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twisted's blog: "Poetry"

created on 02/06/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b52719
i am a submissive woman. i am not weak, nor am i worthless. i am intelligent, and possess a strength that withstands the trials of life. This strength which i possess and cherish is my gift to You. When life breaks You down and makes You question the man you were intended to be... allow me to allow You to suck my strength from me. Make it Your own. i do not give my submission to a man just because he claims dominance. But to You, i give all of me... i trust in You to cherish the gift, embrace my trust in You... to protect me. i have opened up my heart and my mind... the very core of my soul to You... and invited You in. . You know i have suffered and You know i am scared but You... have erased the memories and replace the pain. You are my Master and i am Your slave. i am not to be degraded nor dishonored yet i recognize i am not Your equal, nor will i ever be. i was created to compliment You... i was created to make You whole... for without the portion of Your heart that contains my soul... We would not be complete...


Life Is good. We see ourselves drowning sometimes. We question why. We see no end to the struggle. Then a moment of clarity hits us. This is not the end of the road. this is just another strength exercise. We sometimes forget that just the mere gift of life is just that a gift. No matter how bad our situation is, we are still alive. that means we can change it. we can better the situation. we have an opportunity to be better. LIfe is a gift, cherish every moment of it.


Fear A friend posted a blog that got me thinking. What is it that causes people to fear commitment and love? its a simple thing to ask that one want to be with only you and no other. they should be honored that you have chosen them to be the one and only. so many times they are blind to the greatest gift they could ever have in their lives all beacause of FEAR. life is shorter then most think. many obsticals have crossed my path in my years on this earth. but once you have faced death and God has granted you yet another chance to be on His earth, it makes you step back and ponder many things. Love is nothing to fear, it should be embraced. My love is not something I share with just anyone. Only those who truely deserve it get it. My children, My family, and My Baby. They are the only ones who have proven to me they deserve the Gift I have to offer! And to them I give it freely!
what is it to give of yourself and ask nothing in return? What is it to please without being pleased? What is it to hold one close with out being held? what is it to hold one up when you are down? what is it to be there when needed even when they are not there for you? what is it to do as asked without question? What is it to help them when they are helpless knowing they would not do the same for you? What is it when you let them cry on your shoulder when you have no shoulder to cry on? What is sacrifice? All of these things have one answer. LOVE - Plain and simple! When a heart truley loves, it does all of these things and never worries about the payment in return.
There are two types of hearts in this world. Some are like glass and some are hard as stone. The glass heart is delicate and fragile like fine crystal. It is not weak or shallow yet it is not meant to be played with. When light hits it, it exudes a brilliance all its own and compares to nothing else. The light they reflec touches everyone it comes in contact with. The Glass heart reflects beauty and love, peace and kindness. These hearts are made to be cherished and set apart from all others. If you have the good fortune to meet this special heart, be careful not to break it. The broken heart turns to a heart of stone. It becomes cold, dark, and course. It cannot comfort, light no longer penetrates it. It has nothing left to reflect. Hate and bitterness darken it. A heart without love is nothing!


FATE Current mood: crushed Category: Life My Heart Was Broken Just today. I never saw it coming. As soon as you think life is finally going your way, Fate thrusts it stealy knife into your heart! You think you made the right choice slowing down to take a breath. But then you find it turned round to kick you in the ass! I never thought fate would be so cruel to take my love from me. I just wanted to clear my head To make sure my judgement wasnt clouded. I needed to know my path was right. But taking that breath open the door to pain in my life. Fate tries to console you by telling you " you lost a lover not a friend". So maybe my heart wasnt broken. But its got a hell of a crack in it and hurts like it was. To Fate I say FUCK LOVE!
CANCER:. The Cutie MOST AMAZING KISSER, Very high sex appeal, Great in bed!!! Love is one of a kind, Very romantic, Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative, Extremely random and proud of it, Freak in bed,Spontaneous, Great telling stories, Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it, Someone you should hold on to
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