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Look in to the mirror
What’s looking back is not me
My lifeless eyes look helpless
My skin devoid of blush
I’ve cried the tears that I can
My life’s no longer mine
Do with it what you will
For I’m devoid of time

Fear has a new meaning
Some said I am brave
To be brave u must choose your path
And this path has chose me
So I am not brave or courageous
I am simply still just me
Scraping round in the darkness
For a hint of hope and faith

But should my life end tomorrow
I shall not feel regret
It all happens for a reason
Though I do not know it yet

Sat beneath the oak tree dreaming once again,
Thoughts are oh so fleeting, like little drops of rain,
Try to find significance, skitter round my brain.
Just coming and going as I sit crying in the rain,
I feel the tree behind me, calming soothing me
Taking excess energy, so I can focus on just being me.


Broken, pulled apart, pieces,
Torn from the thing that’s called myself.
I look about, scattered, all I see is me.
Pulled in too many directions,
Scarred from the past,
Scared of my future,
Taunted by possibilities of what can never be.
I shower, eat, cry and sleep,
Burry myself deep beneath
A cold exterior where no-one can reach...

Some things never change Like the way I feel for you It makes me feel like crying, It makes me feel like dieing When I think that we are through I know it will get better As time goes on and on I know ill love another Just not like I loved you Ill never give my heart away It hurts too much to feel this way Too many games too many lies Too much love but not from you Should I bother trying? Should I even care? The pain that Iím feeling Will it ever go away? My stomach keeps on churning Through conversations had Still I feel no reason For the pain I feel inside So I guess I go on not knowing For my love has all but died
All alone I face my fears The tears inside my mind A whirlwind of numbness All that could happen has Every tear I could cry I have shed Now I wait for the next wave The tidal wave of pain and sadness Sent to try me Sometimes I fail to see the point of it all The point in dealing with it all For all that matters in the end is to love And all I loveÖ.. I lose
The camouflage I hide beneth A projection of whatís within Dark and gloomy all mixed up What do all these words mean A blank page, an un-written book What more shall I write Iíve used and abused the words inside And im left with an empty mind
I hide away from sorrow Hide away from pain. Hide away from loving you Incase it comes again I hide away from friendship Lying to myself Like how I feel isnít real A projection of some else I hide away from my demons The ones that are inside And in the dark of night they come to life And kill me from within
All alone in time I stand Surrounded by my tears Grain by grain the seconds tick Minuets in to years In my soul I search myself Grounded by my fears This world of mine is so fucked up Why should I even care The ones I love I hurt the most The rest just stand and stare This heart of mine belongs to me Iíve thrown away the key, You never loved me any way, You never knew the real me
In the darkness of the night, I wait for you to come to me In the cloak of evil you arrive To take my soul, extend my life In the light of day I hide away Too scared that they will see See what you have done to me See the change in me


Torn between the two of you Where do I turn? What do I do? In-between the two of you Youíre both the same, in different ways Loving you both is a hard game to play
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