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created on 04/24/2008  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b209903
It Was You By Scot Wing Dreams are but a reflection of the soul A picture of the innermost fires of our minds A place that puts reality into our darkest secrets And my dreams are of you. In the stillness of the dark night As I lay, alone, a corpse in time The visions, the dancing lights, the angel of sleep Arrives to carry me gently away It is your face that I see before me Eyes afire lips pursed into eternal whisper Such sweet voice singing glorious song It is your warm lips and gentle touch That sends shivers to the very core of my soul That speeds my heart and stills my breath It is you that wakes me in the dark night With shuddering gasp blended with deep sigh Your name is upon my lips, to you my arms reach out Then slowly, as sad and heavy eyes open I look around at the quiet room Salty dewdrops burn stains on my cheek As alone I lie back down to dream again.
THE POND Whisper soft my angel Whisper in my dreams Come to me in the middle of the night Quiet my midnight screams Hold me tight my lover Squeeze away my pain Hold me in your arms till the morning light Teach me to love again I wandered through the darkness To the pond of memory Through tangled overgrown trees Gnarled with the pain of days gone by Through thicket heavy with thorn Cutting deep my flesh and scarring my soul To the clearing True joy is here As the moonbeam dances on dewy sweet grass Barefoot I walked on cool mossy carpet To peer into the pool I close my eyes and ope them again A vision made of dreams My heart stops: my breath stills Perhaps moonbeam plays tricks on me I look again The placid water waits for me Here I see your face Emerald fire and tender smile Oh what does this mean? I reach out to see if this vision is real Trembling hand touches cool water And still heart feels your milky skin GONE!!!!!! Nothing but liquid cold As a gentle breeze blows; A lone teardrop burns a path down lonely cheek I close my eyes and drift off to sleep Whisper soft my sweet angel Whisper in my dreams Hold me tight Teach me to love again.
The Spring By Scot Wing I was down at the river Washing my soul in the cool water When I looked down and saw my reflection I looked away But I had to look again Because I thought I saw something else I saw your face. Down there, Smiling in that pool Your eyes like two stars Shining in the night They called to me, I looked again, But you were gone I lay down in the cool sweet grass On the banks of this magical pool My mind was full of thought Soon my eyes grew tired, so I let them close But suddenly as if the world had stopped You, rose up out of the water, a goddess from her throne Wet sandy hair lay tight upon that swanlike neck Water dripped slowly in small tear shaped droplets Flowing; caressingly down your Slender body, like rain on the petals of a rose A cool breeze blew and my heart lifted Together we danced, a duet Under the trees on a cool moss carpet We flowed together like water to the ocean It was our destiny And soon it grew dark So I warmed you by the fire Spellbound! I watched the light of the flames Dance merrily upon your perfect face Timidly I reached out and touched your cheek And there you stopped my hand Against that soft milky flesh Rubbing your cheek against me until The warmth carried me away Soon the forest was filled with music And the moon blushed pale As it peeked down through the trees Flattered by the soft glow of your body You smiled, and I was safe. I pulled you close My head resting in your bosom In your arms I was peaceful and warm Alas too soon, the sun cracked the sky Into a bright red fervor I awoke with a start, but you were gone I cried, I cursed the dawn Hopeful, I ran to the pool Desperately I peeked over the edge Into the cold emptiness But you were not there Then a teardrop fell from off my cheek Into the pool; disappearing in swirls I stood, smiled at the sun And with you always in my memory I journeyed on.
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