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created on 03/25/2009  |  http://fubar.com/ramblings/b287137

First off this doesn’t apply to everyone, all of my close family and friends please disregard because you ALL rock!!! I’m super open and honest and hold no punches, like it or not it’s me so deal with it or delete me, delete me and I wouldn’t want you as a friend anyway so GFY.. : ) So for a few months I’ve been bombing people like crazy and the same thoughts keep popping into my mind over and over. Why is it so hard for people to write an email that takes 10 seconds to say thank you? I never ask for ANYTHING from ANYBODY.. I was brought up in a VERY strict Italian family and taught a lot of respect, I do my best to say “thanks” to everyone but am sometimes overwhelmed with many, many pages of email and it takes me time to get through it all lol.. If I don’t say thanks personally I usually wind up bombing you lol… Bombs and auto’s aren’t cheap and a lot of the people (especially the beggars) don’t get this.. I do not HAVE TO bomb you, I like to help out, help people level and bomb many people that don’t have bombs or auto’s. You bomb me and I’ll bomb you but don’t expect it, sometimes I have to do bomb backs. If you think you think you’re going to come to my page ONLY when I’m bombing and rate 3 pics and fan me you’ll automatically get bombed THINK AGAIN.. Non-bombers, non-friends, non-family if you want bombed you BETTER be heavy raters! If not… GFY! : ) Also people I don’t know emailing me while I’m bombing begging me to bomb you or begging in a friend request..lol Not happening, again… GFY!


FOLDERS!!! PLEASE move your bomb folders up to the top!!! I don’t have time in between going through hundreds of friends to search for your folders!!! It’s simple, add one pic to the folder and it automatically moves to the top, it’s a big help, thanks!! Also if you don’t have big bomb folders, you’re NOT getting hit lol…. If I ever miss anybody, know I’ll get you next time around.. : )


To all the beggars, fakes, whiners and losers… GFY! You WILL be blocked in a heart beat, I’ve blocked tons and will continue to do so. Not looking to have thousands of friends I never hear from. You want bombed, blinged etc. work for it like the rest of us have!!! We didn’t get here for free, we either rated our asses off or PAID for our auto’s and bombs…do the same low life’s! I find it pathetic and weak to see status’ begging for bling, damn, get a life or EARN it!!! (see other blog!) As a matter of fact, on this subject, in the next few days I’m going to go through ALL my friends and if I never hear from you in anyway shape or form CLICK DELETE!


Anybody that really knows me, my very small, very close group of friends know I’ll hook up anyone I can as long as I know it’s appreciated… This leads to another subject lol… Blings!!! Please… I can’t say this enough, I appreciate all the bling VERY much, but I just see it as such a waste, only one can be a “fav” I have it and am not changing it, they disappear after a few hours and I don’t even get to enjoy seeing them…. That being said, PLEASE save your bling and money, a simple thank you email, a drink is plenty and I appreciate it and you guys very much. Ken gave me a ticker as a thank you for helping him level and not to put down bling or the thought behind them but to me this was just so cool at least it helps draw people to my page and help me level also…. You guys ALL rock and I’m super happy I’ve gotten to know the ones that have taken the time to really get to know the real me, I know who’s real and who’s fake, don’t ever think you can get over on me! LOL


Sorry so long but somebody need to speak up!

~Bastage out….

Well I know this is probably go to piss off a lot of people including friends and fans...but tough shit, delete me if you want, it's fine with me.. I read a status update this morning that said "Be true to yourself" and I am... This site is for fun and nothing more to me, a mindless time waster to get away from stress and everyday bullshit. Have I met some incredible people? Definitely and you know who you are! Anyway just some ramblings here since I see it constantly every single day and night and think it's 100% pathetic. Nothing wrong with asking for rates and bombs especially when you're close to leveling, I try to help out as many people as I can with my 11's, rates, bombs etc. But all these beggers looking for blings, gifts, etc. are just pathetic to me. You want something, buy it yourself, asking people for it is just so fucked up on so many levels. Do you do this in real like also? Ask people for food? Cars? A roof over your head etc.? Why would you ever "expect" these gigts from people on here? Why should we buy you this stuff? Have you done something exceptional to deserve it? And if you have, you'd receive these things from friends and family anyway. I'm far from cheap, spend a lot of my Fu bucks and blings on family and friends BUT never, EVER ask for anything! This is life, if you want something go get it! I see so many losers asking for thousands of rates but do NOTHING themselves to gain the points.. They don't buy 11's or bombs for themselves and if they can't afford it that's cool, then rate like everyone else! Don't always expect something for nothing, don't be so fucking lazy that people should rate and level you but you don't rate anyone else.. Damn people WTF?! SERIOUSLY! I don't expect anything but am VERY appreciative of the people that rate, fan, add, comment and bomb me and show it all the time. There are SO MANY fakes out there. Bomb them 3 or 4 times without even a simple considerate thank you... WTF?! You don't have to send gifts or anything else but I think it's just decent respect to send a quick email or shout saying thank you. Also stop promising in your status' that you'll "return the love" when it's total bullshit! Obviously applies to the ones who don't.. It's really simple and no different than real life. Treat people the way you want to be treated, treat people with respect, don't lie and don't be an outright asshole. I don't think that it is a difficult request at all. If you agree with my ramblings, fine, if not, oh well, get a life and stop being such a pathetic begger. Don't expect to get, get, get but never give back, it's really sad and you make yourselves look so very sad. Later.... ~B
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