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created on 01/07/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b42015
The time of the Ancient Ones is coming to an end my children. This planet was once swimming with those of us whom would die a glorious death to be reborn or re-awakened knowing that of our former selves and lives. To incorporate our prior knowledge to the present and encompass our very livelihood. But as the centuries have passed, we have forgotten how to remember. Forgotten to pay the respects due to the elder Ancient Ones and our ways. They have changed the rituals, the music, and the dance..... As for this old dragon, the last of his kind on this old world; we are tired. We wish for the slumber of the ages. We wish and hope for the music to stop and the dance to cease and be no more.....
Standing astern with backlit sky Amidst the clouds and rain, Her beauty struck my one good eye And gave me hope to love again. Her hair, not blonde - nor was it red 'Twas somewhere in between, The beauty in her corset full I vowed to make her my pirate queen. The sun that shines is ne'er as bright As the smile on her radiant face, The way she stands with sword in hand So graceful in leather and lace. I'd walk a plank for this lovely Dressed in red and black, And fight the Kraken bare-fisted Just to get her back. Six feet deep is my incision Trapped in my heart, my barless prison, This lust, like vampiric addiction For my Shannon, my pirate queen... Written by: T.L. "Big T" Canipe May 8, 2007 for Shannon
ok, we'll start with a slow breast message. licking and sucking gently...working my way down u'r stomach and tickling u'r belly button with my tongue then i'll continue downward licking the skin between there and just the top of u'r pussy...teasing u as i run my tongue around the very outer lips slowly i begin to lick the lips, sucking them in my mouth every now and then. rolling them with my ton i then start squirming around in pleasure oh yesss. now that i have u'r undivided attention; i lick up and down on the clit... faster, faster, till u grab my head and try to push me away it's then i suck u'r clit in my mouth. sucking hard and rolling it around. pulling gently. sucking. i alternate between sucking and licking the clit to doing the same to the lips. paying close attention to the creamy insides, which are now gushing from u'r pussy back and forth from the the lips to u'r clit. sucking, biting, licking.... u realize an hour has passed, and u've cumm too many times to count it's all about my princess's pleasure...not me. Another 30 minutes pass, and the sheets are drenched now with u'r juices as i slowly lick my way back up u'r sexy body....stopping to suck u'r nipples and bite them ever so gently i need no guidance now, as my dick; now rock hard, slides easily into u'r wet cunt slow, rythmic strokes at first. then u beg me to go faster....but not yet ok. u beg me to shove my cock deep in u'r pussy. "Fuck me, fuck me baby." still slowly grinding my desire into u'r passionate soaking wet box i begin to pick up the pace now. faster....faster.....faster. until u now have u'r legs high across my shoulders, and i'm grinding deeeeeep into u'r hotttt pussy faster...faster...faster. hard, long strokes sliding in and out of such a sweet beautiful pussy by now u have already had 3 or 4 intense orgasms...shuddering and almost losing u'r breath. u'r close to yet another now faster.... faster.... harder and harder. sliding in and out. pulsing....i'm ready to shoot my hot cum deep in u'r wett box now "I'm cumming again baby." u scream. digging u'r nails into my back and grabbing my ass to pull me deeper into u as u start the final orgasm, u feel the beginning of my juices flood u'r pussy and leak onto the bed sheets cumming for what seems like long minutes.....my hot sperm covers the entire inside walls of u'r sweet hott pussy exhausted, we lay in each others' arms... my cock still deep inside u slowly, as we lay there caressing each others' bodies....we drift off to sleep. the last thing u hear before u drift off is, "I LOVE YOU BABY!"
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