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286397's blog: "Rob's Blog"

created on 10/04/2006  |  http://fubar.com/rob-s-blog/b10383
im live on webcam now go to the player in my profile and i'll chat soon xxx Rob
i have uploaded a few new pics in my defult and adult albums...... enjoy xxx

Hi ppl i have adult pics in my rofile only accesable if u r a friend tho so check me out and leave a message and we'll go from there.... lol

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Hi peeps just joined LostCherrys and i'm lovin it tons of new ppl to meet and hundreds of absolutely stunning women wat more could a man ask 4..lol I have uploaded about 30 pics 10 of them r shall we say more revealing lol anyway feel free to check them out and comment, And i look forward to meeting new ppl and the hot ladys 2 xxxxxx Rob

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Courtesy of MsTags.com
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