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Our love has gone,

Gone far away.

They travel here and there,

But we know they will always come back to us.


They might be away,

But our hearts are always with them.

Where they go,

we are there with them.


We might be separated by distance,

But not in mind and soul.

They know we stay true,

No matter where they might go.


It seems like a life time,

When they are not here.

But when they return,

Everything seems to stop.


Our happiness has returned,

We can quit worrying and stressing.

They mean the world to us,

As hey do to most others.


For they are  American Soldiers,

That most hold dear.

And they fight for what is right,

And protects us day after day.


They don't consider their own lives first,

They think of their loved ones,

And everything they hold dear.


They know there's a chance to die,

But they look at it straight in the face,

And they show no fear,

Because they fight for love, honor, freedom,

And everything they hold dear.


They might not ever come back,

But we still hold them dear.

All soldiers no matter who they are,

I consider them my Heroes!!


By Cassandra G.

When I speak to you,

My heart goes so fast.

I can only imagine,

What it's like in person.

You make me so happy,

Like a giddy little school girl.

I get the butterflies,

And it feels like I'm floating.

I can't wait to be in your arms,

To feel your touch,

Just to be in your embrace.

I know it will be like heaven,

Just to be by you.

I know one day soon,

All my dreams will come true,

And it will be because of you!

By: Cassandra Gerald

The sun rises like gold

and sets like burning fire

just like in my heart.


Waiting to see if you would come

I gave you extra light.

It is called my eternal flare.

It won't ever blow out,

as long as you are near.


Is it Love everyone is looking for?

If it is we are all in danger,

because it is once in a lifetime

we meet somone we really love.


So don't lose hope

in that special someone

because if you do

it will be too late.

When you finally realize it,

you have lost everything

you worked so hard to find.


Don't ever forget, it's hard to keep a flame going,

when you just blow it out!



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