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PureSteeleRadio would like to give BIG BIG thank you's to both Troy from the Azusa Paranormal Research Society for hosting the successful new show and also to Ellen from the Ghost Hunting Observation and Survellience Team for all the support she's given us! With friends like this we can be nothing less than a complete success! THANKS TROY AND ELLEN AND REMEMBER... PURESTEELERADIO IS THE "NEW" INDUSTRY STANDARD IN RADIO DOMINANCE!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting BOO! Click here to make your own myspace banners from MyBannerMaker.com! BUMPS IN THE NIGHT! PureSteeleRadio
This Year PureSteeleRadio WE MAKE WAVES! We're preparing for world domination. PureSteeleRadio The "New" Industry Standard In Radio Dominance... PureSteeleRadio
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