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Looking For Love
If you are call 517 315 5189 for fun and love im 62 blond and blue and just getting statarted need help ingeeting started
Duck Face
Awol Family Blog
AWOL " Artist With Out Limits " ~~~~AWOL FAMILY GUIDELINES~~~~ 1.  Group were strictly a family not a gang not gang affiliated in no ways. we are not here to take over anything or anyone we are here to be here and keep the drama to a zero tolerance policy. We are a family we stick together when all else fails AWOL.   2. Begging. we understand everyone needs stuff bling points rates etc. but don't be a annoying lil shit by pestering the hell out of people for the new play thing. if a AWOL member has a few credits to spare or just wants to go on a bling spree we think about family first before anyone else.
The Miles That Separate Miles that separateFriends that discriminateCircumstances that kept us apartAnd those people who broke our heartsThe feelings that I was scared to showThe ones that you always made knownThe good times and the bad,The happy and the sadYou never gave up even when I wouldYou never let go even though I said you shouldYou said you love me and I believe its trueAnd now I just need to say,Baby I love you tooAs the days went by I began to findThat this feeling inside was one I could no longer denyYou amaze me in every wayYou continuously take my breath awayYou know me better then I know myselfIt's as if I'm a book,That you have read inside and outYou know when I'm happy, and when I'm sadYou even know when the little things make me madYou've one my heart, proved yourself trueBabe I don't know how you did it,But you made me fall head over heals for you Being together under a full moon,So perfectly poetic, we are complete.An everlasting shine of our love,With unwavering
Late Night Rants
As I start writing this, I haven't yet hit the NSFW button because I am not sure where this is going to take me.  On this subject, I am very passionate. Hence the fact that after 5 years on here, I am finally writing a blog.   I have a lot of friends that are military. One thing that I hear more often then not when I am talking to them is, "My ex cheated on me while I was deployed or away for training." It does not matter the branch of service or whether the person is male or female. It still bothers me to no end.  It takes a special type of person to be able to handle the lifestyle of being a service members signifigant other. I understand this fully. But if you don't think you are up for the task, don't do it.     These men and women work extremely hard. They risk their lives, and all you can think about is someone else? They leave for months at a time and as hard as it is on us that stay at home, it is hard on them as well.    I am tired, and at the rate this is going, if I ke
Lookin For
Really People
This is some random bullshit because my head is about to explode. No one reads my profile, no one cares. I still hear the same old Bullshit day in and day out. Is there no real man out there that understands or knows what a woman truly wants. Yes my page and what I say in my status can be bad at times, but it is my fucking page. It does not give you the right to dis-respect me or talk vulgar shit to me with out my permission. I piss off a lot of people I know that. The truth is, when they get pissed off it is because I will not put up with there bullshit or I will not back down. So lets get back to the basics. Read my profile please.  It plainly states what I will not put up with. I am here for me and no one else. Take it or leave it. Your choice. I am tired of feeling like I will hurt peoples feelings if I leave this one a comment or that one, that is called page stalking which was also in the profile. From this day on. I will be who I am. If I leave a comment to a mortal enem
i am so bord and no one what to talk to me :( i need more men to add me ! hey whats up! add me i am new some one talk to me iam bord!
You broke my heart in twoAnd took me like a bet,with all you put me throughI have so many regrets. To lose you was worth it,although I wasn't sure,it seemed to make me happy,but still so insecure. We always said Foreverwe would take it to the endnever give it upbut this time my heart couldn't mend. It cut so deep into meI guess it hurt you toobut when you did it, then you liedI had to say "we're through." I gave you all I hadI tried to make it lastbut now all we haveare memories from the past. So look me in the eyeand tell me what you seea man so broken insidewho's been through misery. And now I’m moving onwith the pain that kills insidebut I’m starting to forgetby reminding myself, how you lied!
Minds Eye
You love a woman for many reasons. A goddess she seems when you are young. But finally you see she is of common clay, the same as you, with faults and fears and vain, foolish dreams and petty vices. So you cherish her, love hereven more. As she ages you cling closer and closer, holding tighter and tighter. She becomes the female half of you. The roughening of her skin, the engraved lines on her face, the thickening waistline and sagging breast, none of it matters a damn. You love her for what she is not, as much as for what she is.
My Poems
Close your eyes and hold my hand as I walk you thru my fantasy land. Lets talk about life and the scars that it gives..let me hold you tight...let me chase away your fears. I love you forever or however far that it goes. Keep your eyes closed, dont open them up..I dont want you to see the demons flying over my head. Dont be afraid of the snow white woman owl perched on the limb of the tree, she doesnt want to see you hurt-she's really just watching me. She sits there with those piercing glowing eyes as a constant reminder of what ive done. You hear her screech but I hear her scream. Its ok my love, I hear you say as Love Me Two Times softly plays yet I know it wont be long before ive let you slip away. As a child and a teen I often said "why me" ? I think of this now and I think because God wanted to make me a strong person and He did. I am thankful that I had to learn the lessons that I have in my life. The biggest lesson I have learned is forgiveness. It doesn't
Thanks To Me
There is a monster among us, that all of you see. The only one who sees him for what he truly is, is me. He comes across as sweet, genuine, and kind. But that's his way in, he'll fuck with your mind. Gain your trust, saying everything right. Then steal your innocence, in the middle of the night. He'll be the last one you'll suspect, smile back into your eyes. As you cry those blood tears, the worst kind of disguise. He is wolf, sinking his teeth in. While portraying this perfect image, but under the skin. There lies the evil, the hate that destroys so much. With every disgusting look, every despicable touch. He is the enemy, no one can see. But you will soon enough, thanks to me.
When I Get To Where I'm Goin
The path of life. What does it all mean? As I weed out my own, both brown and green. The brown represents sorrow, along the way. And the green is the beginning, of a whole new day. Each day something new, is learned. Either it's a wonderful lesson, or a punishment unearned. But through it all, I appear lost. Destined to find my home, at whatever cost. Each day that passes by, I cherish life a little more. Than I did, the day before. This path may be thick, and hard to get through. But there is no limit, to what I can do. I appreciate every flower, even the thorns along the way. Because it'll all be worth it, when I get to where I'm going someday.
I Only Have Two Words For You
You may get me down, for a little while. But I will always get back up, with a smile. Because through the bruises, and the pain. I will never hang my head, in shame. With every punch I only get stronger. I smile through the blood stained wall. Feeling you weaken, while giving me your all. People like you, who speak with their fist. Are responsible for me, turning out like this. Because I can now smell the fear, see the hurt in the eyes. Of those suffering, it can't be disguised. You have given me a gift, through years of abuse. And for that, I only have two words for you. For all the suffering, you put me through. All I have to say is, thank you.
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Once upon a time, far away in a ,  lived a princess, named   She was so pretty, a beautiful  wouldn't even compare. But the princess had a secret, every time a   would appear the princess would turn into a beautiful
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The 10 Types Of Guys Woman Have To Choose From
THE 10 GUYS WOMEN HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM. 1.) The Listener: This is the guy who is the shoulder to lean on when they need one. The guy who is sensitive and listens to their problems.He does this because he thinks he’ll eventually get to hit it. He won’t. He gets friend zoned. 2.) Mr. Fix it: This is the guy comes around and fixes things for her. The guy who thinks by helping out with her clogged sink or changing the fuel filter in her car, he’ll get her in bed. He usually never does. If he does, it is mostly because she feels really bad or just temporarily desperate. She will more often than not, regard this as a mistake after. 3.) Money Bags: This is the big shot money guy. He has a great job and loves to spend lots of money on her. Fancy dinners, jewelry, expensive clothes, purses, etc. These guys get her in bed, but not nearly as often as you’d assume. Women usually sleep with this guy when they feel they owe it to him or reluctantly give in to his persistenc
All Christopher
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Nintendojay">@ fubar what a great day!    
Rose Shkitova - Sage, Thinker, Poetess !
You were like possion you made me weak i seem to belive in everything you told me i never douted it why i may never know what i do know is to me you are possion every look every blink you some how make me week an when i turn to run you trap me in lips so sweet an yet inside those very lips words that some how kill a pieace of me as they speak!!! only in truth may we find ourselves beyond all the darkness an pain we are there sitting waiting for something sum may never find an others may never even relize is there an it is never gonna change there will always be saddness death even pain walk down the path with your head up cause in truth threw all that is you waiting to be found so fall down get back up you are waiting dont let yourself down! A tree does it have a mind or is it just the standing kind, as the fall comes the leafs begin to change then to fall leaving bare by winter does it get cold maybe even sad inside feel at all as it stands alone. Then at the first sign of spring they
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I sit bewildered, astounded, raddled at what has just transpired! Doth my eyes falsify? Doth my ears hear queer? Doth my own heart yet bleed for love? I've bestowed upon thine my own heart, given to thee my soul, presented thine with my word and my bond! To what extent dost thou wish me to go? A knife in my heart? A spear in my throat? A keen edge upon my naked wrists or a bullet through my skull? I've castaway years of friendships, nights of passionate relations just to please thee! How selfish can thou be to ask this of me....And not partake in the giving, for the sake of we? You ask of me what I've contributed and laugh at my loss...You sit Idly by mocking, when naught have you shown! No sliver of care, no trinkle of want, no slight of love. Dash thine rock upon my skull! Peirce my flesh with pointed steel! Gouge mine eyes out with sharpened stick! For I was the one whom foolishly and blindedly fell for one whom doth not care! Neither in heart nor head, action nor word hath
The Mcgriddle
MCGRIDDLE sounds nothing like burrito now does it, but to the assfucks at Mcdonalds its like tring to uncover the holy grail. they dont even have the same letters in them, for the 4th time i go to order a tastsy breakfast sandwich which in my opinion puts all others to shame and as i go to leave i look in my bag only to find a FUCKIN BURRITO ,WHAT THE it that had to hear mcgriddle, i didnt order a egg mcmuffin or a pancakes or any other breakfast item NO i ordered a fucking mcgriddle and damnit thats what i want. FUCK YOUR BURRITO I ASK FOR A SWEET JUICY SAUSAGE MCGRIDDLE WITH THE COOKED IN SYRUP, NOT EGG CHEESE SASAGE AND POTATOES WHO THE FUCK GETS THE TWO CONFUSED ASSHOLES THAT WHO
I am not here to say that I am a perfect person. I just have alot of curiousities I guess is what you could call them. I dont understand what is so wrong with having friends when you are married. Whether it is the same or opposite sex. If you cant trust the person you are married to because of your own insecurities why should your spouse be punished? I think that its good to have friends and an outer circle to be involved in. Well atleast I would like to entertain the idea. I dont know what it is like because I dont have an outer circle so Im pretty much talking out of my arse. So maybe you fine folks of Fubar can give me your opinion on this here subject.

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Do These Heels Match My Package?
She smiles to hide her fear,To hide the pain that's always near.Her stomach aches from being sadShe wants to stop feeling so bad. She wishes the world were a happier place,that way she could put a smile on her face.Will no one notice the pain that's inside?Can no one see how much she's cried?Wanting to feel free, wanting to be happy. She is tired of pretending there is no miseryWhat will it take for people to know that the smile she shows is fake?She has the world fooled into thinking shes pleasedWith how her life is going. Can they be so naive?But someday soon someone will seeSomeone will notice there is no bright light to light up her misery.To fade away the pain and someday soon that one person will make her really smile.   If you ever come to feel my pain or drown a day in my lonely rain,You would know what it's like to suffer in my hell. If you listened to the tales I have to tellyou would never again pass judgement on me.You may even understand why sometimes I flee, why I ru
Why Is Everyone Not Where They Say They Areqq
Share This With Every Body
Found this elsewhere and liked it enough that I thought I would share it.       Recently I overheard a Father and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure.Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the Father said, 'I love you, and I wish you enough.'The daughter replied, 'Dad, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Dad.'They kissed and the daughter left. The Father walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see he wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on his privacy, but he welcomed me in by asking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?''Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?'..'I am old, and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral,' he said..'When you were saying good-bye, I heard you sa
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When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value. Later, when the nurses were going through his meagre possessions, They found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital. One nurse took her copy to Melbourne. The old man's sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas editions of magazines around the country and appearing in mags for Mental Health. A slide presentation has also been made based on his simple, but eloquent, poem. And this old man, with nothing left to give to the world, is now the author of this 'anonymous' poem winging across the Internet. Cranky Old Man What do you see nurses? . . .. . .What do you see? What are you thinking .. . when you're looking at me? A cranky old man, . . . . . .not very wise, Uncertain of habit .. . . . . . . .. with faraway eyes? Who
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Staff Applacations For Spiritual World
I do apologize deeply for now having to have staff go throgh applacations but we have had problems with staff prior so now we are doing applacationsPlease fill this out fullyFUBAR NAMEPOSITION YOU ARE APPLYING FORTIME IN POSITION(YOU ARE APPLYING FOR)IF NONE THAT IS FINELOUNGES YOU WORKED FOR(LIST ALL LOUNGES)AMMOUNT OF TIME IN THE LOUNGES (LISTED)
My grandmother from my fathers side, use to bitch me out about the little things. ( she also did it with my cousin Kevin).  My dad got very upset everytime she spoke that way to me because she did towrads him when he was grow up.  I know that some people feel that is ok to talk to chirldren or anyone in that matter.  But in my book it's wrong.  If, you have somthing to get of your chest for EX: GET SOME MILK FOR ME NOW.  What happen to please, would you get me some milk.  If, you try to tell that parent, in a polite way that you don't like the way that parent is talking to you.  The parent get's more upset with you & the other parent is laughing  at you & telling you to leave it alone.  The parents make the child feel like they are the bad person in all this because the child spoke up.  It is some kind of Emotional Abuse in my book. I am at a new school, now ( almost 2 weeks).  The old school>QA closed it's door to the public June> 29 of this year.  The following week me & the rest of
Shadow Phantom's
What Makes People Want To Hurt Others?.....Tell Me What You Think(?)... Will you Ignore Them? Get Even? Or Tell Them How You Truly Feel?
Keg Party
Want a laugh? This is how little boys react when they get rejected. Funny how I am all hot and sexy then when I say no, this is what it turns into...     5:17am lifeearned: it was the bennafit of the doubt. have you been shitting all over your reputation for your entire life? 6:00pm Strawberry...: You are an idiot. What woman in her right mind would fall for that pathetic pick up line. No wonder your sorry ass is single. Now run along little bitch. 8:27pm lifeearned: hush now. Try to feel good about yourself. The "world" sais its important that you do. July 20, 2012 2:51am Strawberry...: I feel great about myself. The fact you are on here acting like a troll only because your advances were rejected speaks poorly of your personality and intellect. Now run along little boy. 5:39am lifeearned: Lol. No they dont. Youre only saying that because you thought it sounds good. You were wrong and you used the word intelect. Btw, nothin makes a gi
Sad Day 2012
Boom Ii
It Just Never Will
The strong one, YOU say. Well I am feeling, pretty weak today. I was your Goddess, the ONE for you. Then I got scared, fear came through. My wall, I promised myself I would shut it out. But it came through anyway, it smelt the doubt. The doubt that lives in me, screaming it's too good to be true. But it couldn't be more wrong, when it comes to YOU. You're still here, just not as close as I would like for you to be. And the one to blame, well that would be me. YOU are the ONE real true thing, just no longer mine. So I remain stuck, in that moment in time. When you were, the way it felt, that's where I live now. Searching for a way to get it back, somehow. Nothing is impossible, both YOU and I know this. Only YOU can complete me, with just one kiss. I want to feel the earth move, make time stand still. And without YOU, it just never will.
Much To My Surprise
ROAR says the lightning, with each and every strike. I feel it's teeth sinking in, after the bite. Shaking and trembling, the thunder now speaks. Loud and confusing, I'm just too weak. I can't take the sounds, the flashing of light. The images the pain, it's just too bright. Blinding me at first, then cold and dark. Hearing the cries, the words, every last remark. I can feel the storm coming, as I open my eyes. But it's sunny outside, much to my surprise.
Stop Sequestration
It's time for everyone to speak up and let Congress know they need to do something to stop Sequestration.  If you go to the link at the bottom you can submit three canned letters to President Obama and your representative in Congress.  They must find another solution to cutting the budget, please read up and spread the word!    Thanks, Cindy! ********************************************************************* Unless Congress acts, over $500 billion in new defense cuts will hit our military starting in January.  Secretary Panetta says this "sequestration" budget would devastate our military and "hollow out" the force.  It would also cut critical funding for NASA and FAA, add a full percentage point to the unemployment rate and destroy up to 1.5 million American jobs. Write your Representatives in Congress and urge them to defend our military and our economy from these reckless cuts.  Sequestration would mean: The smallest army since 1950, the smallest navy since 1915, the sma
What I Would Give
Has anyone ever spoke, directly to your heart? You can hear the words, feel them from miles apart. Woke-up from a dead sleep, with this excruciating pain. Only to find out, they were calling your name. At that very second, the two of you became one. Power so strong, you can't define where it comes from. No one really knows why or what connects, you to another. But the feeling it has, is unlike any other. To just sit and stare, into someone eyes. Without saying a word, while feeling them inside. Inside every inch of you, pumping through your veins. Feeling their warmth, by the sound of their name. When hours become seconds, and the world just stops. That's a feeling you can't get over, exactly what I've got. When simply their words, hit all the right spots. Just the way they look at you, is more than enough. It has more value than, the materialistic stuff. I have never felt anything so powerful, I just can't let go. It surrounds me, consumes me, just
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Trying To Lose Stomach Weight For Years
Rapid weight loss is a bit more a psychological issue rather than a physiological one. First you need to self motivate for weight loss. Follow this advice concerning how to lose weight fast.How to drop Bodyweight QuicklyTake in A large amount of WaterWhen you're for a fat loss plan, you actually certainly concentrate on your diet plan, yet frequently neglect to check your own refreshment consumption. If you wish to truly lose weight fast, you will profit a good deal right from consuming liquids, particularly drinking water. Fresh fruit juice tend to be one additional solution, nevertheless they have normal sugars, that may be really harmful. When you keep yourself hydrated, tend not to drink it down right away, rather just take tiny sips. Sipping normal water during food making you really feel filled right away and even lowers the eating of foodstuff.You should not Skip dishesA lot of people decide to start celebrity diets as well as restrict their diet program in order to 50 percent g
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Almost played by 1 billion times the angry birds still on the top of the list as compare to other apps and games. To accomplish that goal, the user has to use his bird army with great care. Each bird is used as a slingshot projectile, and launched toward the castle walls. The various abilities of each bird are crucial to breaking down these walls of stone, wood, and glass, and destroying the pigs. It is easy to see why this game is as entertaining as it is, and why so many people have found it to be as challenging as it is maddening. Because of its addictive nature and increased availability, Angry Birds seems destined to be a popular diversion for many years to come. If you ever wanted to give a try to this game then see this website also they many other cool games to play. cover orange and angry girls are my best ones from this website.
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Uses and Styles of Sarongs Sarongs are a type of clothing which is worn normally in summers and by both men and by gucci bags There are different types of Sarongs that can be worn by men and women. Women wear Sarongs that are more like a wrap. They wrap it all around their body which resembles a sari (a piece of clothing worn by women in the Indian culture); they also wear them like long or short skirts. While Sarongs for men are worn much differently; they wear these like shorts by covering only the lower parts of their bodies and wearing it around their waists. Sarongs can also be used as curtains, drapes, tablecloths, scarves and many other things. They can also be used to give a gift to a friend or a relative as they are known to be the best gifts anyone can give. There are many styles and designs of Sarongs. There are also many different places where Sarongs are worn; and many different occasions on which wearing Sarongs is compulsory. Types of Sarongs Gi
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Not Cheap.
Hi all feel free to ignore this blog just a small rant.  I've been on Fubar over 5yrs.  I've seen people called cheap because they don't buy credits, bling, or whatever.  Now I have no idea how much money it costs to buy credits, but seems to me that the money can be better served by paying bills, keeping food on the table, or you know just real life in general.  I don't have a great job, but it keeps me from being homeless.  I can't afford to buy excess stuff.  Maybe it's just me.  So anyway before you judge someone as being cheap make sure you know what your talking about.  Thnx, and have a great night.  :-)
I'm New
ANd would like some friends on here and people to talk too, so if thats you please add me on here and chat me up. Ladies or gents I don't care(:
Slim B
Add Me Everyone :)

Just Sayin I'm Sorry
For those of you that know me here..writing is not only my is my passion as well...I feel it..I write it..I dream it..I write about it..I reach for it...I write it...regardless if I triumph or fail..there is always a story to be told...either victory or defeat...something happened and my mind won't allow me to simply dismiss things like others eats at me..until I either write it down or lash out...I have always been that way...people dismiss people like they are a piece of garbage...simply throw them away regardless of wat they have meant to them...I am not one of those people..I can count on one hand the number of people that has really touched and effected my life in a positive way..and once that has is not easy for me to simply dismiss them or let them go...I am human just like everyone else..and I can admit my flaws..and OH MY do i ever have em!!..I am gifted at making mistakes..and I don;t half ass that shit either..when I screw up..
The Lounges
Tired Of Not Getin Any
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Beauty >>
You keep your eyes closed to block out the hardships, the pain, the unwanted; but in that, the true beauty of the world is lost, because you refuse to open your eyes. A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections. All girls are insecure, they may not show it, but they are, every girl believes that they have a 'defect' but honestly, you don't! every girl is beautiful, no matter what she wears, what she looks like, or how her body is. don't worry about that senseless stuff, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
When you finally realize you didn't matter at all to someone, you begin to wonder if you matter to anyone.
Eating It Right
How to eat the pussy.   If you're going to eat the pussy, do it right! Don't suck her clit too hard, and don't just sit there licking it like a wild lizard! There is a process to eating pussy. Build up to it. Lick a trail from her neck to her nipples down to her thighs.Lick by it, but don't go for it just yet. Tease her. Make her want it. Then lick the outter pussy lips veeeeery slowly.Suck on them. One at a time. Reach up to play with her nipples while you're doing it. And when she starts to squirm, grab her hips and part that pussy with your tongue. She should already be hella wet. Slurp that shit up. Tease the clit. Lick it. Slowly. Up and down. Then speed the tempo and lick it left to right. Pull back and use a finger to tease it more. She should be heavy breathing, moaning, squirming, and dripping by then, but dont stop there. Tongue fuck her and play with her clit. Keep going til she cums all over your face. And even after she cums, keep going. Tease that clit. Nibble on it
What Pisses Me Off
ppl that arent willing to wait 5 mins for something cuz ur helping someone else and demandthat you stop doing something and help them first also ppl that think that the world owes them something
Ideal Relationships
Since there are guys out here seeking a relationship with a woman, I will speak my mind about the subject. I am first of all a Christian and wouldn't find myself being attracted to any guy who doesn't love Jesus like I do. Don't get me wrong I don't judge. My ideal relationship would have to be is a guy who doesn't try to be so pushy and arrogant about every little issue ,a guy who can make me laugh so hard my teeth hurt lol,a guy who is willing to be the guy and not have to worry about me back-talking to him but not a guy who's abusive who drinks all the time. I don't want to be with a guy is lazy and doesn't want to get out and do things with me. I don't want to jump hastily into a relatioship because from experience they ended very bad. I do believe in love at first sight but at the same time I don't want to find myself not listening to God's word on the guy either and have God tell me he's not the one. I like to take things slow but not so slow that I don't do anything about furthe
This Is The Bs I Put Up With, Then Doesn't Give Me A Chace To Respond.
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So Bores
Kiffys Blog
The Gatekeepers (repost)
Bored, I Would Like To Meet Someone Interesting And Super Hot On Here!

Bigger Women Are Beautiful Too
All About Mee
hi everyone im new to this so it will take a while for me to talk and make frends and people that are more than add me,talk to me and we will be perfect frends so just think about it...oh im single and waiting....
Skip The Orgasm — What’s The Point? Couples Embrace Karezza, Sex Without Climax, To Strengthen Relationships Read More: Http://
There's a curious new trend in couple therapy - sex without orgasms. Matt Cook says his sex life with his wife is better than ever, but he never wants to climax again. He practices karezza, a form of intercourse that doesn't focus on orgasms as the big prize. In fact, people who practice karezza are urged to avoid them altogether. "It creates a deep feeling in a relationship that is very difficult to describe - much deeper than conventional sex," Cook told ABC News. More couples are beginning to explore karezza as a way to grow closer and repair their relationships. Deb Feintech, a counselor from Portland, Maine, says the practice is even useful for young couples in the honeymoon stage. "I offer this to them as something to try for a month or so," she told ABC News. "They wake up every single morning and they are not even thinking about genital stimulation. They are snuggling, holding and breathing with eye contact and flow. It's very conscious - from the genitals to the heart."
Hot Hot Hot Got Ice
Hot Hot Hot Got Ice
Views By Printice
Hello Everyone.... Please be patient as I am new to this...As i sit and think about interesting subjects, topics, issues, viewpoints from other, I am reminded of several issues, comments and concerns from others about me....I have several interesting people who take a look at my pic and decide or assume one way or another....some comments are worth replying to and others are a waste of valuable time, which in my eyes are of upmost important to me as it should be with you...don't assume or decide anything about me until you've conversed with me or better yet, met me in person and even then your opinion still doesn't matter, because I am, who I am and I will do what is most important to and for me, considering this is my life not yours.  Your opinion of me is "not required nor desired". I'm certain most have heard these words before, if not, read carefully and conclude with your opinion of one self.  We as people are individuals with different morals, values, opinions, self worth, under
Technology Land
Hello guys i am sure most of you have question in mind why choose the ipad 3 as there are many other alternatives at cheap price. But one thing i should mention if you do not want to compromise with the quality then you should definitely go with ipad 3. There are many features has been added to the new iPad with big retina display, 4g network and many others. The one more reason that apple is still no 1 in the field of powerful products and will be for the coming years. I have bought the new ipad recently and impressed with the gadget. But make sure to shop iPad cases after buying your ipad. Neoprene is a great choice, especially if you choose a case that has a zipper to shut the iPad. This material is water resistant on the outside, so it protects the iPad from this, and if you drop it, the thicker outer layer, plus the interior foam padding will offer additional protection. Although neoprene cases are not the best looking option, they do offer great protection to your iPad. Althou
Please Read
My A$$ Is Back!!!
Hello my FUfriends! I thought with the holidays upon us, that I would make a Christmas wish list! I appreciate anything you are able to give me, but below are a few ideas! 1. Chocolate Rose- Yummy! 2. Foxy Christmas Fairy- She's just a cute little thing! 3. Rock Star- Would greatly appreciate to return all love given to me from my friends! 4. Cherry Bomb-To show my appreciation to all that have bombed me! 5. Famplifier- 6. Boomerang 7. God Mode Below would benefit you as well as I! lol 3 Credits- For 3 credits, I will EITHER let you in my NSFW folder OR I will make an NSFW Salute for you! You choose which one and Inbox me as to which you would prefer! (If pic is requested, I will make it for you as soon as possible!) Happy Holidays to All Of You!! ANNA So, I was on here earlier this year...met and supposedly fell in love with a guy on here...I made the decision of having him move in only after knowing him for may a month...That unfortunately was a bad decision...As
Oh Yes- I Went There
YES   I am running for red/top ten chick of the week   Why? Simply because I finally have a good shot at it and I have a lot of help and better support system than last time   I am buying into familys and swapping as much as I can-- so if you see the status that im looking-- chances are ill probably swap.  Im not accepting buy ins. Im not accepting credits-- I just wanna rank high just ONCE      My birthday happens to be on the next reset date-- August 16th - Thursday     so please help me out- and ill try my best to help out as well. Its just for this week-- not permanent whatsoever!  I would just like to say a BIG  THANK YOU to everyone who helped/traded and let me buy into their fams this past week. And also those who spoiled me with the blings    I achieved my goal -- Turning red on my birthday.    You are all wonderful & amazing and it was a most intriguing little journey to do it. I met some cool new friends, some ridiculous people I hope to never run across or t
Work An Wha I Do To The Ass Holes Tha Piss Me Off
well lets see i got this dick at work tha likes punch me in the back an he thinks this shit is funny so i desided to get alil pay back so with out thinkin bout it i turn around an fuckin place a square punt in his hemroid ass an my boss wigged the fuck out but it was well worth the right up cause now every body dont fuck with me any more god i got to love this short fuse of mine cause after i thought bout it it was so mean but it was so fuckin funny tha all i can do is fuckin laugh every time i see this motherfucker i mean like every time
Across the nation people are getting bullied at work, school, in public.  I have been bulled all my life how do I prevent it from happing to me I ignore it b/c eventually those who do bully will get tired of it.  Telling a bully not always easy to stop.  I have been told do not take it personal.  Also they only kidding with you but when they yell and scream are they really kidding?  
Why Wcw Thunder Sucks
One of the main reasons WCW Thunder sucks is because of an easy way to beat your opponent in like, under a minute! You just have to grapple him (which actually does damage to wrestlers in the game) knock him down, and 1, 2, 3! Voila! You just manhandled the AI like Goldberg! No wonder not even The Giant (now wrestling in WWE under the name The Big Slow, I mean The Big Blow, I mean, whatever!) The only thing that I can guarantee you from this game is a lot of (if any) money blown out of people's bank accounts! xD
These so called friends who let me down Who made me feel as though I would drown?My heart was broken, like a death to grieve,These friends of mine, set out to deceive.We had been friends for many years,With much laughter, fun and tears,We’d had good times, but that was past, Like many things they did not last.They did not invite me,The hurt they caused,They did not ring or call, I think that just about say’s it all.In my awful dark despair,I really thought they would care, A note, a card, or even some flowers,But they were too mean to even use these powers.They left me crying and so upset,How could they, and yet,“I’m alright” they probably said,We don’t care, we’ll go ahead,They carried on it did not matter,They all went out for chatter,No doubt to bitch, to stir and moan,But they had left me, all alone.When days were darkest, and self esteem so low,Calls to Samaritans said it all,They came through with flying colours,These friends did not, tha
Things That Are True, Yet Funny
Jean Smith
I have pondered the thought for many years " What is Love?" It has been determoned that "LOVE" is a force of nature. It cannot be commanded, demanded nor will it dissapear. We can stage a seduction or mount a courtship, but the result is more likely to be infatuation, or two illusions dancing together, not LOVE. Love is bigger than us. You can invite love, but you cannot dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself. You can choose to surrender to love, or not, but in the end love strikes like lightening, unpredictable and irrefutable. You can even find yourself loving people you don't like at all. Love does not come with conditions, stipulations, addendums, or codes. Like the sun, love radiates independently of our fears and desires. Love is inherently free. It cannot be bought, sold, or traded. You cannot make someone love you for any amount of money. Love cannot be imprisoned nor can it be legislated. Love is not a substance nor a commodity. Love has no territory,
Beauty And Sadness Always Go Together. Nature Thought Beauty Too Rich To Go Forth Upon The Earth Without A Meet Alloy.
A Road Less Traveled
"I never knew what love was until I looked into your eyes.... and somehow... an understanding made itself clear from your heart to mine... I know rough times down the road of sorrows and the past loves of my life... were meant to be a road that I had to follow in order for me to find you... at times... I thought I couldn't keep on looking... I didn't think I had the strength to continue on with this lonesome journey... I felt like giving up and so I just sat on the road side... tears fell from my heart... until a puddle did form.. as I saw my hearts reflection in the sorrow that was brought by others... the mist faded and slowly I could see your hearts reflection hit my heart like a lightning bolt came from out of the sky... made me gasp... made me frightful for a time or two... I gathered my composure... I gathered my thoughts... the tears dried and became mystical memories... A road less traveled is an abandoned road... with so many lost to the way side.... I never thought in a mil
Mister Xile
Rakhi Gifts
This Rakshabandhan will be a different one, and shows you pathway for that. We cater your feelings and emotions for your loved siblings, and upon visiting our collection, you are sure to find new route to express yourself. Food items, flowers, gift articles, apparels, clothe ranges, house stationeries, electronic gadgets, ornaments: all members of gift family are awaiting you at our online gift shopping site. Get yourself in to reach them just on time.  
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Remeber the day you longed for your mother's kiss to your forehead and to tell  you " Everything will be fine " as she leaned into you with a soft and gentle hug but it never came Remeber when the first day of school you felt lost and abandoned amongst 100s of strangers  Remember when you began to realize there was an opposit sex and sometimes you couldn't keep your eye off that one certain person Remember when your first kiss was so overwhelming you thought you'd never breath again Remember your first love and your hearts began to beat in unison wihtout the other you felt you would surely die then it was over Remember the years that pasted by it seemed that no one on this earth would ever complete you tho so close you find only to be let down once again I remember all of these, I remember the walls I built around me to keep the hurt away, I remember the darkness that engulfed me, I remember the numbness of my heart, I remember love and how it felt to excitement within me to hear
I Wanna B
i wanna b your everythinq! i wanna b da one dat you kall wen you need sumbodii ta tawk 2! i wanna b da one you kall your ladii! i wanna b da one dat you mak your wifey! i wanna b da pillow dat you lay your head on at nite! i wanna b da one dat you cum 2 wen you need advice! i wanna b da one dat maks you smile! i wanna b da one dat maks you laugh! i wanna b da shoulder you cry on! i wanna b da one dat will always b dere wen you need me! i wanna b da one you cum hme 2 afta a lnq day at werk! i wanna b da one dat haz your babies! i wanna b da one you grow old with! i wanna b da one bi your side thru thick n thin! i wanna b da one standinq bi your side wen your hurt n wen your dwn! i wanna b da one dat brinqs you up wen you fall dwn! i wanna b da one dat iz dere cheerinq you on at every fight you hav! i wanna b da one kall on wen you need a hug! i wanna b da one you kiss day n nite for da rest of your lyfe! i wanna b da one dat you spend day n nite thinkinq abt! i wanna b da one dat you l
Just Cuz
They say in life one must settle for many things but one thing i feel one should never settle for is who to love or be with should be able to be happy with every choice one makes with there life becuz we only have one life and we need to live it to the fullest.....   just cuz we know people who have settle doesnt meanwe have to..... live love laugh......   take it from me i never settle.....n im the happiest woman alive......
Poems I Wrote Many Yrs Ago
I couldn't turn my back onyou I had t be a man So I left to serve my country Survive the best I can. Now here I sit in a rice field Trying to stay alive A NV camp close to our sights A stranger at my side.      Yet not a stranger at all! Whether his hair is black, yellow or brown His eyes are green or blue Whether his skin is black or white He's just like me and you! He finds no rhyme or reason He fights the fears inside He wishes he were home again and thinks of those who've died, Yet I don't know his name or where he's from But I know his joys and his strife For a bond exists between us We value each other's life! We step once more in the underbrush Into a burning lit sky I fly And far below me I hear a sound.... "Why God why" Yes, why God, why? Living and Dying with AIDS I cried out, but you never heart I looked for you, but never a word The fear inside took you away I face it alone, day afrer day. I haven't changed, I'm still me But past your fear you
Just Stuff
Pretty As Can Be
 Pretty As Can Be  She is electrifying, an original! So gorgeously beautiful that it’s criminal.
Love is  love is sweet when you meet the true love of your life no matter what you know you'll always wonder who you will meet in your life time like a red rose in the dark blue sky.
Second time to Fubar. I'm easy going and inoffensive. I have a very dry sense of humour but will not partake in racial or bigoted remarks. I can be very introvert but we all have a quirk of some sort. I will write more when I have something interesting to say
Selecting A Branded Website Name
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Whats On My Mind
I really dont get lounges some times it seems they are just there for perverted guys to see girls show there boobs.   I dont understand it and Guys theres porn sites for that kind of thing. Time for this monkey to sleep on my pillow again good night :3 Listening to Goyte Somebody i use to know and wondering about stuff. Monkeys are always on my mind.
Brand New Machine!!
ok  like idon't  know if it's a guy thing   but  heads up  guys  asking a girl to show her  boobs  makes you  look like a  disgusting  pig
A Side Of Me
How Do I Do This
My Fubar Family
For An Old Friend And All Other's Who've Hurt Me..
Mood: Miserable Listening to: Fear Factory Final Exit   To those who've hurt me... I'm moving on, letting go of all the pain you've put me through. I have trouble letting go of things long ago, but the recent times don't phase me at all anymore. I'm not who I used to be nor will I be that again. I've changed and grown; I'm stronger than I ever will be. I'm not gonna let you bring me down....I'm grown and living my life in a way that makes me happy. I'm leaving you in the past to stay there and I'm not looking back with no regrets of my decision to leave you there. There is a small amount of love for you because who you are but past that you're nothing to me anymore.For my old friend... May this find you well...I know you're lost and I know you haven't seen it yet but I promise it will be ok. Just don't forget that there's so much out there you can't control and that you will never know. Be safe on your journeys my friend, hopefully one day you'll see the truths you are look
Thank you for all the luvins...I tried to return most of it today.. but its hard when not on long. Been busy busy as usual. Yesterday got up at 7am..and headed to Cedar Point.  We didnt leave there til midnite. I was so flippin tired on way home..could barely keep eyes open.  Got in house around 230. So today I wll be busy with clean up.  Boys are home from camp...with camping gear all over..dirty clothes..etc. Anyways.. thank you all again for the luv! luv ya back! chin is fine. Just sore when I eat somewhat. I would love to buy a happy hr..or 65credit bling pack..for 100mil.  let me know..if you got one to spare!  hugs n all that fun stuff...
girls im new here but i realy wanna cam u so come and like message me and we can have some fun
The Basketball Court
 The Basketball Court   I see you are down and out and being so bored Playing alone here on this basketball court. All by yourself without any friends. Not even those who likes to pretend.   Staying to yourself cause you don’t believe. Anyone else would help you to succeed. Trust in no one not under the sun. Cause you believe they will only make fun.   To make a friend you must make believe. That you have something that they may need. When they meet you they have already judged. And never give you a chance just because.
Precious Angels
  Precious Angels    Women are precious Angles sent from the heavens above.  Placed on this earth to show men how to love. Without them men would be in hell. Holding back feelings with no one to tell. Hating each other for there would be no peace without a woman to help you release.   We would be fighting each other till one of us dies. Without a woman proudly standing right by our sides. Men would be loving one another and none of them even be under cover. But God created woman for the man to see. She is meant to be his true destiny.   For she is a Precious Angel who has a special power. With the right one magic can be inspired.
The Religion I Would Start
The Religion of the Imaginists   The religion of the Imaginists relies on deprogramming the human mind from believing that any one religion is the “only true” religion. Imaginists are taught to study religion as if it was a science class. They are given an full education on all other forms of religion spending one four month cycle every other year traveling to and studying with monks, priests, clergy and other secular faiths. They are shown the rituals of these other organized religions as well as their beliefs. After learning about other religions Imaginists are then given instruction and guidance in their lives.  They are taught that everyone is part of a pattern or cycle in this life. They are raised to believe that they must fend for themselves and that all their desires in life are formed from our conscience desires. Imaginists must truly work for what they want nothing is given or comes without effort. Imaginists are taught that they were created and  have 
Liar, Liar Pants On Fire
If Barack Obama has an immediate eligibility problem, it is more likely to derive from the Social Security Number he has been using for the last 35 years than from his birth certificate.Ohio private investigator Susan Daniels has seen to that. On Monday, July 2, she filed suit in Geauga County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court demanding that Jon Husted, Ohio secretary of state, remove Obama’s name from the ballot until Obama can prove the validity of his Social Security Number. Daniels, who has vetted thousands of Social Security Numbers for numerous other clients, has done her homework. In her filing, she thoroughly documents her contention “that Barack Obama has repeatedly, consistently, and with intent misrepresented himself by using a fraudulently obtained Social Security Number.”To acquire appropriate standing in court, Daniels has gone to the trouble of establishing herself as a valid write-in candidate for president. Before she is through, this 70-something mother of s
My Heart Is Weighing Heavy On Me Now
Find Deep Discounts On
Hey guys i want to share a secret i found out recently. I am not sure if its a secret or not but well i got to know recently. I like road bikes so I was reading one of the blog on road bike reviews . On the right hand side of the blog there is a widget saying FIND DEEP DISCOUNTS ON AMAZON, and there we can choose the category in which we want to find discounts and also the amount of discounts like 50% or 75% or whatever. I am not sure if everybody knows about it but it definitely saves time to buy discounted products. I bought a lot of jewellery.. :p Anyway here is the link to the blog . Check for the Amazon widget on the right had side :)  Hope it helps. Thanks

                                                     OOP'S                                                                                     FOR THE LAST FEW MORNINIGS I'VE BEEN WRITING                                                                                                     IN THE WRONG SPOT THINKING I WAS BLOGGING I GUESS                                                                                          AS WE SAY IN CALI,I WAS HAVING A BLONDE MOMENT,FIRST                                                                                    ALLOW ME TO SAY NO DISRESPECT TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL AND,                                                                             INTELLIGENT BLONDE'S OUT THERE, BUT HIM NEEDS YOUR HELP TO                                                                     BECOME,A BAD MOTHERFUCKER, OR WHAT EVER COMES NEXT LEVEL IS                                                                  BUT I CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP SO PLEASE, RATE M
My Journey And Thoughts
As I look back over my past there has always been some aspect of the lifestyle in all my relationships. I just never really knew there was a name for it, or that there was even a whole "lifestyle" surrounding it until a couple years ago. At that point I began trying to learn all I could, and to figure out where my place in all that I had discovered would be. Trying to figure this out has taken me down many different paths, and taught me a great deal about myself. I have met some wonderful people along the way, and have also learned the hard way that not everyone is who they seem to be. I have always had a very dominant personality in both my day to day life, and in most of my relationships. Many times in my life I didn't really have the option though as to whether or not I wanted to be in control. Circumstances dictated that I had to be the one in control. However, most times I have often been left wanting/needing more, or feeling unfulfilled in some way. I am a very cari
Why Some Women, Never Tell You The Whole Story
Hello, You should know that I believe that Fubar is/should be a place, where people hang out to  have a little fun and let out a little stress. However that does not mean that everyone, you happen to have contact with on Fubar will agree with, you politically or religiously and that is ok. I will suggest that, if someone does offend you in a lounge or what not, that leave that area, logoff fubar, or logoff the internet and do some else for a while.   I believe the key to getting alone with anyone is respect. I also, think that being able to talk to someone and still capable of being civil with them is a great accomplishment that can hopefully be leading to increased respect and tolerance toward on one other.   I also believe that there is rarely an absolutely right or wrong answer to any problem or situation. You should also know that I think that being able to talk and work with someone that you may not always agree with politically and/o religiously to accomplish someth
A Magical Message
  A Magical Message May I please have a moment out of your precious time. And share a dream with you that may just help you unwind. With this special message a dream is what we can create. With magical abilities with both of our hearts and souls at stake.   Please allow us a moment to close our eyes being well aware. And dream of our biggest dreams if we only dare. We must believe this magic is truly happening right now to us. Being very gentle and kind to our hearts for it is only in ourselves we must trust. Allowing our imagination to begin stirring while feeling the warmth of magic occurring. Believing with both of our hearts that we know one of our dreams will create a desiring spark.   Now see your dream take form and give a smile That type of smile you haven't had in awhile!
Hearts Card Game Rules
Well... Heart card game rules Learning a few things... After the fourth player takes a seat, each player has 20 seconds to place the bet. If times expires the players with no bet will be removed from the table, and the bet will be returned to the other players. During the passing each player has 10 seconds to choose three cards and press the button to confirm the pass. If time expires, three cards will be chosen at random. So there you have it! why not start today?? 
Friday's Full Album Features!
Episode 1: Before I fell in love with the Ramones, and after I had broken off my puppy love affair for Kiss (which I revisited very often later in life to reap a very rewarding adult relationship), there was Generation X (the band and this album). Billy Idol on vox and face (but he is VERY good), Tony James as the driving bass and creative force, Mark Laff pounding out the binding beat, and the guitar virtuosity of one very young but HUGELY talented Bobby "Derwood" Andrews (who I've shared a few emails with; yes, I know, I'm a fanboy. Deal with it!) and it was like doing crack cocaine, mixed with speed, cut with adrenaline, then purified with rocket fuel, a savage punch in the face, and MDMA. Really. I mean it. Released in 1978, EVERYTHING about this album is pure emotion to me. The very first time I heard Kleenex in 1982 or 1983 it jarred me, and grabbed me, and never let go (even though I knew Billy Idol's career path was already doomed) . Simple, charged, and underp
From The Mind Of An Awe-inspiring Reject
First Love
Keyshiia Blog!!
Gran Turismo 5 Corvette 60th Anniversary Tournament
Gran Turismo 5's Corvette 60th Anniversary Tournament, in which every driver races in a Corvette, was held last week (exclusive to Playstation 3 users) and j-m-d_77 (the author of this blog under his Playstation 3 username), one of the masters of the legendary sports car, came out on top, defeating long-time nemesis Piratdigital in the finals. For Xbox users, a similar tournament was organized to oppose it rather than compliment it: the Dodge Viper tournament, in which every driver races in a Dodge Viper. justin83 won the tournament, defeating crystalclear123 in the finals. 
do any women still think that a man is more then his money. men can never say something funny anymore, with out offended a female anymore, some times, it's still a joke these days. what happen to us as people. what's life if you will not enjoy it, you never know which day is gonna be yours. not all of us are sick men, some of us are just funny and live our lifes that way, when you see death, you will enjoy life, it's not that serious.

Recently, the 2012 summer hairstyle lawmakers get many fashion lady chase after hold in both hands. So love is still nets salon today channel small make up for bringing the sends out beautiful romantic breath summer has hair, let you have this summer and beautiful romantic charm fashion style. This type of 2012 summer hair style it is unique and has the idea, bang hairstyle and spring type has the curl perfect collocation, give a person visual administrative levels feels, on the vision has a certain impact feeling. One wing of the firm hair hair tied more can show elegant and fashionable breath of the female. This type of summer has hairstyle looks cute sweet, when I first saw the girl when I think of the "Alice in wonderland" inside the heroine Alice, although they two personal style is completely different, but the side has the shape of the dish hair a little bit like a big flower loaves of bread, and in general will send out a cute like Alice breath of nifty. In this year's summe
Using Cams In Lounge In Linux
Plug your cam in and set it up in OS system configuration   Please read the following sites to further understand what your doing and how it works. Next you will need to go to   On that page you will see  Global Storage Settings panel, you need to click on that link and it will bring you to the flash setting pannel   Quick link to where you need to be ->   Click the cam on the settings pannel. You will need to allow these sites to allow cam always:     (if these are not in your list then you will need to add them or attempt to use the services and that will add them to the list)
Super day today!
Coloradoman's Blog
I love Fubar and the way its set up,but i have an issue that makes me sad accually. I'm going to paste on here what I wrote to a couple Ladies on here concerning doing favors for credits. They both made comments about my status saying that I will Rate all pic's in a folder for 25 credits. I got back "how bout I rate you and you pay me?"    I don't think thats very funny, About me charging credits for rating pic's. Women on here show pic's of themselfs and charge 25 credits to see them. At least what I offer is an accual service. Besides,Do you realize how much work it is to go though a folder with 250 to 400 pics and rate each one to get the whole folder rated(Bombed the hard way) And its not easy because if you rate them too fast you get in trouble with the bouncer. So don't make fun of me for trying to make some honest credits. Luv ya ColoradoMan  Last word: Why is it ok for women to charge credits for things like seeing their sexy pic's that frankly i could see so,so,so much more
I recieved a message today from this fellow by the name of Sir Alex    "hello, it seems as if you are waiting for someone who takes control. at this time i am searching for an interesting submissive female to expand my family with a new female, a female i prefer to see with a collar around her neck instead of a necklace. and i am sure i am correct about your personality, that you are a female that is eager to learn, to grow, that does have an inner fire and desire to serve. in that case you should see it as pleasure and privilege to show the needed respect by addressing me as sir when you thank me for this message and that is not meant as sign of ownership. just the respectfull adressing a female like you prefers, because i will allow you to introduce yourself as curious, free and interesting female. as i said, at this moment i expand my slavegirl family from i will give you the chance to get into contact with me and my alpha slavegirl contact me just get done a
Out Of The Darkness, Into The Light
She was so wasted. . Not from alcohol.from emotion. For weeks now, I had watched her laugh and seem as though she was some where else . Every sentence that came from her mouth was a song. Every movement she made was a dance move. Nothing could bring her down from wherever she was. I’d watched her, and I had been happy for her. She was finally happy with her life. Things were going well. But I could see it in her now, that she was wasted. That it hadn’t been true happiness. An illusion that she’d fabricated for herself, so that she would keep smiling. She’d convinced herself that things were great now, and that she could pick herself up off the sidewalk and keep on moving, but really, she was wasted. As I sat there gazing at her, hidden from her view, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She couldn’t see me but I wanted to call out to her. She was sitting on the floor, her knees tucked under the chin. Her body shivered and I realized she was crying
Sexyer Then U
Its Not The Problem Thats The Problem Its The Answer That Becomes The Problem, Change You Answer And Change Your Problem. Any Problems
I love this place and what i can do as a person but my problem is ??? Why do we suffer if we are in control of our own destiny ????? can you answer this. not for me but for you
Bsl Breed Specific Legislation
As of today I am no longer proud of my Irish heritage. Over night an innocent  dog was  put to sleep just because  he looked like  a pitbull.  Seriously??? WTF???? What has this world  come to????  Yes there are plenty of states and and countries that  have these stupid laws.  I am one that thinks there are stupid. Not all pit bulls are bad. Not all dogs are bad. Its all in how they are raised. .  That goes for little chiuauas to bull masiffs.   If raised correctly they are all good dogs. But there are some sick bastards out there who abuse them and /or teach them to fight.  They are the ones who need to be put to sleep. This whole BSL ( Breed Specific Legislation) is stupid. Thatas rates up there with People who want to take away or Gun laws. "HELLO"  Guns don't kill people. Stupid idiots using the guns kill people.  Does a gun have a mind of its own? Does a gun know how to fire itself?  I didn't think so.  Same goes for dogs. do they know how to fight? No not unlesss you train t
I think I have finally reached that point in my life where I feel older than I actually am. Most call it a mid-life crisis. I don't know though. I have several people who are old enough to be my siblings that call me dad. My step-daughter made me a grandpa last year and is working on a second. I am a disabled veteran and that alone makes me feel old but, all the people calling me dad doesn't help. I mean some of them are 20-21 and I am only 34.
Domain Name Registration India
A domain is an identification string which makes us to find a particular site in world wide web this it works as same as normal city address of a person.but virtually only find the website in world web does not make a good domain there are some things which makes a good domain name before you buy a domain name select it very carefully as it will name your website and also company sometimes for any kind of business this is a crucial part before starting your business online,A best register domain name can build up your company or brand in the virtual world a domain name can became company name, so it has to the best,things which makes a domain name the best is simplicity is a key to success as the simple the domain name the more people will remember it,NO lengthy words not more than three words in your url this will not help for customers nor for search engines ,not not use a hyphens or numbers in the url,and also try to short but not too short and do not name domain with your made up w
The Pet Peeves In Me.
Simmi Roi
Hello friends,i had built a site about Mumbai Independent Escorts. Check the URL: check my site functionality, design, ease of use and give me your honest comments/reviews in each item,, or suggest me what should i have to change anything else with my site.Thanks RegardsSimmi Roi
Can eye get a PM...? MUSIC IS MY DRUG...?
What Are Friends?
I been on this earth for over 30 years and i met a lot people over the years. I met my best friend at our job and i cant imagine not having her in my life...but a few years ago i met this person who i thought was my friend but she turned out to be a real bitch over something that didnt even have anything to do with her...she was very maniuplative...all i can say is that what goes around comes around... i been taught that friends are suppose to be there for you more than your family but i learn that is not always the case...true friends will never judge you but will be there to support you no matter what...
Aw About Me
not sure what to really write . so ill just say new to this site and bloging anyone want to help me learn what to do .
Ramblin Stuff....=o)
A Bitch is a Bundle of Contradiction An angel of truth & a dream of fiction A bitch is a bundle of contradiction She's afraid of a wasp, will scream at a mouse But will tackle her man alone in the house She'll take him for better, she'll take him for worse She'll break open his head & then be his nurse But when he's well & can get out of bed She'll pick up the teapot & aim for his head Beautiful and keenly sighted, yet blind Crafty & cruel, yet simple & kind She'll call him a king, then make him a clown Raise him on a pedestal, then knock him flat down She'll inspire him to deeds that ennoble man Or make him her lackey to carry her fan She'll run away from him and never come back But if he runs away, then she'll be on his tracks Sour as vinegar, sweet as a rose She'll kiss you one minute, then turn up her nose She'll win you in range, enchant you in silk She'll be stronger than brandy, milder than milk At times she'll be vengeful, merry & sad She'll hate you like poison, and love you l
Tips To Get Totally Free Website Name Registration
Domain registration can be pretty overwhelming for the newbies, but the process may go on very smoothly if you have done your basic studies about the fundamental concepts of domain names registry and web addresses. Reputable and excellent domain registrars are the ones who make all the process of registering and maintaining your domain name effortless and easy. Many people simply brainstorm and draft their own names of domain, hoping to think of a simple, short and catchy name for their site, they often think about the name's relevance to the business and industry as well. This process may be time consuming for many customer's because you still need to check the availability of every domain name that you have listed for its availability and there are plenty of domain name registrars that you can use today.To register domain name, you need to provide all your contact information but the disadvantage for doing this is making your contact information available to prying eyes through the W
Thinking Of You
I think of you everyday. I wake up with you on my mind. Before i lay myself to sleep youre on my mind. There isn't a waking moment that i don't think of you. Is it out of the ordinary that once in your life there is someone that you feel right with? I just want to spend everyday with you. My arms fit when i hug you. My lips tremble everytime i kiss you. When i look at you and see you smile you make me happy.  When you're sad i get sad. Every minute i'm away from you i miss you so much. When I'm in your arms i don't want to let go. You're the one that gives me the affection that i've always been looking for. I don't have to sit close to you if i want a hug. I'm addicted to you. I love it when you call me honey or babe it makes me feel wanted. I hope that one day forever is in our future. Taking the time to sit here and write this blog even though it's not really a blog and don't really care if anybody reads it. I will always be there for you i will never let you go, i will nevere leave
Web Services India
When we talk about web world, web designing becomes one of the most challenging task where one have to choose a design which could make a difference. It defines your site fate, whether it would be attractive enough to lure the user or would be avoided by them. So in my views web designer has to go miles away to get the rare design and sometimes it becomes quite a hectic task when designer has to face the rejection. In this situations patience pays and ultimately gets the winning edge. In the real world scenario developing a website is like designing a retail outlet. A Web Programmer together with web designer develops the structure in order to make the look and feel of the site awesome, the first dealing with the coding parts as well as the logic, while the second of the ' functional and graphical parts. There are many Website Designing Company in Delhi providing the web designing services through out the world but it may be chances that among them some would be good or bad but it&rs
Its Time
"Fat Bottomed Girls" ( sample (help·info)) is a song by the English rock band Queen. Written by guitarist Brian May, the track featured on their 1978 album Jazz, and also appears on the band's compilation album, Greatest Hits.[1] When released as a single with "Bicycle Race", the song reached number 11 in the UK Singles Chart, and number 24 in the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.[2][3]The song is based on an open tuning guitar riff that is both bluesy and metallic, and the song begins with its chorus.[4] It was one of the few Queen songs played in an alternative guitar tuning, being played in drop D tuning.[5] The song's music video was filmed at the Dallas Convention Center in Texas in October 1978.[6]Queen performed "Fat Bottomed Girls" in concert between 1978 and 1982.[7][8][9] Since its release, the song has appeared on television and film, and has been covered by a number of artists.   Hey I was just a skinny lad Never knew no good from bad, But I knew life before I left
New Record Label Hey all hope you like hip-hop Down under australia from Melbourne jpoin us show sapport and keep up to date whats new with the Dirty Cash Records
What I Feel Like, Comment Away Everyone
Allllllllllllllrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhtttttyy then...... We've all had them, at one point or not, maybe a friend or relative that was just staying with you for a bit   you know what i know two blogs in one day is waaaayy too many but i just can't get over it and must rant so bear with me, i don't mean to be a jerk/asshole/dick/lil bitch about everything. never did but GODDAMMNIT   when your roommates do everything without your say that willl involve everyone in the household, the least they could do is give a proper heads up, not riddle everything up and make a rocket scientist decipher the goddamn puzzle. and when they break something important of yours and don't bother tellling you then deny to acknowledge anything that happened to it cause they were the last ones using it and something just aint right when they deny any knowledge but they WERE THE FUCKING LAST ONES TO USE IT AND ANY GODDAMN LOGIC DOESN"T FUCKING PHAZE THEM!!!! >.< omfg shoot me now and get it over... not
My Weekend Of Bondage
I received an e-mail from a couple lesbian friends of mine. Angi and Jenny asking me, if I wanted to go in with them and rent a cabin at Government Camp for the weekend. For my friends who don't know where Government Camp is located, it's a small high mountain community East of Portland, Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood. It gets lots of snow there over 6 feet during the Winter. We lucked out, it hasn't started to snow yet while we was there. Anyways, the Ladies asked me to meet them there about 5:00 pm Friday at the cabin they reserved for us. When I arrived at the cabin they was already there waiting for me with ropes in their hands. As soon as I walked in to the cabin with one of my bags, they told me to take my clothes off and put on my black nylon g-string. So, I went in the bedroom and took off my clothes and put on my g-string as told. When I came back in to the living room they immediately grabbed my arms and Angi tied my hands behind my back. Then Jenny stuffed a big 2 1/2" yell
The World Of Declan Finn, Author
I should probably start with a disclaimer: You do not have to hate Dan Brown, any of his works, or any of the movies based off of his books, in order to enjoy my stuff. Promise. You'll see why.   My family has been big on reading since my father was twelve. I read The Once and Future King when I was in sixth grade—for personal pleasure. My freshman year of high school had my English professor confused when I finished off one Tom Clancy novel a week. And I mean the big ones that could be used for door stoppers.   So, when I started in on The Da Vinci Code, I figured it would be yet another book. You can sell me practically anything as long it's a well-designed, good story. I could not care any less about saving the whales, but I enjoyed Star Trek IV anyway. I don't think the CIA is the source of all evil, but I liked the film The Long Kiss Goodnight, since it was entertaining—and since the primary villain was a bureaucrat. From what I had gathered about the premise of Da
first of all i dont know how to say this. but i have a lot on my  mind. and i have a bf that is always on his fb all the dang time. and random girls keep texting and messaging him. espically when i am spending time with him. it just gets on my nerves. girls need to like leave him alone he is mine. i cant stand this its starting to irritate me and get on my nerves all the time now. i dont want to lose my bf.
Funny Shit
Me: Let's let him do our tattoos. He's really talented. BFF: No, I want to go to a shop where it is clean. Me: He's shit is clean. He has everything a shop would. He just doesn't have to pay rent if he uses his house. BFF: I don't want to get AIDS or HEP C! Me: If you are truly worried about that then maybe you should start using condoms as well. Just saying.  Erica: It will be our luck someone breaks in. Jiffer: Don't JINX us! Erica: Sorry. Hey, Jesus please cast a protective charm over the house and keep us safe. Amen. Jiffer: Erica, I think you have been reading too much Harry Potter. Jesus isn't a wizard. Erica: But he's Almighty & Magic...  So there is a red headed lady at work who is pregnant. He husband is a black man. In the break room she and another co-worker were throwing around baby names...    APPARENTLY "Terry The Chocolate Orange" is unaccepteable. And gets your fired. 
Sex Education 696
You Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say
F#*king Hot
For Your Info
These last couple of days I have observed this on men, I am not saying women don't do this by no fucking means, cause I know they do.   It is these men that I am speaking about right at this moment. The juggling of women. This is what I have to say about that. Play on !!!!! With the exception of this. Don't even step here on this page to try that fucking bullshit with me. I have enough drama in my life away from here, that I do not need your so called girlfriends coming to me over what the fuck you do. Apparently you are not playing them very well for them to notice what the fuck you are doing.  Now go back to the drawing board and re-learn everythng you thought you knew. Understand or do I need to spell it out for you? You want to get to know me you better not have any ties to anyone else on here for the simple fact of this. Yes I know it is only internet, but these bitches on here think it is for real and I do not need there fucked up crap. I am going back to my other ways of
Your Ramadan Guide
Ramadan starts next Friday and ends the 18th of August.  Having been over there a few times (once during the religious holiday) and also having access to military expectations/requirements, I figured I would serve as your guide to make sure that all my psychoti....I mean FuFriends are fully prepared. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and lasts about 30 days and is based on the official sighting of the new moon. It is a time for Muslims to do meditation and spiritual purification.   (NOT the kind of purification that Gallo is going to mention) You can NOT: eat, drink or smoke from sunrise to sunset (drunkenness is particularly offensive) there will be shortened work hours  (if you are a Government or State employee this means probably no work at all) Meals will be eaten twice during hours or darkness.  Most restaurants are closed during the day (so we will all be eating at Dud's). Although SOME coffee shops may remain open (for Postal's sake). It is IMPORTANT to wea
Your Ramadan Guide
My Poetry
"Never Shine"Surrounded by solitude, wasting self doubtSorrow is shadowed by whispers that shoutScream I'm dying and saying I'm doneThrough with the pain but never can runConstant reminders that never leave sightNot heard over the cries that bellow at nightWorld upside down with thoughts of the choiceYou know it is there you just have no voiceAdmit your disguised and hidden beneathAll of the things that make you seem sweetPretend your content and satisfied at heartDon't ask me why its all falling apartShredded and scorched by the flames of the pastI'll never break through the wall you have castThe mountain that separates your heart from my handThe ocean that tells me the future is damnedSoft brush on my cheek or breath on my neckMy faith on the line is what this will wreckHas fate been destroyed,defeated, left bleedingIs it covered,or hiding, maybe just sleepingTired of witnessing our sheer lack of hopeThe thrown away deepness our abilities to copeWi
Bathroom Wall
I found her profile in here. She had an amazing body and an even more amazing ass! We became friends and began to share our likes and dislikes. What I learned was she loved to suck cock! A very good trait for a sexy woman. :-) But even more, she loved knowing guys were ta, lking about her ability with their friends. She enjoyed the thought of meeting the guys friends and wondering how much they knew about her skills. She had fantasies about what they were thinking about while actually talking to her. When we finally met, you could feel the sexual energy. I couldn't wait to test out those lips and see if she really loved cock like she told me she did. :) We met at lunch, to test the waters (which were already boiling!). She looked awesome, dressed in a white shirt that teased with the outline of her dark bra and a loose red skirt. Her legs seemed to go on forever. :) It was pretty funny, we both were smiling like teenage kids and finally I just asked her if she really wa
Sexy Singles
Psych Of Fu
 you show a member of the male species a picture of a pussy your gonna get 1 of 3 response, Mmmm baby, Can i eat you, can i feel your pussy? or nothing at all. usually on this site your gonna get a pigish comment of the first to. Tonight a subject demonstrated not only the piggish side of the male mind, but the fact of his desperation for getting laid as well. Apparently after thought and analysis of this individual it's been a long time since he had seen the vaginal area aka pussy of a real female. The desperation of this person made me realize that he was stuck doing 1 of 2 actions. 1. porn and a bottle of lube or baby oil, or 2. a blow up doll. Tis sad but true, that most of the men on this site think with the 2nd head and I am not refering to the one on their shoulders. Individuals like this prove the fact that 90% of males consently think about sex in some way, shape or form. For some it maybe  pounding a womans pussy, some may prefer oral but then some may prefer a animal which i
Calling All Dj's
Hi dj mele from england here with an invite to all dj's to get in touch and make friends. Dj's of the world unite on this fantastic web site   Keep it hard   Mele
Fine Art Studio Online
I am a member of Fine Art Studio Online. If you want, you check out my art work on there. The link is I hope you like it. I don't have much on hhere, but as I draw or paint more, I will upload them on there.
x banner stand Whether you own a retail store or attend trade shows to sell your products, banner stands can aid in grabbing the attention of your potential customers. Anyone that has worked in or studied advertising will tell you that visual points of interest will capture the eyes and minds of consumers. You've probably noticed how visual advertising products can guide consumers through department stores, discount stores and even movie rental stores. Banner stands can help you easily create visual "mini-campaigns" throughout your store or at your trade show booth so you can stir interest in your products or ideas. Retractable stands (or roll up banner stands) can easily retract or fold and be expanded when you're ready to display your ad. They are compact when folded for travel, which makes them very popular for traveling salespeople and trade show attendees. Most low-cost retractable banners use a spring-loaded mechanism while some higher-end stands do not. Both types can be expan
Dieing Aint Much Of A Liveing Song From Young Guns 2 Sound Track
Imagine a world Without; Nuclear Weapons, Starving Nations, Waring factions, Hungry babies, Utility bills , Taxes, Animal genocides, Deforestation,Rampant Disease,Ozone depletion, Resource depletion.......... Then Imagine a World that shares it's Resources offering free energy and food for everyone, Eliminates disease, Eliminates borders as it Ends wars, Plants more tree's than it harvest subsequently replacing lost Ozone, Ending most extinction from stopping Animal Genocide, Destroys monitors and bans Nuclear weapons and you'll Imagine One World Government "EARTH" a Happier Planet
''i'm Deleting Because The Girls On Here Are Sluts..."
Big Block

Sometimes people come into your life and you have no idea why. I believe you meet someone (weather it be online or in person) to teach you a lession, to help you grow, or just simply at that moment in time you need that one person just as they are. Weather you chose to form a bond with them is up to you. Those first words make all the difference. How you bond is what will define what could possibly be an amazing relatioship (friends or otherwise). I believe that some people are too vain to look past a mis-shaped image. I believe the we ourselves are our on worst critics. I believe that somewhere we must find a medium. Look past what is seen and let our minds paint a pictures with words.   "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, don not go out and look for a successfull personality and duplicate it."  
Crazy Bitch
Just Another Hole
My Life
ok,so yes of course I have had boyfriends and stuff but that was only for a short I want someone who will be there fro me no matter whta yea I'll tlak shit if I need to.but other than that I am really  nice please message me if u aint a perv/stalker
Rate My Profile And Give Me Drinks
i need to level up and need more profile rates and i need to get buzzed can anyone help???
Fubar Party
I am hosting a fubar party next year and everyone is invited! June 21st 2013 @ 7-830 pm central is the meet and greet at Oivers Bar n Grill inside Quality Inn & Suites in Bradley Illinois. FUBAR PARTy is June 22, 2013 @ 6pm til whenever @ Quality Inn and Suites Bradley Illinois. I will be updating this info more and more every other day or so. So far I have the DJ, band, 3 photographers, video man and a tattoo artist going to be there. There will be a small cover charge which will be determined by novemberish 2012 after I find out a guesstimate about how many are coming. Cover charge will cover the hall, food and some booze... Plan your trip accordingly. Travel, food, expenses and hotel ARE NOT included in your cover charge. This will be an epic night. If it goes well enough, I am planning on hosting one every year. here is the website to the hotel i will be having the party at, will be held in one of their banquet halls.
New Here Wat To Do..
A Domain Name Should Be Unique
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Tis Not The 80s Nomore
We head down to erotic city where we can funk alright Round and round I drive my love machine cuz money don’t matter 2nite, We cream 2 the cross down alphabet street 2 the glam slam All night we dance on doing the housequake and the funk n jam When 2 r in love it is positivity full of temptation Cuz i cant stop this feeling I got 4 prince and the new power generation. So I shake and push in the latest fashion just like melody cool Strollin down like a thunder bolt breaking the biggest rule. The future holds the electric chair 4 your fantasy Or do u lie your delirious from all your ecstasy. I am willing and able to go around the world in a day with crazy u, Its gonna be a beautiful night so why are we so blue Lets pretend we are married cuz i wanna be your lover Baby, my love is forever u know there is no other. So take me with you , im yours, so we can be free
What A Woman Wants........
The mood was light as we sat across from eachother for the first time. Sure, we have had several heated video chats but this was the first time I could smell her fragerance and see the want in her eyes. Her smile could light up the room as she laughed at me meaningless small talk. We both knew why we were there and as the time passed it became more apparent that we were wasting precious time. It was already noon and her flight was leaving at 6 PM. As we made our way from the bar to the elevator, my eyes were constanly fixed on her body. The way her skirt hugged her hips, the outline of her panties pressing through as she walked. My hand was seated in the small of her back as we entered the elevator. When the door closed, she spun around, looking up into my eyes. I could not resist the urge to lean down for what I thought would be a simple kiss. Our lips locked, as her hand draped over the back of my neck. I could feel her fingernails tracing through my short hair as the heat between us
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Heat Stroke Signs In Cats
 Heat stroke signs in cats
My Wife Monica
Do you ever feel like half a person when you are Away from the one that makes you whole? Even if it is for eight hours a day, you still find yourself constantly thinking about your better half. This person exists in my life and I don't know what I would do without her! I wrote this way back in 2006 during my deployment to Iraq. Shortly after I recieved the wonderful news that we were going to have a child together! "I Love Monica, I love being with her, I love that we will get to share the responsabilities of a child together. She is my best friend and she holds my heart. I love her more than I knew I ever could love someone. When I come home to her, I will hold her twice over than I ever have before. i miss her so."  
Where To Go?
Miss Facebook 2012 guys please follow the link above..
Biz Opps And More
Are you tired of doing things like MLM, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, or selling things online like e-books?Are you ready to get results by just utilizing your PC by finding a real job in the real world?If you're ready to get the results you're looking for, then I suggest you take a look at what I've got to offer you!  Especially when it's at an 85% discount! Get Profitable Results Utilizing Your PC TODAY! To Your Success, Heather Mechelle Has An Angel Found Me? Written By: Heather Mechelle How can this be? Has An Angel Found Me? Has this man I’ve happened upon years before now, Possibly be an Angel sent from God above? I’ve loved and been loved in years past. But never in the way that this Angel has shown his love unto me. This Angel has shown me how to live. Love. And Cherish all that I have earned and been given. This Angel has helped me to understa
Just To Think About.
They say blood(family) is thicker than water(friends), but often your friends are the ones telling you that its all water under the bridge and stick by you regardless.  Rarely this day and age do people grow up with family that stick by them as close as there friends.  Some of us live life following your own heart and your dreams.  Friends tend to uplift your dreams no matter how far fetched they may be.  Family tends to want you to follow thier thoughts and beliefs of what your dreams should be.  Most of us now live in familys that support you only when its what they want you to do.  No two people are the same so just because you may have a fully supportive family just remeber that is rare indeed.  Those that feel alone in this world with no support and no family to turn to.  If you are like me look to the friend next to you, if you do you just might find the family you have been missing. Sitting here feeling battered and bruised, twisted and outright used. I gave it my heart, my soul
Angel Or Demon
This is a quote that I wanted to share and explain a bit of what it means to myself. "HISTORY TEACHES THAT WHEN YOU WILL BECOME INDIFFERENT AND LOSE THE WILL TO FIGHT SOMEONE WHO HAS THE WILL TO FIGHT WILL TAKE OVER." COLONEL ARTHUR D. "BULL" SIMMONS SON TAY RAIDER NOV 21,1970   To me what this means that when you lose the will to fight someone with more determination will come and take over what you can't handle anymore. There has been a few times in my life when i gave up on everything even life itself but the one thing that always remained is that I have an UNWAVERING BURNING desire to be something more than myself. If you dont understand what I mean here is another explanation. I feel there is something more that I should be a part of so I can't rest until I find out what that is. I have pushed myself way beyond my physical and mental limits throughout my life so far that I have had to get surgery from some of my injuries. I never could allow myself to forget what I am reall
Horse Whisperer
Let Love Begin
Take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin; bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near; take away my pain and fear. In the darkness of the night, be my beacon, shine your light. In the brightness of the sun, show me that you are the one. Give me wings so I can fly; for I can soar when you're nearby. Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see? Break my chains and set me free. Strip me of my armor tight; you'll find I won't put up a fight. Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, let love begin.
Why I'm Sick All The Time
ok for those who don't know aout me.I have chronic pancreatitis had it for 6 yrs now.I i live on pain pills n is in pain 24/7 some days are better than others.My insides feel like they are on fire n i can't eat or drink anything for a week so i'm in the hospital alot.When my pancreas acts up i'm diabetic usually don't find out until its to late n i'm in the hospital.Because of the paancreatitis it caused me to have hypercalcium which means calcium was being taken out of my bones n put in my blood,b/c of that it caused me to have osteoporosis on top of that i have arthritis in my spine,hips n pelvic i also have scoliosis.SEE I TOLD YA I HAVE MY OWN SO STORY LOLOL I'm always sighned in but not always here if i don't answer you right away i will get to you when i can xoxoxoxoxox

Political Shit
My Blog? O.o
Ummm ok so idk what I'm suppose to do on here since I never made one but um, hi xD  I guess I'll start with saying a little about myself: I'm bi, I can get quite shy in person. I'm really nice and caring as long as you don't talk to me about stuff that pisses me off. I'm not a sex freak so I'm not into much sex stuff or jokes. I love shopping, I have an obsession for Pandas. I've loved them ever since I was little. I looooveee the band Black Veil Brides, they're amazing. And if you don't like them please either don't say anything or don't even bother talking to me at all. Thanks~ I also like going to the beach when I'm in the mood for it, I like camping as long as I don't get eaten alive by bugs.  Things I Hate: Bugs, Needles, Heights, Berries, People who talk dirty, Parties (I'm not a party person and I can be quite shy), Alcohol and Drugs, Horror anything, Zombies.  Things I Like: Being alone (not like, single alone but like, being in my room with my own space kinda alone.) Wat
In Memory Of My Dear Uncle
My dearest uncle, may you fly to Heaven as show white dove full of glory,wrapped in God's love. The Father has taken away all your pain, a new life with Jesus is what you have gained. All your worries and all of your woes they are now just bad memories, what you endured only God knows.  He sent down His Angels to meet in the sky, to bring you to Heaven, your home upon high. Although we will miss you every day, we will sense your Angelic prescens not only at times when we pray. We will feel you always, we will know you are there.  Please stay by us always, let us feel you are here, if we know you are with us, then all these lonely nights and days we can bear. Whisper you love us and wipe all our tears, if you stand by us always then we all have no fears. Please take care of your family, guide them with all your love. You are now their Angel, you are now their Dove, forever and always in Heaven above.   I will always miss you and love you uncle Per....Memories stay with me
Lil Red
Who is in the mood to party? Who is feeling Hot and crazy right now? Who want's to party and get wild with each other? Please feel free to say what you want no hold backs and no need to be shy have a great day and party on.
I Am More
Do you know how easy, it would be? For me to hate, shut everyone out completely. Loving and living, after all I have seen. Is difficult, but I'm living my dream. I won't take the easy way out. That is not what life, is about. Life is a journey, finding out your cause. What you're here for, the person you are. I am more than, the bad guys took away. I smile in their face, by living each day. What they did, made me strong. Made me who I am, no matter how wrong. It was, I still hold my head high. Because I am worth more, than the tears I cry. The tears cause a water fall, I swim through them all. Because I am bigger than the bad stuff, that seems so small. No words will break me, no actions for that matter. I can love and be loved, the vision is shattered. The vision they had of me is faded, because I am more. It just took me a while, to know that for sure.
A Kiss At Midnight
A Kiss at Midnight       The city is bustling and the people run around like ants under glass.  Most people have no bearing to what happens in the night past their own lives. They go about their business from day to day wake up and go to sleep.  But there is another life that lives at night when they go to sleep.  The pure energy that runs through the night the lust, love, and the passion that feeding off of a stranger when the shadows grow large.  But you smell it in the air when the night is long until the sun starts to peek up at dawn.  As the keyboard stops clicking and the writer sits back in her chair.  She starts to proof read the editorial she just finished and looks at her watch and see she still has an hour to get it sent in to meet the deadline.  Then she signs her name Mortisha Draconus.   She sends off her editorial to the press office of the Gothic Tribune where she has worked at as a writer for the past five years.  Trying to show the nightlife of the local city wh
Where You've Been
Life is a mystery, to us all. Never knowing what, is on the other side of the wall. Should I climb it, or just play it safe. You only get one shot, it's not meant to waste. Live, laugh and love, as often as you can. Tomorrow isn't a guarantee, there is no plan. No one weeds out a path for you, no one holds your hand. We live and we learn, but living is the key. Don't live with regret, take it from me. Everyone dies, but not everyone dies with a smile. Take every chance, every opportunity, enjoy every mile. No matter how painful, it's worth it in the end. Leave the legacy, of where you've been.
Tell That To Her Family
She walks down the hall, with her head hung down. Listening to the taunts, the laughs around town. She pretends as if she don't, but it breaks a piece off at a time. Tearing down her dreams, ruining her mind. People think it's just words, that it doesn't hurt. But tell that to her family, as they cover her with dirt. She could no longer, stand the pain. Being tortured, ridiculed, living in shame. Look beyond the exterior, and see them from the inside out. For this is truly, what life is all about.
It Could Be You
Go ahead, turn away. Close your eyes, to what goes on everyday. Pretend as if, you cannot see. The pain in others, the pain in me. It is a hurt, not easily disguised. All it takes is, one look in the eyes. Of the victim, read their face. Visit this tragic, unfamiliar place. A place so horrific, most people can't grasp. In their protected world, they don't bother to ask. Too many times, I needed someones help. And the only person around, was myself. My plea is to open your eyes, do what you can. To help those in need, it's the only way to understand. Hear their story, it's the right thing to do. Who knows, one day, it could be you.
Been There Myself
My eyes are shut, but I can still see. The pain, the hurt of others, they speak to me. Their voices, never stop. They ask for my help, how can I not? I am the voice, for the weak. The strength for those, who cannot speak. I live with fear, but it will not consume me. I control it, use it, apply it, positively. Hate is a useless emotion, learn from everything. Big changes can be made, even from the smallest of things. Fear is easy, overcoming it, is not. A little life lesson, I was taught. The school of hard knox, taught me more than I need. The skills to survive, to succeed. I am here for a purpose, to help those who can't help themselves. Regardless of what it costs me, I've been there myself.
1arm Rant & Blog Numero Uno
1arm Rant & Blog Numero Uno
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A beautiful woman uses her lips for Truth, her voice for Kindness, her ears for Compassion, her hands for Charity and her heart for Love. For those who do not like her, she uses Prayer
Life On The Other Side Of The "magic Door"
So I allowed myself an extra few seconds inspecting the reflection in the mirror. Ah, those watershed moments in life when ALL the sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears FINALLY pay off! Today was the day, my first Trans-Atlantic flight as "Pilot in Command" No "Management Captain" in the right seat holding my hand or talking down to me as if I were a mildly retarded 4 year old. What's that old saying? "Heavy is the head that wears the crown"? In a few hours, I'd find out JUST how heavy. You may not be aware, but before any International flight, your crew will have met, become aquainted, (we may or may not have all flown together previous, they don't allow us to all spend too much time together "on the line") The thinking being not only does familiarity breed contempt, it ALSO spawns complacency. The chief flight attendant I knew all too well. The very best practical jokes that were ever played on me were of her design and careful planning. GREAT! There's my FIRST strike, A flight attenda
Wolves Lounge
in the shadows he stands tall his scars Hidden there,As he looks upon the one once rich land now laid bare,His hardened eyes water as the memmories start to come back,To the night his land was lost to an un expected attack, Without any waring his home was gone ,to become a land where the enemy had won,As callaused hands turn to fists he stands as a stone,Knowing only rage throughout muscle and bone, Where once stood a land of the just,the knight has let his armour turn to rust,With every passing moment he becomes whole again,He finally returns to the twisted land.
Anorgasmia Definition: Anorgasmia is an inability to reach orgasm and is thought to occur in about 10% of women. Anorgasmia may be either primary (the woman has never been able to reach an orgasm by any means) or secondary (an orgasm was experienced at some point in the past). It may also be global (orgasm is not experienced by any means) or situational (orgasm may be experienced in certain sexual situations but not others; for example, with manual stimulation but not with intercourse). Return to top Some Myths Regarding Female Orgasms There are several myths regarding orgasm. These myths can sometimes cause problems for women and their partners. Myth:   An orgasm is always an earth-moving experience and there is something wrong with a woman if she is unable to reach orgasm. Fact:   Some women have orgasms and don’t know it. Some women do not experience orgasm in the sense of feeling their pelvic floor muscles contract. They do however reach a peak o
We I Would Like To Tell You About Me And Hear More About You. I See You Have Accomplished Much As For Me: I Do Not Know You Well, But What I Know Ench
Monster         I wish somtimes that I had your eyes, So I can see what kind of monster I am. And your ears to hear my distorted words. growling snarling bitching and smiling his toothless grin. Your nose to smell the BS that a MONSTER spews out his mouth. Your sence of touch to see what a monster fels like, and how it makes your skin crawl. But this monster is like a child......Can't stand up for it's self. Don't show any emotion. Heartless Lifless Uncaring Usless A monster that needs a push to move, Cause he can't move himself.
It would be so easy just to shut down right now & just walk away from everything, & not caring one way or another about things. Holding back not telling people off. Keeping the tongue in check not screaming out things that shouldn't be said. Not sitting crying & moaning. Trying to keep the head up. Praying for everybody else, because nothing left to pray for self, for nothing seems to work. Trying to stir up the joy & faith inside. Trying to keep emotions in check & not let the heart wander aimlessly off track. Working on keeping the promises in front as well as the prize at the end of the race. Watching as more & more gets taken & nothing can be done. What more needs to leave, or to be stripped? Is this a joke? Is it funny to dump dung on one? How much more will be dumped? The tunnel is long & never ending. No longer know which is up or down. The light ends up being a tease of another lamp hanging from a wooden beam shining, but still not enough to show if going further into the abyss
I Love You, Babette! I long to write for you, to tell you those stories you loved. long for....Simply say the word, and I will commence a story right now! She walked thru the night, her heels clicking along the street, her tight clothing rubbing on her body, each step almost forcing her to want Him, Nickolas, the man she waited for, dreamed for, longed for. She loves him, with all his heart, and the same way, HE wants her, for all time. Babette wanted her once. She wait for his, , Nickolas' draw to near, the scent of her flare his nostrils, his toungues caresses her with her flesh. Nicholas would tie her to an ice cold sheet of metal...Babette loved the cold metal causing her flesh to dimpleskin. Having the icy steel tied to her body caused Babette to orgasm to no end. Regardsless, She loved Nicholas....and he loved her!
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Bige@ Fubar
What Are Your Funniest Drinking Stories?
Soooo, we are playing a drinking game so why not share some real drinking stories? Do you have any funny ones? Those are probably the best, because we all need some good laughs, right? Be the first and maybe the best...
Beautiful People
                                          BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE                 Ok criosly der are hundreads of wayz to figure out how beautiful you truly are, but before going on y'all shld know dat wateva or whoeva you are, you wer nd will alwyz be beautiful..kk enof of the dumb issh....1st thing's 1st wtz is beauty? wtz bin beautiful? in what aspect or area are you beautiful at or in do u consider yourslf beautiful what will you do for beauty(real beauty). (finaly)what makes you know how beautiful u rily are.... now getting to know all dis iz just a step closer....soo hola at ma blog if u do wanna know.....
Cute Graphics
Think About It
I entered the U.S. Army in 2006 with a goal to see serious combat . I was an Artilleryman stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany . I deployed to the Wasit province ,in Eastern Iraq in Dec 2008 . Almost immediately I noticed that something was odd about our Nation's involvement in Iraq. The size of the giant fobs , the numbers of civilian contractors, and The waste of Materials all around. None of this really bothered me too much at First . I thought it was cool at the time. Two months into the deployment,Two of my friends where seriously wounded by an IED, .This event along with several others caused my outlook on the war ,the Army, and my life to change drastically. I began notice and question everything , The pointless missions that put us in danger, the contempt toward the Iraqi people by my peers and leadership, The impoverished Iraq cites, and the Corruption in the Iraqi Security forces. Ive heard countless accounts of fellow soldiers and my leaders bragging about killing Iraqis and
Just For Fun
YOU JUST WOKE UP IN MY BED NAKED NEXT TO ME...using 3 words what would you say to me? If you comment you must post as your status so I can comment on yours. See what the others say !! (just for fun :D)
Video Games And Websites
Its amazing how many people out that are so against video games (World of Warcraft, Diablo Series etc etc etc) it breaks up relationships, causes stress and moon swings rules your life. Yet they can sit on a website all day long, and THE SAME THINGS HAPPEN!Video Game: You get your ass beat your pissedWebsite: Someone Causes drama your pissedVideo Game: You spend so much time playing your signifigant other breaks up with you.Website: You spend so much time on said website your signifigant other breaks up with you. (or your caught with your hand in the candy jar making lovey dovey with someone else)Video Game: You lost a really cool item sadnessWebsite: Someone posts something sad sadnessVideo Game: Another player gives you a great item you really needed Friend!Website: Another user gives you a picture or some virtual wealth Friend!Am I the only one missing something here? Or do some people need to pull there fucking heads out of there asses or have some sense slapped into them. I am so
However, the price tag on these extravagant footwear designs is what puts most of us off. ralph lauren pas cher You might fall in love with a certain Prada shoe but end up dejected at the knowledge of its actual cost. Showrooms for designer shoes also have other expenses that tag along with the original price of the shoe. Just like having in a example that pertains on what you wear is your personality. As you stand in front of your Boss, she looks every part of you. And what she sees can be almost as important as what you say. Sometimes our Superiors looks on what we wear, they see our style how we carry our office uniforms and through pleasant wearing our uniform, they evaluate us on what we are and who we are. Take the your best look out of office attire with some general fashion do and don't. Furthermore, the inexorable sales of Wholesale Ralph Lauren polo shirts proved the idea of today's polo ralph lauren guys and girls that fashion and style is something related to wearin
Humorous Stories,poetry,other Writings
Freedom to flyIs a God given giftDreaming  is as air is for livingFlowing down from His highly exalted throneFreedom to flyIs not a privilege granted By rulers who's  realm of authority is ground boundKnowledge of wrong and rightIs revealed to usFrom The Righteous OneWho dwells in a kingdom on highKnowledge of wrong and wright Should not be dictated by corruptible judgesWho suppress the truthFor worldly praiseFreedom to fly Is a desireLike an unquenchable fireA pilot that God  ignited in side usWhen He created you and meChains of sin Robs us of the freedom to flyKeeps our souls sinking in the mireGod so full of loveOut of His nature of grace and mercySent from His throne room a Savor to the people of the groundTo shatter the chains that keep us fastened to the gates To the entrance of the lake of fireFreedom to flyThose who God has set free is free indeed Free to Fly on the Spirit wingsThat one day will carry them to God's kingdom in the skyFor those who think the message and Gift of G
The 4th Of July
I can't think of the fourth of July with out first thinking of my father and all the others who have served in our armed forces both past and present. With out your courage, passion, and dedication I wouldnt be enjoying the level of comfort and freedom that exist in my life now. I am, and forever will be, in debt to all of you. My dad loved the fourth. He spent hundreds of dollars every year and was very proud of the number of times his neighbors called the police on him for excessive fireworks. When I was a kid I always thought he just enjoyed putting on such a great and intense show but as I aged I realized he did it because he was so proud of his country and its history. Thankfully I was there for the last two 4th's of his life. They were both incredible gatherings of friends and familiy, oh and we had a policeman already there on standby before we even shot off one firework. I will never forget those last two years. I love you dad and miss you dearly. Now I have my own tradition wi
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Sometimes you're not afraid of letting go, you're just afraid of accepting the fact that its gone.   Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.  The loneliness you feel with another person, the wrong person, is the loneliest of all. Lonely is not a feeling when you are alone. Lonely is a feeling when no one cares.  Someday, you're gonna wind up all alone, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.
I Make No Apologies
Someone Wrote This And Wow This Is Me
Sitting in her room,All day long.She is sitting there singing,Her own sad song. A song about misery,A song about hope.A song about a problem,and how to cope. She wants someone to love her,She wants someone to care.But when she turns around,Nobody is ever there. She wants a family,and some friends that she can call her own.She wants all these things,So she doesn't have to be alone. She's hoping someone will love her,She's hoping someone will care.She hears something and turns around,And notices that nobody's there.   Sitting in her room,All day long.She is sitting there singing,Her own sad song.
Cool Games
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My Thoughts And Random Stuff
Beloved TV icon Andy Griffith, star of “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock,” passed away this week at age 86.  This is yet another great one gone forever :( its sad I really loved his two shows Andy Grifith and Matlock they were my fave shows.
Money Making Machine - Mmm
Drowning In Darkness
Im drowning in darkness and cant see the light, I know its not fair and i know its not right.... but im drowning in darkness and cant see the light, go up the stairs and turn to the right, im drowning in darkness and cant see the light.... three more pills and ill be alright, im drowning in darness and cant see the light, laying back in my bed eyes closed tight....  death is coming in the black of night, im drowning in darkness where is the light, if someone had cared shed be here tonight.... but she was drowning in darkness as she searched for the light, so hold out your hand ill grip it with all my might, for im drowning in darkness, ive lost my light... plase whisper softly itll be alright,  just take my hand ill show you the light, cuz im drowning in darkness and cant see the light.... i know its not fair and i know its not right,  but you see, im drowning in darkness.... wait.... is...that....light..... (this poem is mine the original date i wrote this has sinc
Stuff That I Find Interesting
Balloon fetish (Looner)sexually stimulated by inflated balloonsSmokingBeing aroused by seeing people smoke cigarettes, liking smokersFace Sitting(Smothering fetish)aroused by having people sit on their face (smothering)Infantilismdressing/acting as a babyMature Taboo(Intergenerational)aroused by sex between older and younger peopleLatex Fetishwearing (tight) latex clothing (worn or painted on)Messy Fetishgetting dirty/sticky/slimyFood Fetisheating/wearing food (related to messy fetish)Trample-Crush Fetishbeing stepped on, trampled or crushed (related to Foot fetish)Fistinghaving a hand & arm stuck up their rectum/vaginaHuge insertionslarge objects inserted in rectum/vaginaBeastialitysexual interaction with animalsPregnant Fetish (Prego)aroused by pregnant (or fat) and lactating womenMedical Fetishdoctor/nurse/patient play, also using medical tools (speculum, catheter, enema, etc)Electrical Fetishapplying electrical charges to the body (related to medical)Urethral Playcatheters and obje
Put your hands in mine. Pull yourself up to your feet. Get your balance. Let go. You laugh, you fall down, you cry.   Take my hands again. Pull yourself up to your feet. Get your balance. Let go. You take a step, you laugh, you fall down, you cry.   Take my hands once more. We'll try it one more time. Get your balance. Let do. You take a step, you laugh, you take one more, I smile, filled with pride.   I close my eyes a moment. Pull myself up to my feet. Get my balance. Open my eyes to see how much you've grown. I laugh, I fall down, I cry. I'm holding my world on my shoulders. It's up to me to not let it fall. Sometimes I almost lose my balance; It is a lot of pressure, after all.   It's my job to do all the thinking, It's my job to plan ahead. It's my job to make the world safer, I'm so tired I look like I'm dead.  
There Are Various People That Need Vitamin B12
Insufficient intake of a sufficient amount of B-vitamins can lead to vitamin B insufficiencies. It might lead to various types of health problems. The absence of Thiamin or simply vitamin B1 could cause Beri-Beri Disease. The standard signs can include weeknesses, dysfunction in nerves inside the body, major weight-loss, unpredictable heartbeat, and also edema. Vitamin B insufficiencies may also result in ariboflavinosis. Inadequate consumption of vitamin B2 in the diet regime could potentially cause this kind of side effect. The regular signs and symptoms might include sensitivity to the sun's rays, edema, cheliosis and also dental mucosa. Pellagra is yet another health issue happened as a result of vitamin B insufficiencies.Niacin performs a big part in this case. Deficiency of niacin within standard eating habits can make sure the chance of this particular health difficulty. Typical signs or symptoms can include lack of control, skin diseases, distress, sleeping disorders along with
What Happens When You Assume
Easy it just makes an ass out of u and me
They took me to a place where nothing grew, to a place where only the shadows in the dust had time.  They took me to a ward, a sun-bleached hospital where all the doors where so heavy that they did not need locks.  They led me past rows of starched beds where our steps will echo long after we have all gone from time.  They write your name just when the rain hits the windows and an evil wind shakes the trees, tambourine shakers of dead leaves.  And they took me to a dirty beach where the ghosts of the surfers who drowned collect PET bottles for deposit.  On a dirt road between fields where the flowers of evil where allowed to grow and change eternal forests into tabloids.  And they point to a background, poison-yellow clouds, orange lamps, silent silos,  jets' smoke trails, bone gray towers They whisper in my ear  "do you see the future, do you see how nothing grows, nothing lives but nothing dies?" When you can finally see all the mechanisms behind.  Then you will n
i dont know wats wrong with me ive always have bad luck with ppl i try to change it but the more i change the worst it gets. Is it me the ppl dont like r the shit i say r wat idk dut im tired of it i cont. to search for the one n always get hurt in the end from all the women i dated i get played. n its fucked up i need love to but cant find it some how hah at times i feel like just given up. i just need some one real and no one feels the same i guess. i just need time to know my self and stop falling for the ppl that say they understand and leave me with no answers to my questions its wat ever i guess. 
Packers And Movers
If you are thinking to move from any other place to Delhi or Delhi to any other place then Delhi Moving Company might help you make relocation process easy. But Finding a good and reliable packing and moving company is also another difficult task. It is not smart decision to hire moving services from any packers movers without any research. Before choosing moving services you must do research about packers and movers company so that you can choose the right one to make your move smooth. Suggestion is also good idea to choose the right packing and moving company out of many packers and movers Delhi companies. You can check reviews also on Delhi based moving companies to choose the right one. After taking suggestion you must get multiple quotations from suggested moving companies. Make list of relocation companies and compare the estimate quote to make difference. It is advisable to ask their previous clients and also check that these companies are registered and experienced
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Review About Website Domain Registration
Domain is a most crucial part for any size of business which is been launched on Internet a Domain works on the same principle as resident address, We use resident address to locate or find a person in the city, Domains are used on the same role to find a particular website on the world wide web. But the domain not only plays a role of locating or finding a website in world wide web but also plays a role of naming and branding a company,As this has made domain selecting a hard task. hence having a good register domain name is intended by every businessman.There are some things that will help in selecting a good domain is try to have your domain under three words,short but not too short,Avoid using hyphens or numbers in the domain,do not use any old or inactive domain names, do not use popular domain with spell mistake this may cause problems in future. and Name the domain related to your business nature,Try to add a keyword in your domain,IF you have any old names of your business avoi
Just Blogs
Jason Morrissette Professional Skater For Silkski From Wu Tang Killa Beez
Hi I am Jason Morrissette aka “Mighty Mouse” the Official Sk8 Board Rider for Silkski of WuTang East Coast Killa Beez. I met Silkski thru my Spiritual Advisor/Fashion Designer Dana Russell, who is Silkski's West Coast fashion Consultant, and myself being a fan of Silkski, found that he was a former Sk8 board rider, from New York City. Here is a photo of Silkski riding a Sk8 Board doing a hand stand. Silkski is currently working on a song about us teaming up, him as an artist and me as a sk8board rider and his appreciation for my skills; as he says, and also about his early on dedication and continuing love for the Sk8 Board World. As far as my background, this is how I got started. I was born and raised in LA, and as I was growing up, life was not easy. I moved from LA to San Bernardino when I was 10. I remember going to school thinking then how exciting it was to see other skaters to be doing their thing, that’s when I knew I had something special about my own techni
Bad Storms
I have not been on last few days due to the tornados we had in Ohio.  I knocked out my electric for almost 3 days. It finally came back on lastnight.. Just wanted to say thank u to my family for all the luv the sent my way.  Yesterday I had a experience that after it was all over.. I look back and laugh over..and can say I had a adventure. The whole weekend was miserable and hot..and down right depressing so I decided to go tubing with boys and bruno. We went down the road whre the bike trail comes out at..which taking the trail is only mile and 1/2.  (not realizing the  river is way more miles..and takes longer) Anyways..was fun. water was nice and warm..but cool somewhat to.  By time got 3 miles into it..I was getting tired some what.  I had on sandles..which are no good to wear in the river. STUPID me.  About a mile from where Wanted to get out at ..(across from my house)  It started storming.  The winds picked up..etc.  The boys and I got out on the shore..all huddled toge
11 years ago today, a really good friend was taken away.  I still think of him each day that passes by, and relive the pain as the time goes by.  5 months ago, a woman came into my life, she took the pain away, made me think of something better, she made me think of our life together.  She helped me to forget the pain that I have dealt with all my life, from losing people close to me, all the way through to my father's lies.  I screwed things up with her, now my happiness I shall deny.  When she walked away from me, I felt as though I should die.  All I can do is sit here and cry as life just passes by.  I have dealt with heartbreak before, but this time, my heart was tore from my chest, I have no heart any more.  People say that I will be okay, that I will be just fine... but I feel that is just a line.  No one will ever know what she means to me, words will never describe.  I hate myself with all I have, I feel that I have died.
Sarge's Bad Girls
SBG's Post Here In A Comment What Help You Need With Leveling Requirements & We Will Help With What We Can.  Like Bad Girls? Come Check Out The Best & The Baddest Sarge's Bad Girls. Once You Go Bad You Never Go Back.  The Original Bad Girl My Fu Wife Ecuadorian Goddess fuwife to The Sarge Once A Bad Girl Always A Bad Girl Metal BabylFE2Armyguy09 pepsikola BadGirl Angel SBG@ fubarThe Newest Bad Girls Miss DeAna I am Dallas girl Ready Or Not Sarge's Bad Girls Are Back With A Vengeance. If You Were A Part Of SBG's When I Originally Had Them And Want To Be A Part Again Let Me Know. If You Want To Join Let Me Know. I will have a few rules to start out 1. Must Make An SBG Salute. SFW Or NSFW Or Both. Your Choice. Be Creative 2.Must Have SBG Pic Folder. And SBG In Your Name Or On Your Page Somewhere. 3. Add This Page To Your Family. 4. Help Each Other In Anyway We Can. 5. I Will Be Choosing A Day As SBG Day, On That Day Everyone Wears Their Tags And Puts In Status That It Is SBG
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lunettes ray ban Ninety nine of the harmonize, it's worthwhile to execute an absolute noteworthy make the most. Plenty of areas and even present you Terminator-inspired sunglasses produced entirely students while having less glasses and moreover Ray Ban 3025 upgraded lenses ideal for specific cope with over all size. Sunglasses, shade-use can be divided into a mirror, light-colored sunglasses, and three types of special-purpose sunglasses.We must first know the purpose of buying sunglasses, from the above description of several types of sunglasses, we know that there are different types of sunglasses for different occasions and people. On May 7 of the same year, Bausch & Lomb started working with a prototype known as the anti-glare which was made of ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin gold-plated metal and green lenses made of mineral glass that helped filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays. that is flattering to another person by having a rounded experie
My Bfg (profile Pic Gun)
Smith & Wesson M&P 15X 5.56mm Posted by Rich Grassi. Author Archive » Images by Sovanski / Smith & Wesson Proven law enforcement favorite—a no-nonsense patrol carbine! I was surprised a few years back when, on a trip to my licensee’s premises, I found Smith & Wesson had shipped a long gun to me. Opening the polymer container, I found the M&P15T. The “Tango” had a free-floating 16-inch barrel, 1-in-9-inch rate of twist and was chambered for 5.56mm NATO. The sights were flip-up, front and rear, made by Troy. I took the new rifle out to the police range and the rangemaster had some fun shooting it, as did I. I immediately took to the M&P15 line of AR carbines. Since then, I’ve been the beneficiary of several trips to Wyoming with S&W and SureFire, among others. The M&P was prominently featured, especially the Performance Center versions with big optics, fairly light and really clean triggers as well as specialty barrels. Last summer was no exception.
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Cherry Inferno: How I Mastered It
     Ok.. So I know alot of you are having some trouble with the "Cherry Inferno Achievement." As it being a leveling requirement for all of us to get to level 51, we ALL have to do it at one point or another.. Some have tried it many times and have failed miserably.  I thought I would too.. But I was running a God Mode one day and I decided I'm gonna come up with the perfect way to do this.. Luckily for myself.. I succeeded in the way to do it. Lucky for all YOU too.. cuz I will tell you exactly how it was done..       First off.. There is a blog on fu that I read and helped me a lot. In case you haven't seen it, it's worth it to check it out so please do so and follow it exactly.. There are a few Very Important details they decided to leave out.. Have no fear though.. I am going to explain that as well.      Second thing you need to know is that you need to be comfortable and relaxed. No distractions. You will be sit
How To Register A Domain?
Domain is a most vital part for any type of business this will power your website or business undertaking in a better way,practically it's a address to find your website in the world wide web,by your visitors and there thing which concern to have a good Domain name has it will be your business name in the virtual world,Domain is some thing which every businessman wants the best to start their business from so having a good domain will help you in many terms like,you may grab many customers if you domain name is easy,catchy,memorable and search engine friendly all these can happen if you domain is a best of all. you may face many problems if you're not choosing a suitable domain name Don’t use made up work unless you are a professional marketing or banding guy,because they are not search engine friendly.Don’t use long words not more than four words it must always be less than four words.Avoid grouping words which does not make sense because the will effect the average reader
Join The Turf
IThis is my first blog and I guess it should be about stupd shit but actually it's not. Alot of people complain about their lives I say this if u don't like ur life change it noone is going to change it for u. Get off ur ass and do something about ur situation and stop whining. Life is wat u make of it. I want the beat out of life so I'm not standing around waiting for a magic lamp to rub and a genie pop out to grant my wishes. I'm going to make my life happen the way I want it to be. I think that's wat everyone should do. Don't be lazy get to wrk and make ur life better.
Whitebird55plzrfb@ Fubar
A Night In The Life
It's me, Sexy Red with a word about spending and saving.  Greed is good only for the rich.  The less fortunate wind up spending more and more of their own hard earned money.  Beware this fact as we all plunge into 'Fubar' political season.  Fubar bucks are kewl and easy to reciprocate.  When you fill out Internet surveys you lay yourself open to all kinds of greedy and lustful people.  Sometimes deceitful, always dangerous. And hey, December 21st is no biggie.  We all just stop using our calendars and clocks.  The Ding dong has spoken.  Good night.
I am here to meet friends from around the world, two years ago I met my husband on here and he is the best thing that has happned to me. The only thing that sucks is that all the people I talked to before I got married are either no longer on fu or don't talk to me because I am married. The people I do talk to on here only really say Hi and thats all, I am a person with feelings and I do notice when someone doesn't talk to me more then once. I don't have many friends in RL due to my ex bf.  I just wish people would see me as a married woman but I am also a fun chick to be with and talk to.
Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away and this is what i also do write jingles and songs and live off my roylties never have to work no more if a women found me she would be very happy with us 4 eternity if anywomen single out there would contact me its 32 track studio here in my home 843-808-2791 roger
Music Catalog
the acacia strain Anybody Killa  Atreyu Attila Avenged sevenfold Boondox Combichrist Disturbed DJ Clay Emmure Five Finger Death Punch Hatebreed  (HED) PE Hollywood Undead Hopsin In this moment Insane Clown Posse Kittie Korn Marilyn Manson Pantera Rage against the machine  Red Hot Chili Peppers Shinedown Skrillex Slipknot Tech N9ne  Twiztid .......note i may add more so just be aware of that also if i dont have some thing ud like to hear while i dj let me kno and ill try to get it 
The Prettiest Smiles
The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.
My therapy is going well but has been leaving me drained, tired and in a bit of pain. However, it is no where as bad as when I first started so I should be able to be here a little more often. Just wanted to touch base with all my great friends here on the fu who truly care. Ty for all the wonderful comments and well wishes in messages. Much love, Sue aka Dreamy :):):)
In The Absence Of Hate
Wings   Click on the link above before your read futher. I think it sums up everything that is written here.   The two next quotes were borrowed from two young ladies status here on FU.  As you know I do not reveal names for the sake of their privacy but I thank her for sharing this and allowing me to use it in my blog. "True love never walks out no matter how bad the storm gets. True love stays and rides it out forever. True love never gives up and never turns its back." "The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn in life is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well. It may be a hard lesson for some of you. It's hard to love yourself if you have an unhappy life, or have unhappy people in yours." Love comes in many forms an emotion that is very difficult to explain or understand but happens without notice. No matter how hard you try not to fall in love you do. Yet when you do try to fall in l
Creative Writing
Imagine a king size bed with silk sheets, full of yellow and white rose petals. The only light will be from the scented candles all around the bed, and the full moon outside the window. I look at you and you can see my very soul. I whisper in your ear to close your eyes, relax, I will take care of you. Kissing: I will cover you with light soft kisses, I want to kiss every inch of your body. Your wrist, the back of your neck, the back of your knees, your lower back. Everywhere you didn't even know you were sensitive, and where you are, I will find it. Breasts: Anyone can suck on a nipple, babies do it all of the time. I will caress them, cradle them in my hands. Kiss and lick underneath them, on your side where they are by the ribs. The nipples I will leave for last. Blow on them, lick around them. Simple tease you until they are hard, finally put my mouth over it, and flick with the tip of my tongue really fast. Can you feel my hot mouth over them? The pleasure from my tongue?
Big Trip
My Price List For My Jewelry
Wedding Ring Sets $50.00 Rosary Cross Set $65.00 Rosary Necklace $20.00 Cross Bracelet $20.00 Cross Ring $20.00 Earrings $5.00 Plan Set $35.00 Plan Necklace $10.00 Plan Bracelet $10.00 Plan Ring $10.00 Earrings $5.00 Lil Kids Rosary Cross Set $40.00 Lil Kids Rosary Necklace $15.00 Lil Kids Cross Bracelet $10.00 Lil Kids Cross Ring $10.00 Earrings $5.00 Lil Kids Plan Set $20.00 Lil Kids Plan Necklace $5.00 Lil Kids PLan Brcelet $5.00 Lil Kids Plan Ring $5.00 Earrings $5.00 E-mail: Url:  
Mfkn Og Family
My Bestfriend on Fubar in the spring of 2009 (Bubzy) and Myself (Cruser) were talking and I seen that Bubz had changed her name to MFKN Bubzy.But she had hearts and something else around here name.I said Bubz whats up with that? Your a Bad A** Girl get rid of the hearts and change them to pitchforks, cuz you have a heart of gold but you also dont take no sh*t from anyone.She said why dont you put MFKN in your name to and we both did and added the pitchforks.Mfkn was started as something only that Myself and Bubz were gonna have in our names and we were gonna keep rockin the fu together.We ran auto's 24-7, and ran cherry bombs 4 or 5 times a day.Then people started seeing MFKN in our names and started asking if they could join us and put it in their names too.So Myself and Bubzy decided we would turn MFKN into a FAMILY of all the good hearted loving people on Fubar.And the next thing we knew The MFKN Family got so big we took over The Fu, you couldnt go a second without seeing a MFKN Fa
In The Middle...
In the middle... Succeeding her deplorable existence, she surrenders her course and hits the road (er, cracks the books) in search of a variant continuation. What she found, while at first felt irrelevant, in times left her awe struck... Stay tuned for beginning and end.
Go Noel! They Just Made It To Level 28: Popular In The Sims Social! Come Join The Fun!
is everyone having fun meeting people and enjoying themselves
Dazed N Confused
Dazed N Confused
Sun Diamond
Update on Mary's condition. (8/26/12) Just got off of the phone with her and she is in wonderful spirits. She has recently passed a milestone in her recovery by walking 600 feet without the us of her cane. Next week she will be tested for new glasses as her sight is steadily improving. She is looking forward to attending her daughters wedding in October in a condition that would be as she was before her stroke. Her memory is improving and I would guess that her return to FU will be in the next few months. Your prayers and blessings are greatly appreciated. Salutes2William Just talked with Sun Diamond (Mary) last night and she wanted me to pass on her current status. She is currently going through therapy to strengthen her right side and is progressing greatly. She is up and walking with the aide of a cane and is hopeful of a complete recovery. Her largest obstacle right now is her sight. She can read with the aide of a magnifying glass and she should find out in the next few weeks wh
Will U Still Love Me???
Will you still love me even if I’m not perfect? Will you still love me even if I’m not the kind of person you wish I were? Will you still look into my eyes with warmth even if you saw my shadows? Will you still hold my hand even if you knew there will be times I’d let you down? For though I yearn to take care of you as I should, though I desire to love you with a love that never falters and fades, my knees tremble this very moment that you hold me in your arms. Shall I kiss you? Shall I hold your hand and bask in the light of your spirit knowing that I have my darkness, knowing there will be times that the light of my love will sometimes be overshadowed by the darkness that is in me? Sometimes I’d be silent and I might bore you. I may not laugh at your jokes, and you may not understand the spell that’s enshrouding me. Sometimes I’d get troubled and I’d fail to put into words what the hell it is that troubles me. I wouldn’t be good company then, and I couldn’t make you smile.
Bank Soal Matematika

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It Is Written
I just have to clarify that. It doesn't necessarily mean we will experience this together. Don't take advantage of your loved ones, ever. That's something I should have solidified in my life years ago. I love you Adele. Thank you for ever being in my life. If there's a movie that can cheer you up at a bad time, or put you back on the right path, I'd like to know about it. is default IP for lots of home high speed broadband modems. It is primarily utilised by Linksys although has been discovered utilized in several other home network products including these manufactured by Netgear and even Westell for starters.Useful Resource 19216811ip.comDespite the fact that stands out as the default ip for the majority of internet modems, this does not always has to be. A number of manufacturers set the default IP address to to be able to endorse a much more standard processing conditions and to make it simpler for new customers to setup their own networking systems fast and easy.Could only Linksys and also other modems work with the IP?Basically no, given that can be described as non-public IPv4 address, any type of personal pc, wireless router, switch, as well as other net product could be crafted to employ this specific IP. Nonetheless, it isn't often advised because there are lots of units which default
Goodtimes@ Fubar
To Get In My Nsfw Folder
Getting into my NSFW folder can be done as follows: Go to and purchase the printed version of the book "A Shiver at Midnight: A Collection of Spine-Tingling Tales" for $9.99.  You can copy and paste the address below to go directly to the page. Then, send me a salute holding this book, and send me a bling of your choice.  Voila!  You will gain access!
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Bling For Friends
im wanting to do a contest but im not sure what to do for it.  i know what the prizes are going to be already but i need some suggestions on what to do the contest on.  leave me a comment if you have one.  thanks. I'm trying to get more frinds on here so im going to start giving bling out.  For every 25 new friend requests I recieve i will be selecting one person to bling out of that 25.  It will be a random selection but it will be one of the 25 new friends that I add.  So start getting those friend requests sent to me and you could be one of them that gets blinged.   ****It won't always be a 1 or 2 credit bling either.  Last time I did this I gave out a couple 10 credit blings and a couple boomies also****
lunettes ray ban Though the early Ray Ban sun glasses bear the integrated and inherited merits of Bausch Lomb, Ray Ban Company are still pressing to make more progresses. For example, Ray Ban sun glasses have become the appointed products of some famous car manufactures. To learn to read product logos, not all sunglasses have a UV feature, a meet basic standards of sunglasses, can only block the light but not block more UV. If a pair of sunglasses can block light and can not block the same amount of ultraviolet light. On May 7 of the same year, Bausch & Lomb started working with a prototype known as the anti-glare which was made of ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin gold-plated metal and green lenses made of mineral glass that helped filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays. Getting a square struggle with - or developing a strongly angular jaw - also proves to be tricky when contemplating the proper experience form. Here, contrast along with size is crucia
Just Sayin'
Hey you Dude… Yeah you, hiding over there in the fu shadows.  I am here to let you all know, that I am wise to your sneaky ways.   How you hide in the shadows and wait for a sign that I just might be online and then pounce me all up in my shout box.  You’re Never brave enough play with me on my statuses or page, just always wanting to tell me what you want to do to me in my box.  There are usually countless others you tell the same song and dance to and then never learn when the drama unfolds.  Just because you do your best to keep it as out of public eye as possible, you cannot control the other’s involved and eventually one or two will find out and the bitch shit will fly. You dudes just never learn, you turn around and start all over again.  It is a game, an old and boring game that has been used and abused.  It’s such a shame too, because if you would give just one or two a straight up fair chance, you might just find out you enjoy getting to know someon
Windows Live Id Download
Both of these processes interact with each other to create the Windows Live Sign-In Assistant services, that will help you stay signed in Windows Live. Typically the WLIDSVC.EXE is a real Windows Service, along with the WLIDSVCM.EXE is definitely the “Service Monitor”.This particular service offers a lot of positive factors, which includes simpler sign-in to different user accounts when utilizing Windows Live. It’s additionally totally needed in case you’re working with Live messenger. Indeed, when you disable these services, you’ll receive the error message “Signing in Messenger Beta was not able as the services are momentarily inaccessible. Make sure you do this again later on. Error code 800706ba”.What goes on in cases where you are not working with Live messenger? That’s the situation that we bumped into and that triggered this post. We are making use of Pidgin for all those instant messenger necessities, and also the only Windows Liv
What Does Urban Dictionary Say
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Some pretty interesting things here.. Dennis The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He's always there for you when you need him and he's someone you can count on. He doesn't know how special of a guy he is. He's like a warm snuggly blanket on a cold winter's night. He's the sexiest, handsomest most gorgeous guy! Anyone who knows him is lucky to have him in their life,  He's stubborn sometimes, but everyone is. He's the perfect guy to have in your life. Any girl is lucky to be able to call him hers...  A fun-loving dude. Loves to collect things and display them for all his friends to see. Great family man will always come through for people he loves. Shy at first but once he gets started he doesn't stop! The sex is amazing! One of the sweetest boys you could ever meet.someone who is perfect in every way.Probably the most amazing person you will ever meet. He's sweet, kind, funny, loving, and caring.
Please Help Support
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Find Out If You Are Getting Enough Healthy Proteins In Your Diet
Protein is really a complicated macromolecule, that includes lots of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen plus sulfur. It is actually constructed from unbranched chains of amino acids. A standard protein is made up of almost 200 or 300 amino acids. It's a elementary piece of virtually all living cells. Proteins must generate, manage as well as fix almost all protein components of our bodies which includes our bones, hair, your skin, muscle mass along with other body parts. Proteins perform a serious part in the production of bodily hormones, enzymes and in many cases genes. Additionally they offer vitality, however not that much as carbohydrate food do. Proteins are obtainable out of a variety of food products like dairy foods, eggs, animal meat, seafood, fresh vegetables along with beans. The requirement for ProteinsProteins are considered as being the blocks of the overall body. They're necessary for regular working of the whole body. The proteins have a vital role in the creation of D
7/29 I Will Be Fm 1 Yr Need Help
I will be fm 1 yr on 7/29 and i wanna make it special.I usually buy or trade my ability bling but i am in the process of moving so I can't spend what i usualy do.So i'm asking for any help i can get :D.            ABILITY BLINGS I WOULD LIKE TO GET  2 rock stars ..........2 make it rains  NOW I AM NOT ASKING FOR YOU TO GIVE IT TO ME i can offer fubux,ability points,my points,rate ALL your pics on unlimited 11s day my soul (just as long as i can keep my clothes on)  HIT ME UP IF YOU WANNA HELP N MAKE A DEAL .....................ty to all that have helped 
My Mind
Just Wondering And Debating..
The Philly Ghost
Someone gave me this nick name and I decided to stick with it... I'd like to hear what people think about it.   ''The Philly Ghost,'' Blake Raditz.
There is actually a great lie which your more dark unquestionably the upgraded lenses making use lunettes ray ban of ray ban 2140 sunglasses, higher paid for up your eyes may possibly be produced by severe ultraviolet uv rays. The fact is just that Ray Ban skiing dark-coloured athletics sunglasses may very. For the men, the RB2030, RB3025, RB3136 and the RB3211 always make the cut. A famous pair of predator sunglasses is what you get with the RB2030. The shape is has is contoured with the brand logo embossed on both lenses. The temples are made in a sleek and thin shape to give you a sophisticated look. This brand of eyewear is a trusted name for eye protection and style throughout history, from then until now.Ray Ban glasses can be worn by both men and women. ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin The design that it has is functional, the style is innovative and the models of sunglasses they have appeals to both famous people and regular people. It can be th
Being Makata
All those sleepless night That I used to think When you are still with me All those crazy talks and laughs and dreams It felt like it was just yesterday   Every time I remembered your smile, I smile back You are so patience Always understanding Always loving   Did I take you for granted? I do not know But one thing I'm sure of I do love you    How I wish you were here 'Cuz I missed your loving touch And I missed your kisses And those lovely songs, that we used to sing   You never get tired You let me wandered off And when I come back You were there with open arms   If I could turn back the time I would do so So I can be with you again And show you how much you mean   Regrets? Yes it is For not making your wishes But I know you are happy Of what my life have turned out to be   Even though you're so faraway You're always here with me In my heart and soul Forever Loved   -FD
Your warm embrace.Your elegant taste.Your ace lights up my world.                                                                                                      Your loving smile.Your quirky style.Your ways keep me on my toes.                                                                                                      Your sensous eyes.Your little white lies.Your always my best side.                                                                                                         Your hidden love.Your love above.Your love is all i want.                                                                                                                    Love and lust,Lust and love if not acted on soon will for sure turn to dust           
Waiting For The Weekend
Have a date with a wild couple this weekend and I am so HORNY
Searching for Models (cigar-girls) jugglers,torch singers,tap dancers,ventriloquists,magicians,comedian(no politics or vulgarity), We are tentatively planning an event 07/21/2012 in Hobart IN.6-9 pm   if you do the show- it will be a passing audition and you will be in our upcoming Live Show, Variety-Ville. Looking for eventual team-members (long term acts) Must at least know Sintra and Dean Martin- Big Band/Swing- Dig Cigars, Cocktails and Martinis and show and respect Class... Contact Buddy ASAP 219.292.2013
Nail Tutorials
Glittering Lizard  Today's blog is a tutorial on how to get the nails I uploaded yesterday. There are only 4 products that you'll need besides your base and top coat. The best part is that everything I used has a dupilicate that you could substitute. Besides your base and top coat, you'll need: OPI Don't Mess with OPI (OPI Jade is the New Black) OPI Just Spotted the Lizard (Sephora Diving in Malaysia OR Chanel Peridot) Essie Shine of the Times (Nubar 2010 OR Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure OR Essence Waking up in Vegas) OPI Black Shatter (China Glaze Black Mesh)  } STEP ONE Prepare your nail by laying a thin layer of the base coat down and allow to dry.   } STEP TWO Lay down a thin but even layer of Don't Mess with OPI so that your nail is completely covered. This may be a one or two coater. Allow to dry.   } STEP THREE (OPTIONAL) You may wish to create an accent finger or do your entire hand like this. I personally just did accent fingers. It adds a nice glitzy flash.
lunettes ray ban User reviews involving sunglasses can be heard throughout the fabric. These assert that your substance requested of course could maybe this is now qualified to interact with her outlook. Plus, they often will offer you choices to numerous different Ray Ban Aviators sunglasses; issue understandably which is equally attractive, even though not quite as steep. the wearer will suffer more than not wearing sunglasses, ultraviolet light (wear sunglasses, will reduce the flux into the human eye, causing the wearer increased pupil .) The counter in a store selling Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale, his glasses, tag or packaging are generally clearly marked, as in the clothing label on the fabric composition, as consumers purchase must be carefully. This brand of eyewear is a trusted name for eye protection and style throughout history, from then until now.Ray Ban glasses can be worn by both men and women. ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin The design th
A Poem.
“Future”   Be brave. Be brave. Dance to the grave. Trust in Christ -you will be saved. There's nothing they can take away, That won't be gone someday. Take up your joy. Take victory. Love for every soul to see, The way that Christ has set us free, From every broken thing, And even now, in little time, I'll be His and He'll be mine. One step, and then, eternal life- The past no more in mind.
Brandy Semchuk
In professional settings massage involves the client being treated while lying on a massage table, sitting in a massage chair, or lying on a mat on the floor. The massage subject may be fully clothed or unclothed. In the case of the latter, the parts of the body that are not being massaged are usually covered with towels or sheets, but this can depend on the preference of the therapists and the type of work being performed. Almost all states in the US have licensing requirements for massage therapists.Specialized massage tables and chairs are used to position clients during massages. A typical commercial massage table has an easily cleaned, heavily padded surface, and a horseshoe-shaped head support that allows the client to breathe easily while lying face down and can be stationary or portable. An orthopedic pillow or bolster can be used to correct body positioning.Ergonomic chairs serve a similar function as a massage table. Chairs may be either stationary or portable models. Massage
Want Clear Skin? Re-Think Your Diet!Adult acne is humiliating. We're not supposed to have pimples when we're of a certain age. Right? Well, I suffered from it for years and tried every kind of medication dermatologists prescribed. The medicines worked while I was on them, but the acne always returned.Years ago, more than one dermatologist told me not to worry about my diet. I was told there was nothing I could do, except (of course) take the costly medicines they prescribed.Eventually I was led to a couple of dietary discoveries that have helped me combat breakouts for many years, despite the fact that in middle-age, I still have acne prone skin.First, it's important to understand that pimples occur when our pores get blocked by sebum (oil) secreted by the sebaceous glands, and that oil combines with dead skin cells. The combination of the oil and skin cells creates a "plug" within the pore. That plug creates a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria which is called Propionib
The Critical Role Interactive Voice Response Service Plays In Any Outage Management System When it comes to implementing an effective and efficient outage management system, some corporations rely solely on their geographic information systems, and with good reason. GIS applications have truly revamped the way organizations in a slew of sectors execute their outage management system. A high-quality, innovatively designed geographic information system can help utility providers keep a firm finger on the pulse of their grids in ways never before imagined. With just the click of a few buttons, a GIS can quickly deliver data relevant to a comprehensive host of geological and environmental factors. Hotspots, troubled areas and even regions that often fly under the radar when it comes to issues can all be identified and examined in hopes of improving the service of the outage management system.Interactive Voice Response Service: A Critical Piece To The Utility Puzzle However , re
From My Pen
Crazy About You My eyes on the beach, Your heart I tried to reach, Tomorrow, you will be, A hundred leagues from me, I know you would like to stay, But they want you away... Baby, do what you have to do, I am lost without you... The only thing staying here, Is a sweet souvenir... Baby, do what you have to do, No love exists without you, To avoid a sad path through Hell, I'll stay here in my shell... Feet in the water, thinking of you, My soul craving for you, A stranger lured you away from me, To a land on another sea,
Few Things About Myself.
Whatever it was that happened back then, I do not wish it upon any souls. For as a result I am almost blind, My own reflection I cannot find. Though initially it became all a mess, Realizing I'd live in eternal darkness, With time I found the light, That I could have happiness, Even limited of my sight. It is a challenge I must admit, Though I am no longer bothered, Not even a little bit. Now with every journey that I take, Cautious with each step I make, Each becomes a quest of discovery, Every movement teaching me. The colors of our world escape most of sight, As I exist in my eternal night, I rely on nature to come alive,
Hello, Is Anyone There?
  I Wish I Still Knew. Chapter One   Heather Craig • Thu, Nov 14, 2013   Well, at nearly 38 years of age, I can FINALLY admit, I don’t have answers for everything. I just…don’t. And sometimes, I don’t even have a clue about it. Whatever “it” may be. Im not as smart as I thought I was after all. And that’s all you get, those three confessions of me ever being wrong. But, its all true.Let’s rewind life a bit, to better understand how this came about, me just now finding out that for sure, I really don’t know all the answers. I had guessed a time or two that I could be wrong, but was later proven wrong by the right fate. And I have no shame in admitting, I am a tad bit Naive. And simply DO NOT have all of the answers. When I was a little girl, living the straight up Laura Engall’s life, on my little prairie, out in the country, I had my ma and pa. My “sisters” (no, really
Making Friends Every person is different, knows different things, acts differently, does ralphs lauren different things, and you wonder how we all get along? Well, some of us do get along with everyone, some people don't get along with many people. Some people need encouragement and some people need advice and some people need compliments. Everyone enjoys all of those things. If you want to be a realtor, and someone says that you could be a realtor. Chances are, you might just be a realtor. Everyone just needs a little encouragement. Ok great, all things you already know. Let's talk about work and fun. If you are in college and you are studying that's work. If you are writing, that's work. If you are talking with someone, that's work. You may think, how is hanging out with my friends work? Well you are talking, when you could be writing, and talking and writing are the same things. You are also learning, everyone can help you with different kinds of ralph lauren shop advice. You can't
Well Here It Is Again Guys But Now Edited Want In My Family Read Here!
Sarge's Bad Girls Are Back!
Yes!  We're back!  Sarge's Bad Girls!  Contact me or hit up Sarge at his link below and either of us can help you!  SO excited to get this going again!  You will need to make a SBG salute sfw or nsfw and send it to Sarge.  Thanks!   The Sarge Ecuadorian Goddess Fu Hubby@ fubar
the only people that are intelligent are females most males think they are smart but these are called jerks,think they can talk there way to a womans heart but dont work that way. let the woman bring her subject up she will know by your answer.
Invisible Love
go like and rate and fan and add and voteBang Tango Official fubar@ fubar i am in a conest plz rate my plz 
when you are sad do these 10 things to make you happy: 1 laugh things could be worse 2 dance like there is no tomorrow 3 color or paint a picture 4 go for a swim in the pool 5 cook or bake your favorite food 6 update your wardrobe 7 sing like Jessie J 8 go for a bike ride in the park 9 feed the ducks and the geese 10 make a handicapped or an elderly person smile Music is a tal tent We want what we want and that is all there is too it. We can be greedy at times and have the tendency to burst out into anger. I like being a woman and love my heritage and figure. But I cannot concentrate with crying babies and mom's just shutyting them up by squishinmg their cheeks.
It was then that Cassie looked into his eyes, and she saw the hunger in them. He looked at her and said, "I wonder what we can do to pass the time", as a grin spread over his face.  Being more brave than her usual self, she looked back at him "I have been considering a few ideas", as she then began to feel her face become flush after being so bold.  It was then that Dane placed his hands on her shoulders, sliding them down the length of her arms, his hands then landing on her thighs.  His hands roamed upward, bring up the skirt of her dress, bunching it in his hands as they proceeded up her thighs landing on her hips.  Cassie knew that her black lace panties and thigh high black stockings could be easily seen now, and the thought made her pussy clinch and become wet,  soaking her lace panties.  Dane then knelled before her, pushing her to the wall of the elevator car as he looked up "I am suddenly very hungry, you look good enough to eat".  Cassie without realizing it, reached down to
Life Is Adventure
If life is a dream .. and as if the contents of his dreams? What have we got from the life that has been overlooked?And if we have to have a pride of life?What kind of image to hereinafter in carrying out the remaining time before death?What is in our minds to go on living.whether to enrich themselves, be making something useful for others, or do much good, or just spend on crime?think because we're going to get a real ticket to Hell or Heaven ..His answer is in the minds and hearts of each
It's Amazing What One Has To Believe In Gun Control
One of my favorites:   It's Amazing What One Has To Believe...To Believe In Gun Control   That the more helpless you are, the safer you are from criminals. That you should give a mugger your wallet, because he doesn't really want to shoot you and he'll let you go, but that you should give him your wallet, because he'll shoot you if you don't. That Washington DC's low murder rate of 69 per 100,000 is due to gun control, and Indianapolis' high murder rate of 9 per 100,000 is attributable to the lack of gun control. That "NYPD Blue" and "Miami Vice" are documentaries. That an intruder will be incapacitated by tear gas or oven spray, but if shot with a .44 Magnum will get angry and kill you. That firearms in the hands of private citizens are the gravest threat to world peace, and China, Pakistan and Korea can be trusted with nuclear weapons. That Charlton Heston as president of the NRA is a shill who should be ignored, but Michael Douglas as a representativ
Tales Of The Domestically Retarded.
When I joined fubar on Halloween 2011, I really didn’t know what to expect. Fu became an escape for me; something to pass the time. When I joined Fu, I was going through some RL drama with former friends, family and a douchebag. I didn’t join this site to find love.  Which is funny. Someone from this site has caught my interest, my emotions, and my heart. He’s captivated and ensnared me with his charm, his wit, his smile, his nerdiness, and his love for using smilies on Y!M to capture the moment. This person when they first did the like, rate, fan and friend me thing, I looked at their pictures and told myself, “Eh, I’ll pass on that.”I was so fucking stupid but had I taken a chance then, I don’t think we would have been together for long. We would have been like the millions of online couples that don’t work out. We would have been a statistic. I think I would have been a rebound instead.  So in April, when my life was filled with m
Best Pleaser J In The World
Fuland Stories Number 1
so it all started in heaven above land of fu i was searching for a new way to express my self so i flew so low and scouted a nation called 1 nation i landed  being a german prince i seen the people of 1 nation clubing so i entered the lounge they were cool my friends were all i natlanta center of heavens main gates i was club i was kid. i spoke flows i spoke charm yet the queen of 1n was so understanding of my noob education she hid me in the 1n basement i meet meneka who had a teepee i tip toed with her yet she always closed the flap lol i hid in my room stating 1n is the best place to hang then i made new friends and learned howls to fu i spoke to many in ryme they often would wonder dose he  or dose he not like females atleast they wondered they had too its just i dont talk shit nor do i get upset but to say the least they never knew i was a rl german prince of fu and germany and american royalty i am shcic from the cult being german i am ready to defend father germanys homeland and
Get Girls On Cam For Kamasutra Style Sex
I remember it was one of those boring Monday morning lectures, something to do with Moslows theories, I mean what’s the point I could have stayed in bed. Fortunately I’m in a class with real boff’s therefore been that little bit late always means that I get to sit at the back. In this serene setting I’ve often slept through the lecture or scribbled eligible notes that encrypting them is a task worthy of an encriptionologist.   But today was surprisingly to be not unlike any other day. It opened with a drole and I’m sure it was the case throughout but I had become so completely separated from the lecture that I’m sure others must have thought that I was on some illicit substances. I diverse. Anyway I came in, sat down and feeling so tired as Anna came round again, I just put my head down on the desk and rested it on my hands, and that was all it took. One sniff and Anna was there again before me, naked mochican pussy, huge tits and those deep brown
Notice this I sit here thinking how sweet life really is How someone can whisper your name a thousand miles away and you hear it in your heart. I sit here thinking how crazy life really is  How someone can come into your life and fill you with so much love and fill your life up and open your heart. I sit here thinking how messed up life really is How someone can say a simple sintence  and make you wonder whats really in your heart. I sit here thinking how great life really is How someone can make you feel alive  and at same time make you want to cut out your heart. I sit here thinking how wonderful life really is How someone came into your life one day  and you cant think of them ever not being there cause they stole your heart. I sit here thinking how amazing life really is How someone can mean so much to you  and how they never know how much love for them is in your heart. I sit here thinking how blind life really is How someone can not see that they mean so much
Features Of A Dependable Web Hosting Services
Web hosting means taking a server on rent from a host to put up your own business website or some information on the Internet, these web hosting services are extended to individuals, institutions and even to people who all wish to be web hosts themselves. The major types of web hosting services are VPS hosting, dedicated web hosting, shared hosting etc. Among these you may also get free web hosting service that may get its revenues from advertisements placed on the website, or may charge a nominal price for web space. There is a great different between dedicated website hosting services and shared web hosting services, dedicated web hosting provides the entire hosting server for one website, big companies with huge websites typically own a dedicated web hosting services and of course, dedicated servers are too expensive which cannot be termed low cost web hosting services. Shared web hosting services fall within this genre because in shared hosting, many websites share the same server,
Occasional Thoughts, Poems And Other Crap
Beautiful Mess      I am finding it hard, To try and hide, The emptiness and saddness, I'm feeling inside.   The things in my life, That made my heart sing, Has been reduced to nothing, They don't mean a thing.   How I felt inside, The love that I shared, has been pushed aside, Like no one ever cared.   I'm reduced to silence, No Laughter, No song, alone in a world, That I do not belong.   I wear a smile, In place of a frown, So I appear to be happy, To hide that I'm down.   I deal in the day time, I cry at night, I should not have to feel this,  It just isn't right.   For me this is life, A daily routine,
Kolkata This Rakshabandhan
Rakhi is the festival that needs no introduction, at least not before the siblings. The celebration of the thread that ties the hearts together and never lets to separate from each other is finally here. This time, it's that has taken the initiative to make this Rakshabandhan a grand success, and a visit to explores the Rakshabandhan special gift offerings for all. Visit to shop for Rakhi sweets hampers to Kolkata, mithai hampers to Kolkata, Rakhi floral arrangements to Kolkata and worldwide, Rakhi special thalis for Bahiya-Bhavi to Kolkata, Rakhi pooja thalis to Kolkata, and many more. Rakhi symbolizes the remembrance of the sweet and sour relationship you had with them, and FlowerDeliveryKolkata.Com brings quality foodstuffs to reload those cherishing moments yet again. Our mouthwatering cakes, chocolates, dry fruits, seasonal juicy fruits, mithai
Phukn Dr's
Went to see the Dr today. He came in with this wonderful story. Blew smoke up our asses, got us out there, for us to get home and find out the pathology report says it is worse than said by dr. I am so tired of the crap. Just lay it on the damn line and tell me the damn truth. I want to get a second opinion but that means enduring more physical pain. I am considering taking all this away from the Dr.'s all together and let what is gonna be, BE! What to do what to do
My Horse, My Life!
My head is about to explode from this silent noise drilling deep into my subconscious being… eradicating my solitude… draining my patience. A murderous intent grows within… choking the life from my sane vision of clarity… leaving behind an empty vessel in which to devour the world. The end is nigh and you will be my witness… as we paint our annihilation in a glorious shade of death.-end transmission-
From My Mind To The Screen
I tried so hard. I tried my best.I gave you my all, yet it seems ive failed the test.You stole my heart,the day i met you.Now I'm falling apart,and don't know what to do.Divided by decisions,burned by the fire.Confused by your words.Consumed by desire.I'm living in the present.My mind is on the past.Not knowing what I'll lose.Not knowing what will last.Blinded by fear.Drowning in doubt.holding on to the hope                                                                                                                                                               we will find a way......   to the one who holds my know who you are... know that i love you...and i have the trust in not only u but in our love that we will make it thru If there's one face I want to see,so beautiful, so true,one smile that makes a difference,to everything I do.If there's one touch I long to feel,one voice I long to hear,whenever I am happy,or just needing someone near.If there's one joy, one l
I Don't Know
Rich Girl :p
well defense eye-sight provided by Ultraviolet rays, having black gentle which can rationale attention illness really lunettes ray ban like ocular a malignant tumor, photokeratitis (or just cornael burning), macular deterioration to cataracts but is not as it is african american; however since Ray Ban's secret Plutonite listings happen to be expressly packaged and thus blanketed to provide that kind related to care. To learn to read product logos, not all sunglasses have a UV feature, a meet basic standards of sunglasses, can only block the light but not block more UV. If a pair of sunglasses can block light and can not block the same amount of ultraviolet light. Timeless design, simple style and high quality style, will undoubtedly become the brand Le Pen came nearly 70 years after ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin the important element is still enduring.Ray Ban Sunglasses are one of the leading brands of sunglasses in almost all part of the world. that i
More Idiots Unite
why is it that guys can hit your sb perv the hell out of you, you then post that convo to show ppl hey look what happened to me yet you get in trouble. i mean come on guys you need to be adult and try and at least act respectful around us, not everyone wants to see your cock on cam, and all your bs i hardly use fubar can i have your yim, um every perv says that so no you not getting my info kk thx
Coming from a Military Veteran this is a first and something unheard of in the brotherhood of Arms, I always hear people say or use the excuse that their past is bad and no one knows what they have to deal with on a day to  day basis. That is why I am posting this blog, yes every situation is  different but nothing is so bad that you can’t overcome it, it’s all a mind set. Personally I spent 6 Months in Iraq in 03 right after the initial bomb dropped, I was in the first wave of American troops (Marines) in Iraq/Baghdad. I live daily with memories of innocent woman/children killed or blown up by their own peoples weapons/chemical warfare and watching my brothers that I lived/trained/fought with killed or blown up right before my eyes. A so called Leader that murders his own people for the mere enjoyment. I have seen children, specifically a 2 yr old Iraqi civilian girl with both legs blown off from Iraqi RPG's, with a 4 month old daughter waiting back stateside, and decent I
It's What I Feel Like
♥Custom Skins♥ ♥I'm making custom Skins for whoever wants one. You can private message me so we can talk out the ♥   ♥details on pricing.♥ ♥Let me know in ur message what kind of theme you would like colors, gif's, certain crew names, etc...♥ ♥Any Questions you may have just PM me.♥     What Women Want in a Man (by age) What I Want in a Man, Original List (age 22) Handsome Charming Financially successful A caring listener Witty In good shape Dresses with style Appreciates finer things Full of thoughtful surprises An imaginative, romantic lover What I Want in a Man, Revised List (age 32) Nice looking--prefer hair on his head Opens car doors, holds chairs Has enough money for a nice dinner Listens more than talks Laughs at my jokes Carries bags of groceries with ease Owns at least one tie
All I Ask
Tainted, marked, damaged goods. Just a few of many names, that you could. Use to describe me, fits me well. Another word you might try, is hell. My insides feel like they are, on fire sometimes, living in doubt. Because these tears, just won't put the fire out. The flames are too high, out of control. All I want is a chance to be happy, that is my goal. Money can't buy it, I only want one thing. My smile back, I would give anything. At just an opportunity, a shot to just live. Before my time runs out, what do I have to give? Take what you want from me, there is nothing left. Just give me a life please, that's all I ask.
The Good Stuff
People compliment me, all the time. But one part they leave out, is my heart, my mind. Are people really that shallow, is that all that matters? You think I'll tell her this, I'm not the least bit flattered. Because people like that, you can find anywhere. I want someone that, looks elsewhere. That looks inside, despite the view. Around the beauty, something new. A walk, holding hands, would be enough. Not needing anything more, that's the good stuff. People compliment me, all the time. But one part they leave out, is my heart, my mind. Are people really that shallow, is that all that matters? You think I'll tell her this, I'm not the least bit flattered. Because people like that, you can find anywhere. I want someone that, looks elsewhere. That looks inside, despite the view. Around the beauty, something new. A walk, holding hands, would be enough. Not needing anything more, that's the good stuff.
The Good Stuff
Only She
People ask me, what keeps you strong? I wanna give up, what am I doing wrong? I can't answer those questions, for I am weak over here. The strength is misleading, hidden behind the fear. I am no stronger, than anyone else. I also want to give up, on myself. But then I look at my child, and I owe her my all. What would become of her, if I allowed myself to fall. My strength comes from within her, she is my life line. She reminds me that I got something right, at that place and time. Maybe I am capable of, great things. It is just impossible sometimes, it seems. Reaching, breaking, crying and dying, just a little bit more. Hurting worse, than the day before. If my life is a joke, I don't get it at all. I get picked up for a moment, but I wait for the fall. Because it always happens, it never passed me by. The opportunity is always there, I ask why? Why me, what the fuck have I done? I just want to live and laugh, have someone. But the right someone
Generic Blog Title
An article from the local Herald Express newspaper (Friday, September 21, 2012):   DRUNKEN DARTMOUTH FERRY 'PIRATE' WOMAN JAILED A drunken woman stole a passenger ferry on the River Dart and shouted 'I'm Jack Sparrow' and 'I'm a pirate' as she drifted away from police on the shore, a court has been told. Alison Whelan (pictured below), 51, had been on a two-day bender drinking Lambrini and eating hallucinogenic plants when she sought late-night shelter with a companion on the Dart Princess Passenger Ferry. When police arrived to speak to her she unmoored the 45ft vessel from the Kingswear pontoon and set off up the river.                             Magistrates didn't see the funny side of her hour-long drunken escapade — which left several boats damaged and involved 30 members of the emergency services landing the tax payer with a hefty bill — as Whelan was sent to jail. The court in Torquay was told that Whelan and her friend Tristam Locke could b
About To Know
When acceptance, hits you in the face. Sadness quickly, takes it's place. You become numb, shut off from the world. Realizing you're nothing except, just another girl. Just one more face, that easily blends in. You don't stand out anymore, you just can't win. I am trying to teach myself how, to let YOU go. How it will effect me, I guess I'm about to know.
Alex Ritsone
Although there are various insufficiency signs and symptoms of vitamin D that face men, let's find the most essential deficit signs of vitamin D before we move forward. Elevated Blood pressure levels is actually the most essential sign of all. A few research has shown that vitamin d side effects cause blood pressure that face men. It had been also learned that the percentage of cardiac arrest is actually more frequent mainly throughout the winter seasons, when there is always an insufficient contact with the sun's rays. Remember that you must come out for some sun light every single day, giving simply no worth to the time.Vitamin D is essential for the system because it soaks up calcium supplement by the intestinal tract. A deficit of Vitamin D will certainly bring about a bone fragments that could be calcium reduced. This kind of condition is certainly clinically named osteomalacia. The deficit also contributes to weakening of bones. At this point, the particular bone strength and den
You Won't Bring Me Down.
Lately all I have noticed on Fubar is alot of drama coming from all sides.  Everyone that knows me knows that I don't like drama and that I don't put up with drama.  I am the one who tries to stop it and stomp it out.  Petty little comments towards me put in your status does not effect me.  Mean little words said to me doesn't effect me either.  You call me fat, hey guess what I never claimed I was skinny.  You call me ugly, hey guess what I never called myself beautiful.  If you ask me what I think about myself looks wise I will tell you average at best.  So guess what everything you say to me doesn't even matter.  You can try to hurt me all you want, but in the end all you are doing is wasting the precious time you have in your life for friends, family, and loved ones, in order to insult me via the internet.  It's just really funny that I don't insult anyone and I'm not mean to anyone and yet ya'll think you need to be mean and insulting to me.  You talk about how if there is nothing
Our Culture, Fitness, Sex
So I bet we have all seen and heard what is considered ok and what is not ok regarding sex. Me, I'm tired of the missinformation and cultural pressure to have less joy than I should!!! How bout you? The following links have interesting and educational info on the subject. For example, how many of you feel that religion/the bible are negative toward sex. How many of you believe that the bible says that oral sex is wrong? Well God and what is written in the bible are for sex and oral sex is not described as wrong in the bible. But for some reason, we keep getting the message that it is. Ever hear sex discussed in a positive manner during a Sunday sermon? Our culture has enforced the filtering of what they don't want discussed. So where do your critical views of sex come from? You were raised conservatively. The American media in particular are outright prudes. Photos, ads or film of breasts, nipples, G-strings and ass are taboo (you guys are behind the rest of the world, grow up!). You
Poems, Songs, & Other Stuff
As a coder, I am allowed to accept any kind of payment. So I will also accept blings and even credits that can go towards getting blings for myself or for others. Below is a wish list of blings I would like to receive. Any that have * by it are ones I would like to have credits to get for people, more specifically my own wife but some exceptions may be made, depending on the situation. The blings are in order by credit cost. Other blings are appreciated :) Baby Dragon ~ 5 credits Best Friends ~ 5 credits Jolly Roger ~ 5 credits Lava Love Lamp* ~ 5 credits Forever Together* ~ 6 credits Salut ~ 8 credits Gold Gemini ~ 10 credits Silver Hatchetman ~ 10 credits Golden Eagle Nugget ~ 12 credits Little Red Corvette ~ 15 credits Platinum Gemini ~ 15 credits Precious Love ~ 15 credits Charcoal Black Lotus ~ 20 credits Diamond Gemini ~ 25 credits Timeless Diamond ~ 25 credits fuCherry ~ 50 credits I am sitting here making pics for me and the love of my life, the whole time my he
For You Girly!!
From the very first word, we just clicked. Been going strong, every since. She accepts me regardless, if I am right or wrong. I know our bond, is life-long. The miles between us, are just that. They are more than worth it, no turning back. When I mess up, like I always do. She's the first one there saying, girl I got you. And really she does, she won't allow me to fall. I remember being broken, when she called. She made me laugh, when all I wanted to do was cry. I love ya to death, and this is why. Because regardless of all the wrong moves, I am always making. You keep me thinking that I am great, prevent me from breaking. These are the words, I can't say out loud. I want you to know that, you make me proud. When I think I have no one, I know I have you. You are like some-one's, dream come true. You knew I didn't have a Mom, so you shared your own. Girl you surpass, all that I've known. When someone tells you, you don't mean a thing. Then you j
The Best Kind
Just how tight, should I hold on? To something, someone, how long? Before I am able, to let go. Loosen my grip, I just don't know. The image without them, is cold and dark. Filled with wrong moves, bad decisions, making their mark. Upon my mind, my body, my heart. Without THE ONE person, I'd fall apart. Keeping it together is difficult, but I do it anyway. For my child, for myself, dreaming of the day. The day I do the impossible, what they say can't be done. When I come face to face, with THE ONE. THE ONE who made it possible, for me to believe. Giving me the hope, the opportunity, to dream. To reach for all that seems, beyond my grip. To never let never, come from my lips. To cry, sweat and bleed, with pride. To remember I am the strong one, I forget sometimes. I get weak, like everyone else. But I just can't let go of, the emotions I felt. That I still feel, to this day. I know I will forever, feel this way. He is a curse yes, but the bes
Wtf Moments At A Spa
WTF moments at spas: So here's a kicker, you guys remember "Mr.Ejaculator"?, you know, the guy that likes to leave me a little bonus on the sheets to clean up when he leaves? *shudders* yeah, well he and HIS wife came in, her for a facial (she should just ask her husband for one, he seems to have a loose valve on it anyways) and him for a massage...they bring raw meat in from their shopping and want us to store it in the fridge for them while they are getting their services....not too weird right? course not, but, then when their services are over, we tell them we will be getting their meat for them and they say no, we can just hold onto it for a little bit cause they are gonna hop over next door and have breakfast....WTF?? do we LOOK like your friendly neighborhood storage place??? Take you meat and your fuckin nasty as ejaculating husband and get the fuck out. Oh and Btw, you should have seen how hard the wife was trying to re-book an apt for her husband with me...they
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