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arrowheadspun's blog: "POIINTS???"

created on 04/22/2008  |  http://fubar.com/poiints/b209237
AM i the only one who think people who post p;ix of puppys and unicorns for a rating AS STUPID??? c,mon pple!!! VERY BORING!!!!
ooohh!! please (fan) me!! wilo it EVER die down??
AM I THE ONLY GUY WHO HAS A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF CRUMBS IN THE FREAKIN KEYBOARD??? got a cheese eatin teenager who insists on eatin TOAST AND other edibles while online and im always havin ta turn keyboard over and smack the stuff out... (yeah, im bored!)
IM KINDA CONFUSED, JUST WHAT THE F...! IS ALL THE MADNESS BOUT POINTS AND LEVELING UP???!!! WHEN YA FINALLY GET TO THE HIGHEST RATING, THEN WHAT? I MYSELF COME ON HERE TO CHAT AND HAVE FUN.. SEEMS T ME YOU COULD DO THAT WHEATHER you were a level 2 or 23??!!! NOW if there were a CASH PRIZE at the end i could understand...another thing..ppl asking to (FAN) THEM.. Uhh.. isnt that kinda like saying.(i want you to like me) jeez if i like what i see i,ll do it on my own accord!! wouldn,t that make it REAL THEN????? YA KNOW MORE GENUINE?? MAYBE IM not understanding the whole deal?? so whut... later
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