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LordTool's blog: "Death in a motel"

created on 01/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/death-in-a-motel/b45881
What does she want me to be? Does she expect a perfect world? What do you think I am? A Ken Doll? Realize this now. In no way will I ever be a Label Whore. I am not ashamed of who I am. I like my look and my pain is mine not yours. I thrive to be content with the reality of being alone in a world of Gods and semen. Piss ants for Democrats and Confused mothers dying of sorrow born from Marilyn Mansons hate. Face it, we are all born to die. Live to the next extreme. Mine is none of your business. So leave me be. I ask no one for advice on my aches. To understand me is a after thought on abortion. A Catholic priest would not even touch me. Though I have touched a few. I am not your victim and I am not a prey. I am the monkey on your back with the knife to endure the pain you leave behind. I make no sense and than it's perfect sense. So crawl away with pity and the filth you shove down Paris Hiltons mouth. Spit in the face of laughter and real world it to death with MTV. I want no part of your excuse. I can like whatever the fuck I want for my own reasons and for mine alone. I need no T.V. guide or Zine to influence my intrest. I am insecure with my security. I hate for the sake of God and I hate people for the sake of being a human in America's memory. Though don't get me wrong I love this place for reasons beyond the Congresses call. Jesus is a excuse to cause pain. He suffered for us so make them suffer for him right? Well I need no help from a man I never met. Spare me your thoughts on todays morals. When MTV is outlawed I will be President and Islam will be the Overall Religion in the world. Until than, thank you for shopping at Wal-mart, Please cum again.
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