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Crystals Baby's blog: "rfthhy"

created on 01/30/2009  |  http://fubar.com/rfthhy/b274746
Once again more bad shit is going on around me. We just found out tha other day someone close to us was locked up for molesting someone!!!!! A few years ago I had to go through this shit with my little nephew. Then a little over a year ago I went through this with with my daughter. And although this time it hasnt happend to me, my family or loved one I feel that I am involved in this in some way, shape, form, or fashion. But tha funny thing is, now that it is this certain individual who did it I am supposed to just sit back and not express my feelings and eat it up....Dont get me wrong, I dont want to make this harder for tha family who is involved because it is a very sad situation, but at tha same time I feel like tha person who done it is going to recieve "special treatment" by his family just because of who he is!!!! I dont care who you are, you do that shit to a kid you desereve every fucking thing you get!!!!! I meen damn, my feelings on people who do that are they should rot in fucking hell!!!!!!! I will prob lose what few friends I do have left in richmond over all this but I really dont care. This is some serious shit going on and I feel tha same way as when it happend to my daughter and my nephew!! I truly believe this person deserves everything that happens to him, but sadly tha state of Virginia doesnt seem to give away much time for child molestors. Im begining to think Va agrees with this kind of behavior. My daughters molestor recieved 2 years!!!! You fuckin believe that shit!!! Same with my nephew...2 years!!!!! And that guy was in tha Navy!!! Go Navy, huh?!!!! Im sorry but this person knows who he is and he deserves life!!!!!!!! What if he wasnt tha one who did it...what if it was someone else???? How would everyone feel then?
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12 years ago
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