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There has been a post going around Facebook: “So, Obama says Social Security may not be paid after 8-2-11 if they don't reach an agreement. I have a better idea. Rather than not paying the people who need that small check every month, let's not pay any politician for the next year, see if that helps them to work a little harder for the US, the little people.. Re-post this if you agree. I DID!” I personally laugh at whoever wrote it and all those followers out there that re-post it. For me it means a lot of different things: People don't remember their history, and Americans are such sheep that they don't think before they post.


I remember September 11, 2001, well, people from a known terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, from the country of Afghanistan, took over the flight of four commercial airline planes, crashing one into each World Trade Center builds, one into the Pentagon, and had control over a fourth plane heading for the White House. Soon after President George W Bush order men into the country of Iraq. Making everyone question what was going on in the White House, and then they came out to tell us that there was a money trail between Iraq and Al-Qaeda.


Years later, still in Iraq with their leader dead the White House under their leader President George W Bush still had very little men in Afghanistan looking for the Al-Qaeda top man. Billions of dollars later fighting a war in a country that supposedly gave money to an Afghanistan terrorist group we still have no idea where the leader of said group is.


Flash forward to 2009 a free country, which is in the deepest of debt since the Great Depression, getting a new president and a new promises to bring our men and women fighting in Iraq home and to turn our economy around. This new president, President Barack Obama, has had men and women under him hunting down and killing the leader of Al-Qaeda, and bringing home the troops from Iraq.


Now we are at the point of a major dead line to get the government budget under control, and who will not help cut spending and help raise the tax on companies? Republic President George W Bush's friends in congress and the senate. If a smart person would just sit down and think about what will happen if you start putting a higher tax on companies then one will see it as a “win” for everyone. Companies will have to higher their prices on their goods, the middle class and the poor will have to pay more for the goods they need to get by.


Has everyone forgotten September 11, 2001? Has everyone forgotten who were flying those planes? Where the people were from, who were flying those planes? Have you forgotten there is a big country called Iran in between Afghanistan and Iraq? And has everyone flat out forgotten how much money it cost to be at war, not just with one, but with two countries?


I could tell you that war was not the answer, but I won't, I will just tell you that President George W Bush sent us to war with one country too many, and one of those countries, Iraq, was the wrong country. I will also tell you don't blame President Barack Obama for coming in and being handing a huge mess, between war and government over spending, but the government had to over spend because we were at war.


Don't ever forget the millions who died on September 11, 2001 for no reason at all, and lets thank the stars that President Obama has our troops being pulled out of a country that we had no right being in, and finally getting to a country who's people murdered millions of ours for no reason at all.


Let's now put all of our support behind President Obama, like you did President Bush, and help him fight a war on government over spending and the rich getting richer.

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