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Diamond's blog: "Randomness..."

created on 07/13/2008  |  http://fubar.com/randomness/b231335
Humble Advice for The New Year Go through your cell phone, caller id, calendar, and email addresses and discard all the people and events that mean you no good or don't benefit your life! Stop making excuses about your life and make changes! Keep your opinion to yourself! We all know what others should do, but what about you? If you are involved w/ a person, job, or circumstance that is doing more harm than good, do yourself a favor - LET IT GO! Take care of your kids and devote a weekend or two when you spend "quality" time with them. Who cares if you miss out on a "mix"! You can party anytime! If you are not saved….get saved!!!!! Get your debt in order! Eventually you'll want a nice home and car in your name! Stop spreading senseless rumors and try to get your own life in order! Listen more! Talk Less! Give without worrying about it! Tell people you love them before your hear about some great tragedy in the world or lose a close friend! Speak clearly and not ignorantly! Anyone can be a fool. If you are married, stop cheating. If you're guilty of this, ask God to forgive you and don't do it again! Remember the Ten Commandments. If you are between the ages of 22-35 please start listening to more than Hip-Hop! SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!!! Stop waiting on Tax Season and Save Now! Eat what you need and not just because you can! See how long you can go without checking your cell phone when it's not ringing. Be more positive and stop being a grouch! STOP HATIN! If you don't like my style, DO YOU! Appreciate everyone. WHY do we put each other down for the most ridiculous things?!? Men and women! Cry more! It's therapeutic. Stop tripping about not being where you want to be! What have you been doing to get there?!? If you aren't in relationship, it's not the end of the world! Self love is waaaaay more valuable! If God delivers you from a messy relationship, friend or situation, why do you keep PULLING THEM BACK? Let it go! FORGIVE! FORGIVE! FORGIVE! All of us have been forgiven for some low life things! So open your heart! Men, stop trying to be so hard when it comes to relationships. Let that guard down before you lose the one that's meant for you! Speak up for yourself! Learn a new hobby! Broaden your mind. Stop forwarding all the text messages you receive; everyone doesn't have unlimited text messages!! Live today like it's your last day, love like God taught us, and laugh like you've never laughed before! "God determines who walks into your life....it's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go."
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