IT THEY WILL BE ON CAM 4 LADIES SUCKING THEM DOWN 150K TO THE WINNER!!! SEE YOU THERE!! Click this link to visit us in $$ THE DOGG HOUSE $$- {NSFW}-NOW HIRING APPLY WITHIN!!: -the management
True Love
A wise man said this today..Mr.C and I agree! Do you wake up with him on your mind? Do you go to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night with him on your mind? Can you feel in in your soul, and no matter what you do, this thing just refuses to let you go? Are you willing to lose sight of yourself and do whatever it takes to make it work? In my opinion, these are just a few signs of "true love" & I'm speaking from experience. It is the most thrilling part of this journey we call life, not always easy, but if it's real it's well worth the pain. YES, true love exists.
Saying My Good Byes!
Beer Jousting
Beer Jousting Requirements... The Joust Name: All those who compete must have a Jousting moniker or just put Sir in front of your last/nick name(i.e. Sir Swagger, The Drunk Knight or even Sir DrunkenHammered) The Joust: We take approximately 6 beer can's(yes we have to down them) each. We tape them together end to end with duck tape. The Armor: Only armor approved will be beer case packs(as shown in my friend Parr's pic) You will be allowed to arm your other appendages should you feel so inclined to but only approved beer case armor shall be used The Battle: At any time during a party one may challenge another to an Honor Duel, if the duel is accepted then the two shall joust! If it is declined, the person who declined will then be knight Sir Douchenheimer for the remainder of the party until they redeem themselves through winning a joust. When we are full battle ready we shall run at each other full force with our Beer Jousts! 1st to knock the other down wins!
Fubux For Bling Please Read This
I drove to my parents' house this morning. My brother's birthday is today. Happy birthday, bro. He and his wife and his two awesome labs came to visit, I drove in from the Land of Cleave. Wonderful time--laughing, eating, drinking, a nice evening walk on a beautiful country road. Then my father and sister-in-law get into it. My dad, 82 in March, only recently became an old man. He's slowed down quite a bit in the last year or so. Even so, this past summer, he finished building--all by his lonesome--a house that he and my mom now live in. Suffice to say he is a good man, but a more stubborn, opinionated person I have never met. Enter my sister in law. 10 years older than my brother (58), she is a force of nature, about as opinionated as my dad but much more volatile (she gets PISSED really easily). Politically, she (a raging liberal) and my dad (a crazy conservative) reside at opposite ends of the spectrum. He, at my mother's insistence, doesn't engage. She takes adva
Bling Packs
Please let me know if you are sending one, BEFORE you send it! $50 bling pack: 100 11's a week for a month Random Gifts 2 sfw salutes $100 Bling Pack: Random Gifts 1 Auto 11 Bling (SHITLOADS OF RATES when activated) Pimped out for your Auto 11's (make sure you let me know when tho) Added 2 Family for NSFW photo viewing 1 SEXY SFW (almost NSFW) Salute Video Salute $250 Bling Pack Random Gifts 2 Auto 11 Blings (SHITLOADS OF RATES FOR BOTH) Pimped out for both Auto 11's 30 credit Bling of your choosin Added 2 Family for photo viewing 3 SFW Salutes Another 50 credits of bling.... (thats 150 credits of Bling for YOU!) $650 Bling Pack (which I dont expect ever to receive lol) Random Gifts 4 Auto 11 Blings 2 Jewel Fu Blings 60 extra bling credits of your choosing (Thats 400 credits for YOU!) Pimped out for all Auto 11's Added to family for NSFW photo viewing 5 NSFW salutes Midget on page Yahoo Messenger ID (got a cam too:P) NSFW video clip of me!
Poems I Wrote!
Cry At first you made me feel special like I was the only one, But I'll never forget the things you have done At first I thought you were play fighting but later I found out I was just blind sighted I want you to hold me But I can't stand your touch As I feel you hug me, the pain becomes to much As I curl up on my shower floor crying all my tears I try to wash away my cuts and bruises To try and escape my fears You promised to protect me But I stop to wonder why the same hand that embraces me, is the one that makes me cry My.. Best Friend! If ever I am sad, All I do is remember your face. Your kind and gentle words, You'll never be replaced. You've helped me through it all, And listened to everything I had to say. Gave advice when I needed it, And you never looked away. Though we met not long ago, And haven't known each other very long. Our friendship has continued to grow, And will forever be so strong. If you ever feel like giving up
Things Will Work Out How They Are Meant To Be
Things Will Work Out How They Are Supost To In The Long Run
sucker born every minute isnt there?
~sexy Ladys Night Club~
Rate My Friend I love you all....
Dark Prince
Dark Prince written by Amanda N Chafin Your darkness is my blanket. My shelter from the cold. Your touch like a sweet poison; A poison which cant be sold. Your eyes like onyx staring; So deep into my soul. The bond we share is sacred; A fiery inferno raging in my soul. Your spirit lives inside me; The drug for which I desire. The spell which was cast is deadly; Eternity is my Fate! My eyes are wide upon you. Your velvety voice; to me speaks! “My Dark Princess I shall make thee” The words which were spoke “The Poison” My body’s reaching erotic peaks; Our energy flowing so wildly; I graciously bow at your feet; For now Im wrapped in your deadly web. This moments mystic yet bitter sweet, Eagerly I whisper “Take Me” It is Eternity I await!
Song Lyrics That Describe Good Relationships Gone Bad!
Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm. I get up in the morning and it’s just another day Pack up my belongings, I’ve got to get away. Jump in to a taxi and the time is gettin’ tight I go to keep on movin’ I got a show tonight Mmmm, And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, baby, yeah I’m never touchin’ the ground. Yeah. I take it to the ticket there’s a half a dollar boat headin’ for the bordengate I’m feelin’ pretty low Fifteen minutes later, I’m sittin’ on my plane fastened in my safety belt I’m takin off again And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, baby, yeah I’m never touchin’ the ground. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. Yeah. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, I can’t seem to stop now. (Improv. Guitar Solo) I got to move on, move on fro
I have not been on here for a long time, and a lot of things have been going since I was on here last. My wife and I are filing for divorce, and I have met someone new that I am going to marry after the divorce is final. Her name is Dayna and her nickname on here is Dayna Nicholson, and she is a great woman. I am really looking forward to our wedding day. I am also no longer going to be deployed to Iraq with my unit in the army, instead I am getting out of the army on a medical discharge, most likely a medical retirement. I will also try to write more blogs from now. Just thought I would get my blogs started and see how it goes. I am really nervous about trying a music ministry full time when I get out of the army, but am told I should not give up on the dream. If you read this, I would appreciate it if you go to and see what you think of the demos I have and what I have written. If you like it let me know in the guest book. If I don't hear anything, I will take
My Music
Ok were having a disscussion in a different blog about not bein able to be with loved ones on christmas. me ill be working both christmas eve and day. i do not get so see my sons face to open up presents. but then i have goin on in my mind. how the hell can i afford christmas when i can just skid by on making rent and bills. and then you have people that are like well christmas is about family and spending time with each other and all that.. i understand this as an adult. but try explaining that to a 5 year old. they want the world, they expect like 432542542 gifts under the christmas tree. and they are getting more and more expensive as the years go on. kids are getting more and more spoiled. lol. why cant it be about family and what not. not the screaming kids that are crying and stompin there feet cuz they didnt get there Wii (or how ever you spell that fucking thing) or there playstation 3's. i dont know where im goin with this but my issue is chrismas sucks. lol.. its been tainted
Christmas Season
Life Is Great!
Merry Christmas everyone! I just got in a ride this morning and I FEEL f-ING WONDERFUL! Time to catch a buzz and go spend time with family. Holiday pics in a couple of days. Later yu'all, Christin mountain biking is the name of my game. There is no better rush than 60+ down a mountian, no-ing that your probably going to be hurt, but I'm a junkie to the adrinaline rush! If you don't scare the shit out of yourself did you really ride? Life is too short for Watching TV and lying around on your ass! There is no better feeling than pulling off something that you know was stupid and you could have been hurt or killed. Live life on the edge as much as possible and make every day count. Just got some jamican elephant ear! Good times, Christin For new years im going to memphis, tn, to my family's bar to a hugh party!A buddy and myself went and picked some shrooms (that still grow wild in arkansas, milking cattle) and all the booze behind the bar at the BLUE MONKEY, ITS SHOULD BE A WILD N
Had Enough
Tired Of This!!!
Fake Ass
Tips For The Holidays
Nsfw Pics Art Or Porn
Thank You!
I have never blogged before and thought it was time! I want to thank Everyone who helped me level to Godmother.It meant alot to me. There is no way I can go back and name each person, one because there were so many along the way and two, is fear of forgetting someone. Thank you again for all the love you all have shown me in my year here on Fubar. It has been very interesting and alot of fun! I have met alot of good people here and I hope to meet more in my fu future! Love to ALL *Twistd*
There is ONE who has found and stolen my very heart the one and only thing that makes a difference in this world to me... she is the most wonderfully sweet sexy and a bit of a smartass as well (which i love). Above everything else everyone that has come into my life she has found a way to capture my heart easily and holds it within her hands and for the first time in my life i am actually trusting someone with it.... which honestly scares the living shit out of me but she has my heart and my trust what can i say.... what do you do when someone has captured your very core? all i can do now is trust in the keeper of the stars to make the decision... i love you Erica when i give my heart to someone i do it fully and with out question. at times this scares me because everytime i turn around it seems that the one who i have given my heart to either turns on me, cheats on me, or just plain never cared to begin with. some days i think it might just be better to dissapear and just not BE at
I thought I had everything, Then there you were. When I saw you I needed to know all about you. I found out bit by bit, not liking all I heard. Then there you were, When my heart was broken. You told me everything would be okay. I was ready to move on with my life but There there you were. To show me you loved me and cared and I gave you my heart. Then there you were, To say those three very magical words And to make my heart melt. I knew you were the one,. Then there you were, To surprise me with that gorgeous diamond as I said YES! Then there you were To ask me when that day will be. Then eleven months later, There WE were - hand in hand. Then there we were, Two years later with twins in our arms. From the beginning I thought I had it all, Then there you were. Written 02-06-02 by ME
My Friend
Thank you, friend, for all the things That mean so much to me For concern and understanding You give abundantly. Thanks for listening with your heart; For cheering me when I'm blue; For bringing out the best in me; And just for being you. Thanks for our talks my friend That stimulate my brain; For silly times we laugh out loud; For things I can't explain. For looking past my flaws and faults; For all the time you spend; For all the kind things that you do, Thank you; thank you, My friend.
everything gets so romanticized with distance with time. . . there's the old saying about fonder hearts but i think it's more an issue of forgetting. a girl gets glossed over. like greasing the lens-- she appears angelic almost. it's not a sham so much as marketing maybe or maybe not marketing it's the desire to think that so far at least your life has meant something. it's the desire to think that everything has been something and it's been something beautiful. so you start blurring the edges and dimming the lights and before too long, with the fog of time and so many years all the nights alone and the broken hearts all the deaths and all the rejections get glossed over and you remember them just a little different. just a little better. &what if you don't get exactly what you want exactly when you want it? &what if i'm at home again and i want to blow my face off. not literally of course. please don't call the cops. i'm jus
Lyrics For My Moment.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT SOMEONE HERE KNOWS I AM TALKING TO HIM HERE . . . GEEBUS. So the flood gates open but nothing comes out Im feeling no relief in my head, just doubt But my heart keeps telling me hold your ground. Youll never learn a thing if you bail out now And Im lonely again tonight I can feel it like a knot in my side They keep saying this is part of the ride But Im not getting stronger. Yet hold me against the light And do you see any bullet inside? Wouldnt find one if you magnified Because youve got the wrong girl Had my fingers around the back of your chair Youd never missed a thing but you missed me there And I just kept thinking Am I prepared To pull it out from under your trusting stare? Now the house is quiet as a hollow head And Im walking round bumping into things you said This has not been as easy as I thought it would Id be cooling down the fire if I thought I could. And Im lonely again tonight I can feel it like a k
My Life
This'll sound very vague to most who dont' KNOW me but I have some weird things in my life and I'm not sure what to do about them... I need to sort out some major dilemma's in my mind as they eat at me. Sorry I can't be very specific at the moment.. maybe I'll expand on that soon.
if we were under mistletoe would you kiss me or walk away? Answer then forward to everyone to see who would kiss you!
Turning 21
Gonna be 21 on the 22nd of DEC and the good thing for me is i will be on leave in IL, instead of sitting here at ft Riley. SPC Clancy
Would You...
Would you? Would You Love me? would You love me - if i told You i wanted Your initials branded on my thigh? your name tattooed on my mound? would You love me if i told You i would want You to force Your fist into my cunt until i screamed? if i wanted to feel both Your hands inside me, one in each hole? would you love me - if wanted to taste Your pee, drink it, if i wanted to mop it up from the floor with my hair? would You love me - if i wanted You to bite me until i bleed, bruised me until it was black? would You love me - if i wanted to go out dressed as a trashy slut, or in a classy business suit with a large dildo stuck up my ass? would You love me - if i wanted You to restrain me and whip me and not stop when i cried for mercy, not stop until i passed out? would You love me - if i wanted You to put Your hands around my neck, strangle me, while You fucked me, and not loose Your hands until my panic changed to nothingness and unconsciousness?
This Sucks!!
Why I havent heard from anyone on my page nor do they ever show love when I rate them all and everything n they dont do it in return. Im nice to all the ladies on here yet they wont shot me love or anything or pay attention or show support in mumms n such!! This is total Fuckin bullshit the only people who check my dam profile r stupid fags or fuckin downrate haters. Why cant I have a good time on Fubar this is fuckin bullshit Im better off deleting my account I sorta met soemone anyways n where gonna go out so its all ure fuckin loss!! for not showing love or keepin in touch or talkin
Vip Giveaway
For the Holidays I am selecting 2 people each week for a VIP to start out a new year as Fun and adventurous. This is no time limit...Just something I want to do from my heart to my friends. But there is a way to get my attention......and I leave that to you to figure it MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Health Updates, For Those Who Care
Ok. I called and requested a copy of the procedure and results. This is what it say's word for word. If you understand anythin, let me know! Thanks! INDICATIONS: The patient is 23 years old. She had visited the emergency room a few times over the past few weeks mostly because of some kind of epigastric pain. The pain is in the epigastric area and she has had it for awhile. The lab workup over this past period of time has been unremarkable. She had a gallbladder ultrasound that was normal. She has not established with a primary care physician because she does not have insurance. She communicate with me on the phone on the recommendation of the emergency room and on the phone, because of the persistent epigastric pain and the sense of frustration of the patient, I decided to have her meet me at Mercy Medical center this morning to do an upper GI endoscopy and to go deeper in her history. Talking to her, she is living with another coupld who are her roommates. She is unmarried. The pai
Supersonic Breakfast Burrito Chadstein Style
Savory sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, tator tots, diced onions, ripe tomatoes, and spicy jalapenos. All wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. Yeh... I'm making one. There's no Sonic in Indy anymore so... and I've had the hungerin' for one for months... literally. It will be magically glorious. Photos will be taken and posted. On a side note.... Tomfoolery. Posthumous. Ho's and pancakes. Bailey's... mmmm... creamy.
Christmas Reminder For Our Military
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some
Babygirls Life
Looking into your eyes and falling in so deep your the guy i been dreaming of and seeing in my dreams. I look at you and reach out to grab and hold your hand as winds blow me down upon grains of sand I get up and see you still standing there with your hair blowing freely in the summer wind. I reach out pull you so close to me give you a kiss for all the worlds and heavens to forever see feeling heavens embrace by the very touch of your skin makes the rainbows forever shine on these cold autumn days the love you bestowed upon to me makes life feels so worth living truely to me inside. Your lips forever truely sealed with a endless kiss your skin forever sparkling in the summer sun as I gaze into your eyes and forever blown away the world in my eyes isn;t truely complete without you standing there next to me forever in this life forever for the rest of my eternity dwelling in the light of heaven waiting for you to appear to take my hand and walk across the endless shores of the ocean
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Why Relationships Fail
Why Love Relationships Fail Love relationships fail because at no time in our training by society are we given a factual model of what a love relationship is, or how to make one succeed. There are fundamentally three levels on which intimate relationships operate, and our social training only prepares us to deal with one of them the most superficial one and even that one ineptly. This superficial level is called the expectations level. It is usually the only level we address consciously. The expectations level consists of all our self-images and self-importance. When we primp ourselves in front of a mirror, what we are primping is our expectations of other people. Its the level of our daydreams and fantasies, whereon everyone is as impressed with us as we are with ourselves. On the expectations level what interests us the most about a prospective partner is his or her physical attractiveness, manner of dress and bearing, social and educational background, future prosp
Broken It took stitches to patch up the wreck of my heart That thing that imploded, that you ripped apart A red beating grenade, and you pulled the pin Then you ran for cover, and dove quickly in With an explosion of screams, it all flew to bits But you didnt care, you gave not a shit And as quick as you came, you faster were gone And I picked up the pieces and tried to go on. But first I had some patchwork to do Making repairs, yes all due to you So I picked up the needle and then grabbed the thread And although its now whole, I still feel I am dead You see, the parts can go back to where they belong But never again will it be quite as strong It still keeps on working, its pumping still yet But not quite as fast as on the day that we met. Copyright 2008 by Steve Santini. All rights reserved.
One Time Only
Radio Show On Tuesday The 16th. Join In And Listen With Dj Mojo And Dj Clutch, In The Severd Intentions Lounge. C-ya There
Own Me For Xmas! Santa's Little Helpers Auction!
Although i grew out of Simple Plan years ago. Every once in a while i song touches me. As i listened to the song, i was wondering their purpose for writing it. Most celebs don't go out of their way unless there is a photo-op or something in it for them. At the end of the video you'll know why they wrote it. "Save You" Take a breath I pull myself together Just another step till I reach the door You'll never know the way it tears me up inside to see you I wish that I could tell you something To take it all away Sometimes I wish I could save you And there're so many things that I want you to know I won't give up till it's over If it takes you forever I want you to know When I hear your voice Its drowning in a whisper It's just skin and bones There's nothing left to take And no matter what I do I can't make you feel better If only I could find the answer To help me understand Sometimes I wish I could save you And there're so many things that I wan
How Can Anyone Be So Selfish And Cruel?
Never in my life will I understand how people can be so cruel and manipulative. They will go out of their way to get what they want. The price is always high, but they don't worry because they aren't the ones to pay the consequences of their actions. They twist facts, tell lies all to get their way! Sometimes they are so good at it they even believe their own web of deciet. There is a story that goes with all this babbling. Can someone tell though, Are there any decent people that have morals that aren't afraid to work to get what they want. Or is the world full the of feel sorry for me because all the people I have hurt and lied to are tired of being hurt and lied to type of people?
Hopelessly Heartbroken And Cant Make A Decision
My Daughter's Poetry
the moment i saw you i felt lifted, the moment our chemicals reacated, the moment you touched me, i fell, the time you kissed me, i felt alive and out there, you make me breathless when i come near you, you say i love you and i choke tryin to say it back, when you catch me when im fallin... i get so taken that my lungs get cut off and i cant stand the feeling of it, i get high off your words as they spill out into my mind, all i think is that your words are breathless and so taken to my heart i go numb, the moment i love the most is when you said- BABY DO YOU WANNA OWN ME DO YOU WANT ME TO BE YOUR MAN FOR LIFE AND NEVER LET GO! A real man would be proud Of who he's with A real man would buy flowers When you are sad A real man could tell If you are mad or not A real man wouldn't hit on your friends When you are not around Most of all, A real man would love you If he truly loves you He would never let you go No matter what you say You st
Over the past months and past year and one I have encountered numerous types on here and I love the BS that comes with it cause I call out the worthless ones....believe me i'm far from perfect, but I try no matter how I feel or hurt...yes I'm a disabled vet in some ways a bad condition yet, I try. The other day there were two people that had auto's so I kicked butt for them both but this is concerning one and her family of worthless pathetic's that threaten. Most adults handle things one on one...this one she brings her little and trashy family and they are that. Anyone can see that, but hey who am I to judge!! So this person I rated 1590 of her pics nad maybe got all of 15 returned rates ...hey I appretiate that but why ask to be helped being leveled like herself or auto 11's when she herself doesnt give back. We all have issues, health, job, children etc...but when you put your word out there whether it is you on line or someone for you give back what is given. Cause over the other
Need Sex
Can You?
Instructions: Look up 10 of your favorite films on IMDb and take a quote from each. List them below. When someone guesses the movie the quote comes from correctly, cross it off the list. Leave a comment with your answers. And NO CHEATING. 1. So does every guy have to go through this just to find out your name? You should try asking for my number.Daredevil 2. If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. Pirates of the Carabean 3. Appreciate your prey 4. See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like dynamite... and gunpowder... and gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They're cheap! Dark Knight 5. Wait. Where are you going? Well, I have to save my ass. Shrek 6. Are you stalking me? Because that would be super. Van Wilder 7. All I know about walruses is that out of all mammals they have the second largest penis. I have the first. That's my joke. 50 First Dates 8. You know what my new favorite sound is going to be? The sound
I Am A Virgin!!!
Lets Godfather ~*ΚΣЯIZZZMΛ*~ She only needs 1,188,898 Points to go.R/F/A and dont forget to Bling her.She's an awesome girl and if she isn't one of your friends already she should be. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Hell she's even offering to pay for an auto 11, This girl is an A-11 VIRGIN..OMG Someone go help her! Just Click Below and Go Show Her Mad Fu-Luv !! ::..~*ΚΣЯIZZZMΛ*~..::*PU$$YCAT PLAYMATE*@ fubar Brought to you by..Rain & Music Provided by WYKD Radio~ Rain ~Owner of WYKD~
Fighting For Justice...fighting For A Cause...dying For What?!
Myself as a campaigner for Gurkha`s rights,i am seriously thinking what`s wrong with English people,honestly.What the hell happened to equality and justice?!Is that right that after so many years having the Gurkha warriors fighting on their behalf,they now ignore their rights?!Gurkhas can be foreigners,but THEY DIED for Britain!So,was it not right that they should have the same priviledges as the British soldiers?Why did Gurkhas have to battle so hard to get the recognition they decerved?Why did they have to go thru courts and stuff like that,just to have what they should have had long time ago?They fought,and they won their cause.But they as well,suffered.Gurkhas keep dying in Afghanistan,for a cause which is not well as the british soldiers,they keep dying for a war which is not for them to fight.Is this justice?!No. Let`s respect more Gurkha soldiers as well as the british ones.All of them are in the same sinking boat.They decerve to be honoured and respected. This b
The Pentacle
The word Pagan gets bantied about by many and is a very misunderstood term. Hopefully, this will shed some light on the subject. Paganism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Pagan) Jump to: navigation, search "Pagan" and "Heathen" redirect here. For other usages, see Pagan (disambiguation) and Heathen (disambiguation) Mayan priests dancing around fire at a ceremony. The Maya folk religion is considered to be pagan under all definitions of the word. Followers of Romuva, a Lithuanian Neopagan faith, practice a ritual around a fire. Paganism (from Latin paganus, meaning "country dweller, rustic")[1] is a word used to refer to various religions and religious beliefs from across the world. The term has various different meanings, though, from a Western perspective, it has modern connotations of a faith that has polytheistic,[2] spiritualist, animistic or shamanic practices, such as a folk religion, historical polytheistic or neopagan religion. The term ha
"the Vampyre"
The Vampyre Draw the others in, make sure they feel your sins The same old way and thats the real crime And the ones that hang around, they feel themselves so lucky Yet all theyre really doing is hard time Yeah, pick at all those bones but it doesnt fill your belly Cause theyre long ago devoid of scraps of meat Yet that really doesnt faze you, because its really not your meal No, youre looking for some different things to eat And you can beg, and you can plead, and all those blisters on your knees Give a hint to all of where you spend your time Your line is always busy but dont be waiting on my call Because I long ago ran out of phone booth dimes I escaped and ran away, and Ill live to love another day Still, I dont imagine you are asking yourself ,Why? Just wait a little while, in your timeless practiced style Pretty soon somethings bound to drop and die And in the end who really needs you? Tell us all why we should care Well be waiting but
I Am New Here
I am new on this site and I hope to meet and make lots of new friends.
About Me
Hiya this about me me me and a little more about me ;) the craziest sexiest DJ on FUBAR lol no serious Im a DJ for sixth sense the coolest lounge on fubar, im 40 and from the UK i suffer with BI-Polar and get loads of help and support from my friends on Fubar hope i can add you to that list :)
A Funeral Poem
HUMILITY We humbly ask the Higher Power and of our friends to help us to change. Creator is an ally who we are finely walkin with. There is no greater ill then being Spiritually sick. We, to, must start over in every area of our lifes. Humility is an attitude that will help us start fresh in every thing we do. To be humble is to get down on Mother Earth and ask the Higher Power for help on a regular basis. We all have a Self-regulator inside of us whose purpose is to keep us inside a "comfort zone". When we get outside of our emotional comfort zone, we might find ourselves gettin irritable and edgy. Juststice We are making up to those people when ever we can, except when to do so would hurt them more. As we walk, the path of forgiveness and justice we stay focused on the things we have done wrong. We are on this path to get right with the Creator and with others. Make your admends as quickly as possible. Some admends can be done by letter or by telephone. Pre
To All Of My College Football Fans
For all of my fellow college football fans. I have a Pick'em league started on yahoo. Click the link to sign up and join. Hope to see you there.
Goofylady's News
Friday Night Championship Omg
Come Bid On Me!
This is my first auction. Would love for you all to come check it out. Cant wait to see who bids and who wins. The auction runs from Dec. 14th (2pm est.) thru Dec. 21st (7pm est.). Come bid and have fun! GOOD LUCK!!!!! :)
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Life Made From Poetry
dreams as I waken from the nights sweet peace I see what is most lovely of all for beside my heart is a love to true so much more lovely than august fall ever breath I take is like the first drink of water for a soul that thirst because she has held me loved me and captured my being she is first I will embrace her cherish her love her night and day every moment I am awake her mystic beauty enchants me even my dreams are of her softness i cant wait you know my love this moment will last for eternity in our lives for seventh heaven i will take you I will help you reach the skies once loved by you I cannot fathom what life would be without you in my life so long I do crave you, adore you will keep you safe and loved free of strife be gentle with myheart my love for it is yours to keep and enjoy forever and it will keep your hunger and hope and thirst quenched like a river. This is a quote "life isn't measured by the number of breaths we as h
Downraters Blog!!
gotta love downraters...all i did was ask for a fan and rate in return, as u can see by the convo, and she got smart...and we all know im not the one to get smart too...lmao... then she did rate...ALOT OF 1's..lmao Click the pic to go show her some real luv!! LOL
"hands Across The Sea"
Hands Across The Sea Oh Irish shore, well meet no more, Im sailing from the coast Ill miss my home, but theres a lass, that Ill miss the most Oh my Annie, my love, Im sorry that I go To America, my future, where milk and honey flow Wed have been wed, but then instead, your father doused the flame He said to me, Youd best be gone, youve not a penny to your name. And it pains me so, oh yes to know, that I couldnt have your hand Now here I am, on this ship, bound for foreign land Before we left the Queenstown dock, I sent to you my dear A postcard of this mighty ship, to show I wished you near Just above the ship, upon the card, its there for you to see A symbol of my love for you, two hands across the sea Now four days on and somethings wrong, an icebergs struck our boat Unsinkable?, Titanic, no, they say she cannot float I must say goodbye, and now I cry, for Ill never see your face Or hold your hands, or kiss your lips, or touch your bridal l
"the Lady On The Pier"
The Woman on the Pier In a small fishing village, I once heard the tale Of a lovely young woman, whose man was in sail And theyll tell the old story if you wish to hear Of the fishermans widow who waits on the pier She waits by the water, she stands on the pier Saying, He will return to me one of the years. Its been seven winters and still Im alone. Oh, Lady Atlantic, please send his ship home. After 4 years of courtship, he made her his wife, A fishermans woman, the sea was their life And early each morning shed say, Farewell dear. And until he returned, shed wait on the pier. She waits by the water, she stands on the pier Saying, He will return to me one of the years. Its been seven winters and still Im alone. Oh, Lady Atlantic, please send his ship home. Then came the last morning that she said goodbye As she watched him cast off a tear filled her eye For deep in her heart she knew something was wrong And as days turned to weeks
"requiem For The Sea"
Requiem For The Sea The Grand Banks are empty ,the Cod are no more Old doreys now rot on the shore. Could our forefathers see, what weve done to the sea Well Im sure that theyd turn in their graves Because the sea and man, they were lovers once Shes knew wed just take what wed need But that was long ago, she had no way to know That the almighty dollar brings greed With long lines and draggers, we plundered and stole The lifeblood that ran through her soul And now she lies empty, her children are gone The rooms in her mansion are still Yet the sea and man, they were lovers once Shes knew wed just take what wed need But that was long ago, she had no way to know That the almighty dollar brings greed What once was so plenty, in times gone before Now gives of her bounty no more Our nets come up empty, the harvest is done Her waters have turned to her tears But the sea and man, they were lovers once Shes knew wed just take what wed need That
Important Stuff
Funny As Hell President Bush Video
My Midget, I Need Points
THIS MORNING I RECIEVED AN EMAIL FROM OUR HOSTING COMPANY...... New Shoutcast Server ShoutcastPRO and its parent company Eastside-Hosting used the services of AlphaRed as a Dedicated Server Provider, Yesterday all AlphaRed clients received the following e-mail. “This Morning December, 23 2008 at 9:30 AM CST, Alpha Red, Inc. entered Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Doug Brickley of LECG was appointed the Chapter 7 Trustee. The receiver's duties are to liquidate the assets of Alpha Red and collect past due balances from Alpha Red's current and former clients. The business will not continue. All services including power, bandwidth, and technical support will be shutdown at 9:00 AM CST on December 24, 2008, tomorrow. We will begin shutting down servers this evening around 8:00 PM CST, December 23, 2008 starting with accounts which have outstanding/past due balances.” Our AlphaRed account is current, a new datacenter inquired AlphaRed and all their clients, but only current clients
"life's Gallery"
Lifes Gallery On my way to the auction sale, I stopped in the little town As I sipped my coffee I knew for certain there were no galleries to be found But I inquired of my waitress, who smiled and said Id see The finest paintings ever done, within Lifes Gallery. You see, in the city where I work I write a column there That tells the world if art I see is good or bad or fair And sure that I was wasting time I found the little shop With the faded sign that said, Lifes Gallery perched upon the top So not expecting much, I stepped in though the door To behold a sad display I saw was something less than poor It really was ridiculous, the paintings hanging there A sick idea of a joke for all the canvases were bare I muttered a curse beneath my breath and turned to leave the shop When a soft yet firm hidden voice said the words Please stop. I spun and saw a little figure of an old man standing near Who went on to introduce himself, his words I still can hea
The Importance Of Love.......
How Well Do U No Cindy
Me And Only Me
Lets see I am a full time cake decorater and baker, I love my job, but may need to find a new one soon, seeing as the company I work for has this point thing going on and I am almost to the limit. oh well, any ways I have a big family and we all get along for the most part, I am married and have 4 kids and an addotted one too. I also have 5 little dogs. I love to make new friends and hang out as well, so if any of you are interested in getting to know me better as a person please feel free and ask me anything, I will answer all questions good or
Words From My Heart
The art that flows from her pen makes the casual viewer complete and whole A smile that wakens the sleepy soul Grace and charm that lifts the heavy heart simply lovely a goddess some would assume no need to look in the heavens you can find her in the Boom Boom room. Eyes tell a story of an old soul, deep beautiful green and wise A smile more than just simple expression, the power of her smile chases all pain away, eases every agony and makes all darkness go away. To some just another lady, to others an angelic figure who makes the world a lovelier place To this one much more than any of those things She is precious much more than any man made word can describe. Her name I may never know, Her face is the only glimpse of heaven I will ever have. Crushed spirit tangled mind another day in the life Feeling the knives from those walking up from behind Hate seething from their hearts while approaching with a smile walking all through life nothing more wipe your feet
New Pics
HEY Y'ALL!! I have just created 2 new photo albums ready for rates and comments!They are.. "SNOW IN METAIRIE LOUISIANA" and "CELEBRATING 35 YEARS AL COPLAND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS W/KIDS". I have also added MANY new photos to my album.. "ALL AMERICAN,FOR OUR TROOPS" and some to "MY FIREFIGHTER ALBUM" as well. Please stop by and rate,comment,and feel free to rip any from those last 2 albums that you like. Thank you everyone! Many Blessings & much love, Steph
WHY SEX IS LIKE A ROLLER COASTER It goes like this - you get it on with your partner. There is anxious anticipation as you start. You start slowly, climbing your way to the top. There are smiles exchanged, and giggles, maybe e
The Raven
Thy Raven By Toni Buckley Oh Thy Raven How The True Beauty Of Thy Feathers Always Show When The Light Glows Upon Ones Body Showing The Beautiful Deep Blue Oh So Deep Your Mysterious Caw Always Makes Me Wonder What Are You Actually Saying Oh How I Wonder Pondering, Just Pondering Your Mysterious Talons Ripping Trough Your Enemy With Such Power Makes Me Smile But With Such Fear I Have Of You Makes Me Wonder... How Is Life A Matter When One Is As Graceful As You Is It Beauty, Or Is It Love It Could Be Happiness But What Ever The Matter Is Of Life I Know Now Thanks To You That Is For A Good Reason Oh Thy Raven How Thy True Beauty Lies With So Much Shine But With So Much Pain Continue With Your Search For The True Meaning When You Find It I'll Be Hear Waiting For The True Meaning Waiting... Only Waiting And Nothing more
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Texas Metal Alliance
Soap Box
You know its funny how things hit you all of a sudden One second your sitting there talking and the next BLAM. Well this really isnt one of those times. Over the past many months, Ive been trying to work my way over and through a few a rough spots Which hasnt really been a lot of fun. Oh Ive had a few good laughs along the way, but for the most part, this whole trying to figure out what has been bugging me, working it out and moving on with it Bullsh*t can kiss my A$$ I know whats been bugging me . Most important I need to open up more. Be more free with what Im thinking. And stop worrying what someone else might think if I say what it is Im really thinking. IM TIRED OF ALWAYS BEING THE NICE GUY! LMAO The rest will work itself out. I had a very long wild conversation with a friend last night. As we talked I began to relax and open up. I learned a few things from that conversation about me, And more. I felt free.I dont always have to say the right things. I don
"the Jar"
The Jar I try to keep the lid on, I twist with all my might I have to keep it shut, I have to seal it tight My jar of empty hopes I keep here on the shelf Filled with jagged things that cut, and do damage to myself Its getting far too full, somethings bound to give Too many scattered fragments of the life Ive tried to live And now my jar of broken dreams is exposed for all to see And pain it shakes me to my soul, over whats become of me You see I only wanted happiness, just the simple stuff But its always just outside my reach, yes, never close enough And now my jar of broken dreams has come crashing to the floor The parts are scattered everywhere, the jar is sealed no more So today I will stop wishing upon my lucky star Because the only thing that shines for me are the pieces of the jar Copyright 2008 by Steve Santini. All rights reserved.
A Wish For My Hottie Sisters
Life Is What You Make It
Tag Your It!
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bed 2. Your significant other? Sometimes 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? Old 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? Son 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? Heaven 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? oldies 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here 14. Where were you last night? couch 15. What you're not? perfect 16. Muffins? bagel 17. One of your wish list items? love 18. Where you grew up? Mississippi 19. The last thing you did? Cards 20. What are you wearing? shirt 21. TV? no 22. Your pets? Diesel, Tiger, and James Brown 23. Your computer? IDK 24. Your life? blah 25. Your m
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Good Lord!
I will be at the hospital in the A.M. with my sister while my mother has a heart catherization to check her quad-bypass and her aortic bypass. This is to see if there are any leaks or anything of the such. I will tell you this,my mother will not survie a full blown operation of any kind and be normal. Her lungs and heart cannot handle this anymore. I will keep my family and friends up to date as I can. Love you all. Cheryl Ok,so I get to stay home due to possible ice. I hve to be here if my kids get let out of school early. I will be sitting waiting for my sister to call and let me know how my mother is doing and all test results. Thank you for the prayers! Cheryl Another update on Mom. They can't do the procedure due to other issues. We are unsure what they plan on doing now. We will get a chance to speak to the Dr's tomorrow(this means Monday). I will keep you all posted. Cheryl My mother!! She is out of her fucking mind! she refused further medical treatment afer
Ok, so this is the one time I am gonna take time to do a blog, and only so my friends don't havta wonder. I am not gonna do the status msg saying "i am done with fubar", cuz that is just someone wanting attn anyway. I really have no need for that or any desire to be talked out of this. I am deleting my acct before the night is over. No one is the problem, and no one has been a jerk to me. I just think I do not get the whole "online social" thing. I am just me, and sometimes that doesn't translate well into stupid SB chats or whatever. My real friends know me and understand that 90 percent of what I say is just BS, just me joking around, and they laugh along with me. But here, ppl just take things the wrong way, and then they overreact instead of letting me explain. Anyway, I only stayed at fubar past the first day or two anyway because I met some amazing ppl. Mary and her husband Tim. They are in my family and if you read this before I delete, Luv them. They are awesome
My #1 Family And Friend Ms Jeri Is The Best
I met a wonderful lady about two years ago thru my ex boyfriend. Her name is Jerrilynne, we have gone really close thru the years and talk several times a day. Although I kicked the ex to the curb, we are still "silstas from another mista", lol. Niether one of us talk to my ex. Well to get to the point, I never truly realized what a golden heart my girl truly has until today...She told me a few days ago that she sent me a xmas card with a lil suprise in it. Knowing her i thought it was a card with a half naked guy on the front. She knows i have had somme problems finding a job since the move and i figured she was trying to cheer me up. Long story short, i opened the card and out fell a hundred dollar bill. I was completely suprised and shocked. I know this girl and she cannot afford that. But,she knew that i could not afford christmas for my kids. I cannot tell u people how wonderful my "silsta" is and the only thing i can do to show her all of my love and appreciation is to post this
"my Psychic Cafe"
My Psychic Caf Theres a psychic caf inside of my head Filled with thoughts of the living and the deeds of the dead Those I have known and those Ive not met They all tell me the tales that Ill never forget The sign always says Open, and there is never a seat The place is always packed, but they dont come here to eat They come just to talk, or to shed a few tears Or share an old yarn, and perhaps whisper their fears Some come every day, and take the same table They repeat the same story, the same worn old fable Ive heard it all, a million times or more And Ill hear it again when they walk through the door And yet there are others, a sea of fresh faces That come from the past, from long distant places From lands Ive not seen, ages lost to time I am a staff of just one, but I dont really mind Because what they give me cant be bought in a store The wonders they offer as the coffee I pour Shreds of themselves, and the lives they have lived The mos
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My Life
I was born in California in 1951 on an army post. Went to Germany until 1954. Then to Mississippi until 1956. Then to New Orleans until 1958. Then to Washington St. until 1962. Then to Metz France until 1963. Then to Athens Greece until 1965. Then to North Dakota until 1967. Then to New Orleans until 1971. Then to Houston until 1973. Then to New Orleans until 1978. Then to Houston until 1980. Then to Dubai in 1087. Then to where I live now in Lafayette Louisiana. And people wonder why I'm alone.
Let It Go
There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person, it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when it's dead. You've got to know when it's over. Let me tell you something. I've got the gift of good-bye. It's the tenth spiritual gift, I believe in good-
My Type
I get asked what kind of guy I like a lot. I'm not that picky, but the one thing I can't stand is men who think I'm good enough to screw, but God forbid they take me out in public or take me to meet their relatives. I guess since I'm an amputee, I'm only good for banging. LOL. I was just joking, but I've had 2 boyfriends that used me so I'm wise to it, guys! Well as far as appearance, I like a clean shaven face. Scruffy men don't do it for me. Also, overweight men are a turn-off. I'm 5 foot, 96 lbs. Since I'm disabled I'm not in the BEST shape, but I do work out every day. I do have a bit of a belly. So I'm not that picky but you have to at LEAST be height-weight proportionate. I have no idea why the only guys that hit on me are old bald guys. I like a man to have hair. I like to run my fingers through hair when I'm kissing him. As far as age... Well I'll be honest, I've dated old guys. 40 and up are effing boring and all they want to do is watch TV or have sex. It
A Safe Test
I'm a bit bored... Whoever sends/posts me the coolest froggy with wings picture...will receive a five credit bling of your choice... post them in this blog or send them pm you have until 6pm mountain time 2-2-09 ♥ Postal A few people have asked me why peace and I got a fu divorce. So, I thought I would write this blog to save some redundant typing :) Let's get some things straight..... peace is my bestie, always will be my r/l and fu BEEEESSSTTTTTIIIEE and SOUL SISTER..if you fuck with her I will cut off your balls *grin* She will always be my number one family, she has been for over 3 years soooo THAT also will never change!! I will be making her ass salute next! she finally owns my ass ;P She is always welcome at my house, my brother’s house and my cabin. The only thing that will change is that she will not get a percentage of my points...this goes both ways, but I'm the bigger hoar :P If she ever needs me I will drop
Understanding Chakra Meditation And Healing
another throat shakra video here is a video to help one meditate on the root chakra here is a video to help with the Third eye chakra meditation
In order to find what you are looking for, a person needs to know what they want. And this is what I did. I have been looking for this qualities in a man for a long time and praying that God blend them together in a special person and when it is in His will, introduce me to this wonderful man. By listing the qualities, I was able to focus more clearly on my prayers to God regarding this man that I know is out there. Helpful- I think every woman hopes to find a man that will help with things around the house. Washing the dishes, the laundry, making the beds. I love to think that the man I will spend my life with will enjoy spending this bit of time with me. Making it more of a fun game then a chore. I want a helper. A man that can be helpful when I need some help. I am not helpless and very rarely ask for help from my friends and loved ones, but sometimes I do need help. As well as I went this man to be helpful to others as well. Lighthearted It is always refreshing when
Who Wants To Own Me For Christmas
Crystal Bowl Chakra Healing - Concert
part 6 part 2 part 4
What. Tat is the question. What is this place all about. I am new here and have no idea how this thing works. Don't know how to meet people or anything. What can you do on here? What can't you do.
My First Blog
hello this is my first blog i dont know what to say so i am just saying hello yall
Loving Life
Just a little update for everyone. I am almost 4 months clean and sober. I am loving life and feeling so good. Yes there are days that are up and down but that will come with all this. The days are getting easier as the time goes by, but like I said before it is a day at a time process and that is how I will be living things these days. I am proud of myself that I did what I needed to do for me. xoxoxoxo
well im a bartender in a sports bar and server /slow time now at my work sucks BOREIN. cant wait till summers bac lol holla
Monica Here 12/13/08
Well the fun is about over Monica is heading out soon. I teh sads we had a blast. She ate everything in site and took shits the size of her head. We had a great time losing our money at casino and had a blast at party last night. I got fucked up (like I really needed to say that) she had me wear some come fuck me boots and this bitch has never worn heels in her life, the balls of my feet are fucking killing me today and I feel like shit. She even got my drunk ass on the dance floor. It was fun sorry no pics we suck. So think good thoughts as she will be on the icy roads soon headed back home :( P.S. She will be getting a bill for my carpet. I &hearts Monica
New Member
wat up fubar member if you are reading this you must take an intreset in me or you just sympithitic for me. i join fubar for a nice time and to huck up. its awsome
So it's 11:37AM here.. And I'm bored as anything.. lol... Rate/Fan/Add/Bling me.. =] I want an auto 11 and I'll pay for it just name the price =]
How Likely Is It?!
To Love Only One!
For you i would give you the world ,if it was mine to give . buy you diamonds by the truckloads if i could. the only thing that i now for sure is the happiness i feel for you today and always and always remember that is that i will love you always and forever.........
There comes a time in life when you have to let go og all the pointless drama, and the people who create it. And surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus soley on the good. After all, life is to short to be anything but happy! I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn how to let go. Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right. You believe in lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better thinfs can fall together! I've made mistakes in my life. I've let people take advantage of me and I've excepted way less than what i deserve. But I've learned from my bad choices and even though there are soem things i can never get back, and people will never be sorry. I know better next times and won'y settle for anything less than what i deserve!
Merry Christmas To All
A Christmas Tale Twas weeks before Christmas No money to be found All of a sudden I looked all around There was flour, and sugar Molasses and honey To bake something off didn't take much money. There was lace and ribbons and wire to be found Magic to be made all around. Some clippings from an evergreen out side There were pine cones to dip Bows to be tied. It didn't take much, like popcorn stitched tight Cranberries on a string oh what a sight. I found wooden cherries they were giving away At two cents a piece they became a main stay One year I made angels folk art, and quite grand One year it was Rudolph who greeted the clan. There were bells to jingle, sleds to paint I was so busy I would almost faint, And when it was done, And most given away Not an angel was left not even a stray. Dolls were sewn, bears stuffed and made My daughter even got in on the trade. It just isn't Christmas if you go out and shop You have to take time You have to stop. Sme
Child Abuse
this is about every little soul in the world who have to suffer the beatings of their parents. why do we not accept but close our eyes on child abuse, it's a treterous thing that can happen to a child. they are all innocent and fragile they are the best of things that can happen to you why send a fist in their lovely angel faces and give them a black eye and hide those wonderful hazel brown eyes stained blue with tears? who in their right mind would do that? well i know i wouldn't!! and god be there when i catch a grown person take out their feelings on a child's body because i'm not sure i would leave him or her be because do they leave their child be...NO!!!! so why should we? open your eyes to what happens to those wonderful gifts god gave us, you probably don't see it but maybe the little girl or little boy that lives on top of you or across the street is getting a beating that might have him or her left for dead when their parent is done with them. don't let this slip by b
This Is True
I Will Survive
ever get the feeling that no matter how much you do for someone it just isnt enough? How sometimes you feel like just NOT caring anymore...I cant help feeling that way right now.I know its wrong to live this way, but what can i do.I cant communicate..i try and it feels like im talking to a brick wall.Im tired of empty promises of change, but yet i dont do anything to help the situation.Im running ragged no energy at all no hapiness no love no feeling at all.Ive been told to just hang in there..but what am i hanging on to?A love that i know might not be there anymore..He says he cares..he says hes in love..but how does he know..what if what he thinks is love is lust..maybe hes just comfortable with the way things are and doesnt want it to change..or maybe he just doesnt care at all. which is it? i will probably never know.Im tired of waiting im tired of trying im just plain tired.HELP..seems like help may never come..ill just be stuck in this everlasting circle of unhappiness for the re
Does He Think Of Me
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jokers knight club plz
Does He Think Of Me
He is always in my mind, Wondering what he is doing, Wondering is he ok, He is always in my heart, There helping it beat a little faster, Does he think of me, Am I always in his mind, Am I in his heart, There helping it beat a little faster, Will I meet him oneday, See his beautiful face up close, Will I hold him oneday, Will he tell me everything will be ok, Will we laugh and play together, never wanting it to end, Holding hands in the park, Looking into each others eyes, Eyes meeting as if in a dream, Does he think of me, Am I in his mind always. For a man I care about and love very much.
A Rant On Negativity
I have been scanning through a lot of profiles, yes I actually read the profiles, and I noticed that there is a lot of negativity. Your profile is a place to tell a little about you. A place to entice people to want to make friends with you, to meet you. This is supposed to be a meeting place. Granted, you are not going to like everyone you meet, but you dont have to be friends with everyone. I have removed friends that have become annoying, hell I even deleted my profile for a while. But the negative stuff has got to stop. Get over yourself..... If you are a woman, get used to the fact that guys want to see you naked. Some are more respectful about it, but we all want to see the goods. We want to see you live (on cam or in person), most will respect you if you tell them no, but like in life, some will be jerks. GET OVER IT. I think I am fairly respectful when it comes to that stuff, and you can be the nicest person in the world, but when I read a grocery list of negativi
Apologetix Corinthians Lyrics: Corinthians [parody of In the End, by Linkin Park] It starts with love Young thing -- I don't know why You didn't read the letter our Lord supplied With that in mind, I revised this rhyme to explain to you guys All... I... know Love is... a powerful thing Watch the fly guys with the Benjamins sing Watch the countdown that the MTV plays I got ticked by the way It's so unreal -- Britney and Jennifer Lo Watch the wardrobe -- looks like a window Tryin' to hold on to itty bitty clothes You pasted them on -- this is not true love I guess everything's a hybrid breeding love and pride In small jealous hearts What it gets to be is essentially just a parody Like this rhyme is of Linkin Park You tried so hard, but love's so far Corinthians -- it doesn't even matter If love's too small -- you lose it all [ Find more Lyrics at ] Corinthians -- first letter, thirteenth chapter Love waits -- it's also kind It doesn
Another One Of These Bloody Things!!!
Are you dating the very last person you kissed? I was, now i'm not. Your best friend likes your last ex, you say? Go fo it. Have you ever dated someone longer than a year? Yes What color are your eyes? Green Do you wear your seatbelt in the car? Always, I have this annoying little man that goes beep unless I do. Will you talk to someone on the phone tonight? More than likely *pulls hair out* Can you honestly say that looks don't matter? No, not honestly. But if the chemistry is right, then looks don't come into it for me. Ever kissed someone that smokes? Yes and I smoke, so kiss my arse. Have you hugged anyone in the last 72 hours? Yes Who was the last guy you hugged? Paul, my gay friend last night at work, he ended up with red lippy all over his face, bless him. Was today a good day? It's my only day off, so yes. Do you get mad easily? No. But you will know when I am. Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years? The sa
Precious' Blog
Well...I've been on exactly a month today and I work for two lounges...ENFORCER/PROMOTER/GREETER @ DRAGON RIDERZ LOUNGE AND HOG WILD BAR & GRILL!!! ...And I must say that my bosses are excellent peeps to work for!!! COME JOIN US ANY TIME, NEW FACES ALWAYS WELCOME!!!! Just copy and past the links into your browser ::: FOR DRAGON RIDERZ LOUNGE PLEASE USE : FOR HOG WILD BAR & GRILL PLEASE USE : HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL SOON!! ESPECIALLY MY IN TOWN FRIENDS!!!
By...brent Farland
My Son My Life Has Just Begun My Love Has Been Focused To One All Day And All Night I Live For My Son To Him I Wish I Could Run When Were Together We Always Have Fun Id Take On The World Carry A Weight Of Ton All For The Love Of My Son Ive Cherished Him Always From Day One All These Things In My Life For Him Ive Done The Day Were Togethers The Day Ive Won This I Write To You My Son. Copyright 2008 Brent Andrew Farland
This Is The Day...
My Panties R U For Grabssss Boyssss
Make My Life A Prayer To You
Do Your Best,pray Its Blessed,jesus Takes Care Of The Rest!
Mind Of A Red Hooded Kitten...
So i've been thru a lot in the past, but of course who hasnt. but finally... things are starting to look right. with in 3 months i've managed to fix my license, get a car, title insurance and all, and just got promoted to a management position. but of course,,, i honestly couldnt do all of this withoutthe love and support of my baby, Xavier (Eternal Beast Of Burden). Next step is to get a place of my own and then finally the love of my life and i will be able to be together... not just on vacations.... but actually together. nothing makes me smile more then the thought of that.All i gotta do is keep strong now... and well.. im a stubborncookie... so i know things will work out just right. i love you baby. Still here, all alone, nobody to talk to, Only me and my heart... Thinking of you, smiling at myself. Drifting away to a world with nobody else but ourselves, Reaching out for u. my finger tips touching your face.. feeling it, loving it. For once there
One Last Chance For Love
like a darkened hallway or a light at the end of the tunnel, the light of love dimly gleams out of the hurt that hurt once before, just to look for the light in you to see your face is like the swirling of all of the pain right out into funnel, right into something that i know could be grate and full of light to you i adore, you take my life to new heights its never been almost like an eagle that i n permanent sore, your the light of my dark the one that helps me through, the one bright enough for the two of us if just only for a few, at least we know that we are giving it a real chance to show us here in the truth of, to guide us here together for that one true chance at love.
Pegasus Project
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to SxyAnn January 16th Sprite-N-Sassy January 16th Other Pegasus Birthdays this Month are... Suga Hooker January 8th MzB January 9th CaraBella January 29th Stop by and show these lovely ladies LOTS of LOVE This bully brought to you by The Pegasus Project (repost of original by 'The Pegasus Project' on '2009-01-16 10:43:30')
yeah, FB sucks. met my new lady though it though. but...
who would of thought that i could fall so deep in love who would of thought that we would come to be so deep in love so easily. kben is my heart my soul the love of my world.he keeps me going we have our ups n our downs but we have a true love no lies no secret.the best kind.we get under each others skin.but it makes us just grow more day by day.he is all the man i need in my life he works he does what he has to do.he is a good guy and he is all mine and i am grate full.sometimes it is hard to hang on in argue n stupid crap but i do cause i love him. 3 yrs almost 4 we been together. love u ken do not ever change u are fine the way u are n that is the truth...
Life's Great!!
His grip tightens my heart weakens his voice whispers and my control is no more.... i allowed this he did not stop me i follow the rules he is pleased we laugh out loud we move in time we are nothing more than just.... what we are While you were sleeping I felt your heart beating. While you were sleeping in my head love was repeating. While you were sleeping all I could do was smile. While you were sleeping I watched you for a while. While you were sleeping I always held your hand. While you were sleeping I knew where my heart would land. While you were sleeping you would hold me near. While you were sleeping I would cry all my tears. While you were sleeping from you I knew I wouldn't part. While you were sleeping I gave to you my heart. My heart is torn beyond repair. never ending bleed. it bleeds you dry. never letting you heal. its like cancer. theres no cure. no chance for recovery. but im not giving up. until it
Making Naughty Christmas Carols
I am still so fcking pissed off,so I thought of this to do.I donot wish to talk about what is going on,just understand right now I donot wish to talk.So lets have fun,ok? Have a hottie naughty Christmas! It's the breast time of the year! Lotsa "elves", With lovely shelves, And red-furred white-trimmed rears! Have a hottie naughty Christmas! And when you walk down the street Say hello, To girls who show, Their reindeer-rumps so sweet! Oh, ho! Your missile-toe! Hung where she can see! Some hottie waits for you - Kisses, from her knees! Have a hottie naughty Christmas! Ev'ry Star Trek geek'll cheer - "Oh my Scotty, beam me up a naughty Christmas, this year!" (***sultry sleigh-bell interlewd***) Have a hottie naughty Christmas! It's the breast time of the year! The egg-nog From your yule-log Will fill her cup with cheer! Have a hottie naughty Christmas! And when your girl trims your tree Stand below, Her ladder, So, Her balsam fir you'll see!
My December..
Linkin Park - My December (The Crow)
Little Of My Insite#1
it seem's that life will cause stress on you but if you let it it will kill you or make you kill your self... if you don't like who you are your the only 1 who can change that so if you have to let the old you die off and start being who you want to be dont let nothing stop you your the only 1 who is in controll so take charge be that person your looking to become tmmarow is a new day a chance for a fresh start for you not no1 else it mite hurt some but if it help's you be who you want then that's a chance to be the real you .... this is the begining of my stash's more insite from me will fallow so i hope it help's any 1 who need a little insite..... .............MR.SMITH...........
Dont Like How I Rated You???
So far I know Ive been rated a 10 or better clearly almost every time, and honestly...that cant be the honest truth every time. When I rate a pic Imma do it honestly, based on the quality of the pic, what the person(s) doing in the pic, the caption, the comments ppl leave about the pic (how they felt or think bout it.) Then I rate it as I see it, there is no direct reflection of what I think bout you just cuz ur pic maybe got rated a 2 from me. When I rate u I do the same thing that I do with the pix, only I go over ur whole profile, how much work uv put into it, the kind of frineds u collect n that r on ur top friends, who ur fans of, your lounges, your comments, your active participation and interaction with me is the final piece to how Ill rate you. If youve rated me a 10 cuz u thot Id return the favor with the same, ur kissing the wrong ass....Ill rate what I wanna rate not cuz u gave me a false 10, if thats what u really wanna rate me as COOL...if not COOL! Im an extrem
New Pics
General Thoughts
Ave Sorors and Fraeters. So, here I am. I am not so much a man for simple words, or a man inclined for prose and poetry. I am a published poet, and I've received rewards for them, but they all suck pretty much. I suppose in a way I just want to talk. I don't get to do that so much so I will tell you all a little about me, and you can decide if I am worth your time or not. I have a degree in Archaeology, with a minor in Anthropology. Upon hindsight I suppose I should have done it reverse. I am interested in a wide range of things, so I am easy going. July 5th 2007 or 06, I'm not sure but my ex-wife asked for a divorce then. I found out a week later that she was sleeping with my then best friend. Then I found out the child I thought was my daughter was not mine. Then my apartment burnt down, and now me fiancee has left me. I'm not sure if I am the cause of this, or I have a poor choice in women, but I do know that since all my ex's tend towar
Gi Joe
Is There Really Ever Any Second Chances?
Have you ever done something you regretted and later wished you could have another chance at it? You think at the time that the decisions you are making are good ones and that things will be ok. Then you wake up one day and realize that what you thought was the right thing -- isnt! You missed out. Things went awry. Your heart aches beyond belief and you feel like part of you is missing. You pray for the time to be right to ask if you can have that second chance. But you know that no matter what you want - it wil never be. You screwed up. You have to accept that and move on. As hard as it is at that time -- you know things will eventually somehow get better. But until then - you cry into your pillows at night - you listen for that phone to ring- and you wait. You keep on waiting and hoping that somehow, someone will understand and give you that hug you so desperately need. Then whisper in your ear- its ok. You'll look up and see one of the most beautiful smiles. Then and only then will
What X-mas Ornament Am I?
You Are an Angel A truly giving soul, you understand the spirit of Christmas. What Christmas Ornament Are You?
What Crappy X-mas Gift Am I?
You Are a Losing Lottery Ticket! Full of hope and promise. But in the end, a cheap letdown. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You?
What Elf Am I?
Your Elf Name Is: Happy Sweet Cheeks Son of a nutcracker! What's Your Elf Name?
My Music
Your Unltimate Desire Auction
Us Troops - Past Deadline
Iraq U.S. troops will stay in cities to support and train Iraqis despite a summer deadline to pull American combat forces, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said Saturday, a move that could leave thousands in the urban areas. Even with the mandate in the recently approved U.S.-Iraq security agreement, there have been suggestions some troops would not leave urban areas. But Gen. Raymond Odierno was the first military leader to acknowledge some forces would remain at local security stations, as training and mentoring teams. "We believe we should still be inside those after the summer," he said the sprawling U.S. base in Balad, north of Baghdad before welcoming Defense Secretary Robert Gates on a brief visit. Iraq's prime minister upbraided his top government spokesman for saying some U.S. soldiers might need to remain in the country for many more years. "What was announced about the Iraqi forces needing 10 years in order to be ready is only his personal point of view and it doesn
Dear Santa
Dear Santa: I think the last time I wrote to you I was about 8 or 9 years old (that following year Randy Gilman told me you were fake & not real) Well I still believe in you, Well you know what I mean. So tell me how's the wife & the elf's? alright, enough small talk. Wait, one more stupid question, After all these years why do we still have to write you a letter why can't we email you or add you to our IM? keep up with the times .. jeez. Alright I know you have many other letter to read Hey why don't you have a proof reader so you have to only read the good ones like mine? I know back to my list: Well I think I was a good person this year I only tripped one person in the street, come on you have to laugh it was a dare from an old friend. & I did give her back her cane. Jeez. What I really want this year is a Hummer but not like the one last year, this time I want the automobile! Get it right, not that I didn't like the one last year (But remember the docto
Tell Me Why?
Our Soldiers
By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writer Robert H. Reid, Associated Press Writer 1 hr 32 mins ago AP U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates shakes hands with Gen. Ray Odierno, left, commander of multi-national Bush: war in Iraq on its way to being won AP BAGHDAD Some American troops will remain in Iraqi cities after a June 30 deadline for combat soldiers to leave urban areas, the top U.S. commander said Saturday. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, meanwhile, dismissed suggestions by his own spokesman that the Iraqi government may ask some U.S. troops to remain behind as trainers after the Dec. 31, 2011 deadline for the withdrawal of all American troops set by the new U.S.-Iraq security agreement. Those comments are likely to rekindle debate here about the agreement, which was ratified by parliament last month and takes effect Jan. 1. But Iraqi voters must approve the deal in a referendum by the end of July. Suggestions of loopholes in the withdrawal timeline could be exp
Club Mystic Update - 12/14/08
Eroticfitness In Cambridge Ontario
teach fitness in home or erotic home cleaning vary erotic private descreet done nude if like too
Im New Here.. & Im So Lost.. Lol
Sexual Zodiac
Virgo (August 24-September 23) A true horror in the sexual zodiac, Virgos are the only people who can become prostitutes and still claim to be virgins. A Virgo tends toward a practical and realistic attitude towards sex, so this little pun is not at all far-fetched. A Virgo will, for instance, ask $50 for a blowjob, $75 if you cum in his/her mouth, or $20 a minute, whichever "comes" first. People born under this sign can be witty, articulate, charming, and 'lives of the party', but they usually fuck it up by hiding their emotions. Virgos are the kind of people who put sanitized toilet seat covers down on a clean motel john. They are the kind of people who insist on using the unopened tube of K-Y. If the condom isn't vacuum-sealed, they won't go near it. And complete showers, if not disinfected baths, are required both before and after. And if you even touch a Virgos asshole, kiss your tryst goodbye. Famous people born under this sign include Leo Tolstoy, Walter
I Made Salutes
Easier Day After Day
Well its 2 days until my Dads birthday which we also celebrated Christmas on that day as well. And so far so good. I guess I haven't thought about it too much. Or its my mom and dad watching over me making sure I don't get too emotional. Nights are worse for me of course. So day by day things are getting better. I just hope the holidays are over soon.
Political And Religious Shit...
Apparently I made people mad on newsrag... all over my views on abortion and planned parenthood... WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A 13-year-old Arizona girl who was strip-searched by school officials looking for ibuprofen pain reliever will have her case heard at the Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether school officials were right to strip-search a student over ibuprofen. The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether school officials were right to strip-search a student over ibuprofen. The justices accepted the case Friday for review. They will decide whether a campus setting gives school administrators greater discretion to control students suspected of illegal activity than police are allowed in cases involving adults in public spaces. Arguments are expected to be heard in April. At issue is whether school administrators are constitutionally barred from conducting searches of students investigated for possessing or dealing drugs that are banned on ca
The Official "reasons Why You Should Date Me!
10 reasons why you should date me: 1. Youll never have to worry about driving illegally in the carpool lane again 2. When you're around me I've got the sex drive of a 16 year old boy 3. You love my dorkiness 4. I wont swear around your family 5. Ill grant you three wishes 6. I've never been in one of Tommy Lee's movies 7. I like porn 8. I take a shower every day 9. I'll let you beat me at pool (LET you cause if I try, you're going down) 10. I've never cried over spilt milk 11. Youre safe with me 12. I'll lick the envelope for you 13. I'll carve your initials in a tree 14. I've never read Playboy for the articles 15. My heart will jump every time you walk through the door 17. Im a good listener. 18. I seldom pick a fight with inanimate objects. 19. As of yet, I have never overlooked the importance of regular, continuous breathing. 20. I can have it my way at Burger King. 21. I will administer chocolate whenever you feel the need. 22. Halloween is the only
hey I am looking for tons more members to join the Big Mike's Hot new lounge The Drunk Penguin I am Willing to Make a personalized NSFW Salute for each of the next 100 people to join The Drunk Penguin Lounge and say i sent you in a private message to Big Mike.. here is his link ΤhΣ g ΜκΣ .. Owner of The Drunk Penguin..Fu Owned By >^,,^< Pet
Please Help Me Out
Looking For Our 3rd Person
My FIANCE and myself is looking for a cool good looking chick to join our circle. We don't need a freak that's gonna blow our minds, but we want someone open minded. Someone to go with the flow. We need a chick that's gonna be interested in one more than the other. We believe it's not cheating if we both do it at the same time. So it will always be the both of us or none at all. Sometimes I'll go it alone but she don't need to know all that. So if you think you look good enough for us and your clean and wanna do something different for a change, let me know. You have to be laid back, easy going, and have a sense of humor and you will fit in great. Also don't feel bad if you smoke pot or anything. We don't care as long as you can't catch anything and don't have anything like S.T.D.'s. Condoms are your choice, I can't make babies no more. If your interested give me a holler and we'll talk and go from there. It probably won't happen right away because we're cautious but if you get my old
Lost A Friend
This time last year she cried three times looked at me and shut her eyes for the last time. We had nineteen years together and in that time we shared so much fun and so much laughter. I respected her and she respected me in her very own special way. She nestled under my chin each and every night and I shared my warmth with her. I fed her and cared for her as best as I was able to and loved her dearly. I miss my friend so much and it was a sad day that I lost my cat.....yes MY CAT!! were a friend....sleep well..!!
The Skies Will Darken And All Will Go Quiet ! Only Then Will You Know The Sweet Serenity Of Death!!! Q:W.O.W. Chaos-Where Great Dreams Begin: Befor a great vision can become reality there may be difficulty. Befor a person begins a great endeaver, they may encounter chaos. As a new plan breaks the ground with grave difficulty feres becoming the huge tree so must we sometimes push against difficulty in bringing forth our dreams. Out of chaos......Brilliant stars are born !!! I ching Hexagram 3 June 19th,2003 : Dream Log ! I dreamed that i was a person watching a little girl as she walked around and i said to my self that she reminded me of me at that age. The girl had just come from her Knights Tournament. As she left two guys stood at a stand still just stairing at each other in the ring . She then stoped in mid stride and grabed one of the guys arm and proceded to leave. Walking down a field , the other guy tried stoping her but she said," I'm going" . He said in re
Merry Christmas From The Both Of Us
Can You Say The C Word?
Can you say (Shoshonni ) can't take the heat? wow this classless broad can dish it.. but can't take it.. she is off her meds obivously with rants of thinking others are jealous and hate.. Here is what she wrote to me in a MUMM Your obvious hatred for any woman who can be attractive without being a whore who flaunts her fat thighs in her status is palpable. The fact that you dislike or do not respect women who are obviously of a better class than yourself never goes unnoticed. Do jnot fear, I'm sure the manwhores are in abundance tonight and shall be shortly invading your shoutbox shortly. In the meantime - try to contain your raging lust for my fuckable face and stay the fuck off my page and shoutbox because frankly while the "boys" may find you a fun gal to dick around with .. you're vile and repugnant to me
Go show my newest owner mad love!!! SixtyNineMunch He's sooo worth it!
My Pimpout By Bbw Goddess
BBW Goddess' Pimpout For jadeandjaksonsmomGo Show These fU'S Some Love! Show Sum Luv To My Fu-Owner!jadeandjaksonsmom!!A Great Fu To Know! & These are Her Friends She's Chosen to Pimpout With Her In This Bully!! So Stop By & Leave Them Sum Luv Too!! ♦CinDragon♦Founder of ClubMystic♦PegasusProject♦FuAngel♦I.B.I.C♦@ fubar gaigeandmorgynsmom~ Club Mystic@ fubar Faithful1~Proud Member of Club Mystic@ fubar *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Fu Trains I Run You Give Me Butterflies Train On The Wings of A Fairy, I Believe Train Heaven Sent & Hell Bound Train Goddess' Fu-Luv Train *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* My FU-Owners Tulsa's AngelOwned For Life... ♦CinDragon♦
Joker On Myspace my joker page
Learing To Live Again !!!!
A Different Kind Of Christmas Poem
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some tw
nothing fancy here...i would like to go for the spotlight...not begging, and not doing it too publicly...but any and all donations would be greatly appreciated....Thanks!! FTW
Buy A Soilder A Coffee
The Royal Canadian Legion Troop Morale Fund is an initiative of the Legion to buy each of our troops posted to Afghanistan a Tim Hortons coffee and a doughnut at least every two weeks. It will continue to collect funds for this purpose until the mission ends. Since the fund started it has maintained its goal. All funds donated are used only to purchase the needed certificates. No funds donated are used in any way to pay the extra costs incurred in preparing the certificates for shipment to Afghanistan. All certificates are stamped by volunteers before they are sent with the words "This certificate courtesy of the Royal Canadian Legion and its supporters in Canada". Branch contributions can come from almost any source but Poppy Funds cannot be used. Donations to the fund can be sent directly to Director Finance, Dominion Command, 86 Aird Place, Ottawa, Ontario, K2L 0A1. It is best to take the donations, deposit them to your branch bank account and write a cheque on it for the fu
R.i.p. Juan Espino
R.I. P Juan Espino Body: He jumpe​d up as soon as he saw the surge​on come out of the opera​ting room ​ He said:​ 'How is my littl​e boy? Is he going​ to be all right​?​ When can I see him?​'​ The surge​on said,​ 'I'm sorry​.​ We did all we could​,​ but your boy didn'​t make it. ' Mr. Espino said,​ 'Why do littl​e child​ren have to leave so early?​ Doesn​'​t God care any more?​ Where​ were you, God, when my son neede​d you?​'​ The surge​on asked​,​ '​Would​ you like some time alone​ with your son? One of the nurse​s will be out in a few minut​es,​ befor​e he's trans​porte​d to Eagle Pass ​ ' Mr. Espino asked​ the
What Is A Juggalo
A juggalo is a person that does not care about what other people think the most important thing to a juggalo is our music and family. We got each others backs all the time! juggalos are society's underdogs... poor ghetto freaks... eating ramen noodles... drinking faygo cola... and sporting pro wing shoes... made fun of in school... never accepted by anyone... tossed out by the world that didn't want them... these group of outcasts... brought together by the music and real life messages of the insane clown posse... are followers of the dark carnival and scapegoats of the world... being a juggalos isn't about being a "fan" of icp... j and shaggs are juggalos themselves... being a juggalo is about individuality... no one is ever fully accepted in this world... and juggalos just don't care... so we sling our faygo, jam to the wicked stuff, and wave our middle fingers to the legions of hypocrites, haters, and rich a$$ B***H trying to bring us down... everyone in this world is
Family And Owner Bio
Who is Last of a Dyin Breed? Thats a good question, one Ive asked myself many times. Not quite sure if Ive come up with a solid answer yet but Ill try my best to put it in words for you all. She is just a girl. A girl who has made one too many mistakes and taken ten too many wrong turns in her life but nonetheless; shes still just a girl. Now, you ask who are the Pu$$yCat Playmates & Pimps and where did they come from? Well, she created the family of course. Easy enough answer? Im sure thats the answer most of you would give if these questions were presented to you. Nothing wrong with that because thats all you know. Thats all thats ever been told to you. Well in this blog you will learn who this family REALLY is and where it really came from and who I REALLY am and what my purpose was behind creating the Pu$$yCats and what my intentions are for the family. In order to explain it in full I must first tell you about me. Not my life story (dont worry I wont
Almost Been On Here For 2 Years
New Cam Site For The New Year
Down Rater
My niece recently moved to Seattle, WA from Memphis.. and I miss her like crazy.. She wanted me to set up a MYSPACE to talk to her, so I DID!! So I'm trying to figure it out, but if you have Myspace, Please add me!! here's my page.. :
Any One Hefe In/near Tulsa,ok
Hello There Early 30's M Female here in oklahoma Work alot; Spend time w/ Family n Friends. But does't prevent us for a lil fun =) we get out or chill out fri-sun shoot lol Up for everythin and anythin w the approval of all parties in volved lmao. Talkin about bowlin he he campin,bars,cars,and what ever! So Holler C'ville/Tulsa area only please
Top Photos!!
I Find It Intresting
Dharma (Sanskrit: धर्म) in Buddhism has two primary meanings: * the teachings of the Buddha which lead to enlightenment * the constituent factors of the experienced world In East Asia, the character for Dharma is 法, pronounced fǎ in Mandarin and hō in Japanese. The Tibetan translation of this term is chos (Tibetan: ཆོས་; Lhasa dialect IPA: [tɕǿʔ]). In Mongolian dharma is translated as nom, which is noteworthy since it ultimately derives from the Greek word νομος (nomos) (law). Contents [hide] * 1 The Buddha's teachings * 2 The Buddha's Dharma Body * 3 Qualities of Buddha Dharma * 4 Dharmas in Buddhist phenomenology * 5 Meanings of "Dharma" [edit] The Buddha's teachings What is called Buddhism in the west has been referred to in India (the teachings' place of origin) and the east generally for many centuries as buddha-dharma. This ter
Being A Tool, Part 1
There's this feature on OKCupid, I don't know if anyone else has seen it, but it's where it shows pictures of two different people, and then a confession of some sort. You have to guess which one of them said it. There are a lot of sexual-oriented questions, some of which include "I've had a penis in my ear," "I'm a good fuck," "I lost my virginity before fourteen," &c., &c. I've developed a fool-proof way of guessing the correct answer every time. On every one of the questions that have anything to do with sex, always pick the fat chick. Works. Every. Time. I mean, hey. Those fatties have to make up for it somewhere, amirite? A thousand internets to the person who gets more flames than me after this.
Pegasus Project
OUR TEAM LEADER WILL BE OFFLINE FOR ABOUT A WEEK OR SO. SO ME BEING THE ASST TEAM LEADER I AM ASKING THAT ALL TEAM 5 MEMBERS TO PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RE RATE ALL MEMBERS. PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS BLOG WHEN YOU HAVE DONE SO. BELOW ARE THE LINKS TO EACH ONE OF TEAM 5 MEMBERS. THANK YOU GOOFY GURL Team Five Leader Mamma ♥ T ♥ ~*~Spanker Club Manager~*PegasusProject~*~@ fubar Team Five Assistant Leader ~Ģőō ĞűŔĻ~FU Engaged 2 Mķě Mąň@ fubar Members for team 5 gr~Official Tagmaker for RR~Member of The Pegasus Project@ fubar CrazyMama45~The Pegasus Project~/Fu-Wifey to sTaRr**@ fubar Ladytaz Real Life Wife To Taz*Member of *The Pegasus Project*Rateing Revolution*Princess Leia's*@ fubar ~katie~ *SBG* *SINNERS FAMILY* *BAD BITCH* *FU-ANGEL(T#3)* *PEGASUS PROJECT(T#5)* *LOLLIPOP GURL*@ fubar ♫ JeSSiCa ♫ ~The Pegasus Project~@ fubar M!ai KMA(
"20 Ways"
20 ways. Theres 20 ways the rain could come and the least of them was right. It could come and cleanse the soul today or it could sneak in here at night The liquid it could heal our souls or roll into the ditch It could be our ever loving God, or an ice cold heartless bitch. Yeah, 20 ways to damn ourselves, 20 ways to fall In the legacy of the motor car, the unions strong and tall They all strive for Nirvana, that comfort zone denied But its not for lack of caring, or that they did not try. Theres 20 ways to lose the game, 20 ways to fail 20 ways to lie to them, 20 ways to tell the tale The cloak has shrouded that simple thing, we used to call the truth Its twisted all the words and tales, we like to tell the youth The time is surely now at hand, the time has come to pass When we lost out on the 20 ways, 20 ways to save our ass The lies and bullshit congregate, the end is now right here Yes, theres 20 ways to give it up, 20 ways at least my dear. Copyrig
Ay Amor Mio
AY AMOR MIO - Funny videos are here
Dirty Vegas Video
Just thought I'd let you all know that, starting tomorrow (Monday the 13th) and running for the next 11 weeks (through Nov 22) I'm going to be taking a class that will hopefully help position me to get a better job (so I can have a little bit more money to waste on Fubar! LOL!). I point this out because I honestly don't know how much this will cut into the free time I have for Fubar. All I know at the moment is that, at the very least, I'll beout the 3 hours the class meets on Mondays and Thursdays, plusan hour driving time. Idon't know how much time I'll needtospend studying, butI willput studying overFubar. I will try my hardest to keep up with my daily rates for the PR group (for those of us who are still rating!), and to keep rating all my friends! :) HI All! I'm in a contest again! Rhonda "Babygirl" aka Strawberry Kysses is running a "first to 2000 rates" contest on her page. If I'm the first to 2000 rates, I win my choice of a cherry bomb, auto 11, or a VIP/bling p
Attractiveness & Superficiality
The TruRaters - Bringing Higher Rate Justice to Attractive People... I feel like I'm back in Jr. High... First of all, the 2 I've seen aren't all that 'special' in the attractiveness category... but why does that even have to be an issue on a social site? Did Babyjesus make me meet a prettiness criteria to join Fubar? Did he tell me I should only rate people who look like supermodels as 10s and 11s? Will he take away my Fubar card cuz I don't meet your criteria (which by the way, you don't even follow in your own rating scheme)? Beauty is subjective. Live with it. If you wanna lobby Babyjesus and pay for 25 ratings or something that will set the 'beautiful' apart from the rest of us, to make that distinction, knock yourself out, I'm sure he'll be happy to take the money to let you have your own social standing. Me, I'm here to have fun .. to meet creative, intelligent, witty, cool, happy people who don't judge me or 'rate' me on how I look And I have been blessed
Random Blah Blah Blah's
I just found out about an hour ago that I will be having to have surgery . The surgery date is scheduled for February 3, at 8am . I know it will slow me down a bit, but I know me I will be up and running hopefully by that evening . This is another obstacle I will overcome and get on with my normal business . I am one who doesn't take long to heal , I know they say about 4-6 weeks for recovery but I know me . The least amount of time I am down the better I am on getting back to where I need to be . I have learned that I have got a hernia. I am now just waiting to hear from the surgeon. It will be his determination on whether I need surgery . I have toughed it out the best I can , and trust me its been tough . I have had aa lot of support in the matter ,and I appreciate it . Sometimes I feel like giving up but I can't . Tuesday is the day for my surgery, I know that in a lot of ways I am not worried about it. But I already to a point already hoping thing
Multibobs Day
Its a day for cleaning, sorting out and making ready. My mind feels unsettled and certain things are uncertain for me and I am concerned and agitated. The sorness at the base of my chin backs this up physically. I have that strange feeling you get just before you realise your holding the wrong end of the stick. I wonder if I have been labouring under a false notion and so its time to kill my mind with graft. There is much to be done and it shows that I have been distracted because I have not got those things done. Entropy has built up in the shape of a messy house and an untidy kitchen crippiling my ability to get stuff done. I had dream last night that I was arguing with a scientific zelot who would not accept that science is a religion event when I provided a very strong case. I woke up frustrated I guess. When I have religious debates in my dreams its never good. I always wake a bit narky - SCIENCE IS A RELIGION!!!!! they have beards and wear white robes for gods sake! grrr
The Truth
Take 2 hours out of ur pathetic FUBAR existance, and watch this movie...if you want the truth about several subjects. Its free, its here, and ur gonna waste two hours on this site anyways. If you dont watch this entire movie, then you are a waste of time, space, and do not deserve the right to call yourself an american, and should not be allowed to voice any of your own personal OPINIONS about ANYTHING...EVER.
Personalized Skin
Hey ppls, OK, check this out, I cant for the life of me figure out how to make my own skin. I've tried everything and just ended up ripping one from someone else. Here's the deal. I am willing to pay 20,000 fubucks to someone if they can make me my own skin. The only thing I ask is that you use the Grey Goose Vodka pic that I have as the background, after that, anything else goes. Plz help me with my skin! Dark Realm Faery
The Anthony's Tragedy
Tag U R It!
Tagged By Dr. Gemarius You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? short 4. Your mother? comfort 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? family 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? retirement 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? perfect 16. Muffins? bagel 17. One of your wish list items? happiness 18. Where you grew up? Germany 19. The last thing you did? laundry 20. What are you wearing? sweats 21. TV? yes 22. Your pets? lacey 23. Your computer? custom 24. Your life? ok 2
The Invitation
Help My Fam
"the Bucket"
"The Bucket" We all have dreams in buckets, we carry them around Sometimes we need a helping hand, to get them off the ground I'll be Jack if you'll be Jill, I know we can't fall down... Cause you're the sweetest dream I've even found. Our love is like that bucket, carried up that hill. With steady hands and careful steps, we know that it won't spill. And life is like the hill itself, it's sometimes hard to scale. But easier with two to hold the pail. And sometimes we'll get weary, as time will surely tell, But straight and true we'll go on, heading for that well. Yes my girl we'll make it, just you wait and see. And we'll fill that bucket up with dreams, of all our life will be. We all have dreams in buckets, we carry them around... Copyright Steve Santini. All rights reserved.
Alright this Angel friend of mine wants to become ebil.... so a I heard a little bark through the grapevine :) JWH@ fubar Love on her hard! Here ya go have fun! Angel! She is 93k away from GodMother and for being the angel she is, I think she really wants to be a demon :) Lets go get her done!!! JWH@ fubar
Karma is Sanskrit for "deed." In both Hinduism and Buddhism karma includes an individual's physical and mental actions which determine the consequences of the person's present life and sequential lives through rebirth. Karma is based upon the phenomena of cause and effect which denotes both action and reaction that extend through many lifetimes. There are three types of karma: "agent-karma" which is concerned with the present cause and effect, and will influence future lives; "prarabdha-karma" which had already been caused and is in the process of being effected; and, "sanchita-karma" which has been accumulated but has not yet been effected. Karma is normally thought of as a term used by eastern religions such as previously mentioned. But, in Plato's description of reincarnation he too touches on the theme of karma when saying the soul tends to become impure through bodily transmigrations. However, if the soul retains its pure state and does good acts it will return
"bag Lady"
"Bag Lady." On the corner of the street, huddled near a door, Dressed in filthy rags, she's a member of the poor. I held out coins to add to her pathetic little pile Her eyes lit up, and as she spoke, she beamed her brightest smile "Some folks call me Bag Lady, but I have a name." "Most folks they just won't say nothing, I think it is a shame." "Cause they're the ones that ain't got feelings living in thier soul." "Lots of money, fancy cars, don't make a person whole." "I'd rather have my rusty cart... and smile my days away." "I'm a bag lady yes, and that's the way I'll stay." "I've got the pieces of my life, here in the old cart." "And cardboard to keep out the wind, when the winter starts." "It wasn't always like this, I once was just like you." "Oh yes, and did I tell you, that my name is Sue." "Yes, some folks call me Bag Lady, but I have a name." "Most folks they just won't say nothing, I think it is a shame." "Cause they're the ones that ain't got feelin
New Christmas Poem
Xfactor Winner 2008
X Factor Winner 2008 Alexandra Burke
Munkey Ink
Redmunkey for those who wonder, was created as an experimental site in order to promote some of our friends. What started as a small place with a few links, has now grown to host a lot more content and promo material. The site itself its free for all. We never charge, we don't have a portal to sign up and pay. The money to pay for the upkeep comes from the links, affiliates, and at some point sponsors. If you wonder about the name, and why its not a dot come, its because it was hijacked and now belongs to some band. We are working on taking it back. The site itself has gone through changes over the past year and will still in order to keep up with the rest. As we are now showing up on social networks to share our content you will also get the chance to see some who joined us to promote not only us but themselves with it. From coast to coast, at clubs and parties all over RedMunkey has showed up. Our goal is to create not only relationships but to become a place where be
My Bestest Piece Of Work
Here it is I added her into the background, added the rose in her hand and added the butterfly and kittie and animated it all This is my best work now up to datw am so very proud of this as I would like you opinion on it so what do yous think?
"Mary" A few days before Christmas, I was walking down the street The crunch of snow a steady sound, beneath my frozen feet When I came upon a bar room, small and dimly lit And I stopped inside to warm my bones and have a little sip. I walked up to the bar man and said, "Give me something warm." He smiled and poured the whiskey and said, "Hello, my name is Norm" I downed the glass of Christmas cheer and turned to walk away, When a hand upon my shoulder, beckoned me to stay. I thought that Norm had grabbed me, so I turned to say "What's up?" Perhaps he had a parting joke or wished to fill my cup Norm was not behind me but a woman in his place With a haunting pair of deep blue eyes and soft and gentle face. She said, "You can take me home with you, I'll go if you please." "It's a way to warm my lonely heart, from eternal freeze" "The show outside is falling, and they'll be closing soon" "And I need a living soul to hold, so I'll go if you please." Not I know I'
What Has This World Come 2...
I am soo upset now I just found out 2day that my daughter is getting cut off of SSI omg what is she gonna do I am just a mess...if they only knew the bills for the Diabetes and her is so fucked up sorry but I am a bit cost 80 a bottle of insulin and not counting the strips she has 2 use let alone if she gets put into the hospital...omg well i am venting sooo bye for now....
The Game Motrhead The Game Lyrics: It's time to play the game... Time to play the game! It's all about the game and how you play it It's all about control and if you can take it It's all about your debt and if you can pay it It's all about pain and who's going to make it I am the game, you don't want to play me I am control, no way you can change me I am heavy debt, no way you can pay me I am the pain and I know you can't take me Look over your shoulder, ready to run Like a good little bitch from a smoking gun I am the game and I make the rules So move on out here and die like a fool Try to figure out what my mood's going to be Come on over sucker, why don't you ask me? Don't you forget that the price you can pay [ Find more Lyrics at ] 'Cause I am the game and I want to play.... It's time to play the game... Time to play the game! It's all about the game and how you play it It's a
"Rerun" When the night finds me alone, I sometimes hope I'll see Someone who will share my space, someone to be with me But only my old pillow, lays beside me here. My mind it plays old reruns, I wish that you were here. Cause you are in those reruns, with credits for your name I've seen this show a thousand times, it always stays the same You play your part and break my heart, it all seems so in vain. But at least inside this rerun, you're with me once again. And me I was a co-star, we worked it side my side. I wish I could rewrite the script cause in my mind I've tried. But the plot it just won't bend, no matter how I try. It's hard to watch this rerun, there's something in my eye. Cause you are in those reruns, with credits for your name I've seen this show a thousand times, it always stays the same You play your part and break my heart, it all seems so in vain. But at least inside this rerun, you're with me once again. If I truly had my way, you know I'd
"Times" There were times I thought I knew just who you really were There were times I thought I shared the things that you were dreaming of But like winter turns to summer, you seemed to change, Now Heaven has a partner named Hell. What happened to the times, I thought that I knew you so well? There were times our hearts were one, we liked the same music and shows There were times you read my mind, you knew the very moment Id phone But like winter turns to summer you seemed to change, Now Heaven has a partner named Hell. What happened to the times, I thought that I knew you so well? I dont want to talk it over, cause I know its just too late for that I dont want to keep on begging, cause I know you wont be coming back What I do want, is a chance to buy back the heart and soul I once did sell To a woman, and not just any one, but one I thought I knew so well There were times I hoped and prayed, for redemption that just never came There were times I thought
I'm seriously to the point where I am gonna give up! I hate when your with a guy and there is no changing him! When your in a relationship there should be some compromise!! Well in mine.. yea there is not! His way or the highway! Well I'm about to get on the highway and drive really fast! I don't think deer on the wall are the "IT" thing! Camo on everything is NOT appealing! and I HATE COUNTRY! People that know Eric are probably thinking ok well your not the perfect girl for him because thats pretty much his life in 3 sentences! It's not fair I have to give up everything! He can have his little bachelor's pad because I'm about done and he can be single! Yea I might be blowing it out of proportion but I'm sick of being treated like shit, paying ALL the bills, expecting I do everything by myself! and be a perfect little girlfriend with no attitude! Well I'm a bitch! I don't let people push me around! I'm very OCD and I don't need this shit especially every
Wow !!!
Wow I just realized I'm like a freaking NOBODY on here cause I have NO friends, NO buddy's, NO B.F.F's nothing!!! I'm sad now so if YOU want to be my FRIEND, BUDDY or my B.F.F. let me know and we can be the bestest !!!! Huggz Baby's, Shiela
does any one hate being single i know i do and wished i had some one to love or at lest care for etc lol
Finally found a new game after the debacle involving another player cyberstalking me and harassing me at every given opportunity. I did report it to the mods but nothing has still been done about it and it's been over a month since the report was filed. So I quit that and found another game called Ghost Online completely by accident. I can't really play 3D MMORPGs too well because of I have a laptop and that means no mouse. I have no surface that I can use a laptop and mouse combination on. My room has surfaces that can just about fit the laptop on it's own. So far I'm enjoying the game as a mage and no one's bugged me. You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Upstairs 2. Your significant other
On Friendship Vs Sex-based Relationships...
Who become really great friends, and who are just on the periphery of our lives? What sort of people or really, what sort of motivations from people derive a true, internal friendship and which sorts are fleeting, physically-bases whether in-person or online, and hold no deeper meaning than a few smiles and maybe some heavy breathing? Life has been a constant struggle for me and sometimes I've had to deal with some very difficult things. I've lost children, been assaulted, raped, cut and beat to pieces and nearly died a couple times... things that make my confidence and trust in the human race waiver, but something inside me won't let it die. I try to derive joy where i can find it... usually it is in the children and friends around me. Developing deeper-than-surface relationships / friendships with people is important to me... MEANS SOMETHING to me... whether I know them in person and can lay eyes on them and hug them, or whether they are friends afar that I can communicate with
"admit That You Are You."
Admit That You Are You. There are those that seek the face, the one they longed to know. Perhaps the skin that gathered in the darkness from below. And others still they crave the truth, but abandon all thats true Yet, still I stand here waiting, admit that you are you. You tried to keep your face, you grasped your dignity But although you tried to hide, your ways were plain to me No matter how correct, or what you thought was right Will your blanket keep you warm on the coldest winter night? Standing tall and standing proud are philosophies at their best And when the smoke has cleared away, is there really something left? Are all the things we pretend to be and all the things we do, Really pieces of our living soul; Admit that you are you. The world it spins on always, it is sure to stay the same On earth theres those who linger, and always play the game Those who meet the strangers, who promise and who screw Yet theres only one reality, when you admit tha
am always thinking about you i dont think i can be mad your smile cuts through me making everything ok, he gorgeous handsome in everyway. your eyes sparkle everytime i see them, hearing your voice i can hear your heart it is music to my ears, wanting and waiting the touch that i feel in my dreams waking with out you there knowing its just another day wanting to go back to sleep to feel your touch again, but as it seems i gave my heart to someone who didnt want it like always being crushed at the end just because i was told i dont have goals because i took the time to take care of my family oh but yet i have a job when i go back maybe giving my heart to someone that lies wasnt the best u r the meaning of beauty and grace u bring smiles upon people face u may be an angel that has fallen but u want love calling life is worth liven because to u one day love will be given so now my angel from above i send u my friendships love thanks for caring I shouldn
Fubar Is This Trip 4 Real?
Some of You know I had a rough couple of months! Things are just starting to get better! My POinT is I wasn't able to keep up with all the love BUt I'm trying!!!! I will do my best To reach you individually BUt this is just a great big! THANK YOU!! And know that You have REAL value To me!!!!! .... And HI _FIVES !!!!! and ONE LOVE TO my BOYS!!!! and I can't leave out my haters!!! I even Got a Weird Appreciation for y'all Too ! LMAO!!! also To those I haven't met fully YEt don't be afriad leave a comment ! I'm by NO MEANS your AvERAGE Fu type Guy! LET ME PUT IT THIS WAY EVEN IF YOU THINK THERE IS A PROBLEM FORGET IT!! COME BY AND SAY HELLO!! AND just because You Really rock my world!!!ONE MORE GREAT BIG I LOVE YOU TO ALL MY LADIES !!! And ThaNK YOU For giving yourself to me!!!You will be loved and loved and LOVED!!!!!!!!!! How Silly of Me to get All caught-up in this fu-minagerie:My Foolish Heart Once Again has Been less than loyal to Me !
My Thoughts And Dreams
i was there for you my heart was open for you i cared for you i listened when you needed it and i loved you like no one in my life i smiled for you i dreamed of you my heart sang for you i overlooked my perchance of not trusting i overlooked the nagging feelings that where there things going on that i could not see and i loved you you were that song my heart would sing when i was sad your face was the face i saw when i was down your smile was what i saw when i closed my eyes your green eyes sparkling with mischief you just had no place for me. no time for me and my son, we cared for you even if you were not here so many miles away... but you were still the song my heart sang and now i need to let you go to be happy.. i want you to smile i want you to find your own song.. i wish we could sing it together but its not what you want.. be happy my song be happy my heart i love you you live in my heart and always will i will miss you so much but its time for me t
Get It Right
i herd some roomers today lmao and that just what they are ,yes i have a lot of female friends and just as many male friends set any story straight i have only meet 1 person off of fubar .. so who ever said i meet a lot of ladies and f#@k them then go to the next your 100% wrong and as for the cheating on my who is now my X WIFE who i did not cheat on the 9+years we were together and yes she has cheated on me 1 time that i know of and has left me several other times and yes she left me for some guy from fubar(who never showed up to meet her lol) but the story is i am here for friends....if some thing more would happened with a special some 1 in r/l then so be it ... don't be jealous or hate me that i have a lot of friends and my TRUE FRIENDS have always and i know will always be there for me when i need them the most as i am there for them when they need me.... so ask before you speak BS about me
Voice Comments
Hey all... I would love it if some of my FU family and friends would leave me a voice comment. It is easy to do. Just go to my home page, under my about me section. And click on the "record by phone" button. If you have one on your page I will be happy to do the same! Look forward to actually hearing from ya! shane aka.. Achievingit
Why Lie
Okay so why is it that when someone is scared of you they feel the need to lie to you. Why is it that people just cant be fucking honest with each other anymore.... is it really that fucking hard to do?? I dont think so and thats probably why I intimadate people. What do ya'll think????
Rambalings Of A Mad Man
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I say or do is to taken seriously. I do write the truth from my own personal life experiences. That being said please enjoy laugh and learn. This is an issue I don't address much but as a hobby I go to Look at the personals and erotic services. Looking at the ads make me laugh but the erotic services really make me wonder why is it so much for sex some girls are charging way more than they're worth but $350 for an hour of banging come on now. Thats $350 dollars to rent out your vagina for 60 minutes I almost wish I could get the cash up cause I have good stamina and some length take that then throw some benzocane on my cock you get problems. I'd get one, fuck her until she bleeds and is crying then I'd be like thats worth $350 then drop another $350 in her face and destroy her ass take her out of the game for a few weeks. and they're not that good looking the hookers I plowed in Europe where 100x better looking then some of these chicks and the
Reindeer Facts!!

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