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stacy's blog: "Quotes"

created on 10/11/2006  |  http://fubar.com/quotes/b12675
QUOTES Meet me at our old spot. I know it's been awhile, but I think we need to talk I'm falling again. So let's drink to the truth. Let's speak through drunken minds & say how much we truly love each other & tomorrow, we can go back to pretending that we hate each other. You had me from the day you smiled. He leaned over & kissed me. I kissed him back & then, our eyes met & it was like we both knew So we smiled & kissed again. It was so perfect. && I don't understand by the way you look at me why we can't be together. The boy is gorgeous. I just want a different ending to our same old story. Let's try & make it last this time & prove them all wrong. No matter how many times he hurts me, I will always forgive him. Some may call it stupid. I call it love. I don't like missing you. But I love having you to miss. I think I found my new addiction tonight. She may be confused about a lot of things, but she knows the only time she's truely happy is when she's with him. & I think that I'm impressed with you one night stands & your contagious kiss. I'm trying to get this right. Yeah. 'Cause I'm rediculous like that. Let's kiss in the rain Where the rain is so hard that the only thing we can see is each other. I faintly remember breathing on your bedroom floor where I layed & told you, but you swore you loved me more. Don't make her wait for you, just because you know she will. She closes her eyes, as make-up runs He got the best of her. You're only young once, so be bad, break the rules, get caught & make it count. So what if I think too much or if I over analyze things. So what if I can't eat or sleep At least you'll know why. You're always on my mind. So just kiss me and let my hair messy itself in your fingers. Let me steady myself in the arms of a boy who won't ask me to be what he needs, but let's me exist as I am. & Lately, she'd say anything to make him turn his head anything just to make him laugh & just stare at her. I'll be your cheap novelty. I regret every word I said to make him feel special. Go ahead. Kiss her. I hope she bites your lip And you choke on the blood. let's just drink to get drunk, and tell each other everything. for a drunkin mind ; speaks a sober heart. he means the world to her && doesn't even know it. && everytime i try to give up hope whispers "ONE MORE TRY" let's run away ; we'll never look back. the best kind of kiss is the un-expected ; unplanned ones that come naturally. like, in the middle of a sentence stand up for what you believe in - even if your standing alone.<3 i wanna kill you . . . but i`d kill for you all the time<3 sometimes one smile means more then a dozen roses. t o o h a r d t o f a k e i t nothing can replace it drama lies tears ..teenage years. SHE D0ES, SHE DiD && SHE'LL D0 iT AGAiN. neveroverlookwhatsrightinfrontofyoureyes. & keep your head up kid because there are people killing to see you fall-* eVeRy TiMe We KiSS .. i SWeAR i CAN FLY after a while;; you'd think we'd eventually learn. note to self - first to last. and so i'll sleep this life away, because my dreams are so sweet; now that your in them. i don't want to leave this place without you she wipes off the black rivers running down her un-made cheeks. she takes a deep breath in and steadies herself. she can do this, keep going, pull through;; t h e-s h o w-m u s t-g o-o n Take your damn fairy tale endings and your hopes, dreams, & wishes and shove them up your ass. This is the real world, && that shit just doesn't cut it anymore i have more feelings for you, than any other girl ever will. sleep is overrated we stay awake and cry if this is love, than kill me now and save me from my life he looked at me & said, "do you ever feel like you're working for something you're never going to get? you shoot-&-miss kind of deal. like, no matter what, you can't have it, but that makes you fight for it just a little bit more?" i looked at him, stared at him for a second, & replied, "everyday" even if you & her are together, I guess that won't change us right? We'll still be friends, We'll still laugh together.. We'll still smile at each other are friendship will still be there, & we'll be ok..wont we? Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart. It's all just magic when I think about you. & when I'm not with you, I go crazy. True faith is to have confidence in who God is she's an artist a painter actually; see that 'smile' on her face? well it's her most famous piece love is about being cute and stupid together not being in bed together. You can't tell your heart what to do it does it all on it's own LOVE. MY DRUG HiS SOUR LiPS THE POiSON. && HiS HEART MY ADDiCTiON Isn`t if funny how day-by-day nothing changes, but then when you look back, everything is different comment if ya like em~!
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