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DeaD MaN's blog: "Poetry"

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There is something inside that tells me this can happen,

something that urges me to never give up,

to go after this dream that wakes you with a smile,

although it seems out of reach,

it is just a few short steps away,

keep reaching and stepping forward,

until at last you can feel it in your hand,

and once you hold it never let go,

what is this feeling that I feel?,

why is it telling me to keep trying?

it is the hope that there is a chance,

to feel love once more.

Dark Desires

the darkness in my life has been cast aside by an even darker light,

this twisted, delightful, beauty that makes the darkness shine,

to hold her would be so sweet, but to touch her a sin,

to taste he lips would be pleasure, yet the agony begins,

I fear the distance that keeps up apart,is not far enough,

to keep me from falling into the darkest of loves,

though she is perfect in anyway you can imagine,

she is not free so our journey cannot begin,

My dark desire haunts my dream each night

and each morning becomes a shimmering light,

leaves me breathless when I speak her name,

and in my heart will always remain,

a desire I must complete,

for I shall never accept defeat.

                             The Last Ride                                         

  this world is like none other everything you recieve you lose, 

  in this time of dispair and wretched conflict you have to break the rules,

  don't hold back let it all out stir the fire deep with in

  step into my world and let the pain begin

  shower me with your energy and feel me deep inside

  stay right here and take you share don't run and hide

  don't be scared I'm right here this peace will never die

  the time to fly is here I cry as I take my final ride

          Confesions Of  A Fool         

  Some would say that I am a fool, but what is a fool? Would a fool stay true to his heart and think of nothing but his fondest desire, would a fool continue to pursue his dream even if to others it seemed out of reach? I don't percieve that as being foolish, I feel that by doing this I am keeping hope alive. I have but one desire at this point of my life, one dream to follow, and that is to find love and keep the fire burning, the fire that is the passion of a great life. There is but one person I wish to share that great life with.           

  She is a petite lady so sweet to the sight, an angel waiting for her spot in heaven. She is my love, my life, my every being. I can't get the thought of her out of my head, nor do I wish to do so. Every minute that I am awake I wait to hear her voice, every second that I sleep, I dream of her laying by my side, her beautiful long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, her sweet lips pressing against my bare chest, her tight blouse hugging every curve of her bosom. The light sparkling in her eyes. how I long to feel her touch just once more forever,to lay beside her as I sleep, to wake in the morn and watch her peaceful slumber, to be the first to hear her speak in the morn.                       

  I don't think this makes me a fool, but nothing more than a man in love. So I say to all of those who would say I am a fool, if to be in love is to be foolish, then a fool I may be, but at least I have felt true happiness if even for a brief moment, But it is a memory that will last a lifetime.

My Everything





There is something in the air,

Something I can feel,

That makes me believe,

That this love is real,

A power from somewhere,

That lets me know,

Once again in my life,

My love can show


When i hear your voice

When i see your face,

,It warms my heart,

Like a warm embrace,

You are my sunshie,

My reason to breathe,

Th eyes to my soul,

Everything to me,


Without you in my life,

I don't know where i would be,

You bring me joy,

When your smile i see,

You give me reason to wake,

Each and every morn,

Everytime you leave,

My heart is torn,


But when you return,

My joy is refreshed,

And I know it is true,

You are the best,

For the rest of my life,

I will be by your side,

I will never hurt you,

And never make you cry.

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