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Amy's blog: "Poetry"

created on 01/21/2012  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b346040

What is it I see in you

I do not have a clue


I would like to explore this more

To not let opportunity slip out the door


I want a relationship

Based on friendship


To develop in a natural way

Not to be rushed on any day


I do have strong feelings for you

Where do we go now, what do we do


What is it I see in you

I really do not have a clue

Why is it when my life is coming around

Something knocks me to the ground


Am I destined to have this black cloud over my head

I’d rather be dead


I’m trying to break through into the light

Oh the glorious sunlight


To have it shining on me

 To be completely free


Completely free

Is a dream to me


Because when my life starts to come around

Something always knocks me to the ground

What is a real friend

Someone who’s with you to the end


Through thick and thin

Whether you lose or win


Through your ups and downs

Smiles and frowns


A real friend will stick by your side

Is always along for the ride


Will completely defend you

Even if they don’t agree with you


That’s what it is like to be a real friend

Someone to stand by you until the bitter end

What the hell have I done

Do you think it’s fun


To call people names

What childish games


You lie to my face

What a disgrace


Just because your life is crappy

No need to make mine unhappy


I do what I can to help you

Don’t you even have a clue


What real friendship is about

That is something I highly doubt

Don’t bother walking through my door

You’re not welcome anymore


You gave up that right

When you gave up the fight


I mean nothing to you

So get a clue


I no longer need you

I no longer want you


Get out of my life and my head

You will never again share my bed


I am over you

Yes, we are completely through

I just wanted to say goodbye

I’m tired of living a lie


You want nothing to do with me

Of this I can plainly see


I just wanted to know what I did wrong

With you I thought I’d always belong


But you had other plans I guess

When you left my life a mess


I’ve since picked my heart up off the ground

And am turning my life around


Because I’m tired of living a lie

I am telling you goodbye

Getting to know you

Is something I want to do


Your wants, your dreams and hopes for the future

Are you looking for a relationship to nurture


I’m looking for someone to hold me tight

Through the long lonely night


Someone to make my life worthwhile

And make me really smile


I know all of this takes time

For me that’s just fine


Because getting to know you

Is something I really want to do


My heart skips a beat

My stomach’s filled with butterflies

I try to speak but nothing comes out

I can’t even look you directly in the eyes


What have you done to me

Where is this going from here

Is this a beginning of a relationship

Something new, different and exciting I fear


I look forward to seeing you again

All we need is a little time

To get to know each other better

And everything comes with time

All I wanted was to be happy

But now I feel crappy


My world’s been turned upside down

My smile to a frown


I hate feeling this way

I wish it would all go away


Will the sun ever shine

Will everything be fine


I suppose it will

I have definitely had my fill


Of being very unhappy

And of feeling crappy

Always completely independent

Never wanting to be dependent


On any man

Do anything I can


But then I met you

Now what do I do


I began losing my independence

Because of my dependence


That I have on you

Again what do I do


I know take back my independence

Never again to have a dependence

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