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Dirty Thoughts Woke up with a need to Think All about the wicked things I Can do or place Upon your fine body of Sin. Thoughts are flowing like the wind upon life, Yet The one thing I have within my reach Is just my mind and wickedness Cause Today you are so far away from me. So here I am Upon A king size bed all alone Wishing You Was here to make these thoughts More Than just thoughts rolling about my mind today. Remembering how you made Live My deepest and darkest Fantasies out with you. Feelings and emotion That Came tumbling out over us As We did things that no one would Ever Dream or dare doing to with each other. Making love in the rain Or Sleet and snow. Playing a unique characters To Make our juices flow hotter. Kisses that were created to Stir The fire raging within our Hearts And Souls like no other person could do for us. Talking dirty. Biting and scratch Like Wild animals mating in the wild. Damn I having dirty thoughts of you So Baby where are you? Cause I need you here laying beside me. *Winks* Shall we just play we are just laying Upon my king Size Or Just get down and right out Nasty All over the entire house? Baby, Are you having the same dirty thoughts? As I am, If so…. Come on over baby, I Will be waiting up the bed of splendor For You. ©2007 Firestar


Art Marks upon a blank canvas That Tells a nonending Story. A rare masterpiece In The making to woo your Heart And Soul into abyss of splendor. Artistic way of outlining your Hidden passion. A woven need of placing The hidden Picture into colors. Displaying your Hidden Desire and needs, But With colors that reflect The colors Within your heart to beauty. Art, The hand and brushing strokes of Perfection Upon an canvas For all to See That will become a Lifetime memory. Art…. Words that don’t need to be spoken. Art….. A love that as endless as time That Will never fade away. ©2007 Firestar


Anger Begrumpling over nothing Is the heart And Soul. Burning with a hidden Cantankerous need To rage out upon Someone. Fiery within the beast. Furious soul that lives for its Anger. Glowering, wild And Worked up for the ‘wrath’ To Consume you. Anger the evil of what creates Nothing. ©2007 Firestar
Illusion Reality fades In my Mind today? Or is It just a false Illusion upon my eyes? Is that Smoke around me Or Is it just The wind blowing About my Wishing illusion Of Love Being with my Reach? Sweet illusion Of False dream, Do tell me Today Of Where love can Be? Illusion dance With My unstable heart, As my Wicked Soul begins to laugh At Me? Dam this damn Illusion Of mine…. ©2007 Firestar
Hating Life Why should I Care today, When it all remains The Same as yesterday. Oh heck I just realize…. Could it Be Life hating Life? Or Just hating Me today? ©2007 Firestar
Life Today Lost crazy Or Crazy lost me. Crazy insane Or Have I fell into Insanity crazy Over nothing. What the fuck Life today Is Hell So can I just freaking Remain lost Till Life is lost complete. ©2007 Firestar


David His flamboyant ways that echo of something more Than Just love waiting for you. His fire blazing ways that make you melt like ice with just one single glance from him. Dashing eyes that welcome home each time your look Into His sea grass eyes that Stirs A raging fire within your heart and soul Like No other can. A name of which was bless upon him Is sweeter Than Wine Where our lips of desire Have long thirst for. David…. A name echoes like angels calling out to you too come into his arms of Forever Love. His aroma is one that you will never forget. Like a champion, He comes dashing into you life, But Forever staying as long as you need him near you. David, Oh how sweet thy name is to say upon my lips. David… How can someone ever not falling in love with you. With eyes that see forever. A heart that is deep and true. His soul Only holds honor and truth For all those he embraces with his heart and soul. David… You are the dark angel of life that Is An angel, only god could have created for one sole purpose…. To bless each of us with a little bit of sweet heaven To Dare us to come back home, So We may all be with you forever. ©2007 Firestar
Black Hearted Angel Her eyes are a haunting blue, Yet Her heart is black as death. Her soul cares not of life Or Love. Her blacken heart has no remorse of what She says or does Upon your life or any other life she comes upon. Long flowing hair blacken as wings of death. Her body is sinful, but deadly than a cobra bite. Her black heart ways Makes Her no angel of mercy, But An angel of death that has come to claim your essence away From life and reality. © 2007 Firestar
Twisted His winding words of ill love Has Become the endless echoes within Your Mind 2 stir your desire of sin within his cruel arms of screwed up Emotions that will never belong to you. His sinful ways of bewitching you to where you Must Dare to belong to him leave your heart And Soul twisted within a false realm of belief, You Have finally found true love. Warped is his love that is twisted Upon your life like Tangle webs for false illusion. Twisted is his Love That can never truly be love forever more. ©2007 Firestar
Shadows of Nothing I turned there was nothing? Yet I felt something upon me or around me I was lost to what it could be Today A shadow of nothing brush pass me. It brief encounter was looking for me But I must be too lost for it to find me For It went away to claim another today within its darkness. I carried on with whatever I had to do But I felt the need to seek out the shadow As I walked around I Realize it was running from me. I sit to ponder The wind howl about me with message: However, I was too lost within myself to listen. I rose to go home Yet I felt the looming desire to seek out the shadow of nothing Why? Can I not be happy within my miserable life? Why must dance with the shadow of nothing? Does it embrace me more than I can see? The shadow of nothing is looming about my house I enter with no fear. I go on with nightly routine. I sit upon my bed, Tears begin to fall I watch the flickering of light about my room. I listen. I wait. I wonder why I am refusing to see….. See that shadow of nothing is my reflection in the mirror; I stare within it as I wait for death. ©2007 Firestar
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