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Icarus's blog: "Somantics"

created on 05/23/2010  |  http://fubar.com/somantics/b332752  |  11 followers

I'll never forget the first time I set off a bomb in MGS4.
The way Snake just...
sailed into the air
and slid
It was worth setting my own claymores just to walk in front of em.

/falls limp

Never get tired of that.

I just drove in a random direction today.
Wound up... north of tecumseh
adjacent to some bumblefuck offshoot of the kansas river
and after about 30 minutes eventually made it back to highway 40.

That was some pretty country.

The bad news is I've got zero energy.
A mexican coke, a cup of coffee
two meals and I'm still flatlined. Been like this all month.

It'd probably help if I got up and out a bit.

I'll probably wind up flipping a coin to see if I'll play Demon's Souls or Fallout 3.
Leaning towards Fallout 3 since I want to get all the supermutants hunted, and all the Bobbleheads collected, and I can play that game offline, I've got a HUGE download of the MST3K collection going on.
I'm just... bleh.

Oh yeah... first coat of primer is down on about ... 1/3 of my kit.
That's about what it takes for one full bottle of paint on my AB, and the clips I have available to suspend parts.

... I would really like a bigger reservoir.
This 3/4 oz bottle is not cutting it, but I'm sure there's a reason >>
SOME reason that its that small.

All my jobs are bigger than this though.
Oh snap...
*thinks for a minute*
No I don't remember seeing the bottles where I shopped. But I know there are bigger ones. I has the google.

I'll take a $10 gamble and order what looks like a compatible 3 oz jar.

I just hate these fucking part odysseys... what in the fuck is the plural for odyssey?

Course if I had the balls and the parts, I'd just make my own :/
It's a glass jar, a top, a rubber ring, a nickle plated socket and a tube.

Not that hard people.

Hopefully this makes mixing more manageable and extends my painting time.
Or... I guess I could premix in a bigger container and just... refill several times.

Don't really wanna do that.

Plans... plans... plans for this one.
I have none.

And I've got at least 20 more parts to even start. I should PROBABLY pick up some gray and black matte.
Even if I'm just going to go Ramba Ral colors, I should consider it.

... course there's nothing really stopping me from attempting to mix colors and media right now and testing them.

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