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created on 09/22/2006  |  http://fubar.com/randoms/b5419


Holy shit...I havent been on in a lonngggg ass time... and i havent added any pics in a while... but! ill get on that soon... anywho thats about it


So..I didn't get the job I was going for...which got me pretty bummed but now im applying at starbucks...hopefully that works out better lol and my singing lessons are going great and my teacher says im really evolving in my singing style..so i think thats good =)and other then that...i guess thats all
I really need a webcam haha This little ol' digicam just isnt working out for me anymore its quite awkward to use..making it really hard to get a decent body pic if you've seen my most recent picture...you'll know haha anyways...this is more just a reminder to me to remember to buy one so you can basically ignore it TTYL, Sammie <3
K so...Hi everyone lol This would be my first blog on here... As of now im still kinda trying to figure out this whole site..and so far I have to admit, Im confused =S but there is alot of stuff to do here. If anyone wants to give me some site pointers haha that'd be great, Tell me some of your favorite features of the site too and i'll check em out... Im gunna try and post new pictures pretty often so, check it out =P Thats about it for now...I'll try to update things as much as possible too. TTYL, Sammie <3
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