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Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC's blog: "Poetry"

created on 02/04/2010  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b329009  |  2 followers

your words are nothing
But poisonous lies
Your eloquence enraptures me
Your words enthrall thy soul
Frequently you poison my mind, my body
And my soul.
Your aura is intolerable
Your presence is shameful
Thou reminds me of an odious palfrey
You act if you are my prodigy
With thy masked removed
You’re nothing but thy fool.
With one hand you hold a scythe
And the other sword.
A sacrifice for the sinner, a deep
Torturing sense of guilt.
Feeling sorrow and revenge
You fall from grace
Depraved of soul
Resistant’s is weak.
My little sinister how you bring harm
Evil and misfortune
Sulking around the shadows
Grasping your evil deeds in your hands
You fall deeper and deeper
Becoming translucent and undeterred
You've become unearthly
Thriving in sin
An insatiable, unsubdued thirst for pain
On the verge of death
You stumble into my court.
I stand and watch as you wither into agony
I step down and whisper into your ear
As you slowly fade
"I Always Loved You".

I am still in love with Him
My heart beats with his
Every breath I breathe is his
I am completely blind to others
Pain his only affection
That smile.
His kiss,
I take any pain
Just to see his face
And feel his hands
Or his soft cold lips against mine.
Watching him spill my blood
Sends me into ecstasy.
I'd die for him any day.
Unfortunately that came
He pushed to far
Cut to deep
His beautiful soft body came down next to mine
And those lips whispered softly into my ear
"I've found another".


I dare you to love me
I dare you to care for me
All I want is for you to care

I dared to love
I dared to care
And with that you took it all

I had a chance
I had freedom and love
It was okay until I loved you

I gave you my soul and heart
I told you my darkest secret
You shared it with the world

After all I did to you
You did worse to me
All I because I dared you to love

Was I that bad
That you had to leave
Was my kiss like acid rain

Or was I sweet as wine
I will never know
Because I dared to care.


Play my wrist like a violin
Steel kisses caress my skin
Stings hit me then a wave of relief
Still I run my arm underneath its teeth
My best friend my stress reliever

More effective than any meat cleaver
No more tears stuff them deep inside
Still they peep from the scars where they hide
You must always smile never let it slip
But when your alone you do a total flip

Tears claw their way up and slide down your face
Hidden emotions come out feeling out of place
Soon you fall into a peaceful slumber
Only to be woken by a constant number
Snapped awake from the place of dreams

And in a place of death and disease
Each day passes still nobody knows
Pure white tissues turn as red as a rose
So polite so happy so normal
Yet even with family I'm formal

Where am I? who am I? I died years ago
I created a character that who everyone knows
Bright smile and expressive eyes
But they don't understand that it's all lies
Fire burns in my soul consuming my rage
Until I can escape from my cage
And that's when I play my wrist like a violin
And sigh as I feel the steel bite in

Dreary smiles and anguished laughter,
They try to hide the pain,
Of a broken happy-ever-after,
As the tears run down your drain.

A cry for help is calling you,
Its sobs sigh on the wind
That whistles up the Avenue,
To rattle your window pane.

Alone you sit, battered and bruised,
As you read another page,
Of another broken romance book
That holds you, centre stage.

The spotlight is on your tears,
But the audience have departed,
No one's left to share the fears
That leave you broken hearted.

And so with melancholy in your head,
You contemplate the tall grey tower,
Thinking you'd be better dead,
You could leap, it'd be all over.

And your soul could fly with angels,
Or the demons of the night.
That's the alternative angle,
The enigma of your plight.

So where do you go tonight,
As the shadows dance their merry dance,
By the flickering tongue of candlelight,
That holds you in its trance?

You go to dream another nightmare,
Of a place where heartache reigns,
Where there is no happy-ever-after,
Where lover's cry in vain.

Welcome then, to my world
Of lost and lonely souls,
A place where funeral shrouds unfurl
And blackness billows through your bones.

It creeps, stealthily, through your veins,
And drowns your heart in sorrow.
And should you manage a smile today,
You'll be dead by tomorrow.


Can you kill my deep pain?
It’s hurting me so much!
Can’t bury it!!
Can you wake me up from the nightmares?
Lost voices are haunting me!!
I am losing control
Can you set me free?
I am lost in the darkness
I lust for deep sleep so long
Can you save me?
I can’t hold my breath
Screaming but no one is hearing me
I am dead to the world
Losing control slowly
So slowly that I am fading and becoming invisible

I wish I can forget you
and never feel deep pain
I wish I can bury our memories
And never dreaming you
I try to hold back my tears
Trying so hard to erase you from my black heart
But I can’t, I am to weak on you!
I just lay here and bleeding for you
And waiting to death knock on my door, to take me away
Why are you in my dreams?
Why can’t you just let me to die into your arms
to feel my heart heat
but you just leaving me all alone with loneliness

The night was falling
And the stars are show up
My heart is still weak and cold
I try to defeated with the shadow
But I can’t 
Is this the only way I can find my true love?
Sitting here all alone
Watching the stars
Hoping for the sign 
The night was falling slowly
And the stars are show up
And my cold heart still searching for something
My lonely soul is lost in the darkness
Try to find the way home
My fallen angel is lost in my embrace forever
I see you in my dreams, dark angel
My love is belong only in your dreams
There is nothing to do with it
I am just shadow
Who is always hidden from the light
My cold heart still try to find something
All this years I cannot find my way home
After all this years I only see painful nothing else
My cold heart is lost in the shadows, again
This tears I cry they are forgotten forever
I will never find someone like you
I miss you so bad
I miss your touch
Where are you, my love?
I wish you were here with me tonight
To share with me love
I want to feel you love, again
Please, take me away with you
To the heaven
I want to be with you forever
Hold me 
The night was falling slowly
And the stars are show up
Here I am
Sitting here all alone
Waiting for something
I lay down here
Waiting to death comes for me
And then I can find my peace in my heart
And go with you to the heaven 
My cold heart is still inside me
I cannot defeat the cold
Who is always follow my dreams and my good heart
So, my love
Bring me to live
Moon is slowly wake me up
And then in my dreams I feel your cold touch
So sweet
So cold
So tender
I am yours
Now and forever

Every time I am looking in the mirror
I only see myself broken in so many little pieces,
And if I try to seek my freedom
Will my pain for you, perish away?
You bury me with all your lies inside of my heart, long ago 
Coming closer to my reflection, (I see) 
One single tear is weeping on my grace
Is it good enough to sing my sorrow for you?
Is it my love?

Hopelessly bound
by the chains of love's grip
- greatest gift,
fate's cruelest curse.

Wherefore do I weep
at knowing the joy,
the warmth,
at feeling the peace,
the fire.

Wherefore do I weep
unable to complete ,
to be,
unknown the kiss,
the flames.

Wherefore do I weep
at loving not living
seeing not touching
breathing not sharing
holding not loving?

because I, The Fool,
am no more?

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