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Captain Cooter's blog: "Questions"

created on 01/19/2009  |  http://fubar.com/questions/b272664

I stole this from my Wifey, aka Per, aka the most wonderful woman in the world:


Write me a private message to my inbox, with a number as the subject line.


I will answer your question truthfully in my status.


It's fun: people try to figure out what the question is and who asked it. Plus...it makes for interesting statuses.


Ok, now....GO!!

Thank Witchie for reminding me of how much I love this shit.


Ask me ANYTHING!!! Any question: no matter how personal, thought-provoking, or ludicrous it may be. I promise to give the truth, no matter how embarassing or humiliating it may be...or if I don't know the truth I'll make it up and give a bullshit answer so believable you won't know the difference. 


Do this, and then go make your own

Ask me anything. Go ahead, I'm bored.

I'm bored..so ask me anything. No matter how innane, embarrasing, thought-provoking, or personal it may be...I promise to answer truthfully or bullshit so completely that you would never know I was blowing smoke up your ass.

In return I will ask you a question...it will be fun. Let us entertain each other

I know that someone has to be curious. Or bored. I know I'm bored. So let's entertain eachother.


Any question, from the silly to the embarrassing, from the stupid to the profoundly intelligent. Ask a question and I'll give you an honest and factual answer...or bullshit it so well you'll never know the difference. Go ahead

Ask me ANYTHING!!!


Seriously...you should know the drill by now

It's been a while, and I've been kinda gone. So, since I'm bored and the mumms are stalled and boring I'll do this again.



Any question will be answered truthfully..from the embarrassing to the thought-provoking, the inane to the questions of life's mysteries. Go ahead, don't hold back...ask me whatever you wish.




And again, no smartasses. Just ask me a question and I'll give you an answer. I'll even ask you a question in return. Ever pondered the meaning of life? I know it. Wanna know why the sky is blue? I'll tell you. Want to know why your left boob is bigger than your right? I know that too. Just ask, and I shall tell you. To begin, I'll ask a question.

Why do directors have to fuck up a good movie with a shitty ending? Like, for instance, "Push"...great movie, but that last scene on the plane was just stupid.




And for the smartasses out there, this doesn't mean type in Anything? and laugh...it means ask me some friggen questions. Curious about me? Ask. Curious about the workings of nature? Ask. Curious about why you fail? Ask. Relationship advice? Ask. Just...ask something, I'm bored.

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