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Day 28 of Stanza 365 is posted. 4 weeks, 1 broken computer and still going.


Two weeks of Stanza 365 down, just 50 more to go. Day 14 is now posted. Enjoy :D


Zombie Take-Out Episode 30: Xenu Made Me Do It is now online
 Battlefield Earth
Scotto and Uncle John discuss a cult movie of a different sort ... and one of the worst movies of all time. This week on Zombie Take-Out it's Battlefield Earth. Was Travolta's performance decent? Would Forest Whitaker's performace have been better of he was actually eating a sandwich? Was Ker a Mog? Mananimals?


Stanza 365 Week 1 of Stanza 365 is done and, all things considered, I think the results turned out pretty well. Now just 51 more to go. By the way, Stanza 365 is now available as a podcast. http://stanza365.wordpress.com/

Inspired by Project 356 and Jonathan Coulton's Thing a Week experiment, I've decided to start 5tanza 365. I'll be writing one poem a day over the next year. Of course, I had to start a blog for it. LOL


Enjoy :)

Attention musicians ... My new site, Open Lessons Forums, is now live. It's a forum for musicians to post tips, tricks & lessons, ask questions and just generally share what we know with each other. All instruments, skill levels and musical styles are welcome. Since it just launched, it's a little sparse right now so any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you. :D


It can now be revealed. The Zombie Take-Out holiday show, Episode 27: Septober, is now online

Santa Claus Conquers The Maartians Scotto and Uncle John discuss a Yuletide classic. A film that brings a sci-fi edge to Ol' Saint Nick and features the film debut of 80s icon Pia Zadora. This week on Zombie Take-Out it's 1964's Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Is it one of the worst movies of all time? Should Tim Burton direct a remake? Has Santa Claus always been that creepy?



I can't decide whether to keep my hair long or cut it short again. On one hand, I think that it probably would look better short given that it's leaving me (damn genes). On the other, I have been getting quite a few compliments on it long. To that end, I've decided to ask here. Should I cut it or not? If you have an opinion on the matter please post it in the comments and please be nice.

Ps. Yes, I know that I probably should have posted this as a mumm, but I really don't feel like being repeatedly insulted. lol

Dude, Where's My Car?Zombie Take-Out Episode 26: Something Very Canadian is now online.

Scott and Uncle John discuss a movie that, despite lackluster box office, has added to the cultural lexicon. An exercise in absurdity that features some of the best cameo appearances in film history. This week on Zombie Take-Out from 2000 it's Dude, Where's My Car?. Is it really just Tolkien with stoners. Was Sean William Scott pulling a Jim Carey? Shibby, Zoltan! And Then?


Zombie Take-Out Episode 23: This Space for Rent is now online.

Scotto and Uncle John discuss another b-movie classic. A movie that in many ways was far ahead of its time. A movie that has had a great influence on both the Zuckers and whoever the hell keeps making the ‘Genre Movie’ movies. This week on Zombie Take-Out it’s 1978’s Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. How did they manage to kill people after all? Why did the only name in the movie have such a small (and uncredited) part? Could somebody please pass the ketchup?



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