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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NUMBER NATURE - An Introduction to Rotagram Systems
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Greetings systemlovers!!!

July 13th 2006 was very special for me; a signpost of a day really, for it was the release day of my 237 page full-colour CD-ROM book, titled......


Author / Editor / Illustrator / Publisher: Shane Roberts

The years leading up to the formation and reformation of this work, have been long, but by no means laborious. Instead, the hours and days and weeks and months and years of calculating, drawing and perfecting the diagrams, has actually been an exciting adventure into the world of number, rather than a task.

For some time now, it has been my aim to present vector-perfect diagrams that clearly illustrate the natural and harmonious order, existing within number itself.

These systems are more of a discovery than a creation. The method of naming and generating them has developed from years of observation and testing.

These efforts have led to a uniform way of expressing the numerical signature of any integer (or whole number); within any positive or negative base number.

Although the patterns can be expressed in a variety of ways, I have only chosen illustrations, which I believe represent the fundamental facets of this unique order.

For the first time in recorded history, there is now a method in existence, which can express the complete pattern for all of the prime and composite numbers.

My wish for those who read this book is that you will benefit from these ideas, even if that benefit is a mere spark of interest in the subject of mathematics itself.

You can purchase your copy for Aud$33.00

(extra Aud$8.00 for international orders)

Call or sms my direct line today:

0407 849 679 (mobile charges apply - sms preferred)

Or write a cheque / money order made out to;

Shane Roberts

[Or send cash via registered post]

and send to; Shane Roberts 393 Albion Street Brunswick West Vic. 3055 Australia

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