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2ndTimeAround's blog: "Ramblings"

created on 01/06/2012  |  http://fubar.com/ramblings/b345757

This was written by a friend of mine who is leaving FUBAR. I loved this when I read it.

I borrowed this from her so I can read it from time to time and think about her. She

was a very sweet person and she always made me smile and laugh. I will miss

her dearly. More then she knows. 



Porcelain or Diamonds?

She may look and feel of porcelain...

With only one touch, she will capture you.

Skin so smooth and flawless and unblemished,

undoubtedly attracts that of many a men.


Yet so fragile and seemingly helpless,

Underneath her bossum holds more truth.

She renders strength beyond her doubts,

Attempting to whisper yet is only mute.


Is she breakable, or made of precious stone?

Handle with care or she will be broken.

Is her looks so deceiving?

Maybe precious inside, bright and strong even!



Within her soul all locked away, lying there with sadness.

Hidden neatly behind her sultry smile.

Forever tempted to give pleasures to help withstand,

All the while she holds within herself her own denial.

To smell her, touch, and capture her could be daunting.

Her essence shall intoxicate your mind!

Reach deep into her soul and hear her eyes speaking.

What is she saying? Am I Porcelain, or Am I Diamonds?


~by Diana

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