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created on 01/30/2008  |
Ok ...... IF you are a friend or fan, or want to be one, you need to know this. I am an aggressive, dark, demented, bent (not warped BENT) individual. I wish MOST of the world would go away. I am sickened by cute and fuzzy. I Love the out there stuff. I CAN use whips and chains. I CAN cause pain and death. I CAN also be tender and loving BUT I AM A WARRIOR. I'm as lible to say F U as Hi to most people. I WAS in the military and HAVE ended life, and NOT lost sleep. I DO ACTUALY BITE! There is nothing more sexy on a woman than my teeth marks. IF you want to know ASK and I'll tell you. Thank you. If you decide to not be my friend now that is fine .... have a nice day
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