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gaspe's blog: "poetry"

created on 11/02/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b149495
The four seasons Don’t let your life fade away Like the snow in spring. Don’t let your self die Like the leaves in fall. Take the time to prepare your self Like the tree in winter. Let your self be reborn Like the leaves in spring. Now that you have started anew, Like life in summer, may you grow strong And may you never let the seasons of life Bring you down. Mike L.
The Hunter For when you left me, the shred of a noble tear rolled down my cheek. For I was one with noble human feelings; for when you left me, my human side crumbled into the darkness of this rotten world. So the beast I was has re-conquered my human side. For I was doomed to be a hunter, a hunter of evil. For I have tried to live a normal life, I have always been rejected by the human kind. The bread between the greatest of vampires and a human being has made of me the perfect warrior. Roaming from town to town, I use my powers to save the endangered species, the human kind. For now I have lost all my feelings since all my loved ones have perished in this savage world that we live in. I do not have any fears, for I can only be killed by a stake in the heart. The lord of evil has just been defeated by me (father), and now the world is free. For now I am leaving, for a great journey to try and find my human side; Julia , my beloved one, is waiting for my return. Though she knows I will always fear the return of the dark world that she once lived in. Mike L.
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