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nikki's blog: "real or not? "

created on 06/15/2012  |  http://fubar.com/real-or-not/b348660

Seems some I have considered friends..might not be friends like I thought they were.  I know Its fubar..all a game ..etc.

Someone who says they will always be my friend, but I do not hear shit from them though? Is that really a friend?

Is your idea of being a friend..coming to my page daily and rating,,and polishing my high dollar blings?

To me..I think its more like using me to get points.

Then moving me down in your numbers..on your friend list?

Seriously if anyone doesnt consider me a real friend..do not put me in your damn number system.

I would rather not be in it then to see myself lowered in your list of what you do consider a friend.

I know this is all a bunch of rambling..but Its cuz I am slightly ticked.

This is why I do not number my family.  All I have added to family I consider a good friend.  There might be

a handful I consider really really good friends..but still..I will not number any of them..becuz I like you all for you.

This is directed mainly towards one person. , but it will let ya all know how i feel.  Just pissed to think of someone who

I thought was a good friend doing this to me.  I have not heard nothing from them other then a sweet comment..and 

polishing my blings.  Yes..I am petty.  Its how I feel though..if you dont like it..delete me.

IF this is you who is doing this..please leave me a private msg..letting me know wtf the deal is.  If it pisses you off or

you feel attacked by this..delete me. It will prove to me that I really wasnt a friend anyways.

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