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jeannie's blog: "Realness"

created on 03/25/2008  |
A friend of mine posted this: Im sure everyone been thru a breakup or know that LOVE that you try so HARD to holdon to thru thick and thin but,although you try to deny it in the back of your mind you know that it wont work.its like you put your all into it but the other person isnt doing or making an effort to do the same like you taking 3 steps Forward,.and there taking 2 steps Back. i know i feel your pain and im tired Games and Drama Where the Real gurls at? these days True love is Hard to find and they say Loves blind but give me a Sign and i Promise if your Worth my time ill show you Love at firstsight its NOT blind and i keep my word and Promises all you got to do is show me your Different im tired the Typical girl you can have Beauty but do you have Brains??you can have Money and Fame but do you have Happiness?tell me How many ppl can you TRUST with your Life in there hands?im Deep with the pen and thoughts so unique god bless<3 And this is what was my response: I read ur bulletin..u say where the real gurls at? where the real men at? But girls can be pretty, but that is all they got going on for them. I think looks are just a added bonus..Looks arent everything, one day as u get older the looks fade..I think thats the problem with guys or girls they look at people and b like damn she or he look good..but its more than that..A real girl? there are real chicks out there..If u can find a girl that is pretty and that has brains that goes along with it, then thats a package but honestly most girls today might have the looks but they got no brains or they are a complete bitch! ya feel me? Personally me, I dont judge someone on just looks, yea its nice if the person has good looks..but its more than that..I like someone for the person they are not what they have or what they do..and i dont look at looks..if i fall for someone its not cuz they look so damn good goes beyond that..find someone that wants to know ur mind, how u think , what u think, wants to know ur soul, whats in it ..wants to know ur heart ..Like me I want to know whats in someones mind,how they think, there soul, and whats in there heart, that is what i will fall in love with not there looks..looks are just a bonus..not too many girls nowadays u will find that wants a guy for all of that..if i fall in love withsomeone i want to know there heart mind and soul..i dont like them bcuz of there sexy voice, or they look good but becuz the person they are , who they become. That goes for guys too..Guys look at girls like damn she look good..So like I said where are the real men at? Where are the men that love u for u not cuz of how good u look to them,the ones that love u unconditionally no matter what, for who u r..the ones that want to know ur thoughts, ur mind and ur soul.. .too many fake people out there..and that is what makes me diff than all of the other girls.and im sure there are girls out there that are just like me)(..:)))) So sorry I wanted to make my point...:D
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