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Chipper's blog: "GiveAways"

created on 03/30/2009  |  http://fubar.com/giveaways/b287998


100k Fubux GiveAway
1st=100k, 2nd=50k, 3rd=25k
Every New Rate/Fan/Add with a Sucker Gift Sent to
Carefully Corrupt

(plus, We'll return the Rate & Fan Luvins, of course)
(Yes, I will check their pages, & make sure you sent them their suckers too. Don't have 62 fubucks? Rate a couple of my pics... You'll raise the cash in no time... LOL)

Every 50th Entry
to R/F/A
Adds Another Consolation Prize

Ends at Close of Autos Sun/Monday

Do NOT Message me Repeatedly for the Same Payout!
I have a Job as well as a Fu life.
If you cannot be patient with payment, then
I run a very fair & well planned out Giveaway.
These things take time.
I make payments periodically, but most payments are made when HHs are over,
so I may Point Whore just like everyone else.
I do make the occasional mistake,
for no one is perfect,
but be patient before questioning me.
Thank you so much for your time and dedication.

Good Luck! & Have Fun!

Bully brought to you by:


*no no licks*

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