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Jman's blog: "One wild night"

created on 07/19/2007  |  http://fubar.com/one-wild-night/b104967

Rush Who?

He was a man who has worked at the radio station for many years.Today he was filthy rich.The man stood in front of the radio station inhaling one last drag from his expensive cuban cigar.So what if it was illegal.He was a radio god.The laws did not apply to him.He threw his cigar on the ground and a young woman in her twenties catches his eye.He waves at her and she smiles at him.A mail man stops by next to the woman and starts laughing at the man and the woman joins him.The man feels something eating through his shoe.His shoe is on fire.When he tries to look down at his feet his belly blocks his view.He remembered what one alway's did when they were on fire.The ground trembled as he dropped to the ground and rolled around.It took a janitor with a fire extinguisher to put out all the flames.An hour later a crew of medics tried to bandage the man's feet but he fought like a wild boar out of the ambulance when he found out that they supported the current president and that they were Democrats.He was outraged that these Democrats had the audacity to put their hands on him.He despised Democrats.He hoped that the current president would fail and maybe if the US economy drowned then everyone would see things from his point of view.Some might call him un-American but this did not faze him one bit.This was a free country and so he would speak his mind no matter how vile some the things that came out of his mouth might be. They can try and demonize him but he would spit in their faces before he got into his fancy cars.He was afraid that while he was in the ambulance with them that they would poison him.As he stormed back into his studio room with his burnt shoes he fed off of the hate and anger in his ice cold heart that he felt for the Democrats around the world.If it was up to him the world would be filled with only Republicans.Who was he?He was Rush Limbugh.Republican of Republicans.Mr.Bush was the greatest president to him.He had a small shrine dedicated to the ex-president in his studio.The moment he got his headphone on and the microphone near his lips he screamed into the mic with siliva flying all over the microphone.He looked like a rabid manatee as he continued to cake the microphone with his siliva.During every break the studio manager would have his staff replace the microphones due to the malfunction of the others when they are overwhelmed with a sea of siliva.While on his break Rush ordered five greasey pizza's and ten meatball subs.He nearly bit off the hands of both delivery guys when they arrived at the front door of the radio station.When the teenage pizza guy tried to asked for a tip Rush bit off his ear.The teenager ran out of the building crying as he held several pieces of his ear in his hands.Nobody interupted Rush while he was eating.Nobody.Just last week he fought with an elderly man who tried to steal his chicken while he was at Mighty Burgers.The media people tried to make him look like the bad guy when all he was doing was defending his food from that crazy old man.So what if he was an eighty year old man with a cane?Those media news people were obviously Democrats.They all hated Rush and wanted to silence him.He did not care about what they thought.He was untouchable.Even his own party were afraid to go up against him.They all knew better.Nobody messes with him.Though they try.They tried to make him out to be seen as a drug addict and even a crack dealer several years ago but he threatened to sue the news networks and just like that the story disappeared.Rush strolled back towards his office and had to stop momentarily when he felt a wet one about to come out.Then he released a loud and resounding fart that echoed throughout the building.The secetary threw up on the ground after inhaling the methane smelling gas that came from Rush behind.To Rush his fart smelled like a field of red roses.Most of the staff in the area of the fart doubled over in sickness.I still got it.Rush thought with a smile as he wiped a hand across his grease covered mouth and through his gray thinning hair.He felt like a teenager all over again.The ladies always fall for the rich guys and he was number one uno.He slithered into his office with his greasey white shirt.Life is good.He thought as he got himself fired up and reached deep down inside for the hate to fuel his rage against all of the Democrats.
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