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DJ KREEP's blog: "Pretty Happy"

created on 04/16/2008  |  http://fubar.com/pretty-happy/b207749
Things are still going ok, altho there never seems to be enough money. Things are always going wrong when we should be able to get on our feet and it sucks. This time around, it was the car. It broke down about a month after putting money into fixing it and now I have to do it again. But oh well. We still argue here and there, but it could be worse.


Things are going pretty well between me and my girl. Things are finally getting back to "normal" and I am sooooo ahppy with this. I know I dont seem like the kind of person that gets real emotional, but she means everything to me, I just cant deal with the online assholes that decide even tho she is taken, that they have to get their nose into the mix. I hate it. I have always and always will be faithful to her cuz I love her and only her. I have never felt like this before and i love how it feels to be with her and around her. Hopefully everything stays headed in the direction its going now.
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