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Well, it's been forever since I've taken the time to update Rall of you on how things are going. The girls are doing fine. I've been keeping them busy. Tash just finished up fall t-ball and her team lost 2 out of 9 games. She is doing excellent in school, outside of talking a bit much. Lexi is doing good as well. They are both making friends at school and day care. A ton has gone on since I last updated I can't remember it all. I'll do my best to do more blogs for those who care.
Well, it's a day late, but it's here, Lexi had her 3rd b-day party last night. It was nothing spectacular, just a cake here at the house with family, but it was nice. She picked out her own Ariel cake. Sissy got her a Hannah Montana mic and I got her a Hannah Montana guitar with a built in mic too. She loved them of course and I wish the batteries would run out already, but it's cute watching her and sissy play and sing with them. Going to see Grandpa Wendell on Saturday and Grammy Lynda on Sunday. Then Monday Tash is starting t-ball again. Anyway, that's what's been going on recently
Well, Tash started Kindergarten Wednesday. She woke up and didn't even argue about getting ready. I guess I should have been telling her she was going to school instead of daycare all these yrs. LOL! She was excited and when we got there and got her to class she hung her backpack up and went and set down on the carpet like her teacher said to and didn't even cry or say I love you when I left. Lexi cried though, she wanted to stay with sissy or sissy to stay with her. I would have blogged earlier but I forgot the camera at work and was going to just do both at the same time. Anyway, I was sad when she didn't say I love you back or cry a lil, but happy that she didn't mind going.
Tash went to meet her teacher today. She starts school on Wednesday. She's very excited. She's growing up so fast. There are some new pics up, not many, will be taking more on Wednesday too.
The girls had a busy weekend. Friday evening they went over to Tash's t-ball coaches house and went swimming, watched movies and had a sleep over. They had a blast. Tash overcame her fear of going down the slide and then wouldn't stop. Then she decided to start diving from the side of the pool into a floaty. Lexi had a blast as well. She started getting more comfortable and walked around the edge of the pool and played under the waterfall. Then today the girls went over to Adam and Aunt Alisha's house for a cook out. They swam, played with the baby, watched Bondoc throw Daddy into the pool, and Adam set firecrackers off. Needless to say they stayed busy and had a fun weekend.
The girls went with their Grammy Lynda and Auntie Sarah last night to Chuck-E-Cheeses. They had a blast and then went over to Target and got a V-Tech educational game system. Grammy Lynda said they had a blast and behaved very well.
Yesterday was Robin's funeral service. It was very good. Several friends and family members were able to make it in from all over. After the services we all took the girls to the Incredible Pizza Place(kind of like Chuck-E-Cheeses) and spent almost five hours playing video games. I have never seen so many adults having so much fun watching two kids play ski ball and countless other games as I did. It really helped them out a lot. They are taking it all fairly well, and I'm grateful for the support system they have around them. I know our babies are going to have plenty of people to help keep their mothers spirit alive.
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