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Some say that the best thing to do in life is to keep walking forward keep pushing threw. When you find a wall break it down with a sledge and keep on moving.eventually the walls will keep getting smaller and smaller till there no longer there. Well unfortunatly for me my wall keep getting bigger and bigger and i cant seem to break them. I have been finding myself wondering is there any mark i could leave on this earth for the betterment of those i love and trust. I fear the answer is no. to those who know me I'm a Hero to those who Love me I'm a brother Son Nephew Father And Lover. But what will my mark be on this earth. I have held the hearts of others only to lose them in the chaos that my life is leading me threw. I've held the lives of others in my hands only to fail at saving them. I've hurt those who seem to be unhurtable by actions i have done. So again I ask What mark will i leave. One of Love, One of Trust, One of a Hero, Or that of Someone who has done no everlasting greater good. Do i make those around me better or worse for who i am. The End is never Clear But for Now I think we all need to find our own Voices to Figure out what we mean to this world and what it means to us.
People see me and think there goes a great man. A hero.they see me running into burning Buildings when they and everyone else are running out.They see me jump in front of bullets for a loved one to save there lives. They see a hero. What i see is different Im no HERO There are to many things i could be doing to help this world and make it better but im not. Why is it that when im walking down the street and i see a begger asking for food or money to survive I dont offer help. I mean isnt it the nature of a hero to help every one in need of it. not just those whos houses are burning or those about to be shot? Like i said Im no hero nor do i feel like one for saving the life of my neice. I did what i hd to do to ensure her safety that is all. Do i deserve the Medal of Bravery for puting my life on the line NO I Don't. But these are the things I am Givin anyway. The true Heros are the ones helping everyone they see not just he ones they love and the ones the job tells them to save.
Why is it I'm not crazy when i run into a burning building. But If I use my hands to lift a burning beam to save a mans life and get hurt in the process I'm crazy. Or if i cover a vic from falling objects and get knocked out i was being stupid. does this make any sense at all??
There was a dream of Rome.I can only whisper of it now.Anything more than a whisper and the dream vanishes. It's so.... Fragile.The true glory of Rome is in a very fragile idea. Imagine a place devoted to the rights of the citizen. Where every free man has a voice. That was the dream... And i fear it will not survive the winter...Let's just whisper here, you and I. It makes you wonder doesn't it. If Rome was but a whisper what is the U.S. Has the rights of the people been moved to the back ground for the money hungry Deplomats and Senators. Has out freedom been revocked and the People not see it. It's a fact that in Maine recently they passed a no smoking in your car law if a minor(18 years) is present. What is that shit???? whats next are the gonna pass the same law for Houses too. It strikes me as odd that if Rome was but a whisper what is Mr.Bush doing for us. Nothing but a lot of screaming. What pisses me off is that the current trend of Samolians entering this country get alot of shit for free. I see alot of them riding in new cars but have only had there licsences for three damn days and been in out country only 1-3 months. Don't get me wrong there not a bad people. but why is it someone like my mother or sister can't get help to get new cars and they work like every other damn american and they work there asses of but never seem to get ahead. But the Somalian working at 7-11 for 7.50 an hour can afford a Mustang Convertable?????????????? I honestly believe that America needs to start turn back a lot more people and start rejecting green cards to anyone who wants in. There is one thing I have been thinking about alot but first you need to read this statement bellow. But when a long train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing inviarably the same Object evinces a design to Reduce them under absolute Despatism, It is there Right, It is there Duty to throw off such Goverment, And to provide new Gaurds for there Security..... It says it right in the Declaration of Independence. Is it the time to do this. Has the American Will and free Spirit been dampered with to much. Is it time to rethink our countries values to us as Americans.
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