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So because of various things in life...I never got things together quite the way I wanted..SO...the end date will be 2-28-09.
This is a great charity and many of you would love to support the cause but just can't afford it. I've given the option for people interested in participating in this raffle to "work" for a tag. I will purchase a Purple Dog Tag for you and have it shipped directly to you in exchange for rating my entire profile. Stash. Pics. Blogs. The Works. This option is available to the first 20 people to let me know they are doing this and then notifying me in PM that the are done. And by the way..I am cynical..I am gonna check. This is for Charity..no scammers. PM me first so I know to watch for your rates. It is possible that some of you may shoot for this..and miss..I am running auto 11s all the time so...ya got a lot of points..deal with it.. Cheaters will be disqualified. If you can afford the tag remotely...PLEASE buy your own. This is for those that REALLY need the help. There are currently 13 slots left for Tags Paid for by me. People who earned tags: Kid Syn Dawn DarkLady ElleWarrior CantSleepClownsMightEatMe terbear254***O

This is my first post..its gonna be a shade random. I came across the Purple Dog Tag on a friends page. Its for a charity that donates to wounded soldiers coming home from combat in the middle east. I clicked it and thought..THAT's Cool. I ordered a bunch and intend to give them out for christmas presents. They give 90% to the charity which is an organization that is running pretty close to STRICTLY bare bones costs and donating the rest to the charity. This is one of my greatest concerns...they are doing a good job..soo....they have my support. http://www.purpledogtag.com/ I will Put this in more posts later better fleshed out..this is to catch up with the blast I posted. An Idea occurred to me and I decided to run a contest. I will create a file for Purple Dog Tag Salutes. Exact details will be in a later post..but will require a purple dog tag displayed prominently worn around your neck and a special salute(details forthcoming). Not everybody has even the 10 bucks required to be in the contest(they have cheaper ones..but I am doing the Double TAG only for eligibility.) For the Folks that can't afford them. The First 20 people that rate ALL of my pics..stash..everything.. I will buy them a dog tag. THIS IS FOR THE TAG ONLY. It will also require you to provide me with shipping information for your Tag so keep that in mind. Also.. PLEASE don't request this if you can afford the 10 bucks + shipping yourself. *15 RATE slots left* I will give away 3 prizes in a raffle... First Prize: A Month Vip, A Happy Hour, An Auto 11 and 20 Million Fubucks Second Prize: 10 Million Fubucks. Third Prize: 5 Million Fubucks. The raffle drawing will be filmed and put on youtube and I will stash it here link it..etc. PHOTO Shopping will be disqualified. If I think something is fishy..I will require video or a cam. This is about charity..scammers not allowed. Closing Date for submitted salutes is Midnight (PST), January 31st, 2009. NO exceptions. If your late you get rewarded with having helped wounded American servicemen. More Details COMING! > ~PurpleDogTag.com~

I have decided that the raffle will end on January 31st at Midnight, 12 PM PST(FuTime) , the last day of January. This will be a strict dealine and no entries will be accepted after this. If you get your Salute ready after that..you get rewarded with the warm fuzzy feeling that you helped our wounded boys out. Now.. It's kind of a ways out there but people need time to get their tags. I got mine by regular mail pretty quickly(maybe 4 or 5 days after ordering and that was during Christmas season.)
I am going to do a raffle to pick the winner of my Purple Dog Tag Salute Project. Hopefully it turns into a NIGHTMARE(that means soo many people bought tags and made salutes it nearly kills me.)...and I spend days putting all the entries into the bin. I will probably print out all the names of Saluters and then draw them. First drawn will be First Place. Second drawn will be Second Place. Third drawn will be Third Place. I am going to try and find a way to stream it that doesnt crash and doesnt require me to approve everyone viewing.. I also would like to get one of those little raffle tumblers made out of wire mesh and use that..but..barring that..a big bucket will work..haha. SO to all the MEN out there..you have just as good a chance of winning as the ultra hot chick. SO GET YER TAG!
Ok guys.. Here is what your Salute picture should include YOU wearing a DOUBLE purple dog tag(you gotta order one) so we can see it..and a sign(body salutes ok). Pics can be sexy but keep em SFW. .. It should be hand written and say the Following. "your screen name" "Your Fubar ID #" of Fubar.Com Salutes and supports our wounded veterans and PurpleDogTag.com You can add personal touches as long as the CORE salute is there..mention friends or relatives..but absolutely NO POLITICAL statements. Our boys are injured. This is about caring for them. PERIOD. This is a POSITIVE thing..and it will be kept that way. Upload your Salute and let me know when its there..

One of the requirements to get into my raffle is to have your own $10 DOUBLE dog tag from PurpleDogTag.com to make a special Salute .(as per my instructions which are coming). Order your tag by clicking the below "ad". ONLY the DOUBLE dog tag will be accepted for the raffle. Once on the charity web site Click Purchase and then select the $10 DOUBLE TAG.(You of course can order the single or lapel for yourself but the DOUBLE is the one I accept for salutes.) Shipping is 4.95 but stays the same for multiple tags..so order up. If you have kids/etc that are not on fubar..Order MULTIPLE tags and I will give Multiple entries for each person in the salute that doesn't have an entry of their own. Two entrants in the same photo do not get two entries each...this is for MULTIPLE tags of the entrant and NON-fubarians in the same pic. PLEASE dont cheat folks..this is for charity..and if I catch ya..you get NO entries. > ~PurpleDogTag.com~

Anybody that has already purchased a Purple Dog Tag leave a comment saying so while you wait for it to arrive. PLEASE ONLY POST HERE IF YOU HAVE ONE ORDERED AND PAID FOR AND PLAN TO DO A SPECIAL SALUTE WITH YOUR TAG.
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