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DaYuM PhYnE ByTcH's blog: "Just Me"

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It seems there are people on here that just hate for no reason. When I scroll half the women don't go to my page they go to my favorite blinger's page. How insane fu is this petty are you not adults ? Even better when they jump in the sb of somebody that blings you and basically tells them how they should spend their money... As if you have a right to tell someone how to spend bling! I paid for my bling I do not get gifts or put on cam shows for my bling I have punched a time clock for every single bling I have given. Do I really care about bling to tell ya the truth its a picture gift. I would never want a fu pony given to me its a waste of money to me. If someone wanted to buy me something that special it should be real and come from their heart. And given to me face to face. I do not beg for bling I never ask for bling and will never ask for bling. When I get a bling I think I should automatically give it back I hate to owe anybody anything, that prideful lion in me. When I give a gift to someone its given from my heart who are you to say who that person is, thats why its not you. 

Oh yes the dayum phyne name is no reflection of my looks like people assume
oh She's  stuck on herself . The dayum phyne name started many many years ago in yahoo. People would ask me how I was and I would respond "dayum Fine" at the time my name was bytchie so it took a turn and it became Dayum phyne or dayum phrustrated or dayum broke always a dayum always ending with a bytch. I do not think Im sexy or irrestible im cute on my best day but Im always me . I don't try to pose for pics or put on something thats not me I am who I am. Full of Flaws and you do not need to point them all out to me I have them memorized. I have stretch marks and scars and Im REAL I do not try to hide it. I have no bootay at all people I work with say I have that disease NOASSATALL . I know every one of flaws character and looks there is no one harder on me then myself. Do I like who I am yes I do. No matter what no one can break me no matter how hard they try. I may lay in the dirt for a while but Im a fighter at heart. I am proud of who I am and I can be uncompromising at times but Im me and thats all I can be. So if you don't like it I really don't care. 



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