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created on 02/05/2009  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b275901

From within blue looking out unto grey

faded from light which wence they came

seemingly blind but seeing more then you will ever know

wreched but no pain ye feel

Bound by an unresiding purity yet tainited beyond recognition

reconstructed by soacialistic views

your bed is made

pay your dues

Seemingly liminous but never so dim

run to the fire its warm within

angelic voices run demonic rounds

let them entice you before you drown

Bring your soul you wont need it today

let the fraudlent words fade it away

seemingly angelic but demonised

plastic and over synthethised

does this meet your expectations?

From within this is what you sought for

come to them for your slaughter

those you scar on your way to greatness

you will meet as you fall from grace

this is how you take your place

Is it all you hoped to see?

your empty popularity

your bed youve made

your fate is sealed

cry ye to none as your damage is done

be careful what you wish it may haunt you in its entirety

taking from you what you pride so highly

Cower behind the bedside table

The game only enthrawls me more

I raise my hand you whimper

With every tear i own you more and more


Cry upon a non existant tissue

Without your fear there is no issue

Do as I say not as I do

Disobey I dare you


Bring me your hope

Let me tear it down

It empowers me

Let me watch you drown


Im sorry for any thoughts i gave

For you to think you were anything but enslaved

Wear your chains like a good bitch should

Bleed for me

Make me feel good


Let me cut your soul to shreds

Let me steal your breath and watch you lower your head

Try to leave

I'll bring you back

I'll steal you into my darkest night


There is no escape for I will seek

You're mine

Until  you break the weakness

Sink into my darkness

You can never stand alone

This is my time

Bow to my throne

Within your heart lies shallowed emotion

You run your mouth before thinking the motion

The words they fell unto deafened ears

The concequense which reached beyond your fears


Unknowingly you walk to the lions den

When the lion ralises what then?

You stalk your prey as tho you are one

Failing to see that mere words are easily undone

Murmer the truth that none can yet see

Tell it once you still wont be free


If you say it out loud will it become truth?

Confusion has taken the words you once saught

Twisted them

Still they taunt

Running thru your mind

Take your time... Don't rush... Unwind


Cuffed to your tarnished beliefs

Your words are one with the rock bottom theives

Stolen not felt

Fate has you dealt

Run! Noone will hear you scream


Why tell me your words when i fail to hear?

Why not look behind the emotion dear?

Sit there and say

She'll be mine one day

But yet i barely speak unto thee

Why not take the time to see?


When all is done and your still alone

Emotion you seek a love for one

You will never gain such by seeking it out

Alone you will fall into your final bout


Perhaps soon you will realise

I see you not thru your own eyes.






Tighten the tornique

Let your soul slip away

paradise is  a state of mind...

Weakness seeps in

Emotions run thick

Come to me sell me your soul and I will heal your pain

Pay me your dues

Let your concious subdue

Slip into eternal bliss

Tighten the tornique

Watch your soul fade away

I'll bring you to your knees

Fade unto black as black twists unto light

Fall to me ill be your  extacy

Strength you regain

When you come to me again

From wence the pit of torment begins

So.. Fall to me

Tighten the tornique

Your soul is mine

Drift unto the night

When you wake  you'll still be mine








hidden perceptions deepest deceptions tainted light surrounds a tourmented soul cuts run deep your mind still sleeps waiting for that which will make it whole shatters dreams muffled screams your silence speaks a thousand words you speak but to me you go forever unheard your blood will not taint me...
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