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(I stole this from my friend Donnie)


Hi folks, Donnie (Cross Donnie out and add Vampy)  here from Fubar.

Welcome to my, "Public Bitchin Blog." Maybe

you'd like to bitch about gas prices, or

complain about how hot or cold it is outside.

Maybe you'd like to just call me an asshole,

because when you got out of bed today you

stepped in dog shit or because someone

screwed up your whole day. Maybe when you

got online today someone rated you all 1's,

and then blocked you...and now you're pissed

at the entire world because of it. Whatever it

may be, and no matter how pissed off it made

you, well then you can drop your comment

right here. My, "Public Bitchin Blog" is open 24

hours a day...7 days a week. (no reservations

required) So,thanks for coming by my "Public

Bitchin Blog", and remember folks, I don't

wanna make any ratings or fubucks, I just

love to hear you BITCH!

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