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You may have noticed that I haven't been around much lately. I'm taking an indefinite break from Fubar, you can find me on Facebook if you'd like. Here's the link


Stanza 365Week 15 of Stanza 365 has begun.

The first line of today's poem is a slight variation on the title of a song that I wrote some years ago.

Day 98

Too Easy
What seemed like a good idea at the time
is now another lesson learned.
I thought I had everything figured out,
but then the tables turned.
It all seemed a little too easy.
I should have known that something was wrong?
It was already too late when I noticed
what I should have seen all along.

And, as always, days 1 - 97 are available at http://stanza365.wordpress.com/

Stanza 365 Week 13 of Stanza 365 has started.
Today's poem was the result of a bad case of writer's block.

Day 85

Get Over Yourself
Stop letting your thoughts
get in the way,
fear and self-doubt
can only lead you astray.
Just trust in your instincts
and let yourself go.
You know what your doing
much better than you know.

As always, you can find days 1-84 at http://stanza365.wordpress.com/

 alt= Week 12 of Stanza 365 is underway. Today's poem was initially inspired by beginning of this week’s episode of Castle, which opened with a close-up shot of a gargoyle. Then, as usual, it took a turn.

The Rules
Don’t show any weakness,
Never swallow your pride.
No hint of emotion,
keep it all locked inside.
Try not to say much,
words can give you away.
Keep the world at arm’s length
and remember to stay
on your guard at all times.
Anything could be a threat
and above all else,
don’t you ever forget
that you can never back down,
there’s no room to be wrong.
Failure is not allowed.
You must always be strong.

You can find the previous day's poems (all 77 of them) at http//stanza365.wordpress.com/

Stanza 365

Week 11 of Stanza 365 is underway, only 41 left to go. lol Today I try to keep things upbeat.


Begin Again

Trying to see what could be,

not just what I've known before.

Trusting possibility

no restrictions anymore.

A daunting new perspective.

Hopefully it all works out.

I think it may be an improvement,

but I do still have some doubt.


You can find this one as well as days 1-69 at http://stanza365.wordpress.com/

Stanza 365 Week 10 of Stanza 365 has begun. Today's piece is all about temptation.

The harder I fight it
the more it persists.
I don't want to give in,
but I just can't resist.
I try to ignore it
hoping it goes away,
but it seems to get stronger
every day.

I don't know how much longer
I can endure.
Every second without
just makes me want it more.
It would be such a shame
to let it all go to waste.
Perhaps one last time ...
I'll just take a taste.

You can find this one, as well as days 1-62 at http://stanza365.wordpress.com/

Week 8 of Stanza 365 is underway. Today's poem is another one inspired by the big nor'easter that hit here this past weekend.

Cabin Fever
Climbing the walls as they’re closing in,
the last of my patience wearing thin.
Plotting and pacing and wasting away.
My sanity slipping with each passing day.
Waiting in vain for a chance to break free
and wondering what will become of me.
How much longer will I have to stay in this place
alone with these scars that time cannot erase?

You can find the rest at http://stanza365.wordpress.com/

I've made it to week 7 of Stanza 365, only 45 more to go. lol Today's poem is about my own tendency to be a little OCD sometimes.

What will I do?
Regretting possible mistakes,
retracing steps I've yet to take,
overestimating what's at stake,
and convicting myself in advance.
Fighting to stay within the lines,
imagining the warning signs.
Safe in my self-imposed confines.
Did I ever have a chance?

Of course, you can find this one, as well as days 1-48 and the rest at http://stanza365.wordpress.com/.

A couple of days into week 6 of Stanza 365 and still going (insert Energizer bunny joke here lol). Today's installment includes a slight verbal typo in the podcast. I guess I should wait til I'm completely awake before reading it. :P Find it and all the previous installments at ...


Midway through week 5 of Stanza 365 and still going strong. Today I whine about having to write on my birthday ... trust me, it's much better than it sounds. lol You can find it, as well as all 37 previous days at ...


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