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so my landlord came over today and was pretty much bashing my boyfriend because he heard one of our big fights and he thinks he has the right to asume that he doesnt do anything to contribute well he does he's great with my kids and he loves me. so we fight big fucking deal who doesnt fight  i mean ours would get physical but nothin i cant handle. im a very tough chica. i dont  want my boyfriend working if he doesnt have too cause it means i dont have to put the kids in daycare and i get to see him when im not working. the guy just assumes he has the right to tel me he wont change i realy could care less if he did i love him the way he is

LIARS people who don't know how to tell the truth all need to die of shut there fucking mouths i can't stand BACKSTABBERS there just wannabes and all they do is give me a goddamn headache live life love thats what i say and i try to live by it but when someone pisses me off there is no way that i can be docile and it sucks driving me nuts no way to make it stop love but cant stand sometimes step back watch the day unfold bitching cant help some times it heals my anger sometimes it just increases it but who the hell knows if ill ever reach sanity again but life moves on rather we want it to or not
where waiting to find out for sure but we may be pregnant again and if so then after this one is born mikes getting fixed so no more kiddies update: test today POSITIVE
well a little update mikey turned 5 on the 24th and we had a big party for him. he will go to kindergarten in the fall. delorys or dolly for short is 3 months old and she's starting to role over and smile and make noises well i love my family my husband sits at home with the kids while i go to work and then we spend the evenings together. we just celebrated our second wedding anniversary. well life is good just wanted to share.
well let's clarify a few things the child that mamajuggalette talks about is mine and my husbands son. he passed away in July he had his first christmas that following december and turned 1 January 03 of 2008 me and my husband had baby # 3 in march a beautiful little girl we named Delorys. our oldest son will turn 5 in June and we will celebrate ( lack of a better word) Devlins Angel day in July. me and my son and my husband really miss him. we buried him the first part of August it was really a comforting service with family and friends. im sorry if this sounds kind of bitchy but Delin was never apart of her family because she tried to ruin mine me and my husband were already married when she tried to play homewrecker.
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