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slave wynd's blog: "musings of a slave girl"

created on 05/10/2011  |  http://fubar.com/musings-of-a-slave-girl/b341022  |  1 followers

last night she sat and watched the sun falling into the sea...

a big firey orange ball sinking into nothingness....

the soft blue tones of sky slowly deeping into purples and midnight blues....

rising from the safe warm cacoon of her covers, she reached for her sarong and    slowly tied it around her vuluptuous curves.....

smiling happily as she opened her window and slipped through.....

the scrunch of damp dew kissed sand between her toes...such a welcoming sound against the roar and crash of the ocean.....

long ebony curls dancing down her back as she ran to the waters edge......

girl's careful eyes scanning the surroundings as delft fingers pluck at the knot above her breast....

softly shivering as her sarong slides down silken flesh to fall at her feet......

feeling the laughter well up inside of her....

as she runs into the crashing waves.......

sputtering as they knock her down and tumble her around,

then lift her up safely.....

It is strange how like life the ocean is.....

Big emerald eyes slowly closing, as girl lays back upon the water

floating in a sea of tranquility.....

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