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Is There Any True Friends
I wonder is there really any true friends. The one when you feeling down you call and they can hear in your voice that you upset. The one when you is feeling down they can lift you right back up. The one you can tell any and everything do not worry about it been repeated back to any one. The one when you need a favor they will not let you down. I just wonder is there any true friends if you out there please stand up ok!!!!!
Video Game Stuffs
SO as some of you may already know. I run my own website. We are almost ready to launch it. There are still a few things I want to add and we ran into a few kinks to work out. But hopefully with in the next 2 weeks we will be up and running.
Fantasy Come True
can u get pregnant from anal sex?? and if so is it considered a crack baby ?? or just gonna grow up to be an asshole?
Alright Devin The Dude [VERSE 1] Lord thank you for the food that I'm about to receive May it nourrish my body and keep my mind at ease But as far as my soul I been meanin to holler atcha And I know you been busy with playas steady tryina catch ya Gotta get somethin off my mind for a while Cause when problems start to pile it gets kinda hard to smile But I - keep my head up And try to hold on until my kids all grown I know one day that could be me lyin there in a hearse So I hope for the best, prepare for the worst Swearin I curse, but really there's no harm done Just havin fun, but there's some who wanna take it and run I left a life of lootin and thievin, and shit Because my friends and my family was leavin me quick It seems everything is happenin without me knowin Tryina stay sane, but mayn, this shit has got me goin [CHORUS] Goin crazy Feelin like I'm feelin But it's gonna be alright Alright Alright I'm goin crazy Feelin like I'm feelin But it's gon
Another Year To Reflect....
As the hours and minutes tick on I realize it has been almost another year. Each day that passes with the start of dawn I dream of a time when you were here.   I wish I could turn back the hands of time And stop them at a time where I could hear your cry. I cant help but think it is a horrible crime That I have already had to say goodbye.   Though your life was cut to short for my taste You will always live on in my thoughts and my heart. Your place in my life can never be replaced I will always feel the pain of us being apart. Most people look at their birthdays as a celebration for another year of life. However, my birthdays have become dreaded. Its not because I become older, that I'm okay with. But my birthday marks the beginning of some emotionally difficult times for me. March 17, 2003 is a day I began to change who I am. It is the day I held my first true angel in my arms. The day my 2nd son was born without life, 5 weeks before his due date. The day that I s
A Little More About Me
K, this might be like venting so if u wanna read, go ahead, but I don't care if anyone does or not. I put it as NSFW because I don't know all the rules on here and just wanna be on the safe I'm going to be swearing alot and saying some stuff that's on my mind. With that we go.... LOL! I'm sooo not happy with my life right now! I have my son and that's the only good thing. His father is a fucking douche that should DIE! my job fucking sucks ass, my finances are shot to shit, and I really want to have sex with a hot girl, but there's none in my area!!!! Plus, my close friends don't know that fact about me and I don't really want to voice it to them. It's basically just a fantasy..would never go full lesbo. Just wanna have some fun here and there. I understand now why guys love going down on a girl. It takes as amazing as it feels. I only wish one thing. That guys could switch and have a vagina for a day to see how it does feel and to have some pointers to wo
Dear Mr (if that is what you are)Officer McInnis. BDG # 7236 First of all You need to go back to trooper school because YOU are a disgrace. First of all I went back to Rt 66 and looked. There is no sign out there that says that exit or lane is an HOV. Go LOOK. Secondly, I may be a lot of things but I do abide by the law. When I said that I did not know it was an HOV, I was telling the truth. Thirdly, giving me crap over a legal registration. It is not my problem that the State of Virginia considers my jeep a pickup. Get a life will ya. And with your in compassionate attitude it is no wonder you can not see when someone is telling the truth. Fourthly, the State of Va should fire you because if a law is new and someone is not aware that you can not wear a headset for phone calls, then you ought to least give a person a warning before you decide they were in violation. You are a disgrace to the uniform and should be put where you can not have contact with the public! I will see you in

Being Cool
I hate being bored. What does the average joe realy do in life to get unbored? All I do is play WoW and that seams not working good enough for me. I am just 26 years old and am tired of life as we speak. I wish life was more fun. I hate to put that out there but I am. Life sucks for me.
How many text messages are currently in your inbox?55  holy crap! Why aren't you pursuing the person you like?nope Would you take your ex back?not in this or any other lifetime What color are your eyes?depends..they change according to my mood What hurts?nothing at the moment...surprisingly Do you believe you can change someone?nope   What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?don't think I had one What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?damn I gotta pee Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?yup   Does it bother you when someone lies to you?yup..I hate liars. Do you always care what you look like?nope   Who was the last person you went out to eat with?Becky   Who was your last text from?Jeremy   Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?daily Do you wish someone would call or text you?doesn't matter   Have you ever walked on the beach at night? yup..I grew up on an island.   Name somethi
hi my Name is Mary iam 29 years old and i love to cook and bake i am also madly in love with the night dj in this chat room so lady's if u r loking 4 a man get in line b/c he is taken!! any i live in a small town in Port Huron and i love it here my Hobby's r ready and doing crafts moveies HarryPotter set t.v shows Lawand order ER How is it made
what shoud i do to day
Update If U Care
i have now went and had all my tests run which i still have endometriosis but i now also have thyroid problems which they said to take my results to the family dr and he can decide if i need to be put on meds for that . although i havent had much time to get to him just yet because now i have one hell of a cold thats kicking my ass .. i am so tired of being sick all time .. i really feel ok some days but other days it takes all i have to just get up and get my son to the bus stop daily but i still have to get it done so far i havent had no periods which i am liking , so hopefully the pills is doing what they are meant to do so when i go back for my checkup i won't have no more surgeries thank god . i have had my fair share of surgeries the past few yrs and if u know anything about me at all you will know what im talkin about there also .now all i need to do is try to kick this cold in the ass which isn't working too well at the moment i guess my immune system is down or something b
In Iraq
So do you really wanna know about Iraq... Well I am in Baghdad, it sucks, bombs and IED's everyday and night, bullet's flying past me, eyes in back of my head at all times, any moment who knows what will happen, myself or battle buddies gonna get shot or blown up? Will I wake up tomorrow without a leg or arm? How many people will I shoot today if any... Everyday is different, its scarey, it SUCKS!!! I hate this place, I miss my home... Been in Iraq for 1 year now. Still have till June 09 to go, 4th time here and lost to many friends... Will it ever be over? Will I make it home to see my loved ones, my friends, my dog... And really how much longer can I go without a beer or sex... My cock is shaffing, my hand is raw... Pics are just pics, vids are just vids, its all a blur... GOD I AM SO PISSED WITH THIS PLACE!!! NO MORE FOR ME... But watch, ill be here again in a year...
My Loving Son
Sitting here remembering the first time we saw one another ...You were so afraid of me.Yet so very brave,as you proved time and time again.What a brave and delightful young man you were and still are to this day!!! You didn't like me too much...Your Dad and I?...Well...we prayed. You were always doing something to cause me and your Father that is what children do and that is what parents do...worry...and Pray. The day you put your head through a wall barely missing the door frame...we didn't know whether to spank you or laugh...we prayed... Then we very grateful that you didn't hurt the wall!!! that you hadn't hurt yourself...smiles...Your Dad and I asked why you did it and all you could say was "because it was there"!!!...We prayed. Of course no parents heart could stop the way ours did when you dodged in front of a truck...The truck hit your back tire causing you to flip and land face down in the yard.AFTER we had told you not to
My Friends...
today's my bday!! i was so surprised when i signed in this mornin and had so many messages and gifts n things...yall are amazing....i'm def. startin my bday feelin loved...thank yall so much!!
Cherry Bomb
From Ms. Sassy
Just A Girl 2
looking for a real woman to talk to a real down to earth woman if you are her hit me up on my page .
National Alert !
I've been on fubar for about 3 years. I'm not godmother yet. My fuversary is in Aug. So I would appreciate any help I can get
That's What Friends Are For-lyrics
i am giving out blasts and no takers??? lol
St. Patty's Day Auction
Im goin to host an auction for St. Patty's Day.. You ask why? Cuz in my mind its one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year, and why not celebrate it on fubar! There will be a 20k fuckbucks entry fee, and you get to set your own guidelines of your end of the deal. Such as, add me fam, their name in yours, random gifts, rate all pics, etc... The starting bid for everyone will start at 50K, i will be advertising the auction every chance i get, but the more you advertise, of course the higher bid your likely to get! Send me a private message if your intersted and include the link to the picture in which you wish to use! Thank you and hope to have a good auction!
just wanted to give an online scream AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how do u get them out of your head. miss her to death but when u have to drink to sleep at nite because u cant sleep with your on thoughts. its like that song when you see my face hope it gives u hell well its givin me hell gave that girl everything and on that note SRH...HedPe.....wooop wooop...lets drink to that
So I hate mondays... With a passion.. They just are slow and shitty and drag on forever... Once I get over that Monday hump Im good bring on the week!!! Now most of you that know me know my absolute hatred for Mariah Carey(my Arch Nemesis) and Coldplay...They are both whiny and suck equally but the events that took place this particular monday makes me really hate Coldplay...So its just another Manic Monday and I walk into work.(I bartend at Chilis for those who dont know).. Walk behind the bar and turn on the music and whats the first thing I hear??? FUCKING COLDPLAY!!! Really?! AAAAGH!! NO!!! To make matters worse not only did I hear Coldplay once I heard them three more fucking times in like a six hour shift!!! What the fuck?!! Get some new music selection for real bitches!!! i love my job, and Im seriously thinking about walking into the office and smashing the damn satellite radio... Fuck it!! Id get fired but it would totally worth it lol!!! Damn cheap ass corporate fucks!! Ok Im
Who Do I Have To...
So, yeah, nobody has actually talked to me in a few days. I'm really upset about it, I mean, what the hell do I have to do to get some friends who will actually talk to me. I sometimes get very lonely, and this just makes it worse, especially when someone who claims to be my boyfriend won't even give me the time of day right now, it's kind of depressing, I'm sorry if anyone reads this, I just need to rant a little bit. My dream job actually exists! I couldn't believe it when I heard, only problem is that it's in Idaville, Indiana. For someone who's never lived outside of California, Indiana seems like another world away. So, back to the job, it's at the Great Cats of Indiana. It's a large cat rescue facility over there. I don't presume to think I am in any way qualified for the job...yet, but I graduate next year, and I'll take the State and National board certification exams, then I will be Veterinary Technician, then some day I will eventually go to Vet School and be a veterin
Auto 11's
My Story
let me start this out by saying iam not looking for someone to pity me or feel sorry for me i dont need my ego stroke come to think of it i dont got one but anyways. iam use to rejection after all my mother rejected me and i feel my father did too and the worst thing is i dont no way my father grew up with his dad but his dad never show him affection and me and him act way to much a like if you put us together in a room alone we would more then likely kill one another in fact i took my sword to him onces before and mind you the man is 6ft6 iam not really sure on how much he weights tho and he is buff just go to show you i dont back down from no one. as for my mother like i said she rejected me when i was born she was 16 when she had me and she was 14 when she got her first job and that was to work in a bar she was a stripper a druggie a whore alcohoic and she still did that when she carried me i was in the hospital for a whole year i was a sick baby i had almost everythi
California Redwood Run 2009
Every year there is a motorcycle ride to the redwoods in Piercy. This year the run is June 12-14. Check out this site. The site where the event is held is on private property. You have to have a ticket to get in. Price of a ticket from what I have been told is $130 for the three days. Places to stay are very few. If you like to camp camping is available onsite. I plan to leave Daytona Beach, FL. My plan is taking 6 to 7 days of riding to get to my brother in laws place in the San Francisco Bay area. From there do the run the ride back to Florida. I have an open passenger seat for a female that wants to ride. Share expenses. A ride of a lifetime. Other riders are welcome to join on the trip. My route is open to the fu world. Let's ride.
People always say I hate this I hate that Then people hate on others because they have some they want and destroy the things others have I really can not understand why people always got to hate on others Isn't it easier and nicer if we are friend and show love to each other Accept the facts Leave the ones together who love each other and let the past be and move on? I know there are lovers out there who are seperated because of haters I wish them that they will work things out And I wish their haters to just accept it and help them lovers to find their way back to them and not hating on them anymore Help them to find back to their love and stop trying to get them for your own, it is not worth it because it wont last forever Keep the friendship but not the love I heard about a lot of things on here and I see a lot of things here and I am really shocked how ven sweet people can ruin others relationships I never thought that these sweet people are so full of hate that they go
will i think i understand y girls go 2 girls now days, cause men they make up every excuse y they can't give u some. plus there is a big age difference between me and my fiance. a 18 yr age difference. but im young and like sex and he should realize that when he got with a 26 yr old. i might just try the same sex 4 once cause men just ain't doin it. who knows might just b talkin out my ass. i luv my fiance but he has got 2 get with the program.
The Gayest Blog On Fubar
I'm watching cartoons and getting ready to run some errons. hello! i'm semi new to fubar. I need friends and lots of love.! if there are any groups or yahoo confferences i can be apart of, please contact me on yahoo at androostarr The Eyes Of 2nd Graders...
WHY GOD MADE MOMS Answers given by 2nd grade school children to the following questions: Why did God make mothers? 1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is. 2. Mostly to clean the house. 3. To help us out of there when we were getting born. How did God make mothers? 1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us. 2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring. 3. God made my Mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger parts. What ingredients are mothers made of ? 1. God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world and one dab of mean. 2. They had to get their start from men's bones. Then they mostly use string, I think. Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom? 1. We're related. 2. God knew she likes me a lot more than other people's moms like me. What kind of little girl was your mom? 1. My Mom has always been my mom and none of that other stuff. 2. I don't
Poems I Wrote.
What's it going to take to feel clean again? My hands and knees are soiled. What's it going to take to feel love again? These memories make my blood boil. What's it going to take to feel strong again? In weakness I fall apart. What's it going to take to feel peace again? No harmony, no calm in my heart. What's it going to take to feel hunger again? Bitter emptiness sets in. What's it going to take to feel proud again? Haunted by some unholy sin. Twilight, trust how quickly will sunrise descend upon us. La Primavera indeed! Deep waters swell, run clean and cold. Nervous shivers tickle my sides, make my limbs restless. A simple, pure energy envelops me, curls my lip. The whole world is alas drawing itself in; All at once the pieces sigh and settle against themselves. Satisfied, I chide at my needless worry; after all, now, what for? It seems, at this moment, things are just, and how they ought to be. Our time is short, it's flying quickly by Carpe Diem, the rest
Free Again
So here it is. Divorce. We had out fair share of issues but nothing we couln't ever work through. But something we can't work through is him falling in love again with his exwife. yeah. harsh huh? the story goes as this: she his ex went to a year long treatment facicilty for being hooked on ice in maui. while in there he met another woman. moved to washington state in 95/ divorced his ex in 97. got together with me in june of 2000. we married in july 2001. he gained custody of his two sons in february 2002. this past xmas they went for their last visitaion with her and she refused to send the4m back and he had to fly to maui to get the youngest which is 15. he brought him home the weekend of martin luther king weekend. i felt a vibe that was "off". so i questioned him and he told me that he missed hawaii and that was it. we got papers in the mail that the ex had filed for custody and he needed to appear in court feb 11th. so he made arragements to fly down there yet again to "squash it
My Beautiful Gf Poem To Me Love Nos So Much
Beautiful sexy pink Bunnies: i love you more than any words can say i want to be around you always and forevers because you are my heart, no one makes me feel inside like you do, no one brings out my love like you do, and nothing could ever take you from me because our love is forevers Sagittarius will match each other’s intensity and wild side. Both love to play with fire and neither will mind using flattery to get sex. They get along great as friends and lovers and there will be a strong attraction that leads to a long-term love. Children and animals will be involved in this relationship. Finally, both have found someone that matches their stamina, in and out of the bedroom. Sex could be explosive and will be a reason to keep coming back to one another. They will be a powerful combination and friends will maintain that each have met the right person. There is such a thing called love. You will both find luck through marriage. Don’t let boredom creep in or problems will arise.
i'd like 2 thank everyone who told me happy birthday today... you know all you so called friend who forgot thanks so all you who remembered thank you a bunch and you might not get a present but you'll def. get a happy birthday. to all you so called friends who couldn't take 5 seconds of you time to msg me comment me or txt me on my birthday... don't expect shit from me.. just sayin so i'm going 2 go drink another couple shots of absolute and raise my right hand with my middle finger up hehe i'm a bitch i know Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm ar
Last Week Of June
So now that we are all agreed on the last week of June for our get together .... Let's start thinking of what we would like to happen during that time Things like.... Menu Drinks Entertainment Events We have a lot of time to think on this but it wont hurt to toss a few ideas around early so decisions can be made as well as proper planning So yall think on this and as ideas come to you please post them here so we can all discuss what we would like to do during this time... Let's make this an awesome event to remember I look forward to meeting all of you and stuffing yer tummies too Let's get this planned Love ya all *hugz*
February 26th 2009
I am sure by the time I'm finished with this fucking blog it'll be the 26th. I thought I'd bitch some before I went to bed to get some stuff off my chest. Lots of about me in here which is always the case in most blogs. My heart grows very weary cause of a year without having anybody special in my life. Lots of fears going through me especially during these cold days and nights. Tired as hell of all this cold weather and dreading going out and about. 24/7 coverage of how depressing people are without jobs. How the country as a whole should pretty much declare bankruptcy because if they were a private business they wouldn't have lasted a year of this dread. In my own personal life its dead. I hope to revive my positivity once summer hits. Maybe being out and about on the beach will get some of this money problems out of our soulless hearts. How we focus on money 24/7 is so scary. Its just one thing and its just the cornerstone of everything capitalism. Any who! I can't ch
Do You Know Who I Am?
This is one of the best things I've read in years!!! I wish I could go there for dinner!!! Montana Restaurant: This is a great story! The radio station America FM was doing one of its 'Is Anyone Listening?' bits this morning. The first question was, 'Ever have a celebrity come up with the 'Do you know who I am?' routine?' A woman called in and said that a few years a go, while visiting her cattle rancher uncle in Billings , MT , she had occasion to go to dinner at a restaurant that does not take reservations. The wait was about 45 minutes; many ranchers and their wives were waiting. Ted Turner and his ex-wife Jane Fonda came in the restaurant and wanted a table. The hostess informed them that they'd have to wait 45 minutes. Jane Fonda asked the hostess, 'Do you know who I am?' The hostess answered, 'Yes, but you'll have to wait 45 minutes.' Then Jane asked if the manager was in. When the manager came out, he asked, 'May I help you?' 'Do you know who we are?' b
New Salute Album
As you know.....Or most of you do....I have a "hat salute" album ......i have a thing for women in hats..............I was inspired by a mummerchick because she made me an entire album of "leg salutes"......Now for those of you brave enough to do one for me......As soon as i buy my VIP i will add you to such album...Those that dont want to do it biggie......but for those who are inspired.........GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blings & Rates 1st off. You don't go around asking people to buy you blings. 2nd of all you shouldn't go around rating pics then ask them for bling. You rate them because you want to, not because your forced. Now lets get on to the Blings Like i said previously, You don't BEG for BLING. Let someone bling you cause they want to. If you want me to bling you then i suggest BUY me a BLING PACK then i will BLING you. Unless I have bling credits i will bling whoever i choose to do so. GET A LIFE AND STOP BEGGING Thanks
Naturally Carnal Thoughts
There was a mum tonight "Cheating" with the question being asked: "Is there a time in Marriage or in a relationship were its ok to cheat?" As this is how I see it, I thought I would save it to share here as well. Comments anyone??? Here we go... with a few additions (due to the freedom of being on MY blog.) *********************************************** Cheating constitutes lying. That is unacceptable. However, that said, I must also say that I believe that it is possible for people to share 'open' relationships. I don't consider those to be 'cheating' because in those cases the people are honest with one another and aware of what is going on. There is no 'lie' involved. I have an 'aunt' and 'uncle' who have had an open marriage now for over 40 years. They STILL seek partners together and individually. To me, the important parts are this: 1-they are open and honest with one another at all times. 2-they share a very close knit relationship, in no way lessened by the years of ho
Nadja Benaissa, who is a singer for the German all girls band No Angels, was given a 2 year suspended sentence for knowingly infecting a man with the HIV virus. Nadja, 28, was diagnosed with the HIV virus when she was 17 years-old. The court was leniency because she expressed remorse. I can’t imagine if the tables were turned and it was a man the knowingly infected a woman with AIDS. One can only speculate but I think the sentence would have been harsh. Well, the good part is now Nadja must tell guys about her infection before having sex. At least I think she should. For more BlastFM is infectious when you listen. You won’t believe all the great music you’ve never heard of on other stations. You’ll love it! How can I say this without being so brash. I can’t. So I will say it another time. People in entertainment should not open their mouth and talk politic
To My Soul Mate In Limbo
Where are you? I’ve been waiting my whole life for you. I thought I found you once but quickly knew it wasn’t you at all. Why can’t we find each other? Oh how I need to hold you, to touch you once more be for I am gone agene. All I have are washed out memories of how things use to be before I lift. Death is the greatest of separators. My Sprit has been lost with out you, my soul longs for that connection that only you can provide and now my heart aches for you. When will forever be for us? Where are you? Always waiting, wondering where you are? Wanting to know just how far away you from me? Do we even share the same time and place? I remember you were the evening star so beautiful so full of grace. Then we parted. As I faded into darkness tears fell form your face. You said: Don’t worry, I we’ll find you and you will know me by my embrace Was it just a dream; are you a ghost haunting my soul, or just another fancy? Waiting a life time for you, I have to find you before I di
She Just Wants To Be's 2nd Happy Hour
She Just Wants to Be Is Hosting a Happy Hour Thursday, February 26 @ 6pm fu-time! Come and show her some love! Spank her hard... Make it hurt... She'll love Get mega points Over 1000 pics to rate Auto 11s begin around 4pm Fu-time Thursday! *********************************************** Lovingly pimped out by Carrie
Yrtle Beach Stuntin From Mikedangerous On Vimeo.
Everything Happens For A Reason - Messages Comments
Poems By Friends
The night comes slowly, softly, finally.. bathing all in a soothing cloak of darkness and bringing with it so much time for pain, passion and pleasure. It is my domain.. my realm in which I await for you to call to me. I am not hard to find.. I am always just outside your reality, waiting.. hoping to be summoned to you by a breathless sigh, a dark, sweet thought.. a need that throbs within your blood. Let tonight be the night.. throw open your window and allow pleasure to enter. Cast off the trinkets that keep me from you. Remove the veil of fear that keeps you from your destiny and bare yourself to me this night. Accept the forbidden embrace, the dark, sweet kiss.. the pure passion and pleasure my darkness brings. Learn the things you long to know.. experience all you have dreamed of so often. Surrender to me and have no fear. For the sun will rise and I will leave. And you can return to the everyday in which you dwell.
Keep Going. . .
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' you must do the things you think you cannot do.

I Can Haz Mic?
okay, here goes... My tattoo on my right ankle is my nickname "Angel" I got it because my mom use to call me her little angel, plus my husband calls me his angel, so it just kinda stuck. The tattoo on the back of my right shoulder is of a triquetra and it is blue. The meaning of this is Pride, Peace, Positive Energy, and because it is blue it is also for Protection. I also love the symbol and I love the color blue. My fave color is red though lol. Okay, the tattoo I just got the one on my lower back is a little complicated... It is my Gemini sign with balance symbols hanging from it at the top and pentacles hanging from it at the bottom, also in the middle the colums are black and white for a reason. Okay now to explain it... I am gemini, my husband is libra, Libra's symbol is balance, I also got the balance symbol because of now my life is in balance.The pentacles is a symbol of my religion. The black and white in the columns are for my past and present/future. My past was not such a
Taking A Break
So I'm gonna take a break from fubar for a bit. I'll be on every now and then, but due to recent incidents with my profile, it's not even fun to be here anymore. To all the people who have been true through this whole deal, I LOVE YOU!!! Twilight, ur my girl, my baby, my heart. (even tho ur fu-married to someone else If any of you want to get ahold of me, you can reach me at To all the people who hate and/or think its cool to write the people on my friends list and tell them I'm a guy, get a fucking life(PS I know who some of you are). You are fucking scum, with nothing better to do than fuck with people. Get over your sorry fucking selves. Simply put, FUCK OFF. To all those on the fence about me, get off the fence. You're either coming or going. One or the other. If you want to believe the bullshit, go ahead, I don't need you anyways. I've got friends who trust me for who I am. For who I say I am. For my words. If you don't, then your loss.
I Stole The Sexy From Crystal
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== I stole this from Crystal.....It will make for interesting reading......... What is it that you absolutely need sexually? Hot sex on a platter What is something you have always wanted to try? I ve tried everything....I could go for a 3some with 2 mumerwimmen....that would be HOT!!!! What is something you have never done in bed before? I think ive covered it all What time of day do you like to have sex? Is any a time? What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? I love a chick who will wear fishnets......Its totally 70's, but i dig it....... How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? depends how good she kisses... If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you
Show Me Some Love!!!!

Here It Goes !
Darkness` Rants And Raves
Down Rater
Rated me a 1 Im at least a 2 boilermaker@ fubar Your Soul Is Connected to the SpringYou are an optimistic, eternally hopeful person. No matter how dark things get, you always see the light.You are open-minded and always up for a fresh outlook on life. You don't cling to ideas or beliefs.You are sweet hearted and have good intentions. Even though you've seen a lot in life, you remain innocent.People see you as playful and even a bit airy. You feel free to be yourself, and that's a beautiful thing.What Season is Your Soul Connected To?
Inside my sleeve, I pull out my heart, handing it to you, "careful it's fragile, and easily falls apart." Extending your arms, you take the heart in your tender warm hands. It falls into a million shattered pieces - on the floor it lands. You begin to bend down to pick it up, sorrow and sadness in your eyes. Apologies are not enough. Looking at you with tears in my eyes, I ask you not to pick up the pieces of a heart that has fallen apart. I am the one who needs to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart - one by one, piece by piece. I need to put it together again, some how. some way. Each piece of my heart has a memory so true. Each piece of my heart has part of you. You are the one who is leaving to start a new lease on life. I'll just be here on my knees picking up the pieces of a heart that feels like it's being pierced with a knife. All my tears won't keep you near All my tears won't mend what's not here. Again I look at you with a whis
Oh Whatever
do i ever hate the way fubar blogs try and format things... anyway, if like me you use the internet purely as a way of being late for work/ not doing any work/ not sending off masters to labels that have been waiting on you for months/ not watching LA Ink when your girlfriend's glued to that bullshit then this will fill three minutes of your time between looking for the new Jesu record on some blog or other and trying to resist the urge to look at porn. _________________________________________________ Solidarity once stood for the fact that a lot of people shared the same thoughts about a certain thing. Solidarity today means nothing. It might do so for a short period in some peoples lives until the move on to better positions in life and careers. A lot of people find themselves fighting for solidarity within thier class in order to find themselves being in a generation older than everyone else. It's a scary thought that one day will wake up to find your friends and the mainfe
Can U Help Us Pray For Him
our new baby cuz. was born on new years day was just life lined to the hospital due to the fact that he can't breath. he got a really bad cold and now he can't breath can u help us out by praying for him
Can U Pray For Him To
Angelxyca@ Fubar
today i feel like bleh and i just thought i would share that info with all my friends. lol
American Idol
Hey all Im not on here much anymore my love have went to Face Book, so if your on there and want to keep updated let me know
Random Facts
1. To remov​e a banda​ge painl​essly​,​ Satur​ate the banda​ge with vodka​.​ The stuff​ disso​lves adhes​ive.​ 2. To clean​ the caulk​ing aroun​d batht​ubs and showe​rs,​ Fill a trigg​er-​spray​ bottl​e with vodka​,​ spray​ the caulk​ing,​ Let set five minut​es and wash clean​.​ The alcoh​ol in the vodka​ kills​ mold and milde​w.​ 3. To clean​ your eyegl​asses​,​ Simpl​y wipe the lense​s with a soft,​ Clean​ cloth​ dampe​ned with vodka​.​ The alcoh​ol in the vodka​ clean​s the glass​ and kills​ germs​.​ 4. Prolo​ng the life of razor​s by filli​ng a cup with vodka​ And letti​ng your safet​y razor​ blade​ s
How Aliens Fish
how aliens fish
Pix Made For Me
Pictures Made For Me By Alex Thank You Hunnie xXx Made For Me By Tra71 Thank You.
i start to want a relationship. then i get into one. and then it goes bad horribly fast. after the last time, i decided to be single, for, well, indefinitely. i hate them. wish i could bypass the first few parts and just get to the more deep parts. anybody care to try to help me understand it?????
Help Me Fight Cancer!
This year, hundreds of thousands of people will hear the words "You have cancer", and there's a good chance that some of them will be people we know and love. We have all been touched by cancer in some way ... and we all have the power to make a difference. That's why I have chosen to fight back right here in my own community by participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life®. I want to invite you to join me in the fight against cancer by making a donation in support of my efforts. Further down in this message is a link to my personal Relay For Life® web page where you can make an online contribution. Every amount, no matter how small, makes a difference and provides hope. You can also sign up to join my team and learn more about Relay and how it's changing lives. Relay For Life® brings more than 3.5 million people from across the country together each year to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a dis
Lady's Journal
I didn't write this but it is GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!! Some is even better One of the main factors, for me in feeling truly Owned is to be constantly reminded throughout the day of Master's control. These reminders can be subtle or really obtrusive. The more often a slave is reminded of her submission, the deeper it becomes....and the more fulfilling. So here are some ideas You might want to try... And no matter what rules You decide to make Your own, consistent. If You are unwilling to take the time to enforce the rules You make, then there may as well be no rules at all. There is nothing in the world that will make a slave feel less loved than to have a Master/Mistress who ignores her transgressions and does not exert Their Dominance. Have her wear slave bells. The constant soft jingling of the bells is soothing and a certain reminder of her submission. When she has broken a rule, talk to her as You punish....and make her speak in detail about why what she did w
Has There Ever Been A Better Time To Be A Single Man?
I stopped in e mega-bookstore after dropping my kids off at ex-zilla's. I had an hour to kill before I could pick up my c-pap. Anyways -started reading this book on 'microtrends'. It said - due to the higher death rate of teen boys, the higher incarceration rate of men, and the fact that men are gay at twice the rate of women, that there are far more single women than single men at this point in US history than ever before. Something like a 55 to 45 ratio. Then -I bought a different book and went home. What do you think? The problem with being a single male, is occasionally a whacked out single female focus's on you.  I just finished my extra long day.  A 10 hour shift, followed by a 4 hour board meeting. Every 1st & 3rd monday of each month is like this.   I hadnt had dinner and decided to treat myself to an order of chicken wings and mini-tacos at the local watering hole.  I just wanted to relax, unwind, have peace. As soon as my food is brought out -this woman comes
Mail Me To Add My Yahoo.
for all you sexy ladies that wish to add me on yahoo.. just hit me up here on FuBar and i'll get ya my id to add..much quicker and more fun
The Big Girls Next Door
Men: 1) 94% of men lie about their penis size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of men use extra large condoms. 2) The average man is 5.1 inches long when erect (no matter what you have heard ladies, that's the truth). 3) 80% of American men are circumsized. Even though Pediatrics say it is not necessary. 4) No matter what all the ads say, nothing can make your penis grow but time (most men reach the end of their growth by the early 20's) 5) There is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size, or nose size. 6) Blue balls does exist! It's technically called "prostatic congestion." 7) Only 16% of men shave their privates. Women: 1) Only 9% of women around the globe consider themselves "attractive" (20% of British women do). 43% of women use the term "natural", 24% say they have "average" looks, 8% prefer the term "feminine", 7% say they are "good looking", and 7% say they are "cute", and finally only 2% of women say they are "sexy"
This morning on the walk home from work, I decided to do something different. Against my best judgment and all reason, I decided to stop by Starbuck's for a cup of coffee. The reasoning behind this, though mainly because Brennan had stopped by work and was on his way over there, was that it is between my apartment and work, roughly halfway. This makes it extremely convenient, though as I later learned, was not so "convenient" after all. Now, there are reasons I do not drink Starbucks, most notably because it tastes like burned celery. But, despite that, it has been a few years since I've had a cup of Starbuck's coffee, and I figured, why not. Well my friends, I found out "why not." Brennan and I sat at the patio this morning at Starbucks, "enjoying" our cups of coffee, strained from beans obviously tortured to death by over-roasting, most likely over brimstone. Judging by their "bitter" nature, I think these particular beans were elderly, and had spent the last bit of their li
Its Back!!
Just so people realize I really don't expect much but if I take 1-2 hours on your page then don't bitch when I expect a little consideration back or my time. I never ask for bling...never beg, just you know do what you need to do. I really dislike the excuses people give though ..."I'm too children...etc" See if I can take the time and consideration for you then why not do the same. It isn't that hard. We are all on this oppressive web site trying to have fun, obtain rates and give back to others~~ To those auto assholes and there are some on this site. They get 35 credits that is 35k atop of the people rating them so ummmm you don't need to do a damn thing and get all the points one could desire. So why does it seem so hard that you can not do the same?? Laziness, spoiled or just ignorance?? It is a shame people show very little respect, ok we all have a hard time rating since the higher jack asses changed the system, but I work with it even though every other on
Breaking The Back Of Love.
totally wanted to introduce yall to this band omg they so rawk.. whadda ya think???
Saw a crow eating a pigeon yesterday. Rejoiced. One less flying rat is no bad thing.  Had to blog this 'cause it cracked me up. Random photo on here of woman sitting on the toilet. Comment from random bloke, and I quote - "very agile"   Since when did taking a dump or whatever be considered agile? This blog is just going to be for random things I notice in the outside world. First off, public transport. Now, first thing I always notice here is how people arrange themselves, like there is some kind of unwritten rules. 1. Never sit next to someone if there is a double seat available (buses), or if there is a seat in between them and the next person, so as to leave a gap (trains). 2. On buses, if there is more than one double seat available in that row, do not sit directly behind or in front of the person. 3. Buses again, if you really do not want someone sitting next to you, sit on the aisle sit. Most people won't ask you to move. Now secondly, and the one that
I would like to thank everyone for the Fu-gifts and comments. Its been a good day in real life and on Fubar. Love Brenda
please if you have seen this little girl or know any information call your local police departmentthis is so sad that someone would do this to such a precious child
Come To Dt And Meet A Great Family And Yes Fubucks
Come To Dt And Meet A Great Family And Yes Fubucks
Fake And Stupid Too
I posted this on the profile in answer to the blog that Lord Alucard put up about his fake west virgina marriage to christie or jessica or whoever she is pretending to be today. "from what i saw in the convo that she had with lucky, she knew he was gonna do it and IGNORED it and him, saying she wasnt gonna talk to him until the 6th. so if she already knew he was gonna do it, why did she do NOTHING AT ALL?????? he killed himself on wednesday, his brother told us on thursday. no one told her a week before hand that he did this, HE told her he was gonna do it, and she IGNORED HIM. i have seen the convo where she said it. and if she cared for him just soo much, why didnt she try to stop him?? and why did she leave a comment on his page on feb 10th saying she loved him and then turn around the next day and announce that she was marrying you?? yeah i think we have had enough of this bullshit with you two to last us a lifetime. " i know it will be deleted before anyone else can see it, a
I recently came across someone who was played by this guy Ladies don't trust him. I am male but I'd never treat you like he would unless you want to be used and thrown away like tomorrow's trash. Guys like this one make it very hard for good ones. Because we have to pick up the pieces. Nyte aka Tony, you need to get off your ass and stop doing this to women. And for the one who just took him back, you must like the treatment he gives you.
I Wish
I Got Taged!!!
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? crushed 2. Your significant other? zipped 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? bitch 5. Your father? DEAD 6. Your favorite thing? chaos 7. Your dream last night? outstanding 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? Valhalla 10. The room you're in? Not 11. Music? \,,/ 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? crypt 14. Where were you last night? stalking 15. What you're not? sane 16. Muffins? Blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? peace 18. Where you grew up? usa 19. The last thing you did? notta 20. What are you wearing? necklace 21. TV? FIXED 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your computer? here 24. Your life? Complicated 25. Your mood?
"you Make Them"
I got big dreams I can never let go. I got big dreams to be the best on top the flow. I got big dreams of traveling the world and testin out the best green. I was born april 21st just one day too late. Born to a mother who is far from great. Ever since then I never knew who my father was now or then. Raised in an old school way by my grandparents back in the day. Ever since then I've been lookin for some miricale and I aint talkin about maynaise. Back then you could catch me on the black top ballin it up or out on the feild kickin the ball around. Find me wearin my clothes backwards in third grade. I got Kris Kross to blame for that. Ever since I can remember I've been dreamin of bigger houses with better day's. Always wishin my mom and dad would be there being the ones to give me praise. Always dreamin of biger houses with name brand clothes. Wishin mom and dad where there to watch me gro. Wonderin why everybody I know has a normal family. Always tryin to leave my house and
Shadow Levelers Bully Bak Ground
This Is My Blog,.. There Are Many Life It, But This One Is Mine
We all stick together cuz' the flock is obsessed. Blue bird flying out in front of the rest. Red birds are carrying a song in their breast. No way of ever knowing which is the best, so lets Cut them into pieces and we'll rub those pieces in. What you get is a purple mess and no one ever wins I thnk you knew. When they cut me in 2. That my blood would be blue. That I belong in front right next to you. I used to have a fubar account a year ago, I deleted it and just came back. No one is talking to me at all. I mean the only people who have tried to talk to me were CAM-SKANKS. Strippers are cool and all,.. there is no confusion about what is going on. You identify quickly that these are not real people, they are characters. Usally very morally compromised jaded women, pretending to be innocent and hungry,.. when they are anything but. You walkinto a STRIP CLUB and you knwo what is in there. Strippers Stripping,.. and people paying $$
Who Wants Me To Take New Pix?
Things I Support
Please help Loud-n-Clear and Ultra Street Entertainment Support the United States Military by joining us for our First Annual G8torfess 2009. This car show is a benefit for a foundation called USA Cares. It is an organization that supports the U.S. Troops. So come hang out with us and enjoy nice cars, music, food, and family fun at G8torfess 2009 on March 14th, 2009 from noon til 6pm @ Hooters on the Westbank in Gretna, Louisiana.
Song Lyrics
It was in the march of the winter I turned 17 that I bought those pills I thought I would need and I wrote a letter to my family said it's not your fault and you've been good to me just lately I've been feeling like I don't belong like the ground is not mine to walk upon and I've heard that music echo through the house where my grandmother drank by herself and I sat watching a flower as it was withering I was embarrased by it's honesty so I'd prefer to be remembered as a smiling face not this fucking wreck that's taken it's place so please forgive what I have done no you can't stay mad at the setting sun cause we all get tired I mean eventually and there's nothing left to do but sleep but spring came bearing sunlight those persuasive rays so I gave myself a few more days my salvation it came, quite suddenly when Justin spoke very plainly he said "Of course it's your decision, but just so you know, if you decide to leave, soon I will follow" I
Sassy Newbie Needing Help
I'm brand new at all this!! Can I get some tips/advice on how to rock the site? ~Thanx~ XOXOXXX
I'm Worried....
i am worried and prayering for my friend who has breast cancer, she has sugary on the March 9! Her email is below.. please pray for her to get better.. thank you! "I got the good news that I am a candidate for the reconstructive surgery that I wanted. The insurance has cleared it and my surgery has been set for March 9 at H. Hospital. My stay will be from 3 to 5 days and than I am going to my moms to recover for a week or so. The actual time will be 6 to 8 weeks before I feel somewhat back to "normal". This is the final chapter on this long road of fighting Breast Cancer and hopefully the last. My spirits remain high and I know the long term outcome will be good for me. The name of the surgery I am getting is called a Tram Flap and it is pretty extensive. It will be 8 hours in the operating room but well worth it in the end. Take care everyone and pass this on to anyone you think will be interested in reading it. Love, B.L." *Prayers for B.L.* Im suffering from
Do You Want Me?
Clothing Auction
come swing by and show me some love pweazeeeeeeeee you guys are awesome!!!!! mucho love!!
Spectrum9 On Fubar!
Spectrum9 Debut CD is coming ...Sign the mailing list at so you'll know when it is done. If you want to download midnight jams and other music contortions I make that never make it to a song, I post them free on my website They're always cool.
Something About Women!
someone please get me sh** faced
Just A Girl
Sorry I am AWOL so much these days. I have returned to the UK and am getting to know my daughter all over again after 12 years apart. I will return to the net scene later , once she and I are bonded and the work of selling this house is under control. I will pop in from time to time, so be patient to have your messages answered. Love and Light....BLU So here we go again , I start yet ANOTHER BLOG! I must own about 5 or 6 blogs at the least, and im sure if I put them all together we have a clear history of the whole of my life.That's actually not true as the blog I kept everyday for about 3 years got deleted...yeah I got extremely pissed off one day and deleted it all..silly me.Well I am new to this Fu community and am still "testing it's waters"...if I conclude it's worth my time to become completely addicted tot his place..then I will do my best to keep a good detailed Blog here....if not Im on Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, ect ect ect hahaha anyways. Up until the last few days I have s
New Owner
Check out my new owner Jen and show her some love!!! •°¤MFKN Princess«♥»SER«♥»Dangerous Curves¤°•@ fubar
As if you couldnt tell by now lol im a HUGE wiseguy fan. I have uploated 10 stashs that has to do with wiseguy. I was only a little kid when wiseguy was on. Under 10 years old even. But it was my all time favorite show. I still remember watching the show when I was little. I am even wanting to save up and get the complete dvd set. hehe I know maybe I'm crazy but come on who wouldnt think Vinnie was cute?? I know some out there would say hes not. But, even not yet 10 I thought he was sooooooo cute. Just to bad they dont still show wiseguy reruns on tv anymore hehe.
New beginnings and fresh starts a time to heal broken hearts Looking forward to brand new things time to try and spread new wings As trees bud out and flowers appear the birds are singing songs of cheer A refreshing time of joy and hope makes me feel like I can almost cope Flowers will grow and begin to bloom take time to enjoy and forget all the gloom Look ahead for brighter days to find leave the pain and sorrows all behind WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN ALONE FOR SO LONG WITHOUT SOMEONE TO SHARE THEIR LIFE YOU START TO BELIEVE ALL HOPE IS GONE YOU WILL BE FOREVER IN SO MUCH STRIFE WHEN SOMEONE TRIES TO SHOW THEY CARE TO WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL THEY CAN
Newby In The House
Well i wanted to take the time and make my very first blog! Break it in, so to say. I dont have to much to say here but i had to see how it all worked. Being a myspace junkie, i can see this website isnt anything like that! WITCH is good! Nooby in the house! lol
I'm Sorry
The Birth Of Violence
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Autobiographical Novel Unearths Author’s Abusive Childhood The Birth of Violence by new author Ronjon serves as an inspiration for others to overcome abuse and adversity CONCORD, Calif. – The Birth of Violence follows author Ronjon’s footsteps during the first 21 years of his turbulent life of child abuse, military school and a life of crime. On these life challenges, he says, “Some people write about it, some people live it and some people do not make it.” Ronjon hopes the autobiographical novel will act as a sort of manual for parents on “what not to do to their children and what the results might be for that child if they do,” he says. “They have to remember that a child is not born bad, but becomes bad from the way that he is raised.” Although the story of his first 21 years were rocky, Ronjon overcame hardship , learned from his consequences and became encouraged to write about his story by his English teacher at Diablo Valley College. “My first tho
I am new to this site and would like friends to help me with this thing. So if you can be a friend, And you think you can be a good friend then hit me up
Hey.. im really bored and have no idea yet how to work this website.. very new to it, i will figure it all out some day soon when i have time to sit down and play on here. But until then if your hot and between the ages of 18-28 you can get ahold of me on here or gimme a call or send a text to 641 504 3179.. if your old or ugly please dont waste my time.. i will find out, you cant lie forever.. hope to hear from some of ya soon
Beautiful Music
This is a song by an acapella Christian group I heard about 5 or 6 years ago. They are awesome. Anyway, I used this song as background for a presentation I did for my daughter's graduation party. I found it last night while backing up my computer. It's an awesome song and if your kids are still young (or you have grandkids), it becomes even more meaningful. Remember... there are no instruments, just their voices. I need to get the CD freom the kids and rip all the songs onto my computer. Let me know what you think. Free file hosting by
Beyond The Now
Realization And New Life Mission
Be Back Now
Free Movie Web Site!
Questionaire Stolen From Billy
Poetry I've Written
You Hate OneTell Me WayMe Butt OrYou I TheLove Dont OtherMe Care YouButt If WillYour You SeeActions Do WhatSpeak So YouFor Fuck DidThem Off TooSelves Thats MeSo All BecauseWhy I KarmaDo Have IsYou To AKeep Say BitchPlaying So WhenThis Good ServedGame Bye Cold Your careless lies Pretend your endless shame is gone Brick by Brick... You build you're Paradise Restraint me in these walls My screams echo in this boundless box Like whispers they reply Set me free Your shadows cast upon me You're overflowing with lies Fail, to incase my thoughts You're array of lies Bleakness, grief, and agony Trying to break away Walking through this life decayed Hoping, acquit my mistakes #::[ Note: This poem is also my myspace page that i did today Link: OpTiCAL ByTE ]::# Sound channels fade left to right Let them pray, Let them Pray Wit
hi all i'm writtin this to let u all know that i'm really sorry that i haven't been able to help u all some of u may know that i've been goin through somethings and it has prevented me from bein on here i try to get on when i can to see ppl and to let u all know that i'm doin ok...once i get things straight i'll be back on and ready to help all that i can..
sorry everyone haven't been on in a while so please send some pic comments and what not and i will return the favor i miss you all on here i would love to hear from most of you or all of you so please just hit me up some time thanks and talk to you all later MIKE
Fu Auction
Yackemflabber's Blog

Okay, I have to share this. My phone rang once last night at nearly the minute I was born so many years ago. Who was it? Should I have answered? Should I mumm this? Anyone paying attention?
I am a crazy girl who really enjoys doing her own thing. I can not be tied down or controled I AM THE UNCONTROLABLE!! Lol literally you cant do it people have tried and you should ask them how it worked out. I really enjoy movies, but not T.V. I hate T.V. Blood and gore is a major turn on for me lol I LOVE pain. I really enjoy to be outside, when I'm cooped up in my house I kinda start going crazy... walls I HATE walls. To be honest if I don't get married I'm going to be the crazy cat lady who answers her door naked. BUT it would be totally awsome if I found a guy who was crazy enough to have millions of cats and answer the door naked with me... when we are old of course. I've been in more than one abusive relationship and to be honest they got hurt alot more than I did... I know how to defend myself soooo boys if we where ever to meet up remember that I have been in MMA for 2 years and my father taught martial arts for 25 years. I hate when people are way to into themselfs
Parent Update
This is probably the hardest blog I've ever written thus far, but with so many wonderful friends sending well wishes and the fact that I don't want to miss anyone who has sent them, I felt it needed to be done. As many of you know, my mother was taken on Monday, by ambulance, to the hospital. Her heart rate was over 300, her BP 275/180 and she couldn't breathe. After spending time with her both yesterday and today, and speaking with two of her doctors, I have some updated information. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about 12 years ago. After going through the required regimen of treatments and a radical mastectomy of one of her breasts, it went into remission for almost 7 years. Then about 4 years ago, the drs discovered that the breast cancer had metastasized to several areas of bone. Once again, she went through treatment and they declared she was once again in remission. After speaking with her oncologist today, they have discovered tumors on a few of her organs and
Too Much To Ask?
I know this is long but I could really use your opinion on this...Im torn. Please comment with your TRUE feelings and thoughts after, no matter how brutal it may be. My Exhusband was verbaly and emotionaly abusive for years before I left him last year. He hurt me BAD. For the record we were married for 10 years. My family is still talking and chatting and inviting him to family functions. He shows up smiling and laughing and acting like nothing is wrong with his girlfriend by the way. My question it too much to ask that my family not do that. To stop inviting him, when he picks up the not spend hours, in front of me, chatting and laughing with him. Last time he showed up to pick up the boys, I was at my moms house, he showed up with his girlfriend and my family spent and hour and a half chatting with him. He managed to piss me off right from the get go and I was in the back yard crying on my fiancees sholder. My mom found me and told me to stop bei
My Family Pimpout Be Sure To Show These Guys Some Love
Welcome To My Family Pimpout I Have Made This To Show My Appreciation Of Having Such Wonderfull Family On Fubar These Guys Are Awesome So If You Don't Have Them On Your Friends List Be Sure To Visit There Pages Rate ... Add ... & ... Fan Them I Can Promise You That You Want Be Dispaointed Please Click On The Pictures Below ~♡~§ÚMMÈR~♡~§håÐðw~Lêvêlêr~ Öwñêr~Ö£~Èrð†ï¢Ðrêåm§~@ fubar Archangel@ fubar Shadow Leveler Team Leader~Passionman71~R/L Hubby of ~Farscapecat~@ fubar Scarlett{Shadow Leveler Team Leader}{Yeahmon's Angels}~Proudly owned by Gary & Stalker of BooBoo@ fubar ♥BooBoo♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned By InFarred.Fu Slave to Mz Chelle... Garys Fo@ fubar
Hopes Set 2 High?
Save 1
Old Poem Of Mine
Is there some one out there; Is there no one out there; Can some one help me, I need it truely; Can you hear me, I scream so loudly; Why can't you hear me, I need you surely; Has my voise been lost in the wind; I have fallen off the end of the ledge; Now I am holding on to the edge; I am slipping and fallen and I cant pull myself up; Is there some one out there; Is there no one out there; Please come help me; Why can't you see me; You stand right before me, you stair right at me; Why won't you help you stair right though me; I got lost on my path; I have lost sight along the way; It has been growing dark and lerey as time passes me by; the light has left me and the darkest of the dark has joined me; Your staire is deadly but can you help; I ask, I beg of you give me the chance; I merely got llost along the way; I want to live I need to live; Yes my heart and soul are truely tanted; Leave me be I shall raise and f
Only If You Knew
Auto 11's Comming This Friday
  MY FIRST AUTO 11's Plz Help Me Level           AUTO 11's COMING SOON! THIS FRIDAY!!! 12PM FU-TIME 2PM CENTRAL     THANKS TO ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS THAT HAS HELPED ME THIS FAR! XOXO Hope to see you there! Create a custom bulletin at!
Are we ready to talk smooth? Anything you read below does not pertain to "Fubar"! I am only going to tell you some things about me 1. I am an easy going person (Just do not step on my toes) 2. I am a 100% honest person when I am your friend (You do me wrong, I cut you off 100% without an explanation) 3. I respect everyone (I demand the same in return) 4. I make mistakes just like anyone else (I am not GOD) 5. I love sports as you all know (Who wants to take me on?) 6.I like flowers, gold, sneakers, coffee, hats, snow blizzards non judge-mental people, my fish, clean home, candles graphical designing, perfume, my nails, gardening. I am sure I left something important out 7. I was an avid tanner BUT stopped I only tan 1-2 times a week why? (I never liked make-up) 8. I am not a drinker (Here and there and I prefer wine 9. I like to talk, you will have a soar ear AND I talk FAST (Look where I come from ) 10. I am not a shy person 11. I like to read, but not novels (I am
My Vow Of Love
I've made a vow, to no one but you I pledge my love to forever be true I'll take care of you and treat you right I'll lay beside you all through the night I'll feed you and clothe you and keep you warm I'll hug you and kiss you and give shelter in the storm I'll help you and guide you and clear a path I'll protect you and shield you from an angry man's wrath I'll listen to your problems help you solve them too I'll make you a rainbow and let the sun shine through I'll take your side even if you're wrong Just to prove our love is strong I'll plant you flowers and make them grow They'll be a symbol of love that only we'll know I'll whisper your name when no one is near So low that only you can hear You'll feel my love even if we're apart You'll know that we are one in heart
His Pleasure
His eyes, deep and mysterious, looking at what is His. Sparks a twinkle, hinting at His intentions. No revelation leading to His thoughts. Only looking down at His treasure’s they smile, they share, they grow. His smile too, hides his truest thoughts, of using and abusing what is His. The passion in his kiss relaxes, calms them filling them with awe’ Made ready for the pain He will inflict. The first one’s body tenses as she feels the pain. Then the other also, as cries fill the air, The humor in His smile now gone. Concentrating only on the pain that He gives, This pain they accept, as a gift from their Master taking all that He gives, with love and devotion knowing the pleasure that He receives, what their acceptance brings, As they see it in His eyes their pain is His pleasure, but not only His. As the wetness between their legs Showing Him, it is of their pleasure too.
Lucky Girls Of
We think you should be our next Lucky Girl!!! Just click below and fill out the short profile and email us what pics to use! We're always looking for new Lucky Girls of If you're interested in being one, visit this link Lucky Girls Application.
Baby Gril
Nice Things That Were Said
RULE 1) approch the woman with ease and smiles RULE 2) say hello RULE 3) dont be like the joker comeing up behind them, bending them over, and rapping them with music RULE4)reach out with your right hand and greet your self to the other person RUL5)dont be like the joker reaching your hand out with 100$ bill and asking for a one night date more rules will be on the way for "rules of engadgement"
Just Saying.......
I noticed that there are quite a few Birthdays coming up...including mine Pisces Rock!.....just saying Just wanted to say that I hope I get as much love as I have seen and been a part of, past B-days of certain kick ass friends. I'm not going to ask for anything specific like alot of people, all I care about is just being thought of and such....even though it is just a stupid site (j/k Jesus , it still means alot when people acknowledge you and send you love...which ever way it may be. ......Just saying
Up For Auction
In Honor
I have lived so bitter and cold,  I survived on risk and being bold. Honor, duty, and glory were mine Reaching my goals passed the time The years go by and medals  tarnish No sunshine in my life , no kind of varnish admist  the darkness I see the stars they come close to me and fade real far the beauty and awe stood me still it was in that moment I found my will a will to survive and to come back home to find my love and never leave her alone I have earned the greatest reward The love a woman that I am drawn toward She does not stay in a shiny little case But poliish’s my life with the smile on her face A voice of an angel that can lay me to rest
Prayer Request
Wei-Yi Va@ fubar PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FRIEND JAIME. SHE HAS RECENTLY LEARNED THAT SHE DOES HAVE CERVICAL CANCER. YOU CAN READ ABOUT IT IN HER BLOGS. PLEASE SHOW ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU CAN. SHE MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! THANK YOU. Yesterday, I had a call from my OBGYN office explaing to me the results from the LEEP they had preformed and it wasn't good I do have cervical cancer now the doctor wants me to see a oncologist cancer specialist, I don't know what to do aymore my brian is like mush right now it fucked me up to hear what she had been telling me, I called my husband at work to tell him the news he had come home and the doctor wanted to sit down an talk with the both of us so we went there an talked he said that the tumor was deep in the margins which I don't know what the hell that is but anyways I'm freaking out and scared as hell to what this other doctor is going to tell me, also I had a call from my sister yesterday telling me that my mother was in the hospital with Pneumo
The Search (its Hot)
I search for you my love, though I have not seen your face and have not heard your voice, I know your there. I feel your heart and you have felt mine, we wait for that moment that we will touch. I know not your face but know that your love is better than fine wine. Do not look upon my past, as it is dark, and has tanned my soul. I search for you and have not kept good, my heart, only trying to keep yours. When I find you I will not hide you, I will open up the doors of my life and show you freely, being proud, you are my treasure. I will hold you with strength as you sleep with your head upon my chest. With you I will give clean to what the world has made profane and perverse. Where are you, that rose among the weeds, that one rose which still holds lives thorns that needs to be trimmed away. You're the single fruit tree among the pines and I will not make the mistakes of the past, I will catch the wolves that try to eat and destroy the fruits. Our roots are deeper than the wolves can
A Night Of True Love
Staring up at the sky looking into the deepness. My mind is drifting getting lost in the burning diamonds shining their light upon me. They radiate the love and passion I feel deep inside myself right now. I yearn for you to be with me tonight. I savor each sensual kiss that bonds us. Tonight, for the first time, I am balanced between love and happiness. My body aches for your tender touch. I have to be honest, you're the only man I've ever wanted. Feeling your warm soft breath on my neck as you whisper sweet words I've been longing to hear you say. Words that prove the love you possess for me. Moving together in synch as we become one body... one heart, one soul--- one being. The tension and pleasure that was built up between us, now is released in a single massive explosion. Soft cries and muffled words are the only sounds that can be heard as we fall together against the comfort of the bed. The only blankets we use are each others arms drowning into th
Our First Night
The first time we touched, you held me so tight that feeling I felt only felt so right. Things were moving kind of fast and I felt ashamed You made me feel so comfortable and said no one is to blame. You made love to me that night and also the next day Things went fast I wondered what you would say, You didn't say a word just held my hand, That made me feel closer to you.... you were that perfect gentleman. We are miles apart and I wonder when I will see you again, I can't wait till I kiss you, hold you, and just see you.... My Friend. MY LOVE
in the gentle tides of lovers let the calming waters pull you down when I touch you I feel you shiver I feel your heartbeat I can never get enough as we leave the world behind restless turns moist your mouth with my tongue touching your face my hands strayed knowing your taste ecstasy fill me full with thirsty love flow inside me like champagne flowing inside the spiral as we feel the water rushing over us this gentle tide seeing this ocean in your eyes
Imagine Me There...(this Is Nasty)
Imagine me there as you close your eyes I’m gliding my hand between your thighs I unzip your pants, and take off your shirt You unsnap my bra, and take off my skirt Kissing you soft down to your tip In and out, “May I have a sip?” A precious swallow of your dripping lust In and out, can I make you bust? To feel your pleasure down my throat In and out, make me choke! Teasing my tongue across your love Passed my lips, again I shove Pushing your trust out and in Coat my throat once again! My sweet cream fills, as you gush Between my legs I’ve turned to mush You push me down and beg to lead I lie on my back and act naive You grip my sides and hold them tight Resist your appetite with all your might Feel the heat between my hips Slide your tongue between my lips Massage my clit and make me drip Glide your finger and let it slip Between my legs, but back a bit Soft and slow so it will fit “Oh shit, Daddy…” you’re ‘bout to taste My seductive pleasure down your face
Are You Mine?
You make me laugh each day I believe that we're just friends But once there is nothing left to say I still know it's not the end I don't know what I feel Maybe love, maybe hate I can't imagine this was real I won't believe it is my fate I will just smile at you Pretend I was sent from above But once I know you are true Then I'll simply fall in love I won't despise you anymore I just want to have some fun Don't know what I'm doing it for You might be my only one Will you be forever mine? Or I'll love you secretly, forver? It will only show through time But I won't lose you, never I don't care if you are just my friend I'll still laugh at all your jokes I won't ever let this to an end Because I know I was awoke...
Un Amour Mort
Roses will die Smiles will fade Graves are dug In them, bodies are laid All things die But not all dead things live They leave to soon Without time to forgive But when things are dead That's how they stay It can be love, a heart But, it will always stay that way So take my hand As our dead love is born For at this wake There is no need to mourn
Hi i live in newport,And i work in prov.I love being out in the fresh air. Hi I'm from newport,i work in prov.I love being outside in the fresh air.
Eternal Angel
The sound of laughter echoed through the night Fading in the serene wind, as leaves begin to fall Rising from the shadows, a soft and desiring call A beauty beyond imagination is pursuing my sight I thought it could be an angel, dancing in a cloud He walked twice as gracefully, into my direction We stood still by a river, designing our reflection I whispered gently, never daring to speak loud Your sweet devotion purified my shattered heart When I see the shine in your eyes, I rejoice The moon kisses the earth, listening to your voice The creation of your holy existence is pure art Alas, my love, I will never be able to stop time And hold you in my arms until the world's end Until our souls fall apart, maybe we can pretend That eternity will favour a paradise, so sublime
I Need A Drink
Silent Angel
They're around us and within us Though we haven't got a clue Just exactly what they're up 2 But we do know what they do They comfort us while mourning And rejoice with us when blessed They move with grace and majesty And are on a special quest A quest to help a love one A quest to help a friend Their deeds don't go unnoticed And their bonds with us wont end We can see them if we choose to But it our own conscious choice But no matter what we choose to do We'll always hear their voice A voice that says "I Love You" And you're going to make it though Just be the best that you can be And do whatever you can do A voice that says" You're worth it" And someday you will see But until the day you understand Just put your trust in me A voice that's soft and smoothing Though it's very hard to hear But if we listen with our hearts That voice becomes quite clear It took me years to find my angel For he was silent for so long But the day I choose to meet him I knew th
Forever And Ever
Magnificent blue skies burn in the distance, The gentle breeze catches that of fallen leaves. A mother and child strolling peacefully together, Making small talk to each other, ignoring the world. She dangles a small toy in front of his brown eyes, Reaching up with small fingers he tries to grab it. A soft giggle escapes her lips as she smiles at him, Staring at her deep eyes for a moment he forgets his toy. They continue walking until they reached the park, She picks him up in her arms and he laughs and smiles. Leaning against a tree she pulls out a bottle of milk, Kissing his forehead gently she brings the bottle to his lips. Eagerly and hungrily he takes the nipple within his mouth, Closing her eyes she hums softly rocking back and forth. Drifting quickly off to sleep the child closes his eyes, His angelic complexion was beautiful and attracting. She admired the site of her beautiful little boy sleeping, And then warmness entangled her neck and back. "After
Love You 'til The End
First time I saw you I just knew I would always love you There would be no words No actions that could tear me from you This I knew was true Storms could rage on Rains could pour down Clouds could raise up And I would love you through Nothing they can say Will make me love you less Nothing you can do Will make me walk away For I'll love you till the end Waves could crash around Castles could crumple Dreams may not come true And you'll never be alone This I know is true First time I saw I just knew I would love until the end
Gina's Blog
For Thought
Ever wonder why we come to sites like this one? is it because we are lonely? looking for friends, lovers? or just for fun. I came here to look for friends,but not to be insulted by shallow people, who think they are "better" than you! because they believe that they are "perfect" in every way and have the "right" to "judge" other people, well guess what? I have yet to meet a "perfect" person, Everyone has their "faults" whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. so stand back and take a long hard look at yourself, are you perfect? no flaws? no imperfections? everything about you is perfect? then if that is absolutely true 100%, you should by all means Judge others.
New To This
Hello all, my name is Angelo and I have been working with comp. practically since they came out, I have never bloged or even know what a blog is. If all it consists of is writting what you feel or whatever then let's give it a try. Anyone is welcome to give me some feedback if I am wrong, as a matter of fact I think i am going to leave it at that, again if anyone is willing please let me know if I am doing this right. Until next time have a wonderfull day all.
The Hideout
My day starts at 7:40am and ends the following day at 3am on average. I roll on into work from a mile away where I live at 9am. I am my own boss in my own biz as I have been going on 8 years. After the bay doors are open and the lights and PC are on, I'm changing out my sandals for a pair of Redwings to walk across the shop to the tool box to "get that head right". Only one appointment today and it'll be a case of 20 minutes work and 5 minutes of jaw-slappin for 60 bones, cash. Butch is slated to pick up his car cover for the Jag and the SL1 fluid he needs for his leakyass POS. I've just knocked the cherry off this fag and it's burning through the office carpet next to the other four thousand bomb craters. ANOTHER interesting day...
Just sittin here thinkn about life and well not to be to korny.. but LOVE. Why is it that people react differently to love.... its like extremes... Im of the OPINION that when you love someone you want THEIR happiness more than you do your own... not to the detriment of your own well being or sanity mind you... but you want them happy... even if it means you live without them. Im confused.... really I am, by some of the people in my life and in particular the MEN.... how is it that someone says they love you BUT its conditional upon you being in a certain life state or that the relationship (and I use the term loosely) be a certain kind???? I guess my limited mind cant grasp the idea that love be conditional.... I mean Im human and it hurts horribly when someone you love doesnt love you in the same way or to the same degree or with the same intensity.... but dear God.... I cant see me ever being hateful to someone I love... maybe the day will come but I hope it never does...
Hello i have no bling so look at me if you like drop me my first bling
Salute Auction..come Bid On Me!!
¢¾A Beautiful Mess¢¾ KO Girl Salute Auction most RATES get a 1day blast. BID COMMENTS ONLY!! win me and you get RATE! 1 sfw salutes (cash bids get 2 nsfw request salutes) CLICK A PIC AND COME BID !!!!
hello there... im thirsty & have no drinks.............ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help im very
The Happy Spot!!!!
Hello to all my friends on here. Hope you all are having a wonderful Hump Day!!! Everyone knows I usually keep to myself & never ask for anything from any of my friends on here. But... today is a little different. I have a really good friend of mine that has just opened a new lounge. Its very nice, tasteful, and constantly monitored by staff. But my friend Keri, the owner, needs some new cam girls for the lounge. If you could help her out so that the lounge really takes off for her, I would greatly appreciate it!! Just go to the link below and join. Please????
Family Fund Raiser
Special Thanks
Oh, what a day Friday Feb 20th,2009. My 1st Auto 11 & birthday gift from my R/L daughter (Tracie) Vixxenn213 and our race to GODFATHER. At the start of the day I needed 1,500,000 and she needed 1,300,000 to level. In 9 1/2 hours we both reached Godfather. Team Rick leveled 1st and 11 minutes later Vixxenn213. Talk about some true friends, WOW! You all rawked!!! Many friends rated both of us & watched the race come down to the wire, leads changed, but in the end we had two new GODFATHERS. This was because of your support. So thank you all, and to your friends who came long as well, KUDOS! It fulfilled my birthday wish. Thanks to Archaic Angel (Indiana wants me) and Darklady for their bulli's that made it special. It was truly a blessed day! With all my love, Rick
life is too short 4 maybe and wot ifs!!!! so go do wot ever wen ever how ever and do it soon x
Going For Godfather
gonna work on a new godmother/father bully soon ill just add those i see or let me know there going for level 25 Now for our resident BJ queen lol bl0wj0bBeTTy ((zodiaK leveLer))@ fubar This hottie brings a whole new meaning to duct tape (shh dont ask ill never tell) ♦ηιккι♦Greeter@Club Flava!Ownedbyßîg♦ÐâÐdÝ♦W!C@ fubar
hope everyone has a good day,enjoy life to the fullest
I've Been Tagged
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have been a nurse since 1997 but I was a hairdresser for 7 yrs before that. 2. I do not like to fly altho I will do it for 3. I have had asthma since I was a kid 4. I am hyper and tend to be impatient at times 5. My dream job would be to be a forensic pathologist/coroner....(dead people don't ask for the 6. I am addicted to peppermint lifesavers...I swear they put crack in 7. I want to retire to someplace warm since I HATE cold weather 8. I am very anal about my house being clean...but not my car 9. I am a shopaholic....there I admitted it 10. Jason is my boyfriends name but it is
A Loving Church By The Pastor All the characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. © Copyright 2008 Chapter 1: The beginning I never expected while I was in seminary school that my life would change so much. I am a young man, 33 years of age. I don't consider myself to be an overly attractive man. I'm about five foot seven inches tall. I have a slender athletic build. I have dark brown hair, which most people mistake for black, and brown eyes. I've spent the last 4 years of my life studying in a local seminary school to become a minister. I then had the task of finding a church to preach at. Like anyone searching for a job I started putting my resume out everywhere I could think of. I sent it to several local churches applying for an assistant pastor position. I placed it online at all the popular job sites, and I waited. I was extremely pleased when I got a call about
Why Am I Asking For Fubux
Things About Me
Tell me YOUR story​ Hi, my name is: John Never​ in my life have I been to: California I hate it when:​​ people dont stop at stop signs The one perso​n who can drive​ me nuts is: My Daughter When I'm nervo​us:​​ I usually dont show it, but I usually am not nervous. It takes alot. The last song I liste​ned to was: Superwoman If I were to get marri​ed right​ now my best man/ maid of honor​ would​ be: Chuck My hair is: very short...kinda spiked When I was 5: i was in 1st grade. Last Chris​tmas:​​ I was in Florida with my parents and my family I shoul​d be: Away from the computer. When I look down:​ I can see a flatter belly starting to emerge The happi​est recen​t event​ was: My lasik surgery My curre​nt annoy​ance is: Not being able to kick my craving for ju
My Story
Mardi Gras
i`ll buy gift beads 4 boob/ass salutes but not bling beads i can`t do bling but gift beads are just as good any takers hit me up i`m a boob man and a ass man i`m new at this blog thing here
Rip In Peace Baby Chistopher!
Wtf? Whiskey
Wtf? Whiskey
The Bullievers
I have gotten many shouts and adds lately from people wanting to be a BULLiever so I thought it time to blog it so people know what that means (if you are one already, you already know). First, here is what the BULLievers are NOT: a train a "cool" tag a leveling group or bombing group decoration for your page an "ad" for me to get rates or for you to use for some sort of credibility. I started the BULLiever tag as a ty for a few people that are my friends. It was a sign of appreciation and I thought it was catchy. I never envisioned that there would be 39 and consequently a family, which is exactly what it has become. If you have a BULLiever tag, you have shown loyalty, honesty, reliability and friendship to me and some of the members. As we have grown, it has been encouraging to see you support each other and I personally would like to see more of it. We are not a leveling group and there are no real mandates as to rating and supporting other BULLievers. However,
Newbie Here
Still trying to figure this place out. Any tips from anyone out there?
Obama Sucks!
Young, Inexprenced and Retarted! anyone else agree?
Crazy Shit From The Net.
You think youre going to live your life alone In darkness and seclusion... yeah, I know You've been out there and tried to mix with those animals, and it just left you full of humiliated confusion. So you stagger back home and wait for nothing, but the solitary refinement of your room spits you back onto the streets. And, now you're desperate and in need of human contact. And, then you meet me and your whole world changes because everything I say is everything you've ever wanted to hear. So, you drop all you defenses, Im perfect in every way, cause I make you feel so strong and so powerfull inside. You feel so lucky, but your ego obscures reality that you never bothered to wonder why things are going so well. You want to know why? Cause I'm a liar, yeah, I'm a liar. I'll tear your mind out, I'll burn your soul. I'll turn you into me, I'll turn you into me. Cause I'm a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar... I'll hide behind a smile and understanding eyes. And, I'll tell yo
Today around 5 pm my mom attempted suicide. She called crying saying over and over again that she just wanted me to know how much she loved me. I rushed over to find her babbling incoherently and she was barely conscious. As my friend and I rushed her to the hospital her breathing was becoming more shallow. At the hospital all I could do was sit there with this helpless, sick, scared feeling in the pit of my stomach as they stuck tubes down her nose and throat, put her on a respirator and pump her stomach. I was scared out of my mind that I was going to lose my mom. And then the last thing she said to me in the car before she went unconscious started playing in my head over and over again. "Please don't be mad at me" Mad? At her? That hadn't even crossed my mind. Mad at the person who made her feel so worthless that she didn't want to live anymore, of course. I am so mad at him I would rip his fucking dick off and feed it to him if I could. But back to the point, I hadn't been mad at
Lol Weird Survey I Stole But Cool
Name a quote from the song you're listening to: baby did you forget to take your meds.. placebo \m/ they rock. When were you born? February 4, 1982 Have you ever kissed someone you weren't dating? on the cheek sure. What are you seriously wearing? a wife beater and shorts. When is the last time you saw the person you like/liked? hmm .... good question. Ever kissed anyone on your top friends? does my roomie count? Describe the last time you were injured? haha its been a while but playin football i did flip over a car.. not a pretty sight but i got back up and continued playing LOL. Do you get the full 8 hours of sleep a night? not really. im an insomniac Think of all your exes, would you take any of them back? NO..but the thought has crossed my mind but no considering.. yeah no.. On your "lazy days" what would you be doing? Mumming. oh wait thats everyday haha. Of all your friends, who would you want to be stu
Everyday I wonder why I am alone. Maybe it is me, maybe not. I would love to find someone like me. Who knows whats in my future I hope it is something good. I believe I deserve a partner who will love me for me and nothing else. My life is an open book ready for a new chapter a new beginning. So what do you think I am open for suggestions. Please private message me and give your insight.
You Knoe Who You Are
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you
Wuts Up Fubar?
wuts up guys? been awhile since i have been around, been busy working and all that good shit. the guys at stargate are about ready to release the final RC of the portal system, so i have come up for some air from testing while they put together the install. then hopefully there will be 1 last test and then release. then we can move on to the IM3 software. i am still plugging away upgrading and designing some client's sites. but i have to tell you i am about sick of playing flash games. i don't know if i will agree to install another arcade for anyone....i am definitely going to have to do a price increase for that job. i finally got some time to work on my own site and to do some painting and illustrating. and i am taking a couple more classes in illustrator and photoshop. these 2 programs have added some amazing features in CS4, so much so i want to get myself a great digital camera and get back into photography. anyways, i will drop my link in a blog when i have it ready f
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The New Bomb !!!
Random Funny Stuff
A woman and her boyfriend are out having a few drinks. She starts talking about this really great new drink. After a while he gives in and lets her order the drink for him. The bartender brings the drink and puts the following items on the bar: A salt shaker, a shot of Baileys, and a shot of lime juice. First you put a bit of the salt on your tongue, next you drink the shot of Baileys and hold it in your mouth, and finally you drink the lime juice. So, the boyfriend, trying to go along and please her, goes for it. He puts the salt on his tongue. salty but OK. He drinks the shot of Baileys..very pleasant, holding it in his mouth. He thinks...this is OK. Finally he picks up the lime juice and drinks it. In one second the sharp lime taste hits. At two seconds the Baileys curdles. At three seconds the salty, curdled taste and mucous-like consistency hits. At four seconds it feels as if he has a mouth full of nasty snot. This triggers his gag reflex, but being manly, and not wanting to disa
Rate, Add, And Fan Please
Hey everybody. Rate, Add, and Fan my brother Dradd. You can look him up on my page. and why you are there you can rate my new pics. Thanks everybody in Fu land.
Chelley's Rants And Raves
I was bored and took a quiz on facebook and came with this and I was scared about how eerily this descibes me....People sometimes find you cold and reserved. They don't know you well enough though because in reality you're warm and passionate with a sensitivity to nature and natural beauty. But you hide your feelings. You're a natural worrier and as soon as you fall in love, you're afraid of being deserted. It's this fear that too often prevents you from committing or doing what feels right deep down: for example, leaving a someone you love through fear of theim abandoning you one day. But over time, you gain confidence in yourself and your relationships have a better chance of lasting. Hidden agendas don't exist with you pair, as you both expect honesty and loyalty from one another no matter how brutal it may be. You complete one another, with these people you are able to have an intellectual debate or those deep intellectual conversations which you crave. The sexual chemistry between
Been Out Of Touch
I have not been on lately very much. I just wanted to say thank u for everyone who left me love....I will return it... I have been just getting on for a bit here and there lately. I have recently got custody of my son back. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. He is very happy and right now staying with his grandparents (dad's parents)....till I move there. I am buying a house in the country....and if all goes well and nothing falls threw (which I pray everyday nothing happens) I will be moved by next month around the 21'st....... So I will be on a bit less but I will deffinatly come back and return all the love..... I have the greatest friends on fubar..... luv u all MsBratt.....muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Baby Blood Rain ( BBR ): I have been asked to Interview Carni about his First CD, Well I guess my first question would be, What inspired you to do this CD? Carni ( C ): Well, I have always wanted to make a CD to express myself and I have had alot of insepirations. BBR: Care to name a few? or is that personal *winks* C: Hm, lets see. There is Twiztid, tech n9ne, Boondox, Devildriver ... just to name a few. BBR: I see. Well, What kind of reaction are you hoping to see with your work? C: I would love to be driving down the street and hear someone bumping to "Lets Play" in the car. I know that not everyone is going to like this and thats fine with me. I'd like them to listen to the lyrics and not just the beat. BBR: Yes, Lots of people prefer to listen to the beat instead of the Lyrics. Do you think its an insult to the artist for fans/listeners to only like the beat? C: Well, thats so/so because you have to give credit to the people who made the beat, but the lyrics
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hey'' whats up i guess i can say that am kinda new,not to many people come by.anymore.i am LOOKING FOR STAFF DJ'S AND ANYKIND OF HELP POSSABLE.IF INTERESTED SHOUT AT ME K OWNER DRAGON'S LAIR imikimi - Customize Your World! Hell-o my name is david .,some of you may know me some may not.i am the owner of 2 lounges,southern comfort and dragon's lair.well what s this for.reasons well to have fun. make new friends. and build the biggest dream on fubar that you can immagen so do us all a favor!come by dragon's lair tell me what you think .it's a free fubar. join today get shit face when arrive lol help is needed for all perposes C-YAH THERE
well since this site is more about your score and worrying who has the most points and the most "friends" im out of here. Friends are people that you actually talk to and have conversations with, not just rate their photos and profile and other things like that. I dont need an online popularity contest to make myself feel better abotu myself i know who i am and what i do i dont need complete strangers telling me this. Dont get me wrong ive met some great nice people here but those were few and far between. I have far better things to do then waste my time trying to be the cool kid on fubar. So continue on living your meaningless online lives.
Ok, here I go. I woke up this morning and everything was normal like every day. Had my shower, got dressed for work. Logged on Fubar to leave my daily profile comments. It's 6:15 am. time to go to work. I normaly have my first cigarette with a cup of coffee when I reach work. Got in my van and started head to work, traffic was not the normal every day traffic, it was so bad cause of an accident. After a while I needed a cigarette, looking for a lighter to light it. It's then when I noticed. OMG. I forgot to put my shorts on. LMAO I called work to tell them that I was going to be late, my boss wanted to know why as we had a busy day ahead of us. I had to tell him what happened, it's then when all I could hear is him laughing his ass off. Good job they like me at work and good job I was driving a van so people couldn't see me in it looking down at me in the traffic LOL Only me can do things like that. One thing I want you all to know, I was not on any kind of drugs. LMAO Lucky

1. I have two wonderful kids 2. I am married to a soldier 3. My husband is deployed 4. I work for an oral surgeon 5. I am a FUBAR addict !!!!! 6. Horror movies are my favorite 7. Purple is my favorite color 8. I have 4 best friends 9. My number one is one of my besties 10. I drive a '07 Mustang 11. I have had major surgery 12. I LOVE Key Lime Pie ... haha 13. Is my lucky numer 14. I can be the biggest bitch you will ever meet 15. I love road trips!!!!!!
Grrrrrrrrr Freakin Grrrrrrrrrr
ive been depressed for about 2 months now i lost my kids i hate my life nobody care whats going on with me.
My Mind
in my head these things i see i close my eyes and i picture a sky just as the sun goes down isee the reflection of the moon in the water and wonder some times what will that reflection show each time i close my eyes evry time i see some thing different some times good sometimes bad some times i see my self as my father and some times as a kid sometimes different things i cannot explain these images what do they mean i can see waves coming in now the water is at my ankles and i ccant move as the water rises i feel the sand beneath my feet begin to disipateand the sea slowly swallows me and i dont even scream and then all thats left is the reflection in the water and the moon Cody Fortescue: and my body becomes the sea Cody Fortescue: thats one of my dreams
Matt Kestner [atheist] Vs. David Jordan [creationist/idist]
Fri, 1/30/09, David Jordan: Time is not at random. I didn't ask or assert that time was random. Wed, 2/4/09, David Jordan: the stars have rotated in the heavens, but have not changed the constellation arrangements in all these years. You've yet to explain why these contellations should rearrange themselves at you're whim. Wed, 2/4/09, David Jordan: there must not be any side ways galaxies. There are 'side ways' galaxies. The universe isn't taking orders from any human, and it's independ of God (and/or Jesus). Wed, 2/4/09, David Jordan: neither red shifting or blue shifting. They would still redshift or blueshift even with a side ways rotation. The shifting concerns distance, not the way the said galaxies are moving. Wed, 2/4/09, David Jordan: God compromises with evolution. You haven't explained how 'God' compromises with evolution. Thu, 2/5/09, David Jordan: not saying anything except two opposing theories. Big Bang and
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St..louis Party
StLouis Area FuSingles Mardi Gras Party - Sat, March 7th - Updated 2/24 (Puhleez Repost) (repost) date: 2009-02-24 14:24:33 last updated Sunday, Feb 24th, 7:45am FuTime St Louis Area FuSingles Mardi Gras Party Saturday March 7th, 7:00 pm - 1:30 am Grab your beads and your single friends and head on over to the Stratford Inn and extend your Mardi Gras celebration just a little bit longer! Saturday, March 7th 7:00 pm - 1:30 am Stratford Bar & Grill (in the Ballroom) 800 South Highway Drive (across from Chrysler off hwy 44) Fenton, Missouri 63026 (636) 343-5757 ~~ FuSpecials ~~ * No Cover * $1 All Night Long - Pabst Blue Ribbon * $2 All Night Long - well, wine & draft * $2 All Night Long - Bud, Bud Light & Bush Bottles * Free Buffet from 8 - 9:30 (chicken wings, pasta & salad) * DJ and Music all night * Discounted Room Rate of $35.00 (tax included - just tell them you are with fubar) * 1
Mardi Gras
Parade-goers glow over largest Mardi Gras since '05 05:41 PM CST on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Maya Rodriguez / Eyewitness News NEW ORLEANS – Veteran Mardi Gras visitors provided the anecdotal evidence. Video: Watch the Story "I haven't seen it this packed in a long time," said Jason Williams, a New York City native, who spent his seventh Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year. The numbers, though, provide the hard evidence. Tourism officials said Mardi Gras 2009 saw the largest crowds in the city since 2005 – the Mardi Gras before Hurricane Katrina. Nearly one million people turned out for the celebration. The number is based on hotel occupancy rates, restaurant and store sales and garbage collection. "It's very impressive considering the economy the way it is," said Kelly Schulz, with the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau. "We weren't really sure what to expect, but we promoted Mardi Gras very heavily." The promotion revolved around selling New Orleans as
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does this site have a chat? i dont see one, maybe im blinded lol This is my blog, but I don't know what to say. lol This site is cool. I was on myspace but that site is too boring. I like tubely and performerspot too. Anyone know how old this site is, it is new or not? ok bye bye for now :) bored home on saturday night. ill chat on performerspot or yahoo. anyone watching a good movie?
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The night was cool, the windows open. I spent what seemed like an eternity bathing myself after relieving what seemed like an endless frustration. Carefully cleaning and shaving.. paying attention to make sure the job was done to what I knew you would require. The hotel was deafeningly quiet. As I sit perched on the bed brushing my hair, taking long slow strokes brushing the tangles waist length of chestnut hair. I feel the bed lower and a hand enclose my neck and another in my hair, my breath quickens and I inhale sharply. You whisper not to turn around or look until I'm told to. I feel you reach around me and I feel the coarse roughness of a rope.. one hand and then the other bound. I my breathing increases, and you tell me to stand. I start to talk, and I feel a firm slap across my ass, and you telling me I wasn't told I could speak. Then a second time, so I'm aware that you have spoken and I am to listen. This goes on for a while until I learn not to speak until my master
"now That "
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CLICK THE CHERRIES OK, I have another AUTO 11 to get rid of! Auto 11 is up for bid from Monday, Feb 24th at 7PM. Futime to FRIDAY Feb 27th at 7PM Futime!! NO Drama & highest bidder gets it, CLICK ANY OF THE CHERRIES & Good Luck :)) CLICK THE CHERRIES THANX, THE HOST ~Bratt~ ¢¾~BRATT~¢¾Fu Married to *TJATTHEROCK*&FuOwned by*BIGDADDY4LIFE*&FuOwned by~BigDaddySpa@ fubar
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So they change the setting so you cant rate pics fast because "this is a social site". WTF now we have cherry bombs. Seems to me, that if you don't spend money (real) you get no benefits or abilities unless you level. Sure if you make Oracle. But lets be real. How long would that take you with no money spent? I know and understand this is a business just like any other. But isn't it supposed to be "A social site"? Sorry just venting a little no harm meant.
Broken Hearted At The Moment
Darkness Inside
I feel the pain inside my head Inside my head i feel alive I hope to die in the black suffocating darkness But i live afraid to die Pulled apart by the darkness Society tells me i must die Abomination, Discrimination, Suffocation I open my eyes and realize Im drowning in my own darkness Created by the hand that feeds me the poison that they call life set me free let me die just drown in my darkness forever The fountain of life? No the fountain of death beckons me to its blackest depths do i lead or do i follow below what is right what is wrong?
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I Need Your Help Getting Onto A Reality Show, Just Click And Vote For Me.
Sitting along in the dark. I wonder why im here. maybe its to meet someone. maybe its to loss someone. Maybe its both.... To find the fates. The ones who seems to cut the cord way to early. Then i will loss not one but all 9 lives.. Why is it? That life seems to meaningless unless you loss your Social Security Number? That number seems to drive people Insane and sane at the same time.. Well in this darkness. I seen things which the boogie man is even afraid of!!! Yet I still sit here and keep watching. Not scared! But some how in comfort. I giggle to myself. Wondering whats else is here, I get up. Not sure what thing would bump into or I come across. but i still walk away. Leaving my body behind. Not realizing it. I keep walking. Finding out the darkness holds more for me then anything else. So i head deeper... Feeling this drive I turn left. Finding a set of stairs. Up or down I ask myself self. Looking down and up to see what i might see. I think down.. Its full
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It's Time!
It's time! To ORACLE this gentleman! He worked hard to get here and he helped a lot of us all the time!It's time to return the love now! He needs less than 4mil points. Autos will be on Friday. Bling,Rate,Bomb!!! ☮LarryB☮@ fubar Pimped out with love by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
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Allen Iverson must decide for himself... It is a dark day in Colts football with the release of the all time great receiver Marvin Harrison. It is both a shame and not really a surprise to this pessimistic writer with the ailing economy the way it is. All too often older players sign hefty contracts with a big bonus pay out at the beginning and the remaining signing bonus strung out over the remaining length of the contract. All too often especially in the NFL there is a massive chance taken on both sides with no realistic end to the payout. The team signs in the hopes they will get enough play production out of the player to make up for the initial bonus and the remaining payments. The player hopes that they will see the majority of the contract without being injured severely or be released, cut or waived before the contract ends. Many times these contracts go both ways and way too often with older players are released unconditionally to save money under the salary ca
If you would like to see more photos that i took you can look me up on myspace and check em out.Search for Jhustan
Effin Boss
Why is it employers treat their BEST employees like sh**...What im saying is that ive been at my job for close to a year now and have never missed a day that hasn't been excused ( it rained ) and been late 3 times but i miss a day because someone close 2 me passes the shit hits the fan .... But someone at work is effin wanted and misses 3 weeks without calling its ok when he finally decides 2 come back ......this has been eating at me all effin day......HELP
[ photo: 1463465438 ]                                      R/F/A   OWN MEEEE PAMPER       ME!!!!  COMMENT MY PICS AND PROFILES  , I WANT YOU TO TAKE CARE OF ME.............            IF YOU WANT TO?????                 SINCERELY,                                   BLONDIE2222  
    Here’s my take on some of the recent protests. * This is the hour of our discontent A defining moment for our generation It is a time to stand and demand our rights A time to shout from every street corner * Where is our piece of the American Pie? Who will pursue our happiness? This is supposed to be the greatest nation on earth Where is the prosperity we were promised? * We believe that every generation should do better than the last And that our kids shouldn’t have to work as hard as we did We believe that education is the most important thing And that teachers ought to do a better job of motivating our kids to learn * We believe that the government should do more for the people And that it shouldn’t cost us more in taxes We believe that corporate America should provide good, high-paying, non-polluting, jobs
Crazy Women....
As a few of you know... I lost my job a few weeks ago.... I worked for my sister and her husband for 2 years. I was told this was just for the summer, that when school started back in Sept. I would be coming back. Today, I go to the office to visit my sister and there she is, just as I knew she would be....but, beside of her was my baby sister (the whore)! I asked her what she was doing, and she said being trained to do your job! WTF!!! Am I overreacting? I walked off.... I wanted to do so much more! Job Opening at the FBI The FBI had an opening for an assassin. After all the background checks, interviews, And testing were done, there were 3 finalists, Two men and a woman. For the final test, the FBI agents took one of The men to a large metal door and handed Him a gun. 'We must know that you will follow Instructions no matter what the circumstances. Inside the room you will find your wife sitting In a chair ... Kill her!' Th
The Me Black List
> > > > > If any one has been effected by the actions of any one or all three of these profiles, goodnews - there is now support available for you - mail me for details - but only if you have directly been affected by it. > > > > > they will love you unconditionally and even try and convert you - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Why Is It
Game On
--I spent night after night falling asleep to your voice --I wake up everyday and have texts from you concerned about how I slept --Then all of a sudden theres nothing, no phone calls, no texts --I message you every place I can think of --I begin to wonder if something horrible has happend to you --Why are you so gone? --What have I done? --You don't realize how much I blame myself... --Obviously you don't care --All I think I was is something to occupy you breifly --Did I really deserve this? --Are you really gone for good? --I honestly loved you --I believed the words you spoke were true --Who is she that's taking my place? --I swear I have something that says "Break my heart" on my forehead
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Is It So Hard????
I’m just sick and tired of thinking I met a great guy and then finding out other wises. Why can’t I catch a break and just meet a great guy who will love me for me and treat me right and be faithful. I just don’t get what is so hard for people to be faithful these days. It’s like what the fuck. It’s not that fucking hard to just be with one person. It’s just mind blowing that I keep thinking I have a great guy and yet again I end up getting cheated on I'm just so sick of getting my heart broken.. I want to be like most of my friends happy with a great guy and have a family. Instead of what I keep ending up in. What the fuck can I catch a fucking break???? I'm so sick of letting someone in for them to let me down and breaking me even worse than before.
Living In The City
l Every passing day the rude and ignorant are increasing in numbers. No one seems to know how to use the words please and thank you.  People speak but do not want to listen.  People want you to wait, but unwilling to wait themselves.  It does not matter if your busy chatting with someone else or not, they rudly interupt as if they are more important.  I do believe we now need a manual for dummies living in society.  I have a crappy job and see all sorts of people on a daily business, and I must say ~ I love the people I work with, but the customers are idiots and that alone is enough to hate the job ~  I always use my manners and is polite to each and everyone that comes in.  I only wish I could recieve the same type of servise.  I wonder if the schools are the ones teaching society to ask for things with "Give/Get me"  I realize most are in this life for themselves and hardly care about others and what harm they do to others.  But I for one will not follow into this crap.  I wil
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Spontaneous Decisions
can't wait to get the wings added to my newest tat
Random Thoughts. . .
if i have multiple personality disorder, and i threaten to commit suicide...would that be considered a hostage situation? if barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends? if i were god, and i didn't believe in myself...would that be blasphemy?
Blue World
Baby since you've been gone my world has been so wrong. I still can't figer out how i got meself into this mess.With you i didn't try my very best. Sometime I ask myself why I lefted you. Cause without you my world is so dark and blue. Babycakes I miss you so much it hurts. Everything we do nothing seem's to your all I think about. Our love was ture without a single daout. Baby why can't you see what you have done to me. in my heart you will alway's be.Sometime's I just can't figer out what is love. I love you more then anything in this world form my heart to the haven's above. what esle can I do my heart is so dark and blue without you. I can't sleep at night not one wink. everytime I thimk about you my heart just sink's. I try to fight this feeling I have for you. Everytime I try I just lose.So I just going to say this one more time I wish you were mine. Rose are red I'm just blue why don't you come on home and let our love be ture.
I notice that in all of the months i have been on here no on has attempted to buy me yet what's up with that? I really do not understand the level thing all it does is keep people from performing various things that are ok i suppose but it also separates people based on that system. I am in an evil mood today. it makes me feel horny and want to ravage and please a woman the only thing is that I haven't found a woman who'll give me the chance to get to know her in that way.  therefore i shal do what i alway do and obstain as usual. i shall wait til the time is right and i get to know a woman well enlugh for that to be an option.
Fuck Me Place
im new to this site but am easy going and fun to talk with! shoot me a message or befriend me and there will be great chats ahead! haha!
Cherry Bomb Train Idea
Ok... I'm liking this Cherry Bomb... I so appreciate the friends that have used their cherry bombs on me... So, I've been sitting here thinking... Yeah... Stop laughing... I think this is a good one... LOL... When I ever get my tax refund check, if there's enough left after all the bills are paid... I'm going to buy a cherry bomb... To expedite the bombing of my friends, I'm going to set up a blog for myself like a train but with pic folder links... So, if you would like to be on the list... Leave me a message in my blog comments... And I will add you to the list and get as many as I can in one hour... Thanks bunches... Carrie
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I keep getting random texts(cell) from some douchebag, telling me how sexy I am. He won't tell me who he is. I told him I could give a fuck about what he thinks and to fuck off 2. I Guess I don't take well to compliments really. 3. I just ate a tuna and chip wrap? Yeah... I enjoyed it. 4. I need to fix the faucet in the shower, because it takes 2 mins to turn the cold water on... and then when its on, it takes even longer to turn off? Shit sucks yo. 5. I am currently unemployed, because my miraculous mind decided to agree with me, and encourage my quitting. 6. I guess I tend to lead guy
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The night lights flicker the cold winds blow My heart embraces your memory it wont let you go My soul is tortured with eternal despair The depths of your heart dwell in Satan's lair Wretched and twisted my love is diseased Only when I'm broken are your needs fully pleased Bare me open, exposing my flaws Rip at my emotions, your words are like claws Sobbing and broken on the floor I cry Release me from my misery, just let me die
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Nutrition Free B
For optimal nutrition, it is of great importance to make sure that an individual’s protein intake has the whole complement of amino acids. The body uses twenty-two amino acids to make human protein, or complete protein. Ten of those amino acids, called essential amino acids, need to come from your diet because the body does not have the enzymes required for their biosynthesis. These ten amino acids are as follows: arginine histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. It is important to note that if even one essential amino acid is missing at the time of metabolism by the body; the remaining amino acids will not be assimilated, and will be reduced to the same number as those that were present at the time of metabolism. The body only uses the amino acids that make complete protein. If there is a deficiency of any of the essential amino acids, the body will actually start to cannibalize itself by the degradation of the b
Hello every body, just in here trolling around looking for new buddies. My life has been kinda boring lately but i plan on fixing that!
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A girl asked a boy if he thought she was pretty, the boy said no the girl asked if he would want to be with her forever he said no she then asked if she would walk away if he would cry he said no She had heard enough As she walked away the boy grab her by the arm and said i dont think your pretty your beautiful I dont want to be with you forever i NEED to be with you forever and i would not cry if you walked away i would die.......... Now thats love
My Dark Place
I Hate This... In My Life There Are Only A Few Things That I Ask For... But Time And Time Again, There Is Something That Constantly Prevents My Goals From Becoming Reality. First, I Would Love To Have A Career As A Police Officer ANYWHERE!!! But Apparently You Can't Achieve That Goal Without Joining The Police Academy... Which Costs Money, Which Thanks To An Ex-Girlfriend Who Stole Every Penny I Ever Saved Up, I Don't Have Too Much Of Anymore. Second, Military!!! I Want To Join The Military With All My Heart, But Apparently I Have Had One Too Many Surgeries, And Broken Bones... So They Pretty Much Look At Me Like I Am Damaged Goods, I Have Been Told By Recruiters That They Will Take Anyone, As Long As You Have The Heart. Well I Have Been Shot Down Several Times, So Fuck What Recruiters Say... Its All Bullshit. And Last But Most Certainly Not Least... A Companion To Spend The Rest Of My Life With, I Have Loved And I Have Lost, But For Once It Would Be N
Super Lesbian
Okay, just to clear things up for the men of Fubar... I am lesbian... And no, it wasnt that some guy beat me or wasnt good enough in bed... I just love women! You cant change that... Your not better in bed then the rest... I dont care of your package is 9"... I dont care of you have some NSFW folder full of you banging some poor girls brains out... I dont want to see it... Dont want to trade access to mine... Yadda yadda... Blah blah... I DONT hate men at all.. I dont hate anyone... Just, dont want to sleep with ya! If you think i am hot... Well get over and rate me!!! Help a girl out!
To be graced with you presence was an honor, but to be your grandson meant so much more. Our Family was blessed with you for 84 years. Now the lord has called you back to bless his presence. I will never for get all that you instilled in me as a child. I will do best to raise my children in the manor you set forth before me. In many ways I looked towards others only to find you with the only answer. I always felt your love. I only wish I was there more to return the favor. Even with great distance I felt your loving hand. Ciao Nonna I will greet you at the gates when I am called but till then feel free to look upon as as you always have.
My Life
I just wanna say thank you for all who sent me kind & thoughtful emails about dad. I just have no reason to be on here or anywhere on the computer as I try to deal with his passing & try to build a life to where I’m not tearing up. Some of you that I’ve gotten to know on here have asked me what happened & I appreciate all of the concerns. Instead of repeating myself, I’ll just explain here… Dad had a leg infection called Cellulitis. Since his regular doctor didn’t send him to the hospital to be treated like last year when he had it, my sister that dad lived with dragged him to the ER (literally) the night of Aug 30th cause he was having symptoms of Sepsis. The following day which was suppose to be a happy day cause it was Shaun’s birthday, he went into Septic shock which made him stop breathing & had cardiac arrest. Took them 14 minutes to get a pulse & was transferred to their ICU. They don’t know how long we wasn’t breathing so they
i just thought id spill a few words of nothing today so here they are .......its cold here but i am gettin used to it its 30 and i am in a t shirt today ...... the ice is melting but how do folks come to choose to live in this enviroment no wonder the noth got so mad at the south i'd hate us too if i was a northern native we get all the good weather but i suppose some are smarter than others i just cant figure out why it cost twice to live here as san diego so i swear i am havein trouble with it but i can do it as ;long as shes close if the day ever comes that shes not (god forbid this plz) i will be back in cali in 7 days or less it's well .........its california i can still hit the slopes and get a tan the same day .... so i gotta ask and please reply ...WHY DO THE PEOPLE IN THE USA FAR NOTRTH LIVE IN THE FREZZEING COLD AND ICE AND ALL THAT IT BRINGS WITH IT ????????
[Intro: Some guys talking] The spiked red hair...and the..and the, paint on his face Whow, hold on man, Tech is losein' it man He's not as grounded as he used to be Tech was a devil worshiper You know you see a black dude with red hair And a long beard, I mean look he look scary to me too Yeah that nigga Tech man he sellin' out man That..that's he's doin' that for the white folks That white shit he doin' man [Verse 1: Tech N9ne] I've been writing for Nineteen years for sure Haters in these times Niggas don't wanna see me shine Stop me, and then try and tell me (Come gangster) And then compare me to Nelly (What ya bang bra) So this songs is gonna tell me so called gangster Niggas, who the fuck has always been the bigger G? Hey, I've been bustin' And fizz knuckin' bitches It tizz nothin' for years puffin' I've been clutchin' riches from his muffin' Heres fuck you niggas this is toughin' I (Don't know what the fuck you thinkin' telling me this shit is hella fake) Say, since way back in t
My Sex 411
What is it that you absolutely need sexually? To Get off What is something you have always wanted to try? Sex on the beach What is something you have never done in bed before? Being on top What time of day do you like to have sex? doesn't matter any time What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? just holding me How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? not long at all lol If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? Nervous Would it bother you if your bf/gf got naked at a beach or river? No Have you ever faked an orgasm? I don't think so What Part of your body are you self-conscious about? my stomach Do you have any sexual regrets? yes but lets not go there If a lover cheated on you would you take them back? Hell No How Important is sex in your life? I have needs How Important is love in your life? Very important What is the biggest figh
My Auctions.
How man times do I have to change Now my life is tormented and strange Nothing is clear or ever will be I fear I gave her everything I had Yet it's my fault she is mad You want to hear how I feel She won't listen only peel She sits in her nest Requesting I be honest Yet she can't be honest with me All I desire is to be free Hide behind my mask I call life I do's paired us husband and wife I can't find my direction Words are her weapon It must be my destiny to live in misery I will continue to fade away Until I am dark, dull and gray She wants me to change again forget all the pain Please give me a chance with a hidden evil glance So I must change for you All so you can screw With the man I once was But never again because She can't change herself So I put my heart on a self She will never have it It sits there bleeding and split How do you bring back something that is dead? After all that has been said It forced me to
Help Me
ok so i decided to ask all u ppl on fubar to help me get the concept of this website down. just tell me what i have to do on here.plz and thank you
i am not new to this site this is actually my second time here..i was level 25 when i deleted the first one i had..i know how things work here and here is a few things i like to say 1.) i do not cyber 2.) dont ask for my number you wont get it 3.) do not ask to meet me cuz its not happening 4.) im here for friends and that is it 5.) not sure if im going to make a salute or not..i havent made up my mind yet

Fu Words And Their Definitions
Wheveer: FuNoun, FuSpeach for Where the F ever. (Old HTML)....Created by myself on this day in the Forbidden Inc. lounge
"Pandora opened a box releasing all the evils of mankind, and when she shut it only hope was left inside." I guess when we're born we all open that box, because nothing can protect us from ourselves. Lustful moments, greed and selfishness. turn once, turn twice, turn back. i dont know why everything changes while your in the middle of something. forever is a long time to live under the hate and greed of others. the watchful eye of the gods will not turn blind eyes forever. Pandora, the first woman, made this choice but was it a mistake? what if her intention was to release hope? saddly, thats not the way it turned out. we live in this world thanks to the weaker kind, steping on eachother to get what we selfishly want. put just one curse upon your soul back into the box, and lock it away. when the world chages to accept everybody we will truely suceed being human, and truely show why we were put here. Pandora is out there waiting to shut everything back away in
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. i pick my toes 2. i'm a musician 3. i always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. now i'm not so sure.. haha 4. i tried to kill damon's fish once 5. i'm indecisive 6. i take frequent mind vacations 7. my favorite place in the whole wide world is the beach!!! 8. i long for romance and romantic little things 9. i want to hurt the dog behind us, he barks non-stop. seriously 10. i like to be alone sometimes i tag.... Miss Dee, Deacon Blue, Celena, Rootbeer Float, and Big Daddy Will!
My Sex 411
Hey everyone I would like some help with this one. I am looking at buying a new car when I get home from Iraq and my price range is up to 36000 I have some choices I really like but I am open to suggestions. Tell me what you would pick and why preferably from this list though. Chevrolet Colorado Chevrolet Monte Carlo (if possible to find new) Chevrolet Silverado Ford Mustang Hyundai Genesis Hyundai Tiburon Mitsubishi Eclipse Mitsubishi Lancer Pontiac G5 Pontiac G6 Pontiac Solstice Saturn Astra Scion tC Yes I would love to put the Corvette and Camaro on there but I haven't been able to price the Camaro and I do believe they are both out of my price range. P.S. More to come There is this girl who happens to be an awesome friend of mine. I have dreams and fantasies about her every night at least when I'm not having nightmares about some of the crap going on here in Iraq. Can anyone tell me what they mean or what I can do about them and yes I'm referring to the nightma
Midgets, Cock-rings And Mesh Shorts
In the past, I've declared the iPod to be "quite possibly the world's greatest invention". Some would disagree that the greatest invention is indeed the Strip Club. Not only are these people wrong, they're also really fucking pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy boobies in my face every bit as much as the next guy, but I prefer it happen in the privacy of my own home. Or at the very least, the craft section at the local Wal-Mart or something. Before I get into the details of why strip clubs are pointless unless you're a complete loser, I'm going to recap my first ever experience at a strip club. I cannot lie. My first trip to a strip club was fan-fucking-tastic. I was 16 years old and I ended up getting in because my friend was an african american midget. Come to think of it, he probably still is an african american midget. That kinda thing tends to stay with you through life. And before you, I'm not kidding. His name was Lewis and he stood about....I don't know, 3 fee
Well for those of you that know me, know that i have a sister who was awaiting trial. My sister was sentenced to 15 years. which when u look at it is a whole lot better than 40, however her life will be mostly over when she comes out. i am very torn and unsure on how to feel on this. what she did was wrong, i'm not by any means excusing it, but i think she needs help other than to sit in a prison for 15 years. how does that help her mental state? regardless of what she did i still love her and always will.
All Is Well With Mah Nose!
Well, I just got home from seeing the doctor that did the skin graft on my nose. Hard to believe its been almost 3 months since all of that but I wanted to let you all know that things are healed up and looking good. As I told the doctor, its not perfect like one would hope but I can live with this nose. In the beginning he was thinking he may need to do some further surgery to build up where the cancer was a bit deeper but that wont be necessary! I am SO grateful for that. As of today, he has released me. I want to thank you all again for all of your love, prayers, well wishes and support through all of this. Its a true blessing to have the wonderful friends that I have here on the fu. Without you I would have been a worse basket case than I was. Love to you all! You are the best!
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I kick ass at Guitar Hero. 2. I'm a twin. 3. Was born and raised in Texas. 4. I sleep in my car and lock the doors when i go to parties. 5. iMPORT is my [Robin]. 6. I've never broken a bone in my body. 7. My nickname is DinkyDow [CrazyGirl]. 8. I didn't go to my high school prom. 9. Lisa rawks my sawks! 10. And I did this blog for iMPORT! ~I'm tagging~ Lisa Chriz JussCuzz Tyler JDRighteous
Hmm Idk
I'm sorry for all the things i have done and all the things i have not I am who i am it is what it is like it or hate it I am ME and ill only be Me If you cant under stand me then dont talk to me soo i dk i just dk what to do idk what to wear idk what to fuck widk what to say i dk i dk what to lick idk what to kiss i just dont knoeeeee
Tag Ur It!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love vampires or anything gothic 2. I love tatts and piercings 3. my favorite color is purple 4. I have short hair now 5. I have been to hell and back to finally be happy. 6. im really short 7. I love country music and some rock 8. I love my children 9. Im going to school for my degree in Business Mgmt. 10. I love my friends and miss the ones I have lost along the way. People tagged 1. KJ 2. Bunny 3. Elly 4. Foxy 5. Lissa 6. Jenna 7. Hot Momma 8. Sexy Silent 9. Dragon 10.Dax
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? no 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? missed 5. Your father? missed 6. Your favorite thing? computer 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? coolers 9. Your dream/goal? owner 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? most 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? hateful 16. Muffins? Blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? peace 18. Where you grew up? jersey 19. The last thing you did? wash 20. What are you wearing? jammies 21. TV? music 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your computer? here 24. Your life? Complicated 25. Your mood? good
Too Sober To Funtion, Someone Please Buy Me A Drink!1
A Page From My Book
I am finally home from a bad day at work. You meet me at the door. I am spent and disturbed by the cruelty and ignorance of a few of my customers. You smile at me and wrap me in your warm arms. "I'm so glad you're home Honey" I can smell the dinner you cooked but underlying that a warm smell that is yours and yours alone. Clean and earthy, calming because it is yours. I don't want the hug to end. I feel safest within these strong arms. You have wrapped all your love and concern within it and it soothes my injured soul. Yet you pull away with a gentle smile and lead me to the couch. You have my tea set ready and are pouring me a cup of chamomile tea. You prop my feet and tell me " Dinner will be ready in about 10 minutes" You come around behind me, rub my stiffened shoulders and ask, "What has you so upset Honey?" I melt and blurt it all out. By the time dinner is done we are both laughing at how absurd the situation was. I try to stand to help with dinner and you push me
Call The Fbi
RUSH, is the best progresive band outthere. For over thirty years they been putting out great rock, without the same old lyrics most bands sing about. [drugs,sex,the devil].Neil Pert is the best drummer ever, Im sure other musicians want to be like him. but theres only one neil.They should have been inducted to music hall of fame, but we all know thats just a popularity contest.
Is it even worth it anymore to care Do i just sit and wait Should i agree that life is not fair Do i have the strength I wake up to a empty bed,that side is bare I slide away, without a glance I slide your picture down as not to stare I think there is a chance Someday my heart will heal, tears will dry For now i can not forgive I refuse to give up, I will always try Today i just try to live Your name, from my lips,cant not be spoken I shudder and shake My eyes, tears running, wide open Cant reap the heartbreak Someday my heart will heal, tears will dry For now i can not forgive I refuse to give up, I will always try Today i just try to live written by: me
Loving Family Members
Wanna Play ?
Bailout 2.0
Last week, the Obama administration announced new plans to "rescue" the economy with another round of bailouts. Heritage economists David John and James Gattuso explain the plan's flaws: As announced [last] Tuesday by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the plan is a grab bag of policies of doubtful effectiveness and uncertain consequences financed with $2 trillion or more in taxpayer dollars. To make matters worse, key elements of the plan were merely placeholders lacking concrete details about how they would be actually work. One thing seems certain. These massive new programs will increase Washington's control over the financial system, placing politicians in the role of bank managers and hedge fund investors, to the long-term detriment of consumers and workers. Open letter: The 'stimulus' is horrible for America In an open letter to the Congress and the President of the United States, sent b
Sendem All
My best friend James Robert, is such a good man. I can honestly say that no one in this town hated that man. Everyone loves James, even me. I have only known this man for 3 years, but in this short period of time we had a blast. James is the world's best cook, he can make you anything you want and make it delicious. James has a million of friends, and two great daughters. He did anything and everything you can think of. His favorite was getting drunk and playing poker! He actually is the one who taught me how to play poker, and the first game we played at the bar I won. It rocked! On Monday 2/16/09 we played our last game of Yuker, and I lost with my friend Hope. It's all good though. The next day James ended up in the hospital, he said he had a really bad headache. So his friends drove him to the hospital and his blood pressure was 240/180. The hospital induced a coma, to make him more comfy. The same day the life lined him to another hospital in Indianapolis.
Tagged By My Gypsy Pet
Let's see...this is my first blog...and Naughty made me do it. I'm supposed to write 10 facts or weird things about my self, then tag 5 friends so they can do the same! Now whomever I tag...u can't tag me back...It's tha rules!! So Here goes. 1. I am the mother of three Handsome boys. 2. I have a super huge crush on someone and I'm not tellin who! 3. My Fubar Friends Rawk!(ofcourse) 4. I live in Northern Va. 5. I love Jersey/Philly boys their swagga is untouchable! 6. I love the interracial swirl-it rawKs! 7. I love talk shows! 8. I have a habit of attracting psychos. *shrugz* 9. I lived in Arkansas for almost 3 yrs.( go figure!) 10. I am a super freak!!!(in a committed relationship of course.) I am going to tag: That One guy Jay Hoody Ariana Pervy Ghost 254 Vin Makin like a ninja! *poof*
Older But Gooder
Witchie likes postin music blogs so I decided to take it upon myself to up the ante I see your Sex&Candy n raise ya a Fuckin Craig Christ biosh!!! might be m0 older but its m0 gooder
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am a mother of 2 wonderful kids 2. My dream man is Adam Sandler 3. My Favorite color is yellow 4. I am a reality show junkie 5. I cook amost everything with jalapenos 6. I love riding my quad 7. I can touch my nose with my tongue 8. I am a true believer in karma 9. I have 2 box turtles, would love a tortoise 10. I'm getting my lip pierced sometime in the next couple weeks im tagging nikki pervy c51 bri jlynn
Dildo Tester
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. college dropout 2. ive killed 3. i love new socks 4. spaghetti is the shiyuuut 5. ive visited 13 countries before the age of 22 6. only owned huskies as dogs 7. i can roll a joint with one hand 8. only been playin drums for about 3 years 9. i dont snore 10. i have a.d.d. if im not high.... heh
Tagg Your It
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have 3 amazing and unique children. I love them more and more each day. 2. I have issues with giving my kids a bath...i do it sometimes 3 times a day cause they just get so darn filthy lol. 3. I own a beautiful docile PitBull, and can barely even walk her around without getting OMG stares from others around....HELLO PEOPLE....its not the breed to fear, it those who train them to be vicious. 4. I am owned by Lord Fury, He is my Master and i am His slave, there is nothing more that makes me happy than knowing i have pleased Him so completely 5. I am from Phoenix Az and am a heat brat thru an
Are You Hot? Can U Make Our Teeth Sweat?
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" I just love you more as a friend then the way you love me..."
Rules For Club Frat Members
> > > Welcome to ©lûb F®ât *** MAIN RULES*** > > > > > > 1) NO DRAMA WILL BE TOLERATED!We will not put up with any drama from anyone. There will be no exceptions to this rule! > > > > > > 2)No one but management will be allowed to post blogs about leveling. The only ones to post blogs about leveling are Founder, Co-Founder, and Manager. Home Page is > > > > > > 3) There will be no entering contest without asking first to make sure we can give you all the support you need.If you do you may be on your own. > > > > > > 4) All newbies will go through Founder Co-Founder or recruiter No exceptions. > > > > > > 5)20,000 level 20 and down > > > 100,000 level 21 and up > > > unless one of the three leaders have it to level in status.Please do not come to us for help with more than that with few pics and stash. We will level during HH only. Any other time is for you to do what you want to do! After leveling please leave a message so we know who help
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I can wear kid shoes 2.Im a very picky eater 3.Im crazy about my house staying clean 4.I sometimes talk in my sleep 5.One of my boobs is bigger than the other 6.I cant stand the word fart its not a word for girls 7.I dont like to sleep all day 8.I cant stand lazy people 9.When i want something i dont stop untill i get it 10.And sometimes i can be a BITCH people i tagged 1.Nuttin Special 2.Armybound 3.Larry R 4.Bearfanmj 5.Axeslinger1169
The Wall
You walked into my life out of the blue My heart not knowing what to do Your voice so soothing in the night Just makes me want to hold you tight My walls once high you made them weak My heart exposed to words you speak I opened up and let you in Only to build them up again You now are sealed deep in my soul My heart is yours for you to hold.
No Use Saying Sorry
I am so addicted right now to this place! It's way better than the other places I'm on. Now I just want to make it to the next level! Yep, call a spade a spade...I'm a FuWhore!! Anyone have any suggestions for me???? xo's K What is leveling and why hasn't anyone bought me a drink yet? I'm kinda thirsty.... :) Soup Kitchen Somehow, I think that the guy taking a picture of First Lady Obama with his cell phone is a bit hypocritical, don't you? I mean come on...the guy is standing in line at a soup kitchen, supposedly too poor to find food, but he can afford a cell phone? What's wrong with this picture? Did the nation miss the point? I certainly didn't. Yes she is doing something wonderful, I'll give her that but it really chaps my rear end to see something like that. Is it just me being critical or what?
Happy Hippies
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Sexy Blog / Thanks Naked Rocker
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== What is it that you absolutely need sexually? For there to be feelings attached to it all What is something you have always wanted to try? Elevator sex sounds good. What is something you have never done in bed before? IWell hell, that would be a whole lot of things What time of day do you like to have sex? Middle of the afternoon. Usually because it means it's spontaneous. What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? A man? How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? All of 2 seconds If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? Depends on who that someone in the next room was. Strangers: Excited! My mother: Nervous Would it bothe
Road Paved In Gum
ok, not in the best of health but up all night long?? what's with that anyhoo? damn, i feel too old for this site. look at all the beauties here...and plain kiley is losted.
ya know I am male so if you have NSFW I am gonna look... but I will admit... 1/2 the reason I look is to what kind of STUPID ass comments that guys make.. I mean ... cmonnnnnnnnnnnn ... do you really think a comment like " I wanna fuck that ass " is gonna impress a girl ? ....rofl...     just saying.... Well Gavin choose to come in about a month early and ta daaaaa here he is via emergency c-section.  He was born @ 3:44 today and wieghed @ a whopping 3 pounds 5.9 oz. Rather small but so far he is doing great. O2 is good so he is breating on his own. He has pooped already ( yay ) and is holding his own heat. I am uploading pics in a few min and of course expect more once things calm down. ( yes we are g33ks and brought laptops to the hospitol ) .   Mom is doing well...rather tired and sleeping soundly and im starved....   Update day 1. He is holding his wieght and heat well...still haveing a little trouble holding down food but thats expected when your a month early ( my 2nd dau
My Birthday!!!
Hey everyone I've been offshore working on the rig for over a month and finally came in last night! Today is Mardi Gras here in New Orleans so I'm about to head to our spot to meet all my friends. Then at midnight is my birthday so we are going to party really hard for at least 24 hours straight!! So who wants to come party with all of us!!!??? Don't be scared! lol
Have You Stopped To Wonder
Have you ever stopped to wonder why we're all here wondering about os it for friend's is it for family is it for peace of mind? Have you ever thought of what life would be like with out all of these things? I do and have thought daily about this subject and yet I haven't gotten one single answer yet. I stop and think sometimes I wonder what people would think if I wasn't around how would they feel and what would they feel would they miss me would they cry or would they say good riddens we're better off without her. I don't know for sure but I hope that some where along the way I have impacted one persons life with my heart and soul and made a difference for them. but have you stopped to wonder. I surely have. so take the time to think about it andif you have 1 answer for this question plz share it with me.
Clouding My Beautiful World
Has anyone ever wondered why some people seem to get off just by hurting others? You know the people I'm talking about don't you? The people pleasers. The heroes that never were. The ones that take credit for a job they never did or they say the right words but never respond with actions. They ones that speak a big game, yet they never played or they played only to reap the benefits. I can honestly say that I don't understand the mentality of these types of people or why even when caught, they continue to lie, or to cheat, or steal? How can they wake up every morning with a smile on their face? How do they maintain any sense of sanity while living what has to be an awful existence? HOW? I know that believing that everyone should be sincere and kind every day of their lives is not realistic. Maybe my thinking is a distorted picture of what life and/or people are really about. Maybe I am too open and too honest for my own good. Maybe the world I live in is make-believe. But
Naughty Application
NAUGHTY APPLICATION" CUT AND PASTE AND REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN......... 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position ? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Ever had a threesome? 19. Ever used a sex toy? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Can I use you as a booty call? 23. Do you like foreplay? 24. What is foreplay to you? 25. Can
"everbody Has Got To Start Somewhere "
is that other account yours? knock knockkkk : what other account? the account that has the young girl on it from your page the account that has the young girl on it from your page is that your other profile who are you and why are you asking me ?s I am a bouncer on this site and i have a right to ask you if you have more than one account it is breaking tos. so you needed to delete the other profle unless you wanted this one deleted too : I'm not being rude about it, i just dont wanna see someone get in trouble, so thats why im asking.. some dont take the time to read the tos. so delete the other to keep from getting in trouble k? I have one account only, why are you asking me about another account because, im marking pics and those pics tells me who owns them.. your uploading them and they are being uploaded on another account . have no idea what you are talking about, please explain your self ™: I am not uploading any pictures and you are making no sense i just did
They say the answer to that question is to make lemonade. I say the answer is..Throw the motherfuckers back!!! I am so tired of analogies..Metaphors..ect. I am tired of so much that is going on in my life that I always keep to myself. I am honestly just ready to blow! I mean where do I start? I know the begining is always good, but even the begining isnt good enough. Ever since I have moved here..all I get from anyone back home is.."Come home...we will welcome you with open arms!!" We all know it will never be "Open Arms!" We all know what would happen if I came home. Someone would open their mouth to the wrong person..and I would be someplace I dont need to be. Or even better yet...someone would start shit all over again and use me as a god damn scape goat for their pleasure. With that I am referring to that BS that went on a few years back on Yahoo 360 that I got blamed for. Either way...most know that you couldnt pay me enough to come home. But with what is going on around
Thank You
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Me Being Just Me
I just wanted to say i am new to all of this and thank you everyone that is leaving me comments and etc .I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A AWESOME DAY.
I Still Believe In Fairytales
It's amazing that the heart can break, over & over again but yet even more amazing that the heart can find away, to forgive and love again, while the mind fivates on the pain vowing to never allow love back in, angly at the out come o fgiving it's self and infruriated with the weekness, it has shower it yells to the heart. "fairytales don't come true"!! The mind tells the heart angerely "stop looking for Prince charming he's not real he doesn't exist"!!The mind screams," and Romeo is dead he was just the part of someone imagaination to begin with"!! but the heart doesn't listen it weeps in silence awaiting the day that it will love again secretly waiting and looking for Prince charming it's your Romeo. but both Prince charming & Romeo are dead"!!
St. Patricks Day Auction
Saint Patrick's Day March 1st - March 17thAuction Are you in need of some Fubucks.. Then you came to the right place Come and Bid On The St. Patty's Day Auction.. The auction is now open to all of fubar. It will end on March 17th at midnight Fu time. So come and bid on your favorites!!! Offer a 30 day crush and all the mush. A salute for them safe or naughty, make them feel like such a hottie. Give them blings, rates and go on fubar dates. Offer them daily or weekly, custom pics. Make them your number one fam and friend and you'll make bucks in the end. Click on the pics below to bid on your favorite HOTTIE....!!!!!
Naughty Application
NAUGHTY APPLICATION" CUT AND PASTE AND REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN......... 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position ? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Ever had a threesome? 19. Ever used a sex toy? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Can I use you as a booty call? 23. Do you like foreplay? 24. What is foreplay to you? 25. Can
Hello. I.m a single Mom of 3. 1 boy and 2 girls.I was born In Ft.Lauderdale and raised in West Virginia. Moved to Upstate NY in 1992. Can't wait to go home to WV. That is where I call home.My son is 18 and 1 daughter is 5yrs and th other one is a yr. They are my life.
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My Thoughts
1: I believe in setting goals, they help you to reach toward the future with ambition and drive. But I don’t think you should strive for the reward as an end to those goals. You can’t think of yourself but of the good that can come from the goals you set. Rewards and goals are related, but when the trophy comes, you have to stand aside. This could be said for life or love. If you’re always looking to win, you will most often lose. Anyone agree? 2: Funny, you can do something good over and over for someone and they eventually forget. But if you ever mess up one time with a person, they will remember that for as long as they live. 3: Have you ever been on a plane and looked down at a city and thought, wow, everything looks in order and in its place. Then you get down there into to the city and see that everything is not in its place and its all chaos and moving fast. I think that’s the way with life. You look at it and see the plan and think hey, I can do this, I can
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Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I luv to text 2. i have to daughters 3. I LUV black cooooccccccccckkkkkkkkkk lol 4. I have 5 tatts 5. Id luv to find mr, right along with mrs. 6. IM BI 7. Im gettin my tongue peirced wit my fu-wifey 8. Someday i want 2 b married 9. I luv to travel 10.i luv to smoke IVe tagged Jessica, Smackalicious, Thickness, Little Miss ladykiller, Jason XCross
I'm Hellla New To This Tho Yo!
Inside The Looking Glass
I have always supported Pit Bulls and have always known that it is the owners who make them monsters not the dogs being born monsters, but now that we have a bully pit (Pit bull crossed with an American bulldog) I am all the more anti b.s.l (breed specific legislation). The more I research the breed and the more I come to know our little guy Bowser the more I realize how truly great these dogs are. They are depicted as natural born killers, monsters that are bread to be nothing more than vicious fighting/killing machines. And like most everything else the media is shedding the wrong light on these sweet, loving creatures. American Pit Bull Terriers are a wonderful breed, they are very intelligent, loyal, sweet, family dogs who have a very high eagerness and will to please their owners. And it is when that eagerness and determination to please is placed into the wrong hands that they become the fighting, aggressive dogs that most people have come to believe they are. It is not them but
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Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Epicurus (341 BC - 270 BC) Be not ashamed of thy virtues; honor's a good brooch to wear in a man's hat at all times. Ben Jonson (1572 - 1637) Be honorable yourself if you wish to associate with honorable people. Welsh Proverb Imagination is more important than knowledge... Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Everything you can imagine is real. Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973) The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions. Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 - 1892) Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say, and say it hot. D. H. Lawrence (1885 - 1930) Never give advice unless asked. German Proverb One kind word can warm three winter months. Japanese proverb If you wish your merit to be known,
Sometimes the hardest thing for people to do is describe themselves. I work in sales so you'll have to forgive me for the comparison, but while it isn't the same as talking about a product, there are some parallels. Most people struggle with two major issues when writing about themselves. First is security, they don't want to be judged harshly for anything they might reveal. Second is that they want to present themselves in the best light possible. Let's deal with security... Everyone wants to feel accepted, they want to belong. Humans are social  creatures and everyone wants to fit in somewhere with the people around them. Even those who say they are "lone wolves" or outcasts and don't care about fitting in still want acceptance. They just want to be accepted for their choice to stand apart from what others around them are doing. Emotional security is a pretty big deal, everyone has been hurt or betrayed by someone they trusted or someone they believed cared about them. Depending o
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I have 3 kids and there my life 2. Im awesome! 3. I work to much . 4. I have random thoughts. 5. my life is never boring . 6. Im not online as much as i used to be . 7. I own 3 snakes. 8. I like to shoot pool. 9. Im a texan damnit! 10. I luv my friends! Im tagging Jason ink c51 supa import
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I just heard the world, is breaking down into bits again.Tell me what am i to do?And you just want me to stay, here.So i'm just gonna stay, here.Home, the last resort.Build a castle with an iron door.Lock the window, pull the shades, the hazed out sun won't help anyway.If the world is crumbling down, I don't wanna be alone.NO, locked up in this place.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, trying to keep my head on right.There's a chill in the air, nobody could care.How you're caught up in the fight of your life.Fear, is holding me here.The television got me seeing unclear.Bravery, my neighbor, moved away.Cause I don't need to be courageous today.If the world was crumbling down, I don't wanna be alone.NO, locked up in this place.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, trying to keep my head on right.There's a chill in the air, nobody could care.How you're caught up in the fight of your life.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, tr
3 July 1986 Your date of conception was on or about 10 October 1985 which was a Thursday. You were born on a Thursday under the astrological sign Cancer. Your Life path number is 7. Your fortune cookie reads: There is no limit to love's forbearance, to its trust, its hope, its power to endure. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 1, 5 & 7. You should get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 4 & 22. You may or may not get along well with those with the Life Path number 9. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 3, 6, 8 & 11. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2446614.5. The golden number for 1986 is 11. The epact number for 1986 is 19. The year 1986 was not a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/9/1986 and ending 1/28/1987. You were born in the Chinese year of the Tiger. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Woodpecker; your plant is Wi
My Soul
8-31-2009 Tonight I am an emotional wreck...           Lately I have been just pushing myself through my life with no real meaning in it other then to be a great father for my son. Everything I do in my REAL LIFE revoles around him and only him. I work a shitty job with crap pay because it gives me free rent and a roof over my head so that I have a place to spend time with my son alone. I have given up on a socail life so that I can focus on being responsable and keeping myself out of trouble cause what good is a father that is in jail all the time or worse. I eat at my mother's house all the time cause I can only afford to buy my son food for when he is here on the weekends and I spend virtually every last penny I have on getting him something from me every weekend and paying off his bedroom furniture so that he always has something other then just me to look forward to when he comes to me each weekend even though i know deep in his heart all he really wants is to spend time wit
The Real Theory Of Relativity
When is the time that a man must walk away on a matter of principle even if it hurts him to leave? Yes, we do have emotions as much as we sometimes don't like to admit it. Maybe I have strict principles. Maybe I'm easily pushed over the imaginary line. Possibly, its mental instability that I gained from a combination of an abusive childhood, experience of loss of life to so many people that were so close to me, military training, and real life combat experience; mixed with bad experiences in wayyyyyyy too many relationships. For some reason, I see women as the downfall of man, and while I'm not denying that the right woman can certainly work miracles in a man's life, for some reason I have this natural attraction for women that are no good for me. You know the type. Adam's Eve, Samson's Delilah, just to name a couple examples. I find the women that will somehow put you in a situation that you have to leave them even though it might hurt to do so, but it has to be done on a matt
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What are you waiting for? Come back to Soul’s End Never been? Well, come check it out! Rock out with some of the most kickass people on Fubar. So come on, let’s kick back and have fun! No drama! No bullshit! Just good music and good times! HIRING STAFF We’re looking for the following dedicated staff members to join our awesome team: DJs Promoters Greeters
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As with every other train out there - drama will NOT be tolerated! 1. Fan each person below. 2. Rate their profile. (If you have rated their profile recently - rate one of their pictures) 3. Leave them a comment telling them you are riding this train. **You DO NOT need to add the riders as friends.** When you have rated everyone message aGEM4life to be added to the list and for your tag to be made. Rate this folder of pics to receive your personal tag. Start with this one... 1. aGEM4life ღWife of Ike™ღ 2. The BULLdaddy 3. HersheyK 4. Dee75 Member of RR, SBG & llama levelers !! Fu Owned by Texas Twister 5. jc9764, Fu Owed by Katt1114 , Promoter for Sinners Paradise 6.
Vent Time
When someone is talking to too many people online and they accidentally send me a message meant for someone else. That DIP signs are randomly placed throughout my town, yet there are no dips. How guys don't want to be labeled yet they label themselves from the start. That I laugh at myself. When Dr. Evil pets his evil cat. That I can trip going UP the stairs, that takes talent right there. Not So Funny.. When my friends make fun of me, because I wore sunglasses as a hair accessory ONE TIME!! Okay, maybe it is kind of funny.. When you tell me one thing, then tell 50 other people the same thing. Let's be original please. When people put mustard on my hotdog... I DONT LIKE MUSTARD! That I get lost going to the bathroom.. I randomly make faces and I usually get caught. My loves... My Kids, My Dogs, My Cars, Sex & The City, My Friends, My shoes. No particular order right there. I love Sarcasm.. it's probably the biggest turn on ever. Pok
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The Sun Will Rise In The Morning
Saki The Interlopers In a forest of mixed growth somewhere on the eastern spurs of the Karpathians, a man stood one winter night watching and listening, as though he waited for some beast of the woods to come within the range of his vision, and, later, of his rifle. But the game for whose presence he kept so keen an outlook was none that figured in the sportsman's calendar as lawful and proper for the chase; Ulrich von Gradwitz patrolled the dark forest in quest of a human enemy. The forest lands of Gradwitz were of wide extent and well stocked with game; the narrow strip of precipitous woodland that lay on its outskirt was not remarkable for the game it harboured or the shooting it afforded, but it was the most jealously guarded of all its owner's territorial possessions. A famous law suit, in the days of his grandfather, had wrested it from the illegal possession of a neighbouring family of petty landowners; the dispossessed party had never acquiesced in the judgment of
Tha 1st.
Hey ppl im new to fubar, i like it so far,, as soon as i get some photos on this comp ill add them on here,, im lookin for cool ppl,"NOT SEX" so no perves please, unless its a hot chic lmao j/k....i dont know who can read this i hope everyone can,, so e-mail me ppl and help me out,, so wats tha coolest thing on fubar???? let me know ppl,,
"Voices" by Disturbed So, are you breathing Wake up, are you alive Will you listen to me I'm gonna talk about some freaky shit now Someone is gonna die When you listen to me Let the living die, Let the living die (say) Are you breathing now Do the wicked see you You still breathing You're making me known What's up, I wonder why Do you listen to me I'm gonna make you do some freaky shit now Insane, you're gonna die When you listen to me Let the living die, Let the living die (say) I can hear the voice But I don't want to listen Strap me down and tell me I'll be alright I can feel the subliminal need To be one with the voice And make everything alright So, are you breathing? Can't you imagine how good going through this will make you feel I promise, no one will ever know There will be no chance of you getting caught They never loved you anyway So come on, be a man And do what you are compelled to do "Mad W
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The Wild Wild World Of Retail
This past Sunday we had a group of five guys come in to the tux shop to get fitted for a wedding. The groomsmen were hilarious, proclaiming to the groom that they were in the store to get fitted for the groom's funeral, instead of his wedding. After the manager and I got them all fitted, I asked them what they were doing afterward, and the groom responded, "Draaaanking." It made me laugh out loud. They were a bunch of funny dudes. While I was fitting groomsman number three, he randomly asked me if he could give me a hug. I raised my eyebrow a bit, and he said he just wanted to to test the fit of the jacket, and make sure it was comfortable. I let him hug me. It was a valid bit of research I suppose. It didn't come off creepy, just funny, though I seriously doubt he would have tried it on my male co-worker. Either he really was testing the jacket, or he was one smooth operator. Whatever the case may have been, it was nice to have relatively polite and funny peo
Quit Fukkin Whiining !
No one ever said it was going to be easy !!!!!! If anyone ever sat you down as a child and told you that everything in your life was going to be great , wonderful easy and nothing bad would ever happen to you, well guess what stupid ? They lied their asses off !!! Lifes not ment to be easy , it isnt ment to be perfect. It's supposed to be claw your way to the top shit on your neighbor and screw everyone on the way to the top ! I'm tired of hearing people whine "Oh woe is me , I have it sooooo hard , this isnt where my life was supposed to be at this stage !" Grow the fuck up and realize shit happens ! Buildings burn , people pass on , teen agers get knocked up ! That's Life !! if half the people who were busy pissing and moaning picked them selves up, dusted them selves off and said what the fuck , it's ok to fall down, I just need to learn to get up when I do and go the hell on and learn from my mistakes and stop repeating the same stupid shit that led to my current fuck up ! This
Mid Night Rider
Ever wonder what it would be like to have all the answers? To be able to say I know, never say I think, never assume, Never be in doubt. I’ve wished for that feeling, I’ve sought answers. But with every answer comes another question, greater than the last. I’m starting to realize, just now in fact, the answers aren’t really what I am hoping to find. It’s the questions that keep me going, a certain beauty in not knowing. To know it all might be a bore, no mystery, nothing to explore. I think though perhaps, I’ve found my question, the one I’ve sought. Without knowing, while looking for answers, it has come to me. A mystery so great, filled with intrigue, wonderment I want to dive in I want to explore, I want to work on this mystery forever. Never finding all the answers Hoping to never come to an end you wanna play games, I'm gettin to old for this but what the fuck if you insist bring it you think you can hurt me? I have the ability to program y
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Oh My Goat!
Aparently the police can't do anything about my stolen identity at the time My name is Tara! I ROCK! Wow... must have had a good day at work eh? Any ways, I'm a phlebotomist! let me suck yer blood mmm
Just Bullshit
To: ->Mistress o...: btw I am marriedyou stupid fuck ->Mistress o...: lmao hiya  how are ya...keep talkin shit ya knw notin about..keep goin Mistress o...: TALK ALL THE SHIT YOU WANT YOU WHITE TRASH CRACK WHORE. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BE A MOTHER TO YOUR CHILD WHEN YOU FUCKING NEVER GET YOUR NIG UGLY NOSE OFF THE COMPUTER? FUBAR MUST MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF RIGHT BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FUCKING OBVIOUSLY TRASHY NO REAL MAN WOULD WANT YOU. ->Mistress o...: so fuck you ...fuck your fake account...and fuck your silly games ->Mistress o...: so you do that..I already have people tracking your keep thinkin what ya want...but ya may wanna read a fucking law book first. BTW it takes REALL bals to make a FAKE acct to fuck with someone ->Mistress o...: actually...misuse is illegal and that is a federal law you fucking idiot ->Mistress o...
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