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Help Looking For Significant Other
I come to ask looking for significant other. I'm looking for a real realtionships sone in which will be my last a proposal and a marriage that will last I'm nice guy easy going likes to hangout be active whatch movies cuddle talk at a constant be there for you I'm a loving caring guy sick of getting left for a guy that might be ripped or better looking then me I'm just looking for a women that can steal my heart and keep it tell death makes us apart but ill always be there also I smoke gonja tryn to stop smoking cigs by smoking gonja it's working kinds but please alls I ask is try to get to know me and and we can build a good realtionship
To All
 i think fubar should lower the level to move up and it not fair to any of us to do all of what they want
Insects Recipes
My Poems, My Heart
Lmao stole this from a friends page!!! Like everything in life, farts have a time and place. However, I never realized that in the wrong time and place, flatulence had enough power to alter my course in history. Well, it can if it's the third date with the man of your dreams. And, if it makes his eyes burn. If God destined us to be together, I was one SBD away from foiling His plans (that's "Silent But Deadly" for you prudes). It was about five years ago. I was trying to lose a few pounds so I was staying away from carbs. That's when I met my husband, Rob. On our first date, he booked the next two. He liked me. I liked him. Things were looking real good. He picked me up in a Cobra, Mustang and his pathetic attempt to win me over with a car totally worked. I'm not shallow, but since I spent most of my twenties picking men up because I didn't want my hair to frizz in their non-air conditioned jalopies on 3 wheels and a 15 year old spare, I welcomed his fancy sports car with open arms. We
hello good ladies ou there am looking for a serious lady in my life ..... serious only
Asking For Your Respect!
Hello everyone, we would like to know your thoughts on whether Joe Kinetic and Celestino Lee should make a song together. Please feel free to leave me your comments so that these AWESOME ARTISTS can see your thoughts :-) I am asking all men and women to please respect that I have met someone that I am very interested in getting to know a lot more, and seeing where it goes. I will be friends with you, however, I will not flirt nor will I talk sex with you. If you come to me with any kind of sex chat. I will simply delete you without a second thought. I will not say who it is for he know who he is but I will say this. Even though I may not be considered his girlfriend, his baby or anything of that nature yet, to me, I am taken, and not interested in anyone else. I found who I am looking for so please respect my wishes, and respect whatever our relationship may be. Thank you. LeAnn
Just Me
Shane Is My Name
Inspirational Poetry
DELIGHTING YOURSELF IN THE LORD   Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart, to live out his will for your life Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him, he will be kept from strife Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness, and He will lead you in the way Commit your way to the Lord trust in Him and He will bring forth your righteousness as bright as the noonday.   Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, there is no greater way to delight in Him Love your neighbor as yourself, this is the way we show the world the treasure and light He has placed within Being filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns, singing, making melody in your heart Rejoicing in the Lord always, being thankful to God for everything at all times praying each day from the start.   Living our lives in total surrender daily, obediently walkin
The Dark Side
Weightless and falling, arms spread out wide. The pain and the guilt, that I cannot hide. Wind in my face, what do I hear? It is your voice that whispers, inside my ear. Now I am slowing, beginning to rest, I feel it upon me, your head on my chest. A touch on my cheek, I know that it's true, The lips of an Angel, I thought it was you. Stirred in my sleep, the darkness creeps in. Reminding myself of all of my sins. Fire and pain I know I deserve. If this is my destiny, life I would serve. Awaken me now, if you are still there. The touch of your lips, the brush of your hair. Awaken my soul, awaken my mind, Just breathe into me, so I may survive. Kevin "G" Why am I scorned, with a delicate soul? I soar with the Angels, but feared as Hell's born. I cannot bring death, though many believe, I'm only here, just trying to breathe.   You wish me to go, with puppets of hay. I don't understand, why I may not stay. So I'll fly to a place, where you cannot go.
Man can never be a woman’s equal in the spirit of selfless service with which nature has endowed her. “A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
“I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together.”  “Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.” 
“Don't care what people sayJust follow your own wayDon't give up and use the chanceTo return to innocence.That's not the beginning of the endThat's the return to yourselfThe return to innocence.” “I know we're not saints or virgins or lunatics; we know all the lust and lavatory jokes, and most of the dirty people; we can catch buses and count our change and cross the roads and talk real sentences. But our innocence goes awfully deep, and our discreditable secret is that we don't know anything at all, and our horrid inner secret is that we don't care that we don't.” 
Thoughts And Poems
About YouYour touch is with me always,It’s burnt into my skin,As soft and warm as sun raysWhen a summer day sets in.Your soft voice never silent,It’s forever in my ears,Serenading every momentAnd calming all my fears.Your arms always enfold me,The strength of angels wings,They support and protect me whollyWith the safety a true love brings.While I can never repay you,For the wonder you bring to my life,I can forever be true,And forever be a true wife. Are There Angels?It is said there are AngelsIn Heaven aboveAnd they shine with the lightOf an inner loveOf these thingsI had not a clueBut that wasBefore I found youFor in you I’ve foundA love that is so rightIt shines all aroundWith the brightest of lightIt comes from somewhereSo deep withinThat it has no beginningAnd knows no endYour love is a lightThat brightens each dayOf all of the peopleYou see on your wayWhere ever you goOr whatever you doAll see the loveThat you have inside youThat God sent you hereTo a place whe
What To Do With Your Most Stylish Girlfriend’s Fashion Advice
Style Matters: Fall Fashion Tips
Music Player
Just want to say thank u to all whos showed support and sent a pinkribbon. I know it probably gets old..seeing in peoples statuses..i want this..need that...etc. I just want to let ya all know .. i truly appreciate it...and if you ever need help I am there for you. Rather its something to do with leveling...or a ear .. I dont want anyone feeling like I am one of these beggars..etc. I am willing to do stuff .. rather pay fubucks.. rate the hell out of ya..etc.. Fact is.. I put it in status.. and figure..if someone wants to get me it..they will if not..they will overlook the status. Alot of my friends have told me theres alot of women who just come outright and asks people for blings. I will not do that. I want people to bling me..cuz they want to. Anyways.. thats allI have to say on the matter.. THANK U ALL
You ever have one of those days, weeks years when everything seems to either be paused in time or rushing at you like a freight train? Yeah that has been life lately except I never get one or the other. Ever have to make a fast decision that could impact not only your life for the future but also alter the way things were in the past? Yeah I know that too. I had to make a tough decision lately, stick to what I know and be comfortable. Or challenge myself in a great and vast unkown. Thing is all my bags were still in the comfort zone. Even knowing that the comfort zone might not be right and the unknown could be the absolute greatest thing since sliced bread. It came down to how well I could look at myself in the mirror when the dust settled at the end of the day. Imagine having everything you used to dream of go away immediately because you made a decision. Or having everything that you have dreamed of recently leave if you don't. What do you do, how do you know? Can you risk leavin
Sunday Night Stoners
anyone cheifin?
My Fukked Up Thoughts
I think I'm past the point of caring. It's not like I matter to anyone. Honestly would anybody REALLY care if I was no longer here ? My life is meaningless. My existence is pointless. I can't help but feel my life has no more use than a rain drop in the ocean. Does anybody understand how utter loneliness can totally overwhelm you ? Can they comprehend what it feels like when nobody wants you ? Why bother fighting for a life that's really no life at all ? When you don't matter, is there really any reason to continue ? When you're nothing at all maybe you should just quit. Maybe after everything is said & done .... maybe I'm done.   I am human. I am frail & weak. I have my faults. I am not perfect. I wear many different emotional masks. Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am full of despair. Sometimes I am enraged. Sometimes I am terrified.       Now that we got that out of the way, let us begin.   Hi, my name is Dave & I'm an @$$hole. I know, I know .... old news. So maybe I shoul
posted on 10/09/2012 @ 11:10 am "An Obituary printed in the NEW YORK TIMES........... "An Obituary printed in the NEW YORK TIMES........... Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend COMMON SENSE, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:... ... - Knowing when to come in out of the rain; - Why the early bir...d gets the worm; - Life isn't always fair; - and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from s
Jane Kyle
hi there, its very interesting to make friends i really love yu all.
Financial Freedom
My Christmas Wish List   1. To be home for Christmas for the 1st time in 5 years. 2. For all my friends and Family to enjoy this special day with their loved ones. 3. For all service members deployed to get a video chat with their families. 4. Love all of my friends you guys rock The very first step into becoming financial free from debt is to save $500.00 or $1000.00 emergency fund. When you squrriel away this money and a emergenncy arrives; you will have the money to take care of this small problem. Instead of using a credit card to get out of this emergency you will already have the funds available.  Saving money is 80% mental and 20% physical. The biggest obstacle that is on your way is yourself, first you must change the way of thinking. Look into the mirror and say I can so this. Once your fed up being in debt and tired of the harassment from the debt collectors start by taking the proper measures to financial freedom. Once you create a budget stick with it and find ways to
Area Code Maps, And Cities Within 503 Area Code
There are various methods that you could search for to see a little more about every phone number, but maybe you do not have to do nearly as much as you feel. You should only need to have a essential understanding of where from a phone number happens to come to find out whether you realize the individual or maybe if you need to pick-up your phone when that phone number calls. You will notice what you might discover over the area code associated with a phone number. Once you get a phone call coming from area code 503, you can discover a specific thing regarding the mystery caller.Among the initial issues you will discover concerning the 503 area code is that it services simply a little regional region in the northwestern section of Oregon, along with Portland. It's actually a coast section of the state, which should really reveal it's actually a really inhabited region. You may have a broad area, however you will discover far more from the remainder of the contact number. The area code
Money Money Money
A Peom About Wolves
There are certain dreams that I can remember after waking up.  Is this a curse or a blessing.  Either way, it feels strange to me. Earlier this morning I had a dream about my grandparents.  A dream about how my life could be different if my favorite grandparents raised me.  Would my life be a whole lot different if my grandparents were to raise me? My grandparents have been gone for a couple of years now.  It still hurts to this day knowing that they are gone.  Does it hurt cause I have let them down?  Or does it hurt knowing that I will never see them again?  I think it hurts in both aspects.  Knowing that I have let down my favorite grandparents by breaking a promise that I have made when I graduated from high school.  Knowing that I will never see their smiling faces, especially my grandfather.   Please tell me.... Does it hurt you when you lose a favorite person?  Or does it hurt when you dream about the love one that had to say good-bye? We have the ability to create life or t
I Am New And Looking For Some Friends. Can Anyone Tell Me How I Can Add Friends That Are Already Members On Here Please? Thanks For The Help
Misinterpreted Thoughts And False Memories
I live in a world of dreams, Finding things I need in places where it will never be. I bend this reality to suit my mentality, Blindly living these fantasies. I swear its a disease eating me from within   Tainted truths and Blessed lies Ignorance is bliss, But these feelings I can not dismiss In an artificial world the real are despised   Maybe one day I will wake and open my eyes Down this road once again I look back and you disappeared, Realizing my greatest of fears I love you, I hate you I want go away I need you....Please just stay   Tears of my need for you, Disgust Whispers of your fears of us, Mistrust Sadly Ms., This is us   Time after time, Over and over Always looking back over my shoulder   Trying to catch a glimpse of what I missed Shadow of a ghost, You were never there Haunting my heart, I run in fear                 To be me, To be you To be we, Self lost entangled and wrapped. Self gone, Other became and remains. Drowning in
Ola Flowers
Chief cook Meat and I created the decision to hop on a aircraft with 36 of our nearest close relatives and get wedded in Spain! Of course the 1st thing we mentioned was our perspective, secondly our funds and objectives, and lastly our wants and desires. After we had a manage on the factors most essential to us like the foods (of course), an excellent place for the marriage and wedding reception, and vicinity to the town middle in Spain's capital we began looking for help. I Researched marriage organizers in Spain's capital and discovered a few, created some phone calls, and created the decision on Get wedded to Me in The country. Location wedding brides are Carole's specialised. We loaded out a marriage set of questions, sent a few e-mails about what we as a several thought about and then we were on our way through marriage wedding preparing 101. To us having a good way near the sea, being enclosed by all factors Language, and having an awesome evening food selection was on the top o

Love Scammer
It was heart-breaking to discover after two years, the man I’d been in love with was using me and lying to me the entire time.  He never had any intention of meeting me in person.  Once I found out about him, the lies he told me were mind boggling.  I was not the first, and I know I will not the last.  There is no doubt that he is a sociopath and a pathological liar.    Since finding out over two months ago, I have met other people, both men and women, who have been scammed by Love Scammers. Most of these Love Scammers are from Nigeria, Russia, and the Far East. Mine was from France.   These Scammers come from all walks of life, and all over the world. So many people have lost thousands of dollars to these Love Scammers.  I read a heart-breaking story about a man who sent thousands of dollars to a woman in South Africa.  She said she was coming to see him, and he even went to the airport to meet her, but she never showed up.  Then he received a letter from someone who said she'
Rise From The Ash.
At age 16, I was told that I had cervical cancer. I had no insurance, and I felt like I had no options. I worried about it constantly. Every time I even got a minor cold, I thought that it could be related to the cancer. For 6 years, this went on. Something about it never settled right with me, not denial, just that it never made sense. At the beginning of March 2013, I went to the ER knowing that I had a UTI. They informed me that it was a severe UTI and a bad yeast infection. Gave me medication, and I went about my life. In June, while I was at work, I used the restroom and found blood coming from an area that I knew was unnatural. And there was a lot of it. I left work in tears and rushed to the ER. They did blood tests, pelvic exams, and everything else they could. They didn't find anything. They said that it was probably an ulcer, and that I should take antacids. Less than a week later, I found blood in my urine. Rushed back to the hospital... Still nothing.
According to the Celtic pagan religion,known as "Druifism" the spirits of those who had died in the preceding year roamed the earth on Samhain evening. The Celts sought to ward off these spirits with offering of food and drink. They also built bonfires at sacred hilltop sites and preformed rituals,involving human and animal sacrifices,to honor Druid. Still today,these things are being practiced. It was an ancient Druid custom set up for human sacrifices on Halloween night. Druids offered children in sacrifices. The trick-or-treat custom was created by the Druids. When they went to a home and demanded a child or virgin for sacrifice,the victim was the Druids treat. In exchange,they would leave a jacko'- lantern with a lighted candle made of human fat to prevent those inside from being killed by demons that night. When some unfortunate couldn't meet the demands of the Druids,then it was time for the trick. A symbolic hex was drawn on the front door. That night Samhain or his demons would
Life Love Marriage And Other Destructive Paths
We each on our own accord and free will or the mere fact of self preservation chain ourselves to different aspects of our lives. We are born to this fantasy of happily ever after ....we grow up go to school and fill our heads with the way that our lives should be......we should live happy lives....that brass ring that we strive for......we meet a significant other and live our fairytale enchanted lives. We get a good a blue house with a white picket fence get a dog and a cat and have 2.5 kids .....livin the dream. The bubble that is our own little world till something comes along with a sharp pin an pops our lil bubble in our surprised faces. The man we marry turns out to be a drunk.....the woman we adore whores around at night behind your own bedroom door....the car gets repoed the house burns to loose your get divorced your kids hate you and the dog just pissed all over your new shoes. Well it may not be all that bad but then again it can be....and
The Past
On June 2,2012 my dear Mum passed on from this world just two week's shy of her 60th birthday. It is still hard for me to deal with cause I miss her so much. My mum and I were very close, over the last ten years of her life it was just me and her that would celebrate my birthday alone. I loved it that way for it was just a special thing for the two of us. The other day I celebrated with friends for the first time and it was a wonderful party. It showed me how much my friends love me. The week following my Mums death my brother and I packed up her  stuff and stored it in her storage unit and did not look back. For over a year I just payed the bill and did not enter it till just a few weeks ago to go through it. I finally made the move to do so even though it cause's me to have great heart ache. Though I know that material things are not an extition of her it is only a memory of her. I am packing away what she wanted to pass on to the grandkids and keeping a few personal items for my se
I'm Trying To Get Back To You!!
Sexiest Smile Contest
I'm back from the boat and have internet again so I'm doing a contest for the sexiest smile.  This contest is for anyone to enter.  There will be an entry fee but once you see the prizes you will see that i will not be keeping any of the fee.  If you would like to enter just follow the instructions below: 1. Send me a pm with the a link to the picture you would like entered into the contest. 2. Send the entry fee of 5,000 fubux. 3. Once I have received your entry I will upload it into my folder. 4. Once the folder is open it will be up to you to get rates on the photos.(comments are welcome but will not count for the over all total.  only rates will count) 5. The contest will run for 2 weeks from the start date (start date TBD) 6. At the end of the 2 weeks I will put the top 3 people in my status along with notifying those 3 people.  Once they get back to me   I will give out their prize.  Everyone will have72 hours to get back to me.  If they do not get back to me their prize
KW – Post Jobs FreeInternet has been simplifying many tasks including hiring employees too. Nowadays, job portals are easing the task of finding right candidates without paying to consultancies that help providing employees. Many of those job portals are paid while many are free that allow companies to post jobs free. Companies looking for candidates, post jobs free at those job portals, which offer the following benefits:1.Employer gets candidates from a large geography instead of limiting to a specific location. 2.Employer saves a lot of money. 3.Employer can specify their requirements, as job category, sub-category, job details, contact details, mode of communication, etc. cutting the chance of confusion. 4.Chances of getting candidates are increased because online job portals are seen worldwide. If the employer is not limited for hiring candidates from a specific geography, then getting highly skillful candidates becomes easier, cheaper, and faster. 5.Registered
Writtings About Me
02/10/2010 @ 07:02 pm So I finished college in the summer of 09.. Read to tackle the world right? Wrong.. Went right back to complacentcy.. lol Went back to my orginal positions at work to keep my name in the hat until I get what I want sorted out and ready. My future keeps looking up reguardless. I feel like I'm making a difference with every year I work with a student or with each wrestler I groom. I'll have to see what happens in the next few years.. 04/22/2011 @ 05:04 am It's a new year a turn over period one would suppose.. I'm a few weeks into my 26th year on this planet. Surviving the things I've gone through and suffering heartbreak and triumph along the way, I have realized that I have bounced back from alot more than I give myself credit for. Relationships come and go, friend or otherwise. Yeah it's tough at times not having someone or wanting to have someone who's just as busy as you are while running on a whole other schedule.. But it's those little moments like that whi
Ravings Of A Mad Min
So here I am... the proverbial Tom Boy, the chick from all the beginning parts of movies... the one so many girls THINK they are. But it's me, I am more comfortable in cleats than I will ever be in even sandals let alone heels. I can throw a football further than a lot of guys I know, I am a couch cuddling fiend during NFL season from Sunday through Monday in order to ses optimal number of games... I enjoy watching other sports if someone is willing to explain them to me and I had my time playing football as well. I love motorcycles like you would not believe, my father and brothers had me tearing down and wrenching on bikes before I could sit to hold them upright on top of one and the passion runs deep. The downside? My friends have always been guys, I don't give excuses of it being less drama or girls being problematic... I just get men on the friend level... unfortunately this means I get friendzoned far too easily and i don't know how to rectify it. You've probably seen the movie M
Young Goon
Know A Little More
I hear people say, just let him go. I never listen because, there's so much they do not know. They don't know him, the way that I do. What lies beneath, his eyes of blue. He is beautiful yes, but his beauty runs deep. More beautiful than the tears, he has caused me to weep. Every one of my tears, has fallen down for a reason. Those reasons are what keeps, me believing. In him, the amazing man, I know him to be. The one he reveals, only to me. The compassionate, sincere, and just full of life soul. That is connected to mine, this man I know. The ONE that loves me, but from behind the scenes. The one that's always there, providing me. With more emotion than, I ever knew existed. The epitome of love, is what he is. To me so know a little more, before you say things you don't understand. For me there is only ONE, no one quite compares to this man.
Be Real Or Don't Come At Me
You Are No King!
You see that star, shining without fear. That is me screaming, I'm still here. Nothing you do can, put my light out. I shine through the pain, the tears, the doubt. You see I broke the cycle, long ago. I survived, I am free, continue to grow. Life has made me the weapon, I am not the target anymore. Never again will I be, face down on the floor. My light shines through the bruises, and broken bones. Don't get too cocky sitting high, upon your thrown. For you are no King, you're just a servant of mine. And you will be the one begging for mercy, in due time. You made me strong, I can withstand it all. And you my servant, won't survive the fall.
New Upcoming Artist
Mafia War
This aint a test, fuck the rest.Time to set the record straight.Talking shit behind my back, let's hear you say it to my face?I've heard the words roll out your lips.You little trendy fuckin' bitch!The time has come to get you some, cause I just do not give a shit.Do you take me for a fool!?How's it feel to be a tool!?See to me you're just a cancer!Motherfucker!, War is the Answer!As of now the end begins, I want to laugh but there's no joke.To eat with the beast, and run with the wolves.On the Ashes you will choke.I know it's got to chap your ass, to think I just won't go away.Forget me not, I'm writing you off.I've got nothing more to say.Do you take me for a fool!?How's it feel to be a tool!?To me you're just a cancer!Motherfucker!, War is the Answer!(Get some!)You wanna disrespect me, you little fuckin' punk?Everything I've done to be who I am? As far as I've fuckin' come?I'll slap you so fuckin' hard, It'll feel like you kissed a freight train.Fuck you! I'd give anything just to c
What The????

Just To Inspire U
Me: God, can I ask You a question?God: SureMe: Promise You won't get mad ......God: I promise ...Me: Why did You let so much stuff happen to me today?God: What do u mean?Me: Well, I woke up lateGod: YesMe: My car took forever to startGod: OkayMe: at lunch they made my sandwich wrong & I had to waitGod: HuummmMe: On the way home, my phone went DEAD, just as I picked up a callGod: All rightMe: And on top of it all off, when I got home ~I just want to soak my feet in my new foot massager & relax. BUT it wouldn't work!!! Nothing went right today! Why did You do that?God: Let me see, the death angel was at your bed this morning & I had to send one of My Angels to battle him for your life. I let you sleep through thatMe (humbled) OHGOD: I didn't let your car start because there was a drunk driver on your route that would have hit you if you were on the road.Me: (ashamed)God: The first person who made your sandwich today was sick & I didn't want you to catch what they have, I knew you couldn'
Corporate Flowers
You may be thinking that there are several florists in this area, but how can you really say who the best florist in Leighton Buzzard is? I put forward to you now that the best florist in Leighton Buzzard is in fact Ola Flowers. All of my experiences with this florist shop have been enjoyable and I feel that none of the other florist companies I have considered using have even come close. Take the experience I had the other day, for example. I visited another florist shop because it was on my way to visit my mother in hospital. I thought it would be nice to pick up some of her favourite flowers on my way to cheer her up a little. Not only did this florist shop not have what I was looking for, they were completely disinterested in helping me right from the outset and they refused to entertain the idea of ordering the flowers I wanted so that I could pick them up the next time I went past. Now, anyone who has used Ola Flowers for their floral needs will know that this would never happe
Fashion Friday: Transform Summer Styles Into Fall Fashion
Fashion Friday: Transform Summer Styles Into Fall Fashion
Matt Web Hosting
Web hosting service and domain registration are two important steps which are mandatory we all know. Are you wondering how you can save money, while preparing to launch your business website? Best web site hosting India is also a part of preparing for the launching of a website. There are many web site hosting companies around us. We are amongst the leading web hosting server in India. We have hosting plan India the wide range of hosting options for our customers. All you can do come to the website and select the preferred hosting plan India from the list. Our organization is the one that will benefit you the most. You can try our VPS hosting, which is a Virtual Private Server. A virtual private server acts like a dedicated server and it is really affordable and cheap. The VPS hosting server makes Internet making easier than while using only the main server, and is inexpensive for most business personnel. If you order for the web hosting package from us you may get huge discounts.
Transitioning Your Wardrobe To Fall
Distortions Of Reality
Who Will Help
D/s Lifestyle
THEORY OF SUBMISSIVE SERVICE   The basic principle of submissive service can be summed up in one word: Attentiveness. Your behavior should reflect your attentiveness to the dominant's needs and desires at all times. Your role is to serve those needs and desires. Is your dominant about to light up a cigarette? Is your dominant's coffee cup empty or has the coffee grown cold? Does he or she need a chair to sit on? It is your job to ensure that the dominant's comforts are served by making any and all appropriate arrangements to make the dominant's life easy.Similarly, it is your joyful task to demonstrate, through your attitude and demeanor, that the dominant's needs come first. Your ability to devotedly serve your dominant is a standard by which others will judge you AND your dominant. Not only will your attentiveness please your dominant but it will impress those you meet both with your dominant's power and your submissiveness. In other words, you will be a submissive who a dominant
Read My Mumms Plz To All Friends Make Up My Mind Lol
to my friends make my mind up by reading my mumms
The Wedgie
Me ask a friend what wedgie be...  he do very good description so me share with all you :) Credit to Thickles for good imagination and resources xoxo To answer this question you have to be able to stand with your back to a tree, one foot comfortably perched beside the other's knee, a blade of grass between your lips and cock an eyebrow to look sophisticated...When your body begins to perspire, it tends to become tacky to such materials as cotton. With sliding motion creating a frictional force; compounded with the tacky material the force repositions the material and once the force's friction ceases due to a change of movement, the material remains in the new location which therefore becomes it's new starting point to repeat this cycle of events...Once this cycle has repeated many times you see, the material becomes well wedged between the crack of your ass and will remain there now only with the perspiration which increases the tackfulness of the cotton material. The final result
Once Again
I saw a status about binders on here, and it reminded me of the debate the other night, and what one of the canidates had said so I wanted to say a couple of things on the election in general. This is a critical election. The stakes are high. The country is still struggling to pull itself out of the worst economic crisis since the great depression. We are coming out of it, but just inching along really the recovery is too slow. This is when we should vote more than ever. We have two men that are running for President with two very different views. Each one has such a different view on social issues, economic issues and world issues. Those of us living in battle ground states are being blasted with ads by each canidate. I live in Nevada , and these fuckers are here like once every other week. I speak to people all the time, and many are dis-heartened and dont want to vote as they dont believe their vote counts etc. I understand all of that. I really do, but once again I must pleade wit
Repeat Blog List's one of THOSE.  Things are getting a lil boring around here.   DO IT!  You know you wanna!  Cut-n-Paste and make your own blog with answers.  List 5 things you like about this place:   1) Friends,  2) mumms,  3) all the beautiful women that live in the Philippines,  4) funny blogs, 5) my Blue Bugatti. List 5 things you dislike about this place:   1) Following Helly and finding cock pics,  2) drama,  3) having salutes rejected,  4) Private NSFW folders,  4) typing a great comment only to find out I am blocked or don't have permission to post. List 5 blings you like (not necessarily a favorite):   1) The George bling,  2) my Chuck Taylors,  3) Exotice Dancer,  4) the Bad Ducky, 5)   The Erotic Grind I never got and still lust over. List 5 fun moments you had on Fubar:   1) The day I discovered I was Fumarried to MEL without consent.   2) My one and only happy hour Wicked got me for my birthday (it was fun, but never again!).  3) The first day (Halloween I believe) on Cherry
Relationships go from I love you to I hate you, from calling each other Babe to Bitch, from You mean the world to me to You mean nothing. Relationships go from I love you to I hate you, from calling each other Babe to Bitch, from You mean the world to me to You mean nothing. “Being a successful couple was learning what you were willing to compromise on, and what you weren’t; learning when to stand your ground, and when to give it up; what was truly important enough to fight over, and what was just you being pissy. You learned each other’s hot buttons, the places that hurt, or angered, when you pressed them. Love makes you learn where all the pitfalls are, and how to avoid them, or how to set them off.”
Fubar Stuff
The Southern Guide To What A Man Should Do For His Lady
longchamp bags In my opinion there are plenty associated with MM such as Longchamp tote, there are plenty associated with gains of the bundle: colour range, design little tote in order to big journey tote, celebrity impact, the actual amount associated with civilians within pro-and water-resistant material, style informal design, low-key character.Just about all physique are available on her the the actual longchamp.Longchamp Tote excellent best France conventional craftsmanship, top style style, light-weight as well as useful foldable idea, in addition to comfortable cost associated with globe prominent, These days, the merchandise collection through the preliminary pores and skin tube prolonged in order to purses, pursesI store may be the the majority of attractive best retailers.strongly reveal this particular bundle is actually split in to 3, that isn't just a distinctive look, more to the point,, this particular sequence can support lots of tasks won't be deformed.Longchamp Planet
Life Is Live
The most creative gadget here for Samsung Galaxy Note2 - Samsung Galaxy Note2 Taktik Extreme Metal Shock Drop Resistance Case. TAKTIK Case has premium protection system for Note 2. This Galaxy Note 2 Taktik case is ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts.     It is created by practical and durable polymer and high-quality materials, increased shock suspension system for Galaxy Note2, it is upgraded the anti-glare and anti-fouling Gorilla Glass to protective screen. With tempered Gorilla glass to protective the screen perfectly, and provides comprehensive protection for mobile phones, anti-glare and anti-fouling, does not affect the smooth touch experience of the phone.    Anywhere anytime, it is excellent waterproof with seal silicone gaskets and washers. The sound port Gore and mute switch upgraded with VIBE function is a cool desigh which has one key switch function which is easy to gain control over the mute world or colorful ringtone.     
Poem 1
What were you to me? Everything that I thought you could be. The only one who was ever there The only one that I knew even cared And never again will I ever know That thing that you made me feel And now I am so cold We had it all... We had each other I know I will never fall For anyone like this again Debating if I called your name Would you be there time and time again You always told me not to doubt myself And now I am stuck in this bottomless hell And never again will I ever know That thing that you made me feel And now I am so cold Loving never knowing how You felt or how you could pretend And I know I will never be the same Cause you fucked my mind up In your stupid game. We had it all We had each other I know I will never fall For anyone like this again
High-fashion Clothes, Sunglasses And Jewelry Mark ‘boy Bling’ Trend For Celeb Tots
ABC News’ Mary Pflum reports:For years, an ever-growing number of celebrities have decked out their little girls in runway-ready fashions.More and more mather likes online clothes shopping for their girls.But move over, Suri Cruise, because little boys are now getting in on the act. Take Rachel Zoe’s son, Skyler, and Gwen Stefani’s sons, Kingston and Zuma.“We’re seeing little boys doing jewelry,” Michelle Madhok, the editor of MomFinds, a fashion blog devoted to the latest from celebrity babies, told “Good Morning America.”  ”We’re seeing them do more and more of the current trends, like color-blocking.” RELATED: Which celeb kid will be the next Suri Cruise?Among the most fashion-forward boys these days is Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason. Fashion icon Victoria Beckham’s three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, are also making their own statements with their clothing.Zoe’s son is just over a year old, but
Fubar Greed
This is a true story, but the names have been changed to protect some of the innocent victims...this is a 55 yr. Old man who has got to be one of the most self-serving, greediest person I've ever met on fubar in my entire 4 ½ yrs. on here. He asks for advice, but never takes it. He's going to do what HE wants to do in any aspect that I've seen on mafia and fubar.   He had friends in our turf whom he had added to his family. These family members do not beat the bushes to level up on fubar or want to waste their money on those ability blings, but everyone enjoys a chance to level up, even those with no hope to.   This man, I'll call him Dan... proceeded to ask his mafia friends in our turf to add him to their family. And of course, none of them questioned why, they just obliged him. Then he told them he would be removing them from his family but still wanted to come back and rate and comment on their page. These folks were shocked and some went ahead and removed him because he w
Looking For New Friends

To Bling or not to Bling? That is the question? To bling someone can be a double edged sword. Let's say I find a girl cute, interesting and she seems intelligent and I want to get her attention well the easiest way to do that is to bling her right? The problem with that is that I have noticed that when u bling someone when u first meet them on Fubar there is a strong possibility that you have set the wrong tone for the Fu friendship especially if it is an expensive bling. People are people and when u set that tone right out of the gate the expectation even though some of u will say it is not the case is that you will continue to bling them through out the friendship cuz if u dont they will wonder why u dont bling them any more?? The blinger then must decide if he or she wants to keep coming out of pocket to continue to bling this person or persons in order to maintain that level of attention you have established with that person. In many cases it can be a fucked if u do fucked if u don
New To Site
Hi Im Yvette and I am new to this site I could use friends andPlease dont be shy stop bye and say hi any suggestions on how to make this site fun for me..
The Portals: Symbols And Myth
Symbol-Myths are energy portals between the fourth and fifth dimensional realms. Time-Solvoid and Eternity-Cosolid, and in the epistemic ranking of human consciousness they are of the first order in the quest for meaning and context. Being in their presence is like facing something totally beyond yourself. They appear as beings of greater maturity, aliveness, and internal complexity than you. Their capacity to generate an energy of a different and more intense nature than you are capable of generating elicits the classic sublime response, which transcends beauty: joy combined with horror at the rush to the infinite. This response has let to their being interpreted as divine and anthropomorphized as gods and daemons. But a symbol-myth is ultimately neither a subject or an object. It is definable only as a portal, an entity characterized by its capacity to transform....Symbol-Myths reveal Mystery: they do not act as devices that decode mysteries into something else. A conundrum, such as
How To Make Money With Passions, Millionaire Society 2012
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-How To Make Money From PassionsMillionaire Society, To make money online many people jump right in before they are properly prepared. You know that to be a rocket scientist, a doctor, a brick layer, a construction worker, an office worker, a teacher there are prerequisites, things you must learn, before you can be successful, you don't just jump right in unprepared. The same applies to the Internet marketing industry even though there are unsavory people out there who'd have you believe it's a "Walk in the Park" and requires no more than the belief that you can just do it. And I'll have to admit, it is a walk in the park compared to what you have to put up with in the working world punching a clock being a subordinate to someone who does not have your interests in mind, but there are still rules you have to follow and pitfalls you must avoid to actually make Internet marketi
The Unlucky Cat
Schizophrenia Split mind / divided soul Disintegration, deteriorating mental faculties Disoriented A future without direction Moving blindly, I walk further into the increasing void The expanding depth of solitude, increasing resistance to ingestion I stand at the edge of the medicine cabinet, unraveling the labels Plastic cylinders containing pressed powder daydreams Beautifully dangerous pharmaceutical hallucination Walking images that overlap into my reality Only conscious in the corner of my eye Breathing only in the absence of actual vantage points The stale whispers talk, fighting for vocal dominance Remnants of past conversations She speaks in a violent clarity Her fragile words shatter with an echo A promise lingers in the air A proposed permanence of loyalty until death I run the tips of my fingers across my wrist The piercing thump of my pulse reminds me I’m among the living An irrational collection of empty skin suits Relying on glossy pages of se
So this is fubar kind of seems interesting. I am only on here bc my facebook was hacked and I needed something to do. Hope this keeps me entertained for a bit lol :). Might meet some interesting people
Wedding Dresses And How To Choose The Best Price Dresses
Affordable clothes online features a superb range of women's clothing for sale, suitable for all occasions.Preparing a wedding might just about be the most strenuous activity that you would ever get involved in your entire life. It is hectic for real and this is a fact that you just have to admit. The bride would normally have the highest levels of stress, as the wedding day always seems to bear more meaning to the bride than the groom. The bride has thought about this day for many years, possibly since childhood and she would want to have a lovely time on this day. Nothing would make this day perfect, than having a perfect appearance for nearly everything on this day. What to know before choosing the perfect wedding dress for your entourageThe groom has perhaps only got to think of a suit that he and his entourage would wear and this is not anywhere near the kind of hustles that the bride would have to go through in order for the entire wedding to be a success. Very important to note
Update To The Halooween Auction
A while back, I came across an article by Nina Hartley in Hustler’s Taboo magazine.  Here is a summary of her advice on what you can do, or avoid doing, to have a good scene.   1.  KNOW WHAT YOU WANT GOING IN Take responsibility for making your own choices.  Ask for what you want, and be clear.   2.  NO FLAKING Once you’ve decided to go ahead with a scene, pick a time and stick with it.   3. HAVE NO ULTERIOR MOTIVES BEYOND SHARED PLEASURE Trading use of your body to manipulate is sleazy in the extreme.   4. SHOW UP READY TO PLAY AND IN THE MOOD TO DO SO Be in the moment.  If you don’t feel prepared to play, step up to it bravely, apologize, and don’t play.   5.  NO DRAMA Leave any personal stuff at the door.   6. STATE YOUR DESIRES AND LIMITS UP FRONT AND BE SPECIFIC It should go without saying, I’m not a mind reader.  When negotiating the scene, be honest.   7. THE DOM SETS THE AGENDA, WHIL
Contest Blogs
Hello again, So I decided to do something special for everyone of our members of orgy after hours.  I know alot of people havent been lucky enough to get a fu pony.  Well now is  your chance.  We will have a drawing for a fu pony, and 10 other bling.  Which gives everyone an opportunity to win.It will work really simple it will cost 10 credits to enter.  First prize will be a fu pony, 2nd prize will be a god mode, 3rd a rock star..etc..etcc. ( I will make a more indepth blog with the exact prizes today or tomorrow)The drawing will be 12/21 once we get 150 entries this means your odds of winning a special ability bling will be 1 in 15 much better then the fu lottery dont you think?!??!So starting tonight the entries will begin you will be allowed to enter more then once.  I will draw the names live on cam so to make sure there is no funny business.Keep an eye on this events page for more information on this fu pony drawing and get your chance to win soon! Entries are collected by Tsmo
Rw Help Please
Trying something dfiferent here.   After reading Ragdoll's post, and knowing how hardtimes can be, if anyone in her area knows of anyplace hiring, please help.   TY Ragdoll for allowing me to try to help.
Gallbladder Surgery Complications
A gallbladder, normally identified as the non-crucial body part of the physical body, is a really compact body part somewhere slightly under the right part of the liver organ. The gallbladder for that reason, does not have any job, however, it holds bile and that is necessary for the intestines. Bile or simply gall, would be the substance specifically generated by the liver organ cells. Many individuals feel pains inside the gallbladder symptoms caused by specific factors such as gallbladder stones, cancer malignancy and polyps. Almost always gall bladder stones as well as the various conditions are definitely the principal factors that cause patients to choose gallbladder surgical operations. In spite of this, there are numerous side-effects of gallbladder surgical procedures which are explained in the next paragraphs.A person might encounter intense serious pain around the abdominal area and lower back part as a consequence of a gall bladder procedure. Essentially, some body parts ar
Club And Rock Fm
These rules are to be followed at all times while in the lounge and is as follows....  Members only on cam, please bang the join button!  NO droping links in the lounge unless ur staff.  NO drama off any kind or u will be banned .  You get one warnning, 2nd warning is a ban.  Respect all staff, members and Dj's  No talking about othere lounges unless u are a owner or co owner or staff  No slaging any one off to owner or co owner                  Otherwise, have fun!
Standing Up
Uncertain in my life.   Don't know where to do Don't know who I should have as friends Should I just retreat back inside myself Should I just repair the wall I had around my heart.   Uncertain about my life Hate being weak. Hate crying for the broken hearts I endure Should I just retreat back inside myself I have been learning from my friends about the power behind the word NO!.  I have been bending over backwards trying to help people in any way possible.  While helping them out I have been losing a little piece of myself. Now, that I have been using the word NO! I have been gaining some self esteem.  Self esteem that I have been lacking for so many years in my life.  Low self esteem lead me down a path that got me to where I am today.  Instead of being happy with a loving husband on my side.  I had two husbands who took advantage of me when it comes to support.  No woman with self respect will allow a man to use her. Now, I am going to stand up for myself.  If it sounds li
Life By The Drop.
I believe love is forever. It is not just a word of no meaning but it is everything. It is a commintent to your Heart and Soul, It means apologizing when you our wrong and meaning it unconditionaly, Love should not just be a condition .love is not conditional it has a powerful magic behind it, You must worship the woman and stand with her to be her total support, You should hold her hand and pull her close and whisper in her ear's say I'm so lucky to be at your side and be able to tell you is not based on any special qualities. You love her. Love is infinite it goes past this world we live in and to the next. Love must come from within the power of the soul. Love does not live in the past it is now and the future. Love is very Complex to understand, But to understand you must be able to forgive, A complament is wonderful to here, Tell her that her hair is so Beautiful, Tell her her skin is so soft, How Beautiful she look's,How Beautiful that dress or jeans she is wearing looks
I met you and instantly held my breath. Your smile leading me back to this site over and over. The feel of my blood rushing feeling light headed as i see your cam come to life. We listened to a little of each others life stories and were both amazed at each others past. I find myself thinking of you when i dont see you here .... the time seeming like its passing in a lazy haze.. Will i fall in deep love with you? Just the thought of someone hurting you makes my blood rush.. i want to tell you so many things and reasure you that i am here and am sincere but worried that ur past will force you to turn away. How do i let you know what you mean to me do i wait? Take the chance of someone else taking you:( it that were to happen rest assured i still would not leave your side i will be there for you if only as a friend as long as i can see that smile every once in a while:s   Amazed by your shyness and honestly the way you look i know you have been told different but i am not anyone else i
I have been trying for the last week to be able to get out of this place. I finally got everything finished. I will be in the Philippines this weekend. I am very excited and just finised everything I had to so I can leave. Hope it all goes for the best Well I have gotten the news that I wont be going to the Philippines. Received that this past Friday when I walked into the airport to get my ticket and it wasn't there. That left me really bummed and very agitated. But on another note because of the issue, my brother has agreed to let me come up to where he lives so I have a place to live so I do not have to sleep on the streets. Hopefully this all works for the best. Just a few days left til I'll be in Ohio I dont quite understand the whole reasoning for everything going the way it does. Today has been very short in all aspects. I ended up having to go out to the hospital at like 3 am with my brother and his wife. She wasn't feeling well so she decided it was time to head over to get ch
Wicked Thoughts
Jinxer, hexer, if you wanna step you know I'm gonna best ya, I'm the wicked jester, Southern born ninja crossed the Mason Dixon down with the clown and now I'm gonna show you, psychopathic be the name, dark rhymes be the game, you know it's the fuckin best cause it is run by the insane!!! Whoop Whoop throw em up!!! I run and do a ninja jump flip kick and then I'm at the wall, I crawl up and over like it ain't there at all, now the popo angry and getting red in the face, they are getting sick fast of the wicked race, flying through the air helicopter giving chase, they will never catch me I am changing up the pace, coppers all around me but I am already in the hills, ounce I hit the woods I can find a place to chill... Router Ip Address is a non-public IP address, frequently used by Linksys modems. Different router manufacturers also have it as the defaulting IP address. Apart from routers, many other equipment may use this particular IP address, but that's not too typical. Routers are pieces of equipment which allow exchange of data amongst systems. These kinds of equipment attach networking systems with each other. The aim of a modem is usually to channel and send computer data. Your home modems can be used for data files exchanges somewhere between Computer systems and DSL modems.An Ip is really a a list of numbers, put into pieces which have been broken down by dots. Every single unit inside of the system is issued an IP address. An Ip is utilized in area addressing and network system program detection. Non-public IP addresses can be used for small to medium sized office or house networking systems, in instances where global routable addresses aren’t offered. Exclusive IP addresses are usually ut
Hangover Remedy
"I will never consume again!" Who hasn't said that after destination been consuming the evening before, and aroused from rest the next day with a booming frustration and a abdomen moving around like a journey. You may have experienced the consuming, but the hangover the next day is not fun. Here are some organic Homemade Hangover Solutions to help you treat the hangover. What to do after the fact 1. An ideal homemade hangover solution is to consume two huge associated with milk items (avoid water at this stage as it may cause you to become intoxicated again) as soon as you get up to get rid of any lack of fluids. 2. As soon you have get over the a sensation of sickness, create a awesome, hot dish of poultry broth. This broth will help substitute sodium and system potassium, our bodies drops sodium and system potassium when you have been consuming. 3. Get Clean, seriously- take a bath, sweep your tooth, etc. being and FEELING clean will do wonders 4. Get effective. Though you'll want to
Are Plant Based Give Up Smoking Capsules Efficient?
In the following paragraphs I am going to speak about plant based quit smoking capsule. When you have tried out quit smoking before, you are able to see the amount of impossibility of preventing back the particular actual physical withdrawal signs. Essentially the most clear will be the cravings to get a smoke that are most powerful inside the very first 7 days (the actual optimum is often round the 3 rd day). Nevertheless in addition to the particular desires, many people additionally encounter a variety of severe headaches, feeling sick, a sore throat, sleep loss, breathing problems, being easily annoyed, despression symptoms, as well as nervousness. For most of us, these signs or symptoms are way too much to manage which is why very few folks are capable of quitting smoking cigarettes every year.Should you be thinking of employing organic give up smoking capsules, its possibly the most suitable choice you can look at. One explanation happens because it does not incorporate pure nico
Quotes That I Live By
-"Their pain [the injurer's pain at having injured you] and your pain create the point and counterpoint for the rhythm of reconciliation. When the beat of their pain is a response to the beat of yours, they have become truthful in their feelings...they have moved a step closer to a truthful reunion." $$$ -"Forgiving does not usually happen at once. It is a process, sometimes a long one, especially when it comes to wounds gouged deep. And we must expect some lapses...some people seem to manage to finish off forgiving in one swoop of the heart. But when they do, you can bet they are forgiving flesh wounds. Deeper cuts take more time and can use a second coat." ***   "Forgiveness entails the authentic acceptance of our own worthiness as human beings, the understanding that mistakes are opportunities for growth, awareness and the cultivation of compassion, and the realization that the extension of love to ourselves and others is the glue that holds the universe together.
In My Mind
Today when I woke at 8:A.M. I thought I was in a different home than my apartment. I thought for the first few minutes that I was in a home I lived in when I was a child. I was relieved when I reliazed I was in my apartment. The home I refer to was a dangerous house for me for that is where I was sexually, psychically, and mentally abused has a child by my brother and a next door nieghbor. Nightmares haunt me to this very day.                                                                            RED As I sit here at 4:15 A.M. I am thinking of many things. About sleep, what I have to do today, my very state of mind. Who ever said being insane is not fun diffentily lied there ass off. It's great I get to get away with more shit then I can count. I get away with more stuff cause I can and I study people and I like to schock the hell out of them and laugh at their responce to it. For here is an example: Me " Whats up Josh?": Josh" Not much but my dick": Me "I want to bend you over
Never Had Met You
I wish I had never met you. There would be no need to impress you. No need to want you. No need for loving you. No need for crying over you. No need for heartbreaks. No need for pain or tears. No need for forgotten promises. No need for rejected hugs. No need for crying myself to sleep. No need for everything you've done to make me feel like nothing. But then again, im glad I met you. Cause you were the one who always asked me if anything was wrong. You were the one who loved me for me. You were the one who care when everyone else didnt. The one who stayed up late to talk about the craziest things. The one who taught me new things. The one who laughed at my bad jokes. The one who did things, just for me.
Is it the flesh and blood Or the breath of air That constitutes this life Or is there something more The blood boils deep in my veins I exhale with the thought of pain There’s only one question that remains Am I alive or is it all a lie?   Confined within my loneliness I look out at the world around me Watching people grow and change Becoming more than they once were   One by one they pass me by As if I’m just some shadow Never giving me a second glance Never giving me a single chance   Is this my life (Am I alive?) I am flesh (Am I alive?) I have breath (Am I alive?) I just watch the world go by   I just wat
stay happy
Somthing To Think About
Before you wanna be an asshole with your girl,think about this...... While your ignoring her, another guy is giving her attention, While your giving her problems another guy is listening.... While your to busy for her another guy is making time for her, While you make her cry another guy is trying to make her smile again. When your not sure you want her another guy has already figured it out.
Optimal Health
Optimal health. We all want to have it, but very few of us are anywhere close to achieving it. This is because, sadly, health is not a high priority for most of us. Even more so, most of us don't even know how to define optimal health. Our medical model teaches us that health is the absence of disease. I can guarantee you that health is much more than this. There are millions of people who don't have a diagnosable disease, but are still in poor or mediocre health. Interestingly, there are also many people who do have a disease but are in good to excellent health. And how is this possible? Because I define health in a much uncommon way than our medical model does. I define health as the absence of addiction, not disease. Health is about living spontaneously. In Chinese medicine, the character ziran symbolizes both health and spontaneity. Now, this may seem strange to you. But think about it. People who are free of destructive habits and addictions generally radiate peace and contentment

Sherry In Peril
Sherry, in the beginning, has always been more female than most men could handle. Her soft, pouting lips made mere men drool, and pucker trying for that all-important "first kiss". Beautiful, eyes, large, supple breasts, and those hips...well, you'll see. Her first date with a new "online Dom" was supposed to be this evening, but after work, Sherry didnt think she could do it. She worked, all day, and dinner sounded great, but her feet were killing her. Regardless, tho, she knew she had to go. He made her heart pump, told her stories of lust and ribaldness she hadnt heard before, so she thought she should check him out. But Master Nickolas was no mere "online" Dominant, He was real. sherry got home, took a long shower, and stood before her mirror. She was awesome! Her perfume was perfect, "Submission", and she splashed it on her neck, on her breasts, and on her thighs. what the fuck, it couldnt hurt, right? She dressed slowly, her loins tingling from the hot shower, hitting her nippl
Sex Toys
Vibrators are the most commonly used sex toys, followed by dildos. I know their are more women then men in this world, but i wonder why men sex toys are less common. There women must be doing a good job. However, their is a variety of male sex toys for them at http;// We sell other things for men too. If your girls doing it right maybe some lingerie or accessories for her is what you are look for. We got that too. Check us out, get a buzz, and have some adult fun!!
Working In Dallas
So I'm been away from my house for about two weeks now. Paying a morgage in a place i won't be at for about 4/5 months sucks. but what can you do that's what's a new job is all about. The wheather has been good and people are nice. Still looking for places to go out though, went to the hotel bar at the the Hilton, right beside me and it was a good time on Firday night. Women were great lots of drinks...let's see what week three holds...
Alternative Music
Ok so first of all men that read this don't get your panties in a bunch, this may or may not pertain to {YOU} this is about some men on Fu...NOT all men on Fu . I don't understand what goes on in your mind. I would have to say and most ladies on this site I'm sure will agree with me that how you approach women on this site you would NOT approach in the {REAL WORLD}. Are you just fucking with us by the approach your taking and trying to get a rise for your own self worth and not a {RISE} in your pants as to what I'm referring. Are you generally interested in this woman you're approaching? If so why the fuck would you come off pervy to them? Don't you think you would get a better response from a female if you were just kind and NORMAL or as NORMAL as any persona can take in the FuWorld.    I can not stand nothing more then someone who is old enough to be my father or grandfather hitting on me. I am sorry if you are reading this and you fall into this category. I could be a social netwo
Adding Family
At the end of this week i wanna chose 5 family Members. Tell me why your worthy in a private message and why you should be my top member who will have greater access to me. Im not materialistic but, bling blasts cherry bombs,etc will figure into my decision. I wanna know who wants it more.     jess
Do You Wanna Kill Yourself?
Wanna kill yourself? Imagine this. You come home from school one dayor work or whatever it is. You’ve had yet another horrible day. You’re just ready to give up. So you go to your room, close the door, and take out that suicide note you’ve written and rewritten over and over and over You take out those razor blades, and cut for the very last time. You grab that bottle of pills and take them all. Laying down, holding the letter to your chest, you close your eyes for the very last time. A few hours later, your little brother knocks on your door to come tell you dinners ready. You don’t answer, so he walks in. All he sees is you laying on your bed, so he thinks you’re asleep. He tells your mom this. Your mom goes to your room to wake you up. She notices something is odd. She grabs the paper in your hand and reads it. Sobbing, she tries to wake you up. She’s screaming your name. Your brother, so confused, runs to go tell Dad that “Mommy is crying a
Some Of My Poems
The Knife As the blade of the knife pierces my sideThe single drop of blood cannot hideI feel the pain of every breatheKnowing i will soon feel my death Feeling all happiness fade awayHoping i will die soon today I wish this blade would take my lifeFor i,m tired of holding this knife ....   Blind Souls Everyone is dying From the moment they're born Everyone is crying But we're forsaken and forlorn Disillusion shattered dreams Destroyed visions of future Perfection is the name of condemned themes For a million of damned souls in overture So many souls in torment Reaching out to their creator We can only lament Because he is the betrayer...   Across the miles Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent ,Sometimes,I like to thinkI can hear your heart beatingin time with mine. Have I ever told you that when i watch you speak to me through lines and cords,and bytes and ram I imagineYour voice,Whispering in my ear. Have I ever told you that I wait out each day
im really worring about this years comming up election i am a republican and i am voting for Romney but i am also worried about all the minorities in our country that is voting for Obama i went and sae "Obama 2016" and he totally confirmed all my suspicions abbout this man i beleive he is communist and that he only has 4 years left if he is re elected am i the only one that feels this way you know that he can do what ever he wants to our country in these next four years he cannot be relected again arent you guys as worried as i am? and not to mention him supporting all the people on welfare and goverment assistance i dont know bout u guys but i dont like taking care of other people family if i can work so can everyone else ...i dont know i jus had to vent hope i didnt affend anyone.....have a great day   Ashley Klein 10/14/12
Family Salutes
Cleaned Out My Family And Was Surprised At Some Of My Family. I've Known Some Of These People Since I Started On Fubar. Making Family Salutes...Let Me Know
"love, Life And All Those Crazy Things"
Let me start by saying this....these are MY thoughts and MY opinions. And you may disagree with them. That's fine. Feel free to be critical and tell me why you disagree and what your thoughts are. Who may just change my opinion. calling, cursing, bashing and profile wrecking WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. That being we go....   I love you....three words. Easy to type. Easy to say. Right? But what is love really? It's not words typed on a keyboard, or even spoken words for one to hear. It is an emotion, and a very powerful one. When you tell someone, I love you...and your throat tightens, or tears come to your eyes. Your heart races and you are flooded by the warmth of comfort and safety. That IS love. Love can be as small as a tiny seed. But when planted, it will grow if it has what it needs. Trust, caring, respect, honor, friendship. Among other things, and not always in that order. It will grow in to a beautiful thing that can last forever if it i
.. so here I am... landed on planet Fubar... well let´s see whats going on here
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 Beers.A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full.. The students responded with a unanimous 'yes.'The professor then produced two Beers from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the empty s
Broadcast Fun
order members by:   include NSFW broadcasts:  most popular video broadcasts *NSFW* wootwoot hanging out at home with the babes and my friend rocket!... Watch Broadcast 51 viewers Shadow Angel Mu... I has pumpkin cake! ....Thinking about broadcasting in a... Watch Broadcast 15 viewers ilovebigboobies my yahoo is master4bustyz .. add me girls.
Whats On My Mind
so im sitting here about to brake down in to tears and i have no clue why it sucks ass there has been so much to go on in my life the past 5 months and i guess i have finely hit my braking point.  i mean i lost my grandmother almost 5 months ago to cancer her hole body was ate up with it and 2 weeks after i lost her my bf (of over a year) cheats on my with someone 20 years older them him and my self esteem was at an all time new low for me i feels like i was nothing that i was not good enough for anyone i pushed almost everyone i loved or cared about out of my life and would not let them in i feel so unwanted by my family anymore its like they only want me around for my money or what not my mom never calls to see how i feel or shit like that idk maybe its just me but if i was to leave here they would not care i sometimes think they would be happier with me not around i wish i did not feel like this  yes in the past i have tryed to kill myself but never could somethis always saved me
Oh Bailey Bailey
Everyone on here that knows me or of me knows I am bi-sexual and I see alot of womens pictures from all over the internet. So yes I look at girls but anyway I ran across a profile and was also informed called Baileys Fubar ( and as I was there I noticed she had all of these pictures marked private and if you wanted to see this or that it was either a rockstar for this folder or a God mode for this one and so on. Fuck guys you can see them for free @ ... Just scroll down to the bottom where all of the links are and you have it. Stop being a fucking idiot. What I noticed was that most of them were older guys, which is cool everyone needs to get it off once in a while but Seriously. I mean WTF. I sent her an email asking her was she actually saying these pictures were of her and she responded in a oh yes BLOCKED me. Anyway for free you can see them and stop paying for something that is already out there. Hey I may hav
Wanna Help Me Out?
Sooo this might sound totally weird to some of you but I have a fu-friend into humiliation and he has promised me blings if I can get my friends to..   1. rate him and his pics all 1's and comment how pathetic, lame, etc. he is. this is his link 2. rate his mistress' pics 10's or 11's. this is her link   And then let me know when you do plz :) He really wants to be the joke of Fubar :P Let's get this done! :)   If for some reason you don't believe this as I know I might not unless I was the one approached lol I can forward you the messages he sent me saying so :)  And also, he promised to rate back 10's or 11's to all of you who do so no matter what :) He likes this shit LOL! Thank you all in advance! ♥
How many profiles to i visit on fubar belonging to chicks that start like this: "okay lets get this straight. im not looking for love or pictures of your private parts. if you want NSFW pics of me forget it i dont do that. i dont chat, msg. i dont want your phone number, you are not getting mine, dont look at me, dont talk to me..." what a turn off. no, i dont want to see you naked unless you want me too, and until god strikes me dead, im gonna chat with like minded people whom have found a way to stay positive and dont approach this as some kind of minefield that they refuse to walk thru. negativity bites my ass.
About Me
i a
Kinky Story ♥
I was admiring myself in the mirror.. Just standing there wearing a see through jet black lacy lingere gown.... Touching myself running my hands all over my body..... and You walked over to me.. Slowly with nothing on........ At this point you were behind me running your fingers through my hair gently.... You lean in closer and I can feel you  move my hair out the way exposing my neck.. I feel your lips and your breath graze across my skin.... As i close my eyes and just say "mmmmm"  You take your other hand.... and slide it up my gown.... and feel how wet I am with your fingers..... slowly just running circles around my clit with your finger..... then 2 fingers and then 3 fingers..... in and out in and out.......... Im moaning and cumming all over your fingers...... At this point you take me over  and lay me ever so gently on the bed you kiss me gently on the lips...... passionatly, and gracefully, your hands all over my body.... Taking your hands and running them all up and down my l
Are You Still Down With Obama?
Night Dogging
Night Dogging
The Causes Of Mono
Mono is in fact a viral contagious illness. This would mean, it is able to spread out from person to person because of exchange of saliva and even mucus coming from throat or nasal area. Because the condition is usually known as kissing health issue, there exists a well-known belief that it really is caused simply as a consequence of kissing. The above mentioned belief is certainly right that mono is usually passed on with kissing. As mentioned previously, mononucleosis spreads throughout direct contact. While deep kissing, there's an exchange of saliva so because of this, there's a greatest chance of transmitting of this particular health problem. Kissing is actually one of the key causes of the spread ofmono in younger generation. Nevertheless, kissing isn't the only cause of spreading this specific illness between people today. Mononucleosis can also be passed on through sneezing, coughing sharing own things such as bath towels, brush, and many others. At the same time, utilizing th
The Independence Opportunity!
Hey it's Byron, thanks for reading and I just wanted to let you know that the Independence opportunity is truly unique! It is, without a doubt, a phenomenal financial opportunity for you to get paid over $30,000 every month in residual income when OTHER people pay their electric bill.. just like they have always done... ANYWAY. It is also a personal growth opportunity; one that is more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. You see, as an Associate, you also have the opportunity to get paid $2,000 to $4,000 in 1 - 7 days*!!! It's called the Power Play and it's a great way to get some quick cash in your pocket. You can also share the opportunity and help others earn $2,000 to $4,000 in 1 - 7 days.** When you help these new Associates succeed, you succeed because you can earn $300 when you help your new Associates complete the Power Play. You can repeat this as many times as you like to get paid the $300 & watch your earnings grow. I certainly enjoy my residual incom
The Pig
A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (O.M.G.!!!) A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy. I'm still not over the pig.) The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. (Honey, I'm home . What the...?) The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It's like a human jumpingthe length of a football field. (30 minutes. Lucky pig! Can you imagine?) The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds. (What could be so tasty on the bottom of a pond?) Some lions mate over 50 times a day. (I still can't believe that pig ...quality over quantity.) Butterflies taste with their feet. (Something I always wanted to know.) Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump. (Okay, so that would be a good thing.) A cat's urine glows under a black light. (I wonder how much the government paid to figure that out.) An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. (I know some people like that.) Star
Missing Girl
Ever Had Crush One Someone
If Ever Had Crush on someone and you  were a scared to  tell them  would tell them yes or no have u ever fell in love someone u have always wanted u have thought about for years or months or what ever in your life  or have you even telled  yes or no
Whats Wrong With People
My Thoughts
this site is bein taken over by fake ppl lol,. its really sad when a 6 yr old can spot a fake  but at 30 + man cant and buys the fake all kinds of shit but the fake will never get passed lvl  30 lmfao.guess u guys on here rather help some one that fake and not even real , then some one thats is, thats really sad. that gos to tell me that u guys think with the head thats in ur pants not the 1 on ur sholders lol but hey if u want to get used for ur money and lied to ,thats u guys problem! I work my ass on here tryin to lvl with lil or no help at all , and i HATE fakes so when ur bank accts are dryed up cuz u rather buy fakes blings and what ever on here  , im goin to laugh my ass off  thats all i have to say have a nice fuckin day! you there have i got your attentionyou left my dreams in the wishing wellyou there got to find interventiondont test me know I will get through some whereCan I have you Attention Pleasecan you tell me what's going on god only knowslife is a book we open an
hgjjghj hgjhgjhghgj
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My Poetry
Fractals   Colors, strands and beams Arranged into a rainbow Twisted around each other They form a warped vision Every piece large Every piece small Connected in an infinite web Confusion and clarity Chaos and order All in one place Spread across the Universe It is seen in the mind Conjured up in nightmares Just a series of mathematical equations Numbers in the right place at the right time Creating such beauty   Under The Weeping Willow   I saw you when we were kids Playing with blocks on the kindergarten floor We grew up You became a beauty I became a geek I never had the never had the nerve to talk to you Then we met   Under the weeping willow down on the shores of the river We met, we held hands and we kissed That old weeping willow shed its tears The willow's tears that flowed in happiness We had found the love we both wanted   I proposed and we wed Promising to share our lives from then on Never to part I saw the love in your eyes The geek ma
About Me
well i am here to tell about me. i am not that someone that can be ran over and pushed around. i have been through alot in my 29 years of living and i just want to have a life now. i have my good days and my bad like anyone else. i love, i cry, i hurt. dont under estimate me thinking cause i am a very caring person that i cant become something else. i dont like being that person and because of it, people think they can push me around and run over me. well im taking my life back to the fullest. i just wished that certain people would see me for who i am and can be.   i am a mother of two beautiful lil girls. they are my world. but at this time my babies arnt at home. i missed them dearly. but i know they will be coming home very soon and run into my arms. thats going to be a wonderful day  for me. please dont judge me for what has happened to me in my 29 years i have lived. some things i shale not speak of cause i dont want everyone to read it. if i know you and trust that i can tell
Just Poems And Thoughts...
If I had one wish.If one desire could come true.If I had one wish.My wish would be you.If I could choose.I would stay in your arms forever.Our hearts would fuse.And our love would become an endeavor.I would wish for you to stay with me.For you to be my love.You would be my hearts key.Forever my angel, my dove.Forever is a long time.To require in a single command.I will write our love in a rhyme.For it would be my demand.I would ask of this.Only with your permission.Lost in a kiss.Our love is my ambition.So I wished upon the star.The star that reminded me most of you.My actions seemed bizarre.But this wish I had to pursue.If I had one wish.My wish would be you.And since I made that wish.My wish has come true ....
Convey your love and concern from the core of your heart, and our gifts will score the perfect background for that. Whenever your loved ones receive something from you, their hearts can’t from going pitter-patter, and is honored to present its gift ideas to catalyze this heavenly act further. We script the picture perfect gift ideas on your behalf, just to curtail your time for searching the right gift. Gifts narrate the sweet memory of your cherished moments, and we are privileged to do it for you. Come and meet us at to know more.  
Well Mama...   Janice my therapist said I am doing good not hitting people ...I hope you are proud of me not hurting those who hurt me... She did say she is surprised how good I am doing right now.   Mom I have my fubar friends back, this is my family now.  I wish you were here to help me get back on my feet and make them leave me alone.  Dan is an evil little boy and well I hope he suffers but not like what he did to me. Jess called me yesterday crying about how Rodney that dodo head husband of hers was putting her down... she quit crying when she got money from pops...and she calls me the bumb...yeah right... Little Jerry is doing great about helping me with dad.... Last night dad was playing songs that reminded him of you...I cried like a baby cause I do miss you soooooo much.. well I love you mom...Dia de los Muertos is coming quick see ya then ya....te quiero mucho mama   Siempre su hija   Mom,   Dad finally broke down tonight and cried for you..he was
I'm a product of my society My craziness is something the ingrained in me My faulty wiring that they choose to blame Is caused solely by their attacks to my name I won't sit idle, and just play my role You may hold my mortal boundaries, but you'll never tame my soul Born white trash, but that's not what I'll stay With this brain and these wings I'll fly away Stereotype me, go ahead and place me in your box I'll break out for my will is stronger than all locks I'm the big bad wolf, that's going to tear apart these sheep And finally expose the true actors behind the sheet These crooked politicians, who claim to have our backs Are merely paid actors, giving us someone to point at While the puppet masters play behind the screen We're to busy watching the decoys to catch whiff of anything We don't see that their houses get bigger, as we lose ours We don't see that our freedom is restricted by these bars Or how while we struggle to eat , they have five course meals With mo
Memoirs Of A Dom
I get that question a lot. I have found some great articles on this topic and will add more as I find them. If you have any you would like to see make this list please leave them in comments or contact me via inbox or sb and I will look them over and add them.   What Is Submission? The Gift Of Submission Different Types of Submission in BDSM: Submissive, Slave and Pet I get this question a lot, I also get people who think because I am a Dominant I will start to Dominate them. First thing first, I am Dominant by nature but just because I am Dominant doesn't mean I demand respect, I believe the respect is to be earned. Second just because I am a Dom doesn't make me mean, some of the most caring people I know are Dominants, we have feelings just like everyone else. I could sit here all
Favorite Lyrics
He wore that cowboy hat to cover up his horns.Sweet-talkin' forked tongue haf a temptin' charm.Before I turned around, that girl was gone.All I can say is: "Bartender, pour me somethin' strong."Here's to the past, they can kiss my glass.I hope she's happy with him.Here's to the girl, who wrecked my world,That angel who did me in.I think the devil drives a Coupe de Ville.I watched 'em drive away over the hill,Not against her will, an' I've got time to kill,Down in Brokenheartsville.It was long on chrome, sittin' in the lot.An' fire engine red, that thing was hot.He revved it up, she waved goodbye.Well, love's gone to hell and so have I.Here's to the past, they can kiss my glass.I hope she's happy with him.Here's to the girl, who wrecked my world,That angel who did me in.I think the devil drives a Coupe de Ville.I watched 'em drive away over the hill,Not against her will, an' I've got time to kill,Down in Brokenheartsville.Here's to the past, they can kiss my glass.I hope she's happy wit
Raj Karthick
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The Amazing Benefits Of Nitric Oxide
Nitric Oxide Supplements is labelled as giggling gas and special air. It's actually a clear inflammable gas having minimal scent and flavors. It is actually used for surgery not to mention dentistry surgeries simply because of its pain-killer and analgesic aspects. It has got an impact of joyfulness among the end users.Still additionally, there are listed Nitric Oxide Supplement adverse reactions. It really is able to create neuro-toxicity throughout the increase of Olney’s lesions which can be destruction of the rear cingulate and then retrospenial cortices of your brain contained in an experimentation performed in test subjects.A lot of people make use of this form Nitric Oxide Supplements as vitamin supplements for developing your muscles. There are particular incidents documented at which incorrect use of the product created excessive harm on the human body and usually even triggered passing away. The listed negative effects are throbbing headache and queasy, stress and fatig
Save My Kitty
Gift Bangalore
Gifts do insert its life celebrating color splashes on the events, and no occasion or celebration is complete without it. Gifts symbolize the symbols of the emotions that one holds. Flowers are the eternal symbol of love, admiration and care. Flowers with their colorful tones paint up any occasion complemented well with tasty treats like cakes, sweets, chocolates. The magic that has transferred throughout Bangalore with its special floral collections further intensify your trip to allowing you to experience the loveliest of floral desires.  
Original Video - More videos at TinyPic Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
Shoutbox Fun
Clear HistoryClose armlexcar Buzz:   buzzed Level: Ninja (19) Gender: Male, 43 Location: United States   10:06pm armlexcar: HI BEAUTYFUL HOW ARE U 10:08pm Cannibal: I am just ducky, how are yo 10:09pm armlexcar: I AM JUST OUT CONTROL I HOPE U CAN UNDERSTAND ME 10:10pm Cannibal: sure..what is up?
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So Funny Nuceypoo's Gf
mckymse01: i would do anything for steve. i have already started to put my money where my mouth is. I got rid of Julie. She was biggest problem for me. I listened way to much to her because I thougt she was a friend. Learned hard way she was not friend at all. What would it take for me to feel more secure in our relationsship. Ha Ha and egagment ring. Only joking. Steve and I are not ready for that i dont think. All joking aside I just need for him to take down his damn walls. I need him to stop with this nothing is forever shit. I need to hear from him and see the reaction when i ask if the possibilty of marriage is in our future. I just need the little things from him to make me feel secure. A text now and then out of the blue for no reason saying i love you. A suprise for no reason middle of the 1:26:04 AM mckymse01: day trip to park or something like that. Little things are what show me you care. They make me feel secure. I dont need much. Just a text every now and then woul
Jessamines' World
This is my first post. So this may be a little short. I'll tell you right now, I'm not that good at keepingthings up-to-date, but I'm going to give it a try. After all, that's all one can ask for, right? Anyway, the basic stuff is listed on my profile.... and the rest I might post here.... I don't know. So... I guess that's al for now. Just putting myself out into the world of fubar! WHen it comes to writing anything or keeping things up-t-date I'm bad at it. But, I'mbored, and quite frankly I can't help myself. I thought I'd write something down to keep myself busy and just because. I honestly don't know. At least my typing doesn't seem so bad. As for what's going on in my life, not much really. So yeah. I'll try to post more often and talk a little bit about myself if I can get myelf to think.
Welcome to the Orgy After Hours Events page! We will be posting all contest and events on this page. Whatever contest you would like to be apart of just leave a comment on that Promo Tag. Its easier that way to sign people up for the contest and keep track. We will also promote that contest in the status as well and it will be in the default album so people can comment on it easily. It will be open to the public for all to join in on th fun! After all, Fubar is a great social site and we host the hottest contest and events on a regular basis! Lets have some fun friends!!!   If anyone has any ideas for contest or events you can leave a comment here on this blog! We want contest that EVERYONE can join in on! The ladies have their special contest we run on a daily basis. Lets make more for ALL the fubar community to join in on and have loads of fun and the opportunity to win lots of bling!! Lets all have fun together and be respectful of one another!!   ****If anyone is interested in
Our time was as a winters snow. Beautiful to behold, until the warm sun melts it away so that seeds may grow and flower. The sky is alive with fire, As the dying season unfolds. The leaves unmask from there uniform green into an array of flaming beauty. They drop and blow as the winds whispers for them to let go, of the past and float into there future. The sky is alive with fire as cold winds whispers. Loving you gives me the taste of copper and lead. There is but one way to get you out of my head. 
Aropack’s Packaging
The process of creating artwork is very critical to the introduction of new products in the market or the re-launch of products already in the market. For a product to be sold in large numbers, bold and beautiful packaging is essential. Similarly, to re-launch a known product, its existing packaging has to undergo a sea change or it would never be able to create the necessary buzz in the market. So, the role and importance of creating packaging artwork can never be underestimated, since no product can ever sell with inappropriate or dull packaging. At Aropack, we give wings to your words. You have an idea in mind and we convert that into project management, repro and pre-press services, template creating and branding, bar coding and pharma-code generation, color management, translation services, Quality Check services of a third party artwork, and brand guideline control. Our expertise lies in consumer packaging or the process of packaging products according to the specifi
Advice Or Dream Analysis?
i love giving advice and i'm told that i'm great at it i'm not sure if it's because i've taken a few years of psychology or because I've been through so much  i hope whoever you are if you have a problem talk to me about it and i'll see if i can help everything will be confidential IF you don't want it to be   public message me and i'll write back :)  oh and i lvoe doing dream analysis too if anyones interested (it can also help you figure out if anything's going on in your life that you don't realize) thank you all for taking your time to read this :)
The Hardest Question??
Work.. And Change
I have been at my job for 19yrs. These last few months has been the worst I have ever seen it up there. There is talk of possibly combining my floor with the medical floor due to not enough census. Well then they changed it to where we are going to try to be a 10bed unit..just for surgeries.. monday through friday. GOod thing is..I do not have to work weekends.. I will be doing 12hr shifts. We have only done this a couple of weeks..but then had to combine again due to the fact that they are doing the floors. Anyways..I have this fear that eventually we are going to be combined for good.Then What? Anyways..I was told today that they might be down a secretary in ICU. If the one down there decides to call off again or not show up.So I am wondering.. should I take the risk and go there? knowing at least that jobs got some security? Or should i risk it..and stay where I am and hope for the best. I really like my floor..and the staff up there. My managers easy to get along with a
The Wonderful World Of Ally
Sexy Baby Jaju
Weird Crazy Young
I'm engaged and when my fiance and I have sex we turn off the T.v  so were not distracted.( we also turn off the lights)When we started doing this i weirdly started to imagine us as different characters.Such as once we were lego people, I know weird, another time I was asian and once we were  Indian? I don't know why This happens but I enjoy telling him after and laughing about it.
Journal Entries
Many feel that the fact you are a so called Master or Mistress, Dom or Domme means all shall bow before you. Power is in how you demean one when you do not like what thee other stands for or appears to stand for in life. It is funny how many come to judge or command respect when they themselves can not understand or give it themselves in a lifestyle where the vanilla world looks at us in a light of perversion and disgust. The people I have met online and in real life have one thing in common they are not weak for they must deal with the worlds scrutiny as well as their own. They treasure their thoughts when no other will and enjoy the fruits of that journey when they meet the person that brings the fulfillment which they have searched for in life. Some may not like my thoughts and some may as we are not  cattle t be led to slaughter for not conforming to others ideas. When another gives your the gift of service that is what it is,  a gift,   either because one has earn
Wet Dreams
i really dont know what to do... i just got out of class and have nothing to do.. i just created my fubar account and now.. i wirte!! boredom...
Hey People ,i got this fuckin tasty pick'n'mix here for you , try a video or two out, enjoy the awkward/messed-up faces"Wonderboy""Closer""21ST CENTURY CURE""Bad Things""Meds" you liked/got a lol ...SHARE AND HELP SPREAD THE RAGE \\,,/ \\,,/
Video Games
Has anyone else noticed that the Final Fantasy series these years are going downhill, they're taking away what the game has always provided, an open environment to explore, now, lately, you can't visit towns, talk to people, I always used to love having my characters enter a store, but weapons, or items, and go to an inn and sleep, or just wander around towns talking to people, they took that away, hoping they bring it back in the future, cause it's one of my favorite aspects of the game. Dead Or Alive 5 is the newest game in the Dead or Alive series, I love it, picked up the collectors edition of it Spetember 25th of 2012, the game is so awesome, it's pretty realistic in terms of graphice, the fighters sweat as they fight, get dirty as they get thrown to the ground and around the various stages, and they get wet when they get thrown in water and get damp and some of their clothes become partially see through, they get damp from sweat as well, all in all, awesome game.
Signs Of Having Bed Bugs
Cimex lectularius are typically pests of warm zones which usually invade furniture and eats the blood of humans. As a consequence, they've been popularly known as bed bugs. Bedbugs are actually little wingless insect pests, they are simply nocturnal and even nourish themselves on the blood of warm blood pets along with individuals. These kinds of pesky insects contrary to fleas and other insects, mosquitoes, ticks, and the like, usually do not transport or exchange any specific contagious disorder. Their own bites lead to epidermis tenderness, infections or undesirable immunological effects. Grown-up bed bugs are smallish, red or brown or light brown colored. These are generally just about quarter inch and also the hatchings are definitely the height and width of poppy seed.Whenever nourishing the bedbug inserts a very small volume of spittle in to the dermis. Through weeks of encoutering bites lots of people grown to be allergic to the spit. Bed bugs already have pointed beaks which o
Rants And Raves
I am a woman Beautiful and sweet Curves from my head to my feet I am a woman without a splintering of doubt I am moody Insecure at times Loud and silly Sad and happy Loving and Kind A kiss that’s so sweet I’d make you melt with just one touch A voice so calming, even sexy to some Eyes that if you look closely would tell my story Some pain and anger, some mistrust in my heart But still you’d see a never ending giving heart Pure and strong always there for the ones she loves No matter what Because I am a woman A woman strong and just Smart and courageous like no other No man can deny my love Because I am a woman Beautiful as any As god made me to be I am a masterpiece of his design, He made me a woman A woman of unbelievable Perfection. How do people get them really cool skins? Cause i want one lol Feeling so alone all the time Like I’m locked up deep inside myself Never knowing how to find a way out from all the pain Being told every
Domain Registration India
  Do you know how important is domain registration to your website? as I have looked into the creation of many websites, both for myself or for my business, it has become clear that one of the big important steps in the process is the domain registration, I was always taught to take things one step at a time, and without those first two steps in the process, your website will be marginal the best. For more details, refer here:
1, an old lady with her cat walking on the road, a man suddenly drove cat were killed.The man quickly stopped and said: "Sorry ma'am, I am willing to compensate you."Aunt: "That's great, you mouse to catch how to?"Dinner in a hotel checkout time proprietress said "seven or eight sixty-five close sixty, often come later."3, buy a bottle of beverage, bottle caps write again bottle. Find shops Exchange, the stores said Duijiang time has been. I saw Duijiang time to 2011, the date of manufacture in 2012. . Nyima. . .4, a few of us are talking about the hotel lunch today, how your meals, how to taste bad.At this time I do not know from where rushed over to Lao Li said: "If you eat today took me just fine.""How you and your boss are familiar with, you can offer these?" I asked."It is not, you do not want to eat the meals I can pack back to feed the dog ah."Yesterday this rain, especially, I want to make a Taxi stand by the roadside.Just my vantage when a child is probably the cream bad, to s
Bitching About My Past.
so i really dont get this but whatever. why is it always me that has to deal with people who love her and then wants to go out with her? because right now. im torn between- the bestfriend,the cowboy,the rocker and the lover. so... like yea... this shit sucks ass because they are all really nice and all really love them. and if i chose the best friend i well lost the lover and if chose the cowboy il lose the rocker and bestfriend and i chose the rocker i lose the cow boy and the best friend and if i chose the lover il lose the best friend, the cowboy, and the rocker... so like WHAT THE FUUUUUUBAR! Okay so i know most people dont care but.... In my past i havent had the best luck with guys...but. the thing that hurts the most is about this guy justin... iv had known him for years but nothing really happend with us mostly becuase of his family and my family. but i LOVED/LOVE him and the thing that pisses me off the most is that when we actuly got togather i went camping for the weekend
Il ya cinq ans, les consommateurs n'ont pas imaginer que, avec le temps, pourrait créer des baskets exclusives sur le Web et de les faire à la maison deux semaines plus tard. L'industrie et le consommateur, ont progressé et ce qui permet de créer un modèle de chaussures de sport, se tourne maintenant vers les autres secteurs. Les Montres catalans Unity, spécialisée dans les montres, ajoute à cette tendance et permet au client de créer sa propre montre à travers leur site web montres pas chères .  Eduardo Peres, président de la compagnie, a opté pour ce modèle d'affaires en 2010. «L'acheteur de montres est complètement passif, ne peuvent pas faire partie du processus de création d'un de ses vêtements-fetish-Peres dit, mon idée était de donner au client les outils nécessaires pour lui permettre de créer une montre exclusive et avoir à la maison en quatre jours ".  Montres Unity, qui a été promu avec un investissement initial de 105.000 euros, est basée à Barcelone. L'entreprise, qui fait
Between us, there are so many miles Separately we share our smiles When I lay in bed at night I think one day together we will be But, that one day seems nowhere in sight I begin to toss and turn dreaming of you Then stop as I feel you near But upon opening my eyes You aren't really here I roll back over silently weeping Holding my pillow Thoughts of you begin to billow Like a dove with it's mate Soaring through the sky With such love and grace Together they fly Like theirs, my love for you is so alive There's so much of our life left untold No need to feel so alone
The Blue Waffle Infection Clarified - For Everybody Who Is Worried
Though it hasn't at this point been distinguished inside of the profession of medicine, the actual blue waffle disease is currently achieving hype mainly for its uncommon term: blue waffles disease. The particular blue waffle disease is not clinically well-accepted in the medicine. Yet, regardless of this surprisingly inadequate attention, there are numerous readily available information regarding this STD, therefore, its occurrence must not be instantly turned down. This issue is categorized under sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and it is extremely tricky to determine. Typically the health problem may infect both equally female and male, even though it is alleged for being typical in females as the female's vaginal area and urethra are those quite easily affected from this illness.Insights on how someone gets infected by this kind of disease still is cloudy, but quite often, food intake, very low capacity to resist anxiety, no exercise, and also other related varieties of health D-link Router
Certainly one of the most common IP addresses from the personal span is definitely the It is simply because two really popular high speed broadband router makers for example Netgear as well as D-link take this IP Address for a default IP for their own wireless routers. We've previously declared that the actual IP Address is known as a personal IP and this particular IP is probably the private IP range between to particular personal IP Address could be used as frequently as you would like although in no way 2 times in just one networking system. To generally be far more specific there can’t be 2 units that have the same IP in just one networking system. In such a circumstance, an IP conflict pops up which can cause system breakdown along with other issues. On that basis it needs to be solved straight away if this takes place, or well before setting a unit in this IP Address you should determine if there isn’t another
Robbie@ Fubar
Demonicmonica's Blog
My First Blog
About My Life
i use to be married but I let thst guy . then the next guy i got wilth got my prgement with a son.  3 weeks be for my son turnd A year old he left me for a girl soposed to be my friend and my son father dont even try to see my so . but my son calles his greanspa daddy. but I happy know 
April@ Fubar
Vote For My Hobbit Designs
There is a design contest put on by the production company of The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and I have submitted 2 character drawings (Gollum & Gandalf). These are my own creations and I would greatly appreciate your votes! Links to both are listed below. This is an ongoing event, to I believe October 15th. Please take a moment and vote - once, twice, however many they allow! (Ok, that's being greedy...) No forms to fill out, just click however many stars out of 5. Thank you! Gollum: Gandalf: (The actual artwork can be seen in "My Artwork" in Photos on this site.)
Love Like Razors
Only for you I'd forsake the sun, I'd kill anyone, kiss my loaded gun, live on the run.Leave your secrets in my flesh, Leave them all and nothing less, Its my soul you wish to testReach your claws into my dreams, Shred them all,make them scream, forget about dignity, make me bleedplant your seed.Steal my life and all my hopes, no oneknows, as you PLEASE just come and go.Make the darkness my humble home, upon your throne.Take me like a hungry shark, torn apart.I loved the agony from the start,rip my chest and take my heart, just take my heart, just take my heart.Make your sex my hangmans noose, tie your knotdon't make it loose. Kich the chair from out my shoessmile at me, dont hide your truthMouth the words I love to hear,"love love you baby" grin ear to ear.Watch me choke my death is near,just ignore my bloody tearsSpin your lies in jagged lines,criticize thru bright blue eyessteal from me my chance to flybreak my wings, sing lullubys.harbor glee you brought demise with a few false spo How To Set Up is an exclusive IP address, often employed by Linksys routers. Some other wireless router manufacturers also employ it as the normal IP address. Apart from modems, several other equipment can implement this specific IP address, but that's not so usual. Wireless routers are equipment which allow exchange of data among network systems. These types of units link systems with each other. The aim of a router is usually to channel and transmit information. House routers can be used as computer data transfer in between Personal computers and DSL routers.An Ip is often a selection of numbers, split into portions which are divided by dots. Every single equipment inside the system is allocated an IP address. An Ip is applied in local area addressing and computer network system detection. Non-public IP addresses can be used in small to medium sized office or house network systems, where worldwide routable addresses aren’t obtainable. Exclusive IPs are usually utilised in non-com
Inked Bitches
The Philosophic-comedian
Its ok to take candy from strangers... as long as your wearing a costume! Most would agree that Lingerie is a beautiful thing.. However ALL women need to be aware of 1 important fact. The sexy underwear that we all love so much is only meant to visually stimulate... once the engines are goin and things start to turn physical... TAKE THAT SHIT OFF! It only takes one time for that lace to rub the wrong way. Shit feels like sandpaper on our dicks. And those cute lil bows and buttons and zippers... might as well be grenades when they catch the hairy elbow skin ... AKA scrotum.... ball sac. The only grind approved underwear is 100% silk.  This public service announcement brought to you by The Philosophic Comedian.
Just Something
if love was like a flameit would flicker with the windit would slowly burn outwith each heartbreak when it finally burns out the love and hope is goneall that is left is emptynesssorrow, pain, and lonelynessdarkness overcomes the lightlove is lost, cant breathejust a broken person
Many of you ask what happened to my hand. September 29th of last year i cut my wrist and had to have surgery. It took two doctors and 5 hours to put my hand back together. It will never work normal and I lost my whole life over it. Why? you ask, well I am still trying to figure out where I lost myself enough for this to happen. I have always been a strong person, so this is a confusion to me. I allowed people to run me down and stress took a toll on me that it just happened. I still see that night over and over in my head. That night I lost my whole life and everyone I ever cared about. A lot of it had to do with a guy named Todd Dreka. This is the guy that was man of my dreams or so I thought. But he fucked up my hrad mentally by telling me constantly I was whitetrash and no one would want me then tell me he loved me then hit me or throw me down stairs. I finally got away but not before he managed to ruin my whole life. I have since been trying to get it back together with no blue sky
Excerpts From Some Of My Writing
Frank and Bob are both considered the worst kind of person to society. Both have committed crimes so heinous that many have deemed their actions unforgivable. No one within their respective communities wants to hear a single word of defense from them. They both have committed the exact same crimes. Frank and Bob are both child molesters.    Although they aren’t the same.   Frank still has the mentality of a six-year old with the sexual needs of an adult. Bob still has morals equivalent to those of Satan and the same amount of empathy that Satan has for man. Are they both the same person inside because of their actions? Do actions speak louder than words, or does intent? Does Frank’s intent to befriend these young girls while his body wants companionship excuse him more so than Bob who does it for pure sport for reasons he can’t fully explain to you, other than deep down inside he knows he wants to because he knows no one else wants to? Did society do the right thi
My Birthday Gifts, Check It Out
Today I got many gifts that were so special to me so here it goes, mainly from my boo..aka Papii I got a 135 bling pack V.I.P Flowers which are in my pictures 150.00 cash A icecream cake from Baskin and robbins A Swedish Massage $ 105.00 and he tipped them $20.00 A bottle of Moscotti Wine Patron tequila and a suck and blow shot in a tube Los Compadres with a friend A birthday card made for me from my son and kisses all day That was just today to make me smile because of my hard days I have been having. I am so thankful for my boo, he shined a light today that I needed to see. I needed a smile . I am relaxed beyond belief and tipsy too. Woot  I will add if I forgot something, it has been one rip rawring day and even though I am sore from my surgery, I enjoyed every minute of it.
I send a round daily to each of the three options.This means my friends get 2 drinks a day, if you dont then you have not fanned me and might want to.The fact that I get up to 15 drinks from certain ppl is quite time consuming and annoying.I will, from now on only send out 1 additional drink beyond the rounds.If I keep getting all these drinks from the same ppl I will be forced to delete you.Spending hours on drinks alone costs me many points, and friends/fans.I am sorry but I have asked for ppl not to do this, but it is not stopping.I really enjoy you ppl plz just STOP SENDING ALL THOSE DRINKS
Best Divorce Letter Ever
 Dear Wife, I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you & I have been married for 7 ye

Blah, Blah... Blahhhhhhhhh     Hello, I guess i feel like blabbing my mouth off today because i have sso much on my mind, to start off i am so pissed at my mom.. she just does not give a shit about me and im sick of it.. how can you talk to your sons but not either of your daughters??? I get why your mad at me but are we not supposed to forgive? i mean i have been done wrong by my mom a few times and i still forgive..... I think about her every single day. not a day goes by i dont think of her and want to call her.. i mean does she not even remember me, does she not think of me ever? no calls on Christmas no calls on my Birthday, I just knew she was going to call, or at least text me.. but hey thats what i get for thinking.. i think that maybe sometimes i hate my mom and im threw with thinking about her but i cant. i try and i try but when i look in the mirror i see her. sometimes it may be a good thing but other times its bad, i hate seeing her in me. i would never want to have a
Breast Cancer Awareness
        OK If you know anything about me, you know I support the cause! Breast Cancer doesn't run in my immediate family but it is a cause that I have always felt very strongly about....Every year I try to make sure to get the word out especially during October. A little awareness goes a long way! So with that said please be aware that October is all about the Pink.Its breast cancer awareness month so please show your support and wear some pink!! If you are like me and you don't really like pink....make an exception this month! I do it every October I wear something pink to show support! Breast Cancer knows NO Age, Sex, Race or class it does NOT discriminate everyone is fair game! Women as well as men. please don't think, It can never happen to me, or to someone I love. Truth is it can and does happen to anyone. Please take the time to remind all those people you love so much and hold close to your heart that its that time of year again to get che
Poetry & Music
Find The Words To Express Yourself
                                                              " WHAT LOVE IS" Love is like a flower the petals soft and smooth. But,love can also be like a lion and cause a riot.Though we are apart we're together. To keep our love alive,we will have to over come all. If we don't then our love will surely fall.So take these words into your heart,where they belong...                                                                   "Words Spoken"                         Remember the words you say to one another will have a effect on each of you.These words need to be honest,truthful and sincere coming from your heart and not from the head.For the heart knows more and feels more than your head.Love is not a game and should never be.Love is a very special,it is a feeling that can only be felt from inside your heart.So,always mean what you are saying and feeling towards each other and it's coming from the heart and to the one you really love and want for the rest of your life....
Homemade Aloe Vera Recipes For Skin Care Beauty
Natural ways to make aloe vera juice is a terrific house plant which doesn't desire a lot of taking care, additionally, the aloe gel could be used on burns, pest bites along with skin breakouts to help relieve the discomfort and help with the process of healing.There are plenty of good things about the usage of Aloevera. When it's used on the outside it shortens the recovery process of our skin. Typically the gel out of this herb possesses an anti-inflammatory compound which is very effective on bug bites, and skin rashes. In case you have a burn, sun burn or breakouts you can easily break off some of the leaves of this unique herb and chop the leaves open and then take out the gel. Use the gel and place it over your injuries for rapid comfort from the ache.Whent it is put on pimples, natural aloe vera will help lower just about any scars that pimples causes by helping lower the soreness of pimples scars. And will easily fade away older scar issues which have been around several years
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Site To Make Money Online
To be able to earn cash on the internet you want to improve your website. What does this mean and how do you achieve that? First of all you need to appreciate that there is no one the best possible website. What makes an the best possible website relies on your perspective. A website a developer may experience is the best possible a customer may experience is uncomfortable and difficult to get around. Even two developers may not consent because of personal preferences of styles and performance. So let's take the fact that there is no one the best possible website to earn cash on the internet, and look at the strategy you need to take and the components you need to consist of or not consist of when developing or having your website developed in purchase for it to strategy the best possible. 1. Don't be reluctant of white-colored background scenes. The most effective web styles use white-colored background scenes and very clean lines so as not to disturb people from the revenue concept

Lonely N Search Of Friends,(n.s.a).
Role Play
The children of the lighting in the skies and the fire underneath the surface of the earth, in which they have total declaration in Japan from the heaven of angels, to the fire pits of hell where they have spawned from. They are the pure embodiment of two elements fuse together, and that's what makes them rarer than any creature you'll ever see." Said a woman next to him inside a pub where the cups overflow with beer, and the woman were loose. The woman across our young hero was mysterious, unlike the women who enter the pub and left with their bellies full of beer and a man shadowing them. No, this woman wasn't like them, as her appearance was claiming than the others with her ruby lips pressing against the cheery she tasted softly with her tongue slowly caresses the fruit she held so dearly in her hand, while gazing into his eyes. Yes, the girl was quite the Seducer, but there was something about her that made him realize something. Those lips... Those lips were like th
American Ranger69
To My Friends
My Days
I'm so very curious about the "news" these days. How is it that, when you are friends with someone or know someone and they fail to accept reality and always talk crap or or completely unrealistic about things, you basically ignore or learn to write them off, for the most part? Usually, "oh, that guys a dooosh," or "that dude is crazy, he has no idea what he's talking about." YET ... when public figures or politicians do the same thing, supported by the spin and/or presentation in the media, people seem to soak it up and just fall in line like little minions? For example, Europe is BROKE. They have spent their future on completely non-producing assets. Building infrastructure and long term projects are minimal and fall behind improving government offices and spending on government pensions and public sector benefits. The same holds true for the US, though we are not as close to the cliff as the one they fell off. SO ... IF each or any of us were in the same spot, as in, we were
Bca Contest
ok heres all ya got to do (gals and guys) make a salute support BCA and submit it to me. It will go in a contest folder and the contest will run for a week. get all your friends to vote on your salute and the salute at the end of the week with the most votes will win a rock star bling. its that easy! lets go pink and raise awareness!!!!! ANY QUESTIONS JUST HIT ME UP!    THANKS!!
What Up
Hey.  So hope all is well. Super bored but will be going into work soon.  Yuck.
Forgotten Paradise
Rules These Rules are to be followed at all times when in Forgotten Paradise, No exceptions!   No Drama allowed inside the lounge, EVER!  This rule is subject to Termination of Staff and Permenant BANNING of Members!  I have a zero tolerance policy for this! Under absolutely NO circumstances should you promote ANY other lounge inside Forgotten Paradise!!!  This includes sending any SB to my members or staff.  This is subject to IMMEDIANT Banning and contact of the Owner/GM of the lounge you've promoted. There will be absolutely NO disrespecting my staff or Members, DO NOT bash tunes or Dj's! This I concider drama and is subject to Banning! NO Harassment of ANY kind! This is subject to banning! There will be NO link dropping in the lounge, the only execptions to this rule is myself and my staff. Keep your YIM's and Skype addresses in your SB, this is for your safety, not mine. Be curtious and mute your mics as you get on cam.  There will be a time and place (possibly a late n
Last Night
So I was sitting in the bar last night. A friend and his wife invited me to go. They like going on kerioka night. I had a tqeuila on the rocks in my hand and wasn't paying much attention to anything cause I really didn't want to be their. From over my shoulder a sweet voice asked the bartender for a tequila on the rocks. I turned starting at the floor and working my way up. The first thing I noticed were the boots. Dirty and worn, the bottom of the jeans stained with flecks of dirt. At the knee I noticed that they were worn. As in from someone that realy worked not some pants you buy in the store that are worn or ripped. I countinued up until I got to the waist. The rope belt was tied in a knot that I havent seen since my days at the fire department. The flanel shirt hung out over the waist, unbuttened. The white tank top tucked in showing a slender waist. I contiuned up until I saw her breasts. a small D to large C cup with no bra holding them up. Her shoulder showed the edge of a tat
My Life
some of my friends may know that ive been majorly harrassed and some tool my pics and posted them on a site just to bash me and all, ny once put they posted me twice. They go on saying how im this absolutely horrible person and how that im fat and ugly and have a wonkey eye etc, then they post a pic thats like almost 10years old. I used to take nsfw pics but for some jealous hating insecure moron to save them and post them somewhere is just wrong. lf you dislike the person just tell them and move the hell on. When i was in my younger years like 18 till about 23, i would take nsfw pics, but who didnt? some still do, i dont so get over it already. Its old skool. Im currently 29 and have grown up, apparently my haters havent! if a woman doesnt want to shave below, its none of your concern anyway. why do you even care? then this ugly woman who is known to be a horrible person just ask around starts commeting as herself then as a few people just to make me look bad. She thinks
happiness is blisshappiness, is when you get a new puppyhappiness, is when you get marriedhappiness, is when you go on you first datehappiness, is making your own decisionshappiness, is graduatinghappiness, is getting you first jobhappiness, is falling in lovehappinessis being proud of who you arehappiness is blisshappiness, is glowinghappiness, is funhappiness, is an amazing feelinghappiness, is when you smile all dayhappiness, is giving someone a hug just because you canhappiness, is that light in your eyeshappiness, is what makes the world go aroundhappiness, is bliss
Moncler 2012
Dman1973's Inaugural Halloween Auction Starts Oct 6th!!
Okay here is the dealio lol my Halloween Auction will begin on Saturday October the 6th, it will last until the day after Halloween or until the person in the auction accepts a bid of their choosing! Some in the auction will accept bids including fubucks but most will NOT and both groups will be clearly marked. I am in NO way, form or fashion responsible for the payment of any bids except my own!!!! That responsibility falls upon the bidder and the person in my auction but I do STRONGLY advise everyone who participates in this auction to please be sincere in your bids and follow thru with what you promise with your bid!! Also NO drama of any kind and the auction is open to friends only so if we are not friends yet and you would like to bid please add me or contact me and I will add you, violation of any of these terms will not be tolerated and I thank you in advance for respecting this as I will always respect you! Now with all of that nonsense out of the way LOL I want everyone to be
Male Enhancement
SIKANDER-E-AZAM is a scientifically engineered herbal enhancement capsule that’s safe and effective. Active ingredients are known the world over for its medicinal treatment by the scientific community. SIKANDER-E-AZAM utilizes these herbs to create a unique system for natural penis enhancement. SIKANDER-E-AZAM is a highly popular and powerful herbal formula which helps in enhancing sexual drive, enlarging penile tool and enjoying sexual pleasure like never before. SIKANDER-E-AZAM is like a divine blessing of herbal science for those people who are suffering from various kinds of sexual diseases such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low sexual performance on the bed. SIKANDER-E-AZAM is a magical capsule for dreaded disease like impotency as it not only increase length and girth of penis but also enhance sexual drive of impotent person and help them in performing brilliantly on bed. SIKANDER-E-AZAM is formulated using herbal ingredients that are co
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Part 2
My Jokes
A man walks into the doctor’s office and says “Doc I think I am losing my mind?” the Doctor replies “Oh what seems to be the problem?” well the man replies “Well It all started a month ago… you see I have a woman comes in my room every night she baths me, feeds me, and dresses me and every night be I go to bed we have sex and then she comes back to bath me, feed me, and dress and every night for the last month we have sex and then she leaves and comes back the next morning… Doc this isn’t going to work?” The doctor looks at him and says “You’re a lucky man that you have someone to do that all for you… but I still don’t see the problem?!” the man takes a deep breath and says “Ok well than maybe you can pass on a message for me then” the doctor says ok to whom do you want me to pass the message on to and what is the message… the man than says “Tell your wife instead of us
Please Read
ok so I was sitting here listening to my grandfather Dj Outlaw and got to thinking family weather they are blood or not they are still my family and love them as such. The ones I have kept close to my heart I know if I ever lost them I know I surely would be lost without them there. To my Gma Dawn who has always been there when I needed her most who listens to me who helps me through the worst I love you very much as if you was my own. To my Grandfather Dj Outlaw you're a hell of a man and Gma is one lucky lady to have such a fine man such as yourself. You both have a heart of gold. To my Fu  mom and dad you both are the best you both found one another in the dark and so much more to each other as you are to me. To my Sisters I have here you're kick ass with me and we all relate to whats what in life though we are not blood we are what ice age is no matter what we are we are family a strange 1 but a great 1 in my eyes. An most of all the man in my life you stood by me through the harde
Function Of Water-soluble Vitamins
Vitamins are very important nourishing substances your whole body requires in smaller volumes for many different tasks throughout the system. Vitamins happen to be broken into 2 types: water-soluble (B-complex and also C) and additionally fatsoluble (A, D, Elizabeth and also K). In contrast to water soluble vitamins which need common renewal in the human body, fat soluble vitamins are generally saved in the lean meats and fatty tissue, and they are eradicated considerably more slow when compared with water-soluble vitamins. Due to the fact fat soluble vitamins are generally located for too long time periods, they normally generate a greater risk regarding poisoning as compared to watersoluble vitamins once used too much. Taking a regular, nutritious diet regime is not going to bring about accumulation within actually healthier men and women. Even so, using vitamin dietary supplements that include ultra dosages of vitamins A, D, Electronic as well as K may cause poisoning. Don't forget,
Let'ssee If Anyone Reads This And Answers
If you had me in a room alone w/ u, And I had to do whatever u tell me, What would I have to do? Shhh!! It's a secret so send it to my inbox Post this on your blog and see what people say. You might be surprised...
Successful Fiverr jobs come in a wide range, some uncomplicated and professional, some crazy and surprising. Both types of jobs have confirmed to be effective on Fiverr, as can be seen by looking under Fiverr's "Popularity" tab. Deciding on the best gig kind is the most essential in the development of an effective gig, for your gig must indicate you enough to be individual but be appropriate enough to be well-known. After the gig subject has been selected, it must be executed with style and managed with reliability and character to create sure do it again company. The most well-known jobs on Fiverr usually concentrate on the internet promotion of sites, items and even other Fiverr jobs. If you have access to a promotion or public social networking system with many thousands of supporters, this may be an option for you. However, it is crucial that you discover a way to promote to these supporters without dropping them in the process, as supporters will quickly be converted away if you b
Help Them Level
Please Help her level! 25k likes today! Rockstar activated so check back often!
Rockstar Contest
I will be giving away a Rockstar this month... I will start taking entries on Monday OCT 8th and stop taking them on Sunday OCT 14th at that time (I would like at least 15 people to consider having this contest) If I have at least 15 people then I will go around and collect the 10mil fubux for the entry fee... The album containing the entries will then be opened on Monday OCT 15th til Wednesday OCT 24th... Thursday OCT 25th winner will be the person with the MOST rates Rules:  To enter you need to submit a TASTEFUL salute to me (I don't want your naughty bits or pieces, ladies no boob salutes) lets keep it clean!!! It costs 10mil fubux to enter which will be collected on OCT 14th ANYONE causing DRAMA will be pulled from the from the contest (act like adults please) GOOD LUCK!!!
The Sun Sets
The sun shines in my hair when you are with me and when you are with me i smile like nothing is ever wrong with me. But when you are away the sun starts to set in the   october months and everything starts to crumble around me like you never made me happy before... i have always loved you and i always will no matter how mad you make me or   how bad you hurt me... i have always been here for you and i always will be i love how you make me feel in the late october months as the chilly air sets around and settles the mist onto the ground
The Wolf
        One day, Hermes, messenger of the gods, was flying over a dense wood when he saw the lovely Artimis, goddess of the hunt, stealthily tracking a wild boar. He fell in love and knew instantly that he must father her son. Swooping down through the trees he grabbed her and flew away to a nearby cave. Less than an hour later a dark-haired girl was born. Hermes was so furious that Artemis had not bore him a boy that he banished the young Vivian, daughter of Artemis, to live forever with the wild beasts and animals of the forest. Raised by a grizzly bear, she learned from all the woodland creatures, and the great hunters were her teachers. Vivian came to be the goddess of the moon. Soon she learned that not only did she have a great talent for the hunt but also that she could become a creature of it, able to shape shift at will from one form to another. The first of her forms was her human self; eyes as yellow as a cats and long rippling hair, blacker than night, that flowed s
The Wolf
Party Dresses For Women
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Sing Something
If you have been following United states Idol on tv, you can probably factor out some recommendations from the judges' criticisms on the tryouts and you can now probably determine what makes them say 'no' to these performers trying to get through the tryouts. If you have been doing and you want to create your art, going to ability reveals in your neighborhood or doing in groups and cinemas can be a excellent way to work out your ability and understand excellent doing try out recommendations that you can use in larger contests like United states Idol. Getting a big crack in doing mostly includes providing a excellent try out so if you are who audition to get a doing profession or getting a award, here are some doing try out recommendations you can add in your record for a excellent try out performance. * Know the competitors. It is always sensible to know the competitors or explain to you are who audition for. Be advised of the recommendations and guidelines, enough time you are eli
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Picture On Your 'about Me/interests'
how to create HTML-code to put a picture on your 'about me' or 'interests' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- start with:         for a click-able picture (you go to another web-page when clicking on the picture) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- start with:    
Find Me A Sexy Woman
Find Me A Sexy Woman
Two New? Songz From Zwg!!
Find Me A Sexy Woman
Just not whole   I know that I should be happy and be smiling becuse I have a gorgeous daughter and a caring family and friends but I'm not whole. My heart is still broken and torn. Joe is gone and me and my baby brother are split more than ever. Joe was the glue that kept us close.   My baby brother Andrew and myself were never that close and I think it is mostly because of the fact that Andrew was closer to our father and I was closer than my mother. It also wasn't just that because me and him used to be closer but life just changed things. When we would get into hard times and would fight and just being done with everything to do with each other Joe would stop us. Joe would remind us that we would only have each other after he passed. That we were going to need each other.   When Joe was on his bed and needed his brother and sister me and Andrew were both with him. We were both there for him in his last moments when it mattered,  the only thing is that seemed to push us further a
Wana Make A Website
Any one i need ideas on what type of web site to make partners are welcome
Fubar Related
The Crossfire Man
Bill O'reilly is one of America's highly prolific commentators whose FOX News Channel program The O'Reilly Factor airs Monday through Fridays at 8 PM Eastern/Pacific 7 PM central in most cities) Can you wear one of these?   Khaki pants or shorts   Neck tie   Bow tie   Casual footwear How do you hurl? If so, go to and find out.
True Friends
You know........this may sound dumb to some people but a true friend is someone that is there for you through the bad times and the good, who always has your back no matter what the cost and never give up on u because of one stupid little fight or because words are said in times of anger or sadness. a true friend is there for life someone who is not easily forgotten and someone u can turn to when u need to talk or u need to just sit and have hold u or when ur just wanting to not be alone. but most people think that a friend is just someone who u can go to when u need this or that and then just blow off when they need your help. alot of people dont really care about how you feel a true friend does. alot of people dont care if ur sad or angry or wanting to hurt yourself.......agian a true friend does. a true friend listens to your problems and helps u throiugh them with advise from the heart not just some random bullshit they pull out of their asses just to suite you. a true friend is so
Text Cash Network
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Dubai Real Estate
ARAB EMIRATES - A COUNTRY OF LUXURY SHEIKS Geographical information . Emirate Al-Arabiya al-Muttahida (United Arab Emirates) - State of Southwest Asia, located in the north-eastern part of the Arabian peninsula, washed by the waters of the two bays: the Persian and Oman. Land boundaries are not clearly defined, the approximate area of approximately 83.6 sq km
What Will I Remember? By: Emilie Autumn♥
"What Will I Remember?" What will I remember?What will I forget?When this life is ending, and goneWhat will I regret?If tomorrow I don't wake up, what happens?My sunrise, or sunset?If I never were bornIf I never diedWould it even matter at all?What should I decide?I always imagined I'd mean something to someoneIf I won't, 'least I triedWhen my body suffersWhen to breathe is painIs it really madness to think...Think of breaking this chain?Is the future mine?God knows I have a pastWhere's my second chapter?Or will the first also be my last?Is my story overIf I fall asleep?Would anybody find me?And would anybody weep?I can't even pretend I careBut songs I'll never sing...Well that means something...Yes, that means something...  ' Sort Of my Other Song.. By Emilie Autumn That pretty much explains how i  feel at times.... My Therapy Song♥♥♥
Civility And Courtesy
I saw a MUMM regarding someone shot by his father; apparently the person broke into his aunt's home, burgled it, then when confronted by his father threatened him with a knife.  The question was basically should everyone get rid of firearms or keep what they have.   Regulations vary depending upon jurisdiction by some concepts don't, if you're waiting for the police to save your life you may be vastly disappointed unless one of them lives next door and is home exactly when you need them and they can psychically sense your need (good luck on that).   Some people prey upon others, the reasons vary with the predator, but I tend to doubt those who predate will give up their weapon of choice simply because we ask them to do so.  In a perfect world, maybe, but I don't live in that world.   My father taught me to show others at least the minimum courtesy and respect I would hope to receive from them and I do so.  I was taught that respect and courtesy extends to the property of others a
Like Achievements
When they first came out with the achievement for 25K likes, I had a friend ask me - what do you think it would take to get 25K likes?  My response was "Two Days!"   I plan to share the details of what I did to get 25K likes and hope that in doing so it will help you plan out IF/WHEN/HOW to get it for yourself!!  It is EXPENSIVE just FYI so if you are on a budget, you may want to reconsider until you can stock up on a credit sale!!    What Day? You need to decide what day of the week you want to go for your 25K likes. If you could know what day there would be a fabulous like bonus then you'd be set cause any day with a 500% bonus for likes would be a great day.  However, you can't know that in advance unless you have BabyJ's ear, so you have to play the odds.  In general, Wed and Fri seem to be the busiest on Fu.  Wed because it's ranking day, and Fri because it's Fri! lol  I decided to go for it on Wednesday.  The Friday HHs seem to fill up faster than the Wed HHs, so my hope wa
Looking For A New Fu Girlfriend.. Here Is The Application
BASICS: Name:Age:Location:Height:Hair (color and style):Eyes:Piercings/tattoos:Phone Number:OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke?2. Do you like movies?  3. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10?  4. Favorite body part on you?5. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 6. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? 7. Would u take me home to meet your parents?9. Do u have a specific body type that u like?10. If so wut is it? (fat, skiny, chubby, athletic,etc)?11.What would u do if i cried?12. If i were 2 ask u out what would u say? 13. If we got to the point in the relationship where I told you I loved you, what would you say?14. Would u ever cheat on me? 15. Would u ever trust me? 16. Would you ever lie to me?  Copy & Paste.. Then fill it out and answer all questions truthfully
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Right Florist
It’s a gift genre to sizzle up your celebrations in a colorful manner. Just the exact way you wished to beautify your treasured event and makes your wish come true. Check out the link at now.  
Simple Man
London is a beautiful place to visit since this place has many things to offer that will definitely attracts all the visitors. London is reach of splendid attractions which include the Tower Bridge, London Eye, The British Museum, The National Gallery, The Tate Gallery, Buckingham Palace and many more. This place is popular in historical sites and animal creatures’ parks where you can enjoy exploring here. In fact, this is a dream destination for all travelers out there. If you are planning to visit London, you can have the chance to see all these tourist attractions. However, when visiting in London, the first important thing to look is theperfect accommodation. Hotels in Central London offer luxurious accommodation for all travelers. There are many tourist attractions and activities can be found in Central London. So, when you are going to travel in Central London, you must look for a wonderful hotel where you and your family will stay.One of the best choice hotels in Central L

I have learned there is 3 different brains floating around this world. The Primate, Mammalian, and Reptilian. They go in this particular order for the reason I'm about to tell you.   PRIMATE: Give peace a chance.   MAMMALIAN: Give peace a chance, but first, let's kill this motherfucker.   REPTILIAN: Let's just kill this motherfucker and go to the peace rally and get laid. Friend: havent had my dose of cage today so the sick freaks still in me lmfao wait that sounded wrong Me: lmfao Friend: oh no Pnut: Old people don't have sex cause it's a matter of... Old Man: Was it good for you? Old Woman: What was good?  Old Man: Huh? Old Woman: Where's my glasses? 
I am new to all this and I tell ya what this is FUBAR OVERLOAD, I never imagined it would be this complicated to figure out. I am excited to be here, and hope to meet new friends while I am here. So if you have any advice or can help me..please do so..thanks and can't wait to meet ya'll
Real Talk

I feel the heattouch my earhow sweet the escape,captured in scentsof your perfumethat surrounds you.As you draw me closeryour mouth, your tonguewarm me inside,I don't know whybut through your eyesyou burn my soul around you.I never thoughtof wanting someone so much.A brief silence and then....Heaven descendscascading from inside you,then outside burningthe fire surrounds us. Awakening The New Day     When night adds a chillin the breeze that passes us by,when the milky way shines like diamondssparkling in tonight's sky.Take me in your armsrelease the passion from your lips,let me feel you'll always love mein an never ending kiss.Expose me to all your beautytake the chill from the night time air,by setting my soul on fireshow me you'll always care.As you close our eyeslet my touch carry you away,let our fire kiss the sunin a dawn awakening the new day.Keep pressing your body close to minedon't let each new sensation end,this is the moment we've waited foreach sigh, e
The Art Of Kissing
The lovely art to kissing is when it's returned full blownsoft and tender on my lips, your lips feel as they're my own.If you find my kiss returnednow touching your soul, take a deep breath and feelthe beating of my heart felt on your lips, lets you'll know my love's deep and real.If you find my kiss capturing your mind, close your eyes and imagine thisa romantic place of solitudedelivering the desires of invisible bliss.A kiss is more than a feeling insideit should go beyond your heavenly lipsit is in the depths of your mind, body, heart,coming from passion found withinso deeply you begin feeling sparks.A kiss is the desire of what life is to bejust take the time, just wait and seethat the love of your life has come indeed,finally realize after all those near missesyou have found all those real and true kisses I know if I ever taste your lips under stars aboveI'll find the answer to all these secrets of love.   I never felt such tendernessas when your hand took mine,or when your fing
Story Of My Life?
I love to read and am always looking for new books to capture my attention! A friend lent me the book "Beautiful Disaster" and the title in it self pretty much sums up my life! LoL but then I read what the book is about and the brief description of the characters. I feel so drawn to the main character, her desire to outrun her past and trying desperately not to fall for the "bad boy" that's pretty much the story of my life right now. I can't wait to dive into this book and let you know my thoughts!! Here's the synopsis for those of you curious, "The new Abby Abernathy is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate percentage of cardigans in her wardrobe. Abby believes she has enough distance between her and the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University's Walking One-Night Stand. Travis Maddox, lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, is exactly wha
New Changes Sept 2012
My Favorite Songs
Ip Addresses And Network Communication ip can be described as privately owned Ip, utilized by most wireless router brands as a default Ip. That is built in the firmware of the wireless router and would allow a person to locate the wireless router via the internet browser installed on the laptop or computer that is definitely linked to the product.To be a default Ip doesn't suggest that it will not be altered by the operator. In the event the client would like, he or she can alter the Ip to whatever except ip based upon his particular expectationsJust how ip Actually worksThis unique Ip is placed as default through producer for many Philips, Senao and a couple of other wireless routers and APs. On the other hand, any wireless router or personal computer in a LAN can certainly be placed to apply ip. To keep clear of IP address clashes, a single unit on the computer network will need to apply it. ip serves as a personal IPv4 computer network address which means you si
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Can You Put Vitamin E Oil On Your Face
Vitamin E Antioxidant is a quite typical form of vitamin that many of us can make apply of. Anyone that chooses to implement Vitamin E Antioxidant in any eating habits might examine several things due to the food products which may offer this specific vitamin. These are generally food products which could be seen in a range of various sorts. The following are some of the most often used foods and nutrients on the globe in terms of acquiring the whole body's proper amount of E Vitamin.The most popular ingredients that could include Vitamin E Antioxidant are cereals. It is sometimes included in wheat or grain germ oils. In spite of this, the levels of whole grains that include Vitamin E Antioxidant will be more various than that. Vitamin E Antioxidant can be seen in a lot of distinctive ingredients in your grains family. It is usually highlighted in seed products and nut products of all kinds.The volume of E Vitamin which will be seen in seed or various nuts may differ based on the kinds
Forse una delle ragioni per l'aumento di pionieri è il fatto che iOS 6 può essere scaricato in modalità wireless. Una delle maggiori caratteristiche di dello scorso anno è stato iOS 5 aggiornamento che avrebbe sostenuto over-the-air aggiornamenti e la sincronizzazione vodafone iphone 5 , e quindi di un caso potrebbe certamente essere fatto per questo miglioramento contribuire al tasso di adozione più rapida del nuovo iOS 6. Eppure, come tutti i primi sanno prezzi iphone 5 america , il desiderio di aggiornare rapidamente viene fornito con un po 'di dolore. Apple di recente ha presentato Maps app - che viene fornito in bundle con iOS 6 - è stata colpita da problemi di mappatura imprecisi ed è stato criticato dagli utenti per una generale mancanza di dettaglio, che porta CEO di Apple Tim Cook a rilasciare scuse raro formale per lo stato delle app . Resta da vedere se queste scuse si smorzare l'entusiasmo degli utenti Apple per l'aggiornamento a iOS 6. Se iPhone 5 numeri di ve
I need mercenaries for my mob in the game called fumafia.If you are already a member o Fubar and signed up for membership before Oct 31st 2012 please click on this link and join Fumafia through this link.Its a great game to play and some of the people in this game are probally some of your friends that you associate on a daily basis through fubar.So please help me out and join through this link and let the games begin.TY Copy and paste link to become a mercenarie I need mercenaries for my mob in the game called fumafia.If you are already a member o Fubar and signed up for membership before May 31st 2012 please click on this link and join Fumafia through this link.Its a great game to play and some of the people in this game are probally some of your friends that you associate on a daily basis through fubar.So please help me out and join through this link and let the games begin.TY Copy and paste link to become a mercenarie
Happy Friday everyone hope you have a good weekend 
Affordable Seo Packages
I Day Dream About You All The Time......♥
There have been countless days and nights.. That I have daydreamed about you.... Lying beside me in my bed.. looking into my eyes.. Our noses touching... and rubbing up against eachother... giving eskimo kisses and then feeling your lips touch mine.... all the while running your fingers through my hair... telling me that im beautiful.. The passion between us would grow and grow... and feelings would grow stronger as well... to the point where were deeply and passionatly kissing softly and then you kiss my neck and move up to my ear and nibble on it alittle bit sending goosbumps and a huge orgasimn through my body as i Say "Mmmm" In your ear.......... I can feel you getting harder and harder as your body presses up against mine... Your arms wrap around me.... like a sheild.... of protection..... To the point where Tears run down my eyes and you whisper "What is wrong" ? I Say to you " Nothing Its just you feel so good against my skin and being with you makes me emotional in a wonderful
well im into my 4th week of volunteering and im still lovin every moment, well apart from when i get to unpack donations of mens undies lol, i have made some fantastic friends n im gonna continue to volunteer even when i do get a job as they have helped me in so many ways n i wanna give back as much as i can, cos so many folks need help , they have given me a sense of purpose and i wake each day now looking forward to whatever the day brings, usually me on my feet until 5pm lol :)  Friends know i have recently started volunteer work at a local charity shop(thrift store for u americans lol) the one i work in is a small charity helping disadvantaged kids n young adults and im lovin every minute even though imexhausted by time iget home at night and i dont get paid.They are helping me as much as im helping them , im getting experience again inthe workforce and meeting some fantastic folks and the customers are brilliant donating as well as buying stuff and also im managing to finally furn

Lost -- Now Gone
after not seeing or talking to my son for several years i was just notified by my local police department (with the help from las vegas detectives) that my son has been found deciest,,not that he was lost in a physical since,,but he did find himself trapped in a world of drugs and trouble--moved to vegas to change scenery and get into treatment !! 9 months sober and clean,changing his life and doing it himself for himself !! now i find myself numb,,confused and maby a little lost..i wish he knew what he ment to me and how i was feeling all those years..a plan was in place,,the ball was in motion,,next year would bring a once severed family back togeather (december never came soon enough) i know i cant change the past,,i know i shouldnt beat myself up ---- i just wish he knew how hard i once upon a time i tried !!! god damnit how we (as a family) tried..i know im rambling (ive never blogged before) i just felt that msby,,just maby writing this out might help just a little....i love you
In Memory Of A Friend
    I sit around and wonder,and I'll watch the days go by.I look at all the pictures,and ask, why did you have to die?You've always been there for me,because you were my best friend,and I was always there for youuntil the very end.But now it's time to let you go,your spirit now is free.Even though you won't really be gone,because you'll live inside of me.So when we have to leave youat your resting place,I will always rememberyour smiling and handsome face.This is hardly a goodbye,so I won't weep anymore,because now you're in better placethen you ever were before.Even though that I will miss you,and I'll think about you everydayyou'll always be my best friend,and that's all I have to say. ~Diane~I love and miss you Toby the ultimate 80's Kissman!!
Everything Happens For A Reason...maybe It's Time To Find Out Wat That Reason Is
I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason....especially when it is an ongoing process..although the experiences may not be good..I believe there is always a reason for it...I mentioned Robert Smith and just some of the things him and his wacked out family did to me....but to keep on..after so much time has passed...there has to be a reason for it....I found out yesterday that he was just recently arrested and charged with aggravated assault on the person he is with now and child abuse on his own damn if that alone isn't proof enough that this guy has to be disposed of..I don't know wat is...Maybe I am the key to all his started years ago when I was a him and his family..I was nothing but a scared lil girl who had no one to help her...knowing they could do watever they wanted to me..and no one was gonna question a thing....they did it for no other reason than they could...they stole EVERYTHIG from
Finding Fubar
So I am new on Fubar, and I must say its one of the most addicting things I have ever been on. A friend was telling me about and so I created an account, and I do believe I have not got anything done that I need to be getting done since I created it because I have not wanted to get off of it. But I want to thank everyone that I have become friends with on Fubar so far for helping me out with everything step for step cause I tell you what I was extremely lost when I first got on here I had no clue on what to lol but now I pretty much got the hang of it.
Fuck My Ass Hung Males
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头昏脑胀,脑袋昏悠悠的,非常想恶心呕吐,刚才差点真的要干呕出来了。 刚才在睡觉时,我的阴茎里面的输尿管轻微地痛了一下,然后我的肛门痒了很久时间 (五)冒名顶替给自己延寿 1,似是而非 说不仅的偷梁换柱,说不仅的阴险狡诈,说不尽的冒名顶替,无穷无尽的似是而非的
Fu Marriage Is It Worth It
Okay Ive been off and on fu for a while and ive never really stayed long enough on fu to really even contemplate this but is Fu Marriage really worth it. I know it involves a lot.  Ive seen people come and go as i have in past 6 years. I dont care for much of the drama and Bs that goes on here. I know Theres an acheivement for Fu Marriage and Fu Divorce. Ive seen people get Fu engaged fu Married and Fu Divorced to some its a game some use as advantage to lvl and get most out of it and some do because they are serious. So just what exactly does it involve besides the Bling the Le Bling the ability Bling etc and what does make it last or fail. Would I make some one a great Fu Hubby is it all that important I dont think I trust anyone to take as a Fu wife on here and id probably get Fu divorved so leave me some input as for me dont ask me to Fuand marry you cause im not gonna do it achivement or not and not gonna Fu divorce you either just for an achivement. All commentary input advice et
That Someone
You ever meet that someone where you know everything just doesn't matter as long as you that someone in your arms everyday:Or can have a conversation about anything and just able to relax around them 24/7 and be yourself:Or go out with them in public and not worry about them because its all about enjoying the day/night because you both love each other and don't need to find someone else...I thought I found that person but i was wrong so hopefully I can find a new special someone sooner or later...til then Ill keep having fun and enjoy life...:)))))) Soul Urge: People with the name Kilipaki have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details. Expression: People with the name Kilipaki value community and balance, and are dependable and considerate. They often tend to gravitate to occupations where they can act as peacemakers or negotiators, or fulfill these roles amo
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 can be described as water soluble vitamin which can be contained in meats, fish and also dairy food and also adds significantly on the production of red blood cells when supporting to maintain a wholesome central nervous system. Aside from that, this is great for the updating your the energy level. In addition, it has a serious function in the doing your best with of the assimilation of folate. Additional B12 Vitamin health benefits range from the conservation concerning myelin (the particular compound which takes care of the nerve fibres as well as lets them transfer signals between neurological tissues during the entire system) plus the amelioration of the fat-burning power (metabolic rate) of one's body that helps in losing excess fat.Vitamin B12 DeficitInsufficient B12 Vitamin could come sometimes from the inferior eating absorption because of an unbalanced diet program as well as as a result of intrinsic factor deficit, resulted in pernicious anemia, a condition which,
Mercs Neeeded!
im receiving mob but it would be great if you would accept as a merc please.
Muscle Milk 22
Similar to other energy drink that can be purchased, this supplement is the same as pretty much any of them. The only real difference is within its ingredients. Cytosport Muscle Milk appears to have been categorised as a rip-off for the huge fat content. This fact puts quite a lot of men and women off as they assume they are simply likely to end up being obese!Precisely what is not really comprehended by the majority is the fact that fat inside the powdered ingredients isn't the kind of fat that causes you get too much fat. The product was created to simulate the manner in which human milk actually works for a baby. It includes a form of fat also known as triglycerides that is a significantly less complex type and encourages the creation of body system mass, similar to the baby really needs. So if you go to the gym and tend not to only sit around, it's not going to get trapped in your body. It is going to be processed very quickly and stimulate the development of good lean body mass.If
I sit alone in the dark thinking to myself. (how can i make the hunger stop) Death sits and watching my every move whiting for me to take my next life. (i know what i must do) out of no where i jump out and grab a random prison dragging her in to the darkness. my black finger nails taring through her flesh my lust for her` life to be extinguished is over powering. the screams in the darkness is ear shattering as i bite in to her chest going for her still betting hart i tear through the ribcage (all most there)I'm covered in her blood. the intensity of my hunger is over powering i must consume her hart.(that's only way to make it stop. i must make it stop)i pull away i look down i see it. (it still beats)I rip out her heart and I bight in to it like a apple. her lifeless body lye at my feet. a hand touches my solder i turn to kill again death smiles and shakes a mocking finger and walks passed. he bends down to her lifeless body kissing her cold lips of her corps sucking out her inanest
Now Online dating is not just for young people any more. Thousands of older singles are reaching out for new ways to meet up and start a new life together. – is a focused community for older men dating older women. If you are ready for a new adventure, give them a try!
So Called Best Friends
So i try-ed to call my best friend to day and yea he did not pick up. OK so i was NOT mad i know he works so i leave him a voice mail asking him not to call back and nothing not a call or a text so i text him and ask him whats going on he did text back and was like i was about to call you ( ha-ha come on now 90% of men say that )  any ways i ask him why he has not  called or text me in days and he said " i have been asking you why you dont talk to me anymore for over a week now" i said " and when i try to tell you whats going on you always have to go"   or like the other night i called and he was at the bar about to leave (or so he told me) and that he would call me when he  got home i was like ok i really needed to talk to him about somethings what was on my mind he told me he would be home in like 5 Min's i was like ok and i waited and waited he never called he told me that he said to call when i got home i was like no sorry you told me you was going to call when you got home fro
The Ref's Are Back
My mom Brenda and I sat down and wrote up this lil diddy!! Hope you enjoy!! Parody of My Boyfriend's Back (The Chiffons) They've been away, you hung around Botherin' us every night(I'll sing it to you) When we wouldn't agree with you You called plays that weren't even real Our REF's are back and you're gonna be in trouble (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) When you see them comin' better cut out on the double (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) You been callin' plays that were totally untrue (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) So look out now 'cause they're comin' after you (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) And they knows that you've been tryin' And they knows that you've been lyin'They've been gone for such a long time (waiting for a dime) (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) But now they're back and things will be fine (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back)You're gonna be sorry you were ever born (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) 'Cause they're kinda big an
Gotta Love A Good Horror Movie !!
Terrified And I Thought You Should Be Made Aware
I come here to talk to friends I have bonded with over the's that I feel beyond the pictures..beyond the virtual thing really do care about me..nothing more...just me's sad yes..but you guys are all I have besides my daughter and it's because of sick fucks like I am about to tell you about why that's not about pictures or random shit for me at this point...these ARE real life issues that effect my life..that has already effected my life and I'm's no secret that I haven't lived a fairytale life..I've never skipped through a field of wild flowers while holding hands with my true love..I have had to fight..cry...sweat and bleed to just survive...I mean obviously something is wrong with me or I wouldn't be here...we all have our issues and things that are missing in our lives.. I live every goddamn day trying to forget things from my past that just refuse to be forgotten...I am writing this because someone who is responsibl
Impact Wrestling
Preview TONIGHT'S huge LIVE IMPACT broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c as the road to "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View continues! Remember - if you can't watch IMPACT on Thursday night, make sure to set your DVR to record all the action! NEW TV CHAMPION TO BE CROWNED ON CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY! “Championship Thursday” returns to Impact Wrestling on Spike TV this Thursday with an added wrinkle; there is no defending champion.  Negotiations between TNA’s current TV Champion Devon and TNA have been ongoing over the last month and have reached an impasse.  As of today, The TNA TV Championship last held by Devon is vacated.  TNA hopes that Devon returns to the active roster in the future.  A new TV champion will be crowned LIVE on Impact! Usually, in the “Championship Thursday” format, four challengers meet with IMPACT WRESTLING GM Hulk Hogan and plead their case as to why they deserve the shot at the champion.  This month, one of the four men is guaranteed to be the n
Life And Inspiriation
hot  boys are nice
Online Security Updates
In the present cybernetic robotic world , 85 % of the people use computer and internet for various purposes. Innovative technologies keeps on developing on a daily basis. The internet has improved human lives a lot. World is now so much interconnected within social networks like facebook, twitter, linked in etc. Mostly people like to spend their time online through chatting, surfing and playing games etc. Internet has enabled us to pay our bills and shop online at just one click. While we are online, Internet Security is of paramount importance. Now a days various types of viruses are created by cyber criminals and hackers. So many viruses are very tricky and they are designed in such a way that it cant be found out easily. Security software like antivirus, firewall, internet security software, antispyware and antimalware can get rid of these internet malware threats. Just choosing a security software will not help you get rid of this menace, its in choosing the right s
Poems And Songs And Shit
I’ve been dreaming bout those juicy lips The way you curve right at your hips Excuse my hands in case they slip They just want to make you drip Close your eyes and drift away Softly moan – just let my tongue play Scream the words you want to say Before the morning brings a newday
It begins when the object of your affection betows upon you a heady hallucinogenic dose of something youve never even daredto admit you wanted an emotional speedball of thunderous love and excitment.Soon u start craving that attention with the hungry obsession of any junkie.When its withheld you turn sick crazy not to mention resentful of the dealer who encouragedthis addiction in the frist place but now refuses to pony up the good stuff.Godamn him and he used to give it to u for free.Next stage finds you skinny shaking in a corner certain only that you sell your soul just to have that one thing one more time.meanwhile the object of you adoration is now repulsed by you,he looks at you like someone hes never met before. The irony is you can hardly blame him I mean check yourself out your a mess. unrecognizable even to your own eyesYou have now reached infatuation final destination The complete and merciless devaluation of self.
  I'm new & am totally clueless. I sell all kinds of gifts & other items here, if you're interested.
Its not like i can push you,so far away from me,its not like i can hide it,this pain is killing me;its not like you dont see it,its written on my face,its not like you dont know it,its scattered all over the place;i tell you that your hurting me,but you never really care,i tell you that its killing me,and the pain is hard to bare;you tell me that you love me,but how can that be?when all you do is yell,and do hurtful things;i just wanted you to know,that i do feel this pain,i just wanted you to know,that its killing me more each day;its not like i am bulletproof,the pain it hits me hard,its not like i have no feelings left,i just let them gather on my heart;so if you plan to keep me,please change your ways,because like i said before,your killing me more each day... In a world full of darkness,The light of your love shines through;I've never felt so happy,As i feel when im with you;The way your eyes shine when you look at me,The way your smile makes me melt,I Never thought id ever feel
Part 2
Im N Ot Perfect... But I Am Me.....
Just Words Of Wisdom...
There Should Be  A New Mint Flavored Birth Control Pill... That You Take Right Before Sex.... I Would Call It... "Pred*ckamints" Never Apologize For Making Your Own Choices - Livin' Your Own Life And Following Your Dreams ♥ Real Friends Do Not Judge You But Support You... And The Moment... You Realize... You Are Wrong.... They Are There Not To Say "I Told You So" But To Say.... "Im Here For You". 
Android Analytics
Android Analytics
Cellular centered shop services are the new hype word in shop analysis market. Applying of mobile mobile phone gadgets and pills has changed the way providers run company. Due to lots of competition providers are finding new ways to collect more information in less a while to create choice at fast stage. Every day is a new task with more extensive variety of factors causing their success in this amazingly aggressive world. Suppliers are anticipating to create changes in their company according to client's alternatives for which mobile centered methods are making life easier with entry to useful information on the go. Mobile/ product centered program, a new trend in the marketplace, allow choice creators with all the relevant information to create important alternatives even while traveling. By implementing contemporary technological innovation the performance of providers are enhancing to a great increase. Applications are been built on Stock, Finance, Commission, Employees, Business
I would Love you More In one Day Than some could ever do In a Lifetime But you wouldnt know this Because you dont know how to appreciate that and be faithful Time and Time again I have tried and been smacked down Cast aside for the ones you will never let go of Sometimes.. I feel like the strand of pearls that you keep tossing before the swine in the pigpen and they trample  any good that ive tried to be It all adds up and its killing me It hurts its hurt for so long now i have lost my smile and i dont even know what the use is anymore  
i lay there, feeling like a part of a scheme asking myself, was i on the right team? watching the rising steam inside my never ending dream while my soul and my conscious fought i watched them raise the knife stabbing me, ending my life ending the strife i have become the train of thought After breaking from his internal cage The Sleeper caused him rage And The Miracle turned onto the page Writing for hours at a time for a wage Thinking, "What should I have brought?" As the Lake Of Fire continues to burn The Miracle and The Sleeper learn That the Scenes From that Memory still yearn As Metropolis rides away on my Train Of Thought As my emotions swung to my slain dreams, I clung the pain stung and screams unsung can't be heard from a blindspot realizing, shock seeing your own cellblock like a movie from Hitchcock floating through my train of thought
wine bag The wine carrier bags can easily make a fool of anyone around with its delicate look. It will carry your drink in a perfectly good manner without making any damage to your drinks. They come in a whole new range of cool bags, beverage trot, ice bucket and gift bags. They are so versatile and portable that it can be carried to any place by anyone at anyplace. Are you in search of a cool carrier for your drinks or are you in search of a sleek bag for gifting a buddy his favorite drink? These wine bag carriers are a ready solution. They are a ready alternative for carrying your drink. They have outdated the mandatory coolers and out marketed the oversized tubs for beverages. What you have to do is simply chose your bottle and the bag, pad the bag with layers of ice, some fresh lime and see the magic your cool wine carrier bags is ready for your use. Besides the backpack cooler bag, other options include the high-capacity chest cooler, with its ability to stow up to five-days of
Back Room Bounce
If you took a big mixing bowl and placed the following ingrediants: Perfection, Obsession, Complexity, Over Bearing, Always in Line and never whines. Take all these ingrediants and you get someone else lol. Im a simple person, who likes simple things.. Cold beer and a ball game, Family and friends. I do whine (100%male cant help it) I get pissed off and I do make mistakes...sometimes ;) But I Love a good joke or a dirty bad one. as long as its kinda sorta maybe funny a little bit. Goofing off and taking care of business. A living, breathing, walking, talking contradiction partly truth and maybe fiiction. (thx Johnny Cash) Anyway, thats me in a nut shell.. and I am a nut for sure.
Website Statistics
As it is within all sectors, the Online world, full of web websites, is peppered with its own terms. Get to know the language well and know what it indicates, that way nobody will be able to take the made of wool over your sight. Here are a few important factors conditions to comprehend and observe on a very regular, if not everyday, foundation. Strikes. This is the most misused and incorrectly used determine talking about Web action. You've observed individuals say, "I get 100,000 hits monthly." Be involved as this is a useless number; a hit represents each computer file sent by the hosting server to a Web browser-therefore, if you have a web page that contains many pictures, possibilities are that those pictures plus the HTML computer file assisting them will sign-up as many hits. Due to showing the webpages of your web page, the figures easily get out of hand and you will have no real concept how many guests your web page is getting. Page Opinions. Page views are a more pr
Contrary to wildlife from the other types of woods, there are way more rainforest animals for every sq . in . of those forests staying in absolute tranquility. Rainforest wildlife normally include small to medium sized pesky insects, beetles as well as butterflies, spiders as well as scorpions, snakes and reptiles, frogs and toads, wildlife, apes, and therefore the checklist continues. And these are definitely simply to list those we are familiar with.Besides these, there are many rainforest wildlife which may be unknown by researchers simply because they are located too deep or way too high in the woodlands to be noticed or recorded. On top of that, rainforest is in fact a forest, there does exist a particular stratospheric concept of these animals. For example birds are living nearly on top of the thick plant life, having their own nests over the highest trees and shrubs. Under the birds you can locate the monkeys and snakes. Bugs are practically located in all levels, although the m
My Thoughts
Bbw Lovers
I want to wear the dress from my profile pic? Some ccrazy shit happens in free chat! Someone kept asking me to fart, others kept wanting me to see their cam's balls deep! Still a pretty good night though! I have to say that cammin is definitely a learning experience. I am learning that men are just as hot n heavy as women except men get off on almost anything,  women get right down to brass tax and tell you what they want. As a bisexual woman I appreciate the womens style and mens unabashedness. AlsoI learned some new positins just being creative on my own, and learning what I look like on cam, better than i thought lol. :p I have been camming for a year now and have been scouring the internet for a great BBW only website. BBW has a huge following and I would not believe that there was not a segregated website for us. Lo-and-behold there is! When I saw the main pictures for the first time my mouth dropped and even I was like like "that's fucking hot!" And not only did I sign up I went
Historically Inaccurate Texts.
circa 221 BC   RE: Design Entry. >We submit drawings for our entry to the Design Compitition most humbly >   > >   Thank you for your entry but it is not exactly what we are looking for. -Emperor sticking with religion here.   "Steve, you need to fix your Apple Maps app.  We have been out here for 10 years already" November 22, 1963 Noon.   "Gunner 2 in position and ready"
Replacement Officials..
"Hey if any of you are looking for Christmas gifts for me, I have one. I'd like the ref's from last nights game (Seattle vs Green Bay), brought right here to me tonight. I want them brought from their happy slumber over there on Monday night football, with all the other rich owners, and I want them brought right here, with a big ribbon on their head. I want to... look them straight in their eyes and I want to tell them what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug eyed, stiff-leged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit they are!!!! Hallelujah!! Holly shit!!! Where's the Tylenol!!"
Luxury Short Sale
Luxury Short Sale
Most people know that Arizona, Condition of phoenix ( az ) as an fashionable position where you can find magnificent, fashionable homes. Brief income has become well-known over the past few several weeks, due to the marketplace and property market. What does this mean for you, as a buyer? You can get a house that was most likely beyond your budget formerly. When you will work with this process, having a qualified, efficient and experienced broker would make the conversations much quicker and sleek. Why would property entrepreneurs be advertising their homes for costs that are affordable? The marketplace has activated many people to reduce their projects, and all over the country people are having hardship. This happens, even to the wealthy! They find out that they cannot pay their mortgage mortgage, and don't want to cope with property or house property foreclosure. In Arizona, discovering a brief purchase house can mean that you get a lot of house for your money! An Condition of pho
Deflower My Blog
Stuff I Think About
Obama’s Anti-Second Amendment Executive Orders May Result in Articles of Impeachment   Kurt NimmoInfowars.comJanuary 15, 2013 If Congress will not attack the Second Amendment right of Americans, Obama has promised to do it through unconstitutional executive orders and actions, according to the New York Times.
Attention Ladies
whats up its trizzy yall im new to Fubar so ladies.. holla at me ;)
Jokes Version 1.0
A little girl and her mother walking through the park one day and they saw two teenagers having sex on a bench. The little girl says "Mummy, what are they doing?". The mother hesitates then quickly replies "Ummm they are making cakes". The next day they are at a zoo and the little girl sees two monkies having sex. Again she asks her mother what they are doing and her mother replies with the same response, "making cakes." The next day the girl says to her mother, "Mummy, you and Daddy were making cakes in the lounge last night eh?". Shocked, the Mother says, "how do you know?"She says, "Because I licked the icing off the sofa". Aging Mildred was a 93 year old woman who was particularlydespondent over the recent death of her husband Earl. She decided that she would just kill herself and join him in death. Thinking that it would be best to get it over with quickly, she took out Earl's old Army pistol and made the decision to shoot herself in the heart since it was so badly broken in the f
I Need Bling Pls
love is in the heart
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Safe and Sound Cure for Women Sexual Health Fezinil Herbal cure not only replenish the iron in the body but also it may reduce menstrual discomfort and cramping. You will get relief from leucorrhea as well as it will solve your irregular menstruation problem and reduce sexual problems caused by stress. This supplement has an abundance of fatty acids which can reduce dryness, this cure reduce pain and speed healing of female problems. You can increase the likelihood of starting a menstrual cycle and menstrual regularity as well as it enhance your stamina, improve your body image, elevate your mood and boost your libido.
Diabetic Care Naturally With Herbo Diabecon Capsule
Diabetic Care Naturally With Herbo Diabecon Capsule
If you are diabetic and frustrated of taking insulin or unable to control your diabetes and looking for a natural approach to control your diabetes then our natural diabetes treatment helps to generate the hormone that controls blood sugar levels naturally. Everyone loves their life. But there are situations when there is no activity in their life because of diabetes. People cannot eat things which they like most, people cannot move around, where they love to go. Perhaps if you want to enjoy your life, they way you want then our diabetes treatment capsule helps you to re-gain the energy in your life. Our natural diabetes treatment formulation meant to control your blood sugar level and increased sensitivity to insulin.Our Diabetes treatment capsule could be the correct improvement you been searching for. If you’ve diabetes, our diabetes treatment capsule can reduce the symptoms of diabetes, weakness, excess thirst, frequent urination and make you really feel much better with enh
Moncler 2012
Mobile Analytics
Looking at the huge need of cellular mobile phone devices, pills and cellular solutions we will discuss the benefits, issues, information management problems and recommendations for cellular organization intelligence and research. It may be Apple's iPad or any other identical system on technological innovation website we will see that the whole marketing is only as per client's wish like game enjoying, video getting touching, and watching movies in HD or just looking the world wide web. But seeing at the remarkable use can these devices do anything for the experience of taking, providing or getting organization data? Business clients are getting more excited to know whether they can use their sensible devices for modifying the part of information in customer devices, preparing and forecasting, performance management or take their daily efficient alternatives while on the go. Company Intellect can do all these, they are essential if cell mobile phone devices are to live up to their pro
   "Your the reason" Your the reason why I smile         when I get up Your the reason why my day        shine and bright Your the reason why my night       feels glad I hope your not the reason      I feel sad Your the reason why I survive...   Thank you for coming into my Life..                         I Miss You I miss you when something good happens, because your the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, because your the one that understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh and cry, because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you the most when I lay awake at night, and think of all the wonderful times that we spent with each other for those were some of the best and most memorable times of my life.
Jason's 1st Blog
Good evening everyone.  Tonight I am out there looking for someone who is looking for love and now the plans are up in the air.  I have been going through more drama lately then I need to, but now that things have calmed down, I am now able to look again.  Any ideas?
Pineapple Chunk
The specific details are hazy because it was so long ago but it was 4th grade in art class the day before halloween. I can't remember the art teachers name but I do seem to recall she was a 40 something dumpy man-hatin lesbian feminist. For halloween we did this project where we carved a face in an apple and then it was treated in some sort of way to make it shrivel up so it would look all like some old scary witch or something. Then we made a little body out of straw or some shit to stick the head on. This whole process took a week. I think "art" class was like once a week or something. So I'm sitting at the table minding my own business putting the final touches on my witch doll when one of the other kids sitting next to me acted up. I can't even remember what his transgression was but man-hatin' bitch comes over PMSing hard yelling and berating the kid into oblivion before she picks up his doll and ripped it to shreds...Only problem was it wasn't his doll, in her PMS haze she accid
I Need You...
Please go to this link and vote for us, it means so much! We need all the help we can get, you can vote today and tomorrow. Please spread the message to everyone you know and use any resource you can think of. My boyfriend and I have had a lot of bad luck with illness and death in our family and winning this would help so much to lighen the mood a little. We are competitive, are you? Show it by helping us be #1, thank you soooooooo much! Again please spread the word, happy hour it, whatever works! Love you all!
Fubar Wiccan/pagan Unite
Alpha Cats
Benefits Of Vitamin E In Heart Disease?
Vitamin E Antioxidant is a widespread particular vitamin men and women can utilize. Anybody who chooses to begin using E Vitamin in the healthy eating plan needs to have a look at a few things according to the ingredients that can provide this particular vitamin. These are definitely ingredients which could be seen in numerous a variety of kinds. Listed below are some of the most typically used food products on the globe in relation to obtaining the system's ideal amount of Vitamin E Antioxidant.The most prevalent food products that will actually provide E Vitamin are whole grains. It's discovered in whole wheat germ oils. Having said that, the quantities of cereals that have Vitamin E Antioxidant are usually more diversified than that. E Vitamin can be seen in alot of unique ingredients within your grains family. It may be shown in seed and nut products of all kinds.The quality of Vitamin E Antioxidant that can be seen in seed products or nut products may vary with regards to the kind
Just Sayin....
wanna have some fun on webcam?or find a fuck buddy!  
Whenever you say calories burnt each day with no exercising, the assumption is that you always do a bit of work everyday. Probably you head to a place of work or conduct any task according to how you live. In the previously mentioned occasions, you certainly burn up some calories, even if you may not carry out any kind of training. The total number of calories used depends upon the physical activity that you execute. Even when you get the job done in business office, the particular kind of your job determines a lot of your calories burning. Inactive way of living comes down to a lesser amount of calories burned up each and every day. Having said that, strenuous or physically lively way of life would mean a lot more caloric burning. By having a non-active life style which includes an eight hour of sitting, you may use around 1.500 calories.Caloric burning while resting or when you're taking a nap primarily will depend on your own metabolic rate. Fast rate of metabolism usually means acc
Noida Property - Residential Project
mahagun mywoods || mahagun mywoods noida extension || mahagun mywoods apartments || mahagun apartments || mywoods noida project || noida new project || noida residential project || 09999684955   Mahagun My Woods Noida Extension Mahagun bring a new affordable project with the name of mahagun my woods which is placed at noida extension. Mahagun infratech are committed to explore new magnitude to accomplish their projects, a new mode of counseling clients, new methods of doing business, and the utilization of new technologies. Hence, they stand tall on the edifice of our success by living up to their commitment and customers expectations. Mahagun residential builder developers providing residential flats, luxurious villas, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, 4 bedroom apartments and luxurious mansion for sale.    For More Details Please Ring @ +91 9999684955Location- Mahagun Mywood is located in Noida Extension.     Key Features:     30 kms(approx) away f
Men’s Scarf
It may seem a bit unfair that a lot of clothes and accessories are available for women but only few can be used by the male counterparts. One of the few accessories that can hype up the wardrobe of guys is Men’s scarf. Aren’t scarves for women? No sir. Men’s scarf has long been in fashion and will still be in the years to come. It can be used from casual outfits to the more formal attire. You can wear them with t-shirt and even in suits. Scarves are not only used to keep your neck warm on chilly seasons but they can also add color to the usual drab winter wardrobe. Only few men dare to be different and stand out through fashion. Only a handful will dare to wear catchy colors of clothes, but they can still express their personality and inner fashion sense through a strip of cloth wrapped around their necks. It’s really fascinating to see men don a scarf of playful colors and stand out from the crowd. How do you use scarves? The selection for men is quite limi
Vivian Anastacio-guerrero
Vivian Anastacio-Guerrero
Serious.. Sh*t Of A Dream... I Had....
I had this dream where i saw this car driving down the road... It was going really fast... and then it slammed on its breaks... and then turned off the road flipped over on its side... and then upside down and then back over to its original position and then not 5 seconds later... It just blew up nothing but smoke and fire. I couldnt even tell if there was a person in the car or anything Because obviously it happend so fuckin fast...  That i just.. woke up from it in a cold sweat... The back of my neck was just.. soaked... My forhead was warm... And i was shaking.. I mean WTF ?  I Mean. I Know that theres probably some kind of explaination behind as to why I had this dream... Maybe It brought back a bad memory  of me getting into a car accident with my mom a few years ago.... Where she slammed her brakes and hit someone from behind.. And then the force of that.. caused my seat belt to lock up... Which i know seatbelts are suppossed to do that... ( Im not stupid )  But this dream.. Was
Well lastnight I was looking at the checking account..and realized was very close to being under. Actually if the tv bill gos through monday that they directly withdrawal...i would be. I hate being fuckin broke here and there. I wish my job would straighten up where I would not have to worry about getting laid off..etc. Anyways.. I had a very humbling experience. I asked mom for money. First time in 20 yrs (being out and gone) that I ever asked.I think she must have enjoyed the moment somewhat..but probably hated the fact that I would have to ask. I only get this impression because she made me ask dad to. UGH>>>>I hated that even worst. He was ok with it though.. he said I guess you can. He was kinda quiet. I am sure they know its been getting tight at times for me. Anyways..they brought me over the money today. Mom told me to just consider it a early birthday gift and not to worry about it. (probably her way of making me feel good about not being stressed over paying
Some Day
Sometimes we are caught So unexplainably sweetly Completely by surprise At the blessings that come Into our lives. I wouldn't trade one smile, Not one single thought of you For anything in the world. Knowing I have you Right by my side Makes every tomorrow Seem to shine brighter.   I didnt even know we could do blogs on fubar lol. Sometimes I wonder, Am I broken? Because this pain Throbbing and dull And never ever ending Pulses through me constantly And the thought of missing you Crushes the breath out of me All I want, All I ever wanted, Was a chance to tell you How much I love you Say goodbye Hold your hand Kiss you one more time. And I ache Cause I feel your loss Just like i did So many years ago. Wish it would just end. Rest in peace Darling mother of mine! Know that you are cherished And loved, and missed beyond compare.
T.h.i.n.k. I am a big proponent of T.H.I.N.K. Before your speak/communicate, ask yourself "What do I hope to achieve by this communication?". Then govern yourself accordingly. Ask yourself if what you are communicating is: TRUE HONEST INSPIRING NECESSARY KIND . . . in short, just T.H.I.N.K.
Many dont realize that the Word Arabbi Means Locust In Biblical Hebrew..& they are the locust of the human race today,,Look at the facts,,In our Country,,Why is it that they seem to be able to come here & get Government money to buy up property & businesses & we as citizens here cant seem to touch funds of that nature?? We are being consumed by the Locusts people..They own our Gov. leaders & our Media now,,& I bet you dont realize that our President did not really win this last Democratic Vote of our citizens,,But hes still in our Highest seat of office,,WHY ?? Ill tell you,,Because the Muslam Locusts wanted him there..& we couldnt vote him out even though we tried..We are in big trouble here & dont even know it because They own the main stream Media that we all see & listen to also,,& our gulability is about to be our down fall..They are & controle our Dr.s too,,Why do you think that 90% of Americans are on some kind of meds. & think theres something wrong with them??,,Its all being f
Xx KatieLou xX@ fubar
Smoldering Sheets
Its that time when you and that special someone make your way into the bedroom and the night has led you to the sheets and its time to decide what is going to take place. Who should be the one to initiate the nights activities? Should it be the male or should it be the female? What should be done? Should it be good ol fashion 1950's plain Jane sex or should some spice be added? Should there be naughty talk or should it be quiet? Should sex games be played? What are your thoughts on this subject? I would love to hear your thoughts on Smoldering the sheet.... more to come...
What's It Feel Like?
It's been about 4 years since laying next to someone just to feel their presence there. Will someone be nice and tell me "What's it feel like?" I guess my mind is going, and I can't remember!!!

Rebel's Story
                                                                  Rebel’s Story                                                                                                           Rebel was born on May 20th 2000. Rebel came to us on June 25th . We picked him up from Jack and Amy Camden in Scotts Bluff.  He was big for his age of 4 ½ weeks, but still a little bundle of joy. He was so large for his age he had trouble walking. His weight was to much for his little legs. We took him to the vet to make sure he didn’t have hip problems and he didn’t he just needed for his legs to catch up to his body. He grew fast, and was an awesome pup. He was just perfect, no kidding. I had to drive wheat truck for my dad that year and not wanting to leave our new baby home alone, I made him a bed in the laundry basket and took him along. He didn’t seem to mind. I took his milk, dog food and a big pillow for his bed. Later as he grew he started to have one accident in the hou
My Literal Arts
My ego was forced to write her, because she had beauty i never seen. Stealth Diva achieving my mind so it seems, the sweet essence of what constantly makes me think. Natural beauty like rose pedals and babies yawning, the winds that cool a hot summer's morning.   Peeled off the fruits of my thoughts that dare, to compare her to the lovliest face that could ever stare. I remain yielded to a thought that constantly flares, Can U Handle It?   ultra Ultra ULTRA Violet Rays,that peak joyful temperatures. And crept up and dazzled me with a day to remember. Like a plateau of desolated vacancies, Now covered with emergent sweet radiancy. And agents of vibrant awes awakening me, Giving unending interest to the taste that thirst in me. Rays that can, form new letters to the alphabet and, give birth to new softness to grains of sand. I offer this hand to you, One that envelops deep talks, sweet walks, and innocent stalks. Try concentrating on this vision like seeing through
Being Extraordinary
THE 4 PILLARS AT THE FOUNDATION OF WINNING AT THE GAMES OF LIFE!   The first pillar is INTEGRITY Integrity, at its most basic level, is doing what you said when you said you would do it. Integrity includes cleaning up the messes you have made by not doing what you said, by breaking your promises, and not being responsible for that. To maintain integrity requires discipline.  By discipline we mean a condition of self-control, rigor, and maintaining order.   The next pillar is RELATIONSHIPS People become resources for your life.  People may be the coaches for your game. Powerful people create powerful alliances with others; they have powerful resources.  They allow other people to contribute to them.  They network.   The third pillar is EXISTENCE By existence we not only mean that the game exists but how the game exists. Possibility lives in conversation. 
I only have a picture now,A frozen piece of time,To remind me of how it was,When you were here, and mine.I see your smiling eyes,Each morning when I wake,I talk to you, and place a kiss,Upon your lovely face. How much I miss you being here,I really can not say,The ache is deep inside my heart,And never goes away.I hear it mentioned often,That time will heal the pain,But if I'm being honest,I hope it will remain.I need to feel you constantly,To get me through the day,I loved you so very much,Why did you go away?The angels came and took you,That really wasn't fair,They took my one and only Son,My future life. My heir.If only they had asked me,If I would take your place,I would have done so willingly,Leaving you this world to grace.You should have had so many years,To watch your life unfold,And in the mist of this,Watch me, your Mum grow old!I hope your watching from above,At the daily tasks I do,And let there be no doubt at all,I really do love you.Source: Poem About A 25 Year Old Son Di
What To Wear To An Upcoming Friend's Wedding?
So, I have this friend that known since High school. She is getting married next month. I'm trying to figure out what to wear. I have this really sexy/cute dress. I so want to wear my cowgirl boots with it. So, should I just be myself & do it. Or wear traditional flats? 
Why Always Me??
Fast Easy Ways To Lose Weight
Burn up more calories than consumed. That is the way you slim down. Pay attention to all you feed on, and always make sure you train to burn those extra few pounds. But exactly how? Running is the very best solution. In spite of your real age and mass, the ideal and simplest way to shed weight easily is to do regular running because it plays a part in our overall health by very good aerobic training, so strengthening the muscle tissue. Continual running not just assists with enhancing the general strength by appropriate use of fresh air, but additionally has several natural health benefits, tension lowering and much stronger bones being probably the most well known advantages of the same. It burns up calories and fat tissues at a really quick level that obtaining a sleek and fit body for ladies is not a big problem. Even so, very fat people shouldn't start running to burn fat before talking to a health care provider. It is recommended to stay clear of every situation that could trigger
Winds Of Change
Little one with eyes of blue Hands small  Smile broad Dreams big  Heart pure How you're so forgiving of my faults I have no clue To be your hero is an honor I have let you down so many times But you still say I love you With your eyes , with a smile  You remind me that life is so worth while  I have to believe while I held the bottle my little one GOD held you Now as I grow as adults sometimes have to do  I know no one could ever love me as much as you Thank you little one for your trust and faith You knew I could be more than I ever showed  And because of your love I can grow May your eyes be wide and seeingMay you learn from the view where you're kneelingKnow the fear of the world that you're feeling Is the fear of a slaveMay you know how the fight was started Won' as much the snake as the gardenWear them both like a glove that you can't wainMay your mouth betray your wisdomMay you get what they failed to mentionMay your love be your only religionPreach it to us allM
Plan Stupid
Plan Stupid
Amazon River
When compared to wildlife from the other types of woods, there are way more rainforest wildlife in every square in . of these kinds of forests who live in absolute peace. Rainforest wildlife normally include tiny bugs, beetles and even butterflies, spiders and also scorpions, snakes and other reptiles, frogs and toads, wildlife, apes, and then the listing continues. And these are definitely simply to mention those that we fully understand.Aside from these, there are thousands of rainforest wildlife which can be unidentified by researchers simply because they reside too deep or way too high in the woodlands to be noticed or described. Also, tropical rainforests there's a specific stratospheric concept between these animals. To illustrate birds are located practically above the thick vegetation, having their own nests on the highest shrubs and trees. Under the birds we will see the apes and snakes. Bugs are practically located in all levels, however the larger animals such as tigers and
Florist In High Wycomb
With Valentine's Day just around the corner everyone is looking for a florist to send flowers to their loved ones. If you are looking for a florist in Berkshire, you can find one quite easily by just looking online or in the local telephone directory. Get your order in by 3pm and your florist in Berkshire will deliver the same day, whether it is a local, UK or international delivery. For those of you who do not know where Berkshire is and why you should want to find a florist in Berkshire, it borders the counties of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Berkshire is often referred to as the Royal County of Berkshire due to the fact that the royal residence of Windsor Castle is situated there. It is believed that the name comes from a large forest of box trees called a Bearroc which is a Celtic word that means "hilly." Berkshire is steeped in history and was the scene of many famous battles such as the Battle of Ashdown, the Battle of Reading and the Battle of
The Suffering Wall
There are somethings, that can't be explained. Like hoping your very existence, doesn't die in vain. Longing to be more, than you ever thought you could. To reach for the evil inside, corrupting the good. To pull it out, get rid of it once and for all. To finally put an end, to the suffering wall. A wall many live behind, including myself. Placing yourself, back on the shelf. The winner's circle, among those who succeed. This is what I crave, my very need. It is what I have, been trying to achieve. My every move, down to every mistake. Is one step closer, to what it takes. For me to be remembered, just to be known. For someone to say, hey, I seen what you've shown. And it helped me, this is my wish. I will go as far as it takes, to accomplish this.
One Small Request
I see you there, and you know I do. I play along, but this much is true. I meant EVERY fucking word, I ever said. Now I just want you, out of my head. Out of my heart, the pain is too intense. An attack for which, I have no defense. I can't do it, so it's up to you. To let me go, I'm through. I may not be strong enough, but I know you are. Because you have dismissed me, so many times before. Just throw away your key, and lock this door. The one that leads from your heart, to mine. I beg you to release me, for good this time. If you ever really, cared at all. Then what I ask, of you is small. Never tell me, you love me again. Don't speak to me, and then. Just disappear, from my sight. Because these feelings, I cannot fight. They win, and I don't like to lose. Please just do this one thing, I can't bring myself to.
No Cure!
You are the infection. seeping out of my veins. You the man, I cannot name. The reason I'm going, just a little more insane. The reason I feel regret, anger and pain. So much love and hate, at the same damn time! Infecting my heart, poisoning my mind. Why the fuck, can't I just let you go?! I ask myself this, but I do not know. The answer, what makes it so hard. The fact that we've shared so much, come this far. Perhaps that is it, but I am not sure. All I know is that for YOU, there is no cure!
Just Because
Do you enjoy, playing the game? Being so sly, having no shame. Seeing yourself in, without an invitation at all. Giving no warning, busting down the wall. For no other reason, than you just can. Does doing that, make you feel like a bigger man? Toying with emotions, saying whatever it takes. Searching for the vulnerability, waiting for that mistake. The one she will make, when that moment comes. Taking advantage of her, of everyone. That dares to give in, to your malicious attack. You'll break her down, then take it all back. Everything you said, all the emotion thrown away. Just because you knew, the right way. To go, how to take a broken soul. Leaving your mark across, an empty hole. That is what your kind does, they take and hurt for no reason at all. I don't care how big you feel, to me you're very small. Just a piece of a man, broken yourself. Maybe you should put yourself, upon that shelf. For display like a toy, so we can pry and play. W
All Too Well
This is when, I let go. I'm hurt and numb, just thought you should know. That I realize now, it was all just words. Nothing more to you, less than I deserve. My all, equals your half. And I'm just not willing, to settle for that. Your money doesn't mean, a thing to me. Because in your heart, is where I needed to be. You can take your wallet, your shame and whatever else possess you. To someone else, because I'm through. I'm done listening, done talking, you killed all of it. Go find someone else, to buy into your shit! Maybe you can charm them, the way you did me. But they will see you for all that you are, eventually. And when they do, I hope it hurts like Hell. A feeling I know, all too well.
Moonlight Valley
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Viagreen Capsules Treatment For Dhat, Over Masturbation & General Sex Problems
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I’m stuck into the then and there, Trying to get back to the here and now, Memories of you are stuck in my head, While I’m chained to your bed   Leaving your mark on my skin, So everyone would know where I’ve been, But they won’t know the scars I hold in-side   Walking on the ashes of my soul, Head down eyes red from your stain, Falling on my knees praying to end your reign   There’s no end to the nightmare you put onto me, And my misery sings to your tune, While my soul is dances to your words   Turn in two I’m be divided, Between whom I am and what you own, I guess I finally weep what I sow   I’m not really my own but you will never own me, Stuck in a dream where I had control over you, Until I felt sympathy and let you go           How long must I wait? To be the man I was born to be, How long must I be tested? For you to see the changes in me   How long must I prove myself? I’m not the same man an

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