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Mares dad is doing better and is home, though they have to keep pumping his lungs to keep fluid out.  PLease continue to keep him and the family in prayers.



One of our dear friends of Fubar has a niece that is having kidney failure.  Please keep the niece and her family in your prayers.



Please pray for Mare's Dad, the family called and he is in the hospital not doing to well.  Mare needs our support as well.



Pray for the family of Mare's daughters niece-in-law who had turned up missing earllier and was found dead in the field. She was 14. Pray for all who knew her in this time of their grief. AP
Please pray for the family of Chelsea who passed away today in a car accident. She was 8 months pregnant. Pray for her family in this time of their need and grief. AP


Please pray for Mare's dad, John Terry. He is not doing well at all, and the family needs as many prayers as can be said for them. AP


A dear friend of many of us needs all the prayers that we can manage. I have no further info than this, but they need our prayers desperately. AP
A dear friend of ours is having a rough time. Her mother, Agnes,is in ICU and they have family coming in. Please pray for Agnes and her family. May they all have safe travel and may Agnes get better, all in God's Will. Angels Playground
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