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36 Year Old · Male · From San Angelo, TX · Joined on September 19, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 22nd · 12 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
36 Year Old · Male · From San Angelo, TX · Joined on September 19, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 22nd · 12 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!


36 Year Old · Male · From San Angelo, TX · Joined on September 19, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 22nd · 12 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
EverQuest/Sims/RE/GTA series and Hardcore Rap/EDM music etc.
System of a Down/Creed/Godsmack/Korn/ Shinedown/Metallica/Rich Mullins/Dimmu Borgir/ Marilyn/ Mansion/Human Clay/Cradle of Filth /Green Day/Rammstein/Disturbed/,Linkin Park/ Trapt/Damageplan/Jacknife/Smashing Pumpkins /Staind/Iron Maiden/Children of Bodom /Coldplay/Bone Thugs N Harmony/ Fountains of Wayne/My Chemical Romance /Simple Plan/Good Charlotte/Wheezer /Slipknot/Motley Crue/Seether/ Mudvayne/The Killers/Audioslave/ Lacuna Coil/Sublime /The Dave Matthews Band/Steven Curtis Chapman/Ozzy Osbourne/Alice In Chains,Guns N'Roses/Van Halen/D.H..T / ][=][ ][ ][Y][ /Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Selena/Hoobastank/Roadrunner/The Darkness/Theory of a Deadman/Nightwish/Six Feet Under/ Alanis Morissette/Alice Deejay/Dirty Vegas/Avenged Sevenfold/Killswitch Engage/Otep/All That Remains/
Demons & Wizards/ Death Angel,/Judas Priest/White Zombie/Daysend/Sevendust/Thousand Foot Krutch/Nine Inch Nails/Pearl Jam/Five Speed/Breaking Benjamin/Nonpoint/Breaking Point/Jet/Kid Rock/Submersed/Egypt Central/Foo Fighters/Dropping Daylight/The Offspring/Chevelle/ The Exies/Candlebox/Muse/Lost prophets/Incubus/Rob Zombie/Institute/Scorpions/Rage Against Machine/Fort Minor/Crossfade/Led Zeppelin/Forty Deuce/Nirvana/Static-X/Deftones/Soundgarden/Stone Temple Pilots/Porcupine Tree/Silvertide/Five Bolt Main/The Exit/Soil/American Head Charge/Disciple/Collective Soul/American Minor/Jag Panzer/Life Of Agony/Jimmy Eat World/Intangible/Soft Cell/Black Label Society/Future Leaders Of The World/Yellowcard/Stabbing Westward/Bloodsimple/Seven Mary three/Earshot/Presence/Queens Of The Stone Age/12 Stones/Buckcherry/The Casanovas/Candlebox/Silverchair/Black Sabbath/Taproot/Quad City DJ/All-4-one/Cold/Aerosmith/ Dark New Day/ Midnight_Syndicate/Velvet Revolver/ Alter Bridge/ Scott Snap/ Red hot Chili Peppers/Fall Out Boy/10_Years/Living Things/Bomb Child/Nightwish/Abominant/Absolute Zero/Acerbus/Acheron/Acrimony/Agent Steel/Amon Amarth/Amorphis/Anal Blast/Ancient/AncientCeremony/Angel Corpse/Avulsed/Bal-Sagoth/Bane/Bastardsword/Beheaded/Benevolence/Bleeding Display/Blood Coven/Bloodgasm/Borknagar/Brodequin/Butchery/Cadaverous/Cannibal Corpse/Carnal Grief/Castrum/Catastrophic/Ciborium/Cinerary/Ciribus/Coffin Text/Coprofago/Corpsevomit/Crest ofDarkness/Daimen thorne/Dark Disciple/Dead Jesus/Decay Of Salavation/Defleshed/Demion/Dismembered Fetus/Disgorge/Divine Empire/Divine Rapture/Dying Fetus/Dwelling Madness/E.C.T/Enforsaken/Engrave/Epicedium/Eternal Tears of Sorrows/Eulogy/Evil Incarnate/Fleshgrind/Gates of Ishtar/God Dethroned/Gorgasm/Gorlock/Hate/Hate Eternal/Hatescar/Hellwitch/Immortal Dominion/Incatation/Infamy/Infesty and Corrupt/Infestum/Inflams/Infusion/Ingurgitating Oblivion/Inhuman Hatred/Insanity/Internal Bleeding/Kabak/Langsuir/Leukorrhea/Maladiction/Malamor/Maleficent/Malevolent Creation/Malmamor/Malignancy/Meltdown/Morbid Angel/Monstrosity/Mortician/Necrophagia/Neurosis/Nun Slaughter/Obituary/Obscurity/Orphanage/Pains Invention/Pessimist/Philosopher//Prophecy/Purgatoria/Purge Cannister/Rancor/Regurgiation/Requiem/Sadistic Intent/Sepsism/Setherial/Sickness/Sinster/Skinless/SlaughterOf Souls/Solstice of Suffering/Stratovarius/Suffocation/Tchildres/Thanatos/The Insomnia/Therion/Thy Serpent/Tiburon/Trokar/Unsanctified/Victims of Internal Decay/Villanthropy/Vociferation Ethernity/Vulpecula/Wormed/Vader/Viiarcano/Viral Lord/Visceral bleeding/Visisect/Vomit Remnants/Clair De Lune Morte/Will Smith/Baha Men/Usher/R Kelly/Brian McKnight /Lil Flip/The Beach Boys alot more.
Harry Potter,The Hangman's Curse,Some Kind of Monster and alot more.
DX,Rich Mullins,Steven Curtis Chapman,Dog The Bounty Hunter and alot more.
Video Games
(GTA V) which is Grand Theft Auto Five and (EQ2) which is EverQuest 2...in the EQ2...my main is a 100 Arasai Necromancer on Permafrost server under the name Evilnok. But I also play (TSTO) which is The Simpsons Tapped Out for android or tablet as I call it lol which my GT for that name is e360vert for Origin

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