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created on 09/24/2008  |  http://fubar.com/just-me/b247842  |  1 followers
As of Jan. 5th 2009 (yes right after x-mas) my 16 years old son's school decided to put this dress code into effect. I can agree with some dress codes in school but I think this has gone to far! I am pissed as are other parents and we want to know what we can do about it? Dress Code Policy The intent of this policy is to ensure that our students dress appropriately, are not disruptive to the educational process, and do not compromise the safety and security of our school. While requiring a specific type of clothing, it is not our purpose to interfere with student decisions or freedom of expression. However, the safety of all students, the security of the building, and the environment in which our students learn must be the foremost objectives of our school. I. PANTS: Should be casual/dress/corduroy pants of a solid color: • Khaki (Beige) • Navy Blue • Black • Gray • Striped, plaid, or print a. Pants must be sized to fit the student (i.e. one size to the student’s measurement). b. Pants must be secured at the waist c. Pants are only permitted to have two pockets in the front. No cargo pockets are permitted. d. The following types of pants are not permitted: • Cargo Pants with hidden pockets • Spandex or biker pants • Baggy/Skateboard Pants • Extra Wide/Extra Full Pants • Military Fatigues (NO camouflage) • Jeans/Denim • Pants that are excessively tight e. The following may be worn for gym ONLY • Sweatpants • Wind Pants II. SKIRTS: Should be of a solid color: • Khaki (Beige/Tan) • Navy Blue • Black • Gray • White • Prints, plaids, striped a. Can only be worn knee length to ankle length. b. No hidden pockets will be allowed. III: SHIRTS: Must be striped or of a solid color and must have a collar. a. Golf shirts (short/long-sleeved) and button-down dress shirts (short/long- sleeved) must be worn. b. School District logos or a manufacturer's logo no larger than 2" x 2" will be permitted. c. Dress shirts must be tucked in and polo shirts may not extend past the middle of the pants pocket. d. All shirts must be buttoned or zipped to just below the neck. IV. SWEATSHIRTS/SWEATERS/TURTLENECKS: a. Crewneck sweatshirts and sweaters may be worn with an approved collared shirt underneath. Crewnecks and sweatshirts must be of a solid color. b. Sweatshirts may not be ripped or torn and must be sized to fit. c. Must not extend past the middle of the pants pocket. d. Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted. e. A solid turtleneck will be permitted in an approved color under a sweatshirt/sweater. f. V-Neck sweaters are permitted in the above mentioned approved colors as long as there is an approved shirt underneath. V. SHORTS: a. Students will be permitted to wear solid color dress shorts sized to fit. b. Approved colors: • Khaki (Beige) • Navy Blue • Black • Gray • Plaids, stripes, prints c. Shorts can be worn no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. d. No cargo shorts will be permitted. e. Capri or Crop Pants are permitted f. Pleated or plain shorts with two pockets in the front and two in the back. (No hidden pockets) VI. BELTS: a. Must be solid in color - no color preference. b. No emblems or logos will be permitted. VII. SHOES: a. Backless shoes are not permitted, including clogs. Shoes must be secured to the foot. b. Some style of shoe/sneaker must be worn at all times. c. No open toes - flip flops (shoes without backs) are prohibited. d. Any footwear that poses a safety hazard is not permitted. ARTICLES OF NON-COMPLIANCE: • Cargo pants • Hensley shirts • Spandex Pants • Hats, Caps, Headbands, and Bandanas • Display of any undergarments will be strictly prohibited • Chains, dog collars or spiked bracelets/necklaces • Articles deemed offensive; sexually suggestive; condoning violence, drug/alcohol/tobacco use, suicide, or vulgar language • Sunglasses (except for medical reasons) • Torn/ripped clothing • Denim • Camouflage • Coats are not permitted to be worn during the school day • Hoods are not permitted on any garment • Head to toe BLACK is not permitted EXEMPTIONS: Parents or legal guardians who object to the policy based on religious or medical grounds must present to the Building Principal in signed letter detailing the reason for the objection. The parent or legal guardian and the Building Principal will meet to discuss the exemption. NOTE: The above dress code may be amended at any time at the discretion of the School Board.
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