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OK, I don't know where to begin, but I am just as guilty as anyone here, but I think we are losing the point of why CherryTap was created. We are all supposedly here to make new friends, get to know one another. But all that is getting lost in the whole, get the points, move up, ignore who we are talking to. I have been chewed out for sending someone kisses, because they are CT married to another, ignored by the people posting the blasts, even thought they say they will respond to everyone that rates, comments, or fans them. This is starting to become a points game, where everyone is just a pawn in the hands of the people that can afford to become a VIP or buy a blast. Now don't get me wrong, I have a lot of good friends that are VIP's and we chat alot, am talking about some of the others that hold it over our heads to get the points. Let take back control of the site, get to know our CT neighbors, interact with them, and find good friends. Going forward, I will take the time to look at each profile, and only rate the picture, blogs, or stashes that I like, and comment when I feel the urge. I will rate and greet with a comment those that look interesting to me. I hope the rest of my friends will do the same I have been repost the same bulletin for the last couple of days, stating that I am getting fed up with the way things are going here. Now I am annoucing that I am place a hierarchy on the people I add to my lists. anyone that requests an add, I will fan the people I talk to occasionally talk to, will be friends, and the ones I talk to alot will be family. I am doing this in an effort to manage my online time here more efficently. I am tired of wasting my time commenting people that never reply back. I expect to complete the cleaning out of my lists over the next few days. If you feel I have removed you incorrectly, I'm sorry, you can message me and state your case. Those of you that truly are my friends and family have nothing to worry about. Thank you
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